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Overview and Scrutiny Business Panel
Tuesday, 5th May 2020 at 7:00pm 









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3 Scrutiny of the Council's Covid-19 Response
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5 Decisions Made by Mayor on 25 March 2020 - open session
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I'd like to welcome everybody to donate business planning meeting the first under the current crisis an appreciate everyone taking the time to way to get used to the new ways of doing things I am some parties find it difficult as a aspects of a public they are I'd like to go straight into the gender for tonight's business Panel and do we have any apologies firstly every day unless we have apologies I'll take silence that we don't have any
I like to go into the minutes for those members of the business panel has any items to arise from the minutes or are we happy to accept them

1 Minutes

I'll take it just from business partner members I'll take an indication verbally that the minute or care
so it's a different country
OK sorry Councillor Bernard so I wasn't sure whether I was them you're ahead me there because son whether the released and many more coming up so I just need to know that I'm a trolley on the on the meeting loud and clear it Africa welcome I'm I'll tell about the accuracy of the minutes of are happy with a minute we'll move on to we have any declarations of interest

2 Declarations of Interests

for many colleagues again for this one you can shout out if you do that is what business other members

3 Scrutiny of the Council's Covid-19 Response

that's a no so we'd like to go into item 3 which is the scrutiny of the Council's called in 19 report on this will be presented by Kim rate and Ransley concern and who would like to air-kiss of consecutive and camera just look infectious ready to go as I'm are correct in thinking OK so over to you Kim thank you
thank you Chair and and had the opportunity to present this report this evening Rafa is hidden and I are going to do a double act here I'm going to do short overview of the report and then hand over to Ralph whose and provide some high level touch to tee Dick sliders to set a bit more context for
members of the business Panel the report in front of you tonight and sets out the proposed approach but were suggesting for business panels going forward and to ensure that it receives these COVID-19 updates as a standing item and that will be a high level strategic overview that will provide that an assurance and oversight for members were following guidance from the Centre for public scrutiny that set out section 5 point 2 and the three bullet points there
provide a suggestion of the the focus for Members when addressing this item and then were suggesting paragraph 5 point 3 what we're going to cover what each agenda item going forward for these meetings to provide Members of a summary of the the overall regional local system response an update on any key developments and over you an update for you on the Council's response in relation to the principle services and Rafael top look a bit more about those in a moment and then crucially for us get input from his house and community feedback in relation to our response could be really helpful to get can this House at that perspective about what's gone well what's not gone so well so that we can ensure your your support operational responses only and immediate of some practical considerations set out in report 5 point for in the 6th bullet points there and what we're trying to do here is
biking a balance between allowing online wealth bush knife decisions to be made but also ensuring that resources are within the council remain focused on still delivering those critical services during this is period of of response and the ongoing emergency and then hand over to Ralph now to do a short presentation I'm going to put their share the slides up on the screen so there with me for five seconds while I do that place
just checking members could see those slice of the thumbs up or something would be good OK great I'm gonna Hunter to Ralph now thank you
dreaming as one
yes so I went through these slides by me and so rarely not started to become clear that COVID-19 was going to have a massive impact on everyone in the country but also on local authorities so one of the first things we did was determining what our response strategy and objectives would be for this and this is something that's the first thing you do in any major response to an incident and I won't go through all the be no surprise to you what's in the strategy and objectives and we're gonna response with our partner agencies and recover
and will do that for our communities businesses and our staff and then we set out our objectives there and we've used this all the way through our response so far in determining how we respond to various issues how we determine priorities and it's really helped us focus on what matters moving on to the next slide
at the same time we set up a response structure and this likes shows you that structure looks a bit complicated but there's three core pieces to the structure the first is the council Silver Group and this is the group that I chaired that make sure the Council's services are OK I'll be running away particularly focusing on the Council's critical services not all services so that looks at how is the Council doing is the Council OK the second group the covert Committee looks at the borough's services so we're talking here about about are partner services in health police and soul and that's part of our pandemic response plan is to have a covert committee where we work with our partners and our third area is our recovery group and this is something we just forming at the moment because we're not really in the recovery stage yet but we are already thinking about how we will develop that who were going to include on it and the sorts of things that will need to be looking at so three core pieces to that structure I oversee that structure and I reports to the Gold Group chaired by Kim and then came in I've report to Mayor and Cabinet weekly and we've done as you'll be aware some meetings to all members came is also on the London wide response arrangements and chairs the south-east's sub regional group and reports into London for us and for the sub-region and you'll just see on the left there some of the other groups that were reporting to write up to government level and a key part of making sure this whole structure works is the Communications and you say that's right at the top and it's a fundamental piece of anything we do
both communications internally and externally I'll have to say deliver this structure and make sure our critical services are working we have pulled in senior staff from across the Council so every director either responsible for delivering a critical service or they have been pulled into helping deliver one of those services and seconded
if we can move to the next slide please
this side just sets out the critical services now very early on we worked on what we thought were our priority services but not long after the government and London agreed to set a critical services which fortunately pretty much match the ones that we'd I identified anyway and these are the services we must not allow to fail at any cost so we are very closely monitoring them with supporting with extra staff so in a moment I'll mention the volunteer scheme that we've got where we supporting some of these critical services
and if it comes to it and we cannot run it ourselves and we be looking to mutual aid and other boroughs but I'm pleased to say we are stable and all our critical services but we have had to put support in to make sure that they run and that's why some of the other non critical services are dormant at the moment whilst we focus on these critical ones can move to the next slide place
this last side just give you a picture of just a few of the key things we've gotten in this response so far
they're just the headlines and we've been working together and calamity collaboratively across the Council to deliver this this is no one set of people everybody I'm pleased to say as really pulled together staff have worked outside of their own areas and working across boundaries and we have managed to live a huge amount so shielding
you'll be aware of that and how we're supporting people in the borough was shielding that's been a massive piece of work led by communities
we've got the staff volunteering scheme we've taken staff from non critical service areas they Boland tiered and many of those have been deployed in the critical service areas some of the monstering phone calls running are helpline which has taken thousands of calls and responded to lots of e-mails
you will be aware of the work to deliver food packages out in the bar over 3 thousand 700 food packages are being delivered to our residents and we have over 2 thousand residents who volunteer to support Lewisham local who are instrumental in that keen to support and then just to mention the support going to businesses we've now paid out over 30 million pounds to businesses in the borough to help them cope in the crisis and that's delivering government funding and wisdom chasing about a thousand businesses who we think should also be applying
and I think one final thing to mention is that despite the fact we are in a major emergency at the moment we slept to be ready to respond to any other emergencies and you might think things couldn't get any worse well just to give you an example last week and we had three fires that the emergency planning response had to respond to serve those quite minor but one was a tower block fire where 100 residents were evacuated and put in a community centre whilst the Fire Brigade sorted things out and may thing safe and police say that despite all of what we're doing on coving we still managed to respond to that and we did that again with a SEN very cross Council response but also working quite closely with the community who were really helpful in that community centre helping us look after the residents have been displaced then
covers what I want to say and will be happy to take questions
as drought thanks Kim I have a number questions Councillor vindicated at the older age Poplar card coding and Valerie boat instead and flat Mannering at he Councillor Lamb current put his questions in writing so I'll do them first if that's OK to Kim and Ralph
number 1
I believe once a month is insufficient for business panel to have any meaningful scrutiny can we consider changing this to once a month so it will need a clarify because that obviously as a table at the end day and has the government asked for our figures on care homes in the borough and doing have an overview of whole cable or coping are we providing the number of deaths to the government and do we have any comparative with other London boroughs I wonder if Councillor current could just clarify in writing it not once a month 1 Sir
Bolt night with Faulkner thank you
lead me to yourself fell have deep thank you simply not been happy that whatever what I'd like to do first is if you hold those questions and then irritate the question from Councillor card as well who can ask his question now that
thank you Chair Pam it's Ferof from one of your early slice Ralph you might have to go back to it and look at it
but when you were describing the partners group I didn't see mention of any business organisation or anyone represent him businesses and I wondered if they should be part of the group for example today I was talking to the Lewisham shopping centre and they are getting concerned the numbers of people who are
visiting the high street as a whole and with 68 date they can count the numbers shopping people visiting the shopping centre and there were 60 thousand visited in the last week which they see as growing quite rapidly and I would imagine this otherwise business should businesses and liaising with them should be involved in the response so dismal away what you thought about that thank you thanks Pat I will also take Councillor Murray's question in a difficult answer that little place Kevin ground
thank you both to follow on from from Liam in fact on care homes previous briefings we've we we experience what everybody else was experiencing was fit
the figures and data from care homes with with not only slow but we were having to we didn't have local information because it was being fed through region so I wondered in addition to responding to Councillor current about
whether are they coping and comparative figures are are we able now to have more more up-to-date information which would obviously involve less less having a go filter back through through region because I think that considerably inhibitors
came it Ralph teacher and kept slur
has now I'll just tell your care home questions first and and come to your sponsors well camps left Mallory and what we can do for future meetings is provide up to date figures for our care homes in terms of parrot capacity there current death rates and there ability to be coping moment in time will present the report we can also provide some and historic information back the care homes as well I think it's fair to say right now they are hoping well we have given them a lot of support wherever we been able to tickly acting things like EP and testing their for care home residents and and staff were doing what we can to enable that to happen as well so we are getting more data now the question about has the governor asked for figures on care homes I see mean
the total number of care homes that we fought and we have been providing when he returns full was part of the reporting up into that London governance arrangements that well spoke about around care homes this charge Pacitti into the care holes from the hospitals and we have got some comparatives about the number of deaths Fagley not broken down into a homes but we have not got figures from ONS data that came out last week it is already two weeks old think that that data but were currently showing that rate of 100 6 per 100 thousand of the population the highest is new and 144 and Brent then follows it or 141 think per 100 thousand population so again that data we can provide in future reports for you and it's useful to the Getafe deer of the of the fighters information that you'll find useful I I'm not sure who your question is direct that Councillor current regarding once a month and being insufficient but just to a comment on that from our perspective we need to get the balance here of providing opportunities for overview and scrutiny and appropriate challenges but we also at the same time need to be dealing with the response here now as well and personally I think anything other than the once a month will put enormous burden on already very busy offices to service this Panel and I really do think that would be not something that was enable us to do as well as we would like to do achieving it to a monthly will in my view give a better positive input to the business model
government come back to them
and just come back on Councillor Cox question so no the business group are not part of that Committee
but that doesn't mean we're not in liaison with them we are in liaison with them over things like the business Grants how we get that out how best to contact people how best to work with businesses and we will certainly be including them in the recovery arrangements as we move forward but in terms of the response we very specifically identified those that are in particular to responding to this incident and how we make sure we deal with the the sort of objectives in that strategy I set out so and we've specifically chosen those naturally those partners were chosen in advance when we're at the planning stage years ago and they've been kept up today since it could be that as the response continues cause it's likely the response is going to continue for some time as I'm sure you be aware we might look to increase the number of people in that meeting but we need to make sure it doesn't grow too big because this is not a consultative meeting really it's about identifying major issues we need to do with straight away to protect life and make sure we can respond
thank you out and can I can see report on canvas all the nasty end of Yances it is gonna give me an indication that that's correct for these questions will I'll have all councillors Muldoon shaken burn out over the next three but I can clarify a couple of points first Council about the councillor occurrence come back asking if we can come back on the frequency of meetings what I would ask Liam is could taping upon which a whale were continuing on with these questions air if you could do that please and also council do and has asked that the question but I believe he's asked that Councillor Howard asked a question you're not asking for yourself if that's the case then I'm happy to let Coral ask a question if she's patient like come true when we've done the business part of Members' questions I'll just ask for Council doing I'm a correct in that is neither asking to ask a question yourself you can please speak John yes thank you Chair as called contract some are
but as it happens to houses and asked the situation
question battle and I can find a thank you kiss then I add current view Anglo's I'll come to you Angelakos no problem and so on that basis and while I would like to ask the question verbally will come back to you limb at first we go to Councillor shake please
thank you very much and also thank you to Ralph and Kim for their presentation and that information I think ever probably speak on behalf of my colleagues when I say we please and grateful for the rapid and effective response from the Council in such a difficult time my question was I think regarding something that Ralph raised around critical services and Ralph I think you said you out we we English and had identified what could the services needed to be provided and then at a later stage government guidelines came out upon what they defined as critical services and there was some discrepancy between that and I just wanted to get some over those a lot of overlaps and clarification on what that discrepancy was an analysis of if I play a second question related to that on critical services and 3 pleased to hear you say that if needed one-tenth providing critical services if it was their solution Council look to mutilate or other boroughs I just wanted to ask if that had already happened or if there were any ideas of what that that partnership might look like I know that mutually groups emission and around the country was soaking incredible in an being effective in responding to this crisis so put together as possible collaborations there thank you very much
thanks Shakira Councillor Bernard but a question better
you you to of good a few here
this is there to do with people with no recourse to public fund this report who did not a requirement on assistance and before the pay of 19
we are not able to access this fund and because of the measures'
but we don't know what will happen when this as to the best distances of them that the covenant in changes what was beginning to go back to the street all going to happen to them
another question is that time emergency repairs which is part of the critical services the TA are being wasted in here embedded provide an efficient and well obviously we are attending the critical or emergency services now yes unadjusted now but this will be a backlog could along Bucklow after the all of his Sir endemic and this and this will be in a putting pressure to the to the people responsible to do them do that the works had is there any plants or help or have they come up with something to suggest how they are going to deal with all this backlogs another thing is then wish some homes produces a weekly bulletin at the Councillors which is very useful
but we don't know where the other side of the House for it does slack care pinnacle feelings arrest where they do the same I'm and then then I've got all the one with M people who of Goethe University were I to exit given universal credit this in-vessel credits
given to the residents
when somebody acknowledges that the number is higher because of the swish only half but when you apply for investor credit
then you are eligible for the got today just council tax but for you to get that this Council Tax
the Council will send you an answer to say that you need to send a proof of payment this universal credit payments they they normally take more than five weeks and now the Council gives 1 1 month for you to provide that but you know if somebody applies today and then the Council give them one month they will not have had any proof of receiving that payment before the fabrics are lots and will you give them the 1 month if not than that this is this another give you leave them in a limo that is saying my questions about other we don't come up later and B-list by the wanted dilated but officers of those one form entries
hospital and Germany back up again conducting a question do have fed and number question to one question that Kanter said out John please just one question will take George question if that she'll rate rife and Kim in Annika can put it over to yourselves to answer those pint please John
facilities says declared an interest coming forward with Lewisham local are could my question is 12th Kim how confident our way that the can earn the Clapper to catch responses reach those households in Lewisham in need in need in terms of my be third or in terms of support because I self isolated
thank John Kim and Ralph at over 2 years thank you
if I can come back on a couple of those where I can comment so are going back to the critical services so the I to be honest I can't remember what the difference was between how we we determine were priorities and what London agreed with a priority so it is that we must monitor and make sure ran we were pleased though that we weren't that different and that we were focusing on the the right areas and it was it was mine of elements of it it wasn't anything by of any major importance in terms of mutual aid that's there was a sort of last resort we have not resorted to mutual aid if we did resort to neutrally be talking to our partner boroughs in the south-east first and we got arrangements in place with them early to support them the issue of mutual aid on this incident is that we're course rule in similar situations so we've we're struggling with something it is likely our colleagues in other boroughs would be struggling as well but fortunate we haven't got to that what we have done is use our own staff and volunteers and that's sporting us really well and when monitoring that closely and we don't see anything on the horizon where we need mutual aid at this point
in terms of how confident we are in in our community response reaching everyone we certainly are reaching everyone we're aware of if you're aware of anyone that you think might need help that we're not speaking to please let us know but we're getting the help out there isn't just food we're speaking to people providing other sorts of sport as well and our team of corners are phoning about 500 people a day just to check on how they are so we're really going to some length strong make sure sure we deliver everything those people need whilst they're stuck in self-isolation
frankly other travel Carlo and other questions from Councillor fair notes that those are all questions that will come back to at future meetings so that we answered those in in future reports in its and said it's it's helpful to get a steer from Members tonight of the the kind of details that are want to see in future reports so we'll come back to their Frankie relating that one
Yummy to drought of you're you're saying something
and consumer not yet OK no I wasn't clear proud I was finishes question for you put your volume he got found as dawn route at year on muted
but we'll clear OK thank you I'll have how Campbell come for Sauber I'm looking at the note snow what had come to do there's if Okole Council unless current Julia than look and then I would like to get their Coverley opportunity than ask a question
and then
Liam the can make a quick pint at the end regarding a follow-up to his point earlier if that's clear I'd like to ask Julia please
Malcolm Turnbull on new me
the school has had a number is a follow-on to Jones question really but about a number of queries from people who are self isolating who are experiencing very high levels of anxiety and they need a level of support could you let me know what services other than those telephone calls are happening so those people who may need more than just a telephone call are those services available to them and the type of numbers of people accessing those services I'm finally on top of that is and I'll be confident that those individuals that needed I receipted receipt of it thank you
once Juliet look
hello my heard now
yes some of my question is and do you have any inside information on the speculation that schools will reopen on June the first and that the initial year groups will be years 6 and 10 returning first and then a phased return of the other year groups
thanks LeasCheann Comhairle they would you like to ask a question please
yes can you see me or hear me yes
while I had a question that I sent to
John but I'm happy to to ask that just that I've been noticing that a lot of worry is around home carers not carries at go to care homes but home carers and that if a to carers which sometimes has to happen have to go into a and a person with a lot of difficult tears up to four times a day that could mean 8 sets of clean PPE they would need so I'm just wondering are our home carers getting the correct amount of PPE and I did actually write another short question about testing centres the O2 is in my opinion very difficult to get to without going on public transport and we don't know if that is safe are the going to be any closer testing centres or are kits protesting being sent into the care system thank you
Banks Cowell judge before asking in regard to respond to those questions against the rules but drag comfortable doing his part in the conversation bit and portion Elsa answer to coral echoes the Howard there was a pupil tests and the in Bellingham on Sunday a over to Kim and roughly thank you
thank you Councillor hat and then tip past that the PP question in the testing question to Ralph but just to answer Councillor Sauber's question on on inside information well there are
there are other ways insider information but I'm the DFE have been in discussion with and US and a number of others and I think it's fair to say that there stance in their guidance changes
almost on a daily if not daily basis around either the reopening of schools those discussions are ongoing what we are saying very clearly is that we need at least three weeks between then telling us that schools need to open and the schools actually opening because it will take a long time to
Deputy in for teachers to ensure that this testing capability for any children that might Esther's symptomatic but some for an impatient on the the rest of his of the school and for that
whether it's a parental decision or not to send their chalk child school is still something that's being thrashed out on whether Aristide's not to send their child with that were expected to some take any akin against the parent so those more issues that we're still working through with the Delphi at a national level and I think it's fair to say it's the
highly complicated confusing picture because there are so many moving parts in this but I think there is a hope forging the first but I'm also hearing that it's possibly going to be primary schools back first rather than the older age group but as I say I wouldn't want classes inside information I'll probably get it give it great weight or credibility than it deserves but that there was a lot of daily conversations happening about that very issue councillors over and as we get more information you're we are looking to respond
to fully and well but if previous that's what's been anything to go by it's a it's always quite so what last minute
advice came I'd like to be rejected this point with regards to councillors' over just for your information look people can only see the top of your head and something your eyes I more yeah I trusted but it can come across as quite sinister and just see the top of the Lake looking over from the camera both to me what had just a couple of possible that it's not fair deliberate at his hammed it down a bit but I just wanted to interject air for your benefit on that you consider Hance indeed
I put it back till then came on rough on any of the answers to the questions
I that right so on the PPA person text of equipment for the care workers there were certainly issues in the early days in response with getting hold of PPE and supplies ran really low and as a result of that London set up some emergency arrangements
and we've set out our local arrangements so any work that needs PPE in the care sets whether it's in the care homes or care workers
and they can't supply their own PPE there's their supply routes are broken or their waits are too long then we stepped in and we supply the PP for them and we get the mean enough stock so that there isn't a situation where we would have a careworker going into someone's home were working in a care home that hasn't got the right PP in terms of it in terms of the testing centres Councillor buildings right they were in Bellingham on Saturday and Sunday we actually got about half a day's notice of that happening and managed to get that Bellingham Leisure Centre open for that testing site Saturday and Sunday we are expecting the mobile site to be back in the bar at some point soon there are a number of them operating across London but we only get the sites a couple of days in advance and as was on Friday only a few hours in advance so we're expecting it back soon and we the Army are quite keen to switch the site to St Dunstans rather than it being Belling leisure centre next time they're here as soon as we get that information we make it available on the website and in law communications so people are aware it doesn't mean people can't make appointments for tests and there are home care kits that can be sent where people can't travel
I came on and I think there was one final question around people who are suffering from anxiety or whilst herself isolating so we've come up with a set of frequently asked questions that we use for our telephone support line and are on the Council's website and that's got a huge amount of support in their for people who are in isolation and it covers things like anxiety and we will re-provide some links the organisations go to and get help and just himself support tools as well
thanks for can I just ask everyone to make sure that other make reforms Jacques as I think this has started coming but it it may not be for that for that reason I'm going to own this arm heart of the permitting apart from I Councillor Campbell but a question and said that once don't hang on hang go hand car parking and gown Councillor Korea little faith you should know better by now so I want to draw this better close apart from as I say Councillor campus at her question answered directly Councillor Bill not once to ask a final quick question and Councillor Cohen wants to add a final quick point to there that points that were raised earlier so if I can ask for Councillor Bernard space
does the thank you tour for the punitive
we have as has been widely reported that to the be or may community are being and more effective dispersal affected by over bias' under an in-depth another doing more than their community and then obviously with the Lewisham having interested all motor culture on behalf a little be me here and Russian
I suppose the council has set up Professor top if not the will they won't be setting up all the fault finding a team of why this was such a lot happened only know why it happened on this will be part of a deferred into our another another
committee may be by the Labour party or the government whatever but invitation our like to know if there is no such committed if you be considering I'm taking a lot of them and permission from the be earlier deserve no whole be a meagre representing this particular community because Barry Sam
assumption that to the BME community are not being involved in what affects them other one is to to go after Kerala the decision being made about the Daily community they be affected is proportionally under there had not been involved in the fact-finding pleaser Vettivetpillai that never sought assurances packs Peter and a quick pint from Councillor Karen and and fat Ralph and came can make final comments thank
thank you Lord Carter's preface my point with my thanks to Kim and Ralph and if you could pass on the thanks to all the staff at Lewisham from the scrutiny members because we know you're under an awful lot pressure you've got an incredible job at the moment so I just like to say that my next point now is it's it's for you about also for fellow members of the scrutiny and the fact is is meeting once a month isn't scrutiny it's more like watching the history Channel and I don't think that it's gonna be written conduct effective scrutiny through with such a long gap
I hope that we corporately can address this very quickly because I understand what the Chief exec has said about balance and I'm afraid I agree that you have to achieve a balance and in my view it's not achieved at the moment because it's too long a gap so much as happened in the last month the world has changed enormously and already doing is getting a repeat of a of what's happened and effectively screw daily scrutinise Chair Alisary me at least a fortnight that is the pyramids and Yann discipline point you made in your tree pits at Pine forgive the disgust alone have doubled it again but
game and the way we're doing these things will have to try and be more self discipline including myself and if is an additional point let's make it an additional pond and not just I reiterating it with coastal is to say I'll put it over to Kim and rough in the first instance please
thank you Councillor then it's just come back to you
you'll points on an absolutely right the information that we're we're getting on the inequalities that are coming through our very significant and we need a national conversation about what they mean and what that indicates we need to do differently to respond to it I spoke today to and Dr Kevin Fenton who is the regional director of public Health England who is on either to be responsible for public Health England's inquiry that they're now doing into this information and I have asked to make sure that he talks to us when where he can engages with with us an occupants on that piece of work he's doing for public Health England
we've also today announced a joint research project with Birmingham City Council with academic oversight from the University of Birmingham you joint research project given the similarities of our population around looking at the inequalities that he from BME backgrounds are offering from and at the moment and we also submitted evidence to parliamentary inquiry and last week which is looking at in a Cornhill COVID-19 affects all people with the protected characteristic so we are very much getting on the front foot as far as responding to this concern and again we can give you further updates as we as we go forward on that preserve very new pieces of losing information and chaired by won't repeat what have already said about the frequency of meetings because you made it clearly you were that that won't happen but and I will discern due to to bear them in mind please
what do you have any comments
nothing further from me other than to thank Councillor current for his comment
fact thanks go out and obviously Councillor Combley speaks on behalf of us all and not just in this committee but was coming across the board of the staff in the offender work and the extra that all putting in a continue to do so
and I know we'll look at recognising these things further down the lane but it is it is gratifying that but just in the NHS in the care homes but for people who are carrying out public services across the board seemed to be appreciated more and the role generally in keeping the whole of the country going is a regarded the level of should be with regards to Liam your comments about the frequency the business panel as you know obviously
we've come to a decision the best decision not be could come to in the round everything is flexible as things started changing develop than while we put this process and flares will also have to change and develop and to get back as quickly as possible for the fully FOC functioning where as I say there fully functioning structure that we had before in weren't going to get back to
but that's my comments and unnecessary and let me just check the notes AFIP colleagues compare with me
Councillor Mallory
I think we need
I just point out colleagues as well that the conversation facility is at Lake when was sitting in the a physically in a room together and you lean over to a colleague to the left of the other right to Yaverland comment whatever this is a chap of facility for everyone who's taking part in the meeting any capacity of any kind and they're not only is easier for bigots Chair if it doesn't get them confusing but them as think it best to keep it just for questions I don't believe and the standard be corrected for you can contact a person who's as part of teams and directly message them and have an want to one individual conversation there if that's what colleagues wish to do then feel free but not in the in the general in the gender rule as recorded I've got something about streets for clapping as Afan Councillor Murray's when are streets covered Thursday night for care work has been managing occupiers who spent OK
if you like
3 just quickly because I think I'm just wanted to record because as part of the thanks to a council staff is there are Street now doesn't just spend its time clapping the NHS on Thursday nights we shout out for bin men shopkeepers etc. Road and like that fed back hopefully more pick more people do it as well

4 Key Decision Plan

as I don't know that that was at fettered one heard that you broke up from a general not clear what you said some notes of anyone that everybody he had Jim Yancey involved in came that insults tool that it was just been my my chronic connection at gyms OK my funk cared Kim and Ralph for their portion of the meeting are welcome the State I if the soapy to pay but if you know that you may be drugged then again but by those waves I'm assuming that so thank you but no thanks thanks for all efforts you don't end there goodbye and take a I'd like to now move on to the next item which is 8 m forking decision plans will be presented by Council of light in this point can I just say to Councillor Slater and from what he is request earlier apologies Jonathan but I don't think we're going to get to that make them by eight o'clock book I appreciate your pairing with us every come the key decision plans I'd like to
handover basically to heaven Flaherty obviously this is a key document for Yann pre-decision scrutiny coming up these organisations and are going to be made with butter a brief outline of the dissidents coming up soon you services see like the personalised care in the special rigs contract if I can't go back to Cabinet and his colleagues have any questions if the notify in the the year new usual way Kevin clip him frankly Chair
as Members will see the next item Mr. Key decision plan he started to keep that session plans published 28 days in advance of kids' has been taken and it's the especially for your information lots of to allow you to take pre-decision scrutiny but we have done this time because Members of this Panel and elsewhere expressed them the belief that sometimes the listings were unclear
the explanation in the appendix of the upcoming items as being clueless as Appendix A so the current appendix list at dispute description of all the items which the man convert of you to consider in way
we have a longer list at your next meeting in three weeks' time relating to the June meeting of from now on Cabinet and the decisions to be taken then but the report essentially is for members reception and if there are any questions shall be happy to try and answer them thank you very much
thanks cabin
adult indicators in the chat I give a second the Save the Owmby questions this item in this meeting on the they comes I don't think that the one second Councillor hard recommend jumpy decision scrutiny Councillor sober so the councillor called with a question the cabin and a comment from Councillor so short as Pat please
thank you Chair and that this is something that isn't in the in Thea list the key decisions and clearly the Council's got a reduced Henley reduced income in some places at the moment and increased costs in others we've got vague proposals from government about how they may cover some of these costs for local authorities I just wondered if you give us some idea if there's any thought to have a a regular report on the Council's finances to Mayor and Cabinet that would enable them to take
appropriate quick actions
and therefore how we can how we can have sight of how finances are going as well this time thank you
hotspot before Cabinet says we'll just have their looked comment please look
so I'm not sure which part of me is visible not I hope it's my face I share its letting moving it's movable actually you had a perfect able to go now with less the top ahead even more so if you want STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP leave it there and that's the look up we've got your vision for factual don't will become the now and please provide your common thank you Councillor Sobel
I just want to let my colleagues on the business Canal make them aware that three key decisions that are going to Mayor and Cabinet on May the 13th contrast that relate to children young people that I have had a long discussion with the lead member and senior officers regarding those three contracts
I also sent a summary of that discussion to all the members of the children Young People's Select Committee and the children Young people select committee how apprentices are will be having an informal discussion with the Lead Member before mayor and cabinet take place so that we can feed in any comments before those decisions are taken by Mayor and Cabinet so that's the has been previously will sorry we are in the process of and and one and a fairway through pre-decision scrutiny as a Select Committee but haven't thing any comment on those matters here though I'm may do so after the decisions are made at that Mayor and Cabinet meeting
she was looked at again before Kevin comes in with a tree of questions but I take as the memory as a question the cabin near Jim please
microphone very my Nikon it's a supplement of Paços question I'm not expecting Finance report every month and than I would have thought that mayor and cabinet or would be expecting some kind of financial report relatively regularly and even if it is failing makeshift
it whether it coming for instance there's nothing and Mayor and Cabinet on the 13th of May and so I suppose I'm registering perhaps the kind of concern that Councillor Curran's already raised that we probably need some sort of supplement to the covert regular covert item which gives us some sense of where we are financially and I appreciate that is going to be extremely difficult and so it's kind of it's more of a a flag up the can we please have a formal and detailed report every time
thanks came before Kevin answers that I'd like the maker or or comment
regardless of what in the Forward Plan and regardless or walks in the decisions that we look at when amazed that when it but it has been made with us by the mayor executive director with the covert 8 them it's about us saying to the Chief Executive and others what we want in there so we want them he tells if we want the financial situation which is extremely important indeed as much like councillors there have already said then is for us to say that one in them whether it's gone to the man covenant that by coming but I'd like been Kevin in here rather get a dialogue that all right or everyone has to those questions please Kevin sooner or temperature
concern can lists with decisions which have been notified to me there is a report going to man the 13th regard COVID-19 and business support an extra expenditure that's needed to support businesses within the borough of Lewisham there are processes on the table for ticking merchants Tiffin should it be felt necessary
and I believe that David Austin The Executive Director for carpet surfaces is closely monitoring the financial situation expenses being made and the costs incurred by the Council and support national efforts to combat the virus on the pandemic so sensually what I knows what's in the plan but I think of of the person certainly next meeting when you have your next covered report there could well be more substantial financial information available to you certainly if that's the request I think it's been witness tell that you are interested in the financial impact on the Council and there's no disputing that there is an impact and that it will be reported at some stage but this moment is not listed in key decision plan
health and somewhere thanks kept and I'll yet thanked Kevin before go on additional them apply like light has put a message in had got to the school meals contract that will have a proper standard discussion Clive and but it will be when we when the author of the Education business Panel as relics air highlighted earlier on so don't worry that hasn't gone Hogan on a tight timescale
the scientists has assumed the chair thanks no problem that's great that thanks Clive I hope you enjoy yourself don't answer that when the when the command
right colleagues after second slur how thank if TTIP McCrindle failure to buy cover thanks Akerman of councillors of us those questions and can have some indication of the if that's clear of the one of eight other happy that the punch being made in it let's go to be dealt with as a girl forward
this is your opportunity
chip adjusted to succumb to just record our thanks to Kevin for his answer and yes we would like in the next coven report to have all be rough and ready the best possible information on the financial impact
thanks Jim gas relentless definitely ever recorded for the next meeting
on any other questions and I don't think I've missed anyone with regards to this item

5 Decisions Made by Mayor on 25 March 2020 - open session

I propose that we need to move on to Item 5 decisions made back there in Derry man this case the Single Equality Framework the ancient I from the 25th in the open part was sorry of locking us because the service deciding to play this Cameron is one of the ones back a is on my screen and forcefully for me in that sense the single equality from this has been asked to be brought in by Councillor Julia Cumberlege Chair commit you addressed it and in the first instance I'd like to just hand over to Juliet to them may occur comments with regards Y-word cordoned etc. it's Juliet's OK with that
Minister thank you Julia I'll happily hand over to you just to introduce this monkey so the original query that I had was around whether or not the referral had actually gone to the Mayor because on line the referral wasn't actually published but I'll have had assurances from Kevin flatly that the referral has now been published and the Mayor did actually receive a hard copy of the referral some really pleased about that those very concerned because it wasn't unlined that's due to the corporate response I am also pleased that the I understand that the Mayor has an expectation that officers will report back to him in due course in response to the substantial points made and within the referral
there isn't yet a dates where it will go back the referral be programmed for Mayor and Cabinet but I'm just pleased that it actually did go and also that a response to expected from officers so that's I don't need tried anything further because I now have additional information that I didn't have when I originally asked her to come to committee thank you Chair thanks Julia that great at is what it's about
cannot believe can I just digressed I I'm getting message is from college at telling me that a PAN we be cameras gone he's got all hear me I believe yes from directions and my camera Villy Campbell that I see in the corner is showing total Black Square so that's what you're saying that's what I'm seeing but if we're happy to go ahead I did a wider just happened and there's nothing physically wrong with the camera etc but if I have to go ahead without seeing my lovely visage we will do not sure if that alone
Ashley Chair we can see you owe OK so comes and goes for some people he said that Ettakatol of with expecting ourselves whatever thanks to Jim
it's obviously hit and miss for different people some are lucky someone looking let's not explain what is which so am not basis unless any questions from collies undertaken I'm looking now other than Lennon not been Concini that's fame so if that's the case then as explained earlier this now brings the business panel
to a close
and what we're gonna do because there's no items from the close session of the Mayor last massless meeting on the 25th of March so we are no closer to meeting a clarification that the
hope like aspect is don't and I'm going to education says is correct Kevin
overall just just hang on please everyone customary
but the weight he's left his make our troops
within 10 seconds 10 seconds OK that's cool