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Mayor and Cabinet
Wednesday, 10th July 2019 at 6:30pm 









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  1. Mr Damien Egan
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1 Declaration of Interests
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2 Minutes
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  1. Public Speaker
3 Matters Raised by Scrutiny and other Constitutional Bodies
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5 Low Emission Vehicle Charging Strategy
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6 Bakerloo Line Extension Update
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7 Procuring a Travel and Transport Programme
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8 Addey and Stanhope Decision to change the age range
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9 Fleet Vehicle Replacement Programme
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10 Response to Strategic Planning Committee - Affordable Housing
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11 Response to Overview and Scrutiny BP - safeguaridng partnership
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12 Response to Safer Stronger Communities Select Committee - Stop and Search/Prevent
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13 Local Authority Governor nomination
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14 Financial Forecasts 2019-20
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15 Adopting a Residents Charter for Lewisham
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1 Declaration of Interests

Mr David Austin - 0:00:00
Mr Damien Egan - 0:00:00
thing of Mayor and Cabinet thank you very much for everyone for coming I will commence the meeting by pointing out to all presence that only Cabinet members or job-share cabinet members holding July to December remits are entitled to vote and that job share cabinet members holding January to June remits maybe present and can contribute to debates but will not vote and he's non-voting members haven't read nameplates we've received apologies from Councillors reborn Barnum and McKeever Chris Boardman Sophie McKeever representing Lewisham this evening so Lewisham was nominated as one of the country's top 10 walking neighbourhoods with the broccoli bid in there were hoping to win we've come second so we had a runner up for best walking neighbourhood which is good and we've
we've raised so Kevin's putting his political spin on which is the best in England which is correct because the winner was Falkirk so I guess we could say that so were runners up but it's been a very good initiative and I know let's frankness the council officers have been supporting the bid as one it's very attention for the walking opportunities in the borough so well done to everybody behind that I'm now before we go on to the first item I also needs to advise everyone that were we're doing a webcasting trial because we want to move these meetings in other Council meetings to webcasting I'm and although there will not be alive broadcast at this stage the meeting is being recorded and I've got a note here that therefore the Council cannot guarantee that anyone present at the meeting will not be filmed or recorded or is is I'm the kept the cameras are facing in this direction
became so item 1
2 Declaration of interests can I ask if any Cabinet Member jobshare Cabinet Member has a declaration of interest to me

2 Minutes

item two minutes mere move that the minutes of the Mayor and Cabinet meeting which took place on the 26th of June 20 19 be agreed as a correct record is that proposal seconded is that agreed thank you item 3 a case of matters raised by scrutiny and other constitutional bodies so first off we have received a referral from the Sydenham society
and through the local assembly and I'd like to invite Annabelle McLaren the Chair of the Sydenham society to prevent this referral

3 Matters Raised by Scrutiny and other Constitutional Bodies

Public Speaker - 0:02:45
and it's we've got we've got up to 5 minutes yeah thank you thank you very much and thank you to the Mayor and Cabinet for inviting us to speak and the reason why we hit the seasoning is that on June the eighth the Sydenham Assembly unanimously passed the motion which is in your papers on page 16 and as you will see from it it's about planning conditions and breaches of planning at the new Our Lady and St Philip near ice school one of the major conditions which is condition 18 is to do with major improvements in to the parts and the lighting in Home Park and upgrades to the park and the the paths were a requirement before the new building was operational these improvements have not been carried out and there's no sign of work beginning any time soon to reassure local residents that these works will be undertaken the Sydenham Assembly and the Sydenham society urge the Mayor and Cabinet to insist that a separate legal document has drawn up which ensures that this work is completed urgently and certainly before the winter months the works to the parts and the lighting are essential to ensure safe access to the school particularly between October and March and as I've got in red here I'll outline what these conditions are and they are that no development shall shall commence above ground until details of the following works to Home Park including drawings specification and a programme for delivery have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority and condition 19 is that improvement to the parts the footpaths and lighting in Home Park between the entrance to the school within the Park and Sydenham Road and between the entrance to the school within the park and Winchfield Road number 1 New waste bins along the footpath within the Park between Sydenham Road and Winchfield Road number two soft landscaping along the footpath within the park between Sydenham Road and Winchfield Road and number 3 the development shall not be first occupied until the works referred to in paragraph a of this condition have been implemented in accordance with the details approved under the said paragraph be and the reason is in order to ensure that the park environment provides an appropriate access for the school in accordance with Core Strategy Policy 12 open space and environmental assets and Policy 15 high quality design for Lewisham of the Core Strategy now the reason for the Sydenham society's concerns is that since the building since building work started we've been pointing out major breaches major departures from the approved plans and it's taken an awfully long time to get an enforcement action raised and to get a public meeting which happened last summer and which was attended by the then Head of Planning fifth Evans
there are many faults that we can see in the building and it particularly presents a very blank exterior to Sydenham Road it's in a group of buildings which include the locally listed Sydenham Library the Roman Catholic Church and explorer house opposite a new building which has become very popular much liked all those buildings are built from brick
now the Sydenham Society did not object to the new plant to the plans for the new school back in October 20 16 because we thought it was a it was a reasonable solution to a very tight very difficult site and we held back we wanted the school to get its new premises and for the children to enjoy the kind of education that a new building would provide for them but as time has gone on with become more and more dismayed and we we feel that it does not it does not enhance the streetscape at this point
so despite many faults in planning and considerable disquiet we have a a solution to the current building which is that we think that it should be reclad and not in the grey pebbledash which is the subject of the minor variations application which currently live but in panels which are clad in slips of London stock brick we think if the building was clad in this way it would begin to fit in with the surrounding buildings and it would not have this blank façade which some residents have described as looking as though it's inside out and other residents' and at that it was noted at the planning objectors' meeting of the Planning drop in meeting on Monday night one of the residents from the local street fell on part said that it looks like the kind of building that would not have been built anywhere else in Sydenham and it would you know it wouldn't have been built in a part of the borough that may be as a conservation area or maybe has got a different standard of building it just seems as though this let's down Sydenham Road at this point and to be honest it does look as though it's something that should have been put on a retail park and not in the middle of Sydenham Road so I think these are concerns I think Julia has got other concerns if she wishes to chip in that I have to say that Julia here who is a fell on part resident has worked incredibly hard for the last two years itemising the many breaches of the planning original planning approval
and so we were very disappointed to see a minor applications applicator minor variations application come in when we expected to either see a full or new full planning application or to have enforcement action taken given that the list of breaches is so long
Mr Damien Egan - 0:08:43
thank you very much OK we've gone over five minutes but I didn't give you a minute's notice so few can give one more minute could I just say
Public Speaker - 0:08:50
that I appreciate that at this stage this is an absolute crisis the children need a decent school environment they need assurance they will have that when they come back in September however I first raised planning issues three weeks after they broke ground in July 20 17 when they were putting the piles in the wrong place and I went to Planning said that putting the building in the wrong place and then like every month I was reporting look now they're building something which is completely different and it I just get kept being told 0 will if they get it wrong they'll have to rebuild it and this is where we are because if at that stage or one month Stop notice had been put on to say you haven't submitted any of the necessary paperwork they still haven't submitted the pipework which should have been done for when the children moved in to the school the on the contamination reports and so on none of this paper work is being completed the building has not been signed off and yet the children was sent to school so not for want of
warning on our part and and telling us it's too late now is not going
Mr Damien Egan - 0:10:14
to go down well because we please thank you thank you and I don't think anyone will be saying that thank you very much for those contributions now ask Emma Tolbert our head of planning
Public Speaker - 0:10:27
thank you very much
Mr Damien Egan - 0:10:33
Public Speaker - 0:10:34
yes so the report that you've got in front of you this evening is a response to the Sydenham the Sydenham motion and that focuses on the issue of the type of application and that's been made on this site so in this case an application for minor material amendment as opposed to a full planning application and also addresses the the concerns about the use of Home Park as as an entrance however I think that we are aware and in you are aware that there are wider issues with his with this and we've gone to the planning history and some of the more recent history in that report but I just want to provide that reassurance that this is a report that respond to the motion but we are very much aware and in regular correspondence with the local community and we understand the concerns here I don't think that anyone is trying to say that what has been built is acceptable and how it's how that's happened is also not acceptable however we're in a position now where we are looking to to come to a a resolution and to make this better so we've had legal advice that a minor material amendment application is an acceptable type of application to make it allows us to consider the merits of the scheme or otherwise the enforcement case is still open so that is open pending the outcome of this case I hear sort of Sydenham society are suggesting some alternative materials Members particularly those have been certain planning committees will be aware we do have to consider the submission that is in front of us rather than alternatives but I think that it's helpful to hear this is sort of some useful dialogue and hopefully feedback to the to the archdiocese so I mean I I think the the report in itself is hopefully pretty self explanatory in response to those those issues I'm happy to answer any questions but I did just want to give you that reassurance that we take this matter really seriously and we are looking to to reach a resolution on this
just to reiterate that the the planning enforcement case is still alive it is still alive so part of enforcement is the when we've taken enforcement action that's normally a demonstration that we've you know that we've we've failed through all other means that we should be trying and one of those should be that way in appropriate cases inviting an application to try to overcome what the objections are now in this case there are a wide range of breaches and the Diocese have proposed a number of measures one of them is looking at changing the cladding making some alterations to two windows that type of thing is what is proposed and that's what's being considered at the moment and that decision will be made by Planning Committee
me questions for Councillor Bill
and a welcome back first of all
great case to today with annual and when you come back so what is the
Cllr Paul Bell - 0:14:24
archdiocese response to why this happened in the first place because there's a long list of enforcement actions that need to take place the members of the community including the Assembly are not very happy so what are what is nice is going to do to reassure the local community but also why we in this position in the first place because it's not exactly their first school that has been rebuilt side spent on stand why were in this position
Public Speaker - 0:14:51
I don't quite know how it's how this has happened it's it's not unusual to have relatively minor breaches when people are on a building something or even I'm and normally the this more mistakes you have contractors on site we and we understand that some of those are still completely unacceptable but you you understand that this is much more wide ranging
certainly took me by surprise about just just tell many changes that there have been from from the plans so of course I have not been involved in in the detailed discussions over this year with the Diocese to report back to you on a on they're they're justification for doing that but what I would say is had there have been any issues as they as they came up there are mechanisms within planning to deal with those either through an application for non-material amendment or minor material amendments and even just dialogue with officers and that did not take place
thank you I'm the minor material amendment application I get that
Cllr Kevin Bonavia - 0:16:10
minor can be some objects objective can be extra quite substantial just want to check have you seen the notes that's been circulated by a
Public Speaker - 0:16:21
civil society and you may not able to answer that but I do so for its
Cllr Kevin Bonavia - 0:16:24
now I've been sent in advance
Public Speaker - 0:16:28
I find no in that has you may not be familiar with but what the
Cllr Kevin Bonavia - 0:16:32
amongst many things were trying to get is also the the urgency of the issue and that this can be that's important works can be dealt with before the winter months in terms of time frame
Will the MMA deal with it outside MMA there other issues I see in the report that had been trying to be dealt with outside it may make at the end a can we be reassurance that Planning officers gonna try and push to get that those those other issues dealt with SAP Planning
Public Speaker - 0:17:04
officers are certainly pushing around the details of conditions which sit outside of this application because they're not proposing to vary those that is about implementation and providing the relevant submissions to us
with timeframes I understand from the local meeting that took place on Monday night that the Diocese confirmed that their intending to implement the Home Park works over the summer period so we will be you know we will be really pushing for that because I think it's entirely is entirely right when you're using that interests that condition went on to make sure that there are sufficient bins and lighting and other things but they were really important when you want to use it as an entrance to the school so officers are are pressing and are you know in correspondence with the Diocese pushing for those details as early as possible with the actuals proposed changes to the scheme that was they wouldn't be able to implement them until they have planning permission and were still not at the stage yet where we have a definite committee day or indeed a recommendation one way or the other and you know if that's refused their needs are rights of appeal so so that I think resolving those issues will be a longer journey but something where we will be looking for them to happen as quickly as possible because the building that's there at the moment is is not acceptable
OK thank you very much OK we have a representative here from the from vices are now invited to Simon Hughes director of education at the Education Commission of the Archdiocese of Southwark and Simon wishes
Mr Damien Egan - 0:18:51
to comment on the proposed response and then we will hear from Sydenham Councillor Tom Copley usually chaired the public meeting
go up to the up to 5 minutes types of Simon Hughes and I'd find my introduced my colleague Seán McGrath who is a planning consultant
Public Speaker - 0:19:14
who's been working on this project since I came to the Diocese last July a year ago and this was one of the issues that I had to pick up and have been working to try to get a happy resolution to since I arrived are outline a response as prepared and I'll give Shaun some time to answer any the technical questions that have been raised so Mr. Mir I'd like to thank you for giving us this opportunity to speak to this matter and for the paper provided in response to the Sydenham societies a for I'm a submission from James Hughes I would urge you and the cabinet strongly to take on board fully the recommendations in Mr. Hughes's paper and the submission and vote to agree the contents of his report when the time comes in this meeting
this is because we have had two public meetings that have clearly demonstrated that there is a majority local support for the application
contrary to the Council's perception of widespread dissatisfaction with the scheme
sydenham Assembly objections as stated after the principle of the development even though this was settled in the 20 16 consent
our legal advice from Queen's counsel and for that matter legal advice from Lewisham's own planning department is clear that the proposed rectifications can be regularised in terms of planning consent under a Section 73 application
these proposals are clearly intended to bring the final building back into line with that which was originally consented
the scheme
for the record that was designed by the borough's own architects it is regrettable that a small minority of local residents don't like the building
but that is what was given original planning consent
so in our view there is no need for a full planning application and those who've read the planning history will know that it was the borough's own architects that put this proposal together in partnership with the Diocese when the Diocese was looking to try to ensure sufficient places to meet basic need to provide additional early years places and also to free land for the purpose of building houses which is an important issue across London
the Sydenham Assembly has expressed further concerns about contamination of the site as clearly evidenced during Monday's public consultation
and signed off before construction commenced by the Health and Safety Executive there is no contamination and secondly the use of the hung park entrance
the Head teacher confirmed publicly on Monday night that the Home Park entrance is already and will continue to be the school's main entrance
our team have set out plans for improved lighting and pathways up to and including the entrance to the park and therefore to the school
these improvements will undoubtedly contribute to the upgrading of local amenities
demonstration of our commitment to working in partnership with Lewisham borough and to the local residents as a whole
so for the avoidance of doubt any other representations of those facts either orally or on social media are tantamount to immerse information and should be discounted from the Council's consideration of this planning application
we were all reassured on Monday evening to hear that the members of the Sydney Assembly are concerned for the wellbeing of pupils we would therefore argue that any further delay is contrary to this good intention
consequently rather than delaying the construction any further we've got one minute left we would ask that the Planning consumed committee consider our applications a matter of urgency and grant consent
then we can instruct the builders to get it finished in a timely manner these are impacting terms after all as you've already stated minor amendments which had the support of a majority of the community oppose there
thank you by 20 seconds I think to become not a service Tolbert dealt with the issues I was going to cover frankly it is acceptable to deal with this these changes these rectifications through a non-material amount of material amendment application we will be doing the work on Home Park this summer we've said yesterday or Monday at the public meeting that we'll have the works completed by October
I do hope that you would agree that we can take it the application to Committee as soon as possible and you can determine it there whether you think what we are doing is acceptable to get the building as built back to as close we can the original scheme that was granted consent thank you any questions Councillor Bell thank you for that
this is purely my opinion but when someone or some organisations done
Cllr Paul Bell - 0:24:47
something wrong it's usually better to have humility
rather than divide and rule of what is one of our recognised planning consultees in the end the Sydenham society so I find that quite extraordinary in your presentation you've just given but apart from that why and I'm I wasn't aware that we had any directly employed architects may be wrong on that basis we don't so that is not correct and so can you just explain to me
why it is that you didn't conform to the planning permission that you were given an are you going to issue an apology to the local community notwithstanding how many people are here tonight the fact is that people have Seddon them have raised concerns and their legitimate concerns and they should be addressed in humility
should I deal with the the first part I think are
Public Speaker - 0:25:40
two reasons for the three reasons why it was difficult to build what was consented the first one frankly what was considered was not buildable that this happens quite a lot on site people went on site it couldn't be built the slab between the floors wasn't big enough so when people got on site and you could so LA should have gone back and amended the drawings
that links into the second difficulty the children kept on site during the whole Bill process so there is an urgency to get the thing finished obviously it's not brilliant building whilst are children site and another was discussions about whether they should be decanted to another school I think the council came up with an alternative location when it was looked at apparently it was not fit for purpose and there was a specified there and make it was agreed by all parties that that wasn't the best place to put them I am not too sure it's school wasn't some might be able to say but that building a since been demolished but that was the that's why there was an urgency the get this scheme built
and there were and these things do happen very very regularly that's why the to that minor material and non-material amendment process was introduced because it happened so many times we'll go on site when they get on sites the look at things and realise actually it's not quite as easy as we thought because XYZ of in one of the things on site in this case was where some of the planting was going to be the found out that was Thames Water pipes so they can move that so that has been agreed now that's been trade but there are lot these things happen pretty regularly and that's why
effectively going through this process now and one of the reasons it's taken so long be we were instructed in January to look at it and it has been we had a public meeting in January to explain to the community what we were doing a bit of time to sort out what we're going to do to deal with the issues we put the application in nothing you got validated in May we're moving forward hopefully to get a Committee date next month or so but since January you have been working pretty hard liaising with local community with the school to get things back on track and I'm happy to say that it could have been done better
we are sorry a forthcoming Senator Simon he did stand up on Monday night and did apologised order people who are at the public meeting on Monday so we are you know we all try to be brief in our Five minutes and try to be factual but we are sorry that these things have happened we are trying our best to sort them out at
caused considerable expense to the diagnosis and inconvenience to the school but we are doing our best to get them sorted out and I must say we worked very well with officers who have been very helpful in trying to get the thing sorted out
we are doing our best to get them and we think
when goes to committee whenever it is going to be an opportunity to vote on whether you think what we're doing is acceptable one thing I should say no and it is it is relevant
we are trying to get back to the original consented scheme and I know there was talk earlier from the SID them society about having slip bricks in London stock bricks that isn't in the original scheme in that was never consented it was cladding it was a grey coloured cladding and it's difficult for us because we on the what have we been put a why can't you walk into a brick
and on the other hand we say well we've got to get back to the original consent the original consent wasn't brick so we can't keep them happy on some of those things you know we would do not best but the consented scheme is what we've got to get back to and that's what we're trying to get back to
Councillor best I will speak in a minute I just on that specific point
Cllr Chris Best - 0:29:37
I chaired the public meeting when Pollard Thomas Edwards who were the architects who were working as I understood in collaboration with you on that design and indeed it was cladding it was a very attractive scheme I can't quite reconcile why you didn't build the scheme that was approved that was agreed to by that Committee where we embraced many concessions particularly over some of the land issues I just wanted to clarify what you were really saying why the Pollard Thomas said would scheme with cladding with a very attractive design rather than what is currently built why was that not delivered
Public Speaker - 0:30:14
do the cladding is not finished we've stopped effectively it's not clad as final the cladding is an on their yet we've stopped because we want to agree the cladding and we are going to go as far as I think except we will be told what's I type of cladding we've got to put on their what top of render its I think this is another slick I think people were looking at it and think the school is finished it's not we'd haven't put the cladding on so the cladding is still to go on we've got to get that agreed it's an unfinished building we've had to make it weatherproof but the final cladding is an on yet and there was never any cladding showing London stock bricks at all
Cllr Chris Best - 0:31:00
no I think that the cladding as I understood it was because the window reveals aren't set again as part of that original design or won't delay but there is a whole lot of technical questions what I'm really asking is why did you not build to the scheme that was consented simple question thank you
Public Speaker - 0:31:20
because it's not quite as simple as the simple answer these things there were difficulties with the deliverability of build ability of the consented scheme I'm not too sure about the cladding and why the cladding
My understanding is we didn't get as far as put the cladding on the cladding hasn't been put on so it's simple to say we put the wrong cladding and you didn't put right the cladding is clad yet
Mr Damien Egan - 0:31:46
OK I'm going to move us on Amets whole but as indicated that she'd letter spits come back on short stems it may thank you both very much we've got other speakers as well so I'll ask Emma succumb up in the first instance
Mr Damien Egan - 0:32:06
Emma they're not that there are a number of statements made in the
Public Speaker - 0:32:10
last presentation I think we need some clarification on maybe could help us certainly where an
so I think that
the the response from the the Diocese completely mischaracterises the legitimate concerns that we have had from the Sydenham society and the individuals here
the building the main building is clad it's the wrong cladding but it is clad and the whole to the site is where works of stopped we have had a number of letters of support I think it's easy to to understand that there are people and whose children there and they want an their children to be educated I think we all understand that and I think even the Sydenham Society have have said that they understand that they understand that but I mean even if there weren't the low the local community weren't concerned about the appearance and design of this building and the approach that has been taken the Planning Service would be so I think we can we can put that to bed what is on site is unacceptable and it needs to be resolved and we are taking it seriously the objections that we've had from the system society are not to the principle of development in my view I believe that some of the letters of objection do raise some in principle elements but the concerns are with the approach that has been taken and the design that has come forward I think Chris you dealt with that the point of we don't have a borough architect but this was a scheme that was
delivered the initial phase in partnership with the Council as part of a development agreement for this site and St Winifred's where it was agreed that the council would be the applicant take it to planning permission and stage with a very reputable architect where a number of the schemes are built out very successfully some in this borough and that at that stage it would be for the archdiocese to deliver and this is where we are the
the suggestion that we have accepted that the changes are minor by the fact that we've accepted a minor material amendment that is part of the consideration we do think these changes are capable but as to whether there are acceptable but I don't want to leave the suggestion in front of everyone that we've already said these are minor this is fine and that this is just a technicality because it's because it's not and I just once again reiterate that had there have been concerns about
how this was being built out on site during construction
we're always available and there was a proper route for doing that and that wasn't followed
Mr Damien Egan - 0:35:20
thank you very much I'd now ask Sydenham Councillor Tom Copley to to join us
Mr Damien Egan - 0:35:33
Public Speaker - 0:35:35
and again we've got up to 5 minutes time thank you I don't think I'll take five minutes but I was a come and I am also currently chairing the Sydenham Assembly which is her as you've heard unanimously passed this motion I want to speak in support of it and
Anderson set up first of all I mean the archdiocese has tried to say this is a small minority of people who are complaining about this I don't agree that a small minority of people and as I've said the motion was passing animal plea by the Sydenham Assembly but I also chaired on Monday night the local meeting looking at the minor amendments and there were very strong feelings on both sides of the rooms but it's absolutely not true to say that it's a minority of people in the ward who are concerned about this of course there are parents and teachers who quite understandably once all this result very very quickly but I think we all want this resolved as quickly as possible
but I don't think that can be at the expense of leaving a building which is an acceptable in planning terms and let's remember will be there for a very long time and people are going to have to look at it for a very very long time and it is an incredibly ugly building I mean I don't want to sound like Prince Charles but monstrous carbuncle springs to mind I will pay tribute to the work of the Sydenham society in highlighting these planning breaches and I don't think planning breaches should be tolerated I think it sets a very dangerous precedent and is said them of course we have the experience of the Greyhound pub a from a few years ago which was a huge breach of planning which was of course in the end thank for the following pressure from the Sydenham society should be said are resolved so I do think this needs to be resolved and quickly but it needs to be resolved in the way that is acceptable to the community and acceptable to the Planning the Planning Department and delivering the Home Park improvements I'm pleased to hear we did this through the night pleased to hear that the intention is to start on those very quickly that will be I think that will be very positive
but just in terms of the length of this process I I do I do feel that the process has been I have to say dragged out in part by a lack of communication particularly previously from the archdiocese now there have been some changes that the archdiocese and communication has improved but a number of times I went to had I went to give evidence when he was director of planning and he would say we're expecting a planning application to be put in to resolve this by this point and the deadline would pass
and I just feel that that over a period of time or lack of communication has meant that this process has been dragged out to the detriment of course of children's education and to relations with the community so that was all I had to say really
you very much
Mr Damien Egan - 0:38:42
Cllr Chris Best - 0:38:45
Councillor best thank you very much I I to I'm will echo Tom's comments about I'm the numerous e-mails we've had with planning officers in the expectation that the diagnosis would be presenting something to us so whilst I can appreciate I'm maybe Simon you've only been in post a year but this has gone on for several years and this has been a monstrous amongst Eurus response from the diocese not coming back to us we've been very patient the community have been very patient but you know there's there's a limit and I've got so many e-mails from members of the community so when you've said it's a small minority it isn't you know and as you've heard from the Sydenham Assembly there are a number of people there I asked if a Stop notice could be put on and we were told no we're working very collaboratively and I really do feel planners of gone to great lengths to try and engage with developer and sadly we just haven't been met with them an appropriate response as a Member I expect officers to respond to me and they are equally frustrated that they haven't been able to do that because of the lack of cooperation from the Diocese so I'm very very disappointed I'm very frustrated for the community very pleased that we're now moving forward that to be honest I don't understand why the Home part works couldn't be completed again we've been asking for that from the opening of the school don't understand why a travel Plan hasn't been delivered or don't understand why you don't get the importance of a green entrance that this could have been dealt with the works to the playground at the head teachers return to be on could have been dealt with so I'm I'm very pleased now that you're engaging and that things will be delivered over the summer but just to be clear we're very disappointed and frustrated which is why it is a Mayor and Cabinet meeting most unusual most unusual the last one was the Greyhound it was from Sydenham I think you get the message thank you
Mr Damien Egan - 0:40:45
very much OK thank you thank you very much I'm going to have a song I'd like to Fanck the Sydenham society for for bringing this and also using the Assembly to take to take this to bring us through to Marin cabinet and of course is exactly no one of the powers of the Assembly's that we encourage communities to use and I think it's been very helpful to have this discussion here I'm I also thank the Sydenham society for always as always being I'm
positive in thinking of outcomes as well and how to take things forward and that's how I've always always found the Sydenham society I hope that the Diocese is hearing the message from us loud and clear
this isn't something that as it's been suggested isn't quite right in is well off
where it should be in it isn't it it's it's currently unacceptable by our planning conditions and it's certainly eye-catching building but for all the wrong reasons and I was actually deeply disappointed with the response I'm tonight I'm and I would have as Councillor Bell said expected more contrition and I can only encourage you to engage positively with the local community this was patchy Nana mostly an Assembly and you've got a local group of people who are putting volunteering their time to to work
wanting to work with you to find solutions and I can only encourage you to go and do that I'd like to thank our Planning officers for all of their work and we support what you're doing in the fullest terms and remind Members that a planning enforcement case remains live I'm as we try and resolve these issues in the first instance however it does remain an option if the applicant does not provide an acceptable solution or if the conduct or of the outstanding conditions are not addressed properly that will go on and take enforcement action so we've got the report in front of us can I ask the motions agreed in that the report be agreed and reported back to the Sydenham Assembly great thank you very much thank you
OK we've also got to referral so one from the Sustainable Development Select Committee and a review on exclusions agreed by the children Young People's Select Committee I propose that the relevant Executive Directors be asked prepare responses for our future consideration is that agreed item for this is for information can we agree to note it

5 Low Emission Vehicle Charging Strategy

Cllr Brenda Dacres - 0:43:26
and item 5 Councillor Dakers so some Goodney so thank you so the seeking I'd like to present the electric vehicle charging point strategy before you so Lucian has declared a climate emergency and we are fully committed to use in all our powers at our disposal this report is a is crucial for transport infrastructure and 4 for improving air quality in Lewisham switching from fossil fuel vehicles to electric is vital and will help slash air pollution the strategy will ensure all your Lucian residents businesses and visitors will be within 500 metres of an electric vehicle charging points by 20 21 our target is for journeys to be taken by active travel or by public transport with a key aim of BIC been to reduce car dependency but we also recognise for some this is not always possible if we are to see more people people charging that change into electric and hybrid vehicles for private and commercial use we must ensure that we have the right and correct infrastructure in place for low emission vehicles to be able to charge this is an objective set out by the Mayor of London's Transport Strategy and Local Plan and its objective that we illusion have adopted in are Lucian transport strategy and our local implemented then well implementation plan
the proposals laid out in this consultation phase of this tragedy were overwhelmingly supported by the public with 84 percent saying that they supported or strongly supported the strategy we know our residents in Lewisham are passionate about the environment and improving air quality as just as much as we are to at the Council switching to electric vehicle is crucial in the fight against the climate change and from 20 18 to 20 25 the number of electric vehicles in the Borough are expected to rise by almost 400 percent additionally the price of electric vehicles are expected to fall in the coming years this means that we need to ensure our both Borough is ready for the increasing demands for charging points
however the government must do more to support the switch to electric vehicles last year central government scrapped subsidies for plug-in hybrids and reduce them for battery chart battery electric vehicles over last week's figures show that the sale of low emission vehicles fell for the first time in more than two years it is absolutely crucial that the government supports those who do wish to switch to low or 0 emission vehicles and they must also bring forward the date of end in the sale of new diesel and petrol vehicles
the four key objectives of the strategy are to support charging ports for wide right of vehicles third appropriate provision of infrastructure across the borough in the right places for residents residents businesses car clubs freight and taxes
we need to make sure that they the use of funding opportunities are are taken up to provide or maintain the electric vehicle charging points to ensure that the charging that what remains fit for purpose and caters for the expansion and the deputation to merge technologies only last week at the London Oakle governments Association conference I was hearing about charging using wireless devices which I think was quite excited so we must make sure that we are ready for future changes
we also need to encourage more sustainable travel including that you will feel cause for essential car trips through supporting policies initiatives and public engagement exercises drawing on the best practices from around the UK and beyond
if this strategy is passed tonight there will be a total 70 electric vehicle charging locations by 20 21 with at least 140 points by 20 30 and these figures will will grow to 300 points I can't have one to vote to support the doctrine of this low week omission vehicle strategy as a council policy so that we can get on with getting the infrastructure in place hand of Alex thinks wishes to add
Public Speaker - 0:48:06
just a very quick update say that subjects at its' approval we've provisionally secured a dedicated project manager to help deliver the
Cllr Brenda Dacres - 0:48:18
Mr Damien Egan - 0:48:19
strategy and really help accelerate delivery brilliant thank you thank you very much Councillor Bowker's thank you Alex that any questions most
Cllr Brenda Dacres - 0:48:26
Cllr Sophie McGeevor - 0:48:28
thank you very much and thank you to Councillor Dakers and and officers for their work on this so this is another really exciting thing that when doing to reduce vehicle emissions I really wanted to echo your point about the aim to reduce vehicle use as well as encourage where people have to use their cause to switch to more sustainable alternatives and those being fully electric particularly rather than sort of plug-in hybrids I was wondering our is gonna make a suggestion given the point you mentioned about the need for further government action here and indeed for further man action from the GLA I was wondering whether it would be a good opportunity for us to write to Adele even know who the Minister would be would it be transport or energy and climate change or their think they abolished that but the the the relevant secretary of State and also to the Mayor of London setting out what we're doing in this area and setting out what measures from them we think would be would be helpful because obviously when we're not gonna be able to do this on our own I think the more public authorities that show that we're doing whatever we can within very constrained finances but we need action from from government and from the Mayor of London to to provide certainty and kind of long-term nudges in this direction particular given as you say the the first decline in in electric car sales in in a number of years
Cllr Brenda Dacres - 0:50:01
yeah absolutely I think we could write scam writes a to who I don't see why we can't do both actually so every is or by them we can become might to as cause the Mayor of London I'm sure he will be supported because I think it was about two or three weeks ago he launched the London-wide strategy so I know that he and Shirley what reaches will be definitely behind that as they say if we build it they will come
Cllr Paul Bell - 0:50:31
thank you Councillor Daicos was report of which I obviously support
residents in Telegraph Hill ward are very keen on having as many charging points as possible our remit it would be remiss of me if I didn't mention that given we been lobbied recently all three Ward Councillors Councillor about Council Sauber myself and we support that so anything we can do to help would be where there and available to recommend areas and to supporting and work so thank you very much for
Mr Damien Egan - 0:51:00
that and thank you to Councillor David excellence cannot survive
thanks very much I can't let the opportunity pass the say not only do I support this report obviously but also in terms of encouraging more sustainable forms of transport I've just come from the Britain's best walking Neighbourhood awards at the House of Commons and this little door stop in front of me is the a sadly only the runner's up prize that broccoli has a 1 but I think since Falkirk won Britain's best walking neighbourhood we can claim that broccoli is England's best walking and a everything we're doing to encourage people to walk and cycle I think is part of this strategy as well and and should continue to be encouraged
Mr Damien Egan - 0:51:43
I think the close-up picture looks makes it bigger
I was expecting something

6 Bakerloo Line Extension Update

looks lovely I'm fantastic fantastic report widespread you know we'll we all support and obviously sales to align with our manifesto commitment that we made so thank you very much for getting onto this so quickly is well so thanks Alex and thank you Councillor Dakers can
Cllr Brenda Dacres - 0:52:07
as just one formally thank Alex narrating Nick etc for all their hard work it's been like from last summer there really been working hard on this and it's great now that they can look forward to moving for to get infrastructure in place it's getting it so that we have the right of different types of charging points in strategic places throughout
Mr Damien Egan - 0:52:32
the Borough thanks can ask all those in favour of the recommendation strays their hands that's agreed thank you item 6 back Councillor takers Bakerloo line extension updates and follow that yes
Cllr Brenda Dacres - 0:52:43
and Stuart here
thank you in but it doesn't know if we have clawed it Forbes and stripped clip him part of one now describe in as well as do the Robins pop the small but mighty team that is the Bakerloo line extension programme team so I'm as my instructions you guys
this report provides an update on the progress of the Bakerloo line extension beer leasing I cannot stay enough how vital this scheme is solution today and for our future growth the Bakerloo line extension would allow us to build tens of thousands of homes would integrate our local transport with the tube network and would spark future economic growth this is a once in a generation opportunity our corporate strategies committed support to support in 2 fell in the progressing of this scheme and we have invested in a small but mighty team for this extension every day they continue to make the case for the extension and are ensuring that coordinated approach to planning for infrastructure and growth in the vicinity of the Bakerloo line extension stations we are also working with our colleagues in Suffolk and tear fell to deliver
two studies which will support the case for investment also we have a very successful back bacon align campaign which has attracted so far over 18 thousand pledges the Bakerloo line extension programme to also lead on profile raising activities with influencers and decision makers at London wide Levin level
as you will see that the will and the spirits to see the extension built and in fact tearful are now seeing the bakers this has been part of the Bakerloo Line upgrade extension so will now have to change the acronym from be early 2 blue the Bakerloo Line upgrade and extension
so before I ask the Mayor and Cabinet to note the contents of this report I would like to hand over to Stuart and and Claudette to say a bit more about the information in the reports and update
Public Speaker - 0:55:17
thank you very much for that yeah so it's quite a way to report so I think I'll just sort of go over a few of the highlights that we have have in their the report itself is giving an update both on where to follows up to in the development of the Bakerloo line extension scheme and also the work of the Council to secure the investment I'm and make sure that it works for the borough as of of maximises opportunities there so cheerful at the moment a continuing to develop the technical aspects of the line and officers from the Council meet regularly with the US counterpart officers at DFL I'm they're currently working to sort of 3 main areas of work that there have undertaking one is refining the design of the line as it is I'm as it was sort of last pitched in 20 18 so looking at ways we commit to learn more direct speed up trains and make it more efficient they are developing the construction approach so how you'd actually build the line I'm once that you know once construction starts and also developing further the Hayes option for where the line would go beyond Lurgan that's something that the council has been lobbying for for quite a while so it's it's quite a big win for us that that is now being explored in greater depth such that if they wish to pursue it in the future that it is something which they have ready and on the self
there were keen to have a consultation this autumn I'm that's something that has been pursed we understand I'm from the highest levels of TEFL to make sure that consultation happens and we expect that consultation 2 feet a I'm sort of further details around station locations and sites
and where the line would go beyond Lewisohn
in addition to that once we've had the consultation they aim to have what's called a single preferred option which is what the Bakerloo line is defined by spring which would be quite useful considering London mayoral political cycles
so few on that the Council's efforts we now have a Billy team that's almost fully resourced so those myself Claudette and Julia we're dedicated to do things we have a case making I'm component which is a going out there selling the Bakerloo line making sure that we're identifying all the benefits it brings and we have a planning aspect which is making sure that we're planning for the Bakerloo line and the regeneration around it in a coordinated way so just I without going through the full details of report to sort of highlight a few of the things that we've been up to we've got a local economic impact assessment when developing
that will identify all of the benefits aims to identify all of the benefits to be Bailey will bring by the way from New Cross right the way down to low Sydenham
that is currently being undertaken by Hatcher generous your consultancy firm under the sort of impact groups and of people Place and economy so looking at those to be completed in late summer not be really useful in terms of being able to sell or belly to I'm both cheerful and really push out the benefits of bring to our residents visitors and businesses funding study and is also being developed and that reduced borough prefer Mayor on that next week terms of Communications you've touched on about the Bakerloo Line campaign we've got had quite a lot happened on that already I'm using sort of advertising boards loosen life I'm other sort of other media we had an award for the New Cross area framework that we post really having combed Councillor updates which I hope you've all been receiving and enjoying and then we've got some other events coming up over the summer regained Beckenham Place Park opening and a few other things land as well I'm on planning there's there's a hole
range of issues a whole range of pieces of work that we're doing on that that goes back quite this about a year and a half of history tool of that we have a direction of travel document which highlights how the current Local Plan is supportive of the belly making sure the BLP gets into our I'm new local plan in a way which supports to be early prevents development wit words a first-rate that I'm I'm also coordinating development at New Cross Lesin and and other potential stations
Mr Damien Egan - 0:59:43
excellent thank you very much any questions notes very comprehensive report and lots of thank thank you will amend Julia as well
and also just to say how helpful it is for me when I'm outside of Lewisham be able to make the case for Lewisham when when even her on the Bakerloo line when we have such solid evidence and the work that we're doing the GLA as was invited on that so thank you very much and also for I'm taking the campaign out to residents then it is more we need to to around that but I think peep people out in the community really support it too can ask yeah
Public Speaker - 1:00:18
Cllr Chris Best - 1:00:19
it was just a quick one on that point to 19 and where you've got to the comments or Lower Sydenham in 6 6 2 2 it's the East Sydenham as you know we've got the healthy neighbourhood project which would clearly help Mirabelle Green gyratory and all of those other transport improvement so there's been an awful lot of local support for all those healthy additions because I think you can appreciate the Belle Green gyratory would clearly benefit from having that transport links so it's just really to beef up that little bit for any future presentations thank you great banks ask all those in favour of the recommendations Rosso hand that's agreed thank you thank you

7 Procuring a Travel and Transport Programme

item 7 procuring a travel and transport programme helps to take us K
so this report sets out the process to begin the competitive exercise
Cllr Brenda Dacres - 1:01:23
to attain the service of an external provider for the programme to transform the Council's passenger train travel and transport service over 3 year period the Council has a statutory duty to provide transport for all those who have a legal right to travel support there has been an increasing demand for these services in recent years which has a resource which has resulted in an overspend in this area this programme of work will look at these travel needs and have become it meet the more efficiently a comprehensive review into our current travel assistance service took place in late 20 18 and highlighted the potential for the council to reduce its costs by around 2 million pounds over the three years the the intention would be that we whoever the external provider or external company is that looks at how we can make these reduction does it in a way that is not only cost effective but it's it's on on how much they reduce it by so it's it's payment by results some just going to hand over to to mark to expand on or this there's thank you the programme as the Council of setting will be a three year programme it will involve a number of different strands
Public Speaker - 1:02:42
it'll look up better procurements because at the moment we pay quite a lot for the taxi provision the private hire provision we acquire it's getting better value for money for that it's also looking at demand management and trying to reduce the demand for certain services and move people on to other options but the Council's Councils transports and Private Hire walking cycling etc. and it's also looking at things like rerouting the possibility of rerouting some of the existing services so they make more commercial sense by getting more people on buses and reducing the unit costs soar so about looking at the way to increase LPS capacity move more people under the Council's transport but obviously the abiding importance is to do that in an efficient way and to do that in a way that
we are harnessing the Council's statutory duties because obviously there is legislation that protects clients and ensures that they have a right to travel it wouldn't compromise any of that but it would try and look at finding greater if
if we can reduce the high excess that we currently incurring and running those services as the report makes clear so the suggestion is there would be a procurement route through the Crown Commercial Services framework to our AGM 6 thousand and 8 and that a number of companies that are on that Framework Agreement would be invited to tender to take out this work as the Councillor said edge consultants did some preliminary work for Osana review and the figures they produced which are part of the report indicates there is potential to make significant savings over the course of that 3 year programme and to reduce the current deficit which is very high and has been said is largely due to the cost of private hire vehicles and trying to reduce that and to get that under control so the deficits deficit after the three periods much more manageable
the other thing I think is worth saying is that although there would be a fee paid to consultants over the three year programme after the three years the idea is those savings would be incurred and and benefited from entirely by the Council and that the announced team would benefit by the expertise and knowledge that would be imparted by the external support that we procured after the end of that 3 year so it's not only about bringing people in Brazil so growing the capacity and the ability of the Nasa team to to make those savings and continue on with those service improvements after the end of the programme and
Cllr Brenda Dacres - 1:05:29
Mr Damien Egan - 1:05:29
the end of the external consultancy support so it also be remit remiss
Cllr Brenda Dacres - 1:05:30
of me not to mention that erm this is also in conjunction with the later report that's on the agenda to do with fleet transport and and the purchase of making sure that we have vehicles which are low emission that we have vehicles that all there and and able to take all service now the service providers on on their their roots and their transport and that we also make sure that they have a choice in and that we have to take this opportunity to encourage those that wish to to move back way from private taxis and have the opportunity to be in our own vehicles and that's more sustainable for us as a Council us as far as Oscar trying to drive down sort of the
the emissions that we see in the motion by making sure that we have vehicles which are of fit for purpose and make sure that those that we serve have that choice in that we can be can meet their needs you Councillor
Mr Damien Egan - 1:06:37
Cllr Amanda De Ryk - 1:06:41
I just wanted to say thank you for for bringing the report forward I think I haven't we don't know all the detail of the of the review that was done by edge but I'm I I think it's to be welcome given that this has been such a large and persistent overspend and that we have not thus far managed to to get a grip on it sufficiently to stop it on our own so I think you know it's good too good to get the external help and you know I note that that that that there will be a kind of implementation that will kind of come to a steady state and hopefully there will be significant step savings what I would ask is that you come back to us very regularly and and so that we really do understand the progress of the of both the consultancy but also that the proposed savings because as as Councillor data says obviously there is a a large capital cost in addition to the procurement of this of this consultancy so I think that you know it's it's absolutely right that we that we track it and and that we don't just go from one year to the next and sort of with our fingers crossed and hope
Mr Damien Egan - 1:08:00
OK that's being noted can I ask all those in favour of the recommendations pleased
on an immense later
Mr Damien Egan - 1:08:09
Cllr Chris Barnham - 1:08:10
can I just I I just wanna say I very much support this one thing I just wanted to be clear and get on the record because I misunderstood it when I first saw this report is it refers to savings of 2 million over the lifetime of the last man of the programme my understanding is and I'd be grateful if if it's true you confirm it that the savings rise to 2 million in the third year so we're not paying 12 we're not paying 1 point 2 million to get 2 million savings were paying up to 1 point 2 million to get savings which will rise year by year and be 2 million in the third year we think yes I mean obviously it's subject to a tender exercise that yet

8 Addey and Stanhope Decision to change the age range

Mr Damien Egan - 1:08:49
OK no no we're going to go can ask all those in favour of the recommendations throws her hands that's agreed thank you very much OK item 8 Addey and Stanhope decision to change the age range Councillor Barnard
Cllr Chris Barnham - 1:09:03
thanks very much Sir so this report concerns the proposal of the governors of and Stanhope school which is voluntary aided so the they can make these proposals to change the age range and remove the school's sixth form in fact they suspended intake to the sixth form three years ago so in in reality it wouldn't be a huge change for the school the reason they did that is they were finding a effectively being quite a small secondary school anyway it was quite difficult to sustain a viable six-for with a broad enough curriculum and it was having an impact on the finances of the rest of the school they also does thought that they needed to enable the school's management and school staff to focus on other priorities particularly improving attainment at age 16 and the evidence I think suggest that that was the right call that is what they've done they've done very well over the last couple of years in improving attainment at 16 there's being consultation as required by law and there been no objections to the proposal and in my view it's relatively straightforward for us to agree this proposal and also no impact that we can discern on post 16 provision there are other strong providers in the area
I don't think
Mr Damien Egan - 1:10:22

9 Fleet Vehicle Replacement Programme

Public Speaker - 1:10:26
Mr Damien Egan - 1:10:26
can I ask all those in favour of the recommendations to raise our hands that's great thank you OK I term item 9 again Councillor Dakers me very busy I'm is the fleet vehicle replacement programme
Cllr Brenda Dacres - 1:10:42
thank you there
sometimes things are worth waiting for them to get here isn't it so I'm I welcome I'm so put forward this reports for approval tonight which will ensure that Lucian's fleet will be fully compliant with the introduction of the ultra-low emission zone next year these vehicles will be cleaner than the current vehicles and all Euro VI compliance this is an important first step in transition in Lucian's fleet into eventually 0 emission vehicles the use of electric vehicles were considered but at the current time were not suitable for the needs of the Council especially for the heavier refuse vehicles although last week at the conference I did see that they're looking at quite Jon sober who knows what the future holds here but for the present we need to sort of procure new fleets to make sure that we have complied vehicles for the la ultra-low emission zone make sure that we are at the moment we've got some that were hiring their expensive so to make sure that we have compliant vehicles would be great and making sure that we have a cleaner fleet while making significant savings on fleet costs I hand over to know and Nigel to had further comments should they wish to
Public Speaker - 1:12:11
yes this report basically bring will bring the fully up to date and as Councillor as set will comply with the no ultra-low emissions zone requirements which at this moment will be Euro VI emissions the the fleet that is going to be replaced would have to have been replaced in any case even though we've now had a deadline of the 20 years of October next year when the HGV MP as the limits come in for the early Z followed by the light vehicles a year later we have put in the new service plan that we intend to investigate the electrification of the fleet there have been some recent quite excited in the last 12 18 months excite developments on the heavy vehicle side was exciting to a transport engineer I'm where it is now possible and it's becoming more possible there are now three in existence to actually use fully electric powered refuse collection vehicles there's been a number of major hurdles or had to be overcome in order to this I believe that the City of London just recently let their Waste contract and the incoming contractor over the life of the contract as pledged to actually let find their whole fleet which will be with the products that have been around at the moment
Cllr Chris Best - 1:13:53
it was just confirmation that on the passenger services obviously subject to the previous report on carrying out the review and I'm guessing that you'll be reporting back to a self that the review of when that's taken place say a year on to allow you time to procure to get the organisation in and then to report back so those 10 extra vehicles wouldn't be ordered until we've had a report back on that previous report
that is correct
Public Speaker - 1:14:21
Mr Damien Egan - 1:14:25
all those in favour of the recommendations please raise our homes that's agreed thank you for making OK item so we've got free items now which are responses to I'm too

10 Response to Strategic Planning Committee - Affordable Housing

committee so the first one is responsive to Strategic Planning Committee on affordable housing housing I'm so that is on so Page 2 0 92 14 signed by Councillor Bowden of something ought to add just to
Public Speaker - 1:14:51
Cllr Paul Bell - 1:14:52
say that America but previously agreed the recommendations are set out in section 1 point 1 of the report so it's all contained in that report and what Mayor and Cabinet asked to agree tonight is to note the progress made thus far and the use of one of reserves and provisions to fund the continuation of the work so crucially the Council pairing document which should take for most Supplementary Planning document setting out the Councils interim position and provision of generally affordable housing in lower case ahead of new local plan Fry finally this process resolve that generally affordable housing and Lucian context is regarded by the council or social rented housing rent levels between local target rents and London affordable rents

11 Response to Overview and Scrutiny BP - safeguaridng partnership

Public Speaker - 1:15:32
Mr Damien Egan - 1:15:34
nothing to add to become class all those in favor so it's greed and reported to the Strategic Planning Committee so that agreed thank you item 11 response to overview and scrutiny thanks Mr. business pound Safeguarding Partnership Councillor Bonham thanks very much very
Public Speaker - 1:15:50
Cllr Chris Barnham - 1:15:53
briefly we agreed in March the new arrangements for a Safeguarding Partnership locally between local authority health service and the police and the business Panel wanted I think two things they wanted greater detail and clarity on the new arrangements for the overview of child deaths because they now have to be on a wider than single local authority basis and we have a we have arrangements with Bexley in Greenwich those are in the paper and they also wanted to see the detail of the specification for the new independent scrutiny role when moving from an independent Chair of safeguarding to an independent scrutineer and the CYP Committee had been given that detail

12 Response to Safer Stronger Communities Select Committee - Stop and Search/Prevent

Mr Damien Egan - 1:16:35
Moscow doesn't favourite recommendations raise their hands claim that's agreed OK Item 12 response to Safer stronger Communities Select Committee Stop and search prevents I'm got Gary you I've got my notes that you're can increase for Joni yeah thank you Mayor or in a
Public Speaker - 1:16:54
Cllr Kevin Bonavia - 1:16:55
Councillor its absence there I just want to fully put this report for Cabinet it sets out you services response the SRA safest rural communities Celek community so that Committee's excellent review into the impact of stop and search and also the prevents programme Lewisham I'd like to thank again the hard work of the Committee in undertaking such an in-depth review for the important issues they have raised Gary's here for any questions people may have otherwise I would ask Mayor and Cabinet to pass response onto the Committee
Public Speaker - 1:17:26
I thank you just just etc. we we weeks after recommendations we welcome the recommendations and we've set out the responses here for
Mr Damien Egan - 1:17:35
Committee Services School those in favourite recommendations Rosso hand greed and thank you

13 Local Authority Governor nomination

ITEM 13 local authority governor nomination Councillor Bonham I would
Public Speaker - 1:17:48
Cllr Chris Barnham - 1:17:48
say this is very straightforward although colleagues will know that it's a governor nomination to Our Lady and Philip Neri school having said that I have probed her and the individual responsible is apparently done a very good job in terms of the finances of the school I'm and a as a de civil servant knows the education system very well and the governors would very much like him to continue and be nominated by us
Public Speaker - 1:18:15
Mr Damien Egan - 1:18:15
I ask all those in favour of the recommendation to raise their hands thank you item 15 is being withdrawn will becomes for future man cabinet meeting item 14 is the financial forecasts 20 19 20 Councillor Ryk
Public Speaker - 1:18:29
Cllr Amanda De Ryk - 1:18:30
I am glad you laughing I'm

14 Financial Forecasts 2019-20

this is a part of a suite of documents that we that we produced during the year in order to track the way that a individual directorates budgets are performing to the to the budget as agreed and so just a few bullet points on this first forecast of the year that there is a forecasted overspend of 4 point 6 million against the Directorate's net general fund revenue budget and at the same time last year there was an overspend of about forecast for about 14 point 8 million the report provides more clarity of budget pressures including as we heard earlier the particular pressure in transport experience particularly by CYP
and and it also sets out some of the management action or other interventions that budget holders are being are taking to alleviate the pressures there's information around activity
which seeks to to highlight how the changes between activity and
and budget forecasts sort of interact a tracker on the progress of the savings that we agreed last year is included an I'm pleased to say that with with a few notable exceptions actually that they do look as if the at this point in the year bay they do seem to be on track and some some already have been delivered
the main budget pressures as as I think probably none of us is surprised our in see where P and customer Services and the CYP overspend relates largely to the SEN transport pressure that we that we already know about and that's about 1 point 9 million the main pressures in customer services relate to Environment other significant significant pressure being in refuse collection with an overspend forecast of 1 point 5 million but some of that also relates to as we heard earlier the hiring of vehicles refuse trucks which I think is about
half a million isn't it the pressure the capital spend at the 31st of May is 30 point 7 million which is 16 percent of the 20 19 20 budget the anyway when you know that moves doesn't it and it hasn't hasn't been all spent yet which is good news and the schools Grant is expected to balance at the end of the year so not masses of news but action is being taken on the pressures and obviously we hope that they're gripped by the end of the year so when whose clearly better across the detail than I am is hit answer any questions
Cllr Paul Bell - 1:22:08
it would be remiss of me not so thing about the HRA Housing Revenue account as let's pay tribute to our housing officers for the work they have done an also Lewisham homes for projecting a balanced budget on the HMO which is no mean feat given are priorities for housing in this administration so I just want to note and thank the officers for their hard work in relation to the HRA and also to Councillor Dirac
Mr Damien Egan - 1:22:34
thank you very much and thank you so in and I'm Councillor Dirac class-C all those in favour of recommendations raise their hand that's agreed thank you