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Mayor and Cabinet
Thursday, 9th July 2020 at 6:00pm 









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3 Matters Raised by Scrutiny and other Constitutional Bodies
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4 Local Outbreak Control Plan
5 Apprenticeship Training Provider Request to tender
6 Financial Results 2019-20
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7 Financial Forecasts Period 2
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8 TenEmBee Sports Development Centre
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9 Building for Lewisham update part 1
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tonight's meeting of Mary cabinet and welcome everybody who's watching online as well to foster a few bits of housekeeping so first as you can see this meeting is being held virtually so voting will be on a roll call rather than a show of hands when we come to a vote kitten flatly R Clark will take us through that before we begin as I do all our cabinet meetings just to point out that where a Cabinet portfolio operates on a jobshare basis both Cabinet colleagues can attend the meeting and contribute to debates but you'll notice that only one takes part in the roll-call
and also just to advise everybody at this meeting is being webcast live and it also recorded and it's available on the Council's website tomorrow just before we go to the first item I'd like to on behalf of myself and all my Councillor colleagues across Lewisham council to pass on our thanks to all for keyworkers across the Borough all of our volunteers across the borough had been working tirelessly throughout this candour Mekons is very evident and of but are measures that bring now that we are still in unprecedented times and sadly we had a further death from COVID in the Borough this week which is is a reminder about the need for to keep ourselves and our families and our communities safe but thank you to all of those who have stepped forward and then really the community response has been incredible yesterday read have the chancellor presented that long-awaited summer budget for the country and I know that we were all expecting and hoping that there be an announcement from much needed further funding for local councils we haven't seen that come through but alongside other others at London Councils and with my colleague Amanda deride and Amando be explaining in more detail and later on but we are working of a councils to to
campaign for more funding so that services and councils are covered for the costs of of covert and the final point I want to make this the summer holidays are approach I know many fans of contacted us worried about the impact that lockdown will have an economic uncertainty on their families and it's just a reminder that the deadline for registering for the government's covert free school meals over the summer holidays is tomorrow suggestive if you know if you know anybody in your community or neighbour who you think may be eligible just pass on information and tell them that all the details on the Council's website
a case will move on to the former business item 1 class C if any Cabinet Member or a jobshare cabinet member has a declaration of interest to make

1 Declaration of Interests

2 Minutes

let the cake there's none noted item to I move that the minutes of the Mayor and Cabinet meeting took place on 10th of June be agreed as a correct record is that seconded

3 Matters Raised by Scrutiny and other Constitutional Bodies

I second guess unless they could prevail oath is that grave grey thank you I'm item 3 matters raised by scrutiny in other constitutional bodies I invite Ken flat your clock to reports on the Overview and Scrutiny business Panel meeting that took place on Tuesday June that 23rd Kevin Chris delay I can confirm that the business panel did consider the response to COVID-19 financial update report in the open session and they were happy to support the decisions made by the Mayor and Cabinet thank you so thank you very much I thank all the members of that that that panels of a thorough thorough meeting item for the local outbreak control Plan catalyst

4 Local Outbreak Control Plan

thank you Mayor so this report asks Mayor and Cabinet to endorse and the Lewisham COVID-19 outbreak prevention and control plan
directors of public health and have been asked to establish their plans and we had to do that by the end of June and we required in that plan and you'll see through the detail of the report that we've covered seven themes and particularly way on including
making sure we're ready for any arrangements in care homes and schools other high-risk places locations and communities and I think that's very important that we set out exactly what we would want to do it in saying that the plan is live because the situation as we know is subject to change and we're also learning from a areas like Leicester so in-line with that we will be light on our feet and we have discussed this in detail or in another place I'm not going to go through what is quite a long report but term I think everyone is aware of the content let me just emphasise how important this is to our being community and how we make sure we get those messages across we have a very diverse population and one of the issues for us is making sure we monitor the data there's an awful lot published daily we have pillar 1 and pillar 2 bit technical but we have details from a testing from the hospital and care homes very much on our radar and we will continue to make sure those tracing arrangements are clear to the rest of our community so that we can track this as appropriate I think it's also important to say it's about the governance arrangements and they're set out the role of the cabinet and what we will do and also the report to the Health and Wellbeing Board so I am happy to take any questions on the report and a Brady like to thank Catherine Member our Director of public Health for all the work that has gone on into preparing the report and making sure we are really ready and should at we have to respond to a local outbreak
thank you Chris OK questions sorry conceal question from Councillor Olivier so Kevin over to you
thank you ma am thank you Chris and and I want to add my own thanks to Catherine and the public Health Team for the massive amount work they've been doing and not only on this but but in in Lewisham response so at the moment and thankfully cases seem to be rather low despite the sad death that we heard and recently but my concern really is is about the speed of the response and and what lessons have been learned from Leicester because up from that it appeared that the local authorities weren't being given the data early enough from central sources and we just want to make sure that there is no delay that if regard respond we do that as quickly as possible so and what reassurance that we have him the government on that
so I'm nothing but you know nothing I'm afraid of Young's come on that or credit yes I was going to say certainly Catherine has got all the data it some Daily monitoring we've talked about earlier deep what's called the pillar 1 and 2 which is very important particularly for our school so Catherine can go into more detail but I think it is important and across London that were really on top of it at the moment the London rate is 0 point 8 2 1 point 1 and that's the sort of area that we must keep them tight control over an also as I've said publicising if residents are worried they've got symptoms than we've got those mobile testing stations at down at Bellingham so just to reassure our residents that were really on top of this and Catherine can talk a lot more about the data thank you Catherine the come in about the data then Councillor Beth as mentioned on a daily basis you'll see in the report that and the Director of public Health and the single point of contact for information on the number of cases and we get now postcode information on the cases that testing positive from both pillar 1 and Politti testing and I'll say London is in a slightly different position to Leicester in that are long and coronavirus response sells for that's what that's up by public Health England wire there beginning of the pandemic provides us with that data so all London boroughs and are at a public health to get an update on a daily basis so from both pillars so slightly different from those outside suggest to reassure that we get that and so
because we're monitoring so closely any you know we got very nice low base at the moment bats and any upturns any plasters any situations that seem to be happening on a more frequent basis we very like to them be able to go out to public Health England appropriately
thank you I'm I slowed taste I'm covering in the news about some gyms being cut open to do that they give any indication update successful something on the BBC web suggested soon or imminent if we'd been told us anything yet about when
yet so that was just as life sad news today so I was 70 the date from sure they'll give us the dates are as soon as that can discern power to work with those settings in the same way that we have with businesses we opening on both apply excellent OK I don't see any more any more questions so will move straight over to Bert's the road cool folks Kevin over two
thank you Lord the man I'll call the role of by the order please vote for or against or abstained so can with Councillor Parnham
Councillor BELL for I'm so the best Full Council upon of here
for Councillor born
Councillor takers
Councillor Ryk for Marian for Councillor McGee for
I'm not saying Sophie present too honest

5 Apprenticeship Training Provider Request to tender

Councillor Slater for that's 9 votes for none against Mr. Mayor for thank you very much Kevin and Catherine just and thank you for for all the work that you've been doing and all of Team is well in public Health I can move us on to the next item item 5 which is the apprenticeship training provider requested tender counsellor try me Joan Trotter kicks off for this one
thank you very much David so we know that apprenticeships at their best provide fantastic opportunities for young people to earn while they learn and develop a career we also know that they provide fantastic opportunities for older workers to retrain and to upskill and some of the most inspiring apprentices I've met
through the men's apprenticeship programme have been workers aged over 25 who are returning the late markier and upskilling and retain it as well as the fantastic young people be having Lewisham side on our pence ships so that's why in our manifesto and then in the corporate strategy we set out a commitment to expanding the Mayor's apprenticeship programme so here coronavirus is a very significant challenge so we know that Nash nationwide across while across England
in April the number of apprenticeship starts had fallen by 50 percent compared to the previous year we also know that the number start for young people aged 16 to 18 nationally again had fallen by 75 percent and that's because apprenticeships not just training opportunities their their jobs so their jobs are employers who provide on the job learning and off-the-job training
and in order to take on an apprentice and employer needs to have the confidence in demand for the future because there last a minimum of 12 months and so there are real commitment to investing in an individual and so employers need that that confidence but we also know that coronavirus makes apprenticeships more important than ever we know that young people in in Lewisham are the most at risk air of any age group from the coronavirus crisis in terms of the employment in fact at the health impact disproportionately affect older people and but employment impact hits young people most given the distinctive sectoral impact of the coronavirus crisis we also know that long-term youth unemployment can have a scarring impact on young people it leaves their employment rate and their earnings permanently lower throughout their life so we need to do everything that we can to avoid and reduce the levels of youth unemployment
that we may face in illusion and of course that's why we started the made apprenticeship programme over 10 years ago in the wake of the last recession which was started by the previous mayor and switch the current merit shown such commitment so this paper is about proving a procurement exercise to secure an apprenticeship training provider starting in the autumn it will run for a period of 18 months and it will involve the Council investing a total of 510 thousand pounds in the training of people locally and we're asking for the approval of the Yorkshire purchasing Organisation is the perching framework and through which we would put appoint a training provider it might sound a bit answer or London borough appointing the Yorkshire purchasing Organisation that this is a a framework for for purchasing an apprenticeship providers which is used by a number of public authorities and we know that many of the air friendship providers that we use locally are on that perching framework so we can hike procure high quality apprenticeship training locally for our apprentices and I'd like to add my thanks to shala for outstanding work in producing this report and a leading on our friendship programme and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have
thank you very much any questions
now we have heard some of the options is discussed his elsewhere and let's also pass my thanks on so you to Shahla on Canal Team and Andrew to you for the for this this piece of work is really really important such a difference in in the Barossa will move straight over to the roll call votes Kevin thank you Councillor Bonham
4 Councillor Battle
as a Yorkshireman for Councillor best for Councillor upon the fear
Cavani mooted something I've him Kassabova
it it thought
Councillor born
Councillor Dakers full Councillor Drake Thor Marian for Councillor McGeever for us realise you'll in the first five letters of the alphabet and as that rather the metal

6 Financial Results 2019-20

Councillor Slater for all and votes in favour none against Mr. Murphy thank you very much OK bring us on to the next item item 6 is the financial results 19 to 20 Amanda customers erotic
yeah I'm back with one of those really cheerful speeches the report before before you is the year end results for years 19 20 19 20 20 it's worth saying that some of the Kohver picture is captured within these results but not all and that will be reflected in the the next report are you will note that the dedicated schools Grant that he SG is broadly balanced and the Housing Revenue account his carrying a surplus of 14 point 6 million which includes Grant for fire related works that will be carried forward to next year either Capital Programme final spend for the year was 120 1 point 2 million pounds which was 72 percent of the revised budget at the end of March we had collected 94 point 3 percent of Council Tax due and 99 point 7 percent of business rates the overall position however is one of continued overspend against the General Fund and after adjustments this figure is 6 point 8 million
the figure is largely down to overspending against the children and Young People's budget and predominantly from the Children's social Care section this is a pressure felt nationally not just locally with 91 percent of local authorities overspending on children's social care or Members will know however that this is the third year in a row that we have had large overspends against the CYP budget and that there has been a considerable amount of work within the council and the Directorate to manage budgets down
Councillor Barnum and I have been taking part in a focused effort to look at the finances in detail and to get ahead of pressures and this is in addition to the wider improvement plan fall see why p you will know that we now have a new Executive Director of CYP in place
and I am will be reassured to hear that he has signalled that he is intending to focus on managing budget pressures we had a meeting with all finance EY P directors yesterday to discuss the outturn position and the forecast for 20 21 these meetings have been regular throughout the year and will continue going forwards
over the course of the year there have been improvements with the quality and timeliness of children's social care including an overall reduction in the number of children coming into care the numbers are now 179 compared to 100 96 in the previous year and we have also had some success for the recruitment of new foster carers
but the overall pressures were greater than had been predicted for example we also had a number of foster carers retiring so didn't see are gaining capacity as I said earlier it's important to acknowledge the external pressures on demand led on a demand led budget and that contribute to increased demands and tyre costs nationally the vast majority of children of council children's services are under pressure as I said there are nine out of 10 councils over spending on children's services and you know that there is when that's the case you know that there is a systemic funding problem that isn't being addressed by s central government
this is the result of both increased needs increased statutory responsibilities and increased costs none of which are funded it is clear that children social care needs don't have the same voice or level of love lobbying powers of as those of the adult social care and that was the position before the full impact of the Kofi crisis was felt these pressures are set to continue and may deepen the next report talks to the financial forecast position for 20 21 so I will close this now by thanking offers officers for their work bringing this report forward and in preparing the accounts for the year end and asking you to note the report I know that Councillor Barnard more won't cover some of the issues that the report raises and so in or David are here to answer any questions on the detail but kick
sir the museums the man
thank you very much Amanda and own Chris Barling would like to come in so Councillor Bonnen over two thanks very much I I I feel I do need to contribute as my name is on the large part of the overspend I won't repeat everything that Councillor de Rikers said but it's probably worth highlighting some important points about children's social care as a man does noted she and I work closely together to give this area the focused he badly needs and will continue to do that and I'm very grateful for the support that she's given me we've been running an improvement programme for the last 18 months and a really important part of that has been to stabilise the budget to make sure that every penny that we spend is properly spent on protecting and supporting the most vulnerable children we have had some initial success in that the large overspend that was reported in the spring of 20 18 at the start of this administration was half a year later we had hoped to get close to eliminating this year but as the paper makes clear unfortunately we fallen back and as the next paper on the agenda suggests there's a serious risk that we nice slip further I would say something about why is partly has Amanda says its reflection of pressures that almost all councils are experiencing and which are not easing and it shouldn't really be a surprise the if you have a government that spends a decade of austerity stripping out support for children and families the pressures will grow on the statutory service that you have to provide the one that protects children from serious harm so when you spend less on prevention because the money isn't there to do that her you may be don't notice the impact of that first but eventually you have more children living in families where there are serious domestic violence you more young people coming into care because of serious gang violence and drug trafficking and you have more young people with serious mental health difficulties
a particular issue and and one of the things that's driven the overspend in the past year has been a sharp rise in high cost residential placements as Councillor direct noted the overall number of children in care has not risen pollution but what has risen from 48 to 62 in those down don't sound like huge numbers is the number of high cost residential placements for some of the most complex and challenging cases now these can easily cost 200 thousand or more a year each child so it doesn't take many families to experience problems to severely challenge our budget and these are not children and young people that we can turn away
now he isn't a Council of despair as as Councillor Director said we will not lack an our efforts to drive up performance in this service and get the very best value out of the money that Lewisham's residents spend on it and indeed with refreshed leadership and the penycae go shell the new Executive Director is here with us tonight with the refreshed leadership we put in place we already taking urgent action to address these growing pressures so I am confident that this will get us back on track but I won't make rash promises it's clear we won't solve this overnight and we need to recognise the very challenging environment and that we're working in here at which frankly is not helped by the past three months which is making all of this much more difficult
thank you very much Mr. Murphy
the report thank you very much crests okay I'm I don't see any other questions thank you to David to sell win'em all the the finance team are working so incredibly hard on this really difficult time typical circumstances I'm Kevin if we can move to the vote please yes I'm cute them Councillor Bonnen for
Councillor BELL for Councillor best Full Council upon evere for Councillor born for cancer Dakers
full of Councillor Drake 4 Marian for answer McGeehan

7 Financial Forecasts Period 2

4 Councillor Slater for 10 votes in favour none against Mr. Mann thank you Kevin item 7 the financial forecasts carer to staying view Kasper's erotic
thank you Damian
yeah this sort of thing
slightly horribly seamlessly just carries on from the last one really the report covers the first at financial forecasting against the 20 20 20 21 budget our which the council agreed in February as you know we monitor spend against the budget and use the results at the beginning of the year to forecast ahead to the outturn results for the year end this report sits with the report I brought to the last meeting which set out the financial impacts of COVID-19 as we currently see it it still obviously very early days but it's clear that the impact of COVID coming after 10 years of government austerity and year after year of cuts will be deep and long lasting
the report forecast an overspend of 25 point 6 million pounds against the General Fund and this is after the government funding that we have received so far has been applied you can see that this is a different scale of overspending than we've experienced so far and is a position we share with other councils up and down the country irrespective of their political leadership this is why as a body Local government has been United in lobbying central government for more funding the impact of the pandemic will be felt across all the budgets this report talks to the dedicated schools Grant is forecasting an overspend the capital programme will be affected by delay and will need to be re-prioritised council tax collection rates are down on last year and both council tax and business rates collection will be impacted by the economic shock that will follow COVID and the protracted period of lockdown and a potential second wave we are all focused on how we can manage these budget pressures and come through crop covert and recovery stronger and able to deal with future shocks however the scale of the financial impact is very clearly laid out in the report and it feels like an understatement to say that we will be faced with some very difficult decisions if more government funding doesn't follow and soon the budget cuts and the budget cuts programme that we were working towards will be re-evaluated in the stabilisation budget that will we will bring forward in the autumn and there will be a significant impact on the 21 22 budget that will be we will be considering towards the end of the year our worst way forecasts are now our new normal with the impact on income from reduced Council Tax collection rents and other income streams the cost of coronavirus in Lewisham is estimated to be 50 million pounds this year about half of which is lost income and unachieved savings but this is likely to rise we will need to meet income increased demand for services which will come from unemployment loss of homes and the pressure and stress and families plus new responsibilities for infection control responding to outbreaks and supporting vulnerable people in their homes and care settings distributing food and medication for those most in need we will be at the heart of the recovery just as we were at the heart of the response to the outbreak and we need the government to honour its promises to local government and all residents
our residents needed a budget yesterday that would support jobs and local services
and what they got was repackaged promises and a summer meal feel it's just not good enough
once again I'd like to thank officers for the work that has gone into preparing the report there hit what's any questions you may have and I'll move by closing by moving the recommendations are which are to note the report and the changes to the capital programme for London
I'm I'm I'm really the
thank you for all your work Amanda because you're you're really saying this from the full brunt of of the impact on the Council and what's more to come and to assist it's not as you said it's not Lewisham's specific is across all councils that is particularly we know an inner city councils areas where we've got on
higher numbers of vulnerable residents which we know be deeply impacted by a future recession as well and it's worth repeating I was on that cool of other Council leaders but a secretary of state told council leaders do whatever it takes we have done I think whatever it takes thinly how choice it's the right thing to do
and then months down the line the government backtracked on those promises and not giving us the funding that they promised and Councillor best
then thank you Damien I I think the one thing that the air pandemic is really highlighted in terms of adult social care is the need for long term funding we've had a sticking plaster of an adult social care precept and I've said it before we are continuing to lobby for the long awaited solution and so many governments have promised at this but we do need adequate funding to provide the quality are residents need and deserve in adult social care
On particularly parts of the report I just wanted to draw attention on earth it's paid 1 point 8 7 point 3 you've got the cost of covert or in terms of adult social care and as I discussed earlier on test track and trace we got 2 point 2 million that's put in at 7 point 5 and earn on table 7 it's shown there but it's a net the 2 point 2 needs to come off of the 9 point to just to bring that figure down
what I'm really pleased about is in 7 point 4 that the Council was eligible it's not enough but we were allocated 1 point 6 on the infection control fund that term is partly in the reporter talked about earlier but what we have been able to do there is as part of that condition 7 75 percent allocated to residential or nursing homes in the borough and but the remaining 25 percent we have been able to allocate to other care services particularly supported accommodation you note Sir an air we've talked about before about the need to remember that the services we provide for people with learning disability and to make sure that there is extra funding going in and what's been a really difficult time at for adult social care
I also wanted to say a little bit about her the overspend clearly in the table set out on the savings we were expected table 11 at which is at 7 point 3 0 we were asked for 6 point 3 to 8 million and what you set out there as some of the savings we have achieved but also of course the savings that I don't think we will achieve and that's about in particularly saving Karmani about managing demand at the point of access and there is a gap there and I think whilst we are looking to change practice in adult social care what we've really faced over this period is the pressure on the cost of the provision and as I've said it's one over the years at we've really been squeezed by central government and I think this has highlighted the fact we do need to spend far more on the provision and I just really want to thank the team that they've been able to manage the performance of our service delivery in these very challenging time so
in an saying I think we will make half of the savings but that extra pressure on cost is one really we are lobbying hard on government I mean PPE is just part of it but and there's a range there and I just want to like a man to say what we're desperate for some help from this government thank you
thank you
johnson's hands up so Kasravi thanks very much down in a thank you Amanda for all of your your this and commenced at your frustration
given what's happened I wanted to mention the Mayor kind of alluded to it's been reported that on the 16th of March the secretary of State housing communities like government Robert Jenrick told 300 leaders cross party leaders of English councils that the government stands with local councils at this difficult time that everyone needs to pay that part to help the most vulnerable in society and support their local economy the government will do whatever it whatever is necessary to support these efforts that's what he was reported to a sets in as the method he was in on that meeting and we have been doing whatever we can to support vulnerable residents and to support our local economy
so we announced a package of support for businesses and for residents worth 2 4 million pounds in May including grants for residents who are outwork and eligible for council tax relief and and support for businesses including a deferred fees rents and other income to give them the breathing space that we need but we know that the support that we have been able to offer is absolutely dwarfed by the scale of need among residents and among businesses so we know the unemployment induction the claimant count at that is has already doubled and we expected to rise much further still we know tens of thousands of individuals tens of thousands of our residents are currently on furlough and we know that the government's refusing to extend the fellow scheme even Sir industries that we know are not able to gap and running when the scheme ends so we risk seeing not just a second wave of this pandemic given the failure of the government to develop effective track tracking and tracing nationally but also a second wave of unemployment in the autumn when the furlough scheme comes to an end we also know that we have dozens or hundreds of businesses that are just clinging on in in Lewisham and good businesses that contributes Wire-like community and provide high-quality and employment opportunities and we have been providing grants to to businesses to support them through but we know that the scale of the demand is just overwhelming compared to the support we're able to deliver the government's able to borrow in fact the their ability to spend a day affects demands tomorrow and yet the council is not able to borrow we have by law to set a balanced budget and our funding has been slashed in half at by Conservative like governments since 20 10 am I don't really have a question here by find absolutely galling that we are told by secretary of State to do what we can
to support our residents in suits for our businesses we've done that and we're left carrying the can because the government are failing to fund local authorities at some point we will see local authorities across the country pushed to breaking point their decision not to fund like services has a real impact on the most vulnerable in our community and it means residence going unsupported across the country intervenes businesses that will fail which don't need to fail so the government needs to put their money where their mouth is and then it's a back-up that promise that the sexual state made and has gone back on thank you Joe Musso Jonathan
thank you Chair I also want to highlight the issue of fur for charity so charities were also called called to her hat and responded in lieu shall I think I want she said to has been a woman the real heroes are Mick where we've worked with and closely and because of that we've managed to give out 7 thousand food parcels to those who need to be shielded we've had over thousands people support this reoffending and we've had 2 thousand volunteers signed up to these are people not the only are not helping just now but will be helping in the future
but that's not enough because we have 9 thousand people on the show the list that need to be supported back in society and we need that support from government to do a proper job of helping them slowly integrate because a lot of them will be feeling frightens worried about leaving their house and with that and we need that that the additional government resource to really do a proper job of helping them get the community support that's needed a nationally charities received 7 50 million from the Government's but that dwarfs the lasting can that they've had had through things like fund raising and other income that they've lost but they were there in not only here notion but nationally as well so long with local governments I think the charity sector has also been very hit very hard by the pandemic and hasn't received the support from government that I think they were initially promises Wells but together new Ossian we will work really hard to do our best in making sure that those residents who needed us no support it for now but are supported going forward in the future
thank you I came thanks to all the points that have been made a K I don't see any further comments or quoting mates room of strength now to the roll call votes hung over to Kevin and Q Councillor Bonham Law Councillor Bell for
Councillor best for Councillor Bonavena for Councillor born for Councillor Dakers call Councillor Derek full Marian for hence the McGeever
for Councillor Slater
10 votes in favour none against Mr. Murphy thank you Kevin confirm that the recommendations are agreed and published to set that in the last items for 5 and 6 that conforming to Saltley that we've agreed that those recommendations as well Amanda David Selwyn and everybody thank you very much for all of your work I'm on this report OK item 8 10 be Sports Development Centre Castlebawn

8 TenEmBee Sports Development Centre

thank you my
I'd like to move this report which proposes renewing the lease of 10 NB Sports Club for a further 25 years the card which I'm pleased to says in my ward of Dunham has been operating at its current site for the past 30 years and has had a huge impact on the local community 10 be is a not-for-profit organisation that supports young people particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds to participate in sports it's also suffered to note that over 70 percent of users are from a Black Asian minority ethnic community
during the course of lease at peppercorn rent means that they will be able to bid for Sports England for grant funding to improve its facilities and expand its offering to young people the krona virus pandemic has meant that the cover has been closed since March and that has reinforced the importance of the CoP and how important it is to keep it going at its current location
not only the young people but also to staff and parents are also missing the club and we all looking forward to it reopening once government guidance allowance should the lease be granted this will allowed Sports Club to increase that the level of influence locally coal-producing equality and further assess might a night groups I myself hoped to visit the covenant reopens and I'll support any future bids they may make
therefore I hope that Cabinet will be able to support this report tonight thank you I'm sorry I'd also like to thank officers for their information together and get in this together Frankie
for their thank you very much on growing and my thanks to the Coolmore everybody's been working on its own Miocene question so I'm restricted rollcall votes thank you Councillor Bonnen for Councillor Bell for Councillor best Full Council upon of air for Councillor born
4 Councillor Dakers fall and the dreich I fold Hill

9 Building for Lewisham update part 1

Marian for Councillor McGeever FO Councillor Slater for 10 votes in favour none against Mr. Mayor thank you I can confirm that those recommendations have been agreed item 9 building solution update part 1 a council about like about so building filler shown is our Programme for the delivery of new council and social homes while COVID-19 has impacted on the fiscal building work officers at the Council and Lewisham homes have continued to get us in a good position to restart the construction as soon as possible with the safety of workers being paramount just like any well managed project sites are reviewed on a regular project managed basis
this will mean that some sites continue and others will go no further this report is about governance and it was noted in January's and cabinet report that updated governance arrangements will be presented to Mayor and Cabinet to provide reassurance at a programme level rests I identified are mitigated sufficiently
over the past few months officers within the Council of social homes have been working on the governance arrangements this work is ongoing and an interim updates provided within this report we are ambitious in our goals but we must also mitigate rest where either divide this part 1 report is accompanied by a part 2 report that focuses on the financials behind it
in section 5 point 1 for the report the new schemes are listed as a potential for over 200 new social homes that could be added to the programme as a result of these additional sites I have to stress that we do development with the community and through consultation Design work financial viability reviews and the planning process will determine how this translates to foundations in the ground consultation forms a crucial part of how I developments will come forward the excellent work undertaken by Lewisham homes development to date will influence the outcomes of the sites as we want existing residents to be empowered to shape the way in which their neighbour had developed we must and we are taking steps to ensure that the seldom heard voices from the community are heard and given a chance to contribute section 6 of the report talks about the mayo road construction
Karon or be sharing some good news here about the route from NHS England provided tours for the six supported living units at work would commence or being well in November 20 20 rule completion by March 20 22 Section 7 gives further information cannot be Road in Section 8 report details the programme governance therefore I asked Mary Catholic to agree the recommendations as set out in section 2 of the report
Karabakh is here to answer questions and share that good news and I'd like to thank the team for their hard work and all the that location that the team in the Council initiatives are providing to our corporate at strategy and this also will be followed by a part 2 report so Karen team
Councillor BELL and say just as as cut about stated and the site at May a road which will be providing 32 new Himes 26 of which will be high quality temporary accommodation and a further 6 which will be supported living homes there was a risk that was set out within the the paper itself regarding NHS Grant funding specifically in relation to the drawdown dates of that Grant and the estimated construction programme within working with the NHS since the report was written and published and have received confirmation from the NHS over the last week that the grant has been extended to match the construction dates and therefore the grant is secure and that enables the the scheme to proceed and so I think it's a really good demonstration of our partnership working with both Adult social Care within the council but also the NHS as a key partner in delivering specialist housing within the Borough thank you
really really excellent caramel donning and thank you to to your team at pounds pool on thank you as well and also just in light of what we felt that the huge challenges that were facing a C see the programme on an audit you'll get your face a few challenges yourself of it to see what comes away I think this is hugely impressive so thank you I'm going to move straight to the roll call vote so over to Kevin
thank you
Councillor Barnham for Councillor Bell 4 pounds the best for the Barnett there for Councillor born for Councillor daters ball comes the dreich a full Merrigan for Councillor MacGyver
Councillor Slater
4 10 votes in favour none against Mr. Mooney since I can confirm that those record confirm that those recommendations have been agreed the next item is moving to exclusion of Press and public I'd just like to thank everybody who joined us today and just remember that a and alive for recording of the live webcast is available tomorrow on the Council website item tense me