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Mayor and Cabinet
Wednesday, 10th June 2020 at 6:00pm 









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1 Declaration of Interests
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2 Minutes
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3 Matters Raised by Scrutiny and other Constitutional Bodies
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4 Council's response to Covid 19 - Financial update
5 Statement of Community Involvement
7 Excalibur land assembly and construction
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8 Achilles Street Land Assembly
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to welcome everybody to today's meeting of Mayor and Cabinet's local my colleagues of service members of the public who are watching let's say a particularly warm welcome to Penycae go shall who is our new Executive Director for children and young people Kenickie started with us last Monday and and to welcome in a key to your to your first meeting now
the meeting is being held virtually voting will take place by roll-call rather then a show of hands and at that point I'll hand over to o'clock can Flaherty for lead us Frew votes and before I begin as I do in all cabinet meetings just to point out the all Cabinet portfolio members can contribute to debates but for jobshare Cabinet Members are only those who are who are currently in imposition are able to to vote on the roll call core vote and I also need to revise everybody this meeting being webcast live and it will be available on the Council website tomorrow cases anything that you've messed
now this is the second virtual Marin cabinet meeting since the lockdown and I'd like to just take this moment again to say thank you on behalf of all of us Lewisham council for those who are fighting on the front line and defending our communities at this really difficult time I'm on behalf of my Councillor colleagues I'd like to particularly thank all of those council workers have been meeting an incredible local response is quite right that our focus at the moment is on critical services about supporting vulnerable residents a number of staff have been volunteered to to come out of their jobs and and volunteer be redeployed into other areas of the Council's each everyone abuse
doing that really thank you very much over the past fortnight resources in protests across the country in response to what's been the shocking death of George Floyd in America this is also prompted and Luch wider discussion about the challenges that black people and other BAME communities face in this country now or in Lewisham these discussions or are not something that we've ever shied away from the not new to us and we got local figures throughout our Borras short history of been pioneers of race equality people like Les Erta civil Phoenix David Michels and the Hawkins and today I'm Doreen Lawrence our Merrist Barbara Gray many many more and I
and a new generation of political leaders community leaders council officers will continue the pioneering work of those who have done so much before us I'd like to take this opportunity to say particular thanks to my Councillor colleagues printed acres and Juliette Campbell who following the deeply concerning footage of arrests in Lewisham have been working on some myself and Council officers in meetings of local police with Sadiq Khan and his team and with community groups to move been given assurances that all the incidents that have been shared on social media being and are being investigated and me will also be examining all the data that were receiving from the police in relation to stop and search during locked down vast for that information to come through by ethnicity to and as I said in a statement that I made last week racial equality stretches across society and we'll where that isn't related just to the criminal justice system and myself and my colleagues were determined that will use our positions in our authority to to lead change shouldn't have taken a pandemic to shine a national light on health inequalities faced by BAME communities and it's what that Lewisham has been doing over a number of years and I'm pleased that we partnered with Birmingham City Council's which review into health inequalities in black African and Caribbean communities and other reporting back on those findings in the future which we hope will lead to change not just locally but provide the evidence and academic river rigour to lead national change as well unless a huge amount to do in issues around employment education a host of areas and we will continue to fight inequality in Lewisham wherever we see the message from our Council is clear that Black lives matter in Lewisham today and always and we sit alongside our community in campaigning and working to find Wrexham in any form and we won't stop taking action nor inequalities exist

1 Declaration of Interests

OK then some now move on to the substantive part of the new thing so I to learn his declarations of interests can I ask if any Cabinet Member will judge share cabinet member has any declaration of interest to me

2 Minutes

Kate so I don't think there are any there item 2 is the minute so I move that the minutes of Mayor the Mayor and Cabinet meeting took place on the 13th of May 20 20 be agreed as a correct record is that agreed greed linked to

3 Matters Raised by Scrutiny and other Constitutional Bodies

ITEM 3 matters raised by scrutiny and other constitutional bodies on this item I invite Kevin Flaherty R Clark to report to on the Overview and Scrutiny business Panel meeting that took place on Tuesday the truth they me the 26th

4 Council's response to Covid 19 - Financial update

heaven thank you Mr. Mayor I can confirm that the business Panel did consider the Youth Service contract in the closed session that they were happy to support the decisions previously made by Mayor and Cabinet thank you and thank you Kevin for for that report OK I'm going to take us now on to Item 4 shall first main reports and it is the Council's response to COVID lighting and the financial updates and I'm going to turn to Councillor Amanda de Ryk Councillor Eric
thank you Damian
the impact of of COVID-19 is deep and widespread and I know that I speak for a sore when I said that my thoughts are with those that have suffered illness and loss since the emergence of the pandemic in March the Council has been focused on its emergency response ensuring critical services are able to operate and supporting the most vulnerable in our borough the paper before Members tonight as a first assessment of the financial impact of the crisis to the Council as you will know the government has provided 47 million pounds to provide grants to small businesses and 33 million towards business rate route it is also given us around 3 point 2 million to give working households in receipt of the Council Tax reduction scheme a credit of a hundred and fit
in addition we have received around 2 million pounds to support discretionary grants from the Treasury for small and medium size businesses who weren't eligible for the other schemes we discussed this at our last Mayor and Cabinet meeting and I'm pleased to say that the business taskforce has had its first meeting and criteria for making grants is being urgently drawn up
of the 3 point 2 billion pounds given to local government to cover the curved response the Council has received 18 million pounds this was paid in two grounds the first of nine point 6 million was based on a formula which included consideration for deprivation the second of 8 point 4 million was based on a simple per-capita calculation
this difference was explained by communities secretary Robert Jenrick as a necessary response to compensate does district councils for lost income
at the same time he warned councils that the government was unlikely to meet the cost of lost income all measures that they had chosen to take over and above what they'd been asked to by government councils budgets are made up of revenue support grants from central government and then income in the form of business rates council tax and the rents Fees and charges that we levy against services lost income is therefore critical to the Council's ability to function financially
this is true of all councils not just those districts in the Tory shires
like other councils where submitting monthly returns to the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local government and based on those estimates it is evident that the 18 million pounds we have received so far is only likely to be a third or a quarter of the funding we need we will need to cover us until we are able to return to a fish a position of financial normality
the report covers the financial position in more detail but my full of people's willingness to absorb lots of numbers on line I'm just going to speak to the headline figures from the may assessment we've identified the potential financial impact of Cove it to the 20 21 budget at 82 point 7 million
this is from additional costs of 22 point 9 million and lost income a 59 point 8 million once government funding has been accounted for and with a working assumption that the government will end up funding the 11 point 5 million of lost business rates and council tax receipts we are left with a 20 point 2 million pound gap this represents all of the 20 million pounds the Council holds in unallocated reserves we are assessing the impact that this will have on the Council and will be returning to Mayor and Cabinet and Full Council meetings with updated reports Members will recall that the 20 21 budget was set without the use of reserves and included 23 point 5 million pounds to fund pressures and to reset baseline budget this position was reached by agreeing a cuts programme worth 16 point 6 million much of which is now at risk because of increased demand in those areas
we are expecting to issue a stabilisation Budget in September as the full financial impact and the extent of recovery becomes clearer
pressure on services will continue as we need to take issues like the continuing need for PPE and social distancing in SEN transport into account we will almost certainly see significant increased demand for adult and children's social care and higher costs for those needing temporary accommodation
we are lobbying government to meet this increase need through our networks the Local government Association and London councils and pushing the message wherever we can with news emerging that poor areas have doubled the death rate of wealthier ones and with health outcomes for ethnic minorities disproportionately lower it's clear that the true cost of covert is still being counted faced with this crisis the council saw what needed to be done and we've done our best to do it irrespective of cost we now need the Treasury to meet the full cost of that response that means an immediate commitment to fund the identify gap in spending and lost income to date that number is 31 point 7 million but it is likely to grow if we really are as she soon act said all in this together it's time for government to put its money where its mouth is thank you
and thank you very much and Councillor the right I've also have indicated an during this item as well but on Jim Mallory and would share of our public accounts Committee would like to speak is there and anybody else who'd like to ask a question at this stage
OK over two so Councillor Mallory
who can now first just echo your comments at the beginning about the hurt felt sympathy that we have for everyone who suffered from from covert and particularly of those who died or suffered serious on his and the family and through that the that have felt a lot I hadn't expected to be at this meeting people will recall that the Council budget setting we can I indicated that I would be standing down from public account
so I never eat tending a goal meeting and because of the covert crisis but be even still been this problem so that one final last shot at it and then maybe I can truly retire from terror public accounts and first at the you have in front of you a set of recommendations from a so we're going to do is gonna talk about the commending first and then a little bit about the informal discussion that members of public accounts had and then go on to the recommendations so I mean the first thing I'm not sure whether anybody from the scrutiny side of things has so publicly and an opportunity to commend the hard work of Council staff in rising to a meeting the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 crisis and I think we need to to to to acknowledge that as as as as all members
I also think that the role of the voluntary and community sectors has been absolutely vital and probably done more to show just how valuable it's been some of us have been advocates of the community and voluntary sectors for some I think
average where role in particular in supporting and supplementing the care services and finally the the the the the support or of so many of the community put themselves forward to volunteer Elano the work camp JoJo
Lewisham's magnificent
so been invaluable personal best appreciated by some of our
they also want to finally just and make no king loaded must have been really difficult to put together this report at such short notice but it was absolutely essential and the recent public accounts hadn't met until the end of of April really needed
the other day because we really needed to have a proper report in front of us and not simply to speculate so gratitude to officers particularly David Austin's in the tender and informal briefing with Councillor Ryk and my thanks to Councillor dear ICU as per an anonymous Murray effort into making sure that we understood what was going on I know she shares my view that this is virtual or not this is a slightly difficult way of a dialogue between backbench Members and and the Mayor and Cabinet and that we hope of the in future that particularly for really important items that somehow we can get a more formal scrutiny process going and I envisage align imagine many of you drive this actually that the Task oriented teams win or members teams within the scrutiny process will actually have the most important role going forward because it seems to me that other than our normal scrutiny process we're actually probably most importantly going to need to look at the Council Post coronavirus what are our priorities and and how of what's the impact on our a services and what happened and how we be shaped those services so turning to the the discussion that we had as members and I'm not going to to go through the detail of the report simply to highlight the areas that we looked at because you got the report in front of you and the First was to look at obviously the gap that Councillor Ryk as already referred to with in terms of what the government has indicated it will fund and what it won't fund or what it's not light but it's unlikely to fund allow will be coming back to it in my in my final comment that I think we've done whatever takes and that's what they asked us to do and I think there is a an obligation and a gap from the government which you will see from some of our recommendation to know the lobbying is already going on but we want to to reinforce the need for that we also because it was our first opportunity looked at the outturn from last year's last year's there nearly final accounts and I think you're getting the final accounts to Mayor and Cabinet in July but there clearly with that yet again a problem in children and young people and the spending on placements and I'm not going to seek to blame and yet either either central finance or children and young people but there is still seems to us to be a kind of an and communicate ations gap between the two which needs to be resolved and I know the that mean they have gone through three directors in the last year and a bit so I think the new director as a challenge on his plate but I think there will be an expectation to find ways of of making sure that we are in in greater control of our spending than was clear from the last quarter
reporting and then the last area that we looked at before we looked at the political strategic direction of the Council see are of reserves and while it's reassuring the we aren't at the at the at the wrong end of a financial resilience
I think given the gap that you've heard from about from Councillor Ryk there are going to be real issues around the use of reserves and we aren't simply going to be able to rely on reserves is going to be a question of looking at at wholesale and wholesale re-look at the services themselves
finally we did look at the strategic direction that the Council is faintly have to take and I think our concerns were obvious Sly around both around have having that proper political and strategic look at it but all so that that were honest with the public and of ability that we're coming to the recommendation so looking at the recommendations
obviously we need to keep on top of the financial situation and keep getting reports it's not going to be part CIL to get a final report for Isolde suspect some time and yet we are going to have to in the autumn look at within the framework of the Council's policies and priorities what it is what we want to continue to provide and how best to provide them you know from previous things I've said I'd always been in favour of trying to provide everything no matter what level and probably I will still continue to take that view but there is clearly going to be the crisis has thrown up a number of things that we're going to want to look at and I won't spend time on the sit this evening but I think we all had insight into ways in which the community interact with the council and ways in which perhaps
some of the time we look too much to to the way in which reader drive the service for internally and ways in which the community actually probably does more to help deliver the service than where we always we'll with acknowledgement I think that's important as part of the the political discussion that we go on to have
we also be also and I know the work is already going on but we thought it worth emphasising that the lobbying has to continue to serve them to secure all necessary funds to make up the shortfall but we also thought and these these two I think our messages for our shadow cabinet the Labour leader of the Labour party nationally it really has to and I think this cry if if nothing else is underline what comes out of this crisis the structure and funding of social care has to be integrated into an overall properly funded National Health Service and of the Labour party has to not simply continue to reiterate but there has to to show the ways in which this has shown that up and there's been no more are more obvious than in the way in which the good of Moat looked at social care as an afterthought to the priority of the National Health Service in the disastrous numbers of guests that have happened in care homes as a result of a of a wrongly focused strategy and I also think that while we may not succeed with this government I think we have to continue to argue the case for a needs based funding are based on on on the importance of local services and the experience of densely populated areas and to make sure that we continue to argue for that need and to scrap the fair funding of use proposed formula which I know has yet to be introduced but we've seen a flavour of it already in the way in which they have the second tranche of funding that has gone into the covert support for councils
we also had a concern that the transformation agenda continues in particularly in particular in order to support are ensuring that we get the right technology but also that Councillor that culture of the council officers continues to to to to be focused on the need to own at 8 be it to be resourced properly but then to own those budgets in a way which will enable us to budget to to meet our to to to be able to assess spending against budget more quickly than we have necessarily always done in the past and so the last recommendations are really about the campaigning locally I kind of think it's almost as if you'll forgive me I think we have to send out a message very soon and we've already through you know our own or I know already I to know the public gets it but I think it's worse
something that is a message that goes out to them which says without you we wouldn't have managed to set we wouldn't have managed to deal with the crisis as as well as we have and we know it hasn't in a week when we know though that we haven't been able to deal with everything but actually a lot of front line a the public has supported so much of what we'd of the care that the support for the care services and be the when you think of I mean I not when I got on a Thursday evening our own clapped I made sure my neighbours were also clapping for the refuse service and all the other services that are frontline work because taking risks so we've got together with the community we have done our best to do whatever it takes and we have met the challenge that the government issue to us and now it's up to them to make sure that they continue to support us and fund the services which the public knows they are the BAME have they need and they're going to continue to need and so thank there that was our consideration of the the of the report and and just to reiterate on by thanks to two officers and amount of pressure in a report was done as quickly as possible albeit not with all every cross t and dotted dotted I thank you
Kim thank you very much thought that and having been on that phone call and the secretary of State was was telling Council leaders from across the country to do whatever it takes and then just months later hearing that now talking about sharing the burden and the fact that those very front line staff who are doing so much to protect and keep things going put up communities and keep things going now could be under threat from from further government Kotzias is is quite galling and quite rightly said its communities have come forward the voluntary sector as well to do that to do the right thing and do note the cons challenge and that you've set out and also the conversation that we have need to have over the summer around the impact of covert on services on a manifesto commitments that we have made as well and just before I move on Gemma just want to also passing on Bath myself and Cabinet thank you for the what you've done chairing the public accounts Committee as a new political administration having your experience on pack and working with members to it to really challenge and and use that scrutiny function to challenge and change the budget and what with us in doing that too is being been really welcomed so thank you very much for four or that you've done and brought to to that ball
Councillor anything you'd like to to add
no one other than my thanks to two David Austin and the team because I agree with gem that it's been really difficult to bring this report forward when it such a moving in so many moving parts and so many assumptions but but there finance off estate act very quickly to set up the right structures within the council to be able to monitor the actual spend on covert and that that was timely and thoughtful of them so I would add my thanks to thank you OK any questions
this is obviously something that we have had much discussion about already so can we move to the moving to the recommendations and amusing myself and going for a show of hands but we'll go to do it the roll call vote on the recommendations are hand over loud to to Kevin thank me through the roll call vote tonight a reader named alphabetically the cabinet and surnames only and ask you to vote for or against or an extension to the recommendations so can I begin with Councillor Barnham for Councillor Bell for Councillor best for
Councillor Bonneville or
Councillor takers for Councillor Ryk for Councillor Dromey for Marian for and the EFA
Councillor Slater full 10 votes in favour none against non an abstention
thank you very much and Councillor Wright David and all of 13 on this report thank you very much

5 Statement of Community Involvement

can I move us on to the next item which is Item 5 statement of community involvement I'm bringing this reports that is this this report proposes temporary changes so any of a three month period into how the Council the process planning applications during this pandemic period and officers are proposing these temporary changes in order to deal with backlog of planning applications we've got around 40 and it's also challenge because the planning team has reduced capacity and some of our Planning officers or amongst officers talking about the beginning of this meeting of been redeployed to critical services so the proposals are to new foot of an online formats as face to face meetings cannot be held due to the pandemic and due to social distancing rules the proposed changes also include raising the public objection fresh whole from three to five objections and the planning committee chair arm will decide between those of five to nine objections whether they'll go forward to Committee and these changes if agreed as I've said we'll ask for three months and had been done in full consultation with our Planning Committee Chairs are there any questions on this point Councillor B Olivier
thank you my declared an interest as it shows a local democracy working Group we've been looking at improving our planning decision making system so that it's so decisions made more timely manner also properly engage the public and looking at that the threshold for
what went seems go to committee and when they don't we were planning and still do plan take these issues Atsu the wider public for full consultation
what's happening now is as a result the covert crisis and we hope that the evidence can get from these three months can then lead to us as a group led by I Councillor Sophie Davis to take these proposed puzzles out the public see what they think and come come up with a proper permanent change if if that's what's required so I just want emphasise this should be seen as temporary I really look forward to get the evidence as part of our work K thanks very much any other questions I thought I saw one held up by don't see one there
they carried out I did have my hand up 30 May a but Kevin's partly answered my question her all I wanted to know really with how our threshold for cases going to planning committee compared with others because it's always seemed quite a low number of objections to me but Kevin's to explain that that something we looking at on average as Felipe excellent for its and I'm I can slow takers and thank you to take up this temporary bats how often will it be reviewed or wind would be reviewed next OK so we will review this before the three months time has expired and oversee hopefully move into new this close back to normal although we'll be mindful that this there may still be the need for virtual meetings as other challenges as we saw from yesterday's Strategic Planning Committee where on watching which contains a lot more interesting watching it on screen on on TV and in life but went onto court past 12 so on so there's lots of challenges around there and about making sure that IT infrastructure is is ready for it as well so still still what today Emma Talbot's is on that of Ellis's anything that you'd like to add
no nothing nothing to add and happy to take questions I would just to clarifying Councillor David point obviously you pad the addendum report tonight which gives you an overview of some of the responses that we've had from local groups and in that we are clarifying that we're anticipating that a three month period when we will review it is in the 16th of September which is a planned Mayor and Cabinet will be able to bring it back to you them thank you OK don't sooner the questions so Kevin over Tue will go to the roll-call votes OK Councillor Bonham
sorry for Councillor Bell for Councillor best for severe
companies will you miss it the moment full
Councillor takers all have the dreich thumb and the Dromey for Egon Mary inside and for has Magee for
and Councillor Slater fall at 10 votes to 0 in favour of the recommendations OK thank you I can confirm that the recommendations have been agreed care I turn numbers 6 is the Parks and Open space Strategy 20 20 to 20 25 and other put huge amount of work has gone into this

6 Parks and Open Space Strategy 2020-2025

going to invite Councillor McKeever to speak have also had an councillors crapped Sky and news Krupke and Mark Ingleby who will also be contributing to the discussion but first for over to you Councillor MacGyver
this report sets out our strategy and way forward for improving our parks and open spaces it was drafted before the covert pandemic but it's a very tiny report our parks and open spaces have never been more important parks are essential to supporting people's health and wellbeing their place to exercise get fresh air socialised relaxed that's especially important for the many Lewisham residents who don't have a garden and we've just seen how important local parks are to communities over the past few months the report sets out our goals at 2 I'll goals for our green spaces in the years ahead in particular I want to draw Members' attention to the goals to deliver investment to our parks that need improvement in the last 2 years the greening fund has delivered over 360 thousand pounds worth of improvements to our parks and by 20 25 we want that to be million pounds worth of investment
we want to encourage walking and cycling through our open spaces Protection enhance biodiversity and habitats cleaning our local rivers and reducing herbicide use in our parks we want to work with the Young Mayor's team and the disabled Peoples commissioned to ensure our Park improvement works are parking prudent once what for everyone
we want to increase the number of trees in our parks and pavements are near or schools including partnering with local street trees for living charity to plant 100 trees on school routes by 20 22 all of this will help us meet our corporate priorities of supporting greenspaces encouraging active travel and tackling the climate merge NSI the draft reports been discussed at sustainable development committee in their comments have been incorporated into this final report where normally grateful and proud of our park users groups and volunteers working in our parks for example with nature's Jim their input into this strategy and their day-to-day work in our parks has been and will continue to be invaluable and I want to take this opportunity to thank them for that work as we move towards a postcode recovery are Park have an important role to play in our communities health well-being and the economy and as I've said they've never been more important and I know that their valued by Mayor and Cabinet and all the members at Lewisham council
shall I hand over to Nick pond snack care
sure your of employment
thank you Councillor McArdle just like to at the I'm very happy to a Bleddyn develop the park's space strategy and I'd like to mirror your thanks to all of the friends of user groups and the parks forum and volunteers the Abod of St hardship and also the Sustainable Development Select Committee Planning Policy colleagues and highways colleagues for their really valuable input I hope we've produced a balanced strategy that really deliver some ecosystem services which are valued for legitimate 2 point 1 billion pounds and also to produce a strategy which will help to address climate urgency to develop wildlife habitats and promote active lifestyles for all are Maximiser the social value that that we can deliver and within the identified resources that we currently have
I'm happy to take any questions
then thank you very much next not let her echo my fangs particularly in this time just how valuable our green spaces our parks have been in just how lucky we are that over a very long period of time or the investment that has gone into the pollution generally has truly world-class I'm green spaces and parks and just how value they are and are not used over these last few months OK I've got a number of questions I've noted the chap points from arm to bring Councillor Curran in in the in the next bed Councillor Slater
thank you ma am firstly I just wanted to say I really welcome this strategy and and thank you so for mentioning about they'll be working with the disabled People's Commission because that was one thing I was going to raise anyway birth thanks again for highlighting acts I think it's really important that all residents tick those with disabilities are able to use our incurred of green spaces and it was really also just to solve asked a question about I know that the friends of the Parks are mentioned it but it's really about what your vision is in terms of the Strategy about how we move forward in terms of working with our fond receptor which was really credited by Councillor merrily
quite rightly so but also with our friends groups in her really taken forward are credible green spaces I am sure counselling appeal say the same thing see the the amazing work that the friends of force Morrow Park of done in really trying to keep the park to improve the part for all the money they apply for through so the sexual 1 0 6 money we gave them what as the greening fund and even trying to support as in trying to maintain behaviour within the partner in a lot down in terms of social distancing as well as air cleaning up rubbish as well
yeah I think we I think one of the things that we would like to do and that's mentioned in the strategy is to make sure the parks that don't currently have users groups to support the development of them because we can see the difference between a park that have users groups have an hour and active voluntary base and the ones that don't because not only do those to those groups provide additional investment by being able to apply for extra funding that they have this incredible local knowledge of what is best for the parks and it's by working closely with those people that we can deliver the best thing for those Park so I think perhaps net could go to a bit more detail but I think one of the things we'd like to do is build on those fantastic voluntary relationships we already have build an ox forums and make sure that those parks that don't have park users groups do and just make it make it possible to improve those in the way that we have with other parks
Councillor Parnham
excuse me thanks very much Mr. and and I echo Councillor Slater I really strongly welcome this strategy I think sometimes people who don't know Lewisham very well or don't live in Lewisham have an image that's a bit out of keeping with the reality that we know of life here and I also think we underestimate sometimes how some things have improved when I moved to where I live now I'm not far from Hillyfields in the nineties people used to refer to Hillyfields if you'll forgive me as dogshit park and nobody talked about it like that now hadn't have elapsed either in America everything
but but it's so well used so treasured by the local communities so well-kept and and it's not the only parking Lewisham like that I just wanted to make three points really just to put them on the agenda one is as Councillor McGeever knows very well and as colleagues will remember we were very proud last year that broccoli became England's best walking neighbourhood sadly not Britain's we would just pipped by somewhere in Scotland Fokker I think it was but
I am really pleased to see encouragement of walking in this strategy and my question really there's no mention I know that the Ramblers who ran that competition and I hope that Lewisham is a whole goes in for it in the future they have a charter which local authorities can sign up to and I really think we should consider signing up to it and reflected in our strategy second thing I'd like to say is I'm pleased for parochial reasons to see that Blythe Hill Fields in the ward I represent is a priority for improvement and I very much agree with that it probably got one of the best views in south London but as a park it's a little bit of inspiring at the moment and the third thing I'd say a cemeteries are mentioned in here obviously they're not parks and there are distinct sort of public space but they are well loved and well used by local residents and they don't appear to be any goals or actions connected with cemeteries and I do think there probably is more we can do to make those spaces well used and well loved
I'll just I'll just come back on the Woking Charter I think we definitely taking the boxes for the Ramblers walking Charter citing you just gotta make it official and I will take that forward because it also goes into my portfolio role with transport and fits into her are healthy neighbourhoods programme aims get a task about bright Hill Fields actually agree with you about beautiful view from that park and impersonate could you answer the question on cemeteries
cemeteries is is a bit of an operational questioners is simply the cemeteries in terms of of
as Nick Carr out for everybody there nurse who come will come back to work when I'm make when you get back on the court you put your hand up and will bring you who bring you back him just before I move on to the next question we need to on get an online version of the 3 Peaks challenge and share and share that out to make sure it then and more of the walking routes network knickers back Mick
yes sorry I think I think the reason why cemeteries were excluded as is further the fact that operational risk we sit in slightly separate different strategic division so there's bereavement Services who appraisal of the cemeteries and green scene responsible for parks and also clinical waste and and pest control and things like that so it would have been it would have been quite a quite challenged try to incorporate a noted stretched the in another kind of service area which had had distinct management of it I don't know that has articulated it quite clearly enough but it is it is certainly there are elements of our Parks Strategy that we would hope that cemeteries will will deliver on our behalf in terms of biodiversity and and things like that as well
I'm not sure what more to add whether that answers the question adequately
I think so Councillor Parnham can't just to come back on that owing again is a rather parochial we you mentioned the Three Peaks Walk mai that we developed in in Brooklyn Crofton Park and that goes through one of our cemeteries it goes through the Brockley Ladywell cemeteries and it's that's part of the route is a public thoroughfare but we did try really hard to get a particular gay opened to make that route easier and more pleasant and it was very very difficult and and I think sometimes we are not making enough of our cemeteries I understand the operational difficulties I understand that there are places of memorial and they need to be treated with respect but I just think sometimes we could be a little bit more imaginative
next question is come Councillor born Andre
thank you Mayor and also to echo my colleagues endorsement of the Strategy and I'd like to thank Sofia Nick why am keen to see more on within the report is our involvement and engagement with local schools and sports clubs to try not promote and working partnership for the London new things and trying to encourage them to utilise the space be fatty have within the bar in the world for green space we had
especially enhancing our our involvement and to increase are our own representation
OK thank you Andrea I passed over to Nick Nick do want to talk about my relation to the Playing Pitch Strategy and perhaps how that fits within this
absolutely amulet something that we certainly work with our colleagues who developed the Playing Pitch Strategy and something that we can look into in the future to try to try and support it
thank you thank you OK I'm going to now invite the Chair Sustainable Development Committee to speak Councillor Khurram
thank you very much Chair I was are expecting to follow and Councillor Ingleby those that OK absolutely Fine Gael dreamer having an order so that it doesn't matter Councillor Ingleby Mark would you like to start
certainly yesterday thank you very much the early just like to earth again as others thank the officers and Councillor evil and also the terms of Sustainable Development Select Committee for the the London comprehended the long process will been through putting this strategy together including visits out to to to parks around Lewisham so it's some bit of the best ones we've done or having said that though I tried to herd make three points here and two of the last of just about reference of the referencing the it's very important and thirdly are then on the back of that lightness to seek some reassurances from the Mayor on the parallel processes around the and Mayor as the cabinet regeneration and this is concerning the issue of the of the urban national park her project but first of all my first small point as the cycling champion
I say this I think the report Mr. Stokes and comments in the report on paid that so page 109 of the of the report or 54 of the actual them colour document and that's the reference to the ill there's a missing reference to the cycle east-west cycle earthy literary heritage trail which we've put together in the last couple of years that in terms of cycling connections between green spaces
the other points of reference within the Greer the strategy that Sir we did raise this insert advance not have raised this with the principle and design officer I think shortly after the last sound of Alan committee meeting was a and I was to do with the reference in the open National Park project I just quote from what I said on this this Cern there's opportunities on the pay each 86 of the papers were that's page 20 of the report and are specifically and also page 88 of the Khmer Kavanagh report which refers to new development in areas of deficiency in access to open space now they urban national project which has been primarily driven by the M grow Park they planning formal or sewn behind her were nine councillors not talk councillors from the the Southern wards I'll be working with the Chair of standard development and the Mayor over a period of 24 months on this surface of high level project but something to which is it's toing I would rip refers to the the south of the borough which could board a Bromley L for Woods and further and right up to the the South Circular taking Groupon nature Reserve RHI Gate the HRA which was walk on both sides and upto were Willow car which borders North third Northbrook park OK and and and around there now there's a some reference and documentation to the
grow to the Grove Park as it's called Urban National Park project in the Lucian cancellation study which prefigured the the on the Local Plan work on the currently going through PAROW at the moment and also this is also in the Grove Park neighbour planning for documents but it's a less so in the Local Plan current present which should be addressed when the latter goes out to consultation and so I would set us ask that we could just refer to that and are in poor those references back in into the because I think their key they link into those key themes of the report
and specifically as there as I just mentioned that there's a parallel process going on with their with planning officers with the the design the Durban Prince-Boateng Design Officer and and others referred to ditch previous Interim Head of Planning in that a planning of the we've had some of these discussions already some of they are as this is a not an old idea it was probably goes back to those outside of paraffin late 70s early 80 s was never completed but the
there is a what I would seek from from the Mayor is just Risch erence that there's this is a long Jigsaw project ultimately an urban national projects to get paid for in some way through development but there are set processes in the key ones going on at the moment are the sites offer
her setting an sites of interest for nature Conservation now to declare an interest as the Chair of grow part nature principle upon nature of a and good say that the council is currently are well into the process of decline that as statutory nature reserve so that's not one of the things I'm asking at the moment however there the whole business of serve site or sink or sites of her interest nature conservation are there are so there is a process going on at the moment to which myself and other County Council current started in regard to the willow tree the Network Rail land at that point I just on the corner of Grove Park it's some imposed that so the their national park from objectors if you like a mentioned in some of the or documentation both in the Local Plan and in the Open spaces Strategy
because if it if there's some negotiation whom I in short to manage that land at one stage was a parts of discussion of a pig transferred to Lewisham
that doesn't make sense if there's not officially identified record of the going on to do that properly sink work of the cordial data and intercom McCarthy's near the SEN varies Earth's embrace specific species there so that process should be going forward so I'm seeking via the cabinet member for generations assurance and I guess from the Head of Planning the the things I'm raising here where they're going to come out a strongly in the Local Plan we don't want to lose lose the Sir this process that that were on which has been going on as a say over about 24 to any 24 24 months now so
so if you could to take those points in the St Matthew could reassure me on this and sense of blue skies thing but there are some things we can be doing now and we don't want to lose in the midst of organ the things we have to be as absolutely and catering to be thank you very much taken and join us today to raise those points and now as huge impressed on the visits that I've made into Grove Park into the into the nature reserves and I think it's a vision report project the one that has huge potential
and potentially for our borough I'm going to turn to the are etc. it's Kevin Sheehan or Emma Talbot just in terms of what on concrete assurances we can give and give my personal Sheeran's that this is some project that that I fully support Kevin Sheehan
yes my cancelling the when we clearly miss Mr. couple of trickster in terms of the initial references that you suggested that we make were big supporters of the Oba urban national part projects and we will make sure that the local part plan picks up on the points that you've raised emir's ear as well she may want to call it but yeah I take those points and will certainly do that Mr. Murray give that reassurance
thank you excellence I k o Councillor Curran
thank you very much hurt Mayor and gurn are just like to kick off by saying we absolutely all of us on the Sustainable Development Committee welcome the report and the fact that we are able to make a major input into it and that this most of what we've said has been taken into account and I'd like to use this opportunity to thank all the Members of the sustainable development committee cleared in Councillor crops can Councillor Ingleby here speaking tonight for their work but for for everyone who really worked harder engaging with the whole process and I think that's helped to improve the report so I'm could quickly and be a succinct as I can Mayor to follow up on what Mark say it on a
the previous Sustainable Development Committee meeting it's on page 58 of the Mayor's free of your erm agenda tonight which in the paper copy and if you're looking at it online it's the first item as his comments of the sustainable drainage Select Committee and in it we actually say Committee supports the development of linkages between green areas and reiterates its support for the Railway children of a national park initiative as outlined in the Grove Park Neighbourhood Plan and the Council should undertake to update the assessments of the sites of nature Conservation an important thing is chairs that Councillor Ingleby received an e-mail yesterday saying that the urban National Park wouldn't be included the maps would be included and it wouldn't be included because the not sure where the boundaries are but the Neighbourhood Plan has been published for quite a long time now and the maps there I don't think we should let a few details stop us from progressing this this isn't or new now it's been going for quite a while so I'd like to make a suggestion if I may isn't the the Mayor and Cabinet could tonight just agree in principle its inclusion and then the details of the map that it could be one of the Loughner boundaries could be agreed afterwards I mean I think they are there and I would I don't expect you to deal with that now but I think it's very important that the that that the Mayor and Cabinet just agree in principle that this new park which will actually deal with what some of the biggest problems we are facing as the increase in population and here we are is now about to open up a 30 acre park for public use and so I think it really important at this stage of the Mayor and Cabinet in include that in the parks and open spaces report if a big supporters of it a Mayor with we do after now and actually do something about it and not put it pushing it back because time is of of the essence in terms of protection of this vital psychic as some people have are set on damaging thank you from thank you very much Councillor Carol I'm going to bring Kevin she Obakin shortly just to address those points are and give those assurances on the park and Councillor crap Sky
good evening thank you ma and it's just a very small point but it's actually a kind of wide point then it's not anything specific but I just wanted to make sure that excuse me that the report that the Sustainable committee I'm did on parks arm which was done really really thoroughly we did lots of site visits and we had a whole section of very quite detailed recommendations on that this would be given the same parity as this report for about the parks and I think there is a lot of crossover but I don't think that it quite matches up and I just want to be sure of it that the recommendations of the Sustainable committee on the detailed scrutiny we did on parks though two things are going to be worked on side by side and and and 1 will inform the other I don't want of the the sort of scrutiny the pre-scrutiny work that we did just cannot get lost because the two things were going by side by side so as a general point rather than the southern specifically
thank you to raise not bring Nick in on on that point but can I just refer me but just thanks thank Councillor Karen crops Sky and all members of the Committee for the work that they've been doing with so from officers in order that we can we can bring this report forward and Kevin sheer
thank you yes I'm happy to take the work that the Scrutiny Committee's done absolutely seriously and Sophie miss some of that will take account of that and again to say that the points that Casica made I think it's absolutely appropriate for the the recommendation tonight if if you judged so mad to to give an in principle agreement to look at that the that that Casica and suggestions that's fine
and Mick Jones come back on the point that Luis that Councillor Krupskaya made and certainly I could I come back on the pilot point so that Councillor Co-ordinators world it just to offer our reassurance the actual strategy on page 20 or you know although perhaps them the maps issue needs to be resolved to there is
a goal to actively support the National Park City in the Grove Park Urban National Park initiative and that's stated quite frankly and in the document as a as a hook going forward and to Councillor cross crop Hospice comments certainly all of the strategic elements these these two bits work did run and finish concurrently so the elements of the very excellent recommendations that the Sustainable Development Select Committee made were all of the strategic ones we really tried to incorporate into the strategy so things like inclusive play in generational provision in parts and things like that the they they certainly all of the recommendations we will we will try and work with but that there are elements where it did try sooner to time bound things which are tricky to to then retrofit onto the strategy also their operational recommendations again we more absolutely take all of those on board and they'll be evaluated and you know things like knocking park gates for cyclists we can look into but a number of the operation of things are also tied into the fact that that the service will be in sourced in November 20 21 so so there are elements that the just needs to catch up in order to to really train track both your very excellent work and and also be Parks and Open space Strategy that myself colleagues and the parts forums of developed
excellent thank you very much OK any other questions reports and you'll like to make no I think that we real and and an subject to more work needs to be done around the reassurances on the urban national park I know will be backing Kevin Jackson move to the roll call vote now please refer to the recommendations of begins Councillor Bonnen for Councillor Bell for Councillor best for Councillor Barnett here
4 Councillor Dakers pull Councillor dreich full answers to draw me for Marian for Hanson McGeever
o Councillor Slater
for 10 votes in favour of the recommendation since the man
3 thank you so I can confirm that the recommendations have been agreed Sophie thank you Nick and all the team thank you very much became known to now move on to item 7 and which is Excalibur land assembly and construction Councillor Bell

7 Excalibur land assembly and construction

thank you my so the regeneration of the scabrous state is a historical scheme those being led by the need for us to view from poor prefabricated homes into modern homes the Council has made commitments to the residents as part of ballot that took place in 20 10 at this Council honours its commitments to residents who voted than about and hence this is why the report has been presented here tonight in way of a little bit of background to the Council's been working with rests on the Excalibur estate on options for the regeneration of it for many years and also with NQ Housing Association has partner for the estate regeneration since 2 thousand 6 the for history is detailed in earlier man cabinet reports a list of previous reports is provided section 14 the scheme has suffered significant delays and these being caused by an application to list the estate with English Heritage I required to follow a formal stopping up process on the estate roads and a significant increase in build costs and contractor delays following the application to this properties English Heritage listed six properties on the estate so these are were not including the regeneration plans the Council also decided to exclude St Mark's Church on Balden Road then active Tenant Management Organisation Office at one board Road and then occupied property between the office and Church 3 board in road from the regeneration scheme the first new homes to complete in January and May 20 18 phases 1 and 2 providing 34 you social rented homes included much needed three and four-bedroom hands five new shared equity hands had been available to Freeholders wishing to remain on the estate and all 34 year social rented homes are left unprotected sexual ready to existing estate residence vacant possession of the land forming Phase 3 was secured in summer 20 18 and required the use of compulsory purchase powers the Council entered into a licence then acute demolish the 48 pre-fabricated bungalows in Phase 3 demolition permission was completed by late summer 20 19 report is seeking authority to work without NQ of the GLA to continue with the development of the Excalibur estate regeneration scheme and finish it report is about face three only now includes the sale of one to three border in road I've looked into whether it is appropriate to do so and I am satisfied in transferring the small plot of land we can honour our commitments to residents if people vote for something about them we were follow through on those commitments the recommendations as set out in section 2 of the report and like to thank officers for their hard work in trying to get the scheme finished are expect an acute deliver for instance without further delay James and Karon do you have anything you would like to add
thank you Councillor Bell and know nothing further to add but begged myself and James a hair if anybody has any further questions on the report
Councillor Slater thank you I just wanted to her say that as a local white for all Council our I completely support these proposals and we really need to get a move forward with this because as Councillor Bell said this this was voted actually for our residents back in 2 thousand 10 I think it's one of our first a state ballots which now we're we're using on a more regular basis and it's something that's really much needed so I fully support
using these two plots to enable Phase 3 to go ahead as quickly as possible and to give people it's cover estates decent homes last
excellent thank you very much are carried out the any more questions so calving over to two different local authorities
thank you Mr. Madam voting on the recommendations which of course are subject to the later part 2 recommendations as well them could I start with Councillor Barnham for answer the bell full council the best for ouncil upon severe or Councillor Dakers fall as the dreich
full Council Dromey
or Merrigan for Councillor McGeever o hence the Slater for 10 votes to 0and favour the recommendations Mr. thank you I can confirm recommendations subjects to item I am part to have been agreed item 8 still review Councillor Bell

8 Achilles Street Land Assembly

thank you my so OK this is the part 1 and part 2 report so part one the the acute Street Estate Regeneration is a community led development the Estate Regeneration ballot was carried out between the 18th October 20 19 and the 11th of November 20 19 and as you know 9 to 2 percent of eligible residents voted and 73 percent voted in favour of regenerating the Achille Street estate the outcome of the ballot was reported to Mayor and Cabinet on the 15th January 20 20 report of the same date also recommended all secure tenants on the estate we can sorted under section 1 0 5 of the Housing Act 19 8 5 and the proposals for the estate the consultations now been completed and the results are provided in Section 6 of the report to continue to move forward with a development we now need to agree on suspension of any further applications under right to buy through the service of an initial demolition notice on all secure tenants further offices further to this officers recommended suspension letting any new secure tenancies on the estate with vacant properties instead of being used as temporary accommodation
net and non-secure tenancies please note demolition work work is not I repeat not going to commence for quite some time I am delighted that the work has continued despite the challenges of covert 19 my Cynthia that as sincere thanks to the officers and Lewisham homes working with residence as equal partners since the vote took place in the recommendations he also states that any secure tenant on the Achille Street state who receives an offer of alternative accommodation and move out of their property in advance of the future decant officially commencing receives a discretionary payment equivalent to the statutory Home Loss payment and reasonable dismemberment disbursement costs by they would otherwise have been entitled to therefore I ask my account to agree the recommendations set out in section 2 of the report and ask out where the Karin and James have anything further they would like to add thank you
thank you Councillor Cowell and nothing further to add other than just I think to highlight that the section 1 I 5 consultation and did compete with three responses received which all positive and that for those on for a much from a much more rigorous consultation with residents through the state ballot where 92 percent of energy Augustins participated and some to 2 point 8 percent voted in favour for the regeneration just put an context
excellent thank you for that reminder OK going to questions Councillor Dromey
I'm comment rather than a question and I just wanted to say that what I've been really impressed by his Lewisham homes is approach to involving residents beyond the ballot so obviously we had a ballot on whether the redevelopment would take place and whether we build a new social homes that it was overwhelmingly supported by the residents of this that why be really really impressed by his the way Lewisham homes is carried out involving residents in all the decisions around the design and development of this new estate I've been hugely impressed by at how they've done that however involved residents and also how they're kept Councillors informed and involved as it's going along so I just wanted to say thank you to bite Lewisham homes and a pool is that extra work on this that I really really that forward to see those homes being built and so thank you very much a care don't see any further questions so I'm
I'm going to help them to the roll call votes to Kevin Kevin thank you can start with Councillor Barnham for Councillor Bill full answer the best full and the Bonneville for the Deckers' for Councillor dreich fool cancel go me for Marian
Mary traffic muted
4 sorry Councillor McGeever pull hence the Slater for 10 votes to 0 in favour of the recommendations Mr. Mayor
thank you OK if I can confirm that the recommendations have been agreed subject to the item in part to okay the next item is exclusion of Press and public I thank everybody for joining us who has joined us on the webcast and the following items are have to be held in private session because they can attain commercially sensitive issues that cannot be discussed in public so I'm