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1 Declaration of Interests
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7 Setting the Council Tax Base, the NNDR Tax Base & Discounts for Second Homes and Empty Homes
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9 Motion 1 Unaccompanied Migrant Children Proposed Cllr Bonavia Seconded Cllr Gallagher
8 NHS Commissioning Arrangements
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9 Motion 1 Unaccompanied Migrant Children Proposed Cllr Bonavia Seconded Cllr Gallagher
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Chair - 0:00:28
not good evening everybody and welcome to this meeting of Lewisham council particular welcome to those members of the public that we're always pleased to see here almost all of our meetings are built it meetings held in public so you are always welcome in this Building of course saying it's a meeting held in public that there are only certain times when we asked members of the public to speak but you are welcome here for the whole of the meeting tonight and as it's the first meeting of the new year happy New Year to you all
I've received apologies for absence from Councillors Campbell cups ski Howard Reed wise more Millbank and shake are there any other apologies
anybody know of any other apologies
but then Councillor Dromey for lateness anybody else yes
Evans for lateness Councillor Gibbons for lateness
Cllr Rathbone - 0:01:41
anybody else

1 Declaration of Interests

Chair - 0:01:51
no right so can I ask if any Member has a declaration of interest to make and can you tell me which item or items your declaring an interest in and whether the interest is a disclosable pecuniary interest or other registerable interest or a non registrable interest I was find that really difficult to say can I see hands for interests

2 Minutes

well so we'll move on to agenda Item number 2 minutes which are found on page 4 of your papers I move that the minutes of the meeting held on November 27 20 19 be agreed as a correct record is that seconded
seconded by the Vice Chair I will sign two copies during the course of the meeting agenda item number three petitions

3 Petitions

I've been notified of one public petition is Ms Brooks going to present it
Cllr Paschoud - 0:03:06
you don't mind through a presenting this on parcel 13 Brooks and I think the total so far 274 other local residents near to Cranston Road in Perry Vale ward what they want the Council to do sadly the school crossing patrol on Craxton Road has some unfortunately left left her job and what they want the Council suicide continue providing a a staff school crossing patrol at that place and also actively investigate other longer-term measures to make this particular road in Perry Vale safer for children and other pedestrians and that fits very well with other moves towards 20 mile an hour speed limits so so I can
Cllr Paschoud - 0:03:52
bring this up future as I say it's had a total of 275 signatories including the ones on these these papers and online
Chair - 0:04:01
thank you Councillor pass you against the best standards and you have a petition
Deputy Mayor - 0:04:09
this from the residents of Nelson Road which is a small side road of Cygnum Road and their concerns are with litter and there's a list of actions they would like the Council to take including replacing the litter bin and I'm delighted that we've already started on this and huge thanks to our dedicated team particularly Pat Hollins who is already making a mark on this petition it's so some 40 residents because it is a small road thank you
Chair - 0:04:41
I probably should have mentioned this sooner it's been pointed out to me by the Mayor that this evening's meeting is being live-streamed but Owmby councillors will be shown I hope on this so we don't have to worry about members of public we do not wish to be shown

4 Announcements or Communications

right announcements and Communications which has shown on pages 6 to 8 of your papers festivals report of the returning Officer the first announcement is my report on the outcome locally of the December generally lecturing can we congratulate our three MPs on the emphatic victories in the usual way
the second rather sadder is to announce the death of George Francis may he rest in peace this is the long serving chair of the New Cross fire parents committee and and you'll note that we recently marked the 39th anniversary of that tragedy last Friday with the service in the Civic Suite I was privileged to attend that service and to talk to some of the relatives along with the Mayor some Councillors and also Sir Steve Bullock and Lady Chris who claims for the people of the borough because they were long involved in them the memorial of that tragic fire I think speaking to those relatives it's now mostly siblings and and cousins and so on because payments are a great age you can't fail to be moved by the dignity that they have shown over the years in remembering their relatives without anger or rancour they just want now for their relatives to be remembered because this they were such a loss of potential in the death Defoe's 14 young people and the big potential has been marked in in bursaries for students I think at Goldsmiths but when you talk to them what they talk about is the small potential that was lost that loving member of their family that that is no longer with them and as a say they they conduct themselves with great dignity in their loss and and I think we we could all learn a lot from them I'm going to ask you now to stand for a minute in respectful silence for those 14 young people
Chair - 0:08:41
and I'm sure that in in respect for George we will not let the people he was soaking to be remembered ever be forgotten
so now we move on Holocaust Memorial Day that the Council we supporting this year as it always does Holocaust Memorial Day on Sunday the 26th there will be an invest in the theatre which I'm hoping as many Councillors as possible will attend and on very pleased this year that we have a good friend Reverend Rome with us this evening to conduct a short memorial service and I'd like to call upon the Mayor to introduce this
item to us before Reverend Rome addresses our meeting thank you thank
The Mayor - 0:09:36
you very much Chair on I speak not just as matter but also as the chair of Lewisham's Holocaust Memorial Day Committee and other Members are here today we would all like to put on record our thanks to Councillor Pauline Morrison who was the Chair and shared it with great stewardship over over a number of years we have a long tradition in this borough of supporting Holocaust Memorial Day and what a lot of people don't see is the work in Holocaust education that this Authority does which every year involves hundreds of Lewisham schoolchildren being taken into performance is being taken into lessons to learn about the Holocaust and one of the fantastic things about the Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration in Lewisham is that those children come and put their performances on and demonstrate to the community what they have learned something very special and it's built up to become the biggest event of its kind in south London
the theme for this year's Holocaust Memorial Day is stand together and we've reports of hate crime rising across the country is more important than ever that we unite with our friends and neighbours to fight against intolerance into fight against hatred this year marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz one of the most significant moments of the second world war
and I am proud that in the last year Lewisham has shown that we are a community that stand together the council unanimously passed the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism the I chair a definition and we have continued to build our calendar to reflect our multi-faith multi diverse community with with also having south London's largest Hanukah celebration we hosted our first great Salam here in the Town Hall celebration of Lucian's formula Lucian's Muslim community and of course our interfaith walk of peace and I thanks I know that there are a number of people in this room are involved in putting those activities to Gavin thank you for supporting that in the Borough finally I would like to thank my fellow members of the Holocaust Memorial Day committee I'd like to thank members and friends from capful in Bromley synagogue and in particular Reverend David Rome for his support to this Council throughout the years and and Reverend Rome will now lead us through the memorial prayer and candlelight Councillor lighting thank you
speaker for couple of minutes about three people who I didn't mention some years ago here and it was also spoken about by the past Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
and these people really epitomise how we can reflect on ourselves
the BBC they showed a documentary some some years ago and it was called the best of men and it's one of the most remarkable films that I've seen and it's about an extraordinary German Jewish refugee who was a Dr and later so Ludwick Goodman in Germany in 19 33 he was the best neurosurgeon in Germany
as soon as the Nazis came to power all the Jewish doctors were turfed out they were thrown out and he was sent Dr Goodman was sent to the Jewish Hospital in breast love and there he was able to do he was able to do remarkable thing the morning after the Knights of broken glass which is good Kristallnacht where all the properties were ransacked from the glass was smashed in in the shops
people were being rounded up and Dr Goodman he gave orders that the Jewish hospital impress love should accept anyone who knocked on their doors because if they were in hospital they wouldn't be rounded up so he welcomed anyone and everyone to the Jewish Hospital in that one day he saved 60 people in 19 39 he realised that he had to come had to leave the country he came to Britain and in 19 43 the British government asking to establish the national spinal injury Centre at the Stoke Mandeville hospital in Buckinghamshire and the BBC documentary is about these years between 19 43 and 19 48
I've rarely seen a more amazing fill and the situation we faced was as follows paraplegics when he arrived there and saw what was going on there are regarded by doctors as people who should just be kept sedated as people who immobile until they sadly passed away and he said No these are real people and are entitled to a life and are entitled to dignity and he set about bringing them back to life which was an amazing process when everybody else have given up on these people
he began to have their medication he half their Pinker's because they were being kept sedated in order to keep them relaxed he got them to sit up which was for them very very difficult he got them to start selling their stories he got the nurses to sit with them so they could tell their life stories so that they could reconnect with who they were before this time they were just laying there dormant then he got them doing exercises amazing
he got them a physical a PE instructor and eventually got them throwing boos around the room and eventually he sat the doctors and nurses in wheelchairs and got them throwing balls to these people and then throwing them back
you know people were against him the nurses were against in the doctors were gates to miss what are you doing these people need to be kept calm and relaxed and he said No we're able to do something here
he had a vision and he kept going and you know eventually he organised the first paraplegic Olympic Games in 19 48
as a wonderful moment when the doctors are sitting around the table so discuss and or Road objecting to the way that his treating the patients are one of the doctors says on the film
that these people you should just let them die and he says no they are the best of men and that is why the film was cooled the best of men this is a man who had a vision the second person also with an amazing vision was a Makrigiannis Cossack Younge Kaushik and he was at the time the most famous Dr in Poland
he was famous at the time in Poland for being the radio Dr and wrote bestselling children's books he was a across between Robert Winston and JK Rowling and
he gave up everything he was a very rich guy he gave up everything in order to open up an orphanage
he creates a Jewish orphanage and
out service orphanage something unbelievable happened so remarkable that you know history some Jewish history the Catholics of the time with very very against the Jewish people thank are things have changed we're getting on much better which is great but the Catholics they copied his orphanage and learnt from him and opens up north niche for Catholic children to and he was the first person who came up with this phrase a child's right to respect it was him youngish Kaushik heating treat the like orphans he treated them like royalty he got them to produce the first Children's newspaper in Poland got them to do things made them feel that they were worth something he also got the children to take charge of discipline in the orphanage so they sat as little almost and caught in its own way and they were able to summon him and put him in detention if he was doing anything wrong and he was the first person to treat these office that the world neglected as full human beings of course when the war came he was rounded up along with the children in the orphanage and they were taken to the death camps and even in that moment he told the children's or put on their best shot their best Sabbath close on this sherbet we were our best clothes and they put on their best clothes and walked to the gas chambers absolutely tragic one of the great heroes though of the 20th century and finally the third person is revenge for stone
and he's world-famous and his world famous because he did things that no Dr or specialist could ever do and why is that it's because he said you have to have belief you have to have belief in a person in our fellow human beings and our fellow humankind and he said If you have belief in that person that person will do things nobody else believe they could ever do and we think of these individuals who had what we call but Saleemul Kim everybody is created in the image of God whatever God we believe in everybody is created in the most perfect
image and that is why throughout human existence we are in this world to make the world a better place some of us like Jansch Kodak's children would be orphans some of us like Ludovic Goodman's would be paraplegics and we would no longer know how to stand up straight in the physical sense but there's more to life than physicality there's also a sense of spirituality and I'll deeper in a so so let us take a lesson from these very important people now so many more in history but I won't bore you for you've got interesting things to talk about at your meeting
and have the courage to stand up for our convictions to help people when they are in need which is something that Lewisham council does so well taking in refugees and so on and that we can emulate the greatest people in history from all over the world in achieving things because they believed they could because if we believe something if we believe we can do a good thing to a good turn for somebody we really can and we are really able to
like to wouldn't like to but I'm honoured to lights the memorial can also say the memorial prayer firstly in English and Hebrew if everybody would like to stand followed by the two minutes silence
I got a couple of compassion who dwells on high Grant perfect rest in your divine presence to of Asos of our holy and pure brethren whose blood was spilt by the murderers in Auschwitz Belzec Bergen-Belsen Dachau made an EHC Sobibor trebling her and other extermination camps in Europe who were killed strangled burned and buried alive for the
Rev Rome - 0:21:59
sanctification of your name
for who sews we now pray together and also for the souls with those of subsequent genocides may they resting place be in the Garden of Eden may the master of mercy shelter them in the shadow of his wings for eternity maybe bind their souls in the bond of life for God is their heritage and may they rest in eternal peace in their resting places and let us say amen
and the Hebrew
helmet thereafter
a sure thing for me in how it same an Afana Han now are I confess way a husky NA my lot could Orsina to hurry him because I care mass Heery him
that's Neesham 0 0
I came to I could assume the hats a whole Reem she enough Looby to harass him when he sparked a Mamba Auschwitz made Annex Treblinka we shall my from not hushing mud Vale passion ahead or Gu Shan's shuttle listen is Rafael The Sun needs blue the sun after the coup allocate do actually BOV who cycle hacker Hull high-cut those has there meets holiday they are task comrades Nisshin Maru how far on the or gani then Sir he knew cut on luck in urban Rafa me him yes see rain the Saints I can affair far Leola me him with the real Hogpits raw from at the smarthome I do NI who novella town may they rest in peace we all knew who I'll Misca vote far from the site along are 0 m then Armagh are
Rev Rome - 0:26:20
Chair - 0:26:27
and we thank you for the privilege of of sharing that memorial with you as we always say to guests and friends when they come you are very welcome to remain with us for the whole of this meeting or to leave us at any point from now on that you feel comfortable with don't feel obliged if you wish to leave
to leave us
I move on now to another announcement and this is about the Queen's New Year's honours list it's it's information about this is is published in your papers we want to record our congratulations concerning these awards and there are some names year known very well to all of us ailing Buckton has been awarded an MBE David Meikle has been awarded an MBE Leslie silly has been awarded a CBE Rob Whiteman has been ordered a sea awarded a CBE
Lord Coe Robinson has been awarded a B E M and Emma Worley and MB E and in your papers you will see the connections but between those people in US I'm sure we all remember ailing bucked and leaving assignee a few moments ago and we were very pleased that they have these awards and so let's congratulate them
now the New Year's Day parade as usual we had a float in the New Year's Day parade now that London New Year's Day provide formerly the Lord Mayor of Westminster's parade which I told my son was especially for his birthday which is on the 1st of January he believed that for a couple of years and we we took part and and part of the reason that you join is if you do well with your float you get given some money to give to your Mayor's charity and our float this year came in the number 6 to number 10 slot they don't rank those they tell you what you are want to 5 billion you're not ranked on the six to 10 slot and we won 5 thousand pounds which will go to the Mayor's 9 9 9 Club charity so we're very pleased about that and similarly this year the May had a winter appeal
and the next two announcements are about the Mayor's wonderful fund raising achievements so I invite the met to talk about that through so
The Mayor - 0:29:33
well is just to say thank you to to everybody who ever donated or shared on social media and the news about the the winter appeal now over that winter period thanks to the generosity of local residents we raised over 17 thousand pounds so it's been very very well received also thank the new sharper for profiling the work that charities do so this is split between the 9 9 9 club and the Lucian food bank which is run by the Trussell Trust they work with somebody of food food banks as well so thank you to everyone who was involved
Chair - 0:30:12
think he and the next announcement is about the launch of the Lewisham disabled People's Commission so the Deputy Mayor is going to tell us about that
Deputy Mayor - 0:30:23
thank you Chair we would have had this on the announcements our previous meeting but we were in purdah so unfortunately weren't able to talk about this but I'm pleased we can this evening and at local resident Jamie Hale has been appointed to chair the commission what we're very interested in is making sure we get the views of our local residents and it is part of our corporate strategy commitment the first meeting is to really share with you and hopefully you can get the message out through Twitter and Facebook it's at Deptford Lounge next Wednesday the 29th of January so please give a shout for that it is held in public and we do want people to really participate and get the views on how we can improve life locally and of course maybe take some things further on assisting disabled people thank you
I thank you the next announcement is about LGBT history month and the
Chair - 0:31:26
Deputy Mayor is going to speak on that as well thank you again it's in
Deputy Mayor - 0:31:32
your papers it's just to say February we will be flying the flag thank you for everyone who joined us for the photo call and there are a number of events that are planned and of course is always the Young Mayor's team is very positive in engaging with our local schools and there will be an interactive event here in the Civic again to facilitate the expression of ideas and views and as you can see well be an intergenerational meeting as always with the positive ageing council in the Young Mayor's advisers again really encouraged people to spread the word and come on participate thank you Chair
thank you
Chair - 0:32:14
the next announcement is about Councillor Joni Reid who just in time gave birth to her daughter insert Thomas' hospital yesterday so I'm able to announce that it
I understand it say 7 pound baby girl so we'll all send congratulations to to her but also we need to formally recommend granting Joni absence from her council role for I believe the next six months is that right until after the summer so I propose that that you have her maternity leave which I'm sure she's going to need and enjoy and I understand that Councillor card is the second that yes charred
Cllr Codd - 0:33:12
I'd like to formally second that full my Ward Councillor college and with your indulgence congratulate her and David on the birth of a loner
Chair - 0:33:22
thank you very much for that so can I just see all those in favour of granting that
I believe that to be unanimous so thank you very much
Chair - 0:33:42
a move on with a agenda to item number 5 which are the public questions to be found on pages 9 to 10 a copy of the questions received a written responses to them have been circulated

5 Public questions

can I remind everyone that they've already been answered in advance of the meeting and will try and take as many supplementary questions as possible as the time allowed but this supplementary question has to be based on the written answer which has been given and there shouldn't be any speeches or any other interruptions to process so I shall go through the list we don't seem to have an enormous number of the public present but I understand there are some people who particularly asked to speak so question one is from Mr. hedge
he particularly said he wished to speak as he here now Mr. Wood John Wood
Chair - 0:34:52
Mrs. Richardson now Jennifer gets
Carol spelling has already said she does not intend to be here Chris Mayne's is not here Carol Hoe must hope here now Mark Morris
Andrew Tonge no Mr. Richardson now was learned wish
the Swedish no we already know that Mr. headteachers here John Wood isn't here Mrs. Richardson isn't here Gina Raggett isn't here Carol hope Morpheus and returned
Birkhead ditch John Wood
Mrs. Richardson
I'm going down wondering who indeed is here is there a member of the public here
can I ask you which question you you want to
I am asking because a lot of the public are not here if there is anybody here to ask a supplementary question
now there is nobody here today who wishes to ask a supplementary were that I find quite extraordinary but I give much praise to those who have given their answers cabinet members and officers who have put together such good answers that nobody has found it necessary to ask a supplementary
Hd of Ctte and Bus - 0:37:01
this is definitely a full list I'm afraid so we can only take
Chair - 0:37:05
questions that that are recorded on the agenda Councillor Mallory
Cllr Mallory - 0:37:16
the question of the chair public accounts which in my memory is the first time that that's been done and I'm really disappointed Minister Hebditch isn't here because I was looking forward to slaughtering and in the supplementary thank you Chair well I'm very sorry that I forgot to also thank the thoroughness of the chair of public accounts who I
Chair - 0:37:38
now thank for his extraordinary answer that has led to Mr. heb ditch not needing to attend to ask a supplementary

6 Member questions

so we move on there were three members questions and the first is from Councillor Bernard's of Councillor McKeever
for your answer
Cllr Bernards - 0:38:06
there is something which was not answered here the well on the under which
I asked about the company that was we were hiring this trucks from the because they are actually saving public money we should also have them in the public domain and I I would like that to be sent to me as well and also at what stage on when the way and get them and also the cost that you give me here
it looks to me as an average I asked an itemised Cost Of The Year of 20 18 and the whole of 20 19 so you give me
On average figure here for the 2 years so would you please supply that of when you have the figures in thank you very much
yes well
Cllr McGeevor - 0:39:15
Cllr McGeevor - 0:39:16
Chair - 0:39:20
let was that all the reply that was required yes
right Councillor Curran have you got a supplementary to ask Councillor MacGyver are half JA
Cllr Curran - 0:39:29
thanks very much for your response your response points out that our D was approved but there was a separate large Audi supermarket turned down previously because there were no figures for the side roads around that development these figures whether traffics being measured at the main roads and the Bill Green development is undergoing a great intensification and originally envisaged 20 years ago so my question is
following especially the stuff we are talking about last night with the climate change plan which he undertake to review a way that we look at our traffic measurements so that it coincides properly with our planning developments because sometimes they just they don't synchronise
Cllr McGeevor - 0:40:22
could it could you clarify what type of traffic measurements for July well the side roads to round this development are included in the measurements and this is where residents were complaining of greater traffic and any traffic where measuring are on the actual main roads
OK I will I will look into it and make a request
Chair - 0:40:48
Councillor Bernard you have a supplementary to ask the Mayor
Cllr Bernards - 0:40:53
Chair - 0:40:53
Cllr Bernards - 0:40:57
or you are answer this is something we have had many times about that equal paternity employer but I was asking because this
is an opportunity
as that at the time that we are bidding to be the culture Ibarra to be seen to be that to be just that
however I proposed
unconscious by us to be used on this occasion which the answer turns up to be illegal but this things has been used to before I remember the last chief executive the was still was was done through the same something
I was in a in a follow over was involved in a panel of interviewing the current Chief Executive
in the various shortlisted candidates which were all women that along all women shortlisting so in this sense even that and that badge of the JIF Executive one of them was proposing that they would use and bias unconscious bias to make sure that that representation from the top is seen to represent the population that represent in this location and therefore it is becomes a bit difficult when you are you trying to tell people that Lewisham is a multicultural are is a multicultural Borough and but that representation tells a different story altogether and
people in Lewisham their children here they have acquired or the scales but they get jobs elsewhere while they cannot be able to serve in their borough and this is really not it's not it doesn't sound doesn't sit well with a population and therefore I think we need to look into that much more in much Margie to have in the future and thank you very much for your answer he spell men
Chair - 0:43:21
The Mayor - 0:43:25
Jonathan you raising what is for all of us at the Councillor a critical issue you'll know there I appointed last year recent John as my Mayoral adviser on focus solely on Bain career progression through Lewisham council in terms of new Council coming I'm new staff coming into the Council we know that 53 percent of all of our staff new recruits are from BAME backgrounds are reflective of our community as with other councils in London because we benchmark against other London and although in our senior management positions would 12th most diverse we still want to improve that much much further and and that would be a challenge across across local government what we haven't ever done is certainly not my time on on the council is ever have ring-fence positions for any equalities characteristics and you talk about the chief executive recruitment which is interesting that you thought it was an all-women shortlists because actually the best candidates that came forward were all women and so the shortlist candidates in that situation always where we will always seek to find the best candidate for for a job what we have to do is make sure that when we go out in this work that we're doing in terms of recruitment that we're getting a diverse Porter you'll be pleased to know because you're asking about the recruitment for the Director of children and young people that we've had been candidates apply for that the other piece of work they were doing the council is a BAME leadership programme so that those 53 percent of staff who have joined the organisation have the opportunity to work with people for is a common opportunities for training to move people at the fruity organisation and give them the support that they need we're making progress
but this this is a it's not something that that we can we can put some solutions in an forget about it it's something that we will continually need to work on to get the change we want to see but thank you for raising this issue

7 Setting the Council Tax Base, the NNDR Tax Base & Discounts for Second Homes and Empty Homes

Chair - 0:45:21
thank you met that is the end of Members' questions we now move on to agenda Item number 7 which is setting the Council Tax Base the in NDR Tax Base and discounts for second homes and empty house you'll find this on pages 12 to 26 of your papers I call upon Councillor direct to move the recommendations concerning this report
Cllr De Ryk - 0:45:48
thank you so the recommendations before us relate to items that come together to form part of the budget building process for 20 20 20 21 the council tax base is the number of Band D equivalent properties in a local authority area and this forms part of the wider budget calculations and proposed collection rate the proposed base this year is 90 thousand and 99 point 3 and the proposed collection rate which has remained steady over a number of years is to remain the same at 97 percent the council tax rate including the GLA element is set separately at the full Council budget meeting at the end of February
members will note that this paper also contains recommendations on the local discretionary Council tax rates that local authorities can apply to particular groups in their area
I am pleased to say that we are proposing to continue to set a discretionary discount of 100 percent for local authority care leavers under 25 are council tax reduction scheme will also continue with those who would have been eligible for the council tax benefit able to claim a reduction on their council tax with pensioners remaining exempt we are also continuing our efforts to bring long term empty dwellings back into use with a scheme of council tax rises on properties that get steeper the longer it remains empty
this there is the opportunity within the scheme for work to be done so that properties remain have it took habitable but those which simply remain empty would pay significantly higher council tax rates the report also contains information about income expected from business rates collection some of which is retained by the Council some of which is due to government and some to the GLA the official London rates pooling pilot scheme has ended and central government is now retaining a larger share than last year the central share as its now will go up from 25 percent in 20 19 20 to 33 percent next year but London Councils have collectively agreed to continue to pull rates amongst themselves which is to Lewisham's benefit so Lewisham rule retract retained the whole of its 30 percent share but was also receive a top up from the London pool AMR Damien Egan was part of those discussions and negotiations and so deserves credit for the continuation of the scheme I move the recommendations
Chair - 0:48:41
thank you Councillor derived I call upon Councillor Mallory to second
Cllr Mallory - 0:48:43
formally second that I would I would say that I find it difficult to second the page 26 which is almost impossible to read it might be helpful in future for council tax base calculation was in larger type
Chair - 0:49:03
can I recommend paper paper-free to Councillor Malory or that that wouldn't be working now I'm seeing shaking of Ed so I cannot recommend that
OK so I now open debate on this item can I see anybody who wishes to speak Councillor Smith do you wish to speak
anybody who wish to speak
Mayor do you wish to say anything
OK so can I see all members in favour of this report
can I see any against
any abstentions
I believe that to be unanimous agenda Item number 8 the NHS consider
Deputy Mayor - 0:50:02
commissioning arrangements which are Vine on page 20 17 32 of your papers Councillor best to move recommendations concerning this report thank you very much speaker so as part of the reorganisation within the health service the 6 Clinical Commissioning groups in south-east London due to merge on the 1st of April 20 20 to form a South East London Clinical Commissioning Group this regional organisation will require local arrangements for services that are unique to the individual boroughs and these will be managed by Barratt laced boards which will have delegated authority for local services on the 12th of December the Mayor and Cabinet agreed in principle to Lewisham's Barra based board and received a report on the background and delivery of the new arrangements are included in this report of the key points of what the background has been in terms of the NHS long-term plan and there's further information online in the Cabinet report but in order to ensure that the Council is effectively engaged with Lewisham's Borough based board it is proposed that a new council post of Director of integrated care and commissioning is created and that this will work across both the Council and the NHS to promote better joint working and improved outcomes for patients and residents as such this paper asks Council to agree subject to Marin Cabinet agreeing to participate in the borough based board to the establishment of a new post of Director of integrated care and commissioning at a level of remuneration on the Jan C to salary scale which is up to 114 thousand 132 pounds per annum
Chair - 0:51:51
thank you Councillor best Councillor Mark do a slum you to second as
Cllr Muldoon - 0:51:54
of Madam Speaker I formally second

9 Motion 1 Unaccompanied Migrant Children Proposed Cllr Bonavia Seconded Cllr Gallagher

Chair - 0:52:05
thank you for your brevity Councillor Modine I open debate on Item 8 Is there anybody you issues to speak

8 NHS Commissioning Arrangements

nobody who wishes to speak so can I see all members in favour of these recommendations
any against
anyone who wishes to abstain
I think we're unanimous

9 Motion 1 Unaccompanied Migrant Children Proposed Cllr Bonavia Seconded Cllr Gallagher

Chair - 0:52:36
agenda Item number 9 this is motion in the name of Councillor Olivier to be seconded by Councillor Gallagher you'll find this on page 52 53
Cllr Bonavia - 0:52:51
of your papers I call upon Councillor Bonavena to move the motion thank you Madam Speaker
earlier this week I met rid while a 17 year old studying A levels in maths physics and politics
rude one was born in war-torn Eritrea and a few years ago he was one of millions of children across the world fleeing from conflict and persecution
tragically read one lost his mum when the boat they were on sank in Mediterranean
route was read one was now a lone child refugee unity but he had family willing to look after him namely his aren't here in London and so he got the chance of starting a new life in her care and I was privileged to meet her to she should be very proud of helping to raise midway into such a confident and able young man
and we were all there together for the safe passage rally outside parliament to persuade lawmakers in that building to keep the legal protection of family RIP reunion that gave rid one his new life and not deny it to so many other children currently alone in camps across Europe whose lives will be now be even greater danger of trafficking exploitation and even worse removing the right to family reunion is not just a moral it is nonsensical to when there are willing family relatives and willing local councils like Lewisham can make it happen so why on earth is this government doing this the right to family reunion for unaccompanied child refugees is a legal right that our country signed up to it a member of the European Union as part of Dublin convention now in force as a Dublin III regulation now that the government is ploughing ahead with Brexit this obligation will fall away when we leave the European Union unless it is kept as part of the withdrawal legislation currently going through parliament
and that is exactly what campaigners led by Lord Alf Dubs of fighting for Alf's amendment to the EU withdrawal bill in the House of Lords restores the legal right to family reunion and yet it remains opposed by the government now the government claim they will keep the fight the right to family reunion in some other way rather than remaining bounty yet another EU law after Brexit but experience shows we simply can't take their word for it
back in 20 16 of had also sought an amendment to a Bill in order to guarantee a home here for unaccompanied children from abroad Alphin self have led the Nazis and as a Jewish 6 year old boy it's part of the Kindertransport
by which this country saved 10 thousand children from near-certain death
our amendment was a small ask simply to take in 3 thousand refugee children who didn't have family relatives living here the government eventually caved in and made that promise for 3 thousand children known as a Dubs amendment yet months later the government broke its promise having taken only 350 children the then Home secretary Amber Rudd used the old hostile environment line of this country acting as a pull factor to migrants and claim that councils did not have enough care places I remember being so angry hearing that that those words from Amber Rudd because this Council had been asking the Home Office for months to give us kids for 24 places that we are offering
and this government has a full on bat abandoned child refugees and we can't rely on their promises and now with Boris Johnson leading this government trust is one quality we simply cannot rely on the only way to force him to keep his promise is binding your shamefully MPs have today failed to back that amendment but we in Lewisham have that compassion not only families taking their health of children but other family Fosse fostering children without relatives here we're doing all we can to support this if you'd our commitment to welcome 100 unaccompanied child refugees under the safe passage pledge
in addition to that we are well on our way to reset the 100 fans from ref refugee families in Syria and elsewhere that is what a bar of Sanctuary looks like but we cannot give that sanctuary to refugee children who the government won't let in despite today's vote we will fight on and so we simply asked let the children in and reverse much
Chair - 0:57:46
Cllr Gallagher - 0:57:53
Councillor to Gallo you're going to a second the motion yet just something quick I think I was very pleased when Olivier asked me to second this and the work that that Lewisham council and the community and the borough and the people within the borough do by the Borough a sanctuary is one of the things that I am most private of are most grateful for the work of the staff and and an ordinary people who put so much time and energy into this because it is so crucially important
I I fear I can't talk about what they did today without
Mick by swearing a lot so I think I should formally second
Chair - 0:58:36
I do thank you for not swearing o now commence the general debate and vote really been asked by Councillor Farani if we can now speak so catslide Ronnie
Cllr Adefiranye - 0:58:55
thank you might have
I wish to express my support for this motion and his strongest terms
struggles to imagine
of hopelessness desperation or company refugees
and I go to say nothing of the exposure to any number of forms of exploitation and abuse
this country has unfortunately Garros recently in me that yes but tonight already here now to be nighter with a majority written seem to me to send the height
perhaps that is
maternity Soraya Mafi word is marked Cottrez
the way in which the United you have a keen down has historically
Cllr Ingleby - 1:00:18
doors to those fleeing war and even the right to a family life is
Cllr Adefiranye - 1:00:20
enshrined as they fought a main to human right and Swarby shameful why they never cleaned and government to be among those with deny that right this innocent Duran I support the motion
Chair - 1:00:40
Councillor Edie for any Councillor Smith
Cllr Smith - 1:00:49
thank you
the mere fact that we have to bring this motion here
demonstrates the complete disregard this government for anyone that is not a friend or benefactor the narcissistic lying leader
no right-minded person could fail to support this motion and I will be supporting
Chair - 1:01:14
thank you Councillor Smith there any more Councillor C wish to speak on this motion
I don't think I can see anyone else indicating so we will move to the vote or members in favour of this motion please show
thank you any against any wish to abstain
I think that is unanimous that that brings us to the end of business I feel so thank you very much for your attendance and gravity