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1 Declaration of Interests
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2 Minutes
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3 Petitions
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4 Announcements or Communications
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5 Public questions
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6 Member questions
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7 2020 21 Budget
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8 Response to LGBC draft recommendations
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9 Organisational priorities for 2020
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10 Delegated Authority to recruit Director for Borough Based Board
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11 Appointments
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12 Motion 1 - Skips - Proposed Cllr Penfold Seconded Cllr Maslin
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Chair - 0:02:21
I can welcome everybody to this meeting of Lewisham council's special welcome to those members of the public that a year can I remind you that it's a meeting held in public and not a public meeting and there are certain places where you may speak and you'll be invited to do that
can I also point out to members of the public that almost all our members are open to the public and with consent of the Chair you can participate so don't feel that this is your only chance to involve yourself in our meetings you are welcome here most evenings of the week
right I have received apologies for absence from Councillors Johnson Franklin Morrison and Barnham anybody else got any apologies
councillor Paul for lateness anybody else
anybody else

1 Declaration of Interests

right thank you and can I ask that if any Member has a declaration of interest to make Can you tell me which item or items you are declaring an interest in and whether the interest is a disclosable pecuniary interest or other registerable interest or a non registrable interest Councillor wise
Cllr Wise - 0:04:04
thank you Chair I need to declare an interest in Item 7 the 20 21 budget as a direct of Lewisham homes
Chair - 0:04:17
that's a Council appointment though isn't it
may pinpoint
councillor Ingleby
Cllr Mallory - 0:04:25
Chair - 0:04:25
Cllr Ingleby - 0:04:31
of a director of a Lewisham homes Council bottom also trustee of Goldsmith's Community Association
and Chair of friends of Crow Park nature reserve
councillor Paul
Chair - 0:04:42
I am a member of Unison
Cllr Hall - 0:04:47
Cllr Mallory - 0:04:50
i'm under the budget item on
not a non pecuniary interest
my daughter works in one of the schools and since the grant is directly supplied by government I'm not sure how necessary it is to declare it but I will
councillor Keller
Chair - 0:05:12
Cllr Kelleher - 0:05:14
Cllr Kelleher - 0:05:15
signage session wise but I'm not a director I'm a tenant of Lewisham homes not sure if out it is clear that because its budget but I am just in case
Chair - 0:05:28
any other interests

2 Minutes

OK then we move on to agenda Item Number 2 minutes of the previous Meeting I move that the minutes of the meeting held on January 20 second 20 20 be agreed as a correct record as anybody got any disagreement with that
is that seconded then
so all agreed with that
thank you
Chair - 0:06:04
a sign two copies of that in due course

3 Petitions

agenda Item number three petitions
are there
any petitions to be presented his David no notice for members of the public so Members petitions
councillor patchy
Cllr Paschoud - 0:06:23
yes I've had one last meeting as well just like see politicians who've dental floss drivers you wait for a petition to come along at once this one is from a hundred three residents of Cranston Road in Perry Vale ward
and they appreciate very much that there Road was one of the first on which Lucian set a 20 mile an hour speed limit
but their petition is that too many drivers ignore speed limit at refused because South Circular is still a 30 miles per hour road and drive over the ineffective speed bumps without slowing down and what they want is enforcement and education of drivers about the speed limit so that they know that we mean it
no free to Clarke
Cllr Paschoud - 0:07:09
Chair - 0:07:12
are there any other petitions

4 Announcements or Communications

Chair - 0:07:25
right we move on to agenda Item number for announcements and Communications page 6 of your papers
first announcement tonight confirms our success in being named London's Borough of culture for the year 20 20 lamb
and so I am delighted to invite the Mayor and councillors born if Councillor born has now arrived
we'll wait for him to come but the Mayor
will wait for about 1 minute
The Mayor - 0:08:06
no is released very useful because now I can start every single speech has across the borough by saying Lewisham London Borough of culture 20 21 which is always good for is fantastic news for
the borough
I just wanted to use this opportunity to to pay tribute to all those people who work really hard
on the bid
to André whose who's not even been in his role for a year as was its first big tasked to and and it's been done fantastically liz dot and the culture Team right from putting the bid together engaging all those community groups through to when we made the pitch really did a spectacular job and we're working with fantastic leading arts organisations which are based here in the bar at the Albany theatre Goldsmiths I read dance and Trinity lobby but also the groundswell of support from grassroots community organizations like huge Lewisham Youth Theatre Cup be art studios in Ongar so this is going to be a huge investment into our borough they'll be a lot of events taking place in the programme will be released from throughout the year and what we want we want people to come to Lewisham have a great time but one of the things that got to win the bid as we also said we want to make use of the activism in the barrister also use this as a chance to highlight some real critical issues that issues like climate climate change and climate action community cohesion and also migration and refugee resettlement so so taking on some of the really difficult issues critical issues for our borough through art through culture so I think it's going to be a fantastic time for our borough and encourage everybody to get involved thank you
Chair - 0:09:49
in the absence of Councillor Ball as anybody else who leads to say any more about that
thank you
so the next announcement a report says success in attracting funding to tackle rough sleeping in the borough
can we agree formally to welcome this news
right the NEC the third announcement tonight concerns the opening of the migration Museum in Lewisham and I invite Councillor Kevin bonavia to explain that further
Cllr Bonavia - 0:10:29
will have heard of him already been to the migration is in which has only been open for a couple of weeks at Lewisham Centre and it's a real honour to have the National migration Museum in our borough and I couldn't be a more appropriate place we are one of the most diverse places on the planet with over 170 languages spoken here but more than that it's what we aspire to be a sanctuary borrower and this is a place where the story of our country for the stories of migrants is told and if you haven't been you really should go it's got a huge space the old H and M store in Lewisham Centre go to chunks of the Berlin Wall outside you can't miss it and putting in a shopping centre is inspired because it's already had thousands of visitors in the first couple of weeks so they've had an amazing welcome I hope you all get to go and see it and please go along and your own stories on already put my story in and I'm sure we all have stories of migration either from ourselves or our family and friends and it really is an experienced so do please go and check it out
thank you can't slip Barnaby
Chair - 0:11:41
the last announcement this evening marked success in winning two Building London planning awards team Catford 1 the community engagement in planning process award and the fellowship in in Bellingham small cheer they replace one the heritage and cultural wood can we agree to know our success and congratulate anyone who was involved in these are judgments

5 Public questions

so we move on to agenda Item number 5 public questions these are found on page 7 and 8 of your agenda a copy of the questions received in the written responses to them happening circulated already I need to remind all question as you have a right to ask a supplementary question based on the written answer you have been given but you should not make speeches or interrupt proceedings some questions are already indicated that they do not intend to be present so a lonely call on those about which we are unsure Mike you'll see on the screen time so that you know if you're using up time that others might like to use
question one is from Janet Hurst of Councillor born
Janet Hurst are you here
how it Kahane canonie of Councillor McKeever
a question for Georgina Smith of Councillor McKeever
Patricia Richardson is is not here to ask a supplementary she said she was not going to be I just said those who have already indicated they won't be here I am not calling their name a question 5 Treanor Lynskey of the Mayor
questions 6 David de Silva Pereira of the Mayor
a question 7 Mark Morris of the Mayor
a question 11
David de Silva Pereira
of Councillor McKeever
question 13 Mark Morris A Councillor McKeever
i'm question 15 David de Silva Pereira Councillor McKeever
now have those people who said they didn't attend as anybody here who was hoping to ask a supplementary question

6 Member questions

thank you very much so we'll move on to agenda Item number 6 Members' questions Plage 9 of your agenda there are 13 questions from Members of the Council copies of questions reserving the right to a supplementary question had been circulated around the Chamber I remind the Council that under our arrangements questions will be taken in priority order shown by members and there is a maximum time period of 30 minutes for the consideration of Members' questions so again did consider those who are following you when you use time in that way
question 1 question
by councillor krupski of Councillor McKeever
Chair - 0:15:37
Councillor Hall of councillors' later you have a supplementary
Cllr Hall - 0:15:42
quick supplementary
thank you for the real ply Jonathan now that the under fives player building is safely back in with the Council I have spoken with our good partners at Phoenix Community Housing and they would be interested in having a discussion about transferring the ownership of this Building and restoring it to its original use with the Cabinet Member support this
Cllr Slater - 0:16:19
this is an well you know you and I were on the same time of the on the board of Phoenix Community Housing and am always a big fan of Phoenix so yes if they're interested in exploring that Avenue are more than happy to her to meet with him thank you
Chair - 0:16:34
thank you at the clock doesn't seem to be running is it
right Christian 3 Councillor coven of the Mayor
Cllr Campbell - 0:16:48
what's and your concourse
Cllr Campbell - 0:16:55
Cllr Curran - 0:17:01
since this time round to developing the Local Plan and the
keenness to get members and the public calling engaged especially over pubs as well so I just asking we take it from all sides will you ask officers to investigate as far as practically possible if there any powers open to you to issue some pan protection for all the pubs in Lewisham does at the moment Chair we only have a 70 to 80 left for a population of 300 thousand and
a lot of them are still under threat
councillor McGuigan
Chair - 0:17:41
The Mayor - 0:17:44
thank you
Cllr McGeevor - 0:17:49
The Mayor - 0:17:52
yes absolutely will will go back and see what we can feasibly do within the draft Local Plan are putting together your notice while the work that we've been doing with local amenity societies and some national organizations
the Victorian Society is one of them to look at how we can
call on government is well to help us protect local buildings of heritage we have a lot in Lewisham it wants to protect now includes pub so certainly will do that thank you
Chair - 0:18:21
thank you for the question for this is Councillor Ingleby of
Cllr Ingleby - 0:18:25
Councillor gave I've got it right this time capsule Ingleby forgot supplementary
yet just their thank you for the reply I am able at this stage to say whether this the them the dockless bikes would be we can roll it out to all the stations in the Borough or how that or how the rate of prioritisation to have those details yet
Cllr McGeevor - 0:18:44
no we don't I think one of the things we really conscious of is that dockless bikes can take over the pavements
and we are really keen
to make sure that that doesn't happen and I get parked appropriately and where we're considering options at the moment
Chair - 0:19:03
I question 5 Councillor Clarke Councillor McKeever
Cllr Clarke - 0:19:05
and please a supplementary
I asked him the question first of all can I say thank you very much for your reply and it's very much welcomed its very positive reply and we're very
with delighted that you're looking towards designating the Grove Park next Reserve as a Local nature Reserve I had mentioned in the question about the land surrounding and I just wondered if you could come back to me after speaking with officers about the possibility of extending some protection further for the land surrounding and specifically to try and get it a designated as a site of Metropolitan importance as one of the first point the second point is to look at the possible protection of it as a wet woodland area with a woodland TPO and the third pint was whether we could actually target protection on some of the priority habitats because some of these are very rare ecological habitats and a very unique in Lewisham and very rare in London so I wondered if you could come back to me on those three
Cllr McGeevor - 0:20:12
and you are or have to seek officers advised that more detailed points I know that that area I believe Network Rail on some of that land and I think that complicates things in terms of land ownership and getting
extending the designation but will certainly look into that and as you know we do everything we can to protect the biodiversity of the barren where we're recognises as as as local authority that is really leading the way on that
Chair - 0:20:40
thank you question 6 Councillor M
and loss of limited
Vice Chair of Council - 0:20:44
Chair - 0:20:48
question 7 Councillor Hall Councillor
Cllr Hall - 0:20:50
thank you very much for them
thank you Paul further clarification of the
definition and
i'm 5 notice or written carefully and I noticed
that it says between target rent in London affordable rent and I wondered if you meant that doesn't include London Affordable Rent
as someone who grew up in social housing I went to turn and Primary School with Ian Wright and David Rocastle so I know how important social housing is
will the Cabinet Member support campaigners who asked for an end to the use of so-called affordable rent homes set up to 80 percent market rents establish a new definition of affordable housing linked to the income of people in the lowest earning quartile and would he join Shelter who this morning
began calling for the next Mayor of London to develop with strong social rent delivery policy within the London Plan and end the conflation of social rented housing with other so-called affordable housing tenures
Cllr Reid - 0:22:05
thank you I'm so on our definition it's clear intensive London
Cllr Bell - 0:22:09
Affordable Rent London affordable rent is not an affordable rent in terms of affordable rent and the Planning terminology London affordable rent is what we consider a social rent and it is something of which we can develop and get more Council housing from and also I share with you the the thanks for Council housing because I would have been homeless if it wasn't for a council flat when I was younger and in terms of how we develop our housing manifesto moving forward with the Mayor of London of course more considered were taught to all campaigners about it but it's really important to note that conflating Affordable Rent with London Affordable Rent does no one any justice because Affordable Rent can as you say be up to 80 percent market rents
London affordable rent is a social rent as far as this Council considers its contained in a planning document about genuinely affordable rents first that I think Phoenix are also developing London affordable rent properties like the old Catford Job Centre and are you share a great Pride in Phoenix as we do at the Council so it's really important that we the terminology around rents can be extremely complicated and a formula of which
is also complicated because we all know that properties which are from the 60 s and 70 s dumping our older stock are two different rental value of the new build properties which are always higher so yes I will consider anything that was brought to me and give a response and I would like to thank you for the question
I question eight Councillor Cohen of Councillor born
Chair - 0:23:44
Cllr Curran - 0:23:45
thank you very much for discussions we have previously to see evening I thank you for your answer to the question tonight
10 years ago I came back on the Council I asked some very similar question
in 2 thousand and 10 unfortunately 10 years later we haven't moved on any further I know that you've in its fallen to you because you've inherited the neglect of the past 10 years but what I would hope to seize that we could actually as a Borough begin the process of getting
the best Long term solution for the
theatre and into that end could carry ask officers to put together a plan for a lottery bid for the governance of the theatre and for its restoration at the heart of Catford aimed to make the point that we don't have to wait for the rest of Cafferty developed we can take the advice of our consultants and start with the theatre and work our way round it
Cllr Bell - 0:24:53
Cllr Bourne - 0:24:56
absolutely I will sit down with the officers and we will discuss what have options we have next year is
going to be an epic
year with the pop-culture so
I definitely want to see that happen I've gravy thank you
Chair - 0:25:11
question 9 Councillor Ingleby of the Mayor yes
Cllr Ingleby - 0:25:12
thank you Chair and thank you for the a reply to this just want to ask the Mayor when the process of engaging with cheerful to chase up this outcome definition Saturday 21
would you be bearing in mind I think to the crucial
contexts who won of course is the great news that we've won the Borough of culture
for next year which has as every city or borough when they have those awards they the the legacies were ultimately counts and the legacy of the 21 is going to be crucified solution spiny economic corridor that's the first point and second point will
Cllr Ingleby - 0:25:48
flag up with them the Regeneris report on at the end of the last administration on the locations for crèche culture and digital industries right down the 21 and were talking down into Downham as well because we think down on this like this is like Declan was in the 90 s this huge opportunities that and let for this mix of segregated cycle section pets' Tadesse areas to make this whole spine the most pleasant clean and creative place where people can enjoy living working and doing business in South and please can you take that message to TEFL
The Mayor - 0:26:20
Chair - 0:26:24
Cllr Hall - 0:26:26
question 10 question to Councillor hold Councillor Slater
thank you thank you Jonathan for the reply
whilst I welcome the disability commission and I really do I think it's
a great a group of people who will come up with
I'm sure they come out with a great set of policies
some time ago I suggested in a Council question that money from CIL or planning gain for the borough could be used to increase the budget available to fund a borough-wide disability organisation
a today I don't believe that this has been taken forward
as no one bidding for the the small part as you put in your answer the 51 thousand the previous occasion x x x x looking more creatively using planning money perhaps we can slightly increase that budget because that might be a factor why repeated who's 51 thousand without the fund probably a worker in the voluntary sector I should imagine with on costs and and every everything out
you know what my real concern is it is the meantime because
for over
a year people with disabilities have lacked an independent voice
and especially people of working age and I think that is something to be considered because what we provide social Services you really do need in Chair you know people need independent advocacy
to get the services that they deserve nothing that by using this method we could come up with something to funding in the interim
unfair your revenue supplementary so
Cllr Slater - 0:28:16
alright you break your arm questions down so in terms of the 51 thousand that will be for the Commission to decide how we best spend it so I want the commission to identify where we could use most use
most effectively use that money and the once we know where the the greatest area of need is then we will invite organisations to apply for in terms of
what's happened since LDCs gone well we still do have other really good organisations like speaking up Lewisham and actually speaking inclusion who represent adults with learning disabilities elect their own parliament but also they've
they've selected to members of the Commission as well so we still have some very good advocacy I think what's interesting what happened with LDC is that I think that she did move away from the advocacy model more towards delivering services and I think what's good about the Commission is bringing it back to what probably the core purpose of LDC was in the first place which was to be a proper voice for residents with disabilities and what I've said is that I want the commission to be based on what Hammersmith and Fulham did with their Disability Rights Commission which was based on the social model of disability where it was people who
identify whether they have a disability but also giving a proper voice where services are are co-produced I mean finally
and I just wanted to say this to all Councillors I mean the Chair Jamie House very keen to meet as many Councillors can is already come and spoken at Marion cabinet is going to be coming to Safer stronger so if any of you Councillors would want to meet Jamie then you can contact me if you want to and I can do an introduction because I think he's very keen to hear from elected Members because you are in a representative of your own communities how things that the commission should read investigate where they well there's the biggest barriers for people disabilities and how we can overcome them
Chair - 0:30:11
thank you Councillor Slater a Christian 11 Councillor Cohen of Councillor McKeever
Cllr Curran - 0:30:15
thank you Chair and I thank Councillor McKeever for her reply and I look forward to the report and to sustainable development on flood alleviation plans are but would also ask that if there's any emphasis on the investigation of the Hither Green the railway lines from Hither Green Grove Park as a flood storage area because the best way site is listed as a as a key drain and most of the red dots and yellow dots on the Environment Agency's flood risk areas around who the green and Lee Green and those parts of Grove Park so
it's really important that we investigate that area as much as possible to be a flood storage area for Lewisham
I thank you for your supplementary
Cllr McGeevor - 0:31:08
and I'm sure those the
areas that are recognised as having
a great potential for flood storage
and also the greatest
that those are the areas that are going to be investigated
by officers working in partnership with the Environment Agency
Chair - 0:31:26
Christian TRO Councillor Hall of Councillor Gala
Cllr Hall - 0:31:28
no supplementary chair
Chair - 0:31:33
Cllr Openshaw - 0:31:34
thank you Councillor Hall a question 13 Council Openshaw of the Mayor
yes thanks to do have a supplementary question
thanks for the rest of the initial response
and I welcome the fact that a renewal have increased their commitment to from 12 percent to 35 percent at a big improvement but given that that still falls well short of our manifesto commitment to a minimum of 50 percent social housing I would like to know what guarantees have we had from renewal on genuinely affordable and social housing numbers
The Mayor - 0:32:15
thank you very much for the question so yet your rights encouraging very encouraging in fact that we've seen that increase from 12 percent to 35 percent from renewal and that commitment that they have given it's something that we've set out very clearly in terms of what we want to see from that side in moving forward for renewal amphetamine will also have a scheme that the community can get the Hinds in having social housing as a key part of that is something that is critical to getting that community support and quite frankly getting the Council's support in terms of the guarantees that obviously comes through and be clearly
stipulated through the planning process renewal have put out some ideas already in pre-application and using commonplace and residents are already responding back to that and they've set out what this could look like with 35 percent affordable housing we've also been clear about what we mean by those terms so in subsidy affordable housing what the split as as high as possible in terms of social housing so there's London affordable rent Sam below with lifetime tenancies as well as what we've asked for on there so we'll see this go through go through the planning process but we will be stipulating those demands all the way through

7 2020 21 Budget

Chair - 0:33:35
thank you that's the end of Members' questions and we move on to agenda Item number 7 which is the Council budget you'll find this on pages 10 to 100 and 43 of your papers
I need to advise the Council that in accordance with our usual practice we won't impose a 5 minute limit on speeches for the Mayor and Councillor D Ryk Mallory
is that agreed by everybody
thank you
so I will call upon the Mayor to introduce the Budget proposals and
The Mayor - 0:34:12
confirmed there were no changes required following his consideration on February the 12th
upon him Frank you very much well this is yet another year as with last year
I'm bringing to Council a Budget that that really I think we all wish that we want in the position of having to present our borough is seeing growing poverty
growing need and demand on local services and indeed the report that was out this week is shown the acute impact of austerity on the most deprived in our community in terms of of life expectancy over the last decade it really is quite shocking services remain critically under funded and so while in terms of this Budget we are not proposing the need to an are forecast to use our reserves this year we must not forget that this is still a cuts Budget
so we are faced with the harsh reality of of cutting 16 million pounds alongside still delivering on the critical services and also delivering on the things that we promised in the manifesto that we were elected on two years ago and I do want to pay tribute to those who have been carefully managing our budget means that even in those difficult circumstances that we find ourselves we are still able to make a difference in just a few of the areas where we have been able to identify additional support to support the political priorities of our manifesto include action around the climate emergency which we recognise
the will required redirected resources so that we can address and show leadership it's fantastic that Lewisham is emerging as one of those Lead boroughs across London and working in partnership with some really am bat ambitious local community groups all of that is fantastic but we recognise that also needs resources behind it a word that we're proud of on becoming a sanctuary Borough for refugees migrants and asylum seekers we've already welcomed 30 refugee families or ambition of course is to get to 100 clearly this needs resourcing and a team of people in the council who can who can coordinate all of this and I think we should all be proud of of our direction in terms of insourcing services so fewer council services provided by private companies bring their services in house and also bringing in house Council staff who have been on long term agency contracts that we've got scores of staff who are coming in and that will include this year or cleaning staff in during this administration are security teams in the Council as well
at the same time with all of this we have a renewed focus on
value for money and I'm
stressing the word value because we need to recognise as a Council that the cheapest contract doesn't always deliver the best value and even quite frankly the best financial return in the long run our social value work Lewisham has been really important in helping us deliver against some of the priorities and improving our local economy helping us keep more money in Lewisham through our contracts encouraging local procurements giving Lewisham residents more jobs in opportunity is just one example is through an increased focus on social value in procurement we've been able to fund 13 more apprenticeships across the borough and anyone who is caddy opportunity to meet some of our processes will know what a life-changing opportunity that can be
in response to the housing crisis we have unveiled the biggest council house building programme that this Council has seen in generations that does mean significant borrowing as is set out but we know in the long term this investment more than pays for itself
so against this backdrop and given the scale of the challenge we face we are proposing an increase in council tax of just under 2 percent and that is an increase of 1 pound in 17 pence a week on a Band D home and the highest proportion of homes in Lewisham of Band C so that will be slightly lower this is the maximum level that we can increase Council Tax without triggering a referendum and is alongside other Councils the majority of other councils in London indeed across the country
but asked Members to note that Council Tax now makes up an extraordinary 47 per cent of this Council's budget and it demonstrates even more how the burden is increasingly falling on local residents
so what I've said that we are not forecasting to use our reserves this year we must also be sensitive to future funding risks within local government we can never be complacent we estimate we could still need to find in excess of 40 million pounds of cuts over the next three years but still we haven't got a clear answer about what the financial and budget forecasting is over that period from governments or work on next year's budget is already underway no doubt we will be revisiting proposals that we haven't been able to felt that we've been able to take either this year or in previous years I'd like to formally put on record my thanks to Councillor Ryk for all her work on the budget particularly the lengthy consultation with Members through its briefings in drop-ins and I'm sure I speak on behalf of all of us when I say how how appreciated that work has been to David Austin and his team for all their work this has been a significant undertaking over many many months and their diligence and hard work means that on the budget position is strong and is still enables us to make a difference to our residents' lives even in these very tough times so I propose that this budget thank you
thanks to the Mayor
Chair - 0:40:02
now pass over to Councillor Dereck to move that the Mayor's Budget proposal be accepted
Cllr De Ryk - 0:40:13
I thank you and
the Budget report was prepared following a very late ratification of the provisional settlement from central government with the agreement of the figures only decided by parliament on Monday night luckily we don't now need to have a fallback meeting hopefully
however I can now confirm that all the figures in the report including the GLA precept on now final and correct
as you know the budget is a core piece of work which culminates in the recommendations before members tonight are the recommendations are set out in section 2 of the report and I will draw your attention to the headline proposals
in terms of the General Fund the assumed net revenue expenditure budget is 248 point 7 1 4 million as the Mayor said this includes a three point 9 9 per cent overall increase in council tax which is made up of a one point 9 9 Increase in council council tax with a 2 percent increase for the extended social care precept to support adult social care spend
both are the maximum allowable increases without triggering a loaf local referendum we are recommending the maximum increase because as the man makes clear Services are very stretched after 10 years of austerity funding
the new Conservative government is continuing with its previous incarnations ideological determination to shift away from central funding to local income raising their election manifesto fester promised that they wouldn't put up income tax VAT or national insurance but they don't have the same scruples about asking Local government to put up Council Tax
unfortunately it's clear that if we don't take the maximum increase the government assumes we should we are likely to be penalised in future future settlement calculations it's worth noting that the GLA is also taking the maximum increase allowable to help meet the cost of increased policing
moving through other areas of the report Members will note the report updates the Council's Treasury treasury management strategy for both borrowing and investments this includes and it's noted in recommendation to point for borrowing against a significant increased in size in scale of the proposed capital programme next year with funding also come coming from the General Fund and the HRA this is primarily to support our building for Lewisham programme
but also takes her into into account investment into existing housing stock
the increase in spending does present increased risk to the Council both in terms of greater borrowing and in terms of the tasks to meet the Council's housing need the borrowing requirement of 320 million is also considered in the Treasury Strategy in Section 11 of the report
or in terms of the Housing Revenue account following consultation with tenants the Budget proposes that we increase Council rents by two points seven per cent this is in line with government expectations after a four year period of rent freeze there are also a number of service charges increases that are set out in recommendation 2 point 10 these revenue streams are the main income sources to fund the HRA annual rev revenue spent of 225 point 8 million which is split between revenue and capital spend next year
schools Grant funding is increasing by one point eight four per cent per per pupil but this represents a real term decrease in funding once salary and other inflationary increases are taken into account falling primary school rolls and rising need for SEN support mean that schools are under a lot of financial pressure I note that Councillor Barnard who is unwell and can't be here tonight
whose the Cabinet Member for children and young people has written to the secretary of State for Education this week to protest about the paucity of funding for Lewisham schools
there are a number of grants that will continue next year notably the better Care and improved better Care Fund for is also a social Care Grant the public health grant and the New homes bonus has been extended for one further year these grants largely go towards meeting the rising costs and demand for social care both adults and Children's Services
as the Mayor makes clear this is still a cuts budget and include 16 point 6 million pounds worth of cuts that were identified in agreed earlier in the year
we hope that by continuing to make cuts at this scale we will be able to set this Budget without having to find further in-year cuts or rely on the use of reserves the Budget agrees the allocation of 23 point 5 million pounds worth of corporate risks and pressures social care precept New homes bonus and social Care Grant in 20 20 20 21 to put towards pressures growth and investment in services this includes a four-point 5 million pound transformation fund to be used as directed by our new Chief Executive towards updating and reconfiguring the organization this transformation work remains vital as there is no indication from government that this year's Rollover secondment is anything but a one off in fact we've been told that government departments are expected to make a further five per cent of cuts in the next budget round which with rising inflation and demand would see us needing to make cuts of in the region of 40 millions pounds over the next three years
please please also note that this budget incorporates the Mayor and Cabinet decisions The Green the majority of the fees and charges increases for next year this follows the determined focus of the public accounts Committee and the work of officers to update the Council's fees and charges into line with true service cost this is a good example of the way that officers and members have worked together to meet the challenges of austerity and I would like to thank both for their diligence and scrutiny effort
I would also like to add my thanks to David and his team this report represents many many hours of work and finally from me at least please note the statutory Section 25 financial statement at Appendix why four of this report this is the section 1 5 1 officer's opinion in their professional capacity it comments on the robustness of the assumptions and estimates used to prepare this budget and concludes that the Council continues to effectively manage risk with sufficient reserves and established financial management in place thank you
Chair - 0:47:20
Cllr Mallory - 0:47:22
shall we want to thank Councillor Drake had fought that are now call
Chair - 0:47:27
Cllr Mallory - 0:47:28
on Councillor Mallory to second the proposal that the Mayor's budget proposal be accepted
thank you Chair
last year in seconding the Council budget I ended by saying until the return of a Labour government no matter how long that takes Labour Councils remained the only option to guarantee local people
local people have of retaining retaining some semblance of a civilised and humane society and that remains the case the Labour party for all its flaws nationally has been a heroic defender of local services
and the enabler of communities
by contrast the Tories legitimated let's not forget by the Liberal Democrats have attempted a scaling back of local government so ideological and perverse it was never contemplated even at the height of Thatcherism
and that austerity will continue make no mistake Boris Johnson's government for all the talk of levelling up will not in the forthcoming budget suddenly turned on the tap yes we have an easier settlement this year with everyone so do over diverted by Brexit but it won't continue particularly for those inner city areas such as Lewisham experiencing the greatest deprivation
the Tory agenda has all but decimated local services starving us of resources and undermining local accountability the modest amount that we can raise by increases in the regressive council tax to pay for adult and social Care and Children's social Care merely helps at the margins and it strengthens the argument for a genuinely fairer funding system based on need I was struck by a Damian's reference to the 47 percent
of the pay gap is now of our Budget which has now contributed by council tax I can remember when it was barely over 20 per cent
and so it's a regressive tax that now contribute so much more to what we want the services that we provide future settlements won't overcome the increasing poverty and hardship of our most disadvantaged nor help us to maintain our basic everyday services let alone restore them to pass level
which brings me to what we in scrutiny have tried to achieve and in particular the public accounts Committee we continue to put our faith in the plan to improve children's social care services as we monitored the budget mindful of last year's Use of reserves to boost the base budget that it didn't fourth itself fully fill the gap separately we looked at Adult social Care was concerns remaining that the cushioning effect of the board of the better Care Fund doesn't lessen the need for better demand management
of the other areas we examined Environmental Services in waste management caused the greatest worry the overspends reflecting a lack of overall strategic grip that which will require a comprehensive overhaul of the services
the past year the Council has had to has hasn't had to use it or it isn't having to use its reserves for the coming year despite having and we hope it won't
during the year despite having to budget for 16 point 6 million pounds worth of cuts but the risk of further using reserves remains great as likely future settlement projections look ominously bad
while our financial resilience is better than many other similarly placed councils the challenges are great to find other ways of paying for services that's why I want to commend the work done by my colleague Vice-Chair Louise krupski in leading public accounts work and challenging the council to come up with a wide ranging new approach to generating extra income the response from Cabinet and officers has been seen a positive drive to change the Council's culture and we want a model that encourages entrepreneurism without undermining our values of need met needs met services and accountability
and I also want to thank Councillor direct for her hard work and collegiate approach and offer my thanks to staff for their hard work in the worst of circumstances we continue to see big losses in staff that not only have resulted in a reduction of services but with the loss of many dedicated Call of colleagues and a great deal of vital expertise
this will be my last time proposing or seconding a council budget
the first was 25 years ago believe it or not
some of you probably were in primary school at the time
as I shall be standing down as Chair of public accounts I want to make way for younger more energetic comrades and also to begin the unpicking of the logjam of older white men in responsible positions
in signing off Speaker if you will indulge me a thought or two
every few years faced with ever more difficult choices
and the so-called salami slicing of taking bits of all our services we say we cannot go on like this let's think of a stripped-down strategy of zero based budgeting and look at all our services to see which we can forsake
that exercise in my experience invariably results in a realisation that all of our service is statutory and non-statutory are there for a purpose
whether it's parks or Youth Services Building control or street sweeping they all make Lewisham a better place in which to live and those services would be far less effective without the back of office staff or the voluntary sector
people are far more supportive when we describe how the scale of the cuts has resulted in delays and reduce services then when we say we no longer deliver a service so we have we have to continue to provide as close to its full range of services we can sure looking for more effective ways of providing them but remembering that many of these services in one way or another are what people expect of us and are the basis of our reputation
in short we will have to sustain the will to change but we will need what what I described last year and remains the density shield
the to assist them in our defence as Labour Councillors we are caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place we no longer pretend these cuts won't have an impact on the lives of our residents but we must no matter how difficult it proved continue to take the decisions based on our values seeking to maintain services that go some way to meeting the needs and aspirations of all our residents we are the last bastion and it may be a long fight I second
Chair - 0:54:31
thank you Councillor Mallory and thank you for all the times that you have performed that role
I now open the general debate on Item number 7 can I advise other speakers that I would like you to limit yourself to three minutes when you contribute can I see anyone who wishes to contribute Councillor Smith
Cllr Smith - 0:54:57
thank you I suppose I'll have to
do during Councillor Murray's final speech there he referred to decimation decimation is cutting by 10 per cent for only that were true
first budget
I was closely involved in as a cabinet member was in 2 thousand 11 and that was the first budget under Osborne's austerity programme
and was the start
of a programme of attacks on local government and local democracy but mostly it was an attack on the most vulnerable members in our society
by the time I left the cabinet and 20 18
we had exhausted all the options then we exhausted all the difficult but achievable options
then we exhausted every thing we really didn't have to do
and now we are going to set a budget that will damage those vulnerable members of our society
but this is thanks to the Tory government we have no choice
I could as the only opposition Member still
make cheap political points and vote against
where I could absolve myself of responsibility and abstain
but I'm not that kind of person
I know from experience how difficult this has been for the officers and the Cabinet Members involved
and I know from experience the empty and frustrated feelings you have when these cuts signed off
so as much as I oppose the causes of this budget
I will deal with a very heavy heart be supporting it
Chair - 0:56:54
thank you Councillor Smith whether any other speakers who I have yet to see
I that being so I call on Councillor de right to reply the wish to say anything more
thank you
Cllr De Ryk - 0:57:05
Chair - 0:57:07
Chief Executive - 0:57:12
so that being so I will now ask the Chief Executive to call for a recorded vote I'm when your name is called Can you please answer clearly Yes No or abstain
thank you I'm going to take this circle in alphabetical order
and if tyranny
an MLA
councillor Barnham will be recorded as absent
1 or via
has the brand will be recorded as absent Campbell
Will the Yanko
in a way
Johnson Franklin will be recorded as absent Kalou
Morrison recorded as absent Muldoon
or going to bet the day where apologies
Jack pursue
John pursue
also I should feel here absent air
thank you
49 for nil against to record

8 Response to LGBC draft recommendations

thanks to the Chief Executive for conducting that vote so we move on to agenda Item Number 8 which is the Local government Boundary Commission draft recommendations you'll find those on pages hundred 44 256 Councillor best to move the recommendations concerning this report
thank you very much Speaker
so I ask that the Council agree our response to the Local government Boundary Commission's proposals for Lewisham's new ward boundaries
just to recap the progress so far this is our response to stage three of the Boundary Review I'm going to abbreviate to the LGBC their ward pattern was published in December 29 teen but colleagues will remember that the first time we met within 20 18 with the LGBC to set out the
Chair - 1:00:44
review process taking place it's been over three stages stage 1 was from November 20 18 to the 24th of May 20 19 and that was
Vice Chair of Council - 1:00:51
Deputy Mayor - 1:00:54
22 June 2 thousand 19 to the 16th of September 29 19 with a warding arrangements and finally stage 3 from the 17th of December 29 19 to the 2nd of March 20 20 consultation on the draft recommendations
and just to go over the stage One are Council submission was on the 3rd of April and that initially the LGBC consulted on the number of councillors that Lewisham residents would have representing them the Council submission to stage 1 of that review was that we argued we should retain 54 Councillors that would be the correct number for Lewisham and noted that was our strong preference for three Member wards
the LGBC came back or an agreed with our submission to keep 54 Councillors
we then moved to stage 2 and the Council's submission was on the 11th of September 2 thousand 19 and our proposals submitted that we felt we met the LGBC criteria for the three criteria which were
representing roughly the same number of voters but it was a 10 percent variance plus or minus that the new wards reflecting community identity and thirdly effective and convenient local government again it included the Council's desire for three Member wards
and then we moved to stage 3
this is the period starting 17th of December 17th of December
unfortunately whilst the LGBC agreed with much in our stage Two submission they propose
Councillors but it was across 19 wards therefore 16 3 member wards and three 2 member wards for their draft recommendation the two member wards are a smaller Lewisham Central and altered Bellingham and a new small award called New Cross Gate
reconfiguring the north of the borough
night's disappointing that the LGBC have chosen to create three 2 member wards as it is our Council policy to retain 18 3 member wards and I think many of us have experienced are two member wards in the Council and we know it's harder for ward colleagues to share the casework evenly particularly where a councillor is unavailable for a period of time
however the weight of evidence from other submissions means that it was unlikely that the Council could persuade the LGBC to change their proposals to 18 3 member wards and certainly we wouldn't resubmit our original submission
it has also proved too difficult
to reconfigure
the LGBC proposals into 18 3 member wards due to the boundaries that the LGBC have drawn
therefore the Council's response
refers well it references the original position that we would have preferred three Member wards but accepts the LGBC proposals with some minor amendments that are set out in the report and we think those amendments help with good governance and community cohesion
we also think that having New Cross and New Cross Gate Ward creates confusion and we are therefore recommending a name of Deptford instead of New Cross
so the lgbcs consultation on their recommendations closes on the 2nd of March
and if passes
evening we will submit our submission and then the LGBC will publish their final recommendations on the 13 30th of June of this year
thank you very much
thank you Councillor best
Chair - 1:04:54
I seem to have simply turned over two pages I call upon Councillor Kevin bonavia to second the recommendations
Cllr Bonavia - 1:05:05
Councillor Walsh
Chair - 1:05:13
i've got off
Cllr Walsh - 1:05:19
the bus I start by thanking all members of the
group including Ikea but particularly our offices who delivered a great service for us throughout this this entire period and redrew and redraw again a number of warding patterns and arrangements it was really great to have their support and actually be denoted going forward I also want to echo what Councillor Best said in her
proposal and that is we are it is utterly regrettable that the Boundary Commission did not listen to us when we said that we wanted to remember boards this is going to reduce the ability for effective local government and that is our position and this is a sadness that they haven't listened to that I also want to extend the sadness to to my colleagues who will be going from three Member wards to two member wards Lewisham Central New Cross New Cross Gate
and its realignment and also Bellingham councillors we stand with you still in solidarity I also want to particularly highlight the Whitefoot Ward Councillors because their wards is completely being re structured as part of this boundary review and I want to firstly highlight that but also secondly highlight the way that they have dealt with this with their communities and their their conduct throughout this I think it's been really commendable
but I also want to use the little time I have left to criticise the process actually I think it is regrettable that we have a boundary commission that looks at figures that are five years into the future but actually since the last time we had a boundary review it was 18 years ago Lewisham is changing dramatically in and not equally across this piece I represent Rushey Green Ward we know that there is going to be significant growth there we are already at them towards the top end of the allowable temps and tolerance what will that look like in 18 years' time and will be voting Catford equal vote elsewhere in the borough and that's something that I think that we need to be raising as Councillors going back through a process with the Boundary Commission because I'm not sure the process is fit for London and its rapid rate of change and growth
and that's what's partly brought us to this but I do commend this report to Council as it doesn't meet the 3 tests they are vote parity with intolerances reflects local communities add does at the moment deliver effective local governance thank you
Chair - 1:07:54
thank you Councillor Walshaw my apologies for was told it was Councillor on visionary
I now open debate on Item 8 Is there anybody who wishes to speak
Councillor Smith do you wish to speak on this item
now well as I see no speakers can own members in favour of this report please show
any against
any abstentions
one abstention
I thank you very much

9 Organisational priorities for 2020

Chair - 1:08:41
I n Surrey agenda Item number 9 organisation priorities for 20 20 pages hundreds and 57 267 the Mayor is to move the recommendation in the report
The Mayor - 1:08:55
wrote Frank you very much Speaker are formally move this report members will be familiar with the details of this report which sets out our new chief executive's recommendations that will now enable the Council to build on our strong foundations that we already have in place and delivered a corporate strategy and our priorities at pace and while also allowing us to better address the challenges that we're facing in these difficult times the objectives for the senior Management structural changes will result in our services being brought together better and reduce siloed working and focusing are limited capacity where we can have the most impact it will also help us to continue to modernise and to innovate so that we can have an even more positive impact on our residents' lives we should also note that this is projected to annual saving to the Council of 300 thousand pounds o just let's put on record my thanks to Kim rightly for all her work since she has joined the Council just a few months ago and the how appreciative all of us are for the fact that Kim didn't arrive with a fixed view of what needs to change its taking the time to listen to us to listen to staff across the Council
and and to our partners and to appreciate what works well here and also to challenge us in this document about how we can work even better
Chair - 1:10:23
thank you Councillor bestial to second the recommendations
Deputy Mayor - 1:10:28
Chair - 1:10:29
thank you for your brevity Councillor best now open general debate on Item 9 Is there anybody who wishes to speak
councillor Snaith
thank you very much so I don't think there's necessary for the Mayor to apply
so or members in favour of the recommendations of this report please show
all those against
and any abstentions

10 Delegated Authority to recruit Director for Borough Based Board

Chair - 1:11:02
now then that is unanimous we move on to agenda Item number 10 delegated authority to recruit the Director for Borough based Board pages hundreds 68 272 of your papers I call upon the Deputy Mayor to move the recommendations in the report
The Mayor - 1:11:24
Deputy Mayor - 1:11:28
thank you very much Speaker and in Lewisham we have a number of longstanding arrangements with NHS partners including joint posts as we develop our borough based arrangements for the commissioning we believe it's important that the Council hosts this new post of Director of integrated care and commissioning we are accountable to the residents of the borough so it's appropriate that we host this role and it will be jointly funded and jointly accountable we want to make sure that we're able to recruit the right person for the role so that they are from a health or a local authority background and that they need to be able to meet the duties of both the Council and the Clinical Commissioning Group and its successor body the borough based board so in light of this we do feel it's appropriate that we delegate to the Chief Executive in consultation with NHS colleagues the responsibility for appointing to this post
Chair - 1:12:25
thank you I call upon Councillor mould don't to second recommendation
speaker hour I
Cllr Muldoon - 1:12:29
formally second
Chair - 1:12:32
thank you for your gravity Councillor Muldoon right as anybody who wish to speak on this item
right that being so have you got any more to say
no I am OK so all those in favour of recommendations please show
any against
any abstentions

11 Appointments

Chair - 1:13:01
then again that is unanimous and we move on to agenda Item number 11 appointments strategic planning committee page 163 of your papers
Cllr Millbank - 1:13:14
Councillor Mill Bank to make a nomination to strategic planning committee which I think it was the Council more
it's actually Councillor Moore Councillor Moore
thank you Chair
Chair - 1:13:24
Cllr Moore - 1:13:24
for the period that Councillor Julie Reid is on paid parental leave I am proposing Councillor Kevin Vaughan appeared take her Cabinet place
on the Strategic Planning Committee
Chair - 1:13:40
thank you or then is it Councillor Blake to second jolly good formerly
Cllr Millbank - 1:13:42
Chair - 1:13:43
thank you Councillor Millbank
as there are no other nominations I declare Councillor bonavia elected to give him a round of applause

12 Motion 1 - Skips - Proposed Cllr Penfold Seconded Cllr Maslin

a man of so many parts it's a wonder he can walk around right agenda Item number 12 which is motion 1 in the name of Councillor Pinfold to
Cllr Penfold - 1:14:12
be seconded by Councillor Meslin I hope I've got that right Councillor Penfold please move motion number one thank
you Speaker
is probably isn't the most exciting motion ever to come for this Council and probably not high politics
before you
I would argue that it is important and it's important to our residents
fly tipping is a serious problem and people say every day where they live and it affects how they feel about the area they live in and it also affects what they think about us as a Council
and for our partners councillors
it's probably a major part of our casework is it is for me
I walked to the Post Office about 400 yards from I live and there are eight separate bits of fly tipping
and sorting out five 10 minutes' walk
I recognise the financial constraints the Council is under but we need to do something about this and we need to be seen to be doing something about this so I hope this proposal will effectively address the problem I understand that there are similar schemes in other parts of London in Brent for instance and also in the country and they are successful so I would hope that everyone will support this motion and that it can be implemented thank you marvels
Chair - 1:15:31
thank you can't slip Pimco cats Lamesley you're going to second the motion
Chair - 1:15:38
thank you are now open debate on this motion is that anybody who wishes to speak Councillor Ingleby three minutes please counselling away
Cllr Ingleby - 1:15:49
thank you Chair A two reports that came out in 2 thousand 16 by the Fabian Society called places to be and pride of place said that new approaches to green space can engage citizens in community life they stated that ties that the ties that bind people together are eroding but open our open green spaces provide a crew crucial community ballast now if we are to manage our green spaces and streets in such a way that empower and bolster people's sense of place and encourage democratic engagement then accessing these arenas reactive active citizenship begin with actually cleaning up mess and in white for ward we been working with various pilot projects in the last three years to two to get things clear that we've had community is an example of our own ward we cleaned or had the simultaneous clean-ups on a particular day of a weekend we've also done when we have helped the Committee put a security gates with then cleaned out the alley ways and they visual early the thing we saw visually and viscerally was has been quite as been on occasions quite shocking the amount of rubbish that ends up on the on the pavement for then we officially to be taken away so it's a really so having a place where
a chance to change behaviour and something we've worked on in White for an addition to their way a few years ago we put these little green flyers round to the people's fridges they do with two themes one is education and one is would like now to call entrapment to try and catch the perpetrators
previously the that's to take stock to refer to report fly tipping but now I think we're trying to encourage and I would certainly to encourage residents and groups to purchase trail cameras to try and catch to catch perpetrators locally and from further afield the second and some of these sources the first side of the sheet the second side was called reuse and bulky collections for free and dealt with education and there are many things that we've that needs to be done in this area for example many people don't know that you could present during the British heart Foundation and art and arrange an appointment for think the bulky items be taken away and or to go on to various forums to advertise for its digital forms to advertise where you're things are but even so the of the bottom of the list it said Well there's you can still drive to the skip air down in
in the now up in the north of the borough and those miss the nine councillors in the south of the bosons because of the deep south counters it's a very long dry but it doesn't exactly fit in with our climate change proposals when we got to drive when people have to drive so far so having some community skips would be would be a recruit crucial first stage for for this for this process of who have been greening the borough as they provide in a kind of symbolic way significant hub for action in each ward certain kept to provide collection and disposal for the things that I involve all of us as former court president Gordon her prime Minister Gordon Brown said the advancements that Ben the occupancy come from steps that are never taken alone and so we are all involved in trying to involve get residents involved to participate in improving the environment of Lewisham just by starting with collection points that's the first stage of those was have done many things we've done in white for having that collection point is a symbolic first step to improve Navant of Lewisham and in other words small steps that will build into rebuilding Britain through the power of participation of people's creativity I support the motion
Chair - 1:19:19
are there any other speakers or has Councillor Ingleby spoken for some
I can't see any other speakers Site will move to the vote and all those in favour of this motion please show
any against
anyone consciously abstaining
okay thank you or anyone abstaining
Chair - 1:19:52
now well again that is unanimous that concludes the business of this evening thank you for your attendance and for your dignified behaviour during the meeting thank you