Mayor and Cabinet - Wednesday, 12th February 2020 at 6:30pm - Lewisham Council Webcasting

Mayor and Cabinet
Wednesday, 12th February 2020 at 6:30pm 









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  1. Mayor Damien Egan
  2. Mayor Damien Egan
1 Declaration of Interests
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2 Matters Raised by Scrutiny and other Constitutional Bodies
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3 Overview and Scrutiny Committee - requests for further information
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4 Comments of the Housing Select Committee on overcrowding in Lewisham
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  1. Public Speaker
  2. Mayor Damien Egan
  3. Public Speaker
  4. Cllr Paul Bell
  5. Public Speaker
  6. Mayor Damien Egan
  7. Public Speaker
  8. Mayor Damien Egan
  9. Public Speaker
  10. Cllr Kevin Bonavia
6 Budget 2020/21 Update
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  1. Mayor Damien Egan
  2. Public Speaker
  3. Mayor Damien Egan
  4. Mayor Damien Egan
  5. Cllr Kevin Bonavia
7 Update on Community Wealth Building and the Inclusive Growth & Innovation Strategy.
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  1. Public Speaker
  2. Cllr Amanda De Ryk
  3. Mayor Damien Egan
  4. Cllr Jonathan Slater
  5. Mayor Damien Egan
8 Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form Admissions arrangements for 2021/22
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  1. Cllr Chris Barnham
  2. Mayor Damien Egan
  3. Mayor Damien Egan
  4. Public Speaker
  5. Public Speaker
  6. Mayor Damien Egan
9 Integration with the NHS: approval of participation in NHS South East London Clinical Commissioning Group's Lewisham Borough Based Board
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  1. Cllr Chris Best
  2. Mayor Damien Egan
  3. Public Speaker
  4. Mayor Damien Egan
  5. Mayor Damien Egan
10 Response to the Sustainable Development Select Committee comments on the priorities for the Borough Wide Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) fund
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  1. Mayor Damien Egan
11 State of the Highways Infrastructure - an update on the Highways Asset Management Strategy
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  1. Cllr Sophie McGeevor
  2. Mayor Damien Egan
  3. Mayor Damien Egan
  4. Mayor Damien Egan
12 Community Energy Fund Grant Award Report
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  1. Cllr Jonathan Slater
  2. Mayor Damien Egan
  3. Cllr Jonathan Slater
  4. Cllr Chris Barnham
  5. Cllr Jonathan Slater
  6. Cllr Sophie McGeevor
  7. Mayor Damien Egan
  8. Mayor Damien Egan
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Mayor Damien Egan - 0:00:00
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:00:01
welcome everybody to Mayor and Cabinet to commence this meeting by pointing out that all I'm

1 Declaration of Interests

the all present can contribute to debates but only and Cabinet Members or job share Cabinet Members holding january 2 June remits are entitled to vote and job-share Cabinet Members holding July to December remits can be present in contributions but will not vote in the debates and those non-voting Members have read name plates also just to note that this meeting is being webcast live that means that the Council cannot guarantee the aim prison at is meeting will not be filmed or recorded and additionally any member of the public are welcome to film withdrawn members of the public here we just ask that you feel most people contributing to debates rather than other people who have come to watch Mayor and Cabinet this evening okay item 1 declarations of interest can I ask if any Cabinet Member a job-share Cabinet Member has any declaration of interest to make

2 Matters Raised by Scrutiny and other Constitutional Bodies

3 Overview and Scrutiny Committee - requests for further information

that's noted so no declarations of interest Item 2 I can confirm that we have got no matters that have been raised Item 3 sets the overview and scrutiny committee request for further information the Committee's request further information be noted and so I propose that officers prepare a response for future considerations come back to this meeting is that seconded and agreed

4 Comments of the Housing Select Committee on overcrowding in Lewisham

okay item for it so this is comments from the Housing Select Committee of their work on overcrowding in Lewisham and I invite Councillor Penfold whose Voigt Vice Chair of the Housing Select Committee to present his referral on behalf of the Committee on overcrowding over to Steven
Public Speaker - 0:01:52
thank you Mayor
and unfortunately Peter is away
so I'm he sent me in his place
so the first thing is I'm on overcrowding
and we've asked the I'm
a the Mayor and Cabinet to agree that
in principle that the Council adopt a statutory definition of overcrowding as an additional measure of overcrowding within its Housing Allocations scheme subject to an assessment of the potential costs procedural issues and impact for other priority groups on the housing list
the Committee asked Mayor and Cabinet to assess the impact of such a change a report back to the Housing Select Committee in 6 months time what lies behind this is that
there are two measures of overcrowding
out there there's the bedroom standard which Lewisham adopts and all are in fact all London authorities adopt the bedroom standard but some London authorities actually slightly more than half I think 17 and also adopt statutory overcrowding and when
personally statutorily overcrowded then they have a high priority that statutorily overcrowding a row arises from the nineteen thirtys and is really a public health matter and it's a slightly different measure than ordinary bedroom standard and it has to do with the size of the rooms and the number of people in their ages
it is a less generous measure than the bedroom standard and as I say it was introduced as a public health measure because it was recognised that statutory overcrowding cause severe health problems it causes
condensation dampness and respiratory diseases in fact it's actually a criminal offence for a private landlord to let out of our house at a statutorily overcrowded so what the Housing Select Committee wants to do is from that to be included as a measure but before that was to happen I understand that there are concerns particularly from Councillor Bell as to the impact that may have on the housing list generally because obviously it's not going to magic up more houses it's just were allocated them in a different way so there's an issue about how we robbing Peter to pay to play pay Paul and how would that impact upon say homeless families so that is why we've requested that officers assess the impact I we think the impact would be quite small because the numbers will be quite low but we're not sure and obviously needs to be looked at because we wouldn't want to create another
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:04:31
crisis somewhere else so that's the purpose behind it
Public Speaker - 0:04:36
Cllr Paul Bell - 0:04:36
thank you very much Councillor M any questions or comments Councillor Bill
thank you Councillor Penfold for the report from houses Select Committee we value our value in particular the work of the House and Select Committee does you are absolutely right that I am sceptical at this point because our priorities homelessness
rather than overcrowding in statutorily but we will do that research
Public Speaker - 0:04:58
and come back to you subject to the Mayor's agreement
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:05:00
thank you
thank you very much so in light of that and just on behalf of all of us as well he please send our thanks back to the Committee for their work and proposed that we ask officers to consider the report's recommendations prepare a response it will come back to Marian cabinets
is that seconded
and agreed
thank you very much and then item 5 year housing Select Committee in-depth review of resident engagement in housing developments final
Public Speaker - 0:05:31
recommendations in summary of evidence given Councillor pamphlet yes
thank you I can bear
this was the in-depth review that the Housing Committee did this year and I have said this was really
initiated by Councillor galah guy who isn't very well today and I had hoped the shed to come to speak to it but anyway we did quite an in-depth review we went to visit various other local authorities and the idea it was felt that it was quite an Apple site time to do this because of a lot of
building work is going on regeneration of estates and stuff like that so
it was really to look at best practice for resident engagement and
as I say we looked at I'm various other how other local authorities do it how our own housing providers do it like Lewisham homes Phoenix we also got a couple of professional people in to come and talk to us and as you say that the recommendations are set out
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:06:33
in the paper and I would just ask that Mayor and Cabinet adopt those
thank you any questions or comments now again on behalf of all of us thank you to the work on the Committee and we've got some very good suggestions to increase resident engagement so again I propose the officers draft response will come back to Mayor and Cabinet is that seconded and agreed
thank you thank you very much Item 6 is
Public Speaker - 0:06:58
budgets Councillor Derek

6 Budget 2020/21 Update

Cllr Kevin Bonavia - 0:07:03
thank you I'm actually a this is a largely technical report i'm which confirms the local government settlement and the GLA addition to the council tax rate that we set last week I'm and it also includes the Section 1 5 1 Officer's report on the state of the Council's finances so other than formally proposing the recommendations I matched again to hand over to David who is the acting Section 1 5 1 officer he can
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:07:30
talk you through that directly
Public Speaker - 0:07:34
you're just to say on the final settlement the debate in Parliament day got postponed so we are still tracking that so I'll have to keep you updated after the Council meeting on the 26th
the other point the GLA changes would not expect to choose to confirm those on the 24th which is ahead of one were due to meet on the 26th that should be fine
we hope and in respect of the Section 25 Statement which is just the one I have to make in respect of the reserves
that underpinned the Budget subject to though things been confirmed
on the Council's consideration I believe there are sufficient reserves into there's no risk to this budget from the reserves position for the next year or so
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:08:15
thank you very much we had the the wider discussion on the budget the last mayor and cabinet and said his comeback its tight 26th of February 2 Full Council okay I'm it can ask all those in favour of the recommendations please raise your hand
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:08:32
that's a great thank you very much item 7 which is an update on our community wealth building and inclusive growth Councillor Derek

7 Update on Community Wealth Building and the Inclusive Growth & Innovation Strategy.

Cllr Kevin Bonavia - 0:08:46
thank you I'm as a most of you will know I'm one of our manifesto commitments was to explore the ways in which we could increase the resilience of our local economy and residents
and there are a number of ways that as a local Council and one of the largest employers in the borough that we felt we could do this and were already doing work in the area and particularly following on from the excellent work done in the previous administration by the Lewisham poverty Commission
Councillor Jamie who's been working very closely with me on this and and his own work is going to talk about the inclusive growth strategy in a second a that we are about to launch and I'm going to introduce some of the work you've been doing together around community wealth building I'm
there are lots of potential strands to a community wealth building approach but a few headline points for what we have done in Lewisham would include the introduction of the London living wage I'm a social value approach to procurement that has seen us rethink the way we wait and value price over wider quality in our procurement process a recruiting apprentices to the Council and investing in training and our own employees to increase their skills and leadership of potential and also working with our local anchor institutions in the Lewisham deal to make sure that contracts are accessible to small and medium sized local businesses
last year we commissioned a think tank working in this area to come and health check our progress in these areas we ask them to look at what we were doing well what we could improve and how we can maximise opportunities for partners and anchor institutions and paid pleased to say that Clare's are which is a short for the Centre for Local economic strategy
yes I want to say study visits strategy or think that we've made very good Pryke progress in the work that we've undertaken and the report includes their recommendations for how we can amplify and build on the work that we've started and so
will pass over to Councillor drain me I'm in a second but I think first it's important to invite Catherine Ned is the officer who has been spearheading this work I'm and who worked with close to draw up the report and recommendations to talk to the more specifically
Public Speaker - 0:11:23
thank you Councillor Driver and
yes says as you have alluded there were a number of recommendations that came out and the Clare's approached the health check they use a diagnostic tool which looks at five pillars I'm which is effectively 5 lenses to look at how Committee wealth building can be further embedded an enhanced
those in those included
progressive Procurement a use of land and assets democratising the economy which is rammed pluralizing in and growth they also looked at Asset of Community Development and cooperative developments what we've done is across those five strands there are Sabine employment progressive employment
these come up with 15 recommendations what we've tried to do is look at where we already have workstrands and initiatives many of which you've touched on around our procurement how we employ in and the sort of skills and apprenticeships and the work we've done on that and where we haven't yet identified specific initiatives Foster
when she said must be me I'm a strategies or all policy to take that forward that's where we've we've looked at inclusive growth strategy is being and another way of looking at taking some of those initiatives forward as officers what we're going to do is take the 15 recommendations and whilst we don't want to separate them we do believe that they do put together holistically into her or goods of packaging I'm view what we're going to do is put them into their sort of rightful homes under existing policies and strategies so I wasn't going to take each one in turn because at what we've got as we've got initiatives already in train in progress many of which are being reported back through a number of our corporate strategy trackers anyway but rather those that don't yet have a place or a home will be considered holistically through the inclusive growth strategy I think that was my intention rather than take you through the detail of the Clare's report tonight
Cllr Amanda De Ryk - 0:13:26
thanks very much and thank you to Mandarin to Katherine
I just wanted to say a bit about the inclusive growth strategy which we are now going to be kicking off a off the back of this work
and we in our manifesto we committed to building an economy that works for the many here in Lewisham and the reason why we set out that separation is but we know that despite there being one of the wealthiest cities in the world and having thrived as a city over the last decade far too many of our residents don't benefit from the opportunities that we have in the capital and date sharing the wealth that we have as a city
and I'm really really pleased to see this work take forward the work of the poverty Commission as Amanda mentioned
so that I think three or four years ago now talked about looking at community wealth building approaches so given the massive cuts that we faced as a Council thinking about what we can do as employers and what we can do in terms of procurement to provide opportunities for for our community and to make sure that we're narrowing the gaps but that we see in our community between rich and poor
and so that's what the inclusive growth strategy will aim to do set out how we can acts as a institution and also with our local partners 2 to make sure that we can support more people to benefit from the opportunities that there are in Lewisham I'm really really keen to have lots of Member engagement with this so obviously it cuts across lots of a Cabinet portfolio so the work Sophie is doing on Green's on transition to net zero is a huge opportunity in terms of green skills if we get out ahead of that
we're going to be really focusing on cutting the disability employment gaps I'll be working with with Chris on that and we want to make sure that we can support our care leavers into high quality learning and decent works I'll be working with Chris Bonham on that as well really really keen to get scrutiny councillors involved as well as one of the best things about the poverty Commission was that kind of inclusive approach which really focused on new ideas and working across the Council and also really keen to have lots of community engagement as well by through our assemblies and with local trade unions and employers as well
so very much look forward to getting started on it and thank you very much to Catherine and to carry on and defend before before you for the work you've done on this and to Amanda as well
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:15:52
Cllr Jonathan Slater - 0:15:55
thank you very much any questions or comments cancer Slater
you know I just wanted to say that I fully support this approach and I look forward to working with
Councillor Driver and Councillor drove me in taking post-gender particularly the role of our volunteering community sector which has to be at the heart of this and certainly the things that we commit to with our new infrastructure body of Rushey Green Timebank Lewisham local about using local assets local expertise and also signing up to the locality keep it local initiative where we want to support our sector to be in a position where they can deliver services if that is appropriate so I look forward to working with I'm yourselves I'm we've we've carolling her Catherine and also I'm with our section and really making this a taking this forward this agenda
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:16:38
brilliant and I would like to add my thanks as well Catherine Karen both to you and Councillors Dromey and Ryk I think it's very exciting area might not be the one where some so many obvious headlines in it but it's having a huge impact across the borough this partnership working that would doom of Claire's to highlight
the fact that there are singling out the work that we're doing in Lewisham in just a small number of Council something I think we should be really proud of so I'm
keep going with this and thank you very much I'm classical those in favour of the recommendations please raise your hands

8 Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form Admissions arrangements for 2021/22

and that is agreed thank you very much OK item 8 which is nursery primary secondary VI Form admission arrangements for 20 21 22
Cllr Chris Barnham - 0:17:24
Councillor Bonham
thank you and Lewisham Council is the admissions authority for our community schools which is around two thirds of our schools we also co-ordinated admissions for Lewisham children for all mainstream schools in the area and outside and were part of a pan-London scheme which also includes Surrey Kent Hertfordshire Essex Southend and Thurrock which co-ordinates admissions across all that area we also act as the coordinating authority for in year applications and they all of that is a lot of admin
as those who are parents of children at school now it is important to get that right because it's quite stressful for parents and children this report follows consultation it does two things firstly
makes no significant changes to the generality of admissions policy and arrangements for the next school year 20 21 to 22 and leaves unchanged the admissions numbers for our schools with the exception of adamsrill and forced to park schools where the proposal is to reduce their published admissions numbers from 90 to 60 places that's because in common with other parts of London we are finding that I'm some numbers are dropping and there is an over-supply of places in reception and that follows consultation about places so those schools are reducing their admissions numbers one other issue that's worth noting a in relation to admissions during the school year we currently run a centrally co-ordinated process and we think that's an important facilities for children entering schools outside the
beginning of the school year we think it's an important mechanism to have a central process because it's important in safeguarding vulnerable children and identifying children missing education and last year the equivalent time in our calendar we agreed to consult schools which were their own admissions arrangements own admissions authorities to check that they wanted to remain a part of that scheme that consultations happened and all the schools which are currently part of it have said they want to remain in it for the next admissions year although two of them have said they might consider their position for the years beyond so no changes for the next school year so the recommendations are in paragraph 3 if colleagues have any questions
London admissions expert Linda Fuller is here to to answer them
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:19:42
Linda anything you'd like
Public Speaker - 0:19:47
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:19:47
you're welcome there's nothing more to add thank you
Public Speaker - 0:19:49

9 Integration with the NHS: approval of participation in NHS South East London Clinical Commissioning Group's Lewisham Borough Based Board

Mayor Damien Egan - 0:19:56
for all its online integration with the NHS Councillor best
Cllr Chris Best - 0:20:01
thank you
to this is
quite a technical report about a very technical and document and it outlines the creation of the borough base board in Lewisham and that's part of the NHS south-east London Clinical Commissioning Group I'm we've discussed it before but just to remind Members its formed of the six current Borough CCG's including Lucian CCG and the changes are part of the NHS long term plan which does represent a significant change in the organisation of local health service
so whilst we welcome I'm these further opportunities I think it's vital that the Health and social Care integration does take place and it does so
that it remains accountable to local people and the borough base boards are to be formed to ensure local areas and their residents are represented in these new arrangements the terms of governance at will be reviewed annually and their set out in the appendix and you will see that the board will have a voting lay member a representation from the CCJ and also a representation from Healthwatch and again Healthwatch offers the opportunity to be an independent champion for patients and local people and again it's something we encourage members of the public to get involved in
the borough based board is a commissioner only Committee and the continuing arrangements with Lewisham CCG
Will progress and it means that I'm currently the LPL officers who sit on the CCG will remain on the board and so that the Executive Director of Community Services of children and young people's services in our Director of public Health
so the borough based board will also act as a forum to discuss matters of local concern between the NHS and the Council but the board will not have any decision-making pounce powers on Council matters
it will allow for a joint understanding and greater cooperation between the Council and the NHS so hopefully we might be talking the same language and I will say that the Health and Wellbeing Board will remain the main opportunity to bring together all the stakeholders from across the Borough of the structure and function of the Board will remain unchanged by the merger of the CCG's and of course will be continued dirt to be chaired by the Mayor and are currently as the Cabinet Member I'm sitting on the Health and Wellbeing Board as well so just to end with the NHS long term plan continues to be discussed at the Health and Wellbeing Board and the current overview and scrutiny process will continue I do think it's essential that any changes in NHS structures are closely scrutinised and will be working with overview and scrutiny with officers and the community to ensure that all these changes are accountable to local people
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:22:52
thank you Councillor best
Public Speaker - 0:22:56
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:22:57
any questions or comments
okay all those in favour of recommendations please raise your hands

10 Response to the Sustainable Development Select Committee comments on the priorities for the Borough Wide Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) fund

Mayor Damien Egan - 0:23:04
that is agreed thank you very much Item 10 is the response to sustainable development Select Committee on comments for the priorities of the borough wide and CIL funds I propose that the suggested response be approved reported back to the Select Committee so can all those in favour of that recommendation please raise your hands

11 State of the Highways Infrastructure - an update on the Highways Asset Management Strategy

Mayor Damien Egan - 0:23:23
it's a great Item 11 is state of highways infrastructure Councillor McKeever
Cllr Sophie McGeevor - 0:23:35
as I have done
OK so this report provides an update to the Highways Asset Management Strategy are highways including are footbridges footpaths are bridges footpaths and street furniture the backbone of our public realm and therefore maintaining them in a strategic safe and cost-effective way as van is a fundamental duty of the Council the Highways asset inventory and condition information has been updated in this new strategy to enable informed decisions by the Council on its highways maintenance and improvement proposals so I think if you've got any
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:24:13
questions you'd better direct them at a Tom
any questions comments dominating next word
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:24:25
and can I ask all those in favour of the recommendations please raise their hands

12 Community Energy Fund Grant Award Report

Mayor Damien Egan - 0:24:33
thank you very much and then Item 12 community energy fund Granta Ward Councillor Slater
Cllr Jonathan Slater - 0:24:41
so I'm this is this is a really exciting a initiative so this is money that I'm I think we'll got bit recycled from any we were given to by central government but in a nutshell we decided to
fund organisations that can really promote community energy locally in Lewisham in co-ordination with the fund that the Mayor of London is delivering also for community energy so the purpose of the fund is to empower and enable the community to improve quality of life through access to clean and sustainable energy a reduced borough-wide carbon emissions of households community facilities and businesses through reduced energy use and increase uptake of renewable sources of energy and to find new ways to support vulnerable residents at risk of fuel poverty
so across two rounds the fund receive applications from 40 organisations with 11 recommended for funding these include community centres schools and a community educational resource centre
in the reported does detail those that did receive funding which I'm happy to go through so we are funding we're going to be giving money that's just over 10 thousand to five organisations that will be Beecroft School
rough and school retrofit action for tomorrow said them Gardens hand DA main school and also we're going to be funding 6 or the grant six grants that are below 10 thousand to Deptford part play club
2 thousand Community action Center climate action Lewisham the even tiara Lewisham homes komori with south-east London Community energy group as well as John Ball with the South East London Community energy group
the successful proposals included solar panel feasibility studies or hip-hop or heat pump installation and community energy workshops so as you can see it's a very exciting initiative and I think it also goes a lot towards supporting our climate change emergency action plan but but that's enough from me I don't know if Martin you for anything else you want to add regarding the purpose of the fund
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:26:53
Cllr Jonathan Slater - 0:26:57
any questions or comments Councillor Parnham
Cllr Chris Barnham - 0:26:58
and very much welcome all of this
I just wanted to
say I particularly welcome the fact that two schools in Croft apart
Cllr Jonathan Slater - 0:27:04
water getting money
Cllr Sophie McGeevor - 0:27:07
councillor Magee but
I just think this is fantastic it's not only I'm you know the the the infrastructure that's gonna come out of this is the engagement imagine people how those pupils in that school are going to feel the visitors to Sydenham garden it going to have I'm benefits that will week that aren't quite tangible now and I'm I think it's pretty and I'm really really really pleased about it thank you for I'm for Martin Emma Mikey on this
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:27:38
Martin as always excellent please I'm except the thanks on behalf of I'm the Committee and said about them and the rest of the team as well as all those in favour of the recommendations please to raise their hands
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:27:52
that's a great thank you very much OK item 13 exclusion of Press and
Webcast Finished - 0:27:58
public so I move the