Mayor and Cabinet - Wednesday, 11th March 2020 at 6:30pm - Lewisham Council Webcasting

Mayor and Cabinet
Wednesday, 11th March 2020 at 6:30pm 









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  1. Mayor Damien Egan
1 Declaration of Interests
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18 Corporate Energy Contract Strategy
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2 Minutes
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3 Matters Raised by Scrutiny and other Constitutional Bodies
5 Young Mayor's Budget
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  1. Cllr Chris Best
  2. Public Speaker
  3. Mayor Damien Egan
  4. Cllr Jonathan Slater
  5. Cllr Chris Barnham
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  7. Cllr Jonathan Slater
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  9. Cllr Kevin Bonavia
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  11. Cllr Brenda Dacres
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  13. Mayor Damien Egan
6 Lewisham Climate Emergency Action Plan
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  1. Cllr Sophie McGeevor
  2. Public Speaker
  3. Mayor Damien Egan
  4. Cllr Paul Bell
  5. Cllr Jonathan Slater
  6. Cllr Chris Barnham
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  8. Cllr Sophie McGeevor
  9. Public Speaker
  10. Mayor Damien Egan
  11. Cllr Sophie McGeevor
  12. Cllr Paul Bell
7 Boroughwide Private Sector Housing Licensing
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  2. Cllr Paul Bell
  3. Mayor Damien Egan
  4. Cllr Joe Dromey
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  8. Mayor Damien Egan
8 Approach to Boroughwide Pot of Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy
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  2. Cllr Jonathan Slater
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  9. Mayor Damien Egan
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  11. Mayor Damien Egan
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  13. Cllr Sophie McGeevor
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  15. Cllr Jonathan Slater
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  17. Mayor Damien Egan
  18. Mayor Damien Egan
9 Lewisham Local Plan - Regulation 18 stage
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  2. Mayor Damien Egan
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10 Post Consultation recommendations on addition of new buildings to Local List
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  10. Mayor Damien Egan
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  12. Mayor Damien Egan
  13. Cllr Brenda Dacres
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  16. Stephanie Fleck
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  19. Mayor Damien Egan
11 GLA Small Sites Small Builders Grant
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  1. Mayor Damien Egan
  2. Cllr Paul Bell
  3. Cllr Paul Bell
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  6. Mayor Damien Egan
  7. Mayor Damien Egan
12 Call-in response Disposal of former Wide Horizons Sites in Wales & Kent
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  23. Stephanie Fleck
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  25. Mayor Damien Egan
  26. Mayor Damien Egan
13 Making of Instrument Federation of Holy Cross and St Augustine's Primary Schools and Local Governor Nomination
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  1. Cllr Chris Barnham
  2. Mayor Damien Egan
  3. Cllr Chris Barnham
14 Local Authority Governor Nominations
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  1. Mayor Damien Egan
  2. Mayor Damien Egan
15 Response to Healthier Communities Select Committee Adult Safeguarding
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  1. Cllr Chris Best
  2. Public Speaker
  3. Mayor Damien Egan
16 Response to Sustainable Development Select Committee on Pubs
17 Response to Safer Stronger Communities Select Committee Food Poverty
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  1. Cllr Jonathan Slater
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  3. Mayor Damien Egan
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  5. Cllr Amanda De Ryk
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  7. Mayor Damien Egan
  8. Mayor Damien Egan
18 Corporate Energy Contract Strategy
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  1. Cllr Sophie McGeevor
  2. Mayor Damien Egan
  3. Public Speaker
  4. Mayor Damien Egan
  5. Mayor Damien Egan
19 Exclusion of Press and Public
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Mayor Damien Egan - 0:00:09
I K good evening everyone so I commence this meeting of Marin cabinet by pointing out to all present only Cabinet members or jobshare cabinet members holding january 2 June remits are entitled to vote in job-share Cabinet Members holding July to December remits may be present and can contribute to debates but will not vote and non-voting Members have read nameplates I also needs to advise everybody that this meeting is being webcast live and therefore and the Council cannot guarantee that anyone present in the meeting we will not be filmed or recorded anyone who does want to take photos record any part of the meeting is free to do so but we just ask that you focus on those people who are contributing to debates rather than people who are here to observe the meeting okay item 1 declarations of interest can ask if any Cabinet Member job-share Cabinet Member has a declaration of interest to make
Nicholas noted a key item two minutes I move that the minutes of the Mayor and Cabinet meeting took place on the 5th February and the 12th February 20 20 be agreed as a correct record is that seconded an agreed
Key and item free a referral from the Overview and scrutiny committee has been received I propose that officers prepare response for our future considerations come back to this meeting is that agreed
brilliant thank you and outstanding scrutiny matters just for information of Cabinet can we agreed to note this
please now Item 5 which is always one of the meetings with the Mayor and Cabinet that we always look forward to every year is the presentation from the previous young man the previous Deputy Young Mayor on their budget presentation for what they will spend the allocated budget towards so for us to introduce councillor at best to move the report
Cllr Chris Best - 0:02:07
thank you Lord Mayor
I know in the past we used to say the old mad but we won't say that tonight
because we have or are you all super young man and the team who are joining him this evening it really is a pleasure to introduce Adam and Nikkei to talk about their budget of 25 thousand pounds and I think having looked through this it shows the value of the programme it's going to tackle the biggest issues facing young people we've got poverty education work experience and the climate emergency and I know Adam spoke I'm a our last a one before actually the Council meeting so impressively and Adam you've really made the whole borough proud of in the last year the work you've done and I was just taken a back from the range of activities representing Lewisham
in a whole range of TV you've been to Downing Street you have really been inspirational to so many young people and your campaigning on youth violence has really been recognised so I'm delighted you're going to talk us through your Budget this evening
Public Speaker - 0:03:18
o thank you of a very gracious introduction as an arm of the law
and have indicated their law and
so the first thing that will have to talk about the Young Advisor meetings so this was a wonderful while still is a wonderful opportunity for young people around Lewisham to come after school on Mondays she talked about on the current events going on a Lewisham is a wonderful
extra curricular activity to do outside of school is very inclusive and very interactive and we get to talk to other companies for example health watchers is how aside by the tone of Healthwatch and is just a nice way to get everybody's voice involved it was going on in Lewisham even if you're not specifically on the Young Mayor's team
and yes another thing worth mentioning about was the second point of a loose from alumni network thanks to the efforts of Jacobs circle follows former young man we've established volution alumni which essentially brings about all the fantastic and amazing talented people from Lucian who've gone through Second School has gone through the process we have gone through many different life experience and it's a way of giving back a really establishing opportunities for work experience and the like
I'm so working with schools and colleges we've had always Primary School visits a visitor to secondary schools assemblies that kind of thing trying to make sure we're always visible were always out there but something that I am particularly proud of is the negotiation and we've had with Goldsmiths University for local GCSE students to be able to use the library for further studies as we know every local area is particularly cramped so it's another good thing to make sure that everyone has the best educate educational attainment
and as we all know GDPR is not the nicest thing in the world so it's taking some time to sort that out and all the names and stuff but yeah
there have been many wonderful opportunities for me as long as the Mayor team Cheddi
many community events for example last year I was able to be part of the people that were handing out awards to
an event for our children in care for foster children and it was just a really nice opportunity to give a voice to people who really deserve them and we've also been back in very close with the first we've done a lot of events together especially in the Sydenham place because this really big pays for them for us to do great events a year dash we've buses at one of our closest companies that we work with
in southern which aren't particularly I'm quite happy was when we were at 10 Downing Street at ministerial round table discussing funding for Community Youth Work and it's something we held ministers garden and the prime Minister to account on
i'm sure what I was saying before when I was talking about the Young Advisors and during Young Advisors I met with a company called Healthwatch and this was a charity that talks about the health and wellbeing of people in Lewisham and what they wanted to do was set up a Youth Board so they came to you on the budget looking to see if anybody was interested and I really love how if that was the main aspect of my manifesto so I was very eager to work with her we were able to set up a you've got together and I was even able to win them the Mayor's voluntarily wards in the young people's sector this was a wonderful opportunity and we made a large group and we were able to have a bigger say on what happens for the health of young people for example of the NHS and there was a new fund for children's for children's health and wellbeing and seems to be a registered charity we did get to have a say in what they were able to use a 4 so it was a really nice way for our voice to be heard in the medical and health aspect as well
on the topics of social justice and diversity we as the unless team have done
quite some amount of work on it
during my period as Young Mayor elect who spoke up the
if you will remember why but there was a reporter on poverty from the UN Newham a whisper representing Lewisham campaigns are on period poverty which now the government is finally I'm funding as they should have been a are working with the local democracy reviewed a mix of this Council's question Times and as I am aware Councillor Bonneville is that one of the first ones this morning there was excellent and it's an effort to make sure that young people are engaged in local democracy participating in holding power to account
i'm yet so this is another big one as well we've a all of us collectively as young as team have I'm m to being as involved with a scourge of EU finance I'm in trying to make sure that we are giving adequate representation of young people on these matters and we've been on BBC Radio London ITV London the financial Times' revised and mentioned him a guardian a we've helped up the EU will be Youth Independent Advisory Group of Lucia met i'm we work with the public Safety team a it was part of a conversation downstream of the Minister around table
taking part in street Dr sessions which is
something which I know the previous young men are all Henry was particularly passionate about and I give thanks to her for that
and yet it's got born in poverty which needs to be tackled I'm
i'm so this is a really important thing which is part about of this year's Budget as well
and so this one is mainly talking about employment and work experience so as we know most Lewisham secondary schools give students D rec experiencing yet 10 unfortunately
the Young Mayor's team here was able to take in subsidy unnecessarily your work experience here and I just think that it was a wonderful opportunity because not everybody wants to go into retail defender use so I laughed so been able to do work experience in her in a nice office a nice arm on hands youth work he are allowed to understood acts to get a better sense of what they want to do in the future a more interactive not a more enjoyable imports are not nothing that retailers impose but this something that you can gain a lot more experienced women's often as more beneficial and useful in the future so this that's why Surrey
we wanted support the Budget on this so that it gives more experienced to young people so that they know and have a better chance to explore different opportunities for the future for their future careers
I'm so in terms of a civic events we have a May we collectively have a team of made sure that work always visible wherever we can be a taking part in Holocaust Memorial Day the Remembrance Day service a as a Jack Petchey achievement was the intergenerational work which many young advisors have been involved with like more
than two words
I'm and making sure that young people really represented a all of these places are also important
in terms of working with politicians and we've the purpose is to make sure that young people are involved in politics and holding power to account are giving adequate represent
sorry adequate representation which is so important particularly at this time but when we have seen sadly over the last year's Policy made from Central government which impacts on the lives of young people in a very adverse way
so we worked with local councils on many policy issues like the democracy review and Lewisham's constitution I'm we've always done our best to make sure that we ourselves as the Young Mayor team are accountable and we've done that through harnessing the power of technology Instagram Q&A live streams
to a questions e-mails I'm I had like one of us pay as you go Sims which I let which I just put my number public on and then I got really weird phone calls are like midnight and 2 am demanding things but
always trying to make sure that were there were represented because it's so important
participating in the London Youth Assembly all of these kind of things
i'm so we particularly also have a lot of work with our European partners for example in the Czech Republic and Sweden making sure that we learn from each other we learn from their practices they learn from Oz
and we have also done work but I remember a Palestinian delegation was here which I remember Mary going I'm Councillor Donna Vekic down to a see also about
very short
notice I thank you all for that I'm a bit like making sure that young people can learn from each other no matter their borders
which is especially important at
this time given that there is a collectives Vera collective
issues that we all face
for example with a Palestinian delegation and remember we talked about how very young people face and deal with trauma
which is particularly important given that so many young people in Lewisham do as well because of
Asis adverse childhood experiences
a so these budget proposals were developed as best we can weave a freebie Young Advisors making sure over consultation processes are upho appropriate we had physical concentrate consultations in in Phase 1 the and online ones
i'm the consultation process had an
the consultation process to add a long list
places where anything could really be written down so that people have a maximum freedom to talk
about what they wished
online consultation if I remember correctly correctly got somewhere in the region of around 500 or more than 500 replies we made sure that it went directly to schools to be publicised and yet
so there are four budget proposals for the first one is the Young Mayor's you've poverty fund as we know this is something which I believe is I'm especially important because recent studies and things have shown for example 1 pound invested in youth work can return 7 pounds of public money elsewhere and given a child poverty has such
impact on the lives of young people in terms of health and whether it be mental or physical particularly with health inequalities and obesity the educational attainment and things like this is about making sure organisations can apply for small grants Roberts you've organisation schools or whatever that can address any of the four outcomes will be a mixed panel chaired by myself the current young Marianas team to develop a criteria that is really specific to young people making sure that young people are involved and at the centre of this process
and ban these proposals will be further effort to make sure that that is going out was necessary
we've got the Work experience programme a parallel programme
for 5 thousand pounds to work
existing providers and institutions particularly local banks institutions were looking at things like pollution deal and repressed and model and we really wanted to make sure that young people of Lewisham are integral
to that
so for example a lot of time for what people are founders quote unquote good placements may go out of a bar they go into a central London the city wherever whereas we can develop meaningful placements
right here illusion
with all local anchor institutions which is so very necessary
yes sir I'm out that proposal will be to help support students and educational aspect and this is because
it shouldn't only be the wealthy students the wealthy families that do bow you shouldn't be it shouldn't be a case for as only those that go to private schools are exceeded many students in Lewisham have the potential to do great things they just don't have the opportunity or ability to do so which is always there for so this proposal will be
puts an end 10 thousand pounds to sponsor less economic economically Surrey and wanted students so that day also have the advantage to do very rural India education as well
on if I may I refer briefly
before my GCSE is for VO two weeks over Easter I was on a paid work experience place and it was only meant to be one week by decided to stay for the whole two weeks because we're getting paid out was the first time I could afford my textbooks my revision guides for online resources and it should be no other young person illusion moves in that situation I know about from being in the classroom and when the teachers are selling the revision guides essentially forcing you to take one
you are the only guy only kid who hasn't bought one hasn't taken one and then we are looking at you like while you don't care about your own Education you're not trying to do visit that's not the case at all and it shouldn't be the case and every child in this Boris should be supported no matter what to make sure that they
achieve their full potential I know right now from being a scholarship student private school that different people from different backgrounds have full support from day one and I have seen the amount of confidence it generates Barwell resourcing the full equipment and that should be available to every child and was barred because no one should ever be left behind and they can achieve great things and go on to do great things
so it's absolutely necessary that we make sure business honoring
and then we you've climate for them I'm we established the first private forum to feed in to what young people think solutions responsive a climate emergency and this is just funds to make sure but it can be well-maintained and facilitated
and briefly before we finish I'd like to pay tribute to everybody here whose assist source throughout the process
I'd like to particularly pay tribute to my Deputy Mayor in UK or the fantastic work she's done I'd like to pay tribute to our current Young Mayor and Deputy Mayor Firmino earlier who I know when they will be here in a year's time will be delivering fantastic proposals
and everyone who's ever citizens proper process thank you and will take questions now
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:17:56
thank you both very much as a fantastic presentation I'm going to open up to 2 Cabinet Members for questions and comments starting with
Cllr Jonathan Slater - 0:18:02
Councillor Barnum and encounter Slater
Cllr Chris Barnham - 0:18:07
thank you so much for your proposals I think in in Lewisham council we would like to pat ourselves on the back about our Young Mayor programme and fair enough we should but I think the thing that makes it work is what you and other young people put into it it's not the programme itself it's the fact that we get so many young people who are prepared to put the time and effort and bring their skills and and ideas to it and I I think the seriousness of the budget proposals if anyone had any doubt about the capacity of our young people to be serious about serious issues I think that would be completely dispelled by your budget proposals the only other thing I wanted to say it was your your anecdote about working to pay for your books chimed with me I remember when I did my A levels I had a weekend job and had a terrible round with my mother because I took three Saturdays off in order to revise for my A levels and she was worried that the household would suffer with that that little bit of money that I end up but I had saved I'm so I think all I'd want to say to both of you and everyone who comes behind you
it's true that some young people's background gives them confidence quite naturally because of the advantages they've had but I don't think either of you or any of the other young people who've worked with you should lack for confidence because I think we can all see what you can achieve and I be carry on doing it so well done
Public Speaker - 0:19:36
a fixed so much
I feel we speak on behalf of us when we say we agree and one of the fantastic things about this programme on why it should always be further maintain and sported is because of the confidence it gives to young people the positions it puts us in and how it allows us not to speak on our own behalf but on behalf of all of our young people in Lewisham and as we know young people form up around a quarter of a borrower last I checked
which is why this programme is so important I think that you wanted
Cllr Jonathan Slater - 0:20:09
I put this for fun I just wanted to say I'm a really big fan of the proposal of the Young Mayor's you've poverty fund and I'm the research that you've done and that the proposal I just wanted to kind of I'm ask a question then also make an offer so my question is this is what kind of contacts you've already got in terms of the local voluntary sector to get information out about this opportunity for organisations to apply and also the offers it shall have our full support a me because I cover the community sector in getting this out as far as wide as possible as we can to are a vast the voluntary sector network
Public Speaker - 0:20:45
a first for Frankfurt or support we will definitely be taken out on I will be pestering you of e-mails from now on I'm and a yes so we have had a engagement with a VAL voluntary action Lewisham a going into the AG ends I'm
a giving presentations talking about a programmes creating links a links were all sorts of organisations involved including on our member urban synergy was at the last one I'm so we have been interacting with the voluntary sector yes but obviously we hope to continue and maintain us
Cllr Kevin Bonavia - 0:21:21
thank you and thank you Adam 4 we've had a fantastic year I think you really acted as a a real champion for the Young Mayor programme and in Lewisham and beyond and we already had a great reputation but you've taken it yet further so thank you for that and also want to personally thank you and Nikkei and the advisers for all your input into the Local democracy review last year
as a result of that we've somehow recommendations have had direct input from you this morning
Jonathan Slater and I and so for Davis went bonus passed up for our first question Time Out was your idea and we got a grilling and it was good really enjoyed it and we focused on the climate emergency that was the theme of discussion and lots of ideas I've got to take a back to you so if you gave up on to add to your action plan and that's why I was quite pleased to see you've got
a use carnet forms one of your proposals
have you could you tell us a little bit more about how that's gonna work and fit in to what the Council's trying to do on this
Public Speaker - 0:22:28
first of all thank you for those kind words and I am glad that there or was that a grilling a because of the accountability is important if I was in the same position I would be expecting like ruling
regarding the climate Forum so when we first established it
what came from it at the end was a list of proposals and recommendations which I think I remember passing on to Councillor McHugh mcgivern may Regan a just cost and a feedback from what we hope to do the funds is continue a programme hopefully make it something much more regular happening making sure about the Member's Coun I'm each democratically choose what to do with those funds whether we want to use it a for an event or for another substitute or whatever something along those lines to make sure that young people's interactions are heard MV I'm a in loosens climber I'm emergency response a I will remember working with
one of the officers who for some reason names escapes me
but he was particularly brilliant on making sure that we were involved with the a programme I'm involved with a response and making sure that we always up to date with what was happening because as we know climate change is something that's going to disproportionately impact on young people and we do need to make sure that young people's responses or a fed into this a things that came from it were Meat Free Mondays at schools a which would be impacting on the environment and of what's actually given to young people and it will be impacting WCBC thing I'm all of these things joining inset together and that's why again I'd like to highlight how important youth participation in local democracy is and how we always must make sure that young people's voices are listened to and account to
Cllr Brenda Dacres - 0:24:24
we need to spend to say thank you and Nicky for and sought the Authority's guys behind you for your hard work and representing Lewisham so well this year you both or put so much effort and time in I don't know how you've been able to do that and study are to always asked myself that question but a
i'm you've complemented each other you've had a fantastic manifesto and then you have successfully done a majority if not all that you set to cheapens the budget you've presented today is like the icing on the cake of hitting the right notes and its
I think we are very fortunate to have people like you and the youth of devices and the team the junkets are gets get on Monday evening to really be a voice for Lewisham and I hope that continues I'm would love to see I'm for me it's important that we have that youth I'm voice when we look in at youth violence and I think you haven't so much more to teach us in and moan about it and I'm also for Cadbury I'm still getting my head round woke but anyway so please continue into the new Young Mayor and a Deputy Mayor will continue that but you have been exemplary so exemplary both of you so thank you
Public Speaker - 0:25:44
a thanks a lot for those warm words and I do completely agree it's important to have youth participation at every level of local democracy
not just Leeds because we form a quarter of a borough but because of a Housing sounds these policies have impact on our lives and again particularly with EU finance I'm I think that there are things of course we can do better as a Council we must move towards doing better because it's a continuous process itself improvement I'm and that must always be rectified and I've just realised how silly of me
to really important people I just forget to give tribute to another given tribute to almost everyone on board Caton-Brown
who again do 10 times the work we do and making sure young people are all those involved in these processes and making sure were backed up and supported I'm but yet again a completely agree on though you participation with a youth violence and
just the amount of times
Harman speaking about it you hear about these things happening when you are in your position and it does completely right you as I'm sure other people here on these tables have felt
when hearing the news
and young people can give so much in terms of these discussions least because we have first hand experience of it but also because I'm
it's understanding the context of these matters which are so important and being able to rectify some of the issues
Jonathan Wright anything
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:27:20
Adam McKay we are all so proud of everything you've both achieved over the last year you you you came in with very exciting manifestos are now whenever I'd meet Adam you be going through the the tracking the progress against the manifesto commitments I know that you've both taken that very seriously you've brought a campaigning aspect to the two Young Mayor and Deputy Mayor roles which which I think has been very important the work around I think that fantastic win with Goldsmiths speaking advocating around youth violence around
young people's mental health the period poverty work and also speaking out against austerity as well I think that the budget proposals that you've got I welcome it's a progressive set of ideas redistributive as well and I just hope that I'm sure you're both can go on do wonderful things and that at some point you you come back and share that knowledge that you get even more with us back in Lewisham so on that I shall ask colleagues
all those in favour of the recommendations if they raise their hands
that's unanimous congratulations thank you
OK we're now going to move to Item 6 which is the Lewisham climate emergency action plan Councillor McKeever
Cllr Sophie McGeevor - 0:28:56
thank you
were Lewisham climate emergency strategic action plan represents a historic step in making our borough carbon neutral by 20 30 since our climate emergency declaration just over a year ago our officers have been busy conducting research to determine how much carbon we produce and what actions are required to reduce it over the next 10 years we've taken immediate action already with remove single use plastic from all Council buildings and later this evening we'll bringing forward a report if approved will see as purchasing 100 percent renewable energy
our action plan makes it clear that meeting this challenge requires systemic change we've estimated that this requires a 1 point 6 billion pounds of public and private money
the Council is a key player in this fight but with no extra funding coming from central government in today's budget for Local authorities we alone cannot meet this challenge we need to bring together members of the community businesses anchor institutions homeowners transport bosses and schools to take collective action
whilst the Council produces about 3 percent of the borough's emissions the gas boilers that he are homes produce nearly 32 per cent so what is required is a significant shift in how we leave lead our daily lives how our homes are heated and powered and how we get from A to B
but these challenges do not have to represent a loss they can and should enhance our lives these positive these positive impacts will have the greatest benefit for those who are the most vulnerable children the elderly and those on low wages will see an imprint will see an improvement in air quality lower energy bills and better health facing up to the climate emergency offers us the opportunity to enhance our social mobility and reduce inequalities in society
escape has been ambitious with over 100 70 actions identified ranging from shifting our catering to vegan food to developing heat networks and campaigning for the Bakerloo line extension but we know that this action plan is not the end we need to work with the community to lobby for change and the government and government support it's only together that we can transform Lewisham and meet the greatest challenge of our time
and handover turned Martin MR fantastic officers who have put a huge huge amount of work into this in the past year and on so grateful to them
Public Speaker - 0:31:24
thank you very much Councillor gave up
I think the this action plan has been developed with the contributions of a large number of people both within the organization
and outside as well and I think that's a really important part of how we need to approach this work going forward that it's about engaging with our residents and communities and learning from good practice both within Lewisham and elsewhere to develop what we're doing
I would particularly thank the
Councillor krupski in Councillor Anwar who brought the motion a year ago who taking early action I think put us on the front foot with with all of this and we've tried to carry the spirit of that
ambition into the action plan as Councillor McKeever has described is a 10 year plan is one that we will look to be developing over time but as detailed in the plan itself there are a whole swathe of actions that we will need to
bring our resources to in the coming months and over the next year a couple of years so this the early phase is going to be a really important part of getting Section Plan dam
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:32:41
thank you very much Councillor Bill
Cllr Paul Bell - 0:32:45
so I would just like to say to Mayor and to Councillor McKeever what a fantastic
strategy the Lewisham is definitely leading the way on this and I was particularly pleased as one of the two vegans on Cabinet's along with Councillor born to see that vegan food will be in corporate events hopefully sooner rather than later and I'd like to take this opportunity of inviting my fellow Cabinet Members the Mayor and everyone here to become vegan hits the single biggest step to fighting climate change but finally I received an e-mail from Peter today wishes the people for the ethical treatment of animals and they said of this strategy that they were delighted to learn that Lewisham council has proposed to serve vegan food and responds to the calamitous emergency this is inspirational and a win for animals people and the environment so thank you very much for all the hard work in this this is this is something to be truly proud of and it's Mary inspirational
Cllr Jonathan Slater - 0:33:43
am I just also want to pay tribute simply to the work that Martin a member of Dearne they kind of like it's incredible that what started as a motion sought last February is turns in this comprehensive action plan and as someone who is responsible for community energy and I work closely with the council Magee was to give our full commitment that what you do in community energy is fully aligned with a promote the climate change emergency for me it's always been with the green agenda has always been sort of miss I'm is defined as being a very kind of vocal middle class agenda by I think what we've seen with the Southland energy efficiency project which we actually lead apart which really 12 and boroughs in supporting our most vulnerable residents is the green agenda is an anti-poverty agenda because those that arm of the ones that pay the highest energy bills are the ones who got the lowest incomes so with the green agenda you not only are we helping them get out of poverty but will also helping them reduce their carbon emissions and certainly with the Community energy funded projects that we've just I'm funded really learn the good practice of how we can use our community buildings to really work towards a carbon neutral i'm well to be so carbon neutral for the borough in 20 30 couple of other things someone is responsible for libraries are really searing important for libraries in changing people's behaviours and that something that will feed into the are library strategy and finally as as my colleague Councillor Bonavista we went to bonus pass to this morning and talked about the climate change agreements and we had a really good eye proposal from a student pupil said Why don't you come and do climate change workshops with school pupils so that something out formally recommend some
to take forward thank you
Cllr Chris Barnham - 0:35:22
thanks very much I would like to add my strong welcome to this the colleagues have given I think we brilliant as this is we need to realise don't we that this isn't the end of something this is really the beginning of something that is going to be very very difficult
and it's clear from reading this strategy how severe the limits are on what the Council can do alone
but that doesn't mean we should not do things and I think it's important that even though there will be difficulties and we're going to have to hold our nerve we've already seen how much pushback you get just from trying to make parking charges relate more towards carbon emissions we are going to get pushed back people will find things difficult but we have to hold our nerve and I think it's important that we continue to show leadership even when we cannot ourselves control everything that is important in in tackling this problem so with a Labour Council hopefully a continuing Labour Mayor of London and will be able to do more obviously we would be able to do even more if we had a Labour government but we need to call on the government to do their part and hold their feet to the fire
Cllr Joe Dromey - 0:36:36
I thank you very much a are wanted to say are common and a question and this I think this is a alongside the work we're doing on a building social housing is the most important thing that the Council was doing
because it's the greatest challenge that we face
it I think the plan is incredibly
it's it's it's really really important and it's kind of inspiring and terrifying in equal measure in terms of the opportunities that it provides but also the challenge that is ahead of us and I think we should really focus on the opportunities that there are in the transition as well and think about a particularly looking at the increase of growth strategy which will be developing how a transition to net zero can create thousands of really good quality jobs locally and I will be great to think about how we can position Our Lewisham to be at the forefront of that transition and making sure that our residents have got the skills and opportunities they that they need to get into these jobs and the question is about the Budget day as well as freezing fuel duty was pitched as a kind of budget deliver net 0 and support the transition
what do you think we need to be pushing for ahead of the comprehensive spending review in the autumn or the changes that we need from government to deliver this and deliver the scale of ambition that we've we've set out
Cllr Sophie McGeevor - 0:38:11
I think there while some of the commitments made today are welcome
I think this scale is it's not it's not large enough we know that I think we are supposed to be spending between 20 and 40 billion pounds a year
to transition and the earlier we do it the less painful it'll be so and that's actually incorporated into our own plan we are trying to do as many actions as possible in the near future and I think what the if you look at are I'm our carbon emissions the largest source of emissions is domestic and heating and gas so that's what the focus needs to be on I think perhaps marching talk a little bit more about that but if we really really to reduce our carbon emissions to meet our target that knotty 50 percent of all emissions needs to be addressed and it's a huge huge issue because we have built our infrastructure in the structures of our society on using a
gas gas central heating and that the transition with electricity is easier if we invest in renewables but gases are really really knotty challenge that we face and heat networks as part the solution to that so perhaps not anemic took a little bit that there
Public Speaker - 0:39:22
so within the action Plan itself is set out a whole series of asks of others and the majority of those are targeted government as Councillor McGee says infrastructure investment is really important infrastructure investment in the right way so particularly around gas but also helping us
get the shift from people out of their cars and into public transport and walking and cycling in terms of fiscal measures I think that you know
what we need to be a lot of the the challenge is about retrofitting owner occupier and private rental homes and the transition to renewable sources of energy and at the moment
these things are
have VAT applied to them just as kind of any other goods and what we should be looking at is the contribution their investment in
how house retrofit makes
makes in terms of its wider contribution
and I think government has got a big part to play in getting the supply chain right the business right to deliver
home retrofits and that's where the point that you raised about getting our residents skilled out so they can be first and foremost benefiting from some of these changes
but there are a whole range of things hopefully we've captured most of them but we will certainly be looking to grow it over time in terms of the the asks if government analysis
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:40:49
well thank you all for your hard work Sophie thank you for your political leadership and
Martin thank you for your leadership through the Council and I think what
I'm delighted see Lewisham is emerging as one of those Lead boroughs in terms of climate action and I think the other group who we should thank the local community and the fact that most people have in our local community of coming with us on this journey we've also got reactive people who want to come and get involved with that and just the fact that this is I think a very good reminder from Councillor
Barnham is
we should be very proud of me and was going out and say what we are doing as a barb opens challenged about what more needs to happen but be under absolutely no doubt that we need more action from government if we're going to take this seriously as a country
I ask all those in favour of the recommendations please raise their hands and that's agreed thank you very much Item 7 is the borough-wide Private Sector Housing licensing Councillor Bell
Cllr Sophie McGeevor - 0:41:50
Cllr Paul Bell - 0:41:55
thank you mass so this is another one of our manifesto commitments that were introducing this evening so it gives me great pleasure to introduce this report to Mayor and Cabinet before we get into the detail of the report I want to pay tribute to the officers who put many months of work into the robust dataset and the final reports fan and her team along with Madeleine have given their heart and soul into getting the report right to submit to government we are forever in their debt and thank you very much
this administration was elected in May 2 thousand 18 on a manifesto that includes a commitment to improving standards across all housing sectors as part of this determination we would seek to deliver a full borough-wide licensing scheme to crack down on rogue landlords this report takes us a step closer to fulfilling that commitment since I became Cabinet Member for Housing and Damien Mayor of Lewisham we've had the opportunity to meet some landlords as well as supported many tenants through casework I acknowledged that many of our landlords are hard working people who provide decent accommodation and care for the well being of their tenants however there is a small element of landlords whose operations border on criminality and who pays scant regard for the welfare and safety of their tenants it is these landlords who cause so much misery amongst our residents that we are targeting through the licensing schemes
you don't need me to tell you as you all know colleagues on the Council when receive sackfuls of casework from residents about the conditions of their homes that they are renting I seem somehow as in my time
one that sticks with me is when I first became a Councillor someone was renting a room under the stairs
for as the as their residents and literally it was really under the stairs while the Council already has powers under existing legislation for example the Housing Act 2 thousand for the current schemes are severely limiting and covers only 10 percent of all HMOs and less than 2 percent of all properties in the private rented sector are covered by existing schemes a borough-wide licensing scheme in Lewisham would make all properties in the PRS licensable and therefore ensure that we are protecting all of our residents in the private rented sector over the last nearly 2 years officers have undertaken an extensive consultation exercise with residents with a specific focus on our tenants and land landlords communities some landlords are in favour of this scheme so let's not picture it as something that us and them it's all of us together so I'm going to ask Fen to talk about the extensive work undertaken and they'll come back with a recommendation
Public Speaker - 0:44:45
thank you Councillor Bale
good evening man cabinet
the report before you this evening is a staging point in the journey as Councillor Bale says that started two years ago the work on developing the evidence base to demonstrate the need for this scheme started in 2 thousand 18 and the outcomes of the this exercise was used to develop the public consultation exercise that exercise took place between May 28th May 2 21st June of August 20 19
the consultation was extensively promoted through all the usual comms channels social media printed media and community languages as well as through a very comprehensive programme of outreach where officers attended events with landlords would assemblies and so on
to ensure widespread engagement across Lewisham are older residents residents from our disabilities BME and LGBTQ communities young people and our communities of faith were also consulted in fact we are used faith leaders across the borough to share information about the consultation with the congregation of their members some via e-mails displaying posters and we had face to face workshops with people who attend the local mosque so it really was a all encompassing the consultation had very high uptake we've got we had 1 thousand 831 responses which we now know is turns out to be the fifth highest in the country of all who have done this so we are very proud of that 88 percent of our respondents actually live in Lewisham there was as Councillor Bale said active I'm we covered all the keys are the key stakeholders and over half of every of the people who responded supported the proposals
we also had an extensive data analysis underlying underlying all of this covering a housing conditions in the borough anti social behaviour crime and deprivation data the data analysis highlighted that except for Downham all wards in the Borough have a high proportion of properties in the private rented sector
we also found out that more than a third of our private rented homes were non decent and that means they live in point 4 per cent of homes in the when Lewisham's pub PRs were found to require repair and this is higher than the national average
analysis of the rates of anti social behaviour show 14 wards of our in our borough experienced relatively high levels of at least one type of ASB so whether that's crime or noise complaints to Environmental fly-tipping and six wards have crime rates higher than the national average and these funnily enough all correlate to the areas where there's a large number of PRS properties
so you see Mayor we need the schemes in Lucian
some of you may have seen some articles in the media that aren't positive about licensing schemes are application is not a money making scheme the cost of our licence is directly linked to the cost of administering the schemes wherein we intending to inspect all properties applying to be licensed which is more than what other boroughs do and at 500 pounds per unit for a 5 year licence on an HMO the real costs were landed is less than 10 pounds per let per month and for that will be levelling the playing field for the good landlords by rooting out and tackling the criminal landlords
I have to take one second of your time to thank Madeleine and the rest of the PHA management team for all the work that has gone into making this happen right now we are working very hard to operationally make ourselves ready if we get approval from you tonight for the additional scheme so we are recruiting on-boarding and training new staff to take on the additional workload 300 people mainly our residents actually attended a recent recruitment workshops and we received over 400 applications
a significant number of these people actually live in the private rented sector so one of the side benefits of all of this was that we now and over 300 people now know about our work and will be telling their friends they owed the our inboxes Augusta getting lots of e-mails because they now know who we are
we also introducing measures to support our landlords with workshops updating them on current legislation plus were having workshops to empower tenants with knowledge of their rights and their responsibilities
were working with other council services
we're streamlining the licensing process so there's a lot of work taking place to ensure that we are ready and prepared
all this work will stand us in good stead if we get the secretary of State approval for the selective scheme
and the much wider community benefits will be working to reduce incidences of reported crime and ASB in the licensed properties will be working to ensure that properties are well-maintained inside and out and all of this will help to ensure that our neighbourhoods are places where our residents want to live
thank you Councillor Bill
Cllr Paul Bell - 0:49:56
vankuren so there are two main recommendations the first one arses to agree to introduce an additional licensing scheme which would make it a requirement for privately rented HMOs to be licensed we anticipate this will bring into scope 6 thousand properties and include smaller houses in multiple occupation that are currently not covered by the mandatory HMO scheme specifically this will apply to flats and houses are occupied by three or four unrelated people which form two or more households are under one or more tenancies have shared me as his such as kitchens and bathrooms the second main recommendation seek permission for the Executive Director of Housing Regeneration and Environment to finalise and submit an application to the secretary of State for an additional licensing scheme the scheme would then compares out comprehensively cover all properties that are rented crucially incurs properties rented to a single household under one Tennessee and we estimate this will bring an additional 26 thousand properties in the private rented sector to our attention the selective licensing scheme will enable us to fully ensure that all our residents in the private rented sector are living in good quality homes that are safe and secure free from hazards and some other forms of exploitation finally the scheme will work for landlords as well as tenants the Council's here to support them in delivering decent homes both inside and out to residents of the borough our scheme is about fairness for landlords and tenants where we work together then we can achieve massive results together co-operatively so I fully support and strongly recommend to Mayor and Cabinet that we approve these proposals are march forward with our corporate plan and our manifesto
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:51:36
thank you very much I'm fan pool Sean thank you any questions or comments Councillor Dromey
Cllr Joe Dromey - 0:51:41
this is excellent and this is really really exciting and it we shouldn't have to request this from government it's it's very unfortunate that governments Paisley committed to localism makes us requests and requires them to approve
such a common sense measure as this by Council of its accountable to local residents but given we do it's fantastic there is such a compelling report with a really strong evidence base and very strong local support as evidenced by a consultation with really really strong levels of of response so well done to to you and to the team and Paul Frew for your work on this and I think it's a really really compelling case and I do hope that it is approved and if it is as an advocate of apprenticeships in the Council and across Lewisham as wondering if there might be space to recruit some apprentices will be now paid the living wage in the new team
Public Speaker - 0:52:47
thank you Councillor Joe me and I have taken my past with me and so we currently have two apprentices in the in the in the team
and we proposals for going forward if we get suggested approval will definitely have an Francis we have offences and programmed into to take us over the five years so I think I'm Madeleine tells me and she will cease in the room we've got about 12 it so as well so we've got we've got we've got them programmed in so yes I'm absolutely yeah OK
Cllr Brenda Dacres - 0:53:25
thank you I'm really excited about this I think we all had casework and over the years that's off means that this is going to make such a difference to so many people's lives if this gets approved by the secretary of State and with that minor echo everything that counts the drove me as mentioned guards in the government and having to go to them and how long do you think it will take one is what is submitted about what the term and you think for that decision to be made
Public Speaker - 0:53:55
we are aiming to submit in April and I'm right now applications you know the ones that have gone before was a taking on average about three months so we're looking at about of late summer is when we might we are hoping to hear we certainly hoping to hear before the summer recess
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:54:17
I would like to add my thanks for all the work that has been a lot of work since the beginning of this administration but thank you for getting on with it and for us to be able to press ahead with this manifesto commitment can ask all those in favour of the recommendations please raise their hands
that is agreed thank you very much
OK we are now moving on to Item 8 which is a report that I am bringing
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:54:50
forward with counsellors Slater so this this report proposes the priorities for the borough wide and CIL funding and how they have been reached
I am really excited about Lewisham's NCL programme we are still the first Council in the country to give residents the power to decide where money levied from private developers go into local community and that they decide where it is spent so officers have proposed some areas for borough wide pots of answer on how that will be spent and the proposal is that over half a million pounds will be spent on mentoring services for children and young people from Lewisham employment support for people with learning disabilities or mental health issues and initiatives to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour and as well as some money set aside to improve our quality Council Slater
Cllr Jonathan Slater - 0:55:46
thank you so as you said this paper updates Marian cabinet on the process and for agreeing the Ward based priorities for the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy otherwise known as CIL
and 6 agreements for the borough wide priorities which you've just outlined
the borough-wide priorities have been developed further to the overall instil strategy which was agreed by Mayor and Cabinet on the 5th June of last year in order to determine a focused set of criteria for the borough wide pots an interactive approach has been taken in order to combine the end CIL consultation feedback at a ward level priorities agreed through the formal democratic process and the feedback of the relevant scrutiny committee specifically the following steps have been followed Review of the priorities identified through the answer consultation process at a ward level review corporate priorities and progress against delivery Review of level of funding and other resources available for work on both of the above and consideration of a referral to Marin cabinet by sustainable development Select Committee so the outcome of this process is the man cabinet is asked to agree the following the allocation of the borough wide and CIL pot
on top of those priorities that you've just outlined now we've also going to top slice 100 care 100 thousand pounds to be allocated for the development of a council borough-wide Air Quality
infrastructure that promotes community involvement and obviously will support very much the climate change emergency action plan which we've just approved recently
the funding should support services that are Borough wide as far as possible but also provide extra focus on the most deprived wards in the Borough as deep as defined by the Indices of multiple deprivation I just wanted to also reflects on the
on the site of the the way it's been done I call community consultation
there's always ways in different means of doing things but I think this is a really innovative way of going through and when you try new things it is a journey and you will see pickup learning along the way but just to let you know that with the commonplace platform which have used for the Catford master plan and other such services it's generated 18 thousand comments so that's 18 thousand residents who
responded to the consultation is also mean that significant of a number of residents have been positively engaged in shaping the priorities for each ward and these have been augmented by discussions at the meetings themselves and the inclusion of additional priorities where required
in developing these recommendations for the borough wide pots
these local priorities have been cross referenced with our corporate priorities which we all remember stem from our manifesto which we also consulted quite widely with our community sector and with our own party members which had been consulted upon and agreed by the democratic process prefer that analysts overlaid in terms of available resources and progress against delivery finally the views of the designated scrutiny body that stayed with parliament's select committees to take into account to ensure that the final recommendations are fully rounded and take account of a multitude of feuds taken together this approach is considered to have addressed the main concerns raised by
Safer stronger clearly more can be always be done but given the available resources timescales this approach is very
robust and defensible that's enough for me and I'll pass onto
Mayor Damien Egan - 0:59:12
officers anything you like to add at this stage no OK now we do have
Councillor Campbell who would like to speak on this item
she would you like to come forward now
Councillor Campbell is the Chair of the Safer stronger Select Committee of got some comments on this report
Public Speaker - 0:59:29
so that you and Councillor Rathbone who is the Vice-Chair and you guys have got up to 5 minutes
thank you ma am firstly I and the Committee would like to recognise the hard work that the officers have put into this report and their commitment to using the limited funds and resources to benefit Lewisham residents however
the Committee did feel that there are a number of challenges to the setting of the ANCYL priorities including the methodologies used to collect the data
the main thrust of this referral is the Committee's request that the decision on spending on the spending priorities of the borough-wide and so pop be paused in order that it be reviewed and looked at more widely this is because the Committee are concerned about the park how the priorities will come about as it stands the report reads that the consultation was through the local assemblies the commonplace platform and from officers we know that local Assembly attendees tend not to be representative of the borough and commonplace platform based on the DUP demographics of people that respond to online consultations tend not to be representative offer Lewisham population
I understand the 18 thousand people visited comment commonplace platform however the report does not offer the evidence of what priorities were voted for for example the Committee would like to see Exe percentage of people said this x percentage of people said something else this would offer as transparency and how the priorities were arrived at and will be confident that the data drives our decisions
whilst we recognise that consultation can be time consuming theme 2 of the Local dormer democracy review recommendation speaks directly to public involvement in decision making reaching an empowering our communities including seldom heard voices and allowing people to have a say in how we design and develop our services and this is not evident in the report
if we are to show our commitment to change the way in which we approach effective decision me decision making important needs to be broader and wider than those outlined in the report as a Council we are committed to making decisions that are rigorous in evidence based our decisions need to be smart and data-driven or even evidence based so that we are open and transparent to ourselves and to the public
we need to apply rigour and discipline in how we consult and participate with the third sector community groups councillors and our critical friends
pausing the decision on the spending priorities of the borough-wide ENSO pot so they can be reviewed more widely will not impact on the timeframe for delivery it may not even impact on the final decision on those priorities it will however provide assurance to both scrutiny and to residents that we've carried out a robust consultation process where decisions on these
priorities are driven by data and are evidence based therefore the Committee's request that the decision on the spending priorities of the borough-wide insupport be paused in all that it can be reviewed more widely
thank you
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:02:51
thank you very much Councillor Campbell any questions or any points we made
no thank you
thank you very much that's noted
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:03:01
Can I Bring Back chains and Emma please thank you
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:03:12
I'd like to ask a question James in terms of the responses and so we had 18 thousand through common place as well as responses from local Assembly scheme which is high by Council standards but clearly we always want more people to be involved you talk us through a process in terms of we've identified these areas at a mentoring services for children young people employment support for people with learning disabilities and mental health issues the commences Paver and improving air quality
so we have those themes How will we make sure that more people are sought as hard harder to reach groups are involved in
planning for what projects we will take an overdose things
Public Speaker - 1:04:00
OK so the net the next stage in terms of allocating the funding will be the launch of the different funds so each individual ward fund will be launched alongside this this Boro fond on that will happen towards the end of this month in order to ensure its launch before the Mayoral purdah for the GLA elections
during the period that that is open so approximately eight weeks there will be funding workshops held on individual workshops in in wards with the larger funding so Rushey Green New Cross Evelyn and regional ones for the wider
for the wards with smaller amounts which we will invite community groups to to come and learn more because it's very important to remember that this is simply a priority setting stage we still have to go through through two further stages of
working with communities to to develop beds
and the former allocation of of the funds which is a slightly more involved process at a ward level
over the borough-wide
one but those two things will happen concurrently if this is agreed tonight which will allow for there to be cross-fertilisation of ideas between the Borough pot and the borough-wide pot so following those
engagement events and that will happen during that period there will then be a submission of of the applications for the borough wide part these will be reviewed by officers and recommendations made to Mayor and Cabinet
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:05:39
in terms of harder to reach groups as well which I think we should be very proud of the Local Assemblies programme because there is something very special to Lewisham and the number of residents to get involved with it have we seen through commonplaces there been any analysis done yet it may be too early off the kind of respondents that we're seeing through commonplace which imagining may reach out to more residents viruses the profile of residents coming through the Assembly's profile
Public Speaker - 1:06:07
we haven't done that analysis yet we embarked on the commonplace journey and we see it as such because we will be reviewing the approach fully in response to concerns that the Assembly's we're not fully representative of the communities we're not able to fully analyse who is responded we have to make some assumptions because of the numbers of people who have responded they the reach goes goes far beyond the people at at the meetings
it I think that we fully acknowledging this process that
the people who respond to consultations in the same way that the people who come out to vote are not always representative of our communities
we do everything we can to to promote
the Assembly's we've done everything we can to promote this consultation we've done letter drops to to every door in the borough to to make it make it aware we've gone through local community groups
and we have hope we hope that through that reaching out to local community groups that the returns on commonplace are more representative and as I say we are we are hopeful due to the sheer scale of of them that we are that they are
we also hope that by targeting the funding at the most deprived areas we can use the projects themselves as engagement tools with some of our communities who may or may not otherwise come to assemblies in order to
use the opportunity to build build that capacity alongside a wider review of our engagement processes that we are doing
with colleagues who are working with Councillor Campbell and others on the implementation of the democracy review
I think I've had a long conversation with Councillor Campbell about this we we acknowledge that
the Assembly programme and the associated techniques that we've used or not perfect we knew that when the Assembly's were agreed as the vehicle for the allocation of Ansel
but in the old adage it's it's the best that we've got not perfect but it's that it's the best that we have and we have done everything we can to expand the
reach of of those assemblies during this process and my concern from a
administrative and bureaucratic perspective is I'm not sure what we would do in addition to this that would come up with different proposals in the future we can go away and look at that but we've listened to on people online we've listened to people face to face we've listened to the electorate would listen to
politicians from the Sustainable Development Select Committee who themselves
are involved in listening to their local residents and we feel that this is a robust and defensible set of recommendations
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:09:09
thank you Councillor McKeever
Public Speaker - 1:09:10
Cllr Sophie McGeevor - 1:09:12
and I am really delighted that one of the proposals is to to make 100 thousand pounds available for air quality initiatives across the Borough it is really really needed it's been a real struggle to do some of the work that we've been doing on air quality over the years
and I think this will provide a huge huge MPs to that but the question I had was on the I'm the priority to provide high quality mentoring services and those designed to keep Lewisham's children young people safe from exploitation violence and serious youth crime and I wondered whether that was do we have a mentoring service in mind was that can be an open call for mentoring services in the borough
Public Speaker - 1:09:55
that it will be an open call I'm there are clearly a number of very highly qualified organizations that currently work in the borough there are a number of organisations who work in a similar area who may be interested but it will be an open call
and that is one of the areas where we took the cross referencing with what people were saying which was broad concerns about young people and roared
desires expressed across virtually all Assemblies in one way or another to provide greater services for them whether direct
commitment in the corporate strategy
the moment is lacking in resource so the opportunity provided by Ansel to both listen to what people are saying and provide resource in areas include a very similar to air quality in many ways that we may have struggled to deliver against the ambition that high bar and the ambitions that we've said
in come together very nicely in order to two to make these recommendations
Cllr Jonathan Slater - 1:10:58
yes just really a question for civilly to James because again and I think
probably all of us to the are to your colleagues were Councillors and officers obviously when we want to make and deliver services and sign services it follows the evidence it follows the data so
I mentioned about the the figure of 18 thousand people have visited the common place platform which I think some of which I think is brilliant but I just wanted to get a sense of more of how the how we use the data to kind of comes the ultimate conclusions of those fall
so priority services for the Borough wide part as well as other are the sort of
analytical work that was done to kind of get to get to that place of equality entering employment support for those with learning disabilities and sort of crime prevention
Public Speaker - 1:11:51
yes they are the bedrock of it is the Ward based approach that we've taken to identifying the into priorities and that has consisted of the use of the commonplace tool for people to make comments and either agree or disagree through through interactions with the site
each of the individual wards
we two outstanding have agreed their priorities and this is based on a combination of number of comments or suggestions around a particular priority and the number of people have gone on the site to agree
with that priority this has given an overall quantum of numbers for each of those priorities and the top 5 have been taken back to the Assembly for ratification with a sixth priority added by by some wards who feel that some of the issues have not been fully addressed by by commonplace
what we've done then is taken wherever any of those priorities have been identified by more than one ward and there is a fair degree of crossover across the ward we've said where do those areas also matched with the corporate priorities within the corporate strategy at that point community facilities was was knocked out as not being a corporate priority we then reviewed areas where
delivery a borough-wide is not necessarily appropriate
either because of existing funding the exists for example the greening fund for for parks and open spaces
or other initiatives that are ongoing
and further whittled down the priorities and then with the ones that remain it it was about cross-referencing what people have said that the Assembly's and also the commitments that are within the corporate strategy that at present as I referred to earlier we may be struggling to meet the ambition that we currently have and that's brought us to the
two three of the priorities the remaining one around employment and education opportunities was
the genesis of that was a referral from Sustainable Development Select Committee and in consultation with officers and others that has been specifically focused on people with learning difficulties and mental health concerns because they are considered to be most in need of support due to their distance from the labour market
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:14:22
thank you very much OK I
take us forward on this I want to say Well Fussell thank you all so thank you to Councillor Campbell and Rathbone and the Committee and I appreciate the challenges I think it is a right one in terms of how we ensure that we get as many people from across our community to to feed into everything that we everything that we do
had when I compare this though to historic Section 1 0 6 in how that was distributed indeed some of our
previous grant programmes the the number of people taking part in setting the priorities for answers is considerably higher and
I'm not sure what if we paused and reviewed the current process whether we'd actually ends up with anything different from from
the programmes that are being suggested here and indeed the mentoring services for children young people and is absolutely critical in the Borough have been talking about it for a very long time
and it has lots of young people and also local organisations who specialise in mentoring and work placements
the employment support for people with learning disabilities and mental health issues equally critical as our initiatives around air quality in tackling crime and anti social behaviour what do you think we should recognise we are pioneering and approach to end CIL in this Council and therefore we will want to review how we are doing during the process and after it no doubt there will be lessons that will need to get learnt
as we go through it and as we hopefully
keep developing as process
through its next iteration are also proposed that we ask officers to prepare a formal written response that Akin committee which will come back to this meeting for our consideration but having said all that can ask all those in favour of the recommendations please raise your hands
that is agreed thank you very much
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:16:27
OK that takes us on to Item 9 so I to nine years is the Lewisham Local Plan another another report where a huge in considerable amount of work has gone into it so this report seeks approval for a draft local plan if agreed this will then go to Council for approval and then go out to public consultation is not finished just yet so there are
changes tweaks that will still go into it the Council must review its Local Plan every five years so that we are in line with latest national regional planning policies but our draft local plan is looking further into the future and we've asked officers to go ahead and look at a local plan that will take up to 24 to in in recognition of that so much development takes such a long time and we really want to think about how a building Lewisham as as a place in having that long term view so it is a very ambitious documents that will help us to COMT accommodate the growth that we know will be coming to Lewisham but in order to deliver enough affordable housing more housing at social rents how we tackle deprivation how we really build
Mysa communities and places to draft Local Plan published this report is over 800 pages it is very detailed the final draft will go out to consultation and there is some time between now and the Council to make minor amendments and I note that the Sustainable Development Select Committee of submitted some comments on the draft Local Plan and I propose that we ask officers repair of sponsors for our consideration and make any minor amendments as necessary to that before it comes to Council
Emma David anything you'd like to add
Public Speaker - 1:18:15
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:18:17
any questions on that seems terribly unjust given how much was going into it but we have had lots of briefings on this and we'll be seeing it go through
Public Speaker - 1:18:29
Cllr Jonathan Slater - 1:18:31
I just wanted to know what the question was more of a common and I just wanted to say thank you for taking on board I think what my comments were when I turned it to
sustainable Development Committee as well as what my account to my colleagues Councillor Ingleby has been taught about about having a vision for the south-east of the borough because I think when we talk about enriching Lewisham I think the south-east has always been the one that spell always left behind and I think we've this acknowledgement that will really need to keep a vision for the south-east where we need to improve transport links which will then encourage more business and commerce I think this plans are really good sort of roadmap in getting towards having areas at Downham and Bellingham to really people rock revitalise saw just wants to pay credit to I'm to the officers for a for acknowledging that and for it being part of the Local Plan
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:19:20
excellent I saw hands up from Councillor currently able to speak on this item
brilliant and Councillor Karam come up
I will take it usually we always ask for speakers in advance but your speak on a later item so
Public Speaker - 1:19:39
thank you very much for the opportunity to comment as satellite to agree with
Councillor Slater said and having been in and around the Council for quite a few decades this is the first time I've seen a Local Plan B elevated from a big thick document that nobody looks at a nobody's interested in accept the Planning officers themselves and rightly so
to actually engagement with Councillors and I think the officers have done a very good job of engaging with councillors are now the task for all of us in Cabinet Members end a scrutiny members a to ensure that the public are fully aware of the proposals because I'm it's gonna have a lot of massive effect on people's lives are hopefully
i'm to ameliorate improve and benefit for the next five years or so I just wanted to highlight a couple of things that the Sustainable Development Committee have
drawn attention to
I am one is about
a the elevation of the railway land in Hither Green its 30 acres of different a land adjoining a the railway between Grove Park and Hither Green i'm are the Grove Park Neighbourhood Plan Will if adopted a elevated to the Railway children urban national park its 30 acres and we are concerned that the Council corporately should be focusing more on it to ensure that each of the nature a classifications are upgraded to protect it because there are certain things a it's it's got sink status a Site of importance for nature Conservation for various patches these do need to be upgraded in order to protect it because some of the land owners have unlawfully cut trees down sprayed it with weedkiller down whatever they could but also is an equally important thing that the Sustainable Development Committee a broad as evidence yesterday to are meeting which was that the Environment Agency needs to look closely at this Lamb because it has now potentially become a flood storage area a there's lots of adjacent sites where I'm it they're seen as very important to our flood management strategy and a it's now become rare habitat wet woodland Willow car and were trying to get access and asking the Council to push for access to make sure that we correctly I'm analyse the ecological importance of this site because it hasn't been done properly for five years because of difficulties over access from Network Rail and other landowners so that was one key thing wanted to draw attention to also what is something that officers understandably say is challenging but the a possibility of looking at a global approach from the Council to tackling a the tarmacking of front drives because it's widely acknowledged that we know of the all the
tens of thousands of homes in a Lewisham if they're all concreted over the water run-off is gonna cause enormous flooding and it continues apace and I think we have to really examine in talking about climate change Policy tonight and also we need to have a look at going through our flood management policy this is something that seriously needs to be addressed
I'm I've stopped their
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:23:31
excellent points thank you very much Councillor Cohen K back to the recommendations classical those in favour please raise our hands
and that's agreed excellent thank you very much a k am staying with planning so Item 10 this is the post consultation recommendations on editions of new buildings to the local less or I moving this report which sets out the post consultation recommendations of new additions to the Local List Maryann's Cabinet agreed the proposed additions had less late last year which have since been out for public consultation there were a few very minor changes to the list which are detailed in the report i'm David Emma anything you'd like to add at this stage
Public Speaker - 1:24:18
and you will be aware and Mayor that we have had a response from one of the
one of the parties the Diocese of Southwark who I think wished to wish to speak tonight about an opposing the proposed local listing of of St Luke's so I think they can speak and we are happy to answer any questions about that
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:24:41
absolutely so I've got Eric Williamson on the list Eric would you like to come up so Eric is a representative from St Luke's Church
Eric and
thank you
we are working
Public Speaker - 1:25:03
Good evening a man and a cabinet and thank you for the opportunity that the saving to speak to you direct
with regard to St Luke's Evelyn street names are accordance and I've been recently appointed property Development Surveyor for the diagnosis with specific focus on the Deptford deanery and I'm joined by Louise Codrington Marshall whose the vicar for St Luke's and St Nicholas also in the audience supported by Alistair cutting who will you know as the archdeacon for Lewisham and Greenwich and also Maureen Vidler the church warden at St Luke's
I am here this evening to request on behalf of the Diocese of Southwark
or that you do not include St Luke's Church Evelyn Street within the proposed local list or at least defer any final decision pending further review allowing the Diocese to present a full case to your Conservation Team
the background to this is that the Diocese have only very recently been made aware of the proposal and had no record of ever having received notification of the consultation period from Lewisham council as a consequence we have not been afforded the opportunity to respond to the proposals or raise are our objections had we been notified the Diocese would have responded
I understand from the Conservation Officer that notification was most likely sent to the church address but St Luke's has been closed for over 10 years following structural issues with shoring scaffolding supporting the sinking Tower and apps facing evelyn Street
this would have been evident on any visit or preliminary assessment carried out by the Conservation Team
whilst the final report in local listing shows a picture of the church with the scaffolding in place the consultation document actually included a much earlier picture that predated the events of 2 thousand and 9 and the accompanying narrative makes no reference at all to the failing structure or the fact that the church is closed
sadly the Church has suffered for many decades with this structural movement hence the addition of the buttresses in nineteen twentys but this movement has continued and resulted in serious cracking with some stonework falling off
professional advice was sought detailed investigations undertaken by the quinquennial architect and structural engineers
and unfortunately the scope and nature of the problems are very considerable with proposed repairs being financially unviable
as a consequence the Church has been working on plans for redevelopment of the site to provide a new worship space together with flexible suite of rooms for community use and the provision of several floors of social rented residential accommodation above this of course would be designed to respect the setting of the building adjacent listed Fire Station and the proposals would re-use any of the salvaged stained-glass panels from the apps or indeed the commemorative plaques that are inside other than that there is little of any internal or merit
effectively the interior of the building is derelict
there is therefore an opportunity to make a very positive contribution to the community through the development of the site which would otherwise remain unused and deteriorate further
without going into any further to the detail it is relevant to point out that historic England inspected the property in May 2 thousand 16 but concluded that the church did not meet their listing criteria concluding that it lacked any special architectural merit
to conclude therefore essentially we have a church which is collapsing through structural failure has been closed for over 10 years on safety grounds with repairs that are considered financially unviable and Parish has been investigating redevelopment options now is not the time to undertake local listing it is inappropriate
so given the unfortunate lack of consultation and the failure of the building we think that there is justification for not listing this property or at the very least deferring any decision pending formal submission of our case and consideration by your Conservation Team
thank you very much
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:29:45
thank you very much Councillor Bale
Public Speaker - 1:29:48
I should declare an interest
Cllr Paul Bell - 1:29:50
that I am a member of the Church of England
Public Speaker - 1:29:53
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:29:55
OK any other questions or comments thank you both very much can ask
Public Speaker - 1:30:05
them and David to come back and thank you
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:30:07
samir we've heard some concerns about potential redevelopment which from and I haven't been in the building
but from the sounds of it which is direct from the insides want what's the message that you give back in terms of how a local listing would impact on developments
Public Speaker - 1:30:36
I mean I think the first thing is to make clear the distinction between I'm statutory listing a building so that historic England role and then the local list which is which is something different so different criteria and so we are looking at and local interest and this is a building that has been identified as something of both historic and architectural architectural interest if this were to be locally listed what that means is we recognise that it's a
a non designated heritage assets and that means that Policy DM 37 would apply I'm this is in paragraph 9 point 1 6 of of the report we do set out that policy and what it and what it means so include some general principles but what it does say specifically to locally listed buildings is that the Council will seek to retain and enhance locally listed buildings and structures and may use its powers to protect their character
i'm significance and contribution made by their setting where appropriate and that we would resist the demolition of locally listed buildings and expect applicants to give due consideration to retaining and incorporating them in any new development so local listing I'm it doesn't preclude redevelopment and these are factors that should this be locally listed would have to be considered in any planning application there
I mean whether this is locally listed or not there will always be a desire for a significant historic building which is very prominent part of a collection of historic buildings next to a listed fire station to be retained however we always accept that there are occasions where you can't do that where I'm and alterations and that still part of that that consideration so this isn't something that stops us looking at those issues
it's a consideration
any questions and comments Councillors acres
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:32:58
Cllr Brenda Dacres - 1:32:59
what would be the impact of soft deferment in and I'm looking into what the Diocese is saying the outside of
the rest of the list
Public Speaker - 1:33:10
I mean
if you deferred and everything we we would have to bring back the entire local list am if you I mean we can and in openness Stephanie
Trust to give me a kick costs there I mean you can't do stand alone local listings so there are there and we have done that before on the Bell Green gasholders obviously that I'm more work for us are these these are things that can be can be looked at what I will say is that there have been I'm other responses that we've received one in particular about Catford police station also mentioning that now they would like to dispose of that site and redevelop and therefore have asked first not to locally listed and we reached the same conclusion as no I'm I'm explaining here that it
it would not preclude it and it would be a consideration and we don't think is with this scheme we haven't seen the details of of any redevelopment proposals all the details about the condition of the building to to understand where things are not
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:34:23
Stephanie Fleck - 1:34:29
i'm Akasha source one question which is that the thought occurs to me of taking everything through for decision and just deferring this one out and does that damage your decision making process for the other ones
Public Speaker - 1:34:42
no no and that would mean I'm bringing this smarm back as it would mean that this isn't locally listed for the time being and bringing that back as a separate decision I'm about where to where to go based on the information
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:34:58
can I'm going to suggest that that's the way we proceed and that we come back to this somebody Abboud lights come back to it and the reason being is that I have been doing some work with our local amenity societies and national heritage organisations about protecting local heritage buildings and ensuring that our localist is up to date so clearly going to have a conversation about this building we'd like to hear from the Diocese and engaged and the purpose of the local listing think is still there in terms of
its about that any future development must enhance what is what is already there and the preference being to retaining buildings in their character but let's have a conversation about this specific site and so my recommendation will be to take forward the report for I'm for the local listing for everything bar
St Luke's Church which we will aim to bring back for I guess the next Marian cabinet after purdah we will try and bring it back sooner if that's OK can ask all those in favour of the recommendations please raise a house
that is agreed thank you very much K item 11
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:36:15
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:36:19
Cllr Paul Bell - 1:36:19
Councillor Bell GLA small sites small builders grant
Cllr Paul Bell - 1:36:21
thank you Mayor so the Council has successfully bid for and been awarded funding from the GLA to provide additional grants funding to deliver five small social housing projects which have already received planning permission on and are due to start on site this calendar year additional enabling an early works are required and all five projects due to the difficult site constraints and the funding will assist with these costs this report seeks permission to receive the additional funding of 1 million 400 7 7 thousand 500 pounds and the GLA the funding for the Mayor of London is enabling us to fund our Council home-building programme building for Lewisham I am very grateful to mastic Khan to the former deputy mayor for housing James Murray and our own Tom Copley who will become Sidique Khan's deputy mayor for housing the five projects are Somerville grave Grace path served out a distant tower peeps and Algernon should any project listed here be requested
so the should any project not go ahead then there is provision for alternative sites to be selected and the recommendations are set out in the reports I ask Mayor and Cabinet to agree and celebrate yet more money that is coming to fruition of wishes adding to the tens of billions of pounds we've already received
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:37:45
very very good news and current anything you'd like to add
Public Speaker - 1:37:49
the only thing I would add to that is that this funding is in addition to existing grant attached to
these specific schemes
as well
the of
3 percent 8 million so this is in addition to that as well
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:38:00
so much work going on around the borough classical those and favourite recommendations please raise your hands that's agreed thank you very
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:38:10
much OK Item 12 this is a call-in response for the disposal of the former wide horizons sites in Wales and Kent so I move in its report which is the proposed response to the Odeon scrutiny business Panel on the disposal of the former wide horizons wider horizons site in Wales in Kent the Committee was concerned that the sale of the land would be detrimental to future generations and ask for a response in terms of options for income generation we had in turn asked officers to go back and that is being out in the report
poor more poor anything you'd like to add about this site particularly in terms of the income generation and possible other uses that the sites could have
Public Speaker - 1:38:55
Good evening Members
to to go to the heart of the Mayor's question I've tried to pick up the property considerations particularly me and three point 7 of the report before you receive name let me just speak to that essentially we have one property in Kent each say a
currently disused former school house with a caretaker's lodge
my apologies to members there will when I went back and checked on the file that was perhaps some information we should have put in the original report came to Mayor and Cabinet that did discuss the potential for rental income I was pleased that that work had been done in fact before the original report was written we just didn't present it to you in that form so my apologies once again what that reveals is across the three sites relatively low a rental potential we're talking New order about 15 thousand pounds per annum across the three sites the 3 buildings are I wouldn't say he elaborate dilapidated but they are ageing and they need investment a none of them are considered to have substantial rental
potential indeed a the ancient reports to a degree of risk in achieving those rentals
and stop their
had a request to speak from
Councillors current councillors' Sauber
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:40:19
with you guys let's come up
councillor Curran is the Chair
of our Sustainable Development Committee Councillor saw above our children
and Young People's Committee
so both your Committees has been
have been looking at this
maybe up to five minutes is that OK brilliant things
Public Speaker - 1:40:40
thank you Chair I'm this was actually referred by the business Panel
A and as I look friendly faces around a the table I just want to reassure you that my job is to scrutinise a under the constitution and the law so I want you to precious that before I now say what I say because a we were surprised at the item came up but a Mayor and Cabinet I'm what is essentially to privatise a school playing fields and the business Panel was surprised to which has membership of all the scrutiny chairs and the Chair of Group Home secretary group I'm so
when we went through it we voted unanimously to call it in I'm and I can give an example is a few years ago the Council decided to sell off the Grove Park Youth Club I'm
a appeared this a historic and Beau House inspired building built and open by the GLC a during the World Cup final 66 was now doomed and the closure was a fait accompli
and the local community challenge this and they decided it wasn't going to happen so they organise they set up a trust they raise the funds they lobbied the Council quite a few of you may have well been there to see what excellent work they have done and the Grove Park Youth Club is set to reopen this year so I cite that as an example of what can be done to prevent presented to us this report as a fait accompli
and the report also says it does not appear to have created challenges for Lewisham schools in providing alternative but really is that of strong enough evidence base were going to make a decision on it's a bit the casual phrase to make a decision upon a I can give you evidence as a scout leader for 15 years taking children to feel its open spaces mountains rivers the introduction of children's or nature has a profoundly beneficial effects on their development and I'm we agreed that a we think that there are several things that can be done here one is it doesn't have to be rushed to privatise and sell off School playing fields I'm we can agree not to take this decision just yet
i'm and a members at the meeting also spoke about the need to retain freehold A Councillor Muldoon and Councillor Sauber and others our hand over to Councillor Sobel
thank you so
I originally brought this item to the attention of business Panel because as Chair of I'm our children Young People's Committee The loss of education provision is obviously something we have to pay very close attention to and that is why that any decision made by Mayor and Cabinet to dispose will still need the the consent of the secretary of state for education because the land had a specific person purpose to provide these rare experiences for the most deprived children and Young people in Lewisham to get out of the city
and into the countryside and have those
important experiences and may not other otherwise have while we appreciate the value in in Beckenham Place Park when we saw this in the report
and it was presented as a sort of as an alternative experience we didn't feel that that was
that rarely shared appreciation of what these three pieces of land were trying to achieve
but it was it was wider than the purpose
because while we really appreciate the need to generate income to make all of our assets
value for money the cash that will be raised the benefits can often be short-lived whereas land is a rare asset that persists and we found that more consideration should be given to seeing these three pieces of land as an investment for the future so not just taking into account the kind of immediate rental income opportunity but where they sit in terms of the offer that Lewisham mates and to its own children and young people and when I looked at the valuations that sale might bring we did not feel that justified the permanent loss of of these valuable assets that we have and so would like we feel a Mayor and Cabinet to defer the decision
tonight and explore further what the long term value of maintaining the freehold of these properties might be to the Council and to the Young people and children within Lewisham
just over one final point my reading of the report is that because it's too urban delegated a the option is to actually get less than what you're going to ask for at auction so in fact the income
derived from this could be considerably less than it is written on the report and that's another good reason not to carry it through
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:46:04
thank you both very much any questions
councillor Barnham
Cllr Chris Barnham - 1:46:11
and just a comment in a question I think I am clear that this isn't an educational issue in that the evidence seems very strong that our schools have no problems I'm in what seems to be a flourishing market in finding venues for outdoor education I would be concerned if there were signs that they didn't I did have a question I'm not sure who I should address this question 2 but these sites as I understand it were transferred to Lewisham on the abolition of the Inner London Education Authority and I think with a condition at the time the if they were disposed of the proceeds would be distributed among the inner London boroughs but I think that's expired is that the case
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:46:58
poor will answer that Ms support on that thought Councillor at the best
Cllr Chris Best - 1:47:05
thank you sorry it was just a legal comment as I am reading 7 point 5
and also Chris I think it comes to some point to a seven point for I think clarifies I'm your issue that you've just raised that the rules have changed but it says on disposal of the Council's required to get the best consideration which is what we normally do otherwise the secretary of State's consent will be required so I don't think it necessarily is look I'm just checking back on a requirement for the secretary of State because we will do our damnedest as we always do to get best consideration and obviously I'm I'm well aware of these properties and they've been with us a long time but it's also the balance of the level of investment they then need if we were to retain them so but it was really the legal comment on 7 4 7 5 please
Stephanie Fleck - 1:47:58
simply to confirm that that's right that's the position is set out in Pool beyond to comment I'm sure whether there is any intention to get secretary of State's consent I'm sure it would have been in the league limps if that was there and therefore best consideration would need to be obtained
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:48:12
Public Speaker - 1:48:13
thank you just one final point
to to counter some of what's been said is the privatisation of these education facilities will probably not end up where we're leaving it open to the
market the Five Point 1 to it says if a decision is taken to dispose of them on the open market be offered for sale of our option and one option of private treaty sale be considered if offers received option are deemed lower than the estimated market value so setting ourselves open to not even get the small amount of cash that is offered and I really think that are used are not to be smart or clever justy used the example of Grove part Youth Club as something that was in exactly the same position about six years ago and it was held on too long enough for the community and other interested parties to save it and now it's going to be a fantastic asset for all of us and I think that that's what we should consider with the disposal privatisation of these I sits
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:49:21
councillor Khan Councillor Sobel thank you very much I'm pool
so some points there in terms of the the we've had clarification about
secretary of State approval
but on the income and potential income being less than in the report
on to to
come back on that point
Public Speaker - 1:49:43
i'm so the the income figures quoted are arm are estimates and it's frankly impossible for us members are too to give you a firm figure on that until we've actually been out to the market and tested it what I can say to you though is I been through the agents reports they done or an honest and thorough job on that
the per square footage rental figures in terms of
comparables within the geography we're talking about I'm a quiet and I would say sleepy Kent village and to a fairly remote recently rural areas a near Snowdonia in Wales are realistic and so so I can't give you an absolute assurance of it will be this figure or that figure but I can say to you an honest job has been done and I aren't they those are realistic estimates there has been some offsetting a and consideration within the figures quoted because we would have to a give some rent free periods and discounts to attract a long term tenant that's what the agents have said to us we would also need to discount forward a dilapidations within the 3 buildings and the work that would need to be done so I'd made some offset for what I think would need to be done in that space so for the the absolute position on rental is not clear it's not certain if its Members wish for us to proceed down that route clearly we would and we would go out and achieve the best consideration that we possibly could in turn to rental but it's not going to be a very far from what we've said in his paper it does contain a within it some risk whether we can achieve even that figure and that's what the agents have said to us
so I move on to the other points
in terms of the disposal a any any impediments to disposal and the background there my understanding of the position he's exactly as Councillor Bester's as outlined in steffes confirmed we are under an obligation to achieve best consideration a in terms of any a freehold a disposal we would seek to do that I'm the recommendation last time was through a the auction approach we could and would consider an agent's view on on reserves to safeguard a position in that space I'm as far as I am aware and I will go back and check and the disposal receipt would come to the Council and therefore would be available for I'm reinvestment a based on a usual approaches
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:52:33
m happy to I'm talk about
can you talk us through what happens if so the sites go to auction and they don't get what the the offers coming through the auction are significantly lower than the estimates what protections are in there too to protect good value for the Council but
Public Speaker - 1:52:51
I think we we we would put a reserve are on on on the sites when they go through to auction based on clearly on the discussions that I hear the concern amongst members
certainly I would have a personal discussion with the agent and we would look very closely at what those reverse reserve figures are
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:53:13
any other questions or comments from Members
Public Speaker - 1:53:18
Cllr Amanda De Ryk - 1:53:21
the Surrey pool can you just clarify earlier in the first report talks about
the Kent one of the Kent Parish Councils being interested in purchasing the site is that still
is that still as far as you know on the on the books and also Unit are others still interested and would if we put the sites up to auction with that preclude or do you think put off or a County Council is there any way of furthering those negotiations are more or is best consideration is that what it is that require them going to auction
Public Speaker - 1:53:57
so I have not been in touch with the party that expressed some interest previously so I cannot in all honesty give you an assurance here this evening Members that that would be a go or no-go and clearly that's evidence of or some interest in the locality the test that
you would expect me to apply in staffers confirmed is is if there was a degree of interest locally is that does not achieve the best consideration test
and if it's Members wish to proceed in on the basis of the original recommendation we will clearly explore that space to ensure that we get the best price that we can with or without that local interest I don't think I can say any more than that so
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:54:43
what would so what would happen if we have I'm you've got very little between but I'm you've got somebody's private enterprise is Bid slightly higher than say the local council in the area of the local parish council in terms of if we go down this route does that mean that that private enterprise has to get it because that's what we have to take or is there anything a bit I'm thinking a bit late with the procurement work that we do at the moment around social value
does that impact in this in any way
Public Speaker - 1:55:14
well so I am happy to give a view members so I if it is your wheel are to proceed on the basis of the original recommendation I am happy to commit to explore that space to understand
realistically where the Parish Council ease and how far away they might be in terms of a best value consideration I don't want to sit here and do a deal in public space with a camera watching but if you are sympathetic towards that end I'm clearly we can we can have some of those discussions I think back to the First principle low do you want the officers to move into that space or move down a different
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:56:01
route that we will
move on to that decision what I think we want is a from my point of view also across I think the other sites as well in the first instance that were trying to engage and find buyers
ravine within the public sector and so within within state ownership and I'm it does cause a dilemma because we have a manifesto commitment which is very clear and strategic land in Lewisham and if these sites were in Lewisham it would look differently but actually
I think that the argument about our officers and our Council focusing on Our Lewisham sites I think is a strong one we just had the report before their so much going on in terms of our own council house building programmes aware minded to to go forward with this but but what I want is that I'm
is from you pour is that we will go ahead and try and find buyers
possibly before going to auction within within the public sector local authorities and said it can retain as we if we can try to state ownership
with other partners is that possible through is that
Public Speaker - 1:57:11
Stephanie Fleck - 1:57:13
My view is that appreciate pools comment on it that the recommendations as drafted would allow Paul to do what he's just suggested which is to take into account if this is the mood of the meeting the view of the meeting that that something that you would want to investigate it and that he would then be able to feed back that information to the Executive Director exercising the delegation about what the appropriate route was whether that was to go ahead with disposal as set out in the report or an alternative option which I think you're intending to ask him to consider but Paul does not seem to me to be
a route that works to Savannah decision making do you agree I
Public Speaker - 1:57:52
am happy to take away the challenge of sensitivity about the final outcome within the parameters of the original recommendation
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:58:03
anything from colleagues on that basis I'm subject to those conditions I'm class all those in favour of the recommendations please raise our house
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:58:19
and that is agreed thank you very much Members okay item 13 making of instrument Federation of Holy Cross and St Augustine's Primary schools and local government nomination Councillor Bonham
Cllr Chris Barnham - 1:58:29
the thing I think in view of the time I colleagues will be pleased to know this is a very straightforward request to ratify an instrument of government that formalises the Federation of Holy Cross and St Augustine primary schools the two schools have worked in a soft Federation of for at least the last year and now want to move to a hard federation that gives them the benefits of a single governing body and more flexibility over the way in which the school to schools work together has been agreed by the Governors both schools and subject to consultation and I think is very straightforward that we should approve it
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:59:01
I ask all those in favour of the recommendations please raise their hands that's agreed okay
item 14 local authority governors nominations Council of Ireland
Cllr Chris Barnham - 1:59:12
and let my microphone on because this is very straightforward as well as the nomination of a local authority governor at Clyde which is one of Lewisham's two outstanding nursery schools Ham and the only other thing I'd add is that the the governor ring in question Parkinson is a specialist in early years education so an asset to the governing body has been a parent governor since I think just over a year that her son has now moved to receptions so the governing Body re keen to retain her and therefore ask the Local Authority to nominate her
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:59:43
class-C all those in favour of the recommendations for these roads are hands lots agreed thank you very much Item 15 response to healthier
Mayor Damien Egan - 1:59:52
Communities Select Committee I'm on adult safeguarding Councillor best
Cllr Chris Best - 1:59:57
thank you mad and I'm this I'd like to thank the Chair of healthier select bringing this before us we discussed it and when it was bought forward and I undertook that a poster would be produced with the visible information that's been requested and in four-point one you will see the progress that has been made that we want to we have a project to introduce an adult multi-agency safeguarding hub MASH and with progressing that and I hope that we will have that a poster ready to go or by the end of March and then we can roll it out to all the premises that we've suggested and happy to take any other ideas forward if the Chair which is to promote those
Public Speaker - 2:00:46
I thank the Cabinet Member of the response and also thank Professor Preston-Shoot for his work as Chair of the Board and for those arm in the seats behind me if you had not yet met the professor and you had the opportunity I recommend that you grab it with both hands because he combines compassion knowledge and therapeutic intervention to communicate most ably the challenges facing his Boards for he not only Chairs our board Patel's so chairs the board in Labour Brent so I too am heartened by the response at 4 point 1 am and I note that the end of March is three weeks away so I look forward to seeing the posters rolled out if not unrolled and I thank the professor for his work and I found the Cabinet Member
Mayor Damien Egan - 2:01:47
thank you very much to ask all those in favour of the recommendations please raise your hands that's agreed thank you very much OK item 16 response to sustainable development Select Committee on pubs for moving this report which proposes Marin Cabinet's response to the Sustainable Development Select Committee on pubs and note that is particularly timely as the Local Plan has been considered tonight and would like to give my thanks to the Committee and to Councillor Curran for their continued work with officers to strengthen protection to pubs in the Local Plan classical those and favourite recommendations please raise your hands
that's agreed thank you very much response to Safer stronger
Cllr Jonathan Slater - 2:02:29
Communities Select Committee on food poverty that's the Slater
thank you Mayor
this I just wanted to welcome this I'm report which is a very extensive and detailed analysis of where we have a food poverty in the borough but also building on the work that we already have
with the current
Lewisham Food Partnership and also I also want to welcome the fact that Safer stronger have also endorsed this some action plan as well so the GLA survey of Londoners I'm found that Lewisham Greenwich had the second highest levels of low food security across the capital where one in six parents London have children living in low or very low food security this equates to about four 100 thousand children a briefing on fuel poverty and in back in 2 thousand 14 estimate that 19 thousand parents notion skipped meals so that the children could eat and 6 thousand children newish reported that this sometimes often or went to bed hungry Trussell Trust said that 20 there was a 20 percent increase in food bank usage inclusion for the period of 2 thousand 18 to 2 thousand 19 and a local study identified reasons why people resort to using food banks in our income due to low wages reduced welfare benefits and employment temporary loss of income to work gaps cashflow problems or benefit sanctions and of course the impact of Brexit and household food purchases were potential rise in food prices may exacerbate
these I'm pressures already
although it is recognised that fuel poverty is close links with and as a result of other issues including fuel poverty low pay social deprivation housing so what the report recommends is a Food poverty action plan which was part of the stable Food cities award scheme which is overseen by a Food poverty Subgroup of Lewisham's Food Partnership so the proposals to develop a new food poverty action Plan and to hold an initial food summit with a range of stakeholders chaired by an elected member in May 2 also to supplement the existing data sources to build a local picture by mapping food retailers with areas of deprivation and benefit claims data conducting surveys and focus groups of individuals that are subject to funding
also following this a working group would be established to review the potential opportunities to address fuel food poverty agree and local actions and priorities to develop tailored interventions that support groups that are higher risk of food poverty so examples could be how agreeing how to use the issue of food poverty will be measured as there is no currently agreed measures in Lewisham
raising awareness of the healthy Start scheme where 53 percent of those eligible are accessing the healthy start vouchers and Lewisham and current estimates suggest that 312 thousand of healthy start vouchers are unclaimed annually in the Borough how to provide dignified solutions that enable people to contribute towards their food costs such as expanding models such as the People's supermarket in Evelyn explore ways in which holiday meal provision can be funded across the borough and widen the free school meal offer to all children and families with no recourse to public funds
overall it is proposed that the working group will oversee the development of a draft action plan by August of this year and stakeholder consultation will start in September the final food poverty action plans submitted to Safer stronger Communities Select Committee so finally in terms of governance arrangements it's suggested that would provide regular updates to Safer stronger her Select Committee and a whole systems approach to obesity project board each action having a named lead that would report to the Strategic Steering Group ever Civic cabinet post for food justice could be also beneficial so it's recommended that we support the proposals to develop a new food poverty action plan overseen by allusions Food Partnership as part of the Sustainable Food cities approach to healthy and sustainable food and the governance arrangements
and that's one that's it from me and others wanted to pass on to
Gwenda and Catherine would like to add anything more to what I've just said
Public Speaker - 2:06:36
you may only come it would just be about the timescales and say the food summit planned for May may well be under review given current situations at the memory
Mayor Damien Egan - 2:06:46
Public Speaker - 2:06:47
thank you very much Councillor Wright
Cllr Amanda De Ryk - 2:06:51
so I really welcome this work I think it's very very important for four I'm
for Lewisham and general Anna also just wanted to say that I'm I'm sure like other some very concerned about the prospect of
families who are having to self isolate in the face of the current virus and what that will do to household budgets and I think it would be really useful if we could think about how we might be able to help those families in the kind of over the next few weeks because I recognise that the time frame for this work is further ahead and I just wondered if you'd had any thoughts about that particularly obviously if schools close
early for the Easter holidays for example and families will suddenly be facing you know lots of mouths to feed for longer than they would normally do
Public Speaker - 2:07:43
that was actually something I was going to add as this near came after we have prepared the paper so we are looking with the Brexit Coordination Group about how we identify families or individuals who are at high risk of food insecurity so we're trying to develop them a matrix that we can use to identify the scale of the problem and who could to be supported but it's also serve no holiday meals and holiday hunger as one issue and if we have scores closed potential for schools closed for virtually the duration of the normal School Hall Summer Holiday that's going to tip people who might well at the moment not be in food insecurity but might tip them into being food insecure
so would be
a lease of near looking at that and what we could do to support them
and just to add the them on a weekly basis now why having silva meetings to look at Council response to covert 19 so this of course could be picked up as part of those discussions as well
Mayor Damien Egan - 2:08:55
yes I choose route can make so what we want that sorry will ask the Member to be the case makes it that's in the minutes as well can ask all those in favour of recommendations please raise your hands
that's agreement thank you very much OK Item 18 is the corporate
Mayor Damien Egan - 2:09:11
energy contract strategy Councillor McKeever
Cllr Sophie McGeevor - 2:09:26
thank you this report is our first official action on the climate emergency it will ensure that going forward the Council's energy is 100 percent renewable I'd like to thank the local switch our schools campaign and the for bringing this idea to are some pushing this agenda it was a privilege in December to meet me like Audrey and Mariah to local primary school students who met with myself and the Mayor to tell us why they thought that Councils should switch to renewable energy contracts to hear their passion and commitment to tackling climate emergency was very inspirational and they should feel proud that they made this change possible earlier I spoke about how working in partnership was fundamental if we are to meet the threat to humanity and our world by posed by a warming climate this is a perfect example of a grassroots campaign led by hundreds of students teachers and parents that has made real change I hope that this can be a model for the future
thank you Martin anything to add
Mayor Damien Egan - 2:10:24
Public Speaker - 2:10:25
just very briefly that this does the making a decision to purchase 100 percent renewable electricity will add a small pressure to are electricity budgets apart from on Monday
energy prices only go on One direction and so that clearly is an issue but other actions within our climate emergency action plan designed to help us reduce energy consumption both in our corporate sites and schools and we hope that that combined together will allow us too kind of respond to that
Mayor Damien Egan - 2:10:56
excellent thank you very much any questions classical those in favour of the recommendations please raise her hands
Mayor Damien Egan - 2:11:05
that's agreed thank you very much OK item 19 says moving the recommendation to exclude press and public for the remaining items of the meeting of your any members of the
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