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1 Election of Speaker
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2 Election of Deputy Speaker
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3 Declaration of Interests
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4 Minutes and report of Urgency Committee
5 Announcements or Communications
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6 Executive Composition
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7 Scheme of Delegation
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8 Committee Terms of Reference
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9 Allocation of Seats 2020
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10 Appointments to Committees
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11 Appointments to Bodies
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12 Mayoral Appointments 2020
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13 Council Calendar
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14 Changes to the Constitution - virtual meetings
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15 Annual Mayoral Report
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16 Overview & Scrutiny Committee AGM
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17 Strategic Planning Committee AGM
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18 Planning Committee A AGM
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20 Planning Committee C AGM
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21 Licensing Committee AGM
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22 Standards Committee AGM
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good evening everyone my name is count my name's Kevin flatted Clerk to the Lucian Borough Council I'd like to welcome me or to the Council's AGM
no ordinarily in Councillor Chairman this would sign in attendance spoke on the way into meeting but in new fat uncle to call the role so that viewing and members of the public can see whose presence and can be certain of the attendance of Oedipal Councillors
so with that set
can I ask for support Councillor Atha Farani you present
present hence the Rams on their thence
you Councillor Parnham present
Councillor BELL present Councillor Bernard's present
Councillor best present
Councillor Bonneville present
Councillor born present
Councillor Brown present
Councillor Campbell president
Councillor Clarke
Susanna Clarke
Councillor code
the current
Councillor takers
Councillor Davis present
Councillor derived hasn't
Councillor Dromey
Councillor Variance
president Mary even further
Councillor Gallagher
Councillor Gibbons present Councillor Hall
Councillor Hanley
Councillor hanging now Councillor Holland
Councillor Hardy
I can't land-use here felt Councillor Hanley thank you Councillor how the ankle and lightly
Councillor Howard here
could Councillor Ingleby present
Councillor Johnston Franklin present Councillor clue
Brexit Councillor Keller
present Councillor Crookes scale present Councillor Murray person
Councillor muzzling
Councillor McGeever here
Councillor Millbank faces
Councillor Mowat present has the Morrison present
Councillor Campbell are doing doesn't
Councillor often backed away
Councillor Rawlins present
Councillor Jack pursue
excellent Councillor John pursue as then
Councillor Stephen Penfold yes
Councillor Campbell
present QIPP cancel Rathbone pheasant Councillor Julie Reid
present present Crescent
Councillor shape
present and the Slater present Councillor Smith present
Councillor Tauber present Councillor stammerers Sky present Councillor Walsh
Councillor wise
I'll just return to the people who didn't respond initially
we have Councillor Mrs. Una Clarke
now I can see Councillor M current present isn't a crescent
Councillor Paul Maslin
no no Catholic only to outnumbers up some currently can I thank you all for that roll call votes and a Kaino asked to formally open the meetings the Cavern she and the Executive Director of Housing Regeneration Environment who will conduct the election of Speaker item 1 thank you Kevin

1 Election of Speaker

good evening can I ask the Council for nominations for the position of Speaker please
hello Kevin that is Councillor Bill Brown I would like to make a nomination for this post but before I do I would just like to give thanks to the outgoing Speaker of the Council Councillor Jack Michaud for all her work and commitment over Junior and I'll get a great pleasure to air force comes let tosas Anwar as Speaker of Council thank you thank you Councillor Brown can have someone to second that
Councillor Millbank care formally second thank you Councillor Millbank honour any other nominations
no I don't see any other nominations OK so in that case as there are no other nominations I declare Castle anwar elected and congratulate him on his election as Speaker Councillor Moore
thank you
the two sources
thank you everybody
would like to welcome everyone to our virtual meeting tonight and thanked the Council for electing me as their second ever speakers
I'm really humbled and honoured and grateful to my colleagues but putting their trust in me I would like to put on record our thanks to the outgoing Speaker Councillor Jack virtue but other hard work with meant and dedication
we are grateful for example she has said including very successful school with a programme she's surely an inspiring act to follow and there
no one will want to apologies I have not received any apologies for absence from and he considered that anyone else have any apologies for absence
if none

2 Election of Deputy Speaker

the second item on the agenda could I ask nominations for the Deputy Speaker please hello Pastika have come so as a constable Brown again I would like to make a proposal for the Deputy Speaker give you pleasure to nominate a second Crofton Park Councillor tonight and that will become slap falling Morrison thank you very much thank you slip road
is that seconded
it helps to build back here said that that nomination
thank you Councillor we think if there are no more nomination I declare Councillor Pauline Morrison elected as a Deputy Speaker congratulation Councillor Morrison
I consider Eddie fairly your videos on if you can turn it off that would be helpful
I know one agenda item 3

3 Declaration of Interests

are there any declarations declaration of interest in respect of items on tonight's agenda
no I move to agenda Item IV

4 Minutes and report of Urgency Committee

I move that the minutes of meeting held on 26 per week 20 be agreed as correct records
is that seconded
formally second it Mr. Speaker
thank you Councillor Morrison
is there anyone against our wishing to abstain at the at great I take silence
as agreement in all cases an agenda I declare that the minutes have been agreed you have also been provided with draft minutes of the Councillor Jessie committee which met on Apple target can I formally move that the Ceann taken in respect of the Pay Statement be endorsed can I ask Councillor Morrison to second the proposal again formally second Mr. Speaker
thank you Deputy Speaker is there anyone against are wishing to abstain
now is that agreed
thank you I declared that a pay statement has been endorsed
now moving to agenda item 5

5 Announcements or Communications

I would like to take this opportunity to remember the hundreds of Lewisham resident who have lost their lives from COVID-19 I've like the council to observe a minute's silence for us to the Member those residents no longer with us
and the impact of over 19 has had on their families and loved ones will have one minute's silence from now
thank you
our first announcement highlights the Black lives matter movement I will ask the Mayor to explain further over to you Mayor
thank you Speaker many residents will have been appalled at videos that be seen from the US of the killing of George Floyd and we mustn't forget though that racism and racial inequalities are not just an American problem and we wanted to put this item just so do a formal record of our solidarity with the Black lives matter campaigners in the US more so at home here in the UK and in Lewisham fortunately illusion we live in a community where our residents share our values and support us and taking Talk to action I will talk more about these issues in my speech later this evening I just wanted to take this opportunity on behalf of the Council to say loudly and clearly the Black lives matter in Lewisham today and always
thank you Mr. Mayor
I will second announcement report that ignition of two of our colleagues skipped I'm running and Tom CarPlay I would like to formally record our thanks but their service to Lucian
I was paired announcement sadly knows the death of 3 percent with closely tradition Bill Fitzsimons resting Grice and former Councillor Sylvia McCartney I would ask that our grateful thanks but the service they offered to public life be recorded in the minute I would also like to extend our sympathy to the family of local victim of Covid 19 pandemic our thoughts are with them at this sad time
I have a to speaker who would like to speak on this matter and fairly attribute so firstly Avedon White Councillor John Muldoon to speak customer don't place as thank you Mr. Speaker
I first met Bill Fitzsimmons over 30 years ago when Peggy fits in former Council Peggy Fitzsimons was now and I was a district social Team Manager are responsible for the team which covered amongst other wards Rushey Green and Peggy used to drop in and see us from time to time during her year as mayor and bring Bill with her I'm
Bill was born in Ireland and groping foster care and only his birth family a few years ago thanks to internet geology Bill certain the gods and with Peggy was active in Allerford Road and other veterans events but was a keen gardener growing vegetables and flowers in his little garden behind the house and he loved it in later life he and Peggy started hosting overseas students Bill took charge of the catering and wouldn't let anyone else near the kitchen
as Peggy became less frail her children clubbed together to buy her had a mobility scooter so she can around one lunchtime hours in Rushey Green out shopping and heard Bill shouting my that John mind out it borrowed the scooter to race down to the bookies to lay a back in a to 30 had Chepstow Bill became frailer and frail and sadly passed away earlier this year his funeral as you see in the agenda Cook based on the 31st of March during lockdown conditions with the committal later Garrick and Peggy had third Johnson and Peggy had planned a week in the civic suite for the 31st March that could not take place I understand to be a commemoration later this year Bill was one of a kind
softly man I will miss him thank you Speaker thank you consider them for sharing memories with Bill now and white concert and half speed
thank you Chair or speaker I should say and firstly can I take this opportunity to congratulate both Councillor Sir Anwar and Morrison on their appointment and they're often called the dynamic duo in Crofton Park and jet Members may at know that a Crofton Park is where a gym Cornel the rights of the red flag lived and Lucian Council have placed a maroon a plaque on a 22 22 standard Park but are now I'm going to turn to a Christine Christine Grice was actually a former senior education director in Lewisham she was a formal formidable advocate for children with special needs in special educational needs often reminded us that her children should be taught in mainstream schools
she in education she was an expert in her field I mentioned are Christine in one of my budget speeches after she left Lewisham actually not just quickly read is a only a couple of lines it says I saw a tweet from Councillor Christine Grice who had by then become elected to Greenwich council a former senior director of education here Lewisham she said it's a worrying time to be a school governor budget cuts and teacher shortages now I went on to say she has the expertise and she is right she often was rocket Christine M latterly at Danny Thorpe Our the Leader of Greenwich council as made her the Deputy Leader just before her she passed away I think that was a fitting Our tribute to her she will be missed and we thank her for a contribution to Lewisham thank you Chair
thank you goes live on just shows we don't only remember ask Councillors of past defeats Azov so we do remember them one case our fourth announcement reports and the coming and going off senior staff those were left gave well over 100 years of service to the borough and it would be fitting to welcome them back in future happier times for a proper farewell
I call upon Deputy Mayor to speak further on this matter
thank you very much Speaker
what I want to do is say a few words about cabinet will soon as she leaves us after having achieved a highly distinguished 40 year career as a local government lawyer in Lewisham she started a solicitor in our legal department in 19 80 and she's excelled in this role rising to head of law in 19 97
cath has said the attraction of the job was the combination of intellectual rigour variety of work and the opportunity to make a difference to people's lives in her own words where else can you work on education child protection property litigation and crisis management while simultaneously advising Councillors on constitutional matters
there are so many highlights in cats 40 years as an exceptional public servant and I've just selected three to share with you
one of Qatar's first of many asks was to help support the Council's newly formed Women's Rights working party the first of its kind in the country
she undertook a survey of women in the Council's employment and the resulting report she wrote proved 3 both revealing and transformational it laid the foundations for future good practice in the Council which ultimately led to us being recognised as a leader for equalities work
the second area is the tragic New Cross fire which took place in 19 81
the first inquest returned an open verdict and the victims' families campaigned for many years for a second inquest their MP Dame Joan Ruddock and the Council supported them Cath provided legal advice and work closely with the families making herself available to them and providing a vital resource which the same them during a prolonged process in doing this she worked in ways which shoved served the community but far exceeded what a professional officer would usually do
following a community campaign the high court ordered a new inquest in 2 thousand and 2
and it is clear that this would not have happened without CAF
the third area is in 19 while in 20 12 we had many episodes with the hospital but 20 12 the accident and emergency and maternity units were earmarked for closure by the secretary of State for Health cat undertook an extensive review of the legal position and reported that she was concerned that the secretary of State had exceeded his powers and advised the Council that we should ask for the proposal to be dropped and failing that consider a judicial review
in July 2 thousand 13 the Council was successful in the High Court and following an appeal by the secretary of State the Court of appeal ruled that the secretary of State did not have the power to implement cuts at Lewisham hospital now many people have played a key part in or their role and you know the term saving Lewisham hospital is used by many but without the legal work by Kath there can be little doubt that these units would indeed have closed we are grateful to CAF for helping save the hospital you know the role of senior local authority legal officers is challenging one which involves giving advice about the powers available to a council and this can often mean advising elected members on the things they wish to do and sometimes the things we can't do only the very best of such officers are able to go with such advice and retain the confidence of those their advice not CAF has been able to do this in an exemplary way and for many years because of her knowledge experience and above all her ability to both be a consummate professional while also understanding the hopes fears and needs of the community that she serves so on behalf of the Council a huge thank you to CAF and our warmest wishes for a very happy retirement
yes tomorrow as last year she would be definitely missed our pipped announce my knows the outcome of LGB sees recommendation for new garden Yushan and is provided for your information
I again call upon Deputy Mayor Councillor best to speak further on this matter
thank you Speaker so the Local government Boundary Commission has published its final recommendations which will mean changes for every ward except Forest Hill and Telegraph Hill there will be 16 3 Councillor wards and three 2 Councillor wards New Cross Gate Lewisham Central and Bellingham
the commission accepted the name change to Deptford from New Cross to avoid any confusion with New Cross Gate ward at the new Hither Green Ward accurately reflects the local community in geography and covers East of Catford south and north of Downham while Whitefoot will no longer be a ward these new changes and the new wards will come into effect for the 20 22 local elections
Deputy Mayor over 6 months concerned appointment of Mayoress the Mayor has appointed Natasha ticket don't Atkinson and Christina Norman who are all volunteers at Evian community store in that photo as Maris's of Lewisham for this music yet congratulation and we all look forward to working with you the Mayor will speak further about the incoming and outgoing Mercers in his speech later this evening
the settlement announcement on medical advice that is provided for your information
the 8 announcement on the appointment of 9 9 9 club as the Mayor's charity is also provided for your information
our next announcement concerned constitute eat who were happy to see tonight I call upon Councillor Millbank to move that constantly be granted an additional leave of absence in line with the Council's parented leave policy
Councillor Millbank please thank you Mr. Speaker and just like to pass on the thanks of this minute the congratulations at this meeting on the birth of her first child a daughter Helena a congratulations to her at her partner and I'd like to move that Councillor rate be granted and additional leave of absence in line with the Council's maternity policy
thank you consider moving I call upon Councillor Paul to second the proposal Councillor power I fully seconded
thank you Councillor Burgess
is there anyone against that wishing to abstain is that aggravate thank you I declared that proposal to grant Costa read a leave of absence has been agreed
other finds out announcement tonight concern a proposed friendship agreement with O'Hara and the PA
I invite Councillor Eddy Franny to propose the recommendation to agree the friendship agreement Council ready for any place thank you Speaker
it is a great honour to move the establishment of this friendship agreement and to say a few words
during my time as Chair of the Council the Pendderi Road us who are they put pilot us of invest in he got HIV supported many of my events to raise funds for the Mayor's charity
every time I and my wife why invited us or not cast to events at the embassy celebrating among other things the past national day until hundred years of association with the entire kingdom I was also asked to get a nice he dents at the event in follow the AFP quake infertile 15
and in support of a wonderful organisation which rescues girls and young women at risk of being trafficked
the ambassador also invited me to speak at any date in Cavalla score on the occasion of Lord Buddha's birthday the idea for the former fresh agreement between London Borough of Lewisham and a set of poker and the Third Republic of Nippon came about as a result of the close relationship between our communities here illusion the people of Nepal an hour's pittance of a two week holiday which was at our Phasma costs
wanting a par we met or keep a secretive officer of the Kathmandu tape of commas and Mayor of poker
the both of whom with percentage commemorative plaques of the illusion coat of arms
we also visited a school in poker where the chamber and the launch of club have funded computers
I am proposing to raise funds for a minibus
I was very delighted when he fishermen cremate was accepted by the Mayor and Cabinet last October hopefully to be formally ratify bloody to nice Council AGM
the interest in him by Cawsey the boundary borders is a long standing supporters of the local authority very active within a surface London Cape of commas and packed him luncheon club this to organisations already supports a school a poker and Chamber of Commerce also work with the charity Kids in Kathmandu
to to teachers from Kenya school in New Cross recently visited napa as part of a British consul connecting classrooms picket which is still ongoing
where's the groundbreaking friendship link for loosen as although we have training I'll friendship links with several cities in the world is is our first link with a city in Asia
the particular developing country because obviously make his trainers' efforts to approve both is struggling with a structure and dill alive for its people
for example the supply of Let's Stay is widespread even in very remote areas and elements education as now become compulsory the PA is one of the was lead us and put Dr of hydro electric and renewable energy
baby we can learn something from them he remained our commitment to addressing climate change of fortunately the country is recovering from the effects of the earthquake and much debating both persona and Lashana remains to be done we are constrained
disease ratification virtually but hopefully there will be it for celebrations to mark this special occasion arena Palace embassy and it not too distant future
the current ambassador His Excellency doctors to Beatty is extremely King to see the link with Lewisham come to fruition
I have supported it from the outset is only left to me to pay tribute to our meal
David Egan
Councillor opportunities and officers who have worked assiduously to meet his friendship agreement possible thank you for listening thank you concert if any I now call upon Councillor Jamil don't to save are worth and second up HAP proposal
and thank you Mr. Speaker I too have visited Pokhara albeit for decades ago then it was not a city but a large village with electricity from a small hydro-electric plant every other day and as circus for the front he said and hydro electrics are moving on but it's still a tiny proportion of coffee total energy production much is still coming from wood burning wood and biomass and another thing that's changed is wait was us the village there was a grass airstrip where the local farmer used to graze his stock and shoot them off when I piston engine playing came into land but much has changed much has not poker is Napoli for palms now I don't know what you think of a pond but our call them lakes not as Sir by our like in Beckenham Place Park the much bigger than that but
Lakes nevertheless the Gurkhas ensure having fought side by side with the British army for over 200 years most recently against the Taliban in Afghanistan
Netpal poker is a poor country a purse city Gross domestic product is about a thousand dollars a year a major source of income for poker is tourism being so close to the base camp around the Perna the starting points for other checks to the Himalayas
and this goes has been badly hit by covert
so let us tonight show solidarity with the people of Pokhara by ratifying this friendship agreement I second and you make him concern among them is that agreed need
is there anyone against are wishing to abstain if not I declared that the proposal has been carried

6 Executive Composition

agenda Item 6 I invite the me to explain any changes in cabinet responsibilities which have taken place and then move acceptance of the report
thank you Speaker
I'd like to just put on record my thanks to my Cabinet Members have worked so hard this year's Ashley during last 4 months has been an incredibly busy time and grateful for their commitment and dedication and just to sell appreciate all the work that are putting in and thank them for Green to carrying on their roles for another year as one pleased to move this report
thank you Mr. Mayor I call upon Deputy Mayor consider best to formally second the report
Councillor best
so is formally seconded
thank you
is there anyone against are wishing to abstain
is that agreed

7 Scheme of Delegation

I declared that the report has been agreed now moving on to agenda item 7 there have been no changes to the mere scheme of Delegation I moved that we note this report I call upon Councillor Morrison to second the proposal formally second Speaker
thank you Deputy Speaker is there anyone against are wishing to abstain is that agreed
please I declared that the report has been agreed I'll take silence as agreement in each of agenda item for the skip repeating my first answer
so agenda item 8

8 Committee Terms of Reference

there have been no changes to the terms of reference for our Committees so I shall move that the item be agreed I call upon again Councillor Morrison to second the proposal formally second Speaker thank you there anyone against are wishing to abstain now I take silence as ugly man and I declare that the report has been agreed
so moving to agenda item 9

9 Allocation of Seats 2020

I call upon Councillor Millbank to move a motion in respect of overview and scrutiny committee
constantly back please thank you Mr. Speaker
I want to know that the status quo and overview and scrutiny committee of all 43 non-executive councillors be agreed
thank you Councillor Mowat bank I call upon Councillor came Powell to second the proposal formally second dates thumb Speaker thank you is there anyone against our wishing to abstain on this matter is that agreed agreed thank you

10 Appointments to Committees

I declared that the proposal regarding the overview and scrutiny committee has been carried agenda Item 10 I again call upon Councillor Mick back to move a motion in respect of compete committee appointments
Councillor McVey
thank you Mr. Speaker I'd like to know that members be appointed to serve on the committees as set out in the schedule circulated by the government should it
thank you Councillor event I call upon Councillor Paul to second the proposal again for me seconded Speaker
thank you
On that point man as shown on our website agreed
is there anyone against are wishing to abstain
I see no one I declared that the schedule of appointments shown on our website has been agreed

11 Appointments to Bodies

now move on to agenda item 11 there are no bodies there the number of nominations exceeds the number of places available I therefore move that the nominations shown in the published schedule be approved I call upon the the speaker to second the proposal formally seconded Speaker
is there anyone against are wishing to abstain on this matter now
I declare that the list of appointments were available on our website have been agreed

12 Mayoral Appointments 2020

moving on to agenda item 12 the list of appointments made by the Mayor is provided for your for nation can I ask the Mayor to formally move that these be noted formerly speaker thank you Mr. Mayor can ask the Deputy Mayor to formally second the proposal to note these appointments formally seconded Speaker thank you the fees merge is there anyone against are wishing to abstain
is that agreed greed thank
I declare that the list of appointments as shown on the website has been noted

13 Council Calendar

agenda item 13 I move that the calendar be accepted I invite Deputy Speaker to second it formally second Speaker thank you across the Morrison is that anyone against are wishing to abstain
is that agreed agreed thank you I declare that the proposed calendar has been agreed
agenda item

14 Changes to the Constitution - virtual meetings

I call upon Councillor Susan wise to move the recommendation with
thank you Mr. Speaker
good evening and good evening members it's very unusual to have such a wealth of business discussed at our Council AGM however this is an unusual AGM as it is our first virtual one and that is the reason why this report regarding virtual meetings comes to members this evening the report proposes amendments to the Council's Constitution to include the necessary Procedure rules governing remote meetings this Council has already been holding virtual meetings to ensure that our local authority business continues and is seen to continue during the COVID-19 public health crisis and its accompanying unprecedented lockdown following the introduction of lockdown the government introduced regulations to enable Council meetings to be held remotely which did away with the requirement for meetings to be held in person and the report before you reflects those regulations I ask Members to agree the recommendations in paragraph 2 of the report that is that our constitution be amended to include the Procedure rules per virtual meetings I would also like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to Cath Nicholson and her team especially to Kath as she leaves Lewisham for me it has been a pleasure and a great learning experience to work with path for so many years especially over our constitution which is a document we both love although sometimes it may appear quite unintelligible
it's been a learning curve and it's a living document at its required many changes I would also like to thank Kath for the personal help she's given me in some occasions over the years and
sorry my laptop is deciding to talk to no one we can home you
and back folks at again I would like to thank Cathal many levels and I don't know for whatever get someone like hath again thank you Chair and pastoral thank you very much Councillor wise proposing this recommendation now I call upon Councillor Beneba to skin but a condition
thank you Speaker I'd course at odds my heart of thanks to Cath for amazing services given to our Borough should be rightly proud of what she's helped us to achieve over the last few decades and on that note I'd also like to formally second the recommendation
thank you Councillor in any year
the council may debate on this report is anyone wishing to speak
I can amuse themselves but for Turner Chad Colum now
OK can we agree on this recommendation is the average rate is there anyone against our vision to abstain
no I declared that the recommendation had been agreed
the final item in the Council meeting is the Mayor's Annual report
after the men had finished speaking about formally closed the meeting and asked the clerk to the council to conduct meeting of the full overview and scrutiny committee the Strategic Planning Committee Planning Committee A B and C Licensing Committee and the Standards Committee
I now invite the mayor to discuss all over to you Mr. Mayor

15 Annual Mayoral Report

thank you Mr. Speaker and and congratulations on your election looking forward to working alongside you this year also wanted to join you in paying tribute to Councillor Jack Ashley Road Jack you've been an excellent speaker and a fantastic ambassador for our borough and I'd like to thank you for the work that you put in over the last couple of years this HAN is an ATM like no other and it was unimaginable just a few months ago and there's a lot of people who worked very hard to make sure that we could meet remotely so I'd like to thank all of them and particularly all those IT people have helping us through virtual meetings over the past few months
I want to join you speaker in adding my condolences not just on my behalf on behalf of all of our everyone the council and our thoughts are with all of the 260 Lewisham residents who sadly died due to coronavirus and we know of course that many more of being ill with the virus and our thoughts are with all of their friends and all the families of people have lost loved ones
we're in unprecedented times and there is much uncertainty ahead the last four months have been once of anxiety and tragedy
but they've also been ones of heroism and hoping and we've seen at community here in Lewisham come together like me never seen come together before and hugely proud of the way that our council has responded to this crisis and I'm proud that this is in large part due to the hard work of volunteers it's no surprise to me that the first mutual aid groups that sprung up in London sprung up here in Lewisham when I set up a Just giving account to raise money for all of our local food banks local residents came forward and donated a hundred and 20 8 thousand pounds and it's thanks to our volunteers that we've been able to get food and medicine to any of our 10 thousand shielded residents have needed help in many ways you can describe this year as the year of the volunteer into highlight the incredible role that volunteers continue to play I've appointed not just one but three Maris's this year Natasha Ricketts Don at concern and Christina nor in that I've got big shoes to hit feel I'm going to hear from Barbara Gray later on but over next year we'll get to know Natasha dawning Christine that really well free incredible women who run the evening community food store in Deptford of food project the has supported hundreds of families in need not going to say to all the volunteers in our borough and those who have given so much particularly these last few months thank you
but we haven't even more challenging time ahead of us
we're facing the harsh reality of a much reduced Council budget in the bills and not all in yet we know that there are Lucian residents have already lost our jobs lost their income we know businesses that have closed when you look at us as a Council when you add our lost income together with the additional costs that we have due to covert the cost of covert for Lucian CAMHS was already standing in 50 3 million pounds
beginning of lockdown I was on a call with the secretary of state's and the message given to council leaders like myself was that the government would do whatever is necessary to support the work of councils in protecting the most vulnerable he deletes and we did it well not just protecting residents but also keeping the big six going ending every been keeping our streets swept and making sure Park state open but now the government is threatening to backtrack on that pledge that they made to us and instead of talking about meeting everything that we need
now that's been talking about and quoting councils sharing the burden a barely coded signal that further cuts are expected and after a decade of austerity what could be more shameful betrayal by this Government's fence cut the jobs of the very frontline workers who saving lives today but that is the reality and that is why Lewisham will be joining councils up and down this country and calling for government to keep the promises they made to us
this massive change our budget will undoubtedly have an impact on the work that we do to and I'll be what can have councillors to renew our priorities in the months ahead to be look closely at our corporate strategy there will for me be some non-negotiables including our council house building programme and our refugee resettlement scheme and they'll be new commitments that we want to make as well the kind of crisis has held up a mirror to society and it is reflected back the deep inequalities which we know exist in our country is reminded us to of the injustices the impact the lives of too many children and too many young people and is also Fran harsh light on the fragility of our economy and the insecurity that so many got a face
it's also given us a renewed appreciation for the importance of our environment our parks and green spaces for local neighbourhoods in the shops and businesses that keep them going
and also for human relationships our relationships with family befriends with community things that really mattered most in life
amid the huge challenges that we face we also have an opportunity to build a more equal society
but to build a more equal society we also have to be honest about the people who are being left behind
the impact of covert on some of our being communities has been truly shocking our Black residents on not just more likely to catch Covid they're more likely to die from it to an exposé is once again the persistent racial inequalities that people of colour faith that people of colour face and that is not just in healthcare it's in education in housing in the criminal justice system is the pay you get at work and how likely you are to succeed in your career racial inequality permeates across all walks of society
the Black lives matters movement offers both a glimmer of hope and a chance for each of us to renew our commitment to rooting out racism wherever it likes
one issued islands continue to focus on is on the issue of drug reform and I will continue to work with others to press for an evidence based system on which traced drug use as a public health and not a criminal justice issue in this is important in Lewisham
and if offending service is doing an excellent job is picking up recognition from right across the country
I was shocked when I learned last year that 49 Lucian children that's nearly a child every single week was sent to our Youth offending Service first time drug offences
there are also those 49 children how many do you think were children of colour it's 43 43 of 49 and furthermore every single charred in Lewisham who received a custodial sentence from the courts last year for the child of colour
the majority of those Lewisham children were sent high youth offending service were sent there because involvement of Canopus and often found the very small amounts the drug now legal many parts of the world of public health approaches are being advanced and not the ones running the gangs in Lewisham you are three times more likely to be stopped and searched if you're black than if you're white three quarters of the time regardless of who you are the police will find nothing on you
our drug laws are racist they criminalised young black man or giving criminal gangs the power to exploit vulnerable young people and I'll do all I cap to challenge and to reform them
a ratio inequality stretches deep into our country's education system to illusion where making progress that as across the country the biggest determinant of how well a child will do its school is your families income and when you overlay that with ethnicity leads to a situation in Lewisham running 1 and 4 of a black Caribbean children got five good GCSE including English and maths good local schools with heads and teachers that share our determination our ambition to reduce inequalities are critical to Lewisham's future success and too many parents have told me that as their children Start approach secondary school they start to feel that maybe they need to move out the bar get ready to fight for a place outside of Lewisham
we need to convince them that there is a better choice and we will judge success by simple metric more families making a Lucian secondary school a choice for their children now today were currently supporting our schools get ready for September and I want to pay tribute to our teachers who have led a superhuman effort of worked so very hard for his difficult times as calls have been opened a knockdown for 2 you're comfortable children including during school holidays but there is no doubt that far too many young people have been out of the classroom for far too long and so we will support our schools as they prepare to welcome all children back in September
one of the positives that we've seen from lockdown was there almost instantly aquavit improved as our streets for less checked by car fumes and I don't want I'm sure none of you want us to go back to the way things while being green it's not just about responding to the climate emergency it's also tackles health inequalities to it's the poorest in Lewisham who are least likely to own a car yet most likely to live in areas of toxic out
we must and we will make some difficult decisions we must set their cup Lewisham's move away from cars and we must and we will prioritise walking cycling and public transport our parks they've been a real lifeline during lockdown especially for people like me who don't have a garden that we shouldn't accept
that the tranquillity found in our parks should lie exclusively behind their fences or in private gardens and yes were a dense bar we've got over 300 thousand people but we also need to step up our efforts be more beautiful Barrett's who with Safer streets centred around people and play not the car dominated landscapes that are children see outside their windows so we will continue to charge those who drive the most toxic vehicles more to do so we will continue to working with residents roll out a healthy Neighbourhood programme when we will close more streets around our schools we will read the law work of TEFL to support the Bakerloo line coming to Lewisham more segregated cycle routes and to improve public transport and our Barrett so and I want to take this moment on behalf of all of us to thank Sidique Khan for all of the support all of the new funding he's awarded Lewisham so we can begin to realise our ambitions
lockdown is also meant that we're travelling less and so we're exploring what's on our doorstep I've enjoyed showing my partner Yossi around all the different neighbourhoods that make up Lewisham my crate little tools at home and will go out for a few hours I get see Lewisham through his eyes and we love the fact that Lewisham is home to so many independent business amongst highest in London always reminding him and you have heard me say before there I'm proud that we're a cracked free Baron genuinely I'm so thankful that so many of those bland and sterile high street chains that I think make up too much of the capital have largely passed us by instead in Lewisham we've got shops and family run businesses and restaurants with products and food from all around the world that reflect Lucian's history of migration independent businesses with both local and global routes they don't just make Lewisham a more vibrant fun place to live the good for local economy to the competition is fierce and we've got to do all we can to support our small businesses especially as they face a recession
all too quickly and will to quietly we could start to lose these businesses and before we all know it our high streets will start to look and feel very different so on top of the work they were already doing to support businesses I've asked officers to undertake a new annual survey of our high streets going out every year to count and published a number of independent retailers and the number of black and Bain and businesses on Lucian's high streets to and I've asked that this survey runs along side our new local plan which itself runs until 20 40 and that's because I want the results to not just help in for my decisions and the decisions of councillors today but to inform the decision of future mass and future councillors to and hopefully it's taken a small businesses that I'll always be welcome here in Lewisham
now as I come towards the end of my speech among to think about what makes a good place to live what do you think about because over the coming months we need to draw on our experiences that we've shared during lockdown to think about Lewisham's next decade and when we think about what a good place to live there's lots of things that spring to mind the one thing it be all too easy to forget about is culture yet it's one example where during lockdown many of us have realised just how important the arts and culture is to our well-being and to a sense of understanding about life and about the world around us and 20 22 may seem a way off but were already working hard to prepare for one of the biggest years and notions history and what a celebration it will be winning London Borough of culture is not just an accolade that we should be proud of is a watershed moment in how the rest of London sees Lewisham and how we film tiki how young people feel about where they live and so we will use this as an opportunity to make sure that all Lewisham residents have cultural opportunities in their neighbourhoods and will make sure that Bora of cultural programme reaches every corner of our borough and reflects Lewisham's wonderfully diverse community
now finally I'm coming to depart the speech my hands over to our outgoing Mayoress and I would like to formally Speaker recording my thanks to Barbara Gray I'd like to thank you Barbara for the positive way in which have worked with us which have given advice to myself and to councillors and the way you've challenged us to thank you for agreeing to continue as my advisor on Bain health inequalities and I'm glad that we'll be working together for another year in your efforts are reflected in the work now being taken forward in Lewisham delighted that long like Birmingham Lewisham will be leading national work studying health inequalities among black African and Caribbean residents Barbara's been an amazing role model for our borough in and out of our schools inspiring young people and we are genuinely entreaty blessed to have such a powerful champion and friends as you are and just before we hear from Barbara on to close my speech tonight by thanking my colleagues Councillors cabinet members officers of the Council for all your hard work and all your support in this truly extraordinary and truly challenging year thank you
you can have tonight
right thank you thank you very much Damien after that speech them just so delighted to hear about all the things that are coming and I feel very honoured to have been working alongside you during a year where there has been much change which has led to this point now where you feel able to announce all their basic things that are happening so now I've been very very happy to for the two have had that opportunity so as a year ago are a bit more than a year ago now when I stood in the Council Chamber with the Mayor as chain on and as I stood there I was a little reflection and I felt at that moment as one person I stood there with that gold chain representing empire tradition and 21st century London all at the same time and NAB I reflect back and just realise the extent of the not burden I don't other quite word but just the extent of what I represent even just by being myself and being able to be in the position of Mayor S within that context was actually something that was I thought deeply about and relicense quite an important thing to do so what does it meant to be a mayor restful first and foremost was to be an ambassador
and I was very clear when I came to this role that I represented the community because that's what I stand for and it's every fibre of what I think believe and the work that I take but I was going to be an ambassador for everyone
so I was immersed in the community already was and became even more immersed and some more supported anybody the approached me wherever wherever and however they wanted me to do that within boundaries which took me all over lurcher might seen corners of Lewisham I've never seen before I met all kinds of organisation standing in freezing cold garages that had been turned into art galleries I went everywhere supported asked this outside of the borough and that's my first came into contact with the migration Museum who is now here in inertial so it just goes to show that if we follow our residents if we really give them the time we take time to listen to that and give them our time and actually support them wherever they happen to be you can see just heard they are ambassadors for Lewisham but also the benefits and it brings back to us so what are the successors will have it one of my big successes I mean under very accessible person it's just about being able to work alongside and be accessible to young people at when I stood in the shopping in the queue to pay for my Bill in Audi and this tenure or Boy came up to me as it all hello Mayoress I was thinking 0 why this in the middle of the superbug but to me that was a measure of the fact that he I was somebody he could relate to and felt that he could come and talk to me in that very everyday situation and he felt no form of nervousness or reticence to say that he couldn't do that
I've had young people come to me with ideas all sorts of ideas are one of the successes I had was going to Goldsmiths where there was a young girl of 15 a young woman who felt that young people needed to embrace entrepreneurship because you have to have a side hustle as they say that you can't rely on a main job and to see that room full there is about 60 young people who came for right across London who took part in that and she did a Dragon's Den style event so I was really proud and and that was a great success to enable her to do something like that and also for people to have a voice and many people coming out and raising issues that they were not happy about quite publicly which they would never have done before so I thought that was really an amazing thing also to experience different cultures no member I I Fund experienced that the Jewish culture tens of their celebrations and go all different types of cultures and to be there and experience and that was just a great thing for me as I know the conscious done for me with the Caribbean heritage and to be able to experience everybody else's quite open the and just really enjoyed this great and a break personal success for me was standing on the stage at the Theatre at the very spot where my Angelou actually gave her show and to actually say one of her posing as one of the dearest once a me that runs shivers down my spine that every time I do it I still think about that because she's actually my icon and somebody that I braced myself on in just being myself and you can get through to people and get messages across by telling stories we should buy out enter took quite a bit but that for me was just the Belle the best experiences I could have so challenges what the challenges will I think you know being in that kind of very exposed leadership position alongside Damian is a massive challenge it's absolutely exhausting
it's very can make you feel very sad sometimes when you come across some of the things that people are living with but it gives you a really great feeling of being able to make some kind of contribution to help somebody along the way and people really really value that so I've got to say here to the Mayor that to Matt all the Ward Councillors you're in it for four years I reserved for one year and is really a tough job but what you do is really valuable because being an ambassador at that very local level and I think I've been to most wards in the Borough is actually very valuable and you get that insight that helps you to do the very difficult job that you have to do
as the Minister mentioned inequalities that is a massive challenge is a challenge everywhere but it's a particular challenge for Lewisham and that's one of the things I championed in terms of raising the outside of Lewisham inside of Lersch and wherever I possibly can I really delighted to hear about you know what's going to be going forward to try and address that at every aspect of people's lives and you're the recession the impact of recession that's been really sad to see but you know we we have a lot of resource a lot to say a lot of opportunities for half per se so I think that would be something that we can definitely change surprised my prize is that I've had the opportunity to serve in this way but I've been able to provide an opportunity for people to experience diverse leadership because I think that really makes a difference when people see it in action particularly amongst the young borough where a young boy ever said to me how can I be how can I be the Mayor of London not even the Mayor of Lewisham
there are a great asset that aspirations were and very proud of my family I mean they have just been a stalwarts to support me and I went to visit my these who those at New Cross and her daughter 5 year old as playing with her friend as she just happened to mention to fit well that's my auntie she's the Mayoress of Lewes
it is only five years old and I just thought once you took the see that that said the implications of that is just huge so I have enjoyed working alongside Sabin and thank you very much for the opportunity to be able to do that and I can join what I've done it's been very hardware but I've been toyed every single minute of it and thank you for the opportunity to be able to continue around the BAME helpfully monitors
thank you
East knocks mistakes
and also thank you Mr. Mayor for your Annual report I know close the Council AGM and asked the clerk of the council to address the members thank you very much
leaving moving from second so you some

16 Overview & Scrutiny Committee AGM

at ground he welcomed to item 16 on the Joint strike which is the Annual General Meeting of the overview and scrutiny committee the first item is the election of Chair and I can confirm I received a written nomination proposed by Councillor Millbank and seconded by Councillor Powell that the Chair for the next municipal year should be Councillor Bill Brown and that the Vice Chair should be Councillor Sophie basis
are there any other nominations
if not how I declare Councillor Brown Councillor David selected and can I ask Councillor Brown to take the Chair
thank you Kevin
we have two short items on the audience to agenda tonight
the first item regarding the composition of Chairs and Vice Chairs of Committees best form political party strength is no change in where we are already on this proposed tree recommend acceptance of that it is 30 seconds
this is Councillor Davies formally second nature thank you unless any Abstentions 0 objections I'll take that as being carried thank you the next item is to approve the appointments of members to select committees and this also includes the composition of the business Panel and the Education business panel which includes the two Diocesan and 3 per air parent God parent governor Reps again there's no change in this if we have a seconder for that
yes seconded trap OK unless there's any abstentions any objections I will have that incident is carried
thank you I just like to take this opportunity to welcome Sophie as the face chair of overview and scrutiny thank all overview and scrutiny colleagues for their support and help and in the past again the thanks a key that the outgoing vice chair of overview and scrutiny for all her help and support in the previous yet and I look forward with Sophie to working with all colleagues going forward in these difficult times our VAT concludes the meeting of full over on scrutiny and I will hunt back to Kevin flighty clerk of the council thank you
thank you Councillor Brown

17 Strategic Planning Committee AGM

the 17th item is the annual general meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee can I ask everyone is turn the canvas off apart from the membership which is Councillor John pursue Councillor Hugh Gibbons Councillor Barnett veer Councillor Ball Councillor D Clark Councillor Curran Councillor Ockham Padova Councillor shake
Councillor Walsh and Councillor Gallagher
those Members could put their cameras on again for still to return on nation for Chair and Vice Chair from the Labour Group political Assistant this is proposed by Councillor Gallagher and seconded by Councillor Walsh and their proposed list at the Chair for the next municipal year should be Councillor John for shoes and the Vice Chair shall be cancel Neil Gibbons
do any members of the committee have any alternative proposals if not clad the Chair Councillor John shoot record as Chair and Councillor Duggins elected as Vice Chair and wish them very well for the next municipal year
and that closest to strategic planning committee thank you for your attendance

18 Planning Committee A AGM

we now move on to Item 18 which will be the annual general meeting at Planning Committee a again the first item is to report the membership and asked these members to but their cameras on the following members to our Councillor James Walsh Councillor Sophie Davis Councillor Jimmy either Farani and supporting Morrison answered him Curran asked the PA Handley Councillor Pat card cancelled and the shoe cancelled Sauber and Councillor of Pavia Holland
welcome to the meeting again I've received a written proposal proposed by Council out of four army and seconded by Councillor Holland that the Chair for the next municipal year shall be Councillor Walsh and the First Church of the Council Davis for the any other proposals from members of the Committee
they are therefore declare Councillor Walsh re-elected and Councillor David selected as Vice-Chair thank you all for your attendance and the best of luck in the next municipal year
with an immediate current

19 Planning Committee B AGM

thank you item 19 is the Annual General Meeting a planning committee be again the first item is to report the membership which shall be for next municipal year Councillor Gallagher Councillor Smith Councillor Murray Councillor Gibbons Councillor Alan Law Councillor Openshaw Councillor Miller Hounslow Johnston Franklin Councillor Lock Dune and Councillor shape has members will have the cameras on and a Gallic report and received the written nomination that received that from Councillor Sheard Seconded by Councillor margin for the Chair for next disappear shall be cancelled Galica and the Vice Chair shall be Councillor Smith are there any other nominations there are not for the fact Councillor Gallagher and Councillor Smith re-elected for the next municipal year encapsulation of that ends Committee be

20 Planning Committee C AGM

the next item item 20 on the agenda is Planning Committee C can I ask you all to turn Koumas of partners of committee and understood the committee are answer up and Badoer Councillor Penfold Councillor Clarke Councillor entirely Councillor Bernard's Councillor Rathbone Councillor Keller her and Councillor R Abschied
Councillor masculine and Councillor Jack shoot
again I received a written nomination and proposed by Councillor Jack pursue and seconded by Councillor Peter bernard's that the Chair of the next municipal year shall be cancelled UK on Reddit often battle and the First Schedule becomes a pump for the any members of the Committee on the alternative nominations they don't therefore can I congratulate Councillor Khan Fadwa and Councillor Penfold on their re-election ahead and see for the next municipal year thank you all for your attendance

21 Licensing Committee AGM

we now turned item 21 Uganda he Licensing Committee Annual General Meeting the first item against the report the membership which would be Councillor stammer Askey Councillor Powell Councillor Elliott Councillor clue and SLA hole and how the ankle and the Howard as the Campbell and Councillor wise I received a written donation are imposed by cancer wise and seconded by Councillor Campbell that the cheerful next meets of years should be Councillor stammer city and the Vice Chair shall be Councillor came Powell
when you first Members have on your tentative nominations they do not if I declare cancer stammerers key we elected and welcome Councillor Paul in her new role Vice-Chair
congratulations to you both

22 Standards Committee AGM

thank you all for your attendance we move on to a fine let in tonight's item 22 the annual generate the Standards Committee the Councillor membership of this Committee will become rather Farani Councillor Morrison Councillor Ann Moore Councillor born Councillor Brown Councillor Hardy enko cancelled open hardware Councillor Maori Councillor Court and Councillor Moore the canvas on I can report that the return domination opposed by Council conveyed to her and seconded by Councillor card is that for the next municipal year the Chair shall be again Councillor Farani and the first Cheshire because Morrison
many of the attempts of nominations they're not declare those persons elected and wish them well for the next municipal year and that 10 Councillors concludes the business tonight so we can now and the webcast and I wish you all a fine but night and what your it sits