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2nd October Full Council
Wednesday, 2nd October 2019 at 5:30pm 









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Motion 3: Free School Meals for NRPF Children
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Declarations of Interest
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Announcements or Communications
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Public Questions
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Member Questions
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Statement of Accounts 2018-2019
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Action by Chair of Council
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Motion 1: Fairtrade Lewisham
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Motion 2: A fully Funded,proper pay-rise for Local Government workers
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Motion 3: Free School Meals for NRPF Children
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Motion 3: Free School Meals for NRPF Children

practice again the people in the box
everybody can I welcome everybody to her May saying it give a can take their seats quickly I've just spotted that people are put in a box up there have been told that there is a webcast being laid over proceedings this evening


I have received apologies for absence or Councillor Dakers Councillor Joseph Franklin Councillor Sauber and Councillor Hardy enko are there any more apologies to be given
thank you declarations of interests

Declarations of Interest

can I ask if any Member has a declaration of interest to make can you tell which I to item sure declaring an interest in a Wetherby interest is a disclosable pecuniary interest for over register will interest or a non registrable interest
anybody got any interest this evening


Deputy Mayor - 0:01:49
The Mayor - 0:01:52
Tauseef Anwar - 0:01:55
no OK so move on to agenda item 2 of page 4 of your papers I move that the minutes of the meetings held on July 25th and September 11th 29 to he agreed as a correct record


is that seconded next year second inform with RHI on agreement late thank you I will sign two copies when it's appropriate agenda item number three petitions on page five have not been notified of any public petitions are there any petitions that Members wish to present

Announcements or Communications

no thank you right agenda item number fool announcements communications on pages 69 we've got a lot of these tonight some of the wretchedly not a service this boffin D although maybe the first ones have been said to me said a bit said and that's in relation to Chair senior active chief executive who is retiring and leaving us after 30 years diligent service so I invert the Mayor to speak on it
thank you very much Chair an over our Deputy may also be speaking
Vice Chair of Council - 0:03:23
alongside and cats at a fairly and Councillor Murray but I went to to Admir voice to the the tributes and to felt Janet for her work particularly in the last year and a half supporting me well I've been mayor Janet we will hear from other tributes has has been has been with Lewisham for 31 years during the council as a trainee and quickly has built her reputation and in the year 2 thousand became the head of resources in 2 thousand and 4 became the Executive Director of Resources and
it should be said because politicians are the ones that get their picture taken and and work back to take the credit for things but actually it's the is the work of our officers day in day out enacting the things that that we will ask for we want to see that allows us to do that and Genet's careful management of this Council's budget means that today despite the fact that that management has had to take place tone of the most extreme cuts it is Council's ever seeing in our history that we still have the resources to change lives and to make a difference today and it isn't just illusion fled Janet is held in such high esteem I know that her colleagues across London share that view J represents London and UK local government and the international stage as a key member of the International Federation of accountants so and we're really proud that from support New York and across the international stage that Lewisham's very is hot on and just say about my relationship with dread learn a beacon council in 20 10 no Djelic for nine years and I just remember as as a as a new Councillor after a few months as a one-time Amobi new Councillors can think back to 2 last year own and when you get to the autumn who started this budget decision making conversations and and I left and it remembers but I remember after one of our Cabinet briefings and going to tell it and say I have you got some time because there were all these terms are so much jobs for local government sets the general fund capital spends in the HRA and at that time when a Member has had two meetings but Jennette you sat down with me and really helped I'm there was writing things and diagrams and any child and that really helped me to to understand and didn't make me feel silly for then I look back now about how busy you must have been but you didn't make me feel silly for asking what were some really silly questions the having that generosity of your time really helped me so much and I know that you've you've shared that time with other Councillors to and and thank you for creating that safe and welcoming place I feel that I was had a good relationship we've Geller but as mayor I'd like to felt that that is become a close and trusting relationship this is going to speak about the many awards and Recognitions Janner has received throughout her career but being there in the last year and a half I've really seen first hand of diligence to the fairness and the conscientious Lass in much Janet approaches to all of her work and and also the absolute MST and humility in which she operates and others compete confidence in the working reports I receive and I'm really grateful for the honest and frank advice that you have given me to I mentor specifically say thank you no we will would for serving as interim Chief Executive twice rent when rules are Council have asked you to and and particular in the last year when let's be honest it's been a difficult year for this Council and when things get difficult it's easy it's easy to lose sight of the big picture and it's easy to lose that sense of purpose but we've Jenner as chief executive and move your absolute precision we've pressed on with the work that we as a Council were elected to do with with Minister term manifesto and that we came in with into our new corporate strategy and that is kind for easy but for politicians but then it's it's been Janet stroke to make sure that that corporate strategies embedded in the values of the Council changing making that culture change happen embedding those values into service plans across this organisation I feel quickly seeing the results we we've seen since last made it we have built housing team to make sure that no over 200 homes have been brought or boots for social rents key services are being brought in house in those more circle and again it's easy for us as politicians as saw reports but it's the work to make sure that all that's happened on seamlessly so that we can bring services in-house without impacting on services and also ensuring that when this Council was so proud to be one of the first Council's declare climate emergency but we were quickly able to have the talented people in place to ensure that we are now emerging as one of London's lead bellows when it comes to climate action
in a world with too few women leaders and too few BAME leaders Janner is an inspiration to many and I know one of the reasons that jellies dedicated herself to serving our Council is because she never forgets the community that she is here to to serve the challenges there are community Faison it's a community where as as Councillors Janet lives where her family lived sell her friends and Jollett's local knowledge of Lewisham I think must be almost unrivalled in this borough so raw so proud of what you have achieved I thank you so much for the sacrifices that you have made for Lewisham and I'm so glad that I've had the opportunity to work alongside you
Septimus thank you very much
try not to cover quite the same ground but obviously we do want to take this opportunity this evening because it's a long time Jan it's been with us and I've always find you you know public servant through and through you're always ready to go the extra mile
as you will see from the council announcements Janet is homegrown and I think that's one of the great tribute when you join Lewisham in 88 as a trainee amazing to the top to the role of the Executive Director for Resources in regeneration and latterly as our interim chief executive when Barry when off to K and C difficult period we weren't sure if he was coming back and then to step up again but you need to spend your entire working career in a buyer way he living and reach such a high level may well be something we won't see again I mean it really is a remarkable achievement
so exceptional career you've taken roles in different areas of the council and I think that's given you great insight and certainly us an understanding of service delivery from 2 thousand and moved to the head of resources and as a Section 1 5 1 officer you really have taken the view of how we manage our public funds that they're generated by our residents and indeed that they should be used in the best interest for our residents I was Chair of the Finance Committee and I remember conversation on the use of match funding it was a scheme to mark the Millennium and well I suppose I call this we have grand plans when we we think we gonna gets mixed refunding but I was certainly scaled back and we did was transform a neglected green space at what is now at the Millennium Green so the earning point for me was in upgrading a community asset so always remembering Rowley can get the best investment the ready to echo Damian it's really has been the most difficult time I think in the Council's history in terms of government austerity and policies I think have hit local government harder than in any other sector but no calmness knowledge and skills just so invaluable in steering us through these trying times because I don't think we're quite through it but what you have done is given a sound basis for moving forward your followed prudence in managing our Budget process and you've always been ensuring and tracking the delivery of the cuts that we have been forced to make so you really set us on a sound basis
I want to say a bit about your skills to work with elected members because it shouldn't we be underestimated senior officers have to develop that skill but what you're able to bring is that honesty and more and do it you've made those working relationships even better when dealing particularly with difficult issues and I think we can be safe in saying members can be tricky customers so you've been able also to give staff support and they really recognise that you've enabled a lot of staff to reach their potential and I know that that is something you've been passionate about as a mentor is a buddy you're champion the graduate scheme and you rarely nurtured new talent and I particularly know you've found that Ruth rewarding a because it will for the next generation and really develop that for the Society of London Treasurers and participated on the member of student Ward part of the CIPFA Council so that's been recognised and as well as that when we took to the team about management it's a surf the side that you managed to get the very best out of your team and staying in has rightly said a wonderful role model as urbane Roman but you also bring that dignity and grace to the role and I think I'm we spoke about this that you're degree in chemical engineering I didn't know but it has set you in good stead as you applied yourself in what was then if you think back to 88 quite a male-dominated workforce
you've generated a ferocious loyalty with the staff who work for you and it's no wonder because you are so sensitive and supportive and of course your great team builder my think of the staff that are really come through where the dynamic duo of Steve Gough and John Miller and there are we've got Emma to but you just nurtured everyone through that was also something Barry Quirk said about Lewisham but we are a great training ground and we really develop the talent for the future and I also think that's because if you're considerable communication skills you are really an extra urban are networker and I know I know Janet you're going to be missed by friends and colleagues for all your collaboration and the confidence you give in others so it's a triffic approach
an Estonian surgical well respected across London nationally and of course I know last week in New York you again had that recognition for the work you've done on the international stage and I'm sure you use it you used your scales of persuasion in talking to the private sector about the value of local government and indeed the role as we talked about climate change and many other topical issues where we network in so I just want to highlight some of the successes I know you're proud of and I think we are too because of the Building schools for the future programme that was a 240 million investment in our schools and it really was groundbreaking at the time and you started with O'Shea gate which indeed I remember included first class facilities I think Jim Royle as well and we also had a hydro pool quite unique really that extra touch that extra investment of to provide those world-class facilities you followed and with the Housing Commission you delivered on setting up the ALMO and Lewisham homes that success that it's going on to and of course we hope in future for more extra homes as we've said
you go significant leadership in again what the groundbreaking innovative schemes including the Downham Health and Leisure Centre again that 10 million pound of extra credit that got us on our way but across Wister battling today with the NHS and certainly it never gets any easier as dealing with the property people as I know from one public estate the other leisure facilities we've developed but also know particularly that Bellingham Beacon scheme the regeneration of Deptford included the desperate Master Plan but early it's more than development it real place shaping and when I think of the work we've done you've murder and but for the lounge I particularly like that scheme but Lucian Gateway until that work on Catford and you really are engaging with the community and with wider stakeholders and I may Matterley you enjoy the success of running the European elections across London so I think you know just say when of a little anecdote them you may not remember be invited me to talk to the finance team about the work of the Nolan Committee it was about establishing standards if people don't quite remember Nolan it's about public life and I had another look at those seven principles which are so felicitous integrity objectivity accountability openness honesty and leadership and I think I do genuinely think we'll all agree that you're an exemplar of those qualities you bring an insight with understated way and personal qualities we've referred to a warmth calmness kindness resilience commitment and of course a lovely sense of humour you have the offer data but you also prefer those surprises
so a huge thank you as Damien has said but from the council and a personal thank you and of course very best wishes for the future I think we will continue to rise as a local resident and and looking forward to the next chapter with great interest thank you very much
and so any for any
Tauseef Anwar - 0:18:51
able to AGMA
Last Call Me to here
it has served the people of this borough over decades still hold
working with the Executive for so
this was first
Cllr Adefiranye - 0:19:30
as hope helped to ensure the blow as we need servant despite if vicious acts
20 17 it has the flow of Delhi chief executive position she's food Yesha yes
I fear can FES can see looking at us
we have been able to fulfil our potential
contributions to society
yes circles
minutes of the game of honesty of Miller
says Gaddis
exactly what make Fellows
muss there is opportunity to
for a struggling service to wish her well
how does that it would give her time to drive a sheep for longer preach at a job many that it is of through 600 dollars secure Dennett
I'm going to escape Somali to speak but I think hope something can be
Tauseef Anwar - 0:21:15
done about the sound system because it sounds like someone sending a message in most
Councillor Lowry
so Sir the sound system will help to modify or moderate my my
anything when we canvassed people because my memories
so if you weren't on I suppose you do indulgent the rest of you do indulge me occasionally precisely because I go down memory lane so my
Cllr Mallory - 0:22:04
speeches largely going to be an ago unfair even had to rely on it today to make sure that I could remember them some of the things that envelops the first to say something about Jack Janet's characteristics and you already heard from a back about the now all echoes another Mencap say mention a couple nor I mean I think one of the things that she's always been if discreet and diplomatic and that is part of what Chris refer to when she said the ability to handle members and I'll have an illustration of that later she's also consistent and reliable and of course she's been clear honest and direct and behave with integrity in fact if you're a pardon me for being rude you don't get any Bowsher from Jenna at all I first encountered or may have encountered before the end of my first Sir so as memory ever was when I chaired a panel which and for appointment which I think was probably her first member led promotion when she was working in the Education Directorate and we were sufficiently impressed that she was appointed unanimously to the two I think it was to a sort of second or third or second tier education finance revel the education budget about tram was always in a mess Loseley some of it emanating perhaps most of it emanating from the fact that we've inherited or other care at Béjart from our inheritance from the I A Janet must have helped obviously help to sort it out as things got better over the years because the next thing I need should been poached by central finance and so the last
a couple of years when are then encountered her on becoming leader whatever problems with becoming Leader at that time was the hazard of having to deal with the then director of finance to them those for those of you who remember with a Steinem if little talent who maybe not tyrant but certainly like getting away insisted that whatever we did with the budget needed to be as she said anyway Janet reminder which used to speak over the phone to me occasionally everywhere and nowhere in central London because I remember some of those calls as I was be achieved below being disputed by Janet to have have a word with me so that I can she could perhaps calm me down because I was attempting to make the Budget to political
Chris may remember she was Chair of Finance at the time they I don't know whether there's any lesson for Damien Amanda in this but we did the tend to sort the budget between us mimic occasionally Janet Wood and LO Jalilov to tell me whether this is true not because sometimes it generates over Dannatt's diplomatic skills we work
that's a man I'd have Judas on the phone trying to Burke berating me about Harry couldn't possibly do something now sometimes that worked but sometimes it didn't and we managed to get a few political elements in are budget as I occasionally prevail
I then as many of you know it's step being a Councillor for a number of years my my my extensive Janet since then has been quite different because because I haven't had any of those exalted positions did Ben but I have experienced that many of you of edge which is to be a member of the of the council at the at the time of austerity when we perhaps gone through some of the worst we had one definitely through the worst stages of risk experiences
all councillors have had in trying to to manage during austerity and has a I don't know whether somebody feel the same as I do but we used to get them the grand view of what we needed to do about the budget and we've a panoramic view past future past present and future Lewisham from Barry Quirk beginning and then we'll get do telling us when it was we and wept to and getting down to business and and very clearly signing whether options were and I think we all that debt boo I think those person Damian alluded to it but as a as a as a backbencher at that stage I certainly appreciate that I think Judith was displaying the skills but we always knew she had when she was further down the bolivar and so I can only hope you have and a well-deserved rest in in a in a cunning future before you decide whatever you're going specialist path you take next because you have been through some of the most difficult times in you've help to guide us in ways which I don't I don't think put manage without that calmness that that's been alluded to and the clarity with which you was attempted to make sure that we took decisions my last duty apparently I do this with some trepidation but there was no longer Chair group I'll I gather on the rest faecal so I'm Labour Group and I was Chair of Labour Group some maybe isn't taking an appropriate initial NI I can say in bringing you these flowers
I am now
thank you so much I I actually haven't prepared anything to say My not my wine I've had a wonderful time working for Lewisham over the last
The Mayor - 0:28:28
30 years serving the people of Lewisham has been a pleasure and working with you all and with staff has been fantastic I shall miss you all but I know that you're going to greater things thank you
Tauseef Anwar - 0:29:10
but the second when else will is about the Council's success in the defence simple recognition scheme Gold award we got the Silverwood last year and it was a great pleasure to go and collect that and it seems that we have now been awarded the Gold award and the council Olivier scourge Telesur
yes thank you Chair and following on last item was items also about
Cllr Bonavia - 0:29:37
the brilliant work that our staff do we have now got national recognition
top national recognition for a Council in being a defence employer and that means that we uphold the values the armed forces Covenant we haven't Lewisham and we have that covenant so that nobody who served an armed forces or or their families or people have been injured and those in conflict nobody's left behind in support that they get from this Council and really this award recognises the work that our staff do to make sure that those people are looked after our community and that fits in well precisely with the values of our open Lewisham
in our corporate strategy so next month I will along with the staff who actually made a brilliant application Fen Beckman and EQI Hardy we will be going to collect the Gold award and then suitably celebrate with members of the veteran families and people who have served on forces notion so I want to record my thanks to all our staff who have made that possible
Tauseef Anwar - 0:30:56
the third announcement celebrates Black history month which was launched yesterday a wonderful event who in this Chamber and I understand that the Mayor wishes to speak on this just
Vice Chair of Council - 0:31:11
the so Black history month but Black history month was launched here yesterday we had the most wonderful event medicines and put on record my thanks to those involved in organising it the month itself thanks to Chris best I'd also like to fork for the event yesterday author tolerant and who isn't here and the Murle S Barbara Gray we've got a fantastic line-up of events all information is on the website and please do I would encourage members members of the public to get involved and to support Black history month thank you
Tauseef Anwar - 0:31:47
the announcement for is about agents the machine which is a festival of creative aging and the Deputy Mayor is going to speak to this
it's only to say it's been a fantastic festival it's you know out of them our last by of culture bid the final event is on Sunday and I'm just encouraging everyone to go down to Trinity lobby and it starts at no Damon and myself would be there in the afternoon and it's just been wonderful to please promote it or to our many older people cause it's one of those that to really don't come round that often but attendance has been fantastic and our possibly June Council have been dancing though hard-sell so please can support them
Tauseef Anwar - 0:32:34
thank you the next announcement announcement number 5 is about the London Borough of culture in 20 21 and counsellor born is going to tell us about this
thank you Chair so for those of you in Norway we've actually put a
Cllr Bourne - 0:32:47
bidding to become the next number contract culture so our website is I illusion dot uk and we are trying to be our last pledge which was about 5 thousand so if you haven't signed up to a website please please do so if we are successful which on slightly confident we will be will become the next bar of culture and will actually win or be awarded none point 3 million so that money will toward organising festivals events and would also give us an opportunity to have also give us an opportunity to create a lasting legacy in the bar so if you can please visit the website and pledge support thank you
Councillor but we seem to be troubled with the noises of I don't know
Tauseef Anwar - 0:33:36
if the microphone speaking out some sound from the gallery
we're trying to conduct a meeting he is so if we can have little bit quite so people can be heard announcement 6 about the appointment of Lucian disabled people's commission the Deputy Mayor is going to speak on this item
Cllr Slater - 0:34:08
sorry Councillor Slater high so yet we this this was a manifesto prior to commitments to set up or as poor accessibility Commission which is now a corporate priority and re this is to give a real platform of voice to our residents with disabilities to really highlight areas that we need to improve services on and to look how we can cope with new services this is actually following the model that Hammersmith and Council did when they set the Disability Rights Commission but in the process of recruiting a chair
the deadline is the 7th of October so if anyone knows of people that would be appropriate for such rather than please for them details or Amber heard speak to people helping to have the commission Upper learning by the 3rd of December which is the International Day of disability
Tauseef Anwar - 0:34:59
thank you Councillor Slater the next announcement about the Labour community infrastructure levy the-mail's going to speak on this item
Vice Chair of Council - 0:35:10
the with ENSO and of course this is
On a new way of distributing CIL funds which is to ask local residents through the Assembly's programme based on how much development they've had in the area and also using deprivation index but just to say that the and the programme is open bids are can start to be submitted Councillor McKeever was working very hard with the local assemblies groups alongside Councillor Slater to make sure information is there but just to reiterate that back to our communities and any members of the public here that is that's open and we want to encourage as many bids as possible
Tauseef Anwar - 0:35:49
and the next announcement spelt the news business of Road and the Mayor's going to tell us for that I'd do both from sort of business
Vice Chair of Council - 0:35:56
for the ambivalence hearing ward and again nominations for both of these awards which take place before the new year are open are volunteering Awards were set up by Councillor Millbank and their in there's a third or fourth year
third year with her fantastic recognition of voluntary sector in that so encouraged if you know any people with in with a was that you come across any kind of unsung heroes please nominate them not gnomic organisations that they are but there are involved with and similarly of the business awards and we've got so many small businesses and many ways will the current London's capital for small business and these awards are about celebrating that Councillor Dromey's working on the on the business Awards we have a fantastic response last year this is about supporting those independent your restaurants bars cafes independent shops making sure that they're given recognition so again please send nominations if there's anybody you've got in mind thank you
Tauseef Anwar - 0:37:02
and finally warble of butchers in tenors Hill Dipford can we agree to congratulate this business on its long association with no issue I understand have been open for 190 years so yes

Public Questions

so sadly the vegetarians and vegans amongst this we congratulate them but to be can't get the rare accustom right generally so number 5 public questions a copy of the questions received and the written responses to them have been circling did there's been a large number of questions I think there are 50 8 on the agenda tonight will try and take as many supplementary questions as we can but only 30 minutes is allowed by a constitution so if people do use an inordinate amount of time on the early questions we won't get to the later ones I need to align all questions questions that they do have a right to us a supplementary question but it must be based on the answer that's already been received
you can't make speeches or interrupt proceedings because again that shortens the amount of time that other people will have so it's it's responsible time management the time will be shown on the clock right the first question is of HMO Roger Stocker question 1
Mr. Stalker here
second Fiona silk
third so loudly
force Quentin slowly
Mr. Sloman here
physical hope
6 catty hop Katie Hopkins
7 Patricia Richardson
Agent Hurst
9 Mr. Kearney
10 Mr. Tunde
11 was to Richardson
12 Tracy jacket
Tracey Janet here
I need them out please ask a supplementary
so what did you say number 12 supplementary question from Tracey Jarrett bio why would you like to ask another question in this was to if you have a supplementary response to the answer Yes A do
she was in response to the applying what they Van to yes that is wider than just the services but was community
I'm not quite sure what you're asking we we carry out the quality impact assessment based on the services we currently providing it's quite specific what we have to consider so it to
it set out so we follow the necessary processes and procedures to make sure that we're addressing that particular consultation it's that's the way works I'm afraid so the consultation has been about the proposed changes to older adults day services and that's the work roof started on and as you know there's a report coming to Mayor and Cabinet on the outcome of that consultation on the 10th of October actually Council this and feels once he respond
right question 13 Kate Richardson
Tauseef Anwar - 0:41:24
not here 14 Bobby Dean
15 Mike Morris yes prevention
thank you letter from the answer was to was bowled 1 November 2 thousand 17 I first asked a question about this
and it's now come January 11 years since a planning application was greed and all you have one suicide in a member months this might be resolved this Council should be having two million pounds from Barratt homes can clarify when and give exact timescale when from this fiasco refining come to an end
it is embarrassing why it has taken 11 years and was now you can say some fade answer about a number of months what you at flea doing to bring this fiasco to an end thanks Minister lives so we are 0 as in
Vice Chair of Council - 0:42:34
the previous answers I've given you on this subject we are going back to bouts to to get this fund and we are equally disappointed that the funding that was agreed hasn't been provided for the bridge so we are we are we still care one those negotiations we are expecting to hear shortly from bouts and we've been chasing up officers to make sure we get a response from them promptly
Christian 16 was in whoosh
Tauseef Anwar - 0:43:03
question 7 Mr. Head ditch supplementary
thank you for missing the things that you're doing under the City declare the climb urgency it was really it's greatly ordering towards net 0 emissions to be carbon neutral in just 10 and a bit years time given that some sectors was submitting pings that means no petrol diesel vehicles anywhere notion including your own fleet you means no gas bowls anywhere in Lewisham it means everyone we using renewable electricity annually to plant more trees store carbon and soil it really doesn't feel like weeding this answer and looking through the council papers or committee meetings cabinet meetings that this is really an emergency view this is going to be the biggest challenge that you will ever have as a Council climate change it doesn't feel like you really treating it with the level of emergency level of urgency that it needs
Cllr McGeevor - 0:44:05
I and so that it doesn't feel like that to you at the moment we're doing this scoping investigations the preparations to change our policies dramatically and there are we have to be careful we have to make sure we do do due diligence because the changes that will have to make a kind of cost a lot of money we're going to change the direction of the Council and they're gonna change how we do things we have to have the research in place about how best to spend you know what we know is a is a shortage of public money in our Council we absolutely do take this seriously its order changing the way we're doing things and the initial reports were starting to get back and they'll be going through the Committee's later this year and will become a council policy early next year
Tauseef Anwar - 0:45:00
Christian 18 is going too slowly I don't think he's arrived 19 Carroll hole 20 Patricia Richardson she's here 21 Mr. Kearney
22 Mr. Richardson 23 Tracy Jarrett to have another question to ask 23
yes applying response to do apply significant objections to the proposal from Bob subjective because one person bathers with local insignificant Lady for depending on the cultural awareness and understanding of the needs of the central bone QC more question to you is consensual censuses may like to demonstrate that there's a significant in terms of numbers of people of colour within the BOA that could potentially bluesily services what provision is going to be put in place for the potential users of adult day care services that specifically for the bone community
thank you very much Tracy so if you've read the report that's going to moan cabinet next week is on the website what you will see it a very detailed report with for comments as you know we have been to the day centres and myself have visited them and spoken to the current users as well as their families and we are also mindful of future users but what we've done is taken all those comments and given what we call mitigation we have replied in detail to each and every comment set out in the report what we're saying is and of course obviously we have to discuss it and a take a decision that the Mayor and Cabinet meeting is that we will look at the service offer were we to go ahead and provide well services at the Calabash that would be available not only for the existing users but for other people coming in we would be able to invest further in the service that would be on offer at the Calabash and therefore would have a future provision so that again is part of the consultation as you know we we extended the consultation period because we did receive some comment that it was particularly over the summer so we went into the middle of September we really have tried to engage the users their families and potential users more will be assessed for these day services so you know we've in looking at the places we need the other consideration we've given of course are the changes over the years because part of this has been a drop of from an average of 75 places down to 34 and we just have to be mindful of what else is in the community of people that don't necessarily want or have other opportunities to go to other spaces so we've taken a wider look what else is available what we've been doing in prevention and what the future demands might be as I say I commend you to read in detail the report prepared for next week an unhappy as I have met with you previously if you wish to meet again on this report happy to take that further
Tauseef Anwar - 0:48:41
that question 24 is Bobby Dean I don't think he's here 25 metre tonnage 26 was lean Hirsch 27 Mr. heppy 20 8 mr mr Headteach here good bounce thank you for the answer
magazines and lessons will last for five years in glass Mill and I've this offer I just had enough and we start having lessons because I keep hearing their action plans to improve glass Mill and the efforts made every so often to try and improve things but nothing really changes and really what would be helpful it a bit more transparency about what actually these action plans are please could you publish rather performance indicators the glass most to meet what is the action plan and how and had transparency about actually what is happening in glass Mill or what are they doing to meet the things to try to call recording them to do
sorry I completely agree with you and I am grateful for your question
Cllr Bourne - 0:49:41
so where is he took up post within this position the first 90 looked at was firstly of the leisure centres because I am myself a member and oversee shares your concerned so when we actually looked at the action plans we are actually reviewing them in terms of how fusion actually maintaining those performances so in terms of the swimming lessons there was a sort kitsch in terms of so instructed so they actually did or an actual recruitment process over the summer and I believe since September they have additional two lifeguards in place and an actual swimming instructor so hopefully the period between NI 2 August where there was a lot of issues a lot of cancellations and we actually received a lot of complaints we should hopefully see an improvement there was also an issue with the condition you and that also resulted in a number of the cancellations were in terms of the actual action plan and what we're trying to do is where to looking at ways we can maintain general service and I've actually sat down with fusion and I said one of the issues I have is the way we communicate with the members of the public so if there are issues with lockers canniness shortage of staff when it by a notice up not just the noticeboard in the reception area but we need to have several notices around the actual Centre for example in the changing room so Members are actually aware and that there are contact details if you have any issues you can actually contact the staff there's also a monthly
sorry there's actually Members for in which we can actually attend an you can meet the managers unfortunately then are very well attended
and it's an opportunity to sit down with the managers and discuss several issues you only have so if you'd like to in on me afterwards are more than happy to pass on your details to them but what we're looking at in in terms of the key action points is just maintenance staff communication and a long-term plan looking at meetings of equipment and if there are issues making sure that their repair quickly one of the main figures that they haven't proved and that is the cleanliness and they do a deep clean once a week and obviously the staff are doing everyday is well what in terms of overall issues I'm actually do a lot site visits we have a meeting with senior managers on the 6th of October and obviously if there are any issues I can actually share with you our we're going forward and I'd be greatly to do so but I would strongly suggest you attend the Members for
because it's a great opportunity for you to sit down with other like minded people that have concerns as well and you can put them to the management and actually see what improvements are doing and put an action plan in place to say Well if you're gonna do this it is that certain time but as a member myself I wish to share your concerns so I'm wooden happy to share those details with you
thank you Councillor brawn
Tauseef Anwar - 0:52:37
28 is Carol hope 29 is Quentin slowly 30 is Mr. Kearney 31 is Mr. Richardson 32 to see Janet just another question on this
I'm sure done tired of hearing for me but no apologies and this is my last question seam-bowling dinghy thumb
in response to number 32 consideration were both of both poacher fainting considerable this bowler has a rich history I've black
black and African Caribbean
for all over when his BOA
great reflection
I'd like to ask is in terms of valuing the Calabash Santa how does I intention to reduce the service to no longer
rateable values of the bank
the calling for and justice for me
this action considering how much pitch sports
OK so for people who may not know the history of the Calabash the Councillor with that in 19 85 and over the years we have developed services for the BAME community in that building and they have taken on their own provision there's active opportunities for our Asian elders so it's become is very much a focal point but over the 30 years things have also moved on so where a number of
if I can phrase this will particularly consulting on over the consultation that we've been talking about has been to widen the offer to all members of the community there wasn't the same specific reference for the number of spaces that we've got that we assessed but it doesn't diminish in any way the wider activities of the Calabash building it is there is a Council owned building that will continue to be the for everyone who wishes to use it and we ourselves used it quite recently for a conference I think everyone in this room is very familiar with what goes on in the building and values and support that diverse offer and in so as we know forward no way diminishing that we are just looking at our our offer for a building based at day offer for those members of the community but we have assessed in who wish to come to a day centre so we're widening the use and we do want to sustain and develop the building and we want to make sure its use continues for most of the community should they wish to use it but specifically for the diverse nature of the the BAME community
Tauseef Anwar - 0:56:06
thank you Councillor best Mr. tonnages 33 was Lynne Hirsch is 34 so Mr. Head ditch 35
thank you I should have asked more questions because of duties I can answer to Councillor Colin so as I said before climate change as a matter of urgency as huge enthusiasm in Lewisham to do something about it there's lots of meetings happening it's all well and good the Council taking its time to develop it it's thinking about how to meet the next 0 commitment sure you get a leg scrutiny committee should be thinking about how can it input into this how can enjoy evidence from the community from experts but can help feed into the Council's work and simply waiting for the the the the the cabinet to car but it's plan next year seems to be not good enough given the scale of the challenge
we're also expecting that Jess I'll be honest took me really by surprise so I would be repeated or
took me completely by surprise and writing she was elsewhere so we'd have to repeat it or
by way of encouraging the Minister constitution allows questions that are to to Committees of the Council so my question was to Councillor Karon given the scale of the challenge and given huge enthusiasm and desire of many groups some people in notion to two further pollution councils be meeting this this challenge surely is not just good enough to wait for the Cabinet to come up with its plan next year surely you should be thinking about how can you engage the community and you engage experts and help feed into that process because there was no the Council as an inward-looking process to develop its plan it's a a working group composed of an Executive Director and staff surely this is the role of scrutiny committees to draw on evidence from the community during evidence from experts to help feed into that rather than simply later for for the Cabinet to produce its work
Cllr Curran - 0:58:32
well I think you make a good point all the issues we cover a lot of them do cover climate change every level so I think knows raise the point re can look at it and come back to and see if you can step out the scrutiny of the actions that the Council was taken
Tauseef Anwar - 0:58:55
thank you Councillor Cohen 36 says Quentin slowly 37 is Carole hope 30 8 Mr. Richardson 39 s Tonge 14 was languish 41 was deferred ditch
a supplementary Mr. Hilditch na thing here 42 Gwent and slower 43 Carroll Hove
44 and is Tonge 45 Gwent and slowly 46 Carol Hoe 47 this are turned 48 Gwent slowly 49 Coelho Mr. tonnes current Anslow fellow thanking slowly Carroll hope going too slowly our hope

Member Questions

jolly good 58 questioners and we've got Lime minutes and seven seconds to spare so thank you for those people who didn't acquire a supplementary we'll move on to agenda Item number 6 which is member questions on page 12 of your agenda there were two questions from a member of the Council copies of the questions reserve the right to a supplementary question have been circulated around the Chamber so question one Councillor Roche thank you very much I appreciate Councillor Grahame's response to my question I was wondering if there's anything that he would like us to do ahead of a living wage for
as Members to get out there and help the growth and in the target
Cllr Dromey - 1:00:46
thank you very much cosmos I off the top of my head the first thing you can do is nominate one of your fantastic local living wage employers for the living wage improve year olds at the most business Awards deadline is 18th of October we I'm afraid that the answer was given is now of dates book as we have 78 living wage employers in Lewisham with the addition of Catford maes so if there's any living wage employers in your wards or that you are particular notion please do nominate them for a living Wage business words the other themes just about getting out the message about the business rate discount that we offer for living wage employers is is something which we found is really helpful and kind of pushing employers to take the step of going to the wage and also just telling employers about the benefits of paying the living wage and getting accredited in terms of staff retention staff motivation and the reputation of the business so very much recognise the fantastic work that you do promoting businesses in Catford other Members of very very welcome to to help us push this because as Jon Bon Jovi oneself 0 we're halfway there we are almost our target we want as many living wage employers and Lewisham as muscle
thank you Councillor Twomey Councillor Walsh your second question
Tauseef Anwar - 1:02:09
thank you again to Councillor Slater here's Ulster this just to flag that there seems to be some sort of drafting out of this report and
Cllr Walsh - 1:02:21
the final paragraph I think the bit that's missing that that notwithstanding can I ask how the cabinet member that will be celebrating LGBT history month this February on behalf the Council well James thanks for your as you question any comments well I didn't
Cllr Slater - 1:02:39
celebrate LGBT history month we were really good LGBT staff and we did a great event a little lands in Deptford last year but I do think why these spied in terms of yesterday we didn't Black history month I want to replicate for LGBT history month next February and we fund Metro to do a lot of equalities work to you and LGBTQ awareness so what I plan to do over the next year is as well of Metro to make much more of LGBT history month I think he also had an excellent idea inviting LGBTQ Councillors from Lewisham and other naval bows to a reception which is something also plan to organise and also to make sure that we do a really big around some debating pride and that's when people say we turns that it's not on the same day thank you

Statement of Accounts 2018-2019

Tauseef Anwar - 1:03:30
thank you we now move on to agenda Item 7 which is the statement of accounts for 20 18 to 19 this is on pages 13 to 229 of your papers and clearly a very weighty document and I'm going to call upon Councillor Ryk to move the recommendations concerning this report
Cllr De Ryk - 1:03:55
thank you Chair under CIL excuse me not standing out of actual printed out where spit so tiny that I'd like to go media and stones from a distance so and I'm pleased to be able to present the Council's Statement of accounts for 20 18 19 to you received me the report outlines the Council's financial position and performance in the context of its policy objectives in the last accounting year and notes any significant events that have had an impact on you counts I'm not intending to go through them in detail you'll be relieved to hear as the full report is before you and the Statement of accounts was published in draft in May and is in any case a formal completion of our regular financial monitoring so shouldn't contain any Neil information that members would not be aware of
the headline position is that during 20 18 19 the Council overspend against its Budget by 9 point 4 million for the second year the main element of the overspend was expenditure on Children's social Care despite a robust improvement plan the cost of social care and the level of demand for Children's Services have contributed to this overspend which has again been met from Council reserves clearly this position is not is only sustainable in the short term and work is continuing to both improve the service for children and also to bring the overspend down
the outturn position demonstrates the impact as we've heard earlier of the ninth year of continued funding Sturry and the very service financial constraints that have been imposed on Local government at a time of rising need in our community
as you will be aware during this period of austerity funding the burden of cuts falling very heavily on the core of the organisation with further cuts programmes imminent or in train finance has been particularly hard hit and in some places this has left us with a single person dependency in key roles this year we were unlucky to have earners in the Courtine that coincided with a submission deadline of these accounts plus increased demands on reporting and difficulties faced during the Oracle cloud implementation
we aren't alone in missing the deadline for submitting these accounts nearly half of all other Councils also had a late submission but the stress on the team has been considerable and I think it's important to acknowledge that publicly and to thank them on your behalf for keeping going in very difficult circumstances
be Audit Panel chaired by Councillor Rathbone was kept abreast of these issues and monitor progress throughout the year and towards the deadline and I would also like to thank the Chair and members of that Committee for their hard work and diligent scrutiny during the year the team were able to make a revised deadline of the 30th of September and if colleagues across the Council this evening it's expected that they would be signed off by the Council's auditors Grant Thornton tomorrow
as you will remember in 2 thousand and 17 18 the Council received a qualified value for money opinion following issues with the governance of the transformation programme these issues have now been resolved to the auditor's satisfaction the auditors have made a number of recommendations for up for us to implement this year in part around continuing issues with the roll-out of Oracle however no substantive issues have been raised by the auditors for the Council of 20 18 19 and we are therefore anticipating an unqualified audit opinion for the accounts before you there are a number of recommendations for Members put forward in the report which outlined in section 3 and I draw your attention to them now and Merthyr report
Tauseef Anwar - 1:08:02
thank you Councillor Ryk it's Councillor rec bow to second the recommendations please
thank you Chair Dr of colleagues I will be as brief as possible as even up I'd like to start by adding my own thanks for the hard work of the Audit and central finance teams to those but are we being given by the Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources their work over the past months has been exemplary despite extremely difficult circumstances and the unqualified audit opinion issued by Graham Fulton is a testament to their dedication hard work and expertise I would in particular why to draw the attention of Council to young modified opinion regarding Obama's pension Fund
this indicates be excellent stewardship and management of this fund and I am sure all Members share my appreciation and admiration of
Cllr Rathbone - 1:09:02
those responsible for this including our colleagues who sit on this Council's Pensions investment Committee and especially its Chair Councillor Mark Ingleby that said and despite we unqualified opinion of grant fortune there were problems identified as part of this process
most significant is the fact that the 2 thousand and 18 19 audit was not concluded by the 31st July 2 thousand 19 deadline
in this we were not unique as this situation was faced by 44 per cent of their local authorities it is the inevitable outcome of more stringent financial reporting requirements being combined with the ever reducing resources available to local authorities in regimes case the were a combination of that stone and internal factors which required additional time to complete the audit these have been identified by officers and considered by the Audit Panel and actions are being taken to reduce the likelihood of similar delays to future audits in addition to this seven key recommendations were made by Grant Thornton I am pleased to report but no recommendations have been accepted by officers and an action plan is in place to address them I will not detail the recommendations but they can be found in Appendix A of the Audit findings report
these accounts are the first to be prepared with the new financial system Oracle cloud
as Chair of the Audit Panel I draw to the attention of colleagues that three of the seven recommendations directly relate to the implementation of a new financial system in addition to this the recommendation November 2 thousand 17 18 Audit relating to Oracle cloud has still to be fully resolved
all the Panel has significant concerns about the implementation of this new financial system given the importance of an effectively functioning central financial system to the operations of the Council as such it is reassuring but as a result of these recommendations and at the urging of Audit Panel and management review of this system has been agreed we believe that this risk has been identified in a timely manner and that work to address it is being taken with all due diligence and necessary expediency
as such it is my great pleasure to be able to second the motion of a Cabinet Member of France and resources and call upon colleagues to approve these reports
Tauseef Anwar - 1:11:44
thank you Councillor Rathbun is kept so happy to proceed to the vote
can I see all those in favor of approving this recommendation
are there any against other any abstention
Tauseef Anwar - 1:12:10
now that's carried

Action by Chair of Council

but so we're just note that the friendship agreement to pakora which was agenda Item number 8 has been withdrawn and it'll be first considered by Mayor and Cabinet on October 30th so we not discussing that this evening
agenda item number 9 is the action taken by Chair of Council I hope you fade that the action I had to take them the reasons for that so I move the recommendation in the report that this action taken be noted I call upon the Vice Chair to second recommendation 1
thank you very much Councillor the candle debate on this item if anybody is requesting debate
but I don't see anybody requesting debate so or Bowes in favour please show their hand
are there any against anyone wishing to abstain
so that is carried

Motion 1: Fairtrade Lewisham

agenda Item number 10 which is a motion will no no of Council Walsh to be seconded by Councillor Millbank this is one pages 236 to 137 of your agenda Councillor Walshaw going to move motion number 1
Council October marks a quarter of a century since the Fairtrade mark
Cllr Walsh - 1:13:57
Launcherley UK and elected as a Labour and corrupted part of councillor to oppose this measure the celebrates the 25th better Fairtrade mark during its bit of day week this week as a socialist principle Council committed to the eradication of party couple procurement needs to be reported stone about fight to create a fairer global trade system we can achieve as for tackling poverty in supply chains and ensuring a fair day's work results in a fair share of it we have volition can be sure that we are more fair and just world as many of you will be aware of Fairtrade is based on modes of production and trading put people pilot before bilateral profit further commits producers and consumers through greater transparency of supply chains by demonstrating that greater justice and world trade is possible but also seeks to involve citizens in rewriting the rules of praise the needs of small producers western consumers about
awareness of the law because it was required by law to attend people need an astonishing astonishingly 84 percent per cent of consumers trust it the modest beginnings in 19 94 affair trademark enough visible about 5 thousand fair trade products on sale for people in the UK the Fairtrade Sicily UK includes over 500 councils alongside commits quarters progressive businesses and thousands of other community groups have paid significant more than growing ever 1 1 6 6 million farmers and workers are more than 70 countries and catalysing a huge shift in attitudes to help purchasing here in the UK with their trade says last year General J 842 million in a Fairtrade premium going to farmers and 73 countries invest this money in their communities increasing business parks liberty and contributes to the achievement of global sustainable development goals that was there's much to celebrate muscle overlook resistance still to go and the majority of exploited farmers are workers who are able to access fair trade exploitation remained one and global Sopot supply chains when 14 people were trapped in level slavery including forced labour 100 15 young people in child labour no any west then a living income or wage the effects of climate change are becoming more damaging the importance of Paris by Chase still squeezed profit of trade away from the hard working people who grows things we rely on fair washing is on the rise but let's be clear fair trading is not charity at a partnership the change in government through trade a partnership with global far as he has been at the forefront of and one today that the today when a distance between the very richest and poorest has become a normal extreme we need to be a part of more than ever parcel I commend the motion to you
Tauseef Anwar - 1:16:53
thank you Councillor Walsh Councillor Millbank to second our just like to say a couple of words which is basically we've been a fair tribal since 2 thousand and 5 so I think it's a goes without question I think that we're going to support the social side just like to second it formally
Tauseef Anwar - 1:17:11
thank you Councillor Millbank other in the others and turned into speak on this motion
I don't see anybody so will move to the vote on members in favour of this motion please show
those against any abstentions where we he minimis on net right agenda item number 11

Motion 2: A fully Funded,proper pay-rise for Local Government workers

motion 2 in the name of Councillor Brown to be seconded by Councillor Keller her aunt pages 238 239 of your agenda Councillor Brown to mow Bastia I try not keep colleagues will long outlast to propose this
Cllr Brown - 1:18:02
motion by our I Lewisham GMB branch for wish and very grateful I used to be a German for came official and make transceiver evict colleague here some years ago which is why I was glad to take this up
but also because not just about the GB is the can appear in coal emotion on behalf of Unite the GMB and Unison on local government workers whether they union or not but if we're not in a you can I take this opportunity to say German
if you work that Lewisham council on Fridays jolly Union unity is strength you never know when you need that according to him and it's a fact that is a healthier Nacer environment for working and I'm sure up all the employees and workers we have yet to name would agree I'm looking for nabbing heads to read
the through our started offer this would have been happy to propose this motion but can't thing happiness when we still see no evil and work are still fighting for fair birth for hard work
these women worked as 34 percent of local government workers the disproportionately falls on greed because it gives me the opportunity to support this motion to say to Lewisham council's that back
Lewisham councillors residents and its workers have gone through and continue to go through them very par financial challenge re-let due by next year to reduce the budget by 190 million if I got that wrong shin when we show Delta Lloyd be a couple of pence that's that's which is a 60 percent cut since 20 10 and has been Haft this started with the 12 we Lynne Featherstone agreement which we know less please take this opportunity to not the banks
the agency has changed slightly as an affront
the call went away from the responsibility
in that government
by paying behave Brexit the government where we are still in the country that Amelle as down to them as much as the Troge
it started with the than Theresa May promised following a government for the people not a privilege
which has acted as a decent poor there's a privilege because your government wouldn't found what should be effectively bar the government workers and that's being followed on by the current before ever prime Minister that we have implicit in the industry with division in the country elects to use military language to me most of all you made me of Dad's Army
cross between Corporal Jones running round setting of Barrack it the same time as captain manager standing there not knowing what's going on looking bemused
should spend some of the billions the worsted emphatic projects and unnecessary no deal preparations to fund this fair pay rise for workers as a cancer with anything to survive how best we have been because of their cause of stood up with Terkel murder with mess it's the dedication of Lotion Council work as often residents themselves that continued to suit for managing to deliver an eclectic this opportunity for this show the woods on a single Denaby Janet sooner as unfair when the season for the dedication of that particular worker working a room in the Town Hall on the community engaging directly with residents ever work what ever we do value we want to do our best for the people of Lewisham with ever diminishing resources it's hard infrastructure but
please keep going
nothing from your words to pupils from those services other residents need and deserve so Kurnell Councillors let to support this motion support factory for our local government workers and to see for ourselves and our community to those workers Batken
Tauseef Anwar - 1:22:32
thank you Councillor Brown Councillor Kenner hangar to second this motion
thank you very much Madam chair I'm proud that this is my maiden speech
austerity has meant for our Council workers real pay cause for pay freezes and and they deserve better much better because of how hard they work not only this but loss of staff numbers mean that those staff that we have returned as Councillor Brown Estate are working far harder for less money we recognise the dedication their commitment
Cllr Holland - 1:23:17
and wheezing willingness to go above and beyond by backing this claim
Cllr Hordijenko - 1:23:22
I say this demand
Cllr Kelleher - 1:23:27
that central government fully fund decent salaries for our staff
I formally second
Tauseef Anwar - 1:23:36
thank you Councillor Keller so I can now open debate on this motion
if there are any speakers Councillor Bell
thank you Chair and I'm not going to talk so long as redounds have an audience apart from ourselves but that's one to say this because I
Cllr Bell - 1:24:01
used to be a council officer I worked for which the County Council for quite some time in a time when we had a Labour leader of works the County Council called in bottle who was an absolutely fantastic Labour Leader which County Council the staff really light him and his engagement but I just want to say also this the since I have been a Councillor in 2 thousand 10 and Cabinet Members as May 2 thousand 18 the work and commitment of the officers of this Council or whether there I N J C or not and were talking about and JC and also of Lewisham homes who are also an NGC terms and conditions and the contractors that work for Lewisham council that we value their commitment so I completely support this motion thank you to Councillor Brown and Councillor Keller for proposing and seconding it and in memory of my days as a council officer I think that everybody deserves decent pay and Local government has been starved of money since the Tories and the Liberal Democrats as Councillor Brown said took office in 2 thousand and 10 so I completely support this motion and thank you for bringing it
Tauseef Anwar - 1:25:24
thank you Councillor Bell are there any other speakers I can't see any so we will now move to the vote all those in favour of this motion please show

Motion 3: Free School Meals for NRPF Children

are there any against either any abstentions now that's carried unanimously we now move on to the motion number through was his agenda item 12 on page 2 42 41 of your agenda motion in the name of Councillor Barn and to be seconded by Councillor shake Councillor Barnham do you want to move
Cllr Barnham - 1:26:16
a gone too low but conservation forgot to mention the many millions watching the live stream alliance so I do
to properly introduced this out and there's a long-standing principle that children in school shouldn't go hungry on account of their final is income and that's why we have free school meals and indeed a new store in the garden that I saw not logo quoted the Department for Education saying and this is the quote free school meals are provided to disadvantage pupils who need them
but that isn't strictly true there is a potential gap send children are in families who fall into a category described as having no recourse to public funds that means that either the parents have leave to remain in the country but with a condition they don't have recourse to public funds or they have unresolved residency status and farmers in this position do have access to mainstream welfare support research by the Children's Society shows that children in these families and this won't surprise anybody are more likely to be living in poverty they are often forced to turn to local authority children's services for support under the children Act 19 89 we have a duty to support children who are categorised as being in need and that's a safety that so we can provide accommodation and financial support where families with dependent children are destitute and unable to get support elsewhere there are around 100 children in earthen 60 to 70 families at the moment supported by notion Council in this way and that Children's Society steady showed the final is with no recourse to public funds often experience food poverty they are often likely to access food banks them Oby unable to cook healthy nutritious food for young children if they're in a B&B with no access to kitchen also we'll take we will not entitled to free school meals because they'll passported to invite receiving other income related benefits in practice as this motion notes in practice we know that schools there from use their own discretion and they give me as without a formal procedure of us to children who need them for the good of the children and we should applaud that but in the 21st century in the world's fifth biggest economy should we really be relying on that kind of informal kindness to make sure that young children don't go hungry school there's also another problem schools that choose to provide meals for children who are destitute though that funding for so their usual mellow they would otherwise spend on education worse than there he also miss out on other funding that they want to get so are chaired getting free school meals morally that would mean that their school gets extra funding under the pupil premium for that child that's extra funding to help schools do better with the Cervantes children
so for every child from the family with no recourse to public funds primary schools miss out on 1 thousand 300 pounds a year of funding so as well as per extra to feed them though myself on many that they should otherwise get and that really isn't good enough
children are children first and their immigration status is secondary so the notion of two things I think both are important the first thing is we should be supporting the campaign the national campaign and levying London and the campaign's been rumba the north-east north-east lender Merwin action and the Labour campaign for free movement we need to governments to take action to make sure that children are able to access and thrive in education regardless of their background regardless of where parents mode being born and make sure that schools are penalised for supporting them secondly in the meantime we should continue to work with our and schools to ensure that children don't miss out a co evidences that with goodwill as schools 3 let thing but I want to make sure that no one is slipping through the net so for both those reasons I commend this motion to the Council thank you very much
Tauseef Anwar - 1:30:43
thank you Councillor Blackburn and Councillor shape to sick thank you Chair I will be brief I'm really proud to second this motion the no recourse to public funds is a cruel and inhumane manifestation of the Hurst Alan Varun policies from this Tory government and is in line with what I see as institutionally racist policies from our home
Cllr Sheikh - 1:31:06
office I think on one and it can make people homeless and we we sought the death of a young woman who was made homeless because she was we sort of within the remit of no recourse to public funds and mercifully Bader she passed away on the broader caravan first who are words and I think it either ugly and cruel manifestation is that young children are going hungry and I'm really provincial Council for stepping up as a Labour Council especially in order to support schools continue to support schools to make sure no child goes hungry prior to second the motion thank you
Tauseef Anwar - 1:31:39
My opening the debate on this motion
Councillor Penfro yard shot struck up the words
the lower cost of public funds is quite iniquitous whether those says that give something with will air and takes away with a lover so good
Cllr Stephen Penfold - 1:32:01
people a right of residence it will give people a right to work but it will give them no actual benefits Loach the houses it gives a very limited writes to NHS services and it gives the children no rights to free school meals despite the fact that their income will most certainly below the minimum at which they would normally receive free school meals and the type of people were talking about the people with leave to remain in this country who may be on the route to settlement so it's really return half years early intervention gets settlement but while waiting for that for about 10 years they have no recourse to public funds so they go through a period of 10 years where they're not able to access mainstream services
of this country
this affects people who may have been the primary carer on a British child
but a lot business themselves either most people are on the back of no recourse to public funds through circumstances beyond their control
this could or worse right or wrong so this motion provides for the children of people with no recourse to public funds they have low choice in respect of the position they find themselves and the lumps of snow and Lurgashall in the tens I think that holds so this motion will cause little cost to the Council but it will make an enormous difference to the lives of a slew lumber or the most valuable Kurgan in this bar on that will also support the motion thank you
Tauseef Anwar - 1:33:31
well there are no other speakers
no I will move to the vote then 0 those in favour of this motion please show
all those gates
any abstentions
now that was carried unanimously we are coming to the end of the meeting before I close the meeting was to things I want to know one is that were joined by Councillor whole this evening he's no longer here but it's good to see him back in the Chamber again after a period when he is on
My colleague in Berlin I've also got a small gift from me to the woman who sits on the well here which I want to clarify 0 comma dear a courtesy and our best frock
thank you very much for me and IDC because girls
her flowers down because the same thing I close the meeting but she is going to bang the gap