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Council Urgency Committee
Thursday, 30th April 2020 at 6:30pm 









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1 Election of Chair and ViceChair
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2 Declaration of interests
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3 Minutes
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4 Calendar Report
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5 Council Pay Policy
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right Good evening everybody and will continue meeting of Lewisham council urgency Committee Festival I need to say thank you to all those who've made this possible and all those who at the moment are doing extraordinary things we've got a lot of as they say ordinary people doing extraordinary things and managing to get meetings on the road and managed to get me things still held in public despite the extraordinary circumstance I can quite remarkable I'm going to say who is present at this meeting this evening we do have at myself I'm Councillor Jack Ashley currently I am AEDT speak because of Lucian Council we also have Hounslow prospects we have Councillor
Phil Brown we have a counsellor at Carl Hanley we have Councillor sticky niche say we have Councillor and having to scroll on this we owe so I think that's all of the count slows ring out Councillor Kevin Bonevacia Surrey at me and we had officers present way for Sarah a city we have Fiona Colley we have cleverly we have a technical sun-filled legal advice we have and Kevin Flaherty these cloth to Council
we have people who are helping on the technical side we have James will feel what
I am looking to see we also have Shamu Rohullah and how simply we have Councillor Amanda deride who may come into the conversation and came right to sing and I do hope that I have covered everybody there is there anybody that I have mentioned who wishes but I'd mentioned them now on paper
what was that Surrey and they would often birds and in one of the paper's later they because stay right thank you very much David for letting me know that you are present at most helpful I would ask that fateful anti-nuclear might for phones when they're not speaking and so that we don't get too many North is off because there's a few of us eat
I came so there is no more to say I will last calving Flaherty Clarke ouncil to start with Item 1
thank you Mr. Speaker and an emphasis cousin Flaherty Clerk to the Council I too want concerns the election of Chair and Vice Chair and notes that falling constitution changes made in tour 19 speak of the council is automatic Richards the urgency committed in terms of the vice chair and that raw listen prescribed custom and practice of Lewisham has been the desire to bring the Deputy Mayor or the Vice Chair Council as the current Vice Chair of Council is not limb deficiency Committee Yum's the the Deputy Mayor would be available to serve should she be elected by the committee tonight
why not cut out for agreement that fair for we accept the depth to need to be got Vice Chair of this committee for the coming its full year that is the year 20 21 anybody not in agreement with that can I give for me
well I hear no defence so we will accept Deputy Mayor Councillor Chris Burke as Vice Chair for the coming municipal year thank you very much for that item 2 is anybody who has any interest in the agenda either Kinnerley or otherwise if anybody wants to tell me of any interest that they had in any oil some

1 Election of Chair and ViceChair

no I hear nothing on light therefore I will assume that no he has any interest sorry there are pauses and attempting to see the year consultation on where people can ask questions
item number 3 which is minutes of the previous meeting this was in August 20 15 I don't think any of us were present at that meeting except maybe Heaven on and expect that you there and cast iron fencing and useful person as members I understand that Councillor Hanley wishes was the question about these minutes and for Hanley
thank you Chair
the college is going to touch me to ask me

2 Declaration of interests

a question about the 5 years ago minutes so I know I'm sorry itself now but it's about the meal for town it is item 9 on the sheets and that the end it was about some getting getting the secretary of State's agree to consented disposal and wanted to know really the Member once the now can we actually get that letter for the disposal of the Milford Towers thank you why I think kept Nickerson Head of Law or has already replied to a member was the question about this but she might want to update us now

3 Minutes

OK I'm just to add that we did get the secretary of State's consent 3 years and then the matter was referred back to full council in 20 18
with a further requests we go back to the secretary of State for further consent and because we needed to renew the leases we got that consent and those leases have been renewed until 20 24 that's it
that Pakistani Councillor Hanley
I say as far as the colleague or from some benches tonight I can think or Britain so
have written to him personally Councillor
thank you for that sort of any other questions
about the minutes I can't see any so can I have agreement for those places to stay 8 agreed agreed through a breeze
OK so that's all consent thank you very much

4 Calendar Report

we move on to item 4 on the agenda which is the report on the new draft of calendar for the coming Municipal Year Year 20 21 episode Fiona Colley to it'll Unmis thank you Chair I'd like to run briefly through the report and recommendations before you I'd like to start by thanking the members who advised and commented on these proposals and on a huge amount of work to help us to get to this point and I saw also like to thank our IT teams or FM teams legal committee teams this has really been an amazing team effort for us to get to this point and I have no doubt it will continue to be so as Members will know on the 17th March all Council meetings were cancelled in line with the new social distancing rules since then new regulations have been introduced that allow us to hold remote public meetings are to make our decisions and in line with Lewisham's commitment to democracy transparency and scrutiny were all very keen to get back up and running as quickly as we can now as members are well aware though we are in very extraordinary times and the Council's working flat out to support residents are partners and in particular our most vulnerable residents so in drawing up these proposals we have sought strike a balance that allows us to to have that robust democratic transparent and well scrutinised decision making whilst ensuring that the Council's resources remain focused on delivering critical services to our most vulnerable residents
we are also aware of the challenges for all of us in learning how to work in these new and very different ways so we have sought to walk before we can run are starting small both in terms of the size of committees the frequency the complexity of the meetings before we move on to try to run meetings with more public participation and larger membership so the proposals are set out in the recommendations and also in sections 5 and 6 of the report tonight were asking urgency Committee to set calendar for May until the 15th of July which is when we propose to have the Council AGM and at that point we will agree a calendar for the remainder of the municipal year we're proposing monthly Mayor and Cabinet meetings that will really focus on taking essential key decisions only the first of those will be on the 13th of May were also proposing a monthly meeting of overview and scrutiny business panel this is in line with the Centre for public scrutiny guidance that we should hold a single scrutiny committee are that will scrutinise key decisions both pre and post decision and take one other item with a tight focus on our COVID-19 response really looking to to add value through its critical friend and challenge role we plan to start at meetings of Planning and Licensing Committees up and running at the beginning of June these are meetings that have much more regular public participation are they have a little more complexity and obviously at times contentious decisions to be make we want to be confident that we can take these decisions safely robustly and with minimal risk of challenge so we have allowed ourselves a little bit more time to get used to work in this way make sure that we can do things Sir carefully and say may at this point we are proposing that no other Committees mate unless the proper officer deems that it's essential for them to do so to take a decision are we'll be keeping count Rhonda of view there may be made changes made to individual meetings and it is within the power of the Chief Executive to call meetings should dirt should she Dean those to be necessary will bring a further report as I said a calendar for the remainder of them this full year to the AGM July and that concludes my introduction
thank you very much Fiona I understand it the question Councillor Olivier which is draft Burston yes Rocha and I want to refer thank you Chair for making opening our first public for meeting and one thank all the officers have made this possible we're deftly on a journey here fully will make us as accessible as we can I also won us pit pay tribute to all the staff in the Council any firming redeployed to work on the front line planes spotty white taken some time to get where we now
and also why many of our staff are working in governance elsewhere have been helping deliver those critical of repression I've got some 2 questions on this report I certainly welcome a a sensible temporary arrangement had but we can get what we need to do in a sensible way that's accessible but I just want to ask you now is because of an indication from government about and when we may bibs revert to a more normal and situate into our governance and also in terms of the point that we have to call meetings honestly gives an example of the kind of meetings at may have to be called which are not going
thank you Councillor for the and the reality is that no we do not really have any indication of when we can revert to more normal governance as you know I think we're all still waiting to hear what the government's exit strategy might be an also mindful that FES across witty has indicated that there may be some form of social distancing for very many more months to calm are 9 for that even if we get to a position where some of us are able to return to the Civic Suite that there may be other councillors officers or members of the public are who will still need to be socially isolated or shielded I so I think it's really important that we continue to work on the model that were using and perhaps to prepare for mixed model where perhaps some Members and some members of public are able to participate in the civic suite as we usually would but where we also need to provide opportunities for people to Speight remotely in our decision making processes
0and the other question yes was about other committees yeah so good example of that would be one the actually has already been called which is appointments committee so there are some other Athers are that may be forthcoming there are is Sir some need to make some appointments are so that have been example of when when we may need to hold a Committee at such a meeting will be caught
can I also just a sorry so I chaired high not in yet let me you we also have a statutory duty in relation to scrutiny on health so for example if there were any significant variations in relation to health services proposed then are healthier select would be the consultation body for example and we would then have to call them to be able to respond but we're not proposing that that should happen as a matter of course that we should be in reactive mode rather than being proactive
thank you for that care I've got a question being asked by Kelk to shake
I that
yes thank you very much Chair I want to reiterate a couple of years thanks to you for opening up his Committee and the officers of writing this report together in terms of how we can continue our operations at my question was just regarding planning
I know he had provided the obviously with planning and and sometimes the decision and the conversation this can be contentious and enormous do it safe and robustly these proposed has been put together so I just wanted a confirmation that the papers for those on the Committee's we delivered a physically to enable us to be able to use the technology alongside the papers I just wanted to get a lover of clarity around officer capacity around there's planning committees if prior to the meeting councillors needed to have a discussion as some of the the some of the applications thank you
thank you Councillor shape yes that is absolutely correct it is our intention to make sure that tell we are printing and delivering papers to Members in good time before all Committees in fact but particularly planning committees obviously we would prefer to be paperless in line with our climate emergency action but I think at this time we have to be pragmatic and practical and make sure that Members are able to properly participate are I know that officers in planning are having regular conversations with the Chairs of the various planning committees now to think through how things were working to make sure that officers are available to members provide any support in advance of the meetings the TA may be necessary and to really work through the finer details of how those meetings will operate thank you Fiona I've got question from Councillor Hanley
I still to own one is is Tommy number of figure number of the people of about vulnerable people be 95 last freagraí saw was 6 thousand I wonder if that's gone up since the last summit be report and also that the decisions are made and I know that some of these is on my very quickly bar offices because of the circumstances but things like you closing cemeteries or things like that can you please let model my colleagues know that these these things are happening because we have had some songs first son's we find a bad is when we receive an e-mail when I write the resident and the an obviously you feel very I'm showing you for re because of the question but actually up itself so decisions when they are made please let us know as soon as possible thank you I don't know Fiona cannot select Fifa's discussion about the calendar you over to help Councillor Hanley in any way of those questions and afraid I don't have an up to date and reliable number for the number of vulnerable residents but I'm sure we could get that information to you Councillor Handley in terms of and communication to members or for officer decisions and changes are we will absolutely take that on board I know that there was a period where there was a lot of very rapid change and communication of that or was difficult things are a little bit more settled but they always changing I know the mayor has committed to communicating regularly with Members to make sure that you're getting up to date information but we will take that point fact I thank you know I've got a question from Councillor Brown
thanks Chair it's a comment but it more than the question just falling on the comments of being made so far to 2 pounds over Mick 1 and on to tell the circumstances that forced into doing these new technologies new technology new ways obviously we try to keep and learn the lessons from doing it and have hybrid meetings and make it much more easier with its members of the public or councillors with various issues other stakeholders that the can take part remotely as I welcome that are generally after users an opportunity and then secondly just to say we're talking about the culling able to talk with the report for Stop just to make the point I'm sure I speak for all Councillors here that them this isn't about diluting overview and scrutiny or having less overview and scrutiny the the impetus to get goods to have good strong open scrutiny hasn't gone away and will continue to do so another thing fuel now forget me someone mentioned this is one to be constantly under review and as circumstances change we will be flexible and any changes that we will follow on from that to ensure we keep getting good or invest thank you Chair
thank you Councillor Brown and Javani thing and so on that piano now only only two are mentioned that yes one of the reasons I have not gone into a great deal of detail in this report about how strictly will operate is because I am very mindful that is a matter for scrutiny itself to determine I know that so I view scrutiny business panel will meet next week so I didn't feel it was appropriate in for this committee to consider how scrutiny would operate
thank you Councillor Bonevacia you wish to make a comment yet but thank you Chair a couple of comments from Councillor Hanley that frozen myself cabinet role for democracy and Council should come upon so on the first item about harmony vulnerable people budget by that I take people shielding in Lewisham added Lewisham the council Safer gave a public statement we've got 7 thousand 200 67 people killed in Lewisham that changes each day's people self report are identified as people need to be filled as a council to supported given we've reached out to all those directly are and will continue to do so new ones to live reported 1 thousand
individuals directly and that includes 830 food parcels
and that's being provided by 50 dedicated Council staff so you know we're we're throwing we can with the resources we've got an are mindful as well that asked of us of a key workers and they need protection and support as well the other point that that Qatar happy rightly points out is how do we get information questions and information going back and forth that's from Councillors are also members of the public
though we're learning as we go along with trying to do it with more limited resources with got so we have as a getting regular updates and other means of channel of asking questions as what likewise the public so we've tried to improve the council websites that the first pages and the virus and not support their that's being updated time and resource so her an e-mail address and that incident at Lewisham dot gov dot uk so so if people you know of an also people find it difficult to get through Council directly councils are still there even not faced we are still there and are we will try and get that those questions in the rather it takes it setting a bit longer to deal with the non-emergency to record the moment of course I thank you for that hence the but appear I don't see any more Christians arising from this item as I know anybody who wanted to say something he want to indicate kill free
OK so we will then motive vote I propose that we accept these calendar changes I share do you second that's
with anybody else willing to second it sorry let us a few minutes to unused Jack I'm very happy to second it fine OK thank you very much preferred his own new for us is net Isaacs ago three-fifths to Councillor silently take a vote and half as the best as he seconded it that's access for your proposals so you select
great agreed Councillor Olivier agreed Councillor Brown
the great
cap Councillor Hanley greed
I can't be agreed right thank you very much for that it though there are delays with turning up an offer microphone and Willis well aware of that
the same time we're not getting used to the the delay will get used to it with time I am sure right so we now move on to Item 5 which refers to the Council Pay Policy David Austin is to before on this date
thank you can the further today regular reports would now come to you at the 1st of April Council meeting which was cancelled for as we went into the circle that is were currently in the desert that report which is worse before you tonight because it was we do need in place throughout the whole years able to formally based upon the agreed times it we felt therefore it with a spring this
the Committee rather than went to the next Full Council meeting so that everything is in order
the it will also be submitted to Full Council at their Breguet point and as soon as we can I just turn sure that everyone is aware I'm in terms of the content of the pay statement there are no major changes to the approach we're taking to pay the any specific one is that we've now
confirmed that we will play our apprentices the London living wage in line with the Council's
fair pay approach

5 Council Pay Policy

An analysis just the updating of the pace down on this in terms of the two on pay deal that still pending but the budget itself does allow for 2 percent per ward so when we are anticipating that but those negotiations continue
there is such the guidance as set out in the legals legal implications the pace the pay approach itself hasn't changed from previous years
and it has also includes upon last year the new requirement to have the gender pay differentials across council staff pay bands as well
that the report and happy to take any questions
the youngest child that UMS I I'm sorry I just want to stay thank you for this reports and I'm pleased to to two aspects greatly about firstly that we maintain the in terms of gender balance its author's it's in favour of women as as had been for a while in this Council and and that's I think a tribute to the work has been done over several decades to ensure that that some women in this Council are paid properly and add thief senior ranking our Council that which is good news I also very pleased that and now we were paying our Prince's London living Wage though even though that the need that for it to be other than wage Council but we on its fantastic my question David this is that obviously I wonder how the impact of the the current accord revised OAHN far as crisis is affecting the the pay for next year the organisation he said negotiations on the hand of a
is this completely stalled or were expecting something to happen in the near or medium future
so the pay education can you and the love that date from the LGA who lead on location passionately was her mid April for they are continuing in this period the the udon demand originally with a thing for a 10 percent rise for all staff but her was rejected and that her or another person has been put back against I which is a 2 percent 1 and that's the current position and Leicester published update as either as I saw it this morning from the LGA and this is an annual cycle I I suspect we will end get a one year Pagel this year given the unusual circumstances but I I'm I'm speaking slightly out of town cleared I know for sure I'm not close to the negotiations or parts of them so I will see what comes out
I got a question from Councillor best
thank you Chair really Kevin so Councillor born of his ask the question on the pay and it was a bit about contingency because obviously the negotiations are going through so I wanted to are scum David whether the EU notes in terms of the whole financial position of the Council at the moment the guarantees from Central government on meeting at the pay awards in any other future demands that we will face because clearly these are turbulent times for us financially and just some a comment really on where we stand or the state we are we always on our our pace-setting months but yes that guarantees from central government they giving us that at the moment thank you
that they never give that guarantee in the sense that there's never money hypothecated to salaries I mean obviously are funding settlement is what is and then it's within that we have to make the decisions when the Council considers the budget and sets it for the year the question about whether we're getting money for the additional cost around the Cape response Yes Yes we are but not are we anticipate he has yet to cover the full cost of those discussions continue not least because the situation itself is dynamic but to date we received 20 million pounds
from government towards our costs
I thank you for that
I don't see any further questions
it anybody or anything else that they wish to say on this item
no I got being silent I propose that we accept the report Vice Chair second bat second it thank you very much so you'll move to the vote then a Councillor festive secondary camps upon a there agrees
as the Brown the gate
Councillor Handley agreed as the shake agreed thank you very much thing that's all in favour so it is at setted as proposed OK
I cannot see any further business on the agenda is there anything else which has come to light which needs to be dispersed
the silence and the shaking of heads switches or whether a good thing but then again I was thank everybody for their attendance and also thank everybody for the hard work that strong behind making is make anything happen and also on the hard work that's going on as I said at the beginning in extraordinary circumstances people are really coming up the thing most amazing behaviour moving release got enough food and if there are any members of the public who have been watching this
to send in your comments and I hope she will be too harsh on us because this was our first time that we've been both remote and on the rear it's so I can only say we really had tried our hardest and we hope that you found that helpful in your relationship with the Council and the do hope you all had good health and that if any of you have suffered any loss reach Trudy are very sorry for any loss of light and because he these are sad and bad times and hopefully we will come out the other side I'd with more knowledge and the I can ourselves and for those around us that also strengthened fire experience is found when I wish you all good health and at this point I will closed the meeting thank you very much space
thank you to have
thank you