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Overview and Scrutiny Business Panel
Tuesday, 23rd June 2020 at 7:05pm 









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3 Scrutiny of the Council's Covid-19 Response - Update Report
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5 Decisions Made by Mayor on 10 June 2020 - open session
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thank you very much and welcome to the meeting of the business Panel for Lewisham council welcome to all members of the business panel I'm not going to name all the officers regard with us tonight we'll be taking part at different points the main items will be addressed by the Chief Executive and the Director of public realm I would be correct me if I've got that to correct for services sorry am I but the all the officers in the beating who may come in at different points as well and will trust him with a Councillor's working to them and welcomed any members of the public in the press taking for your very welcome just a little bit of housekeeping before we began just to retreat or so everyone is clear if you ask a question or through the message service silly build hands of don't please put your hand up physically in the camera and don't speak out these could make affords offer less you're speaking all those taking part other than members of the business Panel and officers speaking at the time please keep the cameras off so if that's clear as late first to us if eggs in one of his any matters arising from the minutes

1 Minutes

0if there aren't any if any someone would propose me except those minutes as return please

2 Declarations of Interests

happy to propose to accept the minutes Chair thank you owed in favour of anyone again don't in favour of members of business panel yet fine thank you very much again Members' business Panel any declarations of interest to declare with regards to any items on tonight's agenda I don't see hear anything so we take that there's a No thank junior at a single passage sorry sorry child

3 Scrutiny of the Council's Covid-19 Response - Update Report

yet sorry I couldn't quite tart quick enough for one singer and just on the item 3 the COVID-19 this month's just declare once again the Iron Member of the Lewisham local collaborative but that's a bit of a distant it to the report what's from mentioned in this report which is run by the Rushey Green time bank that there is a connection bats during I'll be duly noted thank you very much if there are any other declarations going to item 3 which is at low I don't necessarily think it's relevance in agenda but I'm a trustee on the Pearsall when she said solution and it has an interest to declare okay well I had been declared sure that had been ordered as well thank you aware Councillor shake so in love on that basis we go to Item 3 which is located in concert pulled it 19 response report as I said this will be presented by the Chief Executive Kim and the Director of public services route him going to start us off with an overview and then be open to questions for members of the Panel thank you can
thank you Councillor Brown just taking everybody can hear me so not from yet OK so thank you this report is the second detail report that we brought to the Panel and sent within in this response phase for covert unjust Vivers your own view to allow plenty of time for questions Members also should have been sent written responses to questions that they they raised advance as well to recommendations in this report one is to note it but in particular where we're asking members of the panel to consider and comment on the anchoring principles of recovery they're set out in paragraph 5 point bit this report
provides more detail than last time about are emerging recovery plans but we are still firmly in that response phase and are still and making sure that we are protecting lotions most vulnerable I know there's been some an actions' made this afternoon from the government and were still taking time to absorb what they will mean for us locally but I think it's important on the recovery to draw your attention to the fact we're thinking about three phases who this recovery 1 is about exiting lockdown which is what we're doing at the moment then we're talking about a transition phase and with developing the scope of that and then the third phrase when falling reinvention which is the opportunity for us to
think again about our services are approaches and what is that we're able to you differently and make sure responding always to prop possibility of a further wave of coded ovid so whilst where responding on the covering we also have to stay on our toes and be prepared and resilient for any second wave that may come in paragraphs 5 points one and saw it as a I think there's a pagination issue with this but in the section that has appeared mortality in Lewisham we provided more details for this reports not just because men was were interested in this data at the last meeting but because we have now got more information that we can share with members to the sets out an analysis of the mortality figures in in Lewisham and talks about some of the excess that figures as well and we also provided more details about this in care homes very sadly this is of interest to us all but last time we present this to members there was a request for more information there so we have set out here what that looks like and you'll see from the table that we've got for flows rights of debts in care homes across London and inspection picks we've NGOs talk about the critical services and this is where we provide that those updates and assurances for Members about all of the range of services that are at the Enders critical ones to support our response we have provided a bit more detail again for members this month on the test and trace a programme and Catherine beamer is on the call the seasoning our director of public health as a has been increasing responsibility for this since we last updated you and Catherine will be able to talk you through any particular details but we have to get our plans submitted by next week into government to provide assurance to them that we got on local plans with the who to deal with the testing price scheme I won't go through any of the detail of the critical services they're there for Members to review and ask questions on and I'm happy to falls there and take any questions from either myself Ralph all Catherine is on the core thank you thank you which came have got indication from cultures will do Lynn Campbell if a caller them with any of the countries when it popped in the in the message way like they ask that question first or coastal dune and Councillor Campbell please a chart to time the Chief Executive full three reports our own doing so though I also pay tribute to Feist turn members of healthy canoed to select committee who've were could me I informal basis and regular basis to collate the question sufficiently far in advance of were able to submit them to get answers put in the public domain are in advance of these meetings so ungrateful for the turn round and upon officers and also grateful to Members of the Committee I think it's very important that we have this data these data rather in the public domain at time of publication of agendas
thanks very much John I am an advocate a Juliette enjoying if you're happy as you can be the third question in then it can apply to those fees thank you thank you Chair thank you came for your report is very thorough
I just had some of them are questions some of them are coming it's really and I think that the thing that I I consider the most when I read these reports is the amount of activity this happening within the council and I think in the recovery stage I would really like to see the Council look a little bit more outwardly so that past we can consider how the communications with the public you know there's a lot of work going on to protect our local population and they really need to know they need to know what we're doing and the we are keen to make sure that they are kept safe and I feel as if they could be more work done on that I don't know what the comes strategies in terms of recovery but I think that's key I know that you know your previous report said you know you're focusing inwardly to make sure and get all the things correct ins inside the Council but in this time we're we're looking at recovery you know there are few things out of light to seeing comes come outweigh so were or I've seen other local authorities do so it could be anything around the black life matters it could be anything around the over
effectiveness of BAME communities just those sorts of things there was even the winter celebration yesterday
and a lot of councils had their windows flight that went up I just would like to see the Council just to know if you've got lots and lots to do that people do really want to see what you're doing because you're doing it for them and they ought to begin to appreciate and recognise all the various things that you're doing and my other comment is around against around recovery and that we don't just react to convert because we are missing an opportunity to really look at how we do things differently and in a without being just looking at the wording of the report said excited always looks round returning to and we really cannot be returning to everything that we do in his around the new normal and what the new normal looks like and I think I'd really like to see our communications are reports focusing on that I mean it there's a lot of there a lot of reports coming out now there was the moment review 10 years 10 years on that's got a lot of recommendations and I'd really like to see some of those national recommendations incorporated into our recovery group work and how solution take things forward because everything really is around health and we do seem the health inequalities thank you back Julia John pitch
thank you my one question and I think one comment on the emerging recovery plan of ASA SRA comments on the the Ancrum principles or recall from the first report Kim you made much of the whole thing about collaboration are working with our partners and I have started to feel given that report and given what we've learned since the public Health outbreak went on as started that I do actually think collaboration and working with our partners is a key anchor in principle I think we can achieve more if we work collaboratively with others I appreciate this report is just to can promote early or what the Council is doing but I think we've found the response to date through collaboration and partnership we've actually the much more comprehensive response and I think are recovery is also needs to be informed by those same principles
My other comment was just on the thank you for on the critical services under 6 point formula note with it well to commend actually the information given on 6 point 9 6 point 10 list of 900 s 9 thousand 756 people on the shield list and we've actually been able to contact 9 thousand 554 that's pretty good going so I think commend everyone involved in that I can imagine some of the challenges around doing that just picking up the bit though about the cut again coordination I come across as quite a bit locally those her receiving the government package is a very different from what you can be saved locally so I just wonder what the coordination is there with the government packages and also within our own borough there seems to be a bit of a difference between the type of food that people are getting as one or pushchair different neutrally groups and didn't food services offered different things but my question really is around is the coordination I've certainly been in contact with a couple of food services that 10 have asked for support you know in share terms of sharing resources the less well linked in perhaps to some of the free FO distributor's another's I'm just wondered what coordination is going on there to ensure that all our citizens who need this support actually have yes the best support that we can actually give them thank you thanks John officers be
thank you Councillor Brown and I think your absolutely right about the focus and the need to have an external community focus on this and the communications around that and what we've we've we've tried to say in paragraph 5 point 12 around the transition is exactly that point about the need to do extensive borough wide assessment of the impact and engagement focusing on the inequality so that we are talking to a two hour resident understanding the impact and enabling us to and move into what we've called reinvention as again Councillor Campbell this isn't about a new normal returning to what we've we've always done it's about reinventing some of the things it we've we've done in the past and do them in a different way in fact inventing things that we've not done before and no shielding would be an example of something that maybe with our health partners that might be a different model of preventative support that might want to look at in how that that would work going forward
I also think the points around the principles involved in collaboration and partnership yes absolutely in it but it is not explicit enough we can we can certainly look to amend those and then the co-ordination on the shielding and the packages of food I think I might've nature this at the last meeting but it is has been quite tricky for us to manage in terms of the data and the way it changes readily and their own horse it do or don't get made to people who are shielded of her own on that she'll did list so we do have coordination within an amongst the local distributor's it's been a little bit trickier for us with those national food is to Bhushan companies and had a few and issues about TYC more so in the early days the now around the inappropriateness of some of the food that was being delivered so a great big five-litre bottles of orange squash being delivered to people who could barely list them let alone nurse tell me something they wanted but of course what we're now looking at what
it looks like when the shield end is paused in August and where there still might be some residual requirements related to socially Icelandic isolation and vulnerability but also leaving some of that infrastructure in place in case we need to stand it back up again if there's a YOS a second wave that means either locally or regionally or nationally there are further lockdown so that's been a tricky one for us I think locally we've we've we've coordinated managed that extraordinarily well with the voluntary and community sector groups that been round
I've got Councillor Mallory followed by Councillor card followed by conflict saw by Jim please
however opened a good evening
I've got to comment and a question actually you don't have not expecting an answer to the question the seeming so because it really based on this afternoon's announcement so my comment and enough to say like
I feel a little less critical than some other Members do I think that are not only to get a good report I think we need as a council to recognise that we have actually done a pretty good job in the circumstances and that the kind of new normal down the road is something that we are already beginning to think about under speakers it doesn't appear in every report I don't think we should feel embarrassed are good one her comment on test and trace and say something which I'm sure officers can't which is that yet again through another state of central government talk down mismanagement now had to wake up at the end of the day and say What's we don't know how to handle this at all we'll we'll if we we devolve it down to Local government we'll we'll give them a couple of weeks and ask them to sort it out when we couldn't manage it in a great deal longer so I'm assuming we're going to be able to deliver a bit with some difficulty and whatever we achieve I think we'll be to accredit compared to what we've seen happening centrally my question which is I'm saying I'm not really for tonight to answer because it's based on this afternoon's announcements but among only the announcement was a at got was guidance that we reduce to a 1 metre distancing social distancing
in community centres now some community centres deal with people who are extremely vulnerable and have severe health issues and as somebody who is responsible for the reopening of one in the near future I would like support in in suggesting and so that are supposed to my question is all we are in a position as an authority and perhaps and jointly with our health partners to be saying to our group you must reduce to a 1 metre I'm and and I'm seeking a some support which gives us some strength when were able to say well actually we don't feel it's appropriate for the particular that client group that we have so I just throw that in there is I think yet to get you know they can the determination to to convince the country that everybody can now run around happily within a metre of each other
there are there are there are real issues and I think it would be helpful if the Council and and the ambition and other partners were able to give guidance to those those groups who have responsibility for people with
well health issues thank you
thanks Jim please
thank you Chair thank you came and Rafa up high like Jamin like Julieta I think like job I think everyone is welcome the report thought it's very comprehensive addressed the key points for us and in a way my questions 1 relates to the substance of the report suddenly
and the place shaping element of the the upcoming faces and one relates to something that isn't mentioned in the in the report
so on the place shaping and in moving to a new normal or whatever it is I'm slightly concerned that we appear to already well the government the GLA and all local authorities are needing to
make changes to the way roads were laid out and them in a pedestrians and cyclists get about which is good but I'm concerned that the say were building up a lot of expectation here about what what is possible and there's going to be a lot of pressure on particular parts of the Council to to deal with all of the the queries and everything that's going to come in and I think that's probably therefore a good example half the way the Council and its already demonstrated its if it can it can work as a one body turning its attention to specific issues which is good but I think there's gotta be a whole load of issues potentially coming forward in just the place shaping agenda alone and Amjad and so my my question comes from a similar face to Councillor Campbell in the sense that communications is going to be really important part of that as well as having the right staff in the right place at the right time really and them
any comments from back how we're going to cope with that would be welcome and then must specific questions on something that so
wasn't mentioned in the report which was parks because I do think the seems to have been a lot of pressure on the Park's recently and in many ways a good thing but there also seems to have been virtual almost festivals in some of our parks over the last weekend and there's been no literary shoes and things like that and one thing has been toilets and I've been wondering for a while why public toilets can't open because they are places where you can go and wash your hands
which is a good thing so I just wondered if there was any news on how toilets are opening or not opening in parks thank you thank Pat regulator from Councillor Cardle's wash your hands at the appropriate times and generally under the courage situation but a fatal question from comfortable will be over the offices
thank you Chair thank you very much for the report three questions are I'm afraid the final three questions of fur if there are such things the final three so I'm like many of our alike the report and unmarred McCulley some overlooking ahead and I've been looking ahead to the summer as the school holidays will be upon us answers very soon three four weeks' time some a first question is about
food poverty the government has announced a national scheme to pay families whose children are registered in that you will free school meals vouchers
we are we are say the nearest being greater than that and children who are or have no recourse to public funds I assume will not be covered by the national government programme but I'll Council is committed to parity between those children and other children so how are we make sure that they are not disadvantaged and they get the same sort of food vouchers or support to mitigate food poverty as the children in the government programme that's the first question my second and hope is not too premature I'm sure some discussions have been taking place which is this rather vague nebulous catch up programme we seen a figure we've seen a national tutoring service and logging to talk about that and talking about the the money that's going to be devolved to schools
I am unable to see exactly where and who this catch up whether it's curriculum or wellbeing or is going to take place and given that in the summer holidays
there are holiday also for staff so I'd also an apropos that because well being as well as curriculum catch up is meant to be included will we see the Council drawing on the skills of a Local commit a parent and advocacy groups such as the Lewisham Education Group and parent engage and I'd been to social learning who have through you know for many years fed in with their expertise and experience what they see was be beneficial to the specific collusion children so those my two questions around education may I am ask one question or in way pats alluded to this and and Jen
the road programme as detailed in 6 5 9 our emergency measures were predicated on the calculation that was the old to me to social distancing rule which we now know is now going to be a 1 metre distancing real from July the fourth and of course the the space that one requires that have to meet her
distance all around an individual is actually four times a space that you require around and individual whose can have a 1 metre distance and so will we look again at those calculations that we use to kind of open up the pavements and and and have them and have safe walking sorry to take up so much time those three questions thank you Chair or the pleasure thank you look some interesting questions I think officers in a great
Tylicki and thank him
thank you Councillor Brown out I'll answer what I can along with Ralph and where we haven't got a need it responses will provide a written update after the meeting so
let me know on the answering all of these buffing have written them all down so let the reopening of community centres and the the 2 metre distance yes we will be looking at that very carefully and won't be rushing into any kind of reopening until we've done with our public Health colleagues for her health based risk assessments of how they might operate safely for that the people using and of course the staff and little sorts of issues for us to consider when when doing that so we'd be more than happy to share any approaches and support that we can offer to other community groups who are have got the same dilemmas around community centres and as you say that the devil will be in the detail of the guidance that will follow in their visibly from today's discussions so yes very happy to support him into groups in in that endeavour because it's not going to be straightforward
the question around
managing expectations and having the right people in the right place doing the right things to be honest that's one of the reasons why we're not rushing the wing staff back to the officers as a whole host reserve a bat but one of them is to give us the opportunity to look at where we might in the autumn months example neater deploy staff who were in services that are so critical to keep them Keaton keep critical services going or in fact to redeploy them you other services that where the need and demand is greater than is currently so no we are expecting to see increases in demand in adult social care and children's social care for example so are we we are being in a managed way cautious about bringing staff back just to do what they've always done because we might need to move them around based on experience and the bombed going forward and I'll I'll leave the parks and toilets to Ralph and avoid making any toilet related and whatsoever obviously at this moment in time because I and ensure that other people have done that in other meetings school holidays and free school meal vouchers so your as you say Councillor
the the vouchers as things stand will be via the existing system we've got just under an level and a half thousand pupils who are now eligible for free school meals laughing of always been eligible but there now in registers being on the system where also working with low shall Local to support families in need of food deliveries throughout the summer so we're still working out what that might look like for families no recourse to public funds so I'll come back to you when we got more details of how what that might look like his as things currently stand the current system doesn't support that particular good pro-family
the catch up programme so this is the 650 million pound in funding scheme I believe you're talking to those for the 20 21 academic year and it is intended to help people to catch up with the education that they've missed as a result of over 19 and
I'm sorry to sound at least let another yet another fudge but we are waiting for details from the DFE on this and around what that looks like in practice and how that allocation whatever allocation looks like horse looks like for us in Lewisham and but we we would want to make sure that we're using all the expertise and resources that we got available to us to make sure that that critical focus on enabling our children young people to catch up on that absolutely crucial education there is really really hugely important for us then there been a key who's an executive director at the next all Member briefing is you're going to be on the hopefully able to answer more questions of detail it we got it from the DFE by then but on a finisher of his hugely important for us on road programme and opening it up do what you thought was four times more than currently I think so yes we'll we'll have to look at that programme quite how that all working in practice and on whether it's Ospel fluster redesign and removed from the plans that we have already got in place I'll after checking with with engineers about that but the the more we can encourage that you're the safe sustainable active transport the betters though I'll I'll I'll check on his hands in the the engineering solutions for all of that
at Ralph toilets and path
inheritance this particular issue so yeah our parks and open spaces have been incredibly popular over the emergency which is really great but along with that has come some problems and throughout we've been working very closely with the Park Service with Gary Connor's team we've been using volunteers and working closely with the police just to try to manage the issues in part and initially that was around the social distance saying and making sure the play equipment and excise equipment wasn't used over all pretty successful what we've seen recently as a growing number of people socialising in the parks now and in some cases partying and taking alcohol and food there and causing some problems so I think we've just the continuing to carry on with the approach taken in terms of the toilets themselves
they are a risk area that is one of the hotspots for where you could catch COVID which is one of the reasons why they were closed however we have got a programme about being them up now and in some cases we'll look at putting temporary toilets in place so you may be aware there was a significant issue on Blackheath and so we put some temporary toilets up then that seems to be helping and if there's other parts of the borough where we need to look at that we will but there is a programme of opening up toilets exist and putting in a cleaning regime to make sure they are safe for people to use
a meeting with the police later this week the Safer Neighbourhoods team to look at some particular problems in one or two parts we've got in the Borough see how we can tackle that one of suggestions as being we close that park that option isn't off the table by I am concerned closing the part would actually to further problems I really want to explore whether we can keep the park open for the majority of users how using them as they should and enjoying them and the not allowing the minority to spoil it for those people but I completely get that there are some issues in the meantime we put in some additional cleaning measures and we've asked the police to recognise that as a hot start in terms of their to as route the Borough and helping sound so we'll continue to work on this issue I think in a couple of weeks' time as locked down eases more facilities will be open as the hospitality industry opens up one of the conditions of the motoring up is that
their facilities are available so I will start to relieve some of the pressure but it won't be the complete answer so it's something we are working on a murky posted on
thanks routes before I at welcomes that current Bernard's and shake yet to Asker questions
Councillor Carter asked me to express on his behalf and this will be far more councillors to commend park staff and the job the been doing at during the said period please routes from Kim after also wondered if Catherine embed public health might want to comment on Councillor Murray's comments with regard to Test in trees and possibly even with regard to Councillor Sobers
points about being chaired the the changes announced today from one week debtors to Minister one back cetera and any changes with regards to pavements as just enough ankle Catherine is in the meeting
I hope I haven't closed to outside the anything like that things will take take hello Catherine just to give you that opportunity if there is anything you wanted to comment on those points please
I'm so the change in number 2 2 2 1 metre distance so just to comment really that's an we will be having a be Looker I'm any risk assessments that we performed both for 9th house but any other settings
to facilitate any change or any implications for that change so I mean it is new we sought so it coming I mean but it is a new thing announced today so we will take some time to have a look at that and implications and in terms of Test and trace and that coming down to Local government and to draft our local outbreak control plans as some that we're doing reasonably confidence and that will get our plan in place by next week we are finalising the governance arrangements for that plan some of the finer details around how we might do work together sub-regionally so Kaspars in south-east London and but we are working on that plan and I'm due to have that in place by next week
paragraph 3 Councillor current please
one is a sort of following up on what was just said the local outbreak engagement forward which local authorities are asked to set up is clearly the government is now sort of shifting responsive to the Chief to local authorities for local outbreaks and I just want to know some more detail Arthur now because and are we gonna have an a sort of like a central incident room how is it going to be managed will the Mayor and Cabinet being engaged because if you get a serious outbreak and every centre resolution then allow you know we're going to have to act quickly I miss the several things one is is is about our detail who is responsible for wards and I think in formulating this plan and the Board's that's very important I think secondly there has to be like a central incident room where somebody who let the whether it's the Chief Exec or somebody delegated all the Mayor can see what's happening in his able to respond so that room could be set up quickly and also what other Members have said is about a clear messaging and because if I'm just or someone who wants to find out what's going on what would I do
I mean there is a to look up the local paper perhaps on I go to the council website it's not I'm not getting a clear message from US corporately saying the Mugler local outbreak or or this is what we're doing now and you need to a and keep washing your hands all the usual messages should be coming from us reinforced from us as a as a local authority and I just want to get some sense of purpose and I would like to just sort of qualify that by agreeing with Councillor cards and what everyone else has said I do think staff are doing a marvellous job under difficult Circus sets aside once up just come in and say something I owe Wiley do is what you do know what I'm trying to do is anticipate chair what is how are we going to manage something that could be very serious at end up in a local lockdown
when so I want us to be ahead of the game and I do think the messaging or
where do people go to find out information we need to look like we're in charge of the situation is what I'm trying to say thank you
that thanks live and before I call on Councillor Bernard I would say there's a theme coming it seems the air as initial communication generally for not that there's a problem but as a desert area to be addressed and looked at as a key area will be discussing that later tonight with particular with DARD to the financial situation the Council for this winter I like that to colleagues I think that's been recognised Councillor Bernard Peter please
thank you to onto them thank you typically up to and the VA for a job well done some very good the reporter a commander I for either join my fellow colleagues and commend in your job your son and my question is owned
and which I've been asking several times about this them what will happen to people who are already housed under the covenant until now outbreak and those people are living with the Nasa tenet of what will happen to them going forward now the TA the government is some opening up
and obviously we will be looking at to going back to our no more services in the near future what will happen to those people and the on that one also ask how long will the home such be suspended for are you know as has been suspended for some time now under what what will be the the effect of housing list by the suspension and offer have some issue now
perhaps that should be answered in a no man's time but they be but to know what would be the effect of the decision and the also
I am presently you there was some and report that we don't have an families
at living in the nightly paid accommodation now that the that is very welcome news
but my question is around what a homemade what's a number that was sand outside the borough out of those farmers and how many of them while families with school going children was so that will be affected as well
and of my last question is there has been restrictions on the the number of people who can attend a funeral and now the government has revealed that the CIL your distancing will that a number of the attendees be reviewed as well going forward thank you
I thank Councillor shake last for sharing not least thank you cyclical
thank you Chair
I just wanted to academic colleagues comments around enjoying not enjoying but I'm feeling are satisfied that the depth and the the detail in the report and also just wanted to say a big thank you to to Kim in Welton or the officers who been giving us briefing I think in this very difficult period and particular thanks to all the officers I think you've been helping to live at the front line care I do from time Phil like in the recovery phase I hope we can open up from conversations about maybe the pressure and the stress that officers would have felt in delivering their services and making sure that adequate
motions support is given to all those who were part of the living as front line services
my question I think speaks to what I imagine what happened quite soon which is already councillors are quite keen to think about an analyse as we approach the normal you know what are their socio-economic factors that led to death and and what that breakdown look like an already with the ONS report was seen a disproportionate level of vein deaths from covert 19 so I just wanted to ensure an and I think they'll be a lot of lessons learned in order to enable us to have a new normal and I just wanted to see if we could find even now as we move in the process what lessons we can learn in terms of the data so doesn't have to unpick a little bit if that's OK and I think it's great and credited to call an and John who helped with the data-crunching on best from healthy community soaking of great that for instance with the care homes we we'll well below average in London attempt of the deaths and care home I think my concern was more around with Lucian being in the sort of top third of deaths Overd on average in London and just wondering kind of not a loaded question at all but what do you think whether the circumstances of the factors in the certain comic factors in Lewisham where it's from like the physical infrastructure or you know the the population fishermen the kind of workforce we have was that you think put us in the top third and so that we can begin collating his lessons for going forward thank you very much
and Shakira just asked officers to reply I just want to read out the following of that being put off by Councillor Campbell J Reid and officers rough sleepers repeat accommodated during cove it is something we can continue post-poll it is will assist in any outbreak reduction potential overproduction so I am will cover the last question on this item and I'll hand it back offices to give us those answers thank you
he kept flow brown I love our start off with some general sponsors and and Catherine I'm sure will want to come in with some views as well and rough will update Members on the funerals numbers question from has a Bernard as well so Councillor Khan your questions on local outbreak engagement boards and messaging and how we can manage you manage any local outbreaks and so on these are all questions that we're still asking across London and indeed the country and they're on the one hand we wouldn't have enforcement powers to impose lockdowns in if it was the
can I say
block of flats or a care home for example so there's a bit of this match with no talking about locking down a local outbreak and a council's powers to to do that
there is work being done across London's for councils who are dangers as of good practice practice network councils and they're they're the ones who are trying to answer lots of these questions for us and that it's led by Camden and and Barnett Hackney and Newham so
we are learning a lot from what they are trialling and testing so today for example I know they were talking to some of the Health and Wellbeing chairs across London about the Communications and been stating some of the messages and the logos and the channels through which they will communicate with people and therefore we will communicate with and residents about behaviour and what to do about an a local outbreak and how to manage it better
the decision may change again we had a discussion this morning and caffeine and myself with all the Mayor about that decision making tree and where it sits is it it myself visit the man now is on brown is it Councillor vest so again we still working that through because that there could be a knee-jerk two very swiftly almost overnight if the data tells us that we've got a particular issue so we're working that through as well and as for the instant room we've already got on set up in Laurence House that's been up and running since I think it was about March 11th for me open that incident room up we will continue with that Roux operating for as long as it takes on that would be the one in which there would be any meetings to to make decisions as far as locked down local these concerns
Athens you want to come in with anything from your perspective on the the local outbreak engagement issues
yet solid agree with everything that came said about us working through their governance and today it's an intensive engagement and Communications of course that will be sensible for both preventing outbreaks but also responded to them and given our communities assurance that we do have things in hand and others funded appropriately and swiftly as Ken's mentioned so that will be a key part of the plan that we produce and will submit next week so we've been working with Council comes colleagues and CCG comes colleagues to make sure that we have quite a robust plan to engage proactively and with communities to make sure they have those key messages around going for test if you're symptomatic complying adhering to NHS test and trays to put your current if metal contacts on the system etc so we've got plans in place to make sure that we have some backup and as King mentioned linking into London communications on that that's being developed at the moment
Catherine what will you walk on the line as it were ever did you want to come back on any affinity issues around the the deaths of the data what that might or might not be telling us the acronym thank you yes I think the Council question and so at the moment are mortality analysis is restricted in a way to the data that we have available to us and so most of the data we have is that derived from desperate occasion and presence deficits don't include a fields on ethnicity they do for country of birth so it does restrict were able to glean in terms of the ethnic profile of the deaths and that was seen him in Lewisham although we can draw from what's been demonstrate a nationally from the Office for National Statistics also the public Health England report and health disparities the second part of which was published last Wednesday on that wrong so so of course we have are quite diverse population Lewisham we have the 48 per cent of our residents
identifying BME black and minority ethnic so you know if we have those national trend showing us that there is disproportionate impact of death from COVID-19 on those populations and we have significant part of our population being a vain we may draw some conclusions that some of our mortality and excess mortality may be due to that fact in addition to other factors known to be linked but sample socio-economic deprivation types of occupation etc. so we will be drawing on the national evidence from mortality took to compare that with on Local profiles around and specific indicators specific indices and likes him and conclusions there and as much as possible will be analysed and mortality data that we have access to to look at things but sampling age gender country back etc so as soon as we get much more that local analysis done we will again be putting up to gold and as appropriate and disseminating further
thank you Catherine and just to come back on Councillor Dodds questions around housing and you you might not seen it yet council about way and have responded in writing to some of the questions that you have raised around Hove search for example and effective on the housing list suspension so we provide a written responses Erin Homme search there's gonna be re-advertised starting from the second of July for example so with the bringing that back on line there
as there was also a follow up question for Councillor Campbell about rough sleepers and are looking to try and accommodate those host covert seeing as I've been accommodated during the pandemic so again this is a piece of work to be done been taken forward a process London was all London boroughs are in a similar situation
some have had an people placed in them that there are now concerned about the ongoing funding if those people who were placed in fake Boyden from Enfield now that that now becomes of post pressure for the poison rather than and fail to real time to work through what funding implications are but setting that aside there's an absolute commitment to do all we possibly can to re-house permanently those people whom have been house during the pandemic in the borough and were working very hard to make sure we do that it it's not going to be
brought forward and Robert Earnshaw legacy cost implications of that which you know KB well going to some of their that the costs that are associated with over but we are doing all we can to make sure those that we've housed will those stay in safe appropriate accommodation and motions support for staff was another questions Councillors shake we have got up an online package of support available for staff moment and it was available for staff in in schools teachers and other staff in the school so we are an constantly looking to refresh that and see what other tools and support can provide for staff we are going to be doing or are sorted for Health Survey a of a a regular health service staff in ever attend 50 percent Diagon slice of staff to do regular surveys starting very soon just to take the temperature of of the workforce and nowhere where they are what other support that they might need as well enough a BME professional network of staff have today sent out surveys to their membership is wealth of for that same reason just to get a sense of how staff are feeling and and what what they should offer staff on and I think the final remaining question was an authored has of Bernard's yours that nightly paid or to borrow placements and I'm sorry I don't have that to hand to I'll come back to you with that data and we don't mind I'll I'll come back to you and then it was about numbers at funerals I think which I'll hand over to rough to answer
yeah so we said we keep this under review and in fact this week we have to say extended the arrangement so number of mourners that can attend a cremation has gone up to 15 continue to keep that under review and particularly now we've had the guidance out of the changes from 2 metres down to one the other thing we've done this week is extend the opening hours are Ladywell and Brooking cemetery so that that's now open in the week as well from one till 5 previously it was just open at weekends for people visiting graves amoral so so we keep it under review and will continue to relax it as much as we can we recognise the need for people to to attend the services
thank Stroud Cricket kick the electorate and what you just said there when you talk about Lady will abruptly cemeteries opening from there are Mondays to Fridays 1 2 5 under the same conditions as the open at the weekends at the moment that correct at the same rules as just extended from the weekend through the weakest them that fat guest
yes that's correct so really only for visiting Graves and memorials no other Nafie hours and they may have to temporarily close it for a service that's only for a very short period and they're trying to avoid those times
thank you for that clarification was just one point from Councillor Bernard but information is going to be sent as requested and sent all members of the business plan which any air outstanding actions of course have information or data they want to send over as ever please do send it to all members of the business panel and looking at me little tax Fox and I'd say that's that's the end that air from colleagues on this side and so the only two things that let him to make the wants to reiterate obviously a lot of big issues yet the trees will communications how we communicate going forward across the range strategically is obviously come up a few tanks from Cádiz and I think everybody could spork said this but if it didn't actually the would have if the code shall just to reiterate that obviously the report has been funded but he well received

4 Key Decision Plan

by members of the business panel and not repeat all very kind and nice things to set about it but it's on for the of all of us so please thank all officers and everyone involved in putting it together were quick to say what we're not too happy about something so what equally quick to say Well don't and so thanks to everybody and on that point I will say again thank you to those thing for electing me an open to move on to Item 4 which is a key decision plan and this is an opportunity for colleagues to raise any items any punch any questions and requests for information may not have to Naipul can be sent on on any of the key decisions and are coming open as we know the more the ones that are coming up soonest have everything every summary next to them so this is the opportunity if there aren't any questions in has ever if all no questions from two main now all members of the business Panel can ask for any unsuccessful Ducie drew say conflicted so before as Councillor Carter just check of his other colleagues if not as other Sanctum take a question for comes let thought Pappy's
and your muted till we will await a just a moment please yes two hours often some mute and I couldn't find the exact phrase but I saw reference to a report on homelessness
coming up in the plan and I just wanted to check for information that that is presumably related to the thing that we were we were talking about briefly in the last section I it's about how we are responding to the current situation on homelessness rather than some sort of long standing report that was was due to be presented thank Pat before as Kevin become in that camp or any other officer at his Woking had Councillor Cohen of the question as well Pleasley
thank you I'm just usually through the papers to check could I come back with it in a second I guess there be a few consec fair because a concerted question report back to Councillor currently so Kevin Flaherty would you be appropriate that it this from please Kevin not the little I dunno Chair nother strategy is scheduled for the 16th September so the would be time to incorporate information which has been promised in nearly item regarding the Rough Sleepers Strategy going forwards
thank heaven Adjani giving a thumbs of partners as after your right with an answer from the thank you Councillor Cohen would you like to ask your question only you're so I'm not quite clear what's the exact time table for the public consultation and implementation of the Local Plan
can we have a just a brief adept Thanet and slave cabin over the again please add need to speak the director of planning for definitive information but as Councillor occurrence away it was originally scheduled to be heard in July but clearly because of covert another emergencies that item has been too late what I suggested to as I speak to the director of planning and get her to provide you with the latest projected timetable
that Cabinet then Liam is happy with that as we shape so thank you to him so thanks colleagues for those questions

5 Decisions Made by Mayor on 10 June 2020 - open session

now go on to Item 5 which decisions made at Mayor and Cabinet all food section and at this point them were going to look at the financial challenges and again as alluded to earlier for the point of view of strategy and communications and Councillor Mallory's Jaffe says asked for this age for forward so will allow Councillor Murray to kick off in an obviously phonetic conflict any questions will take it after that's off gyms happy I can appeal to you please chip
the outgoing Chair thank you Chair
yes members will recall that at the last meeting I reported that we wouldn't because of the need to look at some sort of
proper amount of financial information before for a financial report to be produced old bit after only one month in the New Year and post covert or the lockdown that it wasn't going to be possible for us to take a finance to hear the Finance report in Overview and Scrutiny business Panel if we were going to input into the Mayor and Cabinet on the 10th of June and so I met informally with other members of the public accounts Committee and we were supported by Councillor to Ryk in her capacity as Cabinet Member for Resources and we produced a set of recommendations and I addressed
Mayor and Cabinet and we had I'm really quite locating a welcome a good report in the News Shopper on our deliberations and I site that cause we don't always and and and so what we had a set of recommendations I'm going to focus on the communications but before it just to say obviously we had a lot of recommendations in and around a future financial reports the robustness of our financial situation and also in particular the need to to look critically both politically answered and strategically at the future shape of services post the initial impact of coded because clearly not only we learned a lot of lessons there a lot of things that have happened which may or more sharply focussed what we're doing particularly if the government has as it has so far not indicated their likely to meet the funding gap after we've done we've done whatever it takes but what I didn't want to do and this chimes with some of the earlier comments in the report because I wanted to focus on Communications and although in the recommendations that we produce for Mayor and Cabinet they were in and around
bringing the local community on board in terms of understanding the financial situation in which we were and the need to do it in a really welcoming and open way and I think I used the phrase you know we couldn't have done it without you in particularly now the cooperation the community sector local people and so on but what I wanted to not so much to say what have you done about a communications strategy now I want us to have an opportunity to feed into it so it seems to me that some of the things that we raised earlier about communications I think it's really important
that we find a way of letting people know just how much the Council has had and its partners have had to do in order to deliver an I think most people do appreciate just him but she's but probably don't and the they wouldn't know the totality of its soul though they may experience there been having been collected each each time I mean it's actually taken quite a bit in order to achieve that and so I want I would I would I would suggest that what we need as a communication strategy that combines letting people know reminding them bringing in
in real
personal way the things that have gone on and we've had to do in in order to ensure that services are maintained and we've worked with our partners in particular around the issues of and I was reassured by the Care homes are position even though we and Council shake referred to the high levels of debt over all but out there there are elements in which we could probably report that we have done pretty well and to link that then in with the importance of a people understanding just how much has gone into doing the and how much how short we will be when it comes to the future in terms of being able to deliver a go back to any kind of normal amino new normal is the fashionable phrase but there won't be a normal an and there won't be returned to anything so it's very important that we bring them on board as we go forward and I think it needs to be done in such a way that they just understand is how much has happened that we've had to support how difficult it's going to be for us to do it in future but you know we are planning all the time of this Lee that's gonna be a discussion and a debate we have but I think they are so what I'm saying to Cabinet and two leading officers is a communication strategy that is so comprehensive that everybody understands just what we have done to achieve what we have but at the same time highlights for them just how difficult it's going to be and the support that we've had we we really appreciate because without them we wouldn't have managed it thank you Chair
torksey was Jim that I believe we have I'm David Austin and a man to Ryk as Officer and Cabinet Member still say Kim and Roush so they cannot share the heads in a moment this is for David Austin and fall among the Rake am I correct Kim face
David no David Austin is on leave this week what much deservedly so he's not tear this evening but Catherine needed is is on the corner alongside Councillor to write myself and and Rafa are still here for this item as well
I just couldn't bear that Katherine had Avandamet Parker converge on so appendages say hello that's cool what I would like is for officers true in the first instance respond to Councillor Mallory and will open it up to other members of the Panel of the one asking the questions or or queries Schäuble would be the correct person to respond to consummate arena first playspace 0 split over that
I'm happy to start a feather and causes to come in and it's obviously hard without the visual keys between us Oby so she had sought for Amanda do do join in and start of a Catherine thank you very much
OK thank you I'm so before we move on to these specific piece around a communication strategy I think would be helpful to outline the procedure in the process that we're going to go through in terms of the sort of the resourcing of budgets and how we address what the budget requirement will be needed and how we will set that going forward that will perhaps out mine for the group the time table which can give some comfort that you know that wider communications piece in that wider strategy can be can be worked up and then delivered so in effect
officers are working incredibly hard currently and will continue to work very hard over the summer to understand the current cost pressures to finalise what we think the the impact of poverty is likely to be but also to overlay that with all of the existing budgetary pressures and and demand and service pressures that we had committed to meet in year including new savings items and existing pressures that we knew where existing within within our service delivery will also looking for opportunities though we're perhaps they may be in-year savings for example on services that that aren't is busy during this period all of that will be worked through over the summer the intention being that a stabilisation budget will be brought to Council to Cabinet and Council in the early autumn
that thing gives us a position to take us through to the end of the financial year honest able budget during the summer were also asking or started a ready and working through the summer all of the Directorates will be working up what their future plans and service delivery needs to be that incorporates all of that transformation work and that reinvention of services that's been there's been referenced that we acknowledge as needed because obviously when we talk about the new normal we don't mean a return to to the old normal we mean what what services really are needed for for residents
those will then as we normally do with things like what we call the savings cuts but the Budget process will have the Autumn period where all the various consultation engagement both member engagement public engagement users residents all of the consultation as required that's reflected in the Constitution has been needed for service changes of of scale will be undertaken in the autumn which will then enable a stable budget be prepared and as well as a Medium Term financial forecast as always be prepared that finalise that by December in effect to enable us to bring that back turmeric Cabinet and Full Council in February
so what we've got if you like is quite a lot of catch up work but to put us back on our regular reporting cycle of the budgets the intention being that we now have is a period whilst officers are working up what those though service to the repens might look like for us to prepare that communication strategy so that when we come out with the the consultation that might be required for the individual service lines that broader communication strategy sits behind it so that residents if you like there's a consistent message that spun out and residents are then perhaps engaging on specific items as appropriates as probably in oppose their Councillor Driver anything you'd like to to add or amend not Notting not in terms of the of the work coming forward I think that to talk more specifically to the comes issue I think that
it is it is difficult to get people interested in in in finance and and I
I think we do need to try harder to spread the you know to spread the word around and an do what we can to make sure residents do understand us Councillor Mallory says that Christoph the depth and breadth of an and therefore cost of the response that that the Council has very instinctively undertaken on behalf of
residents and you know it's becoming slightly hackneyed now this this line that you know we were promised by the secretary of state that you know that that we would be covered if and to do whatever was necessary you know that they had our back and you know that very clearly
isn't the case when you look at the extent of our exposure both in terms of and the cost of P F covert itself but also then the cost of the lost revenue that that Council's rely on you know post austerity in order to balance up to the cost of services and and and the amount of grant or Council Tax that we get and you know the gap that we discussed at the informal meeting pack you know is very significant and even then it relies on the government stepping in to deliver more support on for example unpaid Council Tax which won't necessarily affect us in the next few months but will certainly affect us next year and so the impact of COVID I mean obviously I know we're all braced for it for a second wave and beyond but the impact of covert is going to be felt financially for for you know more more than hopefully the actual virus itself in one way and you know we will be dealing with that and I think it's it's it's important that we find clear concise impactful ways to to to inform our residents about what their council it is doing and and how we're working I shared video with Kim earlier that was done by put out by Redbridge council on which is a very simple straightforward very impactful animation and I think that she and I have begun discussing how we might be able to to do something similar but I agree with Jim that we need we need a wider a wider can have come strategy which I think will will also include it will include
some of the lobbying that's going onto London level as Kim says we are you know we are networking and lobbying as much as we can because there's there a lot there were lots of impacts of this you know the Fair funding Review and the cost of adult social care mean that you know there are there are a number of layers of this but also we are committed to and engaging with of residence about things that you know things that are important and we have already been talking about budget setting and how we can meaningfully engage meaningfully engage with residents about how we set our budget what the priorities are and am the democracy few ENO findings about trying to work better with residents and and to to bring them into our thinking and our working so I support absolutely Councillor Mallory's point and we are working on it but I will look forward to bringing the work back to pack in due course
the lander came to that comment and before that their questions I will do that before him come and our comment that leaders make first basically I like reddish we all agree I think and working from the same hymn sheet but I think it forward a couple of consign yes there's the situation between local government and central government and what the promise and didn't promise in what they are doing and what that what they said they would do etc
what is concerned weekenders customer agrees saying put out the true costs of what we've had to do to keep the services going and the effects in what we are not just the financial costs but it all the staff etc etc. what this Council staff and support as and not forget the voluntary sector in the engagement there have done to keep going through this crisis and as Jim says some people just look at the bins being taken away but what's gone into that I think it is very important we get that message out and at unearthing I hope us before colleagues is that looking the thing we're looking for with the video in different ways to engage with different communities across the borough I'm assuming I'm Lutsford is relatively cheap and not underarms even through the hands up at that it's relatively cheap it's using the major it can have quite residents as opposed to a six-piece documents as as we all know answers my comments when I've Kim's comments in all the questions peace
thank you I'm just to echo completely what has the mowing Hansard to right of said about the the need to do this piece of work and and Councillor Wright also in it that hit the nail on the head with with the the long term impact of that the pandemic an on off to need a tease and replace an hour overnight nation so over this isn't going to be a quick turnaround by any stretch and the only other point I would make in the the illusion back business task force already be set up at the impact on are of local businesses and our economy and are now I some be as an EASEL microbusinesses that is also hugely important for us to ensure work supporting their recovery as well and consider what we can to ensure the not only does it thrive but the jobs and apprenticeships in the that the skills and employment to support that is something we need to be focusing on as well
thank you I'm going to call on the shoulder Councillors Campbell than Muldoon that so vessel Juliet first-place thank you Chair I'm not sure if anyone's answered the she may have done and I missed it that my question is really is there anything that we can do their local authorities can do collectively to try to recoup this money that the government had promised it just seems really bizarre that they said you know whatever takes him are all in this together and then they changed their mind and we have to just take it and I'm really surprised that earned the government can get away with that I'm just wondering Sundays answered that in the region of thing we can do are always there collectively as I'm assuming that all councils are all speaking and saying what can we do
the government cannot meet this promise and then leave this so many millions of pounds out of pocket and for something that is is global is not a Lewisham issues not an individual boroughs issue yeah so is there anything we can do say demand taken to court Greg Bankhill yet and hopefully maybe we've got to stay now aware of the yet in years of central government giving more and more duties and more and more responsibilities to Local government and the shame claim as Nutrition the budgets and the staff across the board may be hopefully we've got to the stage where members of the public and realise that these things to go hand in hand and then hopefully the public will judge and say it's not fair come slur Muldoon place has system
and I've got three points for us all and members will no doubt have seen various leaks about the possibility of found our changes in taxation possibly a short term cutting VA T Tipperary cooped in the autumn by tax rises and even further cuts to public expenditure so I wonder our contingency plans that of that but I'm interested up and the uncapped Cabinet Member referred to read bridges a number of these London boroughs and reputable and Forest of are predicated a recovery on building building homes to create jobs and are working with reputable private developers so to do as wondering what's are what capacity does Lucian have to have a building and regeneration led recovery thank John kept the shop replace
I was going to build on and Council marries mallory's point about communications around what the council does how it manages it and how difficult life is made for us by these financial or restrictions and I was thinking that I hope this isn't straying into into the political arena but our partners such as the police and the health service and schools I think have been very successful in educating the public over the last few years about what they do the value of what they do and the depth of the cuts in funding those three areas of public activity how received and yet still seems to be the case that when a government Minister says I'm going to take
planning responsibilities or away from local government that seems to be a vote-winner we seem to be the one sort of service where it's good news to tell the public that terms you know we're going to have an less power and that seemed that something that we know we really need to reverse and if ever there was a time where the to the impact of the council and its partners and volunteers has made a real day-to-day difference that I think the public can can can them really measure it's it's during this pandemic so in a way of this is an opportunity
thanks look at the opposite would like to respond to any of those points
officers and Cabinet Member for the king
in Councillor Campbell's question first I mean is there anything we can do I'm not aware of of sort of the the ability to effectively take them to court but I think what we are now I appreciate that I think what we aren't have been very very actively as this is the to some key strands to the lobbying which which is being done and that's lobbing government but collectively what we're doing as councils at officer level it is all about the returns to the amenity LG and the networking in the benchmarking and the sharing of information because what we're doing is a very very vocal in our response back into central government with what the true cost of this is I'm and it's not just as as you say it's not a cost pressure that some additional moneys perhaps just you know primarily into things like social care adults and Children's will address it's very much around the note the shrinking of the tax base that as you say goes on for more than one year it's that permanent reduction in in our economy and it's what that does to the fees and charges and or income base which which can be you know as lasting as cost pressures or even more so as those economies come back and so the this a very very strong London voice which is right and proper given that London's selfie known in times of economic region but there's also very strong national voice and as officers were using all of those networks available to us this this very very regular calls on a number of different forms and that works and we're making sure that those are all using all of those channels available so that those true numbers are are being shared and known and we're doing this if we take that information back from other councils as well and since since checking and trying to see where they might be feeling pressures that we haven't yet notice to make sure that we're we're Horizon scanning as much as possible so that we're not missing anything that were able to report as fully and comprehensively both on current issues and and forecasting what we think pressures and risks will occur during the period Councillor Lowe doing the sort of concern that well I won't take on the point about the the tax base that changes to the tax but I will talk about the question around sort of some of the East London Councils on what they're doing as the building as a recovery
we we currently have a capital programme we have a capital programme in the budget that's very much focused on on ensuring that we've got Yemm's suitable and sustainable housing for the Borough but that's also very much linked to regeneration this no this significant regeneration that's both developer-led and Council lid that's that's been programmed in plant and at the moment the Council is still supportive offer because as you say that's linked in to to the economic regeneration of the barn and ensuring that they there is opportunities for people to to work and for some skills and enhancing its through that so the Council the Council of its still keeping currently to all of its regeneration and building plans there's there's currently no it's been a pause and some of those schemes as you would expect and obviously there's a reassessment in terms of the return on some other schemes and the cost in in in terms of cost pressures coming through and all of that work is being done by officers currently to ensure that all of those regeneration schemes are being reviewed for viability and of any for money perspective but councils always always had a strong regeneration ambition I'm in that that hasn't changed 0 Councillor Silver
apologies I think I'm trying to get the essence of question but in terms of sort of would we think more broadly in terms of that that communication strategy and and looking to partners and what else they they've done or can do in terms of how we how we position ourselves to ensure that government here the local you know the sort of the strength that local authority brings I think that's that's definitely something that can that that we can consider as part of it that event an author communication strategy near the work were currently doing with health partners with the police with our schools bears testament to how interlinked a lot of those those public sector services are and how that that this strength in that unity which is something that could be brought out
thank you can I come back Bill and one of the greatest thank you I'm in 2 to convert to Councillor Campbell I think I think one thinks it's really interesting about the first I'm so we've had to grants local governance had to grants from from central government the first one had an element where the the deprivation index that that councils are kind of and
are assessed by and which is the social care assessment that was applied in the first grant and I can't be exact figures but I think we got something like 9 point 6 million in the second Grant after the shires had the Tory shires one might say that the counties and the Shires had had had argued that they had they had been they'd miss doubt on using that index the second Grant was given without using that index and it was based on a per capita basis and we got 8 point for many it point 6 million something like that and and basically I think that to answer your question and to underpin the argument around the lobbying it seems clear that whoever shouts the loudest at the moment has the most likely heard of getting their case heard and so that's why we London local government generally Marcus Rashford you know we are all doing what we can to to kind of make as clear as possible what the impact of the virus is on our particular sector and that just to kind of come back a bit on Luke's point I mean I agree with you about the met in that in the health service and the health service who hide their debts forgiven and is is that I think gent genuinely lots of people don't understand what local government does that you know the complexity and the the breadth and scale of what we do they don't get it everybody broadly understands what the police day and we mostly know what the NHS day although there are elements of the NHS which I think if we don't understand but but basically that's been our problem consistently that and I think genuinely central government doesn't really understand what we do either I think that's part of the problem it's it's an I think that is part of the problem that we really do need to try to try and address and or in terms John I I agree with you that that a growth based recovery seems seems sensible on the face of it but it is very complex and I think it's probably too early at this point to say I absolutely support the re-evaluation officers are doing in terms of the work that's already under way and in our building programme but you know you saying we see saw headline earlier that rents were forcing falling house prices are falling obviously as you know that really affects the it affects the financial
formulas that apply to whether those schemes are viable or not and with all our schemes with with the it's our aspirations to build the kind of level of social housing that we want to build for our Baron which we feel our baronies those those calculations are on balance and and you know house prices falling or all costs rising will take them over into being unviable and then it's a matter of risk assessment and risk evaluation and how much risk we want to take
but I but I agree that that and I'm menu have the other problem I agree that it's a really good way out of recession but you also have the you have the other problem that then that becomes a risk that we take as a council because as we've just seen the income from rents
goes down so in this crisis so you know some some of their losses that the impact the were feeling is precisely from that kind of income so you know I would just say it's a more complicated
assessment Amanda I've got councillors shaken Millbank and a galette Councillor Bale remake the fatal comments so will be the final questions on this item and added on the back of a man dog would be in the form of the health service criteria on while I was funded around the country we've had three years celebration over Goldman were walking and get the highest air increased in deprived inner city areas and others with great need get decreases as so it's not new sadly Councillor shake please
it was just related to follow up on that point I mean I'm pleased are having this conversation but I think similarly with the story of austerity no amount comes made it clear that actually like Central government cuts means cuts to services locally so I really welcome and support and strongly encouraged the conversation around how we ensure that outcomes tells a story about a lack of support from local government but I think ultimately comes as a reflection of a Core Strategy and I think we need to create a Core Strategy at the comes then goes onto reflects of I they don't make the impact that we hope and I think that Una to use that the the naughty word that I think Councillor Sauber did the political but perhaps that councillors I think need to be part of a and perhaps it looks like the cover'd working group that might come out over the next couple of months but there needs to be I think a space with a Core Strategy though about the story to tell because I think going back to the earlier point made about data-crunching as I said some of the data is really positive that we should be celebrating a Lewisham like the very low definitely haven't care homes and equally some of the data-crunching that we do that puts us in the top third of deaths in covered over London I think the story is to be clear that that's an a backdrop of social economic factors that was created from 10 years of austerity so I think our Commons and and I think the reason why the sort of new normally such a popular word is them you know the context of Kirdford 19 happen opposed were inequality 10 years of austerity have met the people already living quite difficult lives and I think that as we have to ensure that we like us about story there's a story that we create comes for Core Strategy and the complex that subsequently thanks Chair
education Councillor Millbank Bridge I just wanted to pick up point that to Jim made right at the beginning and I think has been referred to him talk about partners it's about the voluntary community sector I think sometimes that's a very another difficult Araj explained because the very name implies it's all it costs nothing and we know here in Lewisham that we have such a thriving sector which has been so valuable to us in this current crisis because we have an attitude support in things not just voluntary sector grants although they've been cut but community centres you know affordable spaces places where the Thu boats can me sports grounds all those type of things and also an attitude so I will just say as well that you know Lewisham has a bit of a reputation now in terms of a certainly across London the Networks I mean that our community responses being greatly agitator because we have described and kind of community response and the ability to work across sector so I think the fact that you know we've done a lot of that cross sets work within the public services and the and the voluntary sector so gonna make our video we might it's really important to make this because this will be the part of it because are non-statutory lobby the bit we're look into site where the can afford anymore but if if Covey kicks off again where will that leave us thank you
thanks John
I didn't meet the shelf forges maybe that's as a as a shout out to where the trivial Councillor Millbank perhaps that we may come come with with forceful it I'm sure the Chief Executive and others have taken note I'm going to hand it over to Councillor Murray for a few brief comments and then if any officers would like again to briefly comment on any of the points that may arise new customer replace
chair and thanks for the discussion to for it to take up a thing I mean some of the things that you raised were in our recommendations and we didn't deal with iron dealt with a minion around communication so issues around funding lobbying etc were things that we we picked up on and took to the to the Mayor of wanted foot purely to focus on communication I suppose what I'd say is
and all the respect the Pearl Catherine happy to kick off it felt like we were actually going to have a communicate any communications till the often once we developed a strategy and Watson what I'm really clear about and what I said at Mayor and Cabinet is we have to send out something very soon that is without your help we wouldn't have got here and I think also in answer to the what does local authority through overnighting it's an opportunity for us to say without your help we want a got here we have managed to continue to to do that Bence do housing to you know to to keep some scores of than let's not forget that school stayed open despite the government so attempt to to imply that they want co operating
ticket to get the parks open to support people in many ways and and and and the voluntary sector and you know the overwhelming response of people in in supporting them I mean I happen to think that the Committee the role of the community sector forces us to rethink the way we deliver adult social care come the autumn I I'm that that may set the pigeons running or the whatever but I know I mean I think there are a lot of things that have happened which which we will want to look at but what I want something coming out this summer it may pre-empt the strategy but it's actually got to say something it's got to begin their engagement even if it's only been welcoming supportive and beginning the process actually telling the things we do is not it isn't quite rocket isn't actually rocket science it's about not waiting to the developed a strategy it's making sure that some imagine that people have got out starting Well how are we going to engage and how are we going to start the ball rolling so that when the more fulsome strategy develops because we're
you know because we've got severe financial problems and how to we engages with local people in terms of of bringing that you know of raising that awareness of of the financial problems yes that that is you know key down the row but I think the process to begin soon and that's what I was trying to get the Mayor to engage in any said something about thank you for a guiding us with these challenges so I'd like to see something and you know in the next few weeks which begins that process even if it's only just starting to tell them where their we care we've done an awful lot of things that and but don't don't do it in a kind of patronising way other words you know give the credit words due its to the community and our front line workers and so on my last point is you know NHS Thursday nights every everybody around me I kept saying I'm clapping for the bin men as well as the the NHS workers I think we have to recall that so that that's me done to thanks
tax Jamie meets the refuse workers Kim are going to hand it to you to wear
groundwater when you heard what was said to leave it to you further fail word at this meeting thank you OK thank you so apologies if there was a perception that we weren't going to start any their communications or the narrative until autumn that that that wasn't the intent and that is what's going to to to happen Councillor Ryk has been talking about this for a couple of weeks now in terms of the narrative that we need to get out in that the story that we need to get out and will be looking at the council tax letters that were due to send and ensuring as a narrative around those we've already as Councillor Driver head looked at some messaging around what others are doing so there will certainly be something out
over the summer and we won't do it won't be up the autumn I can assure you on that we know we need to get on the front foot on this we know we need to capitalise on all of the with working and community impact that has been made locally so please their short it's it's not we're not can be sitting on our hands until the autumn Councillor Dirac as already asked us to start looking at this and that's what we're doing
I ask him and everyone else Amanda and the officers who responded on this item thank you very much it very clear to all of us how much were focused on this aspect as it was going on and there we all want to see the same outcome so as to what will keep or not will will be forking again about this as we go along and very Scheuer so thanks everybody what we're going to be doing now and this is particularly to members of the press of public anyone else at watching in her we've been there but happy for you to be here and fortunately we're going to go in to discuss items which cause of fair commercial and the sensitivity are going to be held in a closed session saw the webcasting facility is about to be switched off for members of the public and press so can I please thank
any Lewisham residents that have joined us never become back again and do look at ways drink it with the Council and on that note