Mayor and Cabinet - Wednesday, 18th September 2019 at 6:30pm - Lewisham Council Webcasting

Mayor and Cabinet
Wednesday, 18th September 2019 at 6:30pm 









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  1. Mr Damien Egan
  2. Cllr Paul Bell
1 Declaration of Interests
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  1. Mr Damien Egan
2 Minutes
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3 Outstanding Scrutiny Matters
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4 Achilles Street Landlord Offer for an Estate Regeneration Ballot part 1
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  1. Cllr Paul Bell
  2. Public Speaker
  3. Mr Damien Egan
  4. Public Speaker
  5. Mr Damien Egan
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  7. Mr Damien Egan
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  9. Mr Damien Egan
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  11. Cllr Paul Bell
  12. Cllr Chris Barnham
  13. Cllr Joe Dromey
  14. Public Speaker
  15. Mr Damien Egan
  16. Public Speaker
  17. Mr Damien Egan
  18. Mr Damien Egan
5 Article 4 Direction for Lewisham's southern wards of Bellingham, Downham, Whitefoot and Grove Park to withdraw permitted development rights
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  1. Public Speaker
  2. Mr Damien Egan
  3. Cllr Jonathan Slater
  4. Cllr Amanda De Ryk
  5. Cllr Jonathan Slater
  6. Mr Damien Egan
6 Anti Idling Enforcement Traffic Management Order
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  1. Cllr Joani Reid
  2. Mr Damien Egan
7 CRPL Appointment of Non-Exec Director
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  1. Public Speaker
  2. Mr Damien Egan
8 Additions to Lewisham's Local List
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  1. Public Speaker
  2. Mr Damien Egan
  3. Public Speaker
  4. Mr Damien Egan
  5. Cllr Chris Best
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9 Alteration of SEN provision at Deptford Green School
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  1. Cllr Chris Barnham
  2. Mr Damien Egan
  3. Cllr Chris Barnham
  4. Mr Damien Egan
  5. Cllr Brenda Dacres
  6. Mr Damien Egan
10 Response to OSC questions to the Mayor
11 Response to CYP Select Referral on EH savings proposals
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  1. Cllr Chris Barnham
  2. Mr Damien Egan
12 Response to Public Accounts Select Committee Income Generation
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  1. Cllr Amanda De Ryk
  2. Mr Damien Egan
  3. Cllr Chris Best
13 Response to Healthier Communities Select Committee BAME Mental Health
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  1. Mr Damien Egan
14 Downham Enterprise Centre part 1
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  1. Cllr Paul Bell
  2. Mayor Damien Egan
  3. Cllr Jonathan Slater
  4. Mayor Damien Egan
15 Exclusion of Press and Public
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[Mr Damien Egan - 0:00:00]
the evening's meeting of mayor and cabinet so need to advise everyone that this is the first Marin Cabinet meeting that we've had where we will be we've got a live webcasts we've had some trial webcasts if you remember those of you who were here in the trial there were a few hiccups at the microphones but we hope we hope everything will will
we run smoothly today so we've got the live webcam now there's a summary of the Scots say on here says that the Council cannot guarantee that anyone present at this meeting will not be filmed or recorded additionally any member of the public is also welcome to record any part of the Open meeting
cameras should only focus on councillors council officers and those members of the public who are participating in the conduct of the meeting and I must avoid other areas of the room I think particularly if people aren't contributing it's more about not filming people are just here to watch the meeting just filming knows who are who are speaking involved
we've got apologies from Councillor Sophie McKeever and as we did at the beginning of all the Mayor and Cabinet meetings I must remind everyone that only Cabinet members or job-share cabinet members holding July to December remits are entitled to vote and job-share Cabinet Members holding January to June remits may be present and can contribute to debates but will not vote and that these non-voting members have read nameplates so that covers everything for the beginning item 1 is the Declaration of interests and kiosk if any Cabinet Member or job share Cabinet Member has a declaration of interest to make Councillor Bale
[Cllr Paul Bell - 0:01:46]
thank you ma Item 20 the Persian to tender if services I have an interest in that my professional life contradicts this particular report so I will withdraw from that item on the agenda

1 Declaration of Interests

2 Minutes

[Mr Damien Egan - 0:02:00]
anything else okay item 2 so item to a move that the minutes of the Mayor and Cabinet meeting which took place on the 10th of July 20 19 be agreed as a correct record is that seconded all agreed

3 Outstanding Scrutiny Matters

thank you item free outstanding scrutiny matters that item freeze for information of the Cabinet can we agree to note this
thank you now item for

4 Achilles Street Landlord Offer for an Estate Regeneration Ballot part 1

Item 4 can I invite Councillor Paul Bell to introduce this as the Achille Street landlord offer for an Estate Regeneration ballot part 1
[Cllr Paul Bell - 0:02:39]
thank you my firstly I would like to thank the residents of Achilles Street for engaging with the process over quite an extensive period of time their input has shaped these proposals thus far and I thank them secondly I would also like to commend the work of our officers and Lewisham homes the immense detail that has gone into this report or these reports and my personal thanks to Osama who's been and team has been leading on this thirdly let me be clear this is a Council scheme that will generate new council homes is about offering hope to people who have no home hoped people who are in poor housing conditions and it's about promoting a value in the Council support for council housing 100 years on from the Addison Act homes fit for heroes was the name by which nationally this country accepted responsibility for housing and local authorities were given the task of developing new housing for working people I am proud Lewisham is building large numbers of Council homes and if residents vote for these proposals then we will be furthering on the Addison Act in after 100 years More importantly also means that between 100 and 150 families that are currently homeless in Lewisham and our Housing Register will have new high quality secure council homes for social rent in addition to the 49 council homes already on the estate council home building is vital when there are nearly 10 thousand households in housing need on the Council's register we have nearly 2 thousand 200 families sleeping into temporary accommodation and between 600 and 700 in nightly paid that figure changes each night because the housing crisis this is a human tragedy and everyone deserves a safe and secure home we are living in this housing crisis homelessness is all around us one of my first piece of case where it when I was elected as a Councillor was to help someone who lived off Queens Road in a garden shed and he'd lived there for 15 years
government policy of right to buy has also taken away housing stock
without that stop being replaced and 271 thousand 438 council homes have been lost to Right to Buy in London alone so we need to build more housing therefore in December 2 thousand 18 Mayor and Cabinet asked officers to work with the residents and a kiddie Street estate to create a landlord offer that provides all of the current Council tenants and residents leaseholders rebrand new homes and sets out how the number of Council owned homes for social rent in industry can be significantly increased the report is based and extensive engagement with residents on the Achilles Street Estate to create an offer that works for people who live there all Council tenants will receive a brand new Council homes on the estate and their rent will not change or resident lease holders will receive a new home for no additional cost on the rebuilt stettner state while also offering new Council homes and I am particularly proud of this new council homes to families who are on the estate in temporary accommodation to keep the community together the Achilles Street landlord offer set out in this report this evening provides a fantastic opportunity for current residents and means that they can make a clear choice because up to them as to whether they want the regeneration of the estate to go ahead or not ultimately the decision rests with residents they have a chance to design a new neighbourhood that will foster a greater sense of community and deliver the type of homes that they indeed once see themselves we help they make the most of this opportunity contained in the offer when the ballot launches in a few weeks' time finally we have considered infill but it cannot generate the number of homes that we need to try and alleviate the housing crisis officers say that we can only generate 22 new homes from infill this is nowhere near enough to help people who do not have a home or in poor housing conditions so I draw Mary Cabinet's attention to the recommendations section 3 of the report and I also ask James and Osama if they would like to add anything to this part one paper and the appendices thank you
[ Public Speaker - 0:06:53]
the one thing I'd like to add as I was down on the estate today our weekly resident engagement and some of the residents I spoke to today are living in overcrowded conditions and this is a fantastic opportunity to provide them in new homes are the right size for their families on the estate and happy to answer any questions
[Mr Damien Egan - 0:07:10]
thank you very much Osama thank you James to what I will do is will take
we've got a speaker which I will take first so if I could invite Martyn Williams to come and then afterwards sullen James stay close by because we may have some questions so Martin we've got up to five minutes just start when you're ready and press the button in front of the microphone
[ Public Speaker - 0:07:37]
i'd confirming the okay well
whilst I sort of like I'm actually agree with polls are idea that Lewisham needs are sort of council housing at the moment I think the objection I have to basically the proposal and the sort of its congruent offer is essentially this is going to do nothing to improve council housing or add to the net stock of Council housing in the borough I think the sort of a key point I want to make here actually about the proposals and about the offer really is that sort of like council housing if you want to define it properly in other words homes basically saw of erm owned by the Council managed by the Council and offered at Council rent in the lowest form of a Affordable Rent
only gonna be replaced according to this proposal in other words it's only long term council tenants living on the estate 49 according to sort the figures in the report they are actually going to be on the lowest and most affordable level of social Rent the others are going to be sort of on London affordable rent which I think as the Guardian recently have called it is basically saltlike fake social housing and it's actually pointed the finger at that Lewisham borough as being a protagonist at this London affordable rent is essentially sort of 75 or while sorry 70 to 45 per cent higher than Council rents and if you want to solve take an average of a two bedroom flat is 60 percent higher so essentially you can have a bizarre situation if this proposal goes ahead where you can have neighbours probably possibly living next door to each other and one of them is going to be paying up to 200 quid a month more than other one so I would argue that this is sort of like a wrong and unjust and it will do nothing to improve council stock the other thing that's been skimmed over in a recent poll is actually the real beneficiaries of this is going to be sort of like basically the private sector 50 percent of the homes are going to be for private sale and or rent so the key beneficiaries in other words most of the homes are going to go to soar like people hope
are well off enough already if you don't mind or they're gonna go to global Management Asset funds for somewhere to park their money so only 10 per cent 10 per cent of these homes on this proposal are going to be sort of like earmarked essentially further most affordable social rent in other words the least expensive rent 50 per cent of these homes on this proposal are going to be the most expensive type of housing so in no way does this improve the sort of council stock in area and I start getting onto the offer itself arms if you just cut me off when I've reached five minutes getting onto the offer itself would like to say is that it's essentially sort of lacks totally lacking in detail and the idea that sort residents are going to be asked some late what is an exceptionally serious decision with lasting consequences for themselves for other people living in the area whose homes and livelihoods are kinda contingent on that decision and for the local community more generally the idea that they're going to make a decision based on this lack of detailed information I find well disgraceful actually to be in fact to be totally honest with you
essentially what this offer as it stands is just a set of vague aspirations and empty promises right bats all there is it's a lot of F's but some maybes we would try to do this we will try to do that critical information about what the development or redevelopment is going to like isn't even there the boundaries of recently been redrawn redrawn this 25 percent less land to build on and there's been no desire presented the actually reflect what are quite significant changes significant changes to what is going to be the look at area and significant changes
to the density of the area
there is no information no detailed information about the social impact you know what you're going to do is more than quadruple the number of homes there what about the impact on local schools the impact on you know how services GPs and saw a local amenity small generally there's nothing in there about the environmental impact sort of essentially the pernicious process of demolition the extra sort of like congestion and sort of like essentially what eight years of living on a building site for the resonance so
there is so no detail about this and I think that's the sort of crucial thing
the point is well I think the other point I want to raise although its alluded to at the beginning report is there haven't been five clear days for this sort of be given proper public scrutiny I think i'm and
[Mr Damien Egan - 0:12:40]
I know that there is a mechanism of the Local government Act which you
[ Public Speaker - 0:12:44]
to wrap up OK there's a mechanisms so I would urge you to sort of like it's an important decision with serious consequences
and that means residents need to be given detailed comprehensive
[Mr Damien Egan - 0:13:02]
information in order to make an informed choice that doesn't exist thank you might impact
[ Public Speaker - 0:13:06]
[Mr Damien Egan - 0:13:15]
OK if I can ask Osama and
James to
come back up councillor
[ Public Speaker - 0:13:20]
[Cllr Paul Bell - 0:13:21]
thank you ma am there's a number of things that are inaccurate in that their statements and I appreciate this is a
a difficult time for people who don't want the scheme to go ahead but that the private sector to say the private sector is a beneficiary of that is just not true this every housing development needs to be funded we do not have a magic money tree in this borough we have to get money and we have to look every scheme and it has to wash its face in effect so this is what we're doing so sometimes we have to sell properties in order to fund the social housing but I really want to pick up on the rents because
I have said many times it is just not true you can't compare rent levels that were set from 60 s and 70 s property to new build properties and I have some statistics for you here so first of all new build rents are different in terms of the way the foreigner is set that we have to we have to set the homes and and Lewisham believes that generally affordable is anywhere between forming a our target rents to London affordable rents that is what we classify as social housing so on statistics if we take a 2 bedroom property
which on a new build as you say target traditional council rents would be 149 pounds 74 p a week that's it was setting a new build tendency at target rents the London affordable rate for two bedroom is 164 pounds 24 yes it is more expensive but it's more expensive because it doesn't benefit from the 1 percent for four years reduction in Council rents that the government imposed on local authorities thereby taking money out of our H array which we could use to deliver more houses and also improve estates around Lewisham if you compare that two bedroom property price to the private rented sector you're looking anywhere between 200 and 31 pounds a week to
340 pounds a week so you compare the London affordable rent which is a social housing model type of rent to the private sector and you see the difference but we're talking 9 point 6 8 percent difference between a new build rent at target rates and a London affordable rent level I would love to be able to set rents in the night in the 60 s and 70 s property values but were not allowed to do it so this is the difference it is not 60 percent is not 70 percent more this is the reality of what we are facing and we all hope that we'll get a government one day that values council housing and we will deliver more housing and in terms of building on this legacy so the private rent in the private sector is not a beneficiary of this and it is the only reason for doing it is to improve the numbers and availability of social housing for people that do not have a home so and the environmental aspects yes there's going to be some effect on the environment any building work is going to do that but
the Council will ensure this impact is minimalised but planning will conditions a lot of this so planning more condition or demolition Plan Planning will condition the environmental impact planning will look at GP surgeries and transport and all other aspects of when you bring more people into into the local area but ultimately from a
Council perspective for someone that was homeless and was only saved from being on the streets because there was a council flat there this is something that we should all be supporting but I take I completely understand that some people don't want seem to go ahead it is quite traumatic but ultimately were only doing this to build more social and council homes
[Cllr Chris Barnham - 0:17:18]
thank you very much and I'd also like to add my thanks to your team in particularly to you Osama
it's been a very long process and I think it's been a one which officers have done
very very well on and worked really really hard to to involve residents and get their views and I saw this myself at the one of the recent drop in sessions and I was really impressed by her approach and your work throughout so thank you very much
I wanted to ask about the guarantees to residents and the information that is being provided to residents
so in terms of the guarantees
Martin's previously claimed in a public meeting that existing residents would be supported
so I don't think I don't think it's I don't think it's funny I've got to say I'm so it would be good to hear a bit more about the specific guarantees for existing Council tenants and leaseholders that we've provided to them exactly which guarantees we we've provided to them
[Cllr Joe Dromey - 0:18:19]
and then also I'd like to hear just a bit more on what you've done I mentioned the drop-in sessions but I would like to know a bit more about what you've done to provide information to residents so that they can make this informed decision because the end of the day is not us making this decision it's up to the residents of the estate as to whether it goes ahead
well first on the offer to the different residents
[ Public Speaker - 0:18:40]
all council tenants will be provided with a new council home on the RIBA stage
with one move only so they moved from their old properties their new property
we cover all moving costs for residents and provide them with statutory homeless compensation from when they move
their rents are set as if they as if the redevelopment had not happened said I'll pay the same rent in their new flat that they pay a nominal flat
for resident leaseholders
we were offering them the market value of their current home plus 10 percent of that value on top as compensation where covering all the moving costs the any valuation any legal fees as part of the move in process were asking them to reinvest the market value of their home into a new property on the estate the Council will hold any additional equity with no no rent no cost payable by the leaseholder so they'll get new property for having to invest no additional money I'm with temporary accommodation residents again every one in 10 accommodation that will be offered a new council home on the estate with the intention that the principle is that everyone that is there now will be able to get a new property would be offered a new home on the estate in terms of engaging with residents so since Mayor cabinet asked us to prepare this land offer in December we've done very extensive engagement on the estate we'd been booking one-on-one meetings with every resident
in some cases we've done that quite a few times gone to talk to him about the what they will be offered in detail what their concerns are discussed the ballot process with them
that's kind of been a rolling programme of visits and door-knocking there were officers out on the estate tonight doing door-knocking to pick up on issues have been raised by residents since the beginning of June every Wednesday we've been on the estate from 2 to 8 opening up a community room on the estate who can come in and ask any questions
we have like some people can pop in for drinks there's cake and biscuits so it's just trying to make a friendly environment we can talk to people that when people ask questions we write them off on the boards and answer them so everyone can see the questions people are thinking about and the answers to those questions
the intention is to make this information available there and is to try to make it really informal as friendly as possible and to slip a compost bin and ask any questions have their concerns addressed and get the correct information immediately in addition to that then there's been lots of letters and lots of leaflets just to keep people as up-to-date as possible of all of information
could I ask how many
[Mr Damien Egan - 0:21:24]
sorry but is now I'm supposed this is a meeting held in public but it isn't a public meetings we've got the
time that has been allocated but where the stage now for for members to ask questions can I thank you are there any more questions from Members
[ Public Speaker - 0:21:41]
I just make one one point on the carpet by Martin earlier just around the amount of information that currently sits within the offer document it's worth noting this is very much the start of the process I know we've been doing this for for a couple of years but in terms of where we are through the development process is very much at the beginning
the ballot is not a referendum on whether or not the development is going to go ahead it still has to go through a planning process and we want the design to evolve with the residents as a truly collaborative process that will be involved in the selection of the architect's they'll be invited to specific meetings in terms of what the architects throughout the process to challenge the question to advise and to help us get a scheme that the residents genuinely want
they will be a planning application at the end of that which will come to Planning Committee and there will be a formal planning process all the ballot is doing at this point is asking residents whether or not now is the right time to regenerate the Achilles estate
[Mr Damien Egan - 0:22:44]
thank you thank you very much
well thank you both for bringing this report thank you also to Councillor Bell because a lot of work has gone into it and we we pledged in the election last May there on new developments that we would include
where appropriate the pledge to introduce ballots so this is the first I'm example during this administration where we will be
going on the ballots I'm pleased to hear that every tenants on the estate will stay on the estate in a new home that every lease holder has that offer as well and also the offer to those living in temporary accommodation
and also with social rents more social homes at a time when you not spoken so many times before about our increasing issues around homelessness we've got 10 thousand families on the housing waiting list 600 plus now families who tonight are an emergency accommodation emergency hostels and bed and breakfast so I know probably everybody in the room knows how acute the issue is in Lewisham and across London to have more homes at social rents with lifetime tenancies as well giving more families that security but
when it comes down to a local residents who will decide if we move forward with this scheme so I appreciate all the work that you're doing with residents giving them all the information that they need to make that decision
and then we will wait to hear what residents have to say because it is quite right as per the manifesto that is their decision can ask all those in favourite recommendations as set out in this report please raise their hand
that's a great thank you very much

5 Article 4 Direction for Lewisham's southern wards of Bellingham, Downham, Whitefoot and Grove Park to withdraw permitted development rights

[Mr Damien Egan - 0:24:29]
can moving us on to Item 5 and in item 5 this report seeks to introduce measures that will prevent residential homes in the south of Lewisham from being converted into
multiple micro unit so you'll remember that we had this can we start the consultation earlier in the year it covers and Whitefoot Grove Park Bellingham and Downham wards where we know that there have been unscrupulous landlords buying up houses
and then converting them into 5 6
one bedroom studio flats and they do this so that they can charge the maximum level of local housing allowance they can get the 8 90 a month per per room and sell them as flat so so we said that we would take action we went out for consultation and I am pleased to bring forward this report's
residents have responded very positively to the controls that we want to place on these landlords and I am pleased to say that should we agree to this report the see evening that the direction will take effect from the 7th of March next year is the quickest time because of the government's all-out you have to allow for one year of consultation otherwise you have to give compensation to the to the landlords themselves I visited a couple of the HMOs
before the summer one that was was a licensed one that was being run very well another which is the most squalid accommodation I've literally ever seen in my life and it's beyond anything I'd ever imagined that anybody could live in its absolute devastation that people living in these conditions in the borough of Lewisham
I would
ask my colleagues to take note of recommendations and we've also got Simon on hand if there's any other question sign Minister anything you want to add from my introduction
[ Public Speaker - 0:26:28]
I think that basically covers it
but I just add that this the article 4 directions not to stop HMOs in the Borough but it's to work with licensing and across the Council departments to raise the quality of accommodation in the borough
in line with the sort of wider aims for this Council
any questions
[Mr Damien Egan - 0:26:46]
K cancer Slater
[Cllr Jonathan Slater - 0:26:51]
I just want to say that I'm not when the last time this report came here I said this can't come soon enough Tilly Whitefoot we've seen her a large number of of houses being bought up by syndicate in north London that as you say Mayor has has I'm whether been using the
the local housing allowance to get people move dead without any kind of consultation with the local community
unfortunately we have seen a bit of a rush to convert HMOs before it does come in on the 7th March but I'm happy to say that Finance Committee housing made a very generous offer of buying up 5 family homes in the the White for area so for those that don't want they want to sell their homes quickly it doesn't fall into the hands of unscrupulous HMO developer but overall it really should act as a
[Cllr Amanda De Ryk - 0:27:37]
Council we do have some levers to stop this and as you say it's not to stop HMOs but it's just to ensure that were driving up housing quality
[Cllr Jonathan Slater - 0:27:44]
for everyone which is good for our local community is good for our residents but most of all it's good for our private sector tenants who are also a valuable part of our community as well
[Mr Damien Egan - 0:27:59]
any other questions Simon can you pass on our thanks to to yourself and to your team and Nick long as well because I note as the number of people have been involved in putting together the evidence for this
and and its and its and it's paid off so thank you very much can ask all those in favour of the recommendations please raise their hands that's agreed thank you very much
I turn Number 6 anti idling enforcement traffic Management order Councillor Reid

6 Anti Idling Enforcement Traffic Management Order

yes thank you Lord Mayor R Air Quality action Plan 2 thousand 16 to 2 thousand 21 was approved by meeting Cabinet in December 2 thousand 16 and made a commitment to discouraging unnecessary aided by vehicles NEAP particularly near skills and this of course has a devastating impact on people's health particularly them vulnerable people and children but the delivery of this an action plan has been primarily up to now through anti ailing action events and campaigning it's a completely unnecessary activity which does not benefit the driver and the Council has made significant steps recently in prioritising equality by introducing strategies measures action action plans around road traffic related air pollution to manage them and reduce its effects on health the delegated powers for enforcement of ailing vehicles and by civil Enforcement officers will further strengthen the
[Cllr Joani Reid - 0:29:28]
Council's commitment to tackling air pollution should we approve this report this evening we will authorise civil Enforcement officers to issue penalty charge notices for 18 vehicles while on patrol that will really ever anti Aisling policy teeth and I think it will make a real difference to our equality particularly around skills to the benefit of our children
i'm chrysanthemums answered
[Mr Damien Egan - 0:29:52]
any questions

7 CRPL Appointment of Non-Exec Director

minus is very welcome and it your teams have been outlined some Councillors have been out doing their own kind of enforcement and and kind of talking to people very nicely to not too I'd on and that they have had a lot of success from that but guess the concern is that when the volunteers go away what happened so this is exactly what we need to do to help reduce the issues around toxic air and our schools can ask all those in favourite recommendations please to raise their hand that's agreed thank you very much Item 7 this is CR PL appointment of a Non Exec Director so in this report we propose appointing a new non-executive Director of the Catford Regeneration Partnership Ltd
now the Catford Regeneration Partnership Ltd is a wholly owned
organisation which is wholly owned by the Council as a holding company responsible for collecting rents from shops and from businesses in Catford Town Centre is not responsible for the managing or regeneration of Catford earlier this year Maren Cabinet agreed to increase the number of Directors from 2 to 3 and include a non-executive Councillor am so I've asked Councillor Stan morosky of Catford south to be to Councillor Director any questions on that reports
anything you'd like to add plum nothing to hide happy to take questions
[ Public Speaker - 0:31:20]
can I ask all those in favour of the recommendations raised their hand
that's agreed thank you very much
[Mr Damien Egan - 0:31:35]
okay item 8 and this is additions to Lewisham's local list so we keep a list of buildings of
significance on a local list and in this report were proposing 69 additions includes buildings that are considered to be of of special interest that we want to protect in the borough
the fool
for local list Review was in 20 14 Is this the first editions we've made since that time in 2 thousand 14 I can remember

8 Additions to Lewisham's Local List

brilliance was the first major review since 2 thousand 14 it includes lots of different properties at ask you to to have a look through us particularly pleased to see got Grove Park Youth Club
in the the volunteers down there have been doing a huge amount to to bring that building back to life also to Fellowship in newly renovated pub and cinema music space is also on the list and many more
attached to have anything that you'd like to add to the presentation
[ Public Speaker - 0:32:48]
I just wanted to add that
this is a first stage of the review of the Local List so as I said in their report that I'm essentially this these nominations have all been assessed against the adopted criteria and that they I'm I clearing a kind of large list of existing nominations to the Council that have been identified by Councillors and residents and officers and through the development management process and that at a later date we'd like to eventually go out to everyone and and seek additions to the Local less but this at the moment is just to kind of cover over the rest
[Mr Damien Egan - 0:33:26]
and which led to say something briefly about how buildings have been identified since then there's been some like nominations have been made in representations from the public to put the list together as as well as work from your team
[ Public Speaker - 0:33:39]
yes I'm so we've had a number of nominations pretty much since the last major adoption in 2 thousand 14 I'm a lot have come from local amenity groups early form have provided quite an extensive number of nominations as well as I'm the Deptford folk a the Sydenham society and I believe the Brockley Society and the other thing is to say that none of the nominations are in Conservation areas because I'm we've prioritised buildings which are not in conservation areas which don't have any form of identification or protection I'm
and so yeah we're and we've we've kind of is assessed against criteria which is that they are either of historic interest of a certain age or rarity of architectural interest and within the historic context we've kind of also wrapped in social interests so can encompass quite a lot of
historic interests
[Mr Damien Egan - 0:34:36]
thank you very much I came in for open to questions Councillor best
[Cllr Chris Best - 0:34:40]
yet thank you very much Natasha I think it's great to see so many added and particularly welcome the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Church is as you so I think that also has social interest in recognising the work of for Dietrich Bonhoeffer
just one small point is I wonder if you could put postcodes in so that term for some references like Sydenham cottages that aren't in Sydenham it wouldn't just be misleading thank you very much but an
particularly thank you because I know it takes an awful lot of energy to pull this together
[Mr Damien Egan - 0:35:13]
thank you very much on behalf of all can I ask all those in favour of the recommendations please raise their hand
that's agreed thank you very much

9 Alteration of SEN provision at Deptford Green School

item 9 I now invite Councillor Barnard to introduce item amateurs alterations to SEN provision at Deptford Green school cast Bonham
[Cllr Chris Barnham - 0:35:35]
thanks very much for the local authority has a responsibility to keep school places constantly under review and to make sure that the supply of places matches the need and that's particularly important in the area of special educational Needs where demand has shifted quite significantly in recent times Deptford Green school currently has a resource base so it's a mainstream school but it has a resource base dedicated to special educational needs and it has up to 14 students whose primary need is dyslexia although in practice most students however a dual diagnosis we've experienced in the borough and and other areas have as well growing demand for specialist support for students with autism spectrum disorder and the proposal is to change to provide that resource base caters for a primary diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and overtime expands to a greater capacity of 20 students as well as meeting the growing need for this a special need the proposed change also increases capacity in the north of the borough the North West of the Borough as particularly been identified as an area of high incidence of ASD and this provision should help to help meet that need there's been a statutory consultation which took place during June and July and attracted no objections accordingly I recommend that Mayor and Cabinet agree the recommendations of the paper
thank you any questions
[Mr Damien Egan - 0:37:03]
and matters here to answer any
[Cllr Chris Barnham - 0:37:05]
[Mr Damien Egan - 0:37:07]
k any other questions Councillors acres
[Cllr Brenda Dacres - 0:37:14]
of course it's just that I welcome this expansion not only to the numbers but also the inclusion of children on the autistic spectrum I'm from my personal experience I have seen that when young people get the support that they need in a mainstream school or they can do well they can you know they can have an extensive education they can go and with its university or apprenticeships but they can't of reach the stars and it's because they have that support in Scotland are not segregated into a special school that there mixing with other young people and in terms of absolutely welcome this and would love to see more so hopefully we can get some support and financial resources from the government
[Mr Damien Egan - 0:37:58]
excellent all echo that I'm sure I'm classical those in favour of the recommendations please raise your hand
that is agreed thank you Mayor

10 Response to OSC questions to the Mayor

item 10 so this is a response to the overview and scrutiny committee when we had the Mayor's question Time says can propose that we agree these responses and report them to the overview and scrutiny committee is that seconded
all agreed
thank you thank you James
Item 11 is the response to CYP select referral

11 Response to CYP Select Referral on EH savings proposals

On the cuts proposals
Council Bonham anything you'd like to add and
[Cllr Chris Barnham - 0:38:42]
yet just to remind colleagues that and during consideration of budget cuts last year we considered a an 800 thousand pounds cut to early Help budgets and that's the budget that covers children's centres youth services family and parenting support and we agreed not to take that car pending a comprehensive review of those services and that early Help Review is still progressing still not finalised and the children and Young People's Select Committee has been keeping in touch with the review and they took the view in June that that cuts should not be taken as the draft response notes the budget cut proposals which we could starting to consider now for the next year don't include the formerly proposed 800 thousand although there are proposals later on our agenda today
on youth services which do envisage some reduction in the budget from the current level for youth services and with funding to continue to be raised from alternative sources so I recommend we agree this response to children and young people

12 Response to Public Accounts Select Committee Income Generation

[Mr Damien Egan - 0:39:38]
OK so I'm can all those in favour of recommendations please raise a hand grip caveats agreed thank you Item 12 response to public accounts Select Committee and income generation Councillor Dirac
[Cllr Amanda De Ryk - 0:39:52]
thank you I'm this is a
are basically a recommendation following an officer presentation and a report from AP see I'm about income generation and commercialisation in the Council are for services that do trade to get improved access to quality information about their income and expenditure are through the re-implementation of trading accounts and
that was recommended by the public accounts Committee and we are happy to
to put those in place they weren't included in the previous version of Oracle which is the system we use to manage our finances but it is proposed to establish them with a new version that were currently rolling out and we will update progress as part of the financial monitoring
[Mr Damien Egan - 0:40:48]
I propose that we agreed response reported to the public accounts Select Committees that seconded
and agreed
thank you and Item 13 as response to healthier Communities Select Committee on BAME mental health counsellor best
[Cllr Chris Best - 0:41:05]
thank you thought Councillor Muldoon's at the back

13 Response to Healthier Communities Select Committee BAME Mental Health

particularly welcome him to hear our response because we have a as you know Mayor prioritised at the Health and Well being Board our focus on tackling health inequalities and initially at that focus is on the BAME communities in this report you have the activities to date and it was just over a year ago the will not quite up last October the Bain mental health summit in March we had the health and wellbeing workshop on improving health outcomes for BAME communities are in June the jirsa NE are on mental health was completed and last week I chaired the launch of the suicide prevention strategy which again engaged with local professionals residents as well as the key stakeholders and I have to say it was a very moving and a reflective afternoon
in this report have also included the activities for children and young people including inspiring alchemy and all of that we've got a planned approach set out in the appendix
we also your eye under Councillor Parnham attended the joint healthier communities and CYP meeting on the 17th of July and from that meeting we agreed to report back to the next Health and Well being Board on the 14th of november and particularly focusing on the CAMHS ethnicity database as well as a dedicated programme where we were seeking additional funding and other resources certainly from within the community and our third sector partners so I hope you'll agree it's a comprehensive response with the action plan attached
[Mr Damien Egan - 0:42:44]
I propose we agree the response and reported to the healthier Communities Select Committee

14 Downham Enterprise Centre part 1

is that seconded to get seconded all agreed agree Group thank you very much and then item 40 i'm found him Enterprise Centre part one side now invite Councillor Paul belt and shoes Item 14 of officers
[Cllr Paul Bell - 0:43:08]
councillor BELL argument so Downham business Centre is situated predominantly in a residential area in the south of Barra in white foot ward the centre is comprised of single and double size workshops and it forms part of a housing estate built in the nineteen twentys comprising mainly 2 storey housing of various types and sizes incorporating Garden shops and primary schools are ownership of the centre is split between the Council and Phoenix Community Housing The Council owns 23 lock-up workshops within the centre
the proposal is to
so our freehold interests on the remaining parts of the sense that we don't own to Phoenix Community Housing for the purposes of increasing the supply of social housing the recommendations are set out in section 4 of the report produced here to answer any more questions if you have any but I recommend acceptance thinking anything that's what really
[ Mayor Damien Egan - 0:44:00]
know any questions because this later
[Cllr Jonathan Slater - 0:44:06]
just say I'm happy to say that it also has to support the three White for all councillors as well can ask all those in favour of the
[ Mayor Damien Egan - 0:44:11]
recommendations please raise ahead

15 Exclusion of Press and Public

that's agreed thank you very much OK Item 15 so this is Item 15 exclusion of Press and public and move the recommendation to exclude the press and public from the meeting for the final nine items and this is just because there are remaining items that can turn concern particularly decisions that are commercially sensitive and were not actually able to discuss them in public but thank you to everybody who's come out to to join us this evening
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