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Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Tuesday, 10th November 2020 at 7:00pm 









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1 Minutes of the meetings held on 5 March 2020 and 15 July 2020
2 Declarations of Interest
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3 Responses from Mayor and Cabinet
5 Question and Answer Session with the Mayor
4 Scrutiny update
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5 Question and Answer Session with the Mayor
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thank you Jon I'd like to welcome everyone here tonight through Lewisham council's full overview and scrutiny committee that as the Committee that consists of all councillors and ward members of the Cabinet the Mayor and Cabinet at which is a vast majority of councillors everyone's welcome also like to welcome any members of the public Lewisham residents those it's him femme some comfort from new conservation form
I would like to welcome
that residents and to anyone viewing this on our web cast system
my name because the Bill Brown and the Chair of Overview and Scrutiny can I also ask a colleagues when they first speak this evening if they introduce themselves so members of the public a know who we are I'm
as we've just discussed if I'd want can keep the camera off he the make muted unless they are speaking in participating on and if you're the question on which to make a comment on the committee proceedings please use a chat function but refrained from using it for anything else
we could get disconnected from the meeting due to technical difficulties you should use the link which you would have received in your calendar invade air would should get your back into the meeting or if you contact a colleague and they can invader when directly if
every surface is more complex at their computer goes down etc. If you just make contact with one of the officers evening by telephone etc. e-mail just to let them know that you no longer be participating has of IT or similar difficulties
OK without any further ado I'd like to record that love apologies from Councillor Miller Councillor Howard Councillor at Pinfold and Councillor any it that we have any other apologies to report please
chirk yes I'm getting my party's for having to leave the meeting at some point because I have my Sydenham branch ATM same it the seen me that recorded thank you earlier could Chair I should also record my apologies for the same reason that I have to have an EDM Grove Park are ward thank as the clock and can other any of the other apologies to make on behalf of any colleague
what we're going to do now is we're going to do a roll call
we don't need to turn the cameras on for a roll call and will be patient for colleagues don't meet themselves to to just 20 those clearly say that Yehia I will run through the names of colleagues and their Charlotte the office out will now your attendance
and I will start that now with the Vice-Chair Councillor Davis
Councillor Atha Farani President François and were then bounce law though nods present Councillor Campbell
president I notice you have A Councillor Clark
present Councillor card
slacker and present Councillor Elliott
isn't here Councillor Gallagher
present house like Gibbons
appeared as a whole
there was a me I'm present
Councillor Hanley the present puzzler Holland present but or Jankel Gaston had but the Ingleby present of the just in frontal present I was law Callow
I know you're and kept those local of her evening Bill evening
has the Corp-Sky present was the Malory present was a Muslim
from some Millbank present
Councillor Harrison I know you're here and in case you can't send me about being a great
Councillor Muldoon prisons
Councillor Agatha transcend Openshaw presence of Jack fishing
president of the John Fisher
1 present
Councillor Paul Pleasance I was a rough stone
it hasn't Amsler shake
as the Smith
as a sober present
I was the star of Sky
how the Welsh
I am so wise present until all were definitely call it so it calling the there with me

1 Minutes of the meetings held on 5 March 2020 and 15 July 2020

OK we have taken one which the minutes of two previous full of you instantly meetings held one on the 5th of March 20 20 1 on the 15th July 20 21 was the confirmation of the Chairs and membership of the Committees etc and when the other meeting was a cabinet member feedback I believe Councillor vehicle was one of the as because of the punk
OK then if we can try to private messages in the chat that would be very helpful air colleagues
can we have any until any colleagues have anything to raise any that those minutes
OK can we agree thought of those those two minutes we could hear so colleagues an agreement quail

2 Declarations of Interest

An colleagues ago any against rail agree right OK I will take that as those minutes or a great item 2 Declaration of interests to any Members have any interested declared with regards to any item on this evening's agenda
please indicate the chat function
if so
I don't see any indications so we will come on to item 3 of the agenda

3 Responses from Mayor and Cabinet

I will come on to item 3 of the agenda which pob responses from Mammon continent these are responded to the referral from the overview and scrutiny committee meetings of January and and March unless the are any punch to raise I would ask Cumper colleagues to note the responses that we received subsequent to those TRO meetings
I know one against
so we will note those items that was paid 21 we now come to 8 am 5 which is the question and answer session with the man

5 Question and Answer Session with the Mayor

4 Scrutiny update

you would have seen from a supplementary agenda for tonight's as a committee that some questions were asked in and out sorry I've missed an item and I've been punted out excellent I was surprised or the challenge Russia and I've mistaken for collagist of you on what you the scrutiny update which is a relatively new 8 money Janice's and opportunity for chairs of scrutiny committees just together very brief updates on any items that the 1 highlights past going on in their committees or pass on any information that Chairs me be think might be of interest a so the way that membership of overview and scrutiny
there are say any indications from any Chairs of Committees who would like to get this opportunity just to highlight of brief colleagues on anything going on within their committees
if you can indicate in the chat box Councillor Campbell over to you please it could introduce yourself when you first speak to thank you
thank you Chair and I just want to to
Blair colleagues know that our Safer and stronger Committee will be held on the 1st of December and I'm pleased that will be happy in the borough commander in attendance and he'll be showing their response to the IRA PC recommendation with regard to stop and search will also be having an update to how the councillors responded to the recommendations that came out of the Stop and search and prevent review I'm and also the recommendations that are going to manage Mary cabinet tomorrow which is the recommendations the Safer stronger gave from their in-depth review on how the council and begs the qualities across the council and if any Members want to attain just drop me an e-mail and that we are least able to acknowledge and welcome to the meeting
and they now a meeting on the 14th January will be having a presentation from our fabulous
your scheme on how they continue delivering services during the first thing that coronavirus and how will they will be sharing their trauma based approach when were young people and members of Third CYP committee of already being invited to that thank you Chair
thank you Juliet could I ask Councillor Sobel please
the immediate look the start again
I beg your pardon I start again the children people select committee we've been scrutinising the Children's social Care improvement plan it was developed in response to an Ofsted grading of the service back in January 20 16 as requires improvement and as well as an investigating the shape of the improvement plan I will be lobbying of the half of the Committee for the resources necessary so that our children's social care department can reach the standards that are expected from Ofsted and they are also the standards that I believe the children and young people of Lewisham have a right to and and deserve we are also monitoring the reform of the Councils of early help services since such as the and children and family centres the work we do troubled families the service and so on in order to strengthen the services so that fewer children and young people require the statutory services
that Children's social Care provide which is also will lead to savings within the council
and we're going to be a examining very shortly a a very welcome probably overdue and 3 year programme that's about to launch a which will investigate the historic and current sort of disproportionality that there is in average educational attainment regarding black children of Caribbean heritage this is of major initiative that the Committee has been asking for and which is due to launch soon later this month we've also invited Sir Norman Lamb whose chairman of the South London our Chairperson of the South London and Maudsley and it has Foundation Trust
he'll be coming to talk to us because we'll be monitoring the waiting time solution children for a children and adolescent mental health services and also we'll be carrying on the work that we began jointly with the healthier services are healthier Communities Select Committee last year which is looking at disproportionality in BAME access to mental health services finally we're going to be looking at elective home education which has surged since the pandemic and I want to assure people that members of the committee have been regularly asking questions regarding the effect on our children both in school closure and of the the reopening under the can a new circumstances and finally in my role as a member of the overview and scrutiny education business panel I've been monitoring procurement and contract management in things such a school meals and and school buildings to ensure the
there is efficiency and value for money for the public money that we spend on those services thanks look at like cat call on Councillor John Muldoon as the Chair of the Community Select Committee please yes Sacha and our thanks for introducing me I'm tell how quickly slack Murray we had a meeting on the 23rd of September and next meeting is tomorrow night and I invite to anybody and Members of Council who might wish to addresses certainly a contact for scrutiny manager who will give you an invite and invite those really what you're home and from the Press also to join to tomorrow night's agenda is a restricted to key topic three key topics will be looking at budget cuts and documents are available on line will also be looking at pathology arrangements sum up until very recently a pathology services within at the area were provided by abolition Greenwich NHS trustee P's access that there's also a another provider via path which was a joint enterprise between King's College Hospital or guidance Thomas's southland Maudsley and a private sector provider that contract expired and the replacement has been an established as I established those
no requirement to involve the Health Overview Select Committee Lucian cheapies will have to use this new provider
I think there are questions about the viability of Losman creates shoved Trust's own path lad had service they are working to establish to build up with the other trusts across Sir Alcide the river but lucidly peace will not be using the local and beat the local hospital trusts so the looking at tonight the other gather item on the agenda is the obeying Lewisham healthy quality review and which has an academic board at overseeing it it's also advised report to advise it but I and the Committee thought it very important that we were engaged at the scoping stage but this summer a piece of research so we'll be looking at scoping putting our own thoughts Sinn and whether the Advisory Board academic Board take heed of us is up to them but we'll have our say so everyone's welcome at the start 7 30 tomorrow night's have if you want to come and speak are to the committee asking advice if you are a member of Council and thanks it the extant
can I call on Councillor Liam current share of sustainable development Select Committee please
figure much Cher what I'm going to her before Members about tonight relates to an item that was previously raised on sustainable development which some Members may not worthy aware of and it's the creation of a new Park in Grove Park 38 acres are collectively known at the moment as the Railway children urban national park
it's been of concern to several members of the Sustainability and Local Ward Councillors because it's presents an incredible opportunity to implement Council opportunities across the pieced Council policies across the piece including climate change flood prevention our green policies clean air housing because this Grayshon of the Park is part of the Grove Park neighboured plan and we have been loving behind the scenes to urge the Council to embrace this rather than hinder it by an action because several parts of this new park are under threat from developers who are cutting down trees and damaging the natural environment deliberately
in an atrocious way and I am Councillor Clarke accounting we have been involved in some cases physically stopping the developers from entering the site and also urging the council to undertake the legal action necessary to prevent the permanent damage of this amazing jewel in the crown of of Lewisham that should be really embraced both hands so it's happening behind the scenes it was on a committee will come back and I hope that we'll be able to get the mayor and senior officers to recognise the
the significance and benefits of this tremendous new park that K thanks Lamb Councillor Carter please Chev fan public accounts Select Committee I thank you Chair but that this year is a very difficult one for the council in that with the problems for the finances caused by the covert pandemic and other pressures on the Council you know arising largely from 10 years of government austerity we know that we've got a look at Sam we've been looking at this year's budget as our last Committee meeting in September
we expressed our deep concern about the challenging financial situation and
we came up with some some proposals which people can see in the minutes of that meeting and we all so presented our report on the commercialisation and culture Review of of the council and to encourage more commercial I had more a more commercial approach in much of the Council's work and that report I would recommend to anybody watching this and again it can be found in the agenda from that committee of public accounts Committee
in September are Nike our next meeting on the 3rd December is primarily focused on understanding worthy of proposed budget savings that have been identified so far and service cuts are going to come from over the next year and I know that the Committee will be potentially hearing from the chairs her you've you've heard from most of them already and may well want to come to the Committee as well to say while their committee has particularly had to say about the services that have been interested in and the proposed cuts to budgets there but also the Committee will be examining the proposals that are coming forward very carefully seeing how realistic they are
how likely we feel they are to be delivered and that sort of thing going into it sort across examining the senior officers of the Council to make sure that some we feel that we can protect up budgets as best we can so that we can protect the important or valuable services that the that the residents of the Borough rely upon thank you very much Chair thanks part
Councillor Bernard Chair of Housing Select Committee please
thank you to read is very brief
Madam is built on balance on the Chair of the Health Select Committee thank you for introducing it
yeah is about to them
own housing allocation policy Rousson is reviewing the housing allocation policies under this is gonna be taken tomorrow the Mayor of Man cabinet toll agree on them
proposal for them
for public consultation starting with end of this summoned are we will the the housing team that officers will be another Committee on the 8th of November where they will be laying it's Nottage's and them every step how they got to take the steps to consult the public and it'll be very interesting to see my daughter till your many of you who can make it come in so that them we can name hover aggravate together because it affects every over ward and it's very important that we really have our input in it thank you
thanks Peter Councillor and currently used to let
I'm Chairs' Councillor Hall's asked asking the question can ever can be a very brief question and unresponsive that's all right Councillor Houghton Councillor Colin so over the Council whole place
I think thank you Chair and it's just a very quick question in that he says a vision in report coming to sustainable development on a bell green and but the officers are only given a verbal update and through you both as Chairs can I ask that the ward councillors get receive a briefing on this before the meeting because we really have no information about this item actually be really difficult for us to comment Oni if we trust hearing it first time verbally at a select committee are also I think really it should be a matter of better practice to have early some written report when items go to select committees but I just leave it there thank you Chair
bags actually come in that first Bradley please yes yeah certainly are totally agree I think ask gum officers to forward all the relevant staff to ward members in advance of this meeting so if you haven't received it apologies Joe noted and I will ask officers to provide any necessary papers you may not have
and the other was relevant ward members the surrounding building as well
thankfully of yes and I know officers are involved in this meeting listening in
I'm sure they have taken note of your comments salad a it is crucial that ward members are kept in the loop of what's going on in those wards as so they can liaise and and communicate with with residents from sure officers will rectify that them very soon there's no thy questions on a cloth thank the chairs of the committees for the contribution on that item

5 Question and Answer Session with the Mayor

that does bring us to item 5 which is a question and answer session with the man who I've just checked in the present column but she athletic good start he'll be we also have the Chief Executive came right whose acting on the meeting tonight and but happy of Kim wants to
make any contributions as part of the conversation other was saying earlier you'll have seen from Yoel an additional supplementary gender some colleagues pension written questions in advance which have been and sent at comes the sober Hollande and Crossgates but obviously that does not stop any councillor whose put in God actually this secondly
but it doesn't stop any councillor including those shall for questions in advance asking questions tonight of course in those concerns can ask new questions or at with regards to the answers for the received I if I can beat Octavia perhaps when I read her the answer to some one of her questions Councillor Holland
anticipate hangers and asking for the just affairs justification of costs the the process was there but there was no actual narrative of of answering the question from Councillor Holland so maybe we can get something more light apologies Octavius of taking one of the questions are truly got more so
what we do
there isn't any yet so if you have to ask questions plum once the mass spoken are again of who used the the chat facility and we don't use or could enhance or etc. it's up to you and to camera on when you're speaking it's a very welcome but it's a personal choice and as we go through the
ITEM Charlotte our Scrutiny Chair we'll be taking notes in the end we will discuss whether we want to give any as any refers onto the man partners which was be at discussed and agreed on before we entered the meeting
are you that Damian
Mr. Le I'm here hello are you there
chief Executive
yes I'm here beside him thank you care so gave it till 1 2 am debut opportunity city words make any point to the beginning and then after that we will go into the question and answer session
Shaw and Watson someone's to I've I've prepared file ice York are star of that thank you very much thanks to Members as as well so it's good to be here will be obvious in very different circumstances from unless at no view and Scrutiny Committee what I just want say on the record may we've we've had this in other forums is just to thank everybody for the incredible hard work they've been doing during the pandemic to support the most vulnerable in our community and keep critical services running I think it's important that we we we remember just how much has happened this year none of us could have imagined this scenario that we were we are in now when you were first elected
and needs really are unprecedented times that we are in Council responded rapidly to the pandemic that emerged this year and just to come and everybody involved in that effort particularly our officers many of whom will be deployed to ensure our critical services could keep going
the government's slow response to the crisis has meant that our residents and US had very little warning before everyday life changed literally overnight we shouldn't underestimate just the scale of that challenge and scale of the challenge for residents and the pressure they pay for under the Town Hall and also local businesses as well faster to now as of last Thursday of course were back in a second national lockdown that were told to last until at least December the second at which point regional arrangements are proposed to resume the we don't know yet what tear that we were in it's not forget that sage for advising the government for far stricter national measures as early as September
as a result of the government ignoring that advice it means that this lockdown will be longer than would have been the case if ministers had listened to Keir Starmer just weeks ago things would have lit differently locally the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 cases
it was rising up until last week will be there appears to be some stability in the current numbers are covert rate hovers just above or below 100 cases per 100 thousand once again during this lockdown whooped doing everything we can to protect the most vulnerable people in our community to do our bit and shortly NHS has capacity particularly Lewisham hospital and only yesterday we heard the news about a potential vaccine obviously very positive news both Kim an I met with London leaders and Chief Executive Jesse data regular weekly cool that we have on Mondays at which first thoughts were beginning to be shared about the roll out of any vaccine and
boys what's clear is that an although it's very early days but managing that roll out encouraging take-up will become a critical role for the Council on individually each and every one of us will also need to play our part in ensuring that we encourage our residents to take the vaccine and that we we track cheaper know of any concerns that people may have to make sure we've got answers for people who are concerned as well look at where we are right now though it's a tough few weeks months ahead of us I know Lewisham will rally together to support each other just as we always has done as a community I just saw I draw attention just to to some of the more positive piece of work that how some have taken place in recent weeks we are co-ordinating the Lucian Community connections with an option Local Lucian food bank and many other voluntary partners named be delivering food and essential supplies to vulnerable residents who are shielded
though not on the governance of there's no official government shielded list for those that those people who who are on the DE critical shielded list from the Government's I have to just falling MP on record the overwhelming thanks of this Council to the voluntary sector to the community sector for the way they've worked with us to ensure that we could meet those challenges and support vulnerable residents at this time
supporting schools to provide free school meals during October half time a thank you to everybody who donated and their S's raised a fantastic 34 thousand pounds and thank you for everybody also signed the national campaign obviously received government make made her U-turn on this issue the Council launched this year the groundbreaking Birmingham and Lewisham African Caribbean health and equalities reviewed to improve our understanding of the health inequalities highlighted by COVID-19 to achieve better health outcomes and we've also got the recruitment of COVID-19 community champions who are embedded in the local community to help share Latisse information directed of residence some harder to reach groups for us as well I know some Councillors have signed up to this our focus now with his on the pandemic as it has been since March but we also have to be honest with residents about the tough times and tough decisions ahead as were faced with a very difficult budget
we have a very real and sobering financial challenge due to a combination of 10 years of Central government cuts the additional budget shock created by Covid and ongoing government failure to give local councils the support that we desperately need the cost of covert for Lewisham is estimated to be around 60 million pounds this year and despite earlier government promises 20 million pounds remains unfunded in the financial year so we must begin the difficult process of identifying cuts of at least 40 million pounds over the next three years is a situation that's not unique to to Lewisham and I know that none of us stood for election to make what we will feel are devastating concern to some services and also in areas where we know the need more in-vessel
our focus at this stage has been on the immediate gap for the next financial year depending on local government funding which we will find out later on this month and with behalf still plenty of 18 million pounds members will know from discussions that we had yesterday and that we haven't been able to identify all of those cuts he editing more cuts can be brought forward in January legally we need to set a balanced budget no later than the 11th of March which is an exceptionally tight timetable and I was still at now expecting to only receive a one year funding settlement which also makes long-term planning or that more difficult as a Council we will continue to work with London Councils to pressure on the government to fully support councils and provide the funding needed for them to respond to the pandemic and do not expect the government to on to meet our demands that the has been that that that work has borne some fruit me have had some additional funding but no end near enough to to meet the gap I'd also like to and welcome the progress it Keir Starmer as making and he is winning the argument Ehrlich's according to latest polls but deeply concerns that we have to wait until 20 24 for the public to have a chance to vote for him and so much damage is setting afflicted by this government between now and then
which brings us back to the key challenges we face setting a balanced budget and planning for the pandemic as well arm I'd like to thank Members for their engagement with what's been and what is a difficult process with more difficult proposal setted come we have been following a thematic approach for the budgets which is I know something that Members have been requesting for a number of years now that there is a lot of work still to do for us to meet that budget deadline
I previously shared with members and initial COVID-19 the covering recovery plan setting out what we have learned key principles in the phasing for recoveries but these are still to be discussed and agreed in another place and additionally a small group of councillors are also set to start drawing a PI dares to bring forward proposals for Race Equality Task Force of recruiting commission and which again will be part of our recovery worker will also be discussed in another place as we move forward it is critical however we do that work on recovery that we are engaging elected members and that we as one Council are in turn engaging our residents and all of those organisations that work alongside us I believe that there was and is probably lots of questions and have a transferee questions and we've got Kim it's obviously here as well who transferring operational whimsically detailed officer questions as well thank you Chair
thanks David OK Colley so if you wish to indicate there if you could indicate enough wickets question please do so I've got close less Gallagher Callahan and all at the moment I'll take until the time and Councillor Walsh
I'll take to ascertain and we start with Councillor gallant please
I thank you it's hard to get a bit enthusiastic at the start and our got two questions and Abyad high thing at during full of it the first one is about high could has affected are housing building programme and the second one is after about high we are managing the everyone in strategy during a second locked iron that the we got support with during the first OK time to ensure that many homeless people as possible were supported to get into accommodation yes thank you I didn't quite catch the beginning of the second question catch up
not Sinn Féin I'm just wondering what we are doing in the second lock dine around the everyone in strategy compared to what we were able to do last time which was that was those government funding for it yes nonsense
thank you
Councillor Campbell please
thank you Chair thank you for the updates onion and as part of a thematic approach and I appreciate out rubbish to ask this elsewhere sunny just popped into my head now and I'd like to ensure that prevention over cure is one of the things that we're looking at as we know that way says a huge amount of money thank you
thank Silvana that M Shaw so it first of I'm getting briefings Ashling on the impact of the housing strategy now drawing the Kohver pandemic should be point as a council we we've still heckle me I completions on council housing we've had more families move in
members will know we've got very ambitious plans for than the numbers of social housing of a building the most that we'll have built in Lucian generations the impact of the pandemic has put back some of the projects that we've got just in terms of time and getting people on the ground and building the planning the development and that's your planners many of the planners were moved over into the redeployed to support critical services respecting some some delays bots a little bit more concerning down the track that the government made some changes Stuart funding arrangements that we just need to work out what the implications are of that served as any any issues regarding a wider housing programmes that work has been done over the over the coming weeks and then we will feed back to members but were ever position leaves us in we will be continuing to deliver on our housing our housing programmes and continuing to build Council housing similarly in terms of supporting residents with with homelessness line at Councillor Bell is is doing more consistent updating members as well I think the success of in the fast lockdown shows what what can can be achieved we are still having people come through every day into Marnoch physically into the tackle that oppress Yes NA homelessness services and we are working hard to make sure work our housing housing people and in terms of that programme and the gaps in terms the funding Ashley our find out what we're doing for that particular programme for the the street homelessness as well and with so far in terms of prevention over furor absolutely and I think we'll have to even be more mindful during with the limited resources that we've got about how do we have the most impact one area this is evident in would be in children's only yes it's something that we want to improve in the Borough about the the prevention and how do we ensure that we can invest in young people invest and families early and we should be expecting to see it see those ideas come forward by Python you're actually right to raise them
that's David we've got colourful for further by Councillor Paul Shannon place
thank you Chair just to let everyone know I did give notice of my questions and I thank James Noble as the may affect her for coming back with two links to the Council's website and which I did take a look at so I've got to questions I'll be brief first of all the first question is who is the Council's statutory scrutiny officer
because Barry knew it was the earth the Head of Policy at the council has since left as just let says opportunity to pay tribute to his work on scrutiny and when especially when I was the Chair them for for all that time and my second question is I looked at the Maze portfolio and his specific responsibilities and him obviously we all know that that to Cabinet Members for failures have been re assigned and reject and which is great but could the mattress give some details of why he allocated a farming Our to to Councillor Bell perhaps tell us how he handed over the responsibility for the larger developments like a convoys Wharf for Millwall and also the the pop-art prefabricated off-site construction programme his that owner handed through Councillor bells portfolio thank you Chair thank sallow Councillor Walshaw please
thank you very much Chair I to have sent a late note to the mountainous hoping that he is seem that because my questions are allegedly
can the Minister update us on the stage for the Bakerloo line extension programmes and the work he and the Council of done to ensure the security of the programme going forward his views on the TEFL funding and national government gave me hell where the campaign in Council who continue to push for the Bierley and other forms of enhance transport for those living in their a sham and the south-east of London
exchange that David please yes I'll take those so thank you Allen and Caspar Hall Selina is the statutory scrutiny officer sitting Mohan in terms of the region and planning and always my intention to change over during the course of the administration I wanted to I held onto the planning brief for the first two years in order that we have a transition with the big strategic planning developments of ahead and we were setting some different political wants and and asks of developers mammal Timetric leading that within the first couple of years it sits almost councils you'd you'd cup housing and planning together
so that makes sense and the like schemes like the pop up housing that was always within housing anyway that the pop up development the development scheme
and to be quite frank with the impact of covert during the year and the amount of with I need it but need to be led in terms of covert recovery on the Council I was getting worried that will be able to dedicate enough time and the time that is deserved on on on that planning brief and so I asked poor if he would take on an ad that ensue into housing that said as well the other major developments the ones that you mentioned in convoys
I'm I'm involved in those meetings and I lead on the Mill renewal one as well I'm that's just about managing those relationships which have been quite fragile
Bakerloo line well you know the Bakerloo line pound for pound it delivers delivers in terms of jobs delivers in terms of housing delivers in terms of vital infrastructure that we know is needed for for our borough let's not forget Muncie the Bakerloo line consultation and beyond down the haze lining we know to our residents and no residence in Bromley born that on that too
I understand completely what's the huge pressures that TEFL are being put under and I think
I think it's tragic the way that its teeth though is now being used as a political football by this government and am very callously being used I think in input Laterly as a electioneering tool density cause I don't think it's going to works I think Lucian residents of London residence C C through the
so that's the the the the position of financial position obviously the moment for Terfel's very hard but we still are working with submit to secure that line and secure that routes undoubtedly I would expect to see we'd expect to see delays in times of the programme was chewing that routes is absolutely critical and it's critical that we continue that work to lobby and campaign for the Bakerloo line because it will have a huge benefit to our borough
Thursday good as it stands that was your last question
Councillor BELL back has a question John please
thank you Chair I decide to pick up with an air when my colleague Councillor Sauber of grace around the company spending Review obviously we learnt from the answer that he was given that that's going to come down to one year it's also been delayed to make reference to that I wanted to put a just give us a bit more detail about the given we are a meeting in public and also to help us as councils understand the massive challenges ahead and the implications of this obviously it's been some sex unhelpful but I would you could just find out a bit more the implications thank you thank you I'm sorry there's not one
UK that question demand thank you thank you Chair thank you Councillor Millbank well
you've come through the in anybody's being to the Mayor's question Times in public will notice lies I think as this is a public meeting I will repeat it is the type of elective first one solution counselling 20 10 in real terms budget was around 400 million today it 230 and the government to take out now and over 40 million pounds to the talking and in real terms work around half of our budget that impact is felt in every single service but we that we provide as a council we had over 4 thousand staff with no got just over 2 thousand staff presence motor set because it has fewer fewer people doing more takes longer to do things as well what's even more worrying is in some of these areas where we clearly need more investment and finally by the springs to mind most of your silly Femi's around young people's support for youth services that wraparound provision of care that we should be providing for for people both before and after school and and if the government was was truly genuinely interested in boroughs like how as they would be really markings replace that need additional support for our young people what they're going to do instead is tenor and ask us to to reduce those services and I think it's it's not just it's wrong it's callous but also in the long term it doesn't make financial sense as Warner comes back to Silverknowes prevention points and now we've got
at least look at least four years left of this government unless we get an early elections so much damage can can be inflicted and while yes they might go to a safe and cut Lewis shown by if they want if they get their way 40 million pounds based on our projections I think the long-term cost on our community will be a lot more than
of David or shall we all echo those words are Council current followed by close La Poule place
thank you Chair and a country to appearances you may not be surprised to learn the I'm not sitting on the platform at Sydenham station that the moment a very briefly because I'm I mentioned it earlier and I know Damian's aware of their ship term
as far as the
projects of village of another National Parking Grove Park is concerned her it's actually on the cusp of failing because of three quite significant issues and I just wanted to ask if he will look into the issues of the site Metropolitan importance for the whole of the site the woodland TPO which prevent the destruction imminent destruction developer has already tried to access the site some of us physically stopped him last week I didn't well done Councillor Clarke and others and the we for other obstacles there for them but also the recognition of the priority habitats which as far as we are concerned is not recognised or not to go to the local plan and that's a full council and those three or four issues and of course the key thing about acceptance of the Grove Park neighbourhood plan so be tabling these questions to full Council because I think are the utmost importance in danger of Lewes losing this major policy and project
thanks level but will he look into it Mr. Christian
I can
Councillor Paul please
thank you I'm Chair I just think it's really important to keep this in and on the agenda in the lights of the emergence of the backlight matters and movement here and abroad
there's been a high number of desiccated amongst the back to me commits to peaceful KoFID and I think it's important that positive action needs to be taken to support black citizens and but can you give me example of how this has been done in Lucian please
a high so first of all Councillor current
absolutely absolutely this is an issue that we've we've spoken about many occasions and I fully support the the over National Park I think it's a genius idea and one of those ideas which you know what start start off small when and Mike sound almost unlikely at fast I think and hope one day we we we we will have something to remember these these battles to to get it going so yes I can give you that commitment to to look into that I know that I'm there are some tree protection orders in place and officers have been in correspondence with developer to explain their if there is any illegal activity that that we will take action and that if Councillor Karen and campaigners believe we can do more there is a list and it camping crews happen for the Council are going through those actions at the moment we're all aware of the recent resource issues at their under but going through those and going through what's what's necessary as well and but I'm happy to to continue that conversation to support it as much as we cannot go has to be to try to make sure we've got the infrastructure in place do from we cannot support the the national the National Park Councillor Powell thank you yes COVID has shown shone a light on inequalities facing come BAME with a good black communities
nationally and not just in in in Lewisham of course and these inequalities not so new or surprising for us in Lewisham because we have been doing work in this in this area and that I think actually for all organisations including us is important for us to reflect on what we are doing and what more we can so something is being is gone well at last week or the week before but it some a new online resource and we've got a one council Wed patient I with all the links
what we are doing to support and BAME communities and and I think that will be useful tool for and residence useful tool for us as well
and useful tool for for our officers and those outside of Lewisham's to look at what we're doing spoke earlier on about the the groundbreaking work that we're doing on health inequalities with on Birmingham and and between ourselves and with and we've bombing on African and Caribbean and health inequalities Review of course it's not just in health inequalities and as a result of of covert
there is race inequality across many palm carriers of our society and schools would be another example of this edition schools rate accords he Steering Group nuts embed the jobs to embed race courting schools and raise the achievement of black Caribbean pupils Ratho Primary School and is also leading a vote your voice can change the world they're calling at your voice and changed role project and that will focus on how decolonising Lewisham school curriculum and ensuring schools have more diverse materials which will be hugely beneficial when we know that seven over 75 percent of our children's in Lewisham's schools are from and BAME backgrounds and losing BAME in the in the broadest sense of the world of the word an entirely we've made progress in terms of recruitments from being in the in the in the teens low to high teens we have now got 46 percent of are senior Management Team offering are are vain and 27 percent now when you go to the sea mentioned scene when you add in and heads of service as well progress but more progress to calm and getting that down the next layer down the next LA I'm so that's going through the council but the the Bain leadership Academy has has now started in Lewisham I recorded a video for the launch of that look as also am happening as well finally public health approach to violence very good work taking place at the yours' as well and because we noted that overrepresentation of black boys in the criminal justice system and you know I've been involved in these national campaigns to challenge on drug reform laws in the UK which disproportionately impact young black men despite the fact that is an evidence to say that this group or using drugs any more than young white men to
thanks David there's a couple of questions here from Councillor Bill large one you've Feb touched on if there's anything you under our canopies of debt on the career progression programme for BME in Lewisham I'll do you know how much it costs to reconfigure the LTS a lot of neighbourhood in Leagreen if it were do those our get that I'll get that figure for you because the figure I've got my head is is how much the scheme cause I don't want to give you and give a wrong figures who will get that to Peter and I think I just the the crew progression programme House has has launched I I'm I wasn't able to make a lot I had a video for about buyer has gone well and the Baines that professional network A B Flynn gauged in in setting up as well but we can get more information on it cool posted Johnston Franklin please lazy but the question right thank you thank you ddim yn you mentioned when you started talking about reports of our young people particularly around wraparound services and support for them and for you know in terms of their futures currently those negotiation going on about the Youth first contract in terms of delivering on behalf of us as a Council in terms are you service and I just wanted to still make a plea that
the contract is financially viable for you first to be able to continue to deliver its services and particularly mentioned about the needs of our young black people in our communities and you know vulnerable community groups some of our disabled young people who use the service and an additional support some may and as making the player you were going to a difficult time with our funding in appreciated everything has to be caught I just want to make sure that we are prioritising the future of our young people in terms of the service we provide for them thank you thank you check Housley's then that it before you answer that bear question even while the gate so that's the last question that I colleague indicated Joe or less clearly indicate you in the answer that the Bears gonna give us now we take us the last question on this item over to you please daily
thank you thank you lose cycle struck me reading one I by Harold Hill you saying of course and I think I'm proud illusion that we still fund the youth service I believe we should be funding it more than we are were not able to fund it as much as we'd like you to all past the Council all of our work we'll be under that scrutiny at the moment I I'm I'm expect will expect to see proposals coming forward the with a degree of cuts of you that have to be shared with members and go through full scrutiny and I think the pull your making is which is a critical one is is that the contract has to be viable and you know we need to make sure that whatever is to be gone liable you service in there
the band shall I take this question here are on the way a question over the common of I'd like to read out just so everyone you know well let's accept that but the will have this is the last comment goes to a conflict Rzewski on this item and carried out new can comment as he wish Mr. Mabbott thank you for your answer to my question CPS EDS happy to see that same please as under consideration in the budget papers out with scrutiny committees
and that widespread implementation of savings as controlled parking zones are being considered across the borough national tells lifted he soaks that that's the last question from the same unease and the last chance to comment on that please add Damon
more of a comment from from Councillor Krakowski but yes so you thing that more consultations are are are planned and prioritising areas where residents have been have been asking asking for them
OK thank you Mr. Mayor that brings us to the end of that item
what I'd like to do is just to refer to Charlotte astutely manager to see if he's got any items that them to meet an old top four refer up before opening up to colleagues generally if they wish to put anything fourth for referral as Adil Ray chanted
thank you Chairman yes some according to my notes I think that the Committee as the asphalt further information on the following matters and in relation to the street homelessness programme an update on how the funding gap is being addressed the exact figure for the cost of weakens regrowing the low traffic neighbourhood in Lee Green and then it's more information on the career progression programme the Lucian vein community
thanks Charlotte all colleagues happy with that of any of the items that collies whatever put forth to be part of referral if you could indicate in the message box
at the moment but colleagues
if not how we can or put it that I really do those three fails back as put forward by Charlotte if we could have some agreement on the agreement
I agree any gets thank you any against
not against
thank you Councillor Keller Addleshaw Goddard if we could put that together to and be referred for more encumbered
the next meeting of the Full of your student committee as the 23rd of 30 20 21
before we own this meeting and as shown it to confirm that the webcast has ended please