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Overview and Scrutiny Business Panel
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3 Scrutiny of the Council's Covid-19 Response - Update Report
4 Key Decision Plan
5 Decisions Made by Mayor and Cabinet on 10 June 2020 - open session
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3 Scrutiny of the Council's Covid-19 Response - Update Report

some years to move out of this and we'd ask you to note the report and just to consider how you might wish to review the work going forwards from September onwards have to take questions backtrack air before Ascot came on to comment and began to question or haven't don't declarations of interests so matter that four members of the business panel to any colleagues have any declarations to air interests declared I can fly Millbank got just like to say that I am a member of the Lewisham local collaborative Lewisham local is referred to in this report banks John and your colleagues
no thank you very much for that John I've got Councillor Mallory indicating he would like to ask a question on the Finance question and Councillor Campbell if we'll do that first at sorry came before do that when adding to right before we take questions apologies to add Councillor Brown thank you that's great thanks OK so over two Jim followed by Juliet followed by John those three please thank you
thank you Chair I think I'm speaking under Standing orders and I knock not quite under Standing orders every councillor has the right to common take part in any air committee as long as the Chairs and the members of the committee are happy to oblige and we always are and all our committees anybody welcomed thank customary thank you Chair well I haven't gone away anyway
so the section as it would not be surprised to hear is that it as of the queries on the finance section
6 point 8 1
it may be you're not yet able to answer but Kim Ralph but but perhaps you can you give an indication we said in that paragraph that the report the monitoring return or last month indicated that we would have a fixed 3 point 2 million impact on the Council budget and that we had so far received 18 million which in my book sleeves or a gap of over 35 million an in or do we have and then we had the announcement from the government that there was a further 500 million in additional funding which if you break down by an authority isn't going to amount to a great deal and but I wonder whether we had any whether our monitoring was sufficiently robust ticket babble to give us an indication at least whether that figure was going up or down or even if we couldn't give a precise figure
so that lots of
applicant demonstrates
so it was Juliet than sad John I believe thank you
I thank you Chair my question is on the phasing out of the three phases cannot look down on transition and I wanted to ask if there was a public health come strategy for all of those stages and how power how are we going to inform the public
and members of how we're phasing out of locked out the transition and also making sure that people are continuing to keep safe as once lockdowns finished people just gonna go Road and I don't mean that in a negative way it's around making sure that the hand-washing the the
mask all those public health messages that need to be got out so it's kept at the top of people's agendas do we have already formulating a public health strategy to make sure that that happens
John Chair of my questions related to on page 6 of the report under the phase 2 transition and it relates to the initial kind of in that a summary of initial lessons learnt I mean obviously commend the officers in terms of what we're well if we just look at some of the things that didn't go as expected I just wanted to have a bit more information about took virtue form the comment our data management and report was not always consistent across the council to give us example pups what that might mean and also what we nail doing a belter and similarly on the obviously made comments about the initial communications plan the get perhaps that links into what Councillor Campbell said but so what changes will be making an hour communication plan going forward thank you
given Ralph please OK thank you I note David Austin and sell when a both on the call this evening so that there probably you've got the the very latest information on the on the finances so I'm perhaps of David or so and I can bring them in on the Councillor Mallory's question if that's that's a catcher
if you want to do the other two first in that level bring David and fell for him a patch OK OK thank you
the comes messages in the public health messaging we are and mirroring what the London public health messaging is around each of the stages for the at the next few months and we are still very regularly regularly and sending out information around washing your hands what you do is you got symptoms of poverty how you can still ach access NHS services so we have got a an overall plan but we are in essence following the the lead at were given from public Health England as far as the that the timing of the messages but to be honest it it's repetitive what was aimed at each of the phases it's this his still about or she hands wearing a face covering but were also now upping the tempo of outcomes around local businesses reopening and the supporting from those local businesses so each time that a change in the regulations or the easing of the lockdown where we slightly changing our messaging to ensure that it reflects whatever the latest position is and we're going to carry on reviewing the impact of the current action and what it looks like going forward as well and every time we have a a bond meeting within the Council we always with you what the key messages offer for comms and what the upcoming messages are going to be as well I'll hand over to route for the the lessons learned question if that's OK
the just to
and the lessons learned so what we found initially in the response was a huge demand on us for data particularly on the impact of services and we we didn't have all of that to hand and that was the key problem there in some cases we were having to create some of that information where it really we should have have it to hand in one place so one of the things we're looking at is around just improving our whole performance management peace and bringing some of that together but it was just the sort of those a huge demand on us from governments and from the various groups of being set up to manage the response in London and sub-regional and it's just so catering for that demand and making sure we got that information right
question or cannot follow up on that Collins one or what we can and again to be kept on shall because either comes question hence Labhair and fell horse slash or it may come through but the Afghan army everyone get that good chance care but cannot ask ever David Austin police those first the comer with cottage in Stechford confirmed it now only finance question that report that took dating million we had at the time subsequently have been awarded our share of the extra 500 million that came out at the beginning of July from that we got 3 point 2 million so our total is now 21 point to which is good but it's still not enough as the fingers figures also show
with what was called the comprehensive package from the sector stake early July there's a real subtleties around how our income is being treated so we're looking at that now and we're doing the next return in July which is expected to be put out on Friday due for the 31st so we're monitoring that the gap is growing slightly I believe but slightly and that's a reflection not of things we're doing differently but more just the more prolonged our responses and depending on the pace of the recovery that that will have a bearing so we're watching that and around of that of course the dialogue in the logging continues interesting this afternoon the chancellor announced that the comprehensive spending review consultation has started so that will run now until September so we can expect with his Autumn Budget a bit more clarity on our funding for future years so see what happens there I know the Committee's coming onto the monitoring reports are you you may look at some specific assets are but the other thing to note as well as the main and ring fence funding we are also gassing pieces of funding for specific activities we've been undertaking so that's being helpful for example around the track and trace around infection control we care homes and and around emergency assistance in the shielding costs that we've been bearing so again it doesn't cover all our cost by any means and as I say that particular restaurant the income side in the way that the government are talking about funding councils but yeah we have now had confirmation of that third Trasch which was three-point 2 million
thanks David what I'm gonna do I've got in Councillor Murray's coming on as the accuracy and come to to do this anything in response to that Councillor Mallory at the Anti question a shared GMPTE firstly
sorry I'm fine with that I'm going to have to go before the subsequent item but I think I've got enough to be going on with thank you very much gym I've got councillors card Davison will do next but before I do that I'd like to take this opportunity of that'll care colleagues just to wear and ask the question on the the health public health messaging and generally and communication for triple asked which
On my bundle of documents and page 19 but on the public health messaging outdoor we look at it are we going to be looking at things like Messenger was social distance said in their behaviour with regards to masks and and shops and do we do we target groups will there be an air youth or older people or communities etc. what came to and as the kind of thing we're looking within that kind of activity there is what came to mind when generally on communications in the report and come strategy as I saw page 18 and my bundle of papers it quoted fit to sport and initial initially was not fit for purpose but has been developed and implemented a stronger and more confident comes plants and I just wondered if we had any examples all a bit more detail of how we went from the first bit to the way we are now what I'll do is I'll asked to colleagues the common me that a tree of questions of that's OK so that would be Councillor Carter and Councillor Davis please
thank you Chair firstly apologies is gonna be a longer question than I would normally ask I just wanted to initially you know so thank you for the report and the you know I I feel that some
residents in the borough offers a lot of skills inside knowledge into what the Borough
how the Borough as a place could be improved and made better and you know we've seen the value of the partnership with with the community sector in the first phase that we've been through an you know so I was pleased to see in the report the that the many references and I know it's partly in response to one of these meetings actually I think that you've you've emphasise the more but there are many references acknowledging the need to collaborate and work with communities to strengthen embed our connection with residents to engage and work with residents to develop a long-term vision to use insight from residents et cetera et goes on at quite a lot of mention of how we're going to work with residence so really pleased with that that endorsement to the rest of stroke and I am also pleased with the emphasis on Lewisham the place which seems to be emerging as a sort of a post of Lucian the council so that's also encourage me as you know as we go forward but I'm I'm just interested as it isn't this a a large and project being implemented across the borough at the moment which probably wasn't probably didn't seem strategic enough for the report may Beale wasn't mentioned very much in the report which is the sort of COVID-19 drift and traffic calming measures across the borough and are being done all over London and all over the country and them you know there are really important to improve the area and the report that the trials and important we get right but a course because they're being done in introduce quite quickly without and perhaps the usual time to prepare thoroughly before they were they were impulse I think it's more incumbent than ever that we are going to be listening to the residents to who we we know we say we're going to be listened to and I know we've got a method of feeding back on a commonplace page but you know I just sort of a supposed what I'm asking is that I'm imploring senior management of the Council to make sure the staff are managing this project are properly resourced to do proper project management here in over we are identifying the issues that arising we we we have risk register in place and mitigations that were ready to go with and that some
nowhere identifying and learning lessons as we go along the sort of things and so you know I just want to say also that residents are acutely interested in this and you'll get all sorts of different opinions etc that I do feel that all of them should be listened to with respect and all of them should feel that they're able to influence the development of the programme and that's the sort of thing I just want to emphasise and any any comments on that and be grateful for and I've just to say Chair I was going to ask a very similar question surprisingly to Councillor Mallory but I was going to ask it in the in the next section on finance let's save some time late about that's cool the bird don't think again Councillor Barry had any obligation to as not being in a position to reply any questions may put trip itself before I sought by a question can get the opportunity to welcome Sophie as there the for advice new Veidt Jennifer business Panel as again like finicky not in attendance she has attended visit panels before
but as a member or you're welcome shortly
I hope it lives up to all expectations and we'll all over best-read sure that Councillor Davies please
thank you Chair and security based on what Councillor Millbank said I just want to declare that I'm a council appointee to voluntary services Lewisham as there are mentioned in this report I'd like to echo and Councillor cards remark on the report I think as previous reports as very clearly Britain they're easy to understand and very helpful so thank you for that my point is also on the lessons learnt section and I'd like to know whether there is a plan to kind of elaborate on that in a it puts in a in a separate report I'd be really interested to understand on some of these points what perhaps what the consequences that were so for example the point about businesses and asked not kind of having that relationship maybe as developed with businesses or with some of the areas of the business not responding with the right urgency I'd like to know kind of like what we identified as the consequences of these and what actions we've put in place are operating in place to remedy them for the next phase in the next paragraph you say that officers are tackling immediate tasks in response to those lessons learned and I'd like to understand a bit better what those are so that was funded by question
thanks Sophie I don't know that somebody might to the microphone on all or not it every to check put over the Cayman routes you've got plenty meet they to get your teeth to I think thank you
yes and and between us if we have we don't answer all of your questions by all means let us know the question around the traffic calming and the issues the that her very live at the moment that they weren't includes in here just as the timing of this report I was what wasn't been coincide that readers is no other reason than that
but the more general and important point is around them and the resourcing of the team and the project and programme management approach if you cast your minds back a fairly cold and dark annual night when I came to give Members a briefing on the priorities for the year going forward from myself one of them was about project and programme management across the Council and and having more Rippon rigour and and consistency to it and so we have recently appointed a new Head of Programme Management and were putting in place a system which will give us better rigour and grit and oversight and and consistency so that will be a corporate wide issue on this now on around the effect on an air quality measures there are clearly some some lessons to be learnt from what has been a very very well intentioned and positive approach to reducing some of the gesture in an improving equity but with we know there these implementation issues that we need to learn from and I know the Mayor has got a meeting this week with some of the committee weeps to your Heffer from it for himself from them some of their their concerned so we are looking urgently at what we can do quickly to respond some of those issues someone some of the the question being a quite simple ones back or should the timescales for reviewing the schemes and what can we do about what he not better signage before we implemented scheme so I don't turn right realise it's a dead end after
people turning and come back so we are we are trying rapidly to address some of the issues that but we've we've got on I think it Sir unfortunate to say the least that very very well intention schemes have of or perhaps not landed as well as they they might have done because of the the well-intentioned pace that were trying to to put on these schemes in and
routed Europe's come back on the lessons learnt questions
yeah so on the lessons learned that around the monitor the issues was some coy early on the Government's said we could give out some money to businesses and what we found when we tried doing that was we were relying pretty much on our business rates database for sending bills and that really didn't work very well because a lot of businesses are closed up and they weren't collecting their post and we really had a lack of business connection at that point we realised that quite quickly
and so we were quite slow slower than we wanted to in terms of getting that government money out we got there in the end but it took us longer than it should so we've actually now one of our aims trying to improve that relationship with businesses so that God forbid should there be any further rounds of this then we're in a better position to get that money out too quickly
you also mention one other point on that that was around there's a sort of some urgent recognise the urgency of response I think that is also around their ability to respond quickly because we had a similar teams trying to a number of things at once so I think it was all almost the organisation's capacity in way too to resource that response so what we did was we set up a volunteering scheme which is mentioned in the report but that several weeks into the response when we became now we we became aware of just how big and how long this was gonna go on we didn't have that in the first few weeks so what we were relying on the services themselves trying to cover critical areas with their own staffing and so that I think an organisational issue more than an individual service issue and with all of those lessons learned what's gone well and what hasn't gone well it's it's an ongoing process we haven't just sort of captured the but where we've spotted we haven't got things right like the data management like those business relationships and some of the other stuff we're already putting things in place and some of them have been so covered off so and no doubt as we go forward will identify further lessons you know good and bad and we need to capture and work on those did you want to pick up on the public health messaging and just say a bit more on that
before you do rat-catchers on on the the lessons learnt account Sly also asked about what we're planning to do in terms of by give more information about it is your right this is just there no one side of the up to half of what went well what didn't so and what we are trying to cap cherries it is to answer the so what question so these think what these things went well so what powerful kept that how are we making sure the carrying a do it because I I do think it's important we don't lose sight things have gone well yes and we can build on those as well as part of the next phases so we are working on a more detailed set of papers at that that through say Well that didn't go well so what have we done about you're not not in housing towns but air Justina simple way capturing and learning from it for you're not just any future ways but
any other general emergency response that that we have to give over the years
tends to come back on your questions Councillor Brown so in terms of the public health messaging we have done some targeting quite early on we were targeting parks and open spaces we had some volunteers we had the park staff we are she had our own parking staff out there as well
just reminding people about the social distancing trying to stop groups gathering and kids going on play equipment stuff like that we are now doing more of that in the shopping areas particularly targeting the hospitality trade so cafes restaurants bars on that party to make sure they are operating in the right way partly to make sure they know what relaxations we're prepared to accept going forward perhaps with them going out onto the pavement in some areas and also just helping them understand the myriad of guidance that there is a will continue with that the general face covering communications as came with saying we're just reiterating the government messages there and the shops themselves got a responsibility to make sure that their staff and their their customers to follow that
0sorry there was one further thing and you ask him what the problem was at the start with Riordan communication so the issue there was we were Gypsy anyway
over what was the problem at the start
in the report be moved on from that in another place here so like some powerful moved away with the to gather there were removed until today we don't have to walk for about previous still fanatic he wished him but so it's a follows on a bit from what Kim saying so
initially we were reacting very much to what was happening where we've moved to now is a very proactive approach so we're trying to get ahead of some of the staff and this is partly helped by the fact that the government does give us a bit of warning now about some of the the change that happening rather than the things on the news and having to react at that point
so we are ahead of the curve and getting the messages out there in advance of things going live so just some of the staff around helping businesses with the relaxations we were ahead of that rather than sort of following it up behind the curve banks route we have three questions in the following order complement don't Councillor Colin and can slip at odds and if those questions are succinct and the answers were not will give the opportunity for Councillors Campbell and sober comment on his comment on a couple of issues and discuss circus the Muldoon please thank you Chair of fastball that me
thank officers for responding to points raised at the informal meetings of healthy commit a Select Committee because committee is meeting formally once a fortnight and we are hoping to address topical issues in the point suite submit for answer at a business park in the update report if anyone watching at home and surrounding questions to me can't any through the council website and will certainly said make those all so I want to talk though about the BME health inequalities section of the report this sock project actually does have a formal title Birmingham and Lewisham African and Caribbean health inequalities review and it's going to last 18 months as you can seem the reported at Section 6 point 2 5 onwards they are currently recruiting for members of the academic board and will shortly be recruiting for an advisory board also so this is really the comment putting it out there if you know anyone or if you yourself are interested in serving putting herself for two John academic Board or the advice report please don't hold back we aren't see local people represented on these boards and advisory board and that was my common chair thanks job and so say all of us air to get comment as well I would say very much so I Councillor current please
figure announced her three very quick Christians which could be answered quite with because I think the answers will be quite clear when will normal Council be meetings come back because that's what some Members asked me an accurate especially so Emma we meet in the civic space I don't know free need to but that is being one of the crashes because the space is there as it to a committee doesn't have to be attended by the public but we could have broadcast and people could see it so that's one question
second is what is the financial impact on the major town centre development Samir particularly concerned about Catford because we understand that the bad settlement that to effect as got from the government that directly impact the money needed to move the 8 0 5 at the South Circular various other
attendant issues and a third question is will point really a comment you know when we have the the signs that suddenly pop up and as a pedestrian cyclist the motorist you know with these traffic measures that we were talking about the we've taken that just suddenly popped some says road closed on there's no explanation or nothing and I just wondered if it was possible for those signs to sometimes have
though website you are real address or something to say to find out why go to this and then in my actually or help people understand why we're doing these things
angst play him are Councillor Bernard please
yes thank you or to and though I begin by thanking that officers 4 0 job well done in anthems of them giving a homeless people somewhere to live in during this pandemic
I am not on the report on the point 6 point 6 6 on the housing the Tories on a housing report that is them an increase on the the supported people rough sleepers that you have to and and two are on water on what rate at what rate are they is increase and what do you think is causing this a given that we are in a period of a no eviction or policies or what is causing more rough sleepers to come up our during their Sam upon them work under our loss or like tool or give my special lung still a Councillor Bill avere il because he's been them that is supportive on the people with no recourse to public funds when it comes to the people affected de na during the pandemic CA over homeless and without her status in this country so our now is the Council of his leg log Council been aware has assured that the Council is doing the most can to make sure that these people are not left behind 0 saw out like to know people who have got a who are who how the digitally
as crude at residents who make a claim of council tax reduction because then replace people who have got knife store the computers and internet son under they will want to make those claims how do they make those claims and also on the same line other people how do people go to the Law as listed to go the home such given an there is
technology poverty that there was a war on his people who cannot access these things and obviously at the they will not have them the advantage of getting into the services that they may or may want all saw I'm
I love obviously that a covert the Lenten has of affected the our a building programmes on a for the housing so
is there any
in a report that shows how much the impact only on the building and building houses has has heart for them the copulating in Inner delayed or an how wrong anything that delays are we haven't pipeline out that are affected by Biscovey 19 thank you
http report called on came and route after a little hand pop-up at from a Councillor Bell at just fall at for those colleagues who don't normally attend business Panel we don't usually use the hands of the any colleague once asked a question at the use the chat facility at just just for information and what will be very happy for Councillor Bell to come in when it comes to answering the Chair's question her after Kim and Ralph of me their comments of a happy for Councillor Bell to to that that up whichever but before a doco hung Kim and route and poor air to respond to those questions I just want to come them comment on comes recurrence when a consequence westers am I relate this last night and former meeting gag Lagan book basically absolutely right there are a number of Councillors asking about how we're going forward a practical paces with hybrid meetings as well as recalling them and in the first thing we need to do is phased out the technical and practical ways problems air if they are really to that and I have asked the overview and scrutiny officers that report comes to the August business Panel wherever people at with it at that stage so we can have some idea what the I T technical practical situation is an hybrid meetings so councillors in good time will I be able to make the means when it comes to a political decision and to look at the political aspects of bringing hybrid meetings pack etc so hopefully will of some good information in our next business Panel that we can add move on and take decisions on it in there have a look at
so with an information can I handed it to Kim and Ralph again please let us know your thoughts thank you
mouth don't go first
OK I don't know the financial impact on the the Town Centre redevelopments I suspect there is one those I think that's something we're going to have to come back to you with that unless David is still around and he's got that information in terms of the traffic measures come in yeah I think we recognise that perhaps a better explanation that's a good idea of having a website link that people could go to I think we need to look at the communications issues around that piece of work anyway and then on the the housing questions OK if I leave that I think Councillor Brett was probably got more up-to-date information than I have I've got
some information I can provide but I think Councillor is probably more detailed in terms of digitally excluded that Sir a very good point there I'm so we have got some safeguards in place so anybody that applies for universal credit we get and electronic notification from them and then we make sure that way they are potentially a council tax reduction scheme recipient we will be chasing them down for information to get that claim and in some cases where that persons unable to complete a claim we can are scheme does allow for us to put that through automatically so we got some safeguards in place there from the can also do stuff over the phone for those that can't access websites that will be similar for the housing and Homesearch stuff as well but what we did have pre COVID were some digital support air isn't in libraries and would have been to restart that when we start the Library Service properly but it's all about bringing these services in safely so we can't just suddenly open everything up we got to do it safely so yeah that's coming but I can't give you a date yet we are just trying to make sure that we've got the right things in place so that residents are safe we prevent the spread and we can get the service back up and running again
the only thing I would add to to that is around the the road closure signs I think we we should do more than just put a website being there's a as a good message and a good story to tell about why we're doing what we're doing so I think it needs to be up a broader communications on the on the road closure signs are but I know Councillor Bell I'm sure can answer some questions on the housing so our 55 for him to come through their you're going to hand over the road thank you Councillor Lay the way set a cap
Portobello there Councillor Paul Bell I don't see yet yes I think I trust I go to put a camera on hello its own really get had it is now if you take a handle please and your Sam
so thank you for the questions allowing me to speak so during the housing development programme at first we're doing a thorough evaluation assessment about what the impact of code has been on our housing delivery programme so in September there's going to be a briefing for Councillors on all aspects to do with our housing delivery programme the impact of Covid when also how linking Planning and Regeneration together can arm look at what possibilities and options are available as you know the boy the housing delivery programmes some sites come in some sites go out to his answer and ongoing situation was quite normal
and as part of the process
hanging speaking underline that over that participants are hearing that everyone had shelled them got the microphones awful than four Ballon me when I finish speaking it's coach or Lagan Thaxted Villa came to to make on thank you very much as everyone can make sure the got that makes off and if a continuous will not come from you Paul and switching off now please go ahead so hopefully there's no feedback nurse creaking it's not my Hamsterley organ appeal go at other I'd would advocate that in order to fight climate change people should adopt a plant-based diet but Botham that are going back to a Housing delivery Programme
so that will become apparent in September officers are preparing that briefing now and obviously well share that you want to be part of that process when we hold that meeting to look at what is and the some exciting things coming up on housing so that would be that right important and we are committed to delivering are housing targets required committed to delivering social housing council housing because it's an important priority of this Council now go back to Peter's question around rough sleepers the everybody in process or policy has now ended it ended at the beginning of July so a back to priority need so I had a briefing that I was circulate once it signed off around the situation with that but in terms of why we have a large increase in or sleepers
there's no data to support the reason why but people who come to Lewisham and our our policies that we will will help everybody and we've taken that proactive approach now resources are our initial as you all know so work to date we've worked with 200 16 Ross sleepers in total 69 of these individuals have their housing progress that housing problems have been resolved so there in housing 31 individuals I've got into private rented accommodation and the 17 going supported housing we currently at the coat we currently accommodate 123 individuals and more information required by that once at once I have it but winnings Kohut we continue to support 42 individuals who have irregular immigration status there are 17 who ar e nationals 14 individuals who have no recourse to public funds and RPF and 11 individuals whose status yet to be determined and and you are well aware this Council's policies that we believe that in our PF shouldn't apply and we should help everybody who's in need our being held back by the government on this because they're refusing to engage and as at some of you may be aware I signed a letter with other housing leads across London to to force the government to position where to help us house people and help people who are in need irrespective of where they come from is completely irrelevant to us it's a human Crisis's their humanity it's an empathetic it's the right thing to do its human rights but we're being start from doing that by the government so that's a brief update on where we are thus are small minority of receptors that are resistant to engage with our outreach services but unfortunately and in London at the beginning of April the Edwin in policy and so are now are backed of this priority need so when people sleeping on the streets but councillors were reported and straightening his is our part in that and we were help everybody where we can but Juliet out Councillor Campbell knows me dealt with one of these incidents over the weekend and they ever complex situations but the COVID-19 response around one in the south comes to an end across London and outside of London ended earlier but in in London the beginning of July
thanks councillors' order at floor bathroom reading and meeting and speaking at the same time Councillor Bell they are not your colleague that will Colley Councillor Sauber who arm with Councillor Campbell if they still indicate they wish to come back very briefly with a comment on the respective point saw Councillor Campbell and strayed into countless over in their land this item thank you
thank you Chair I responded to and go back on to the the communications strategy and most of your answer was really around how we're communicating internally within the Council and with partners but my question was really around how we communicating with residents in the mission because in order for us to prevent another outbreak locally we have to really have vote that that how commercial message going out in such a way that people take on board and I recognise people are hearing on the news but there are bigger issues so for example parts of the report I think some pays 23 when we were looking at the wider impact of COVID so there's been behaviour changes because people at the height of the pandemic people weren't sure how to access services how we get that's the public health message is how are we going to get that information however MP can access services people were presenting at hospitals because they were afraid people didn't know that they could have the remote discussion with their GP so they weren't going to their GP X X understanding and know where to go that's the message I was talking about higher and a stand that you know what she has where you Mars that's everywhere people know that it's the things that are relevant to
residents civilisation that I was really keen about analogy really quite concerned the more I hear about the behaviour change of people during the height of the panic that's really what I want to do and while I'm quickly here I want to talk a little bit about ask you about
those people who do not die from COVID but recover Peter not recovering and going back to their ordinary health how are we able to think that are we planning for that because that's the demand on the service that we didn't have before those people who have not died but they're actually still ill that's a demand on our health and social care that would never have been planned for us we've got another group of people that will need services I now they're actually it every briefly canker sober on model changes place
thank you Chair
2 questions the first is vital to care much if Executive thank you very much for the report those Vention in response to some questions placed by the children Young People's Select Committee around an summer activities for children young people and the answer states an intention to source venues and approach providers said it'll vague in terms of how far we've got to achieving that so could you give us some where we are in terms of setting up those activities please and secondly chair it a question directly in relation to Councillor cards comments earlier on resident engagement
regarding the COVID-19 emergency road programme I remember business Panel recommending that a review take place in September I don't recollect a response from the Executive confirming that such a review would take place in September it's possible that was confirmed and I just didn't notice it so could the Chief Executive confirm whether that review is going to take place and in that month thank you thanks Councillor Shabir at Quay this opportunity directly caused to take it back to Councillor Marion's leaving it and welcome Councillor fare called Howard what's emissions in area purchases on on track never plea for today good and I'll just before as Kim and route on the
the report coming to visit and in September today I did speak to and the head of governance can Committees can flag the old clock air to go back to the Executive and check and double check with my recollection September and that will was shared by current Kevin Sheehan and officers at the time and we discussed it but I have asked him to go back and clarifying and confirm this sole digital there it has already been asked only today so it's timely well how corrupt it's tamely a your question as well and everyone's information Kim and rafters
OK thank you that's the Hamble your question around and communication so the examples were given weren't just for partners or internally they they offer residents as well as with were regularly and tweeting on our web site on Facebook and in an posters the song they are we are reinforcing the messages around wearing face coverings and social distancing residents and will also telling residents go back to a any go back to EPS if he got health problems so we are giving those messages out to to residents and their awesome Londonist's being developed now which are all to do with the
Estyn tracing about a report in the contact if you got and what Steve got symptoms and how to keep yourself and London safe so that they are specifically targeted at residents as well and I know Catherine being of the Director of public Health as as also put some information out in different languages as well on around some of the public health messages as well I will double check where we are with the translation of the latest set of messages my due out on their the pan London basis but I can assure you these are messages that were given to him to residents about their behaviour in keeping themselves safe is not just Internal become a was we question under the cover of people who've had a revered yes absolutely your your right there are going to be some people who will need now health care that they didn't have previously and equally be are expecting there to be an increase in adult social care as a result of people who perhaps have got frailer as a result of having survived COVID we are expecting some people who weren't known to us but he was shield it who have got some and health and social cares shoes may well come into the system as well so we are preparing for and assuming that there will be as you rightly say some additional demands on an already pressed system from their the question around a combat the some activities one of understood T Piddocke up if he's he's still here soprano unpicking to specifically answer the question on that but like you said Councillor Brown my understanding was that there was something coming back for September's well my working assumption so as far as I know this evening that is still the plan Councillor Sauber income I bring you in on Council sources question from activities please thank you Chair errm just radically certain to as it refers time and because obviously the hordes behold illusion residents listing educators' introduces as Larkin introduce you as the Executive Director for say why pay back opening thank you and I think this is my seventh or eighth weakest of country now son yes thanks for the question we about sent a briefing until Councillor service looking at that today the guidance murderer fee in terms of operating and some activities safely was only received on the 10th of July so without top-rate are quite some speed I've said that the activities were planning for this summer will be less than councils will be familiar with from previous years
and that's partly because for obvious reasons we can't have as many young people engaged in in offence as we would turn previously a lot of the activities were offering are online but there are also some real events you know in places which are we commissioned by us by you first and also directly by schools we particularly looking to target our more vulnerable young people so it's not really an open access programme it's a programme are going to be targeting at those young people who we are aware there might be some concerns about what what happens over the summer period
we will be sending an updated Councillors very shortly
thanks finicky I get 1 point
that we have a message from David Austin air which has been seen by Councillor Cohen in relation to his earlier question about the financial impact by the town center and we will get information in due course from David Austin he has never done which is understandable

4 Key Decision Plan

and Councillor Cohen is happy with that though I would like to do now is thank Kim and drought as the main attractions with the additions of poor Bell and Penycae answering tonight's questions thank you all very much we're going to move on to the next item now which is a key decision plan again this is the opportunity to see what's coming up with some extra details in before bringing kept fly the had business in committees to address this item I just wanted to do with a seed every meeting that this is an important item this is our transport pre-decision scrutiny
at what's coming up and its pay decisions being made by the Council and I want to much things to main to me that's coming up in September as the contract for the swimming and boating activities of Beckenham Place Park Lake for five years which has Renaud a as I'm sure many colleagues and many residents will be interested in that as everything as as a with everything that happens it this lovely place so advantages are coming up and it's important that we keep an eye on it and the if we have any questions
don't hesitate in advance of the decisions being made to raise them with that before us any questions I'll just go to qualify the first to speak to this report Kevin please nothing much structure really in the report therefore information highlighting kid sitting such were expected to take from September onwards so Members too many questions and be more than happy to try to answer them thanks Kevin as other question from Councillor Campbell Juliet on the siting and design before you come in Councillor Korengal Councillor Campbell and Councillor coronaries it's a comment really Chair on the entrance on the last page and the climate emergency action about the going to marry in company in February and I was when I was looking at the house thinking us
little late it doesn't feel much like an emergency if it's going to marry in cabinet in February and given all of the things that we are trying to do now out of really of like to see that did they sends a strategy climate resilience
action Plan update and I think that if we could have it earlier at every kind and it is stuck in stone I just feel as if it was tabled in June and to be called an emergency and the having action cannot date in February doesn't see much of emergency and I do have an emergency banks Julie that how recurring
well that was one thing I want to to ask as well so thank you for that juliet's who thank you to all of us by the Sustainable Development Committee who want to one of the things I want to look at his how aware adapting to implement as much of the plan as possible in our promises and undertakings but obviously we have to adapt the how is that going to work in real life and how are we doing it now so that's thank you for that no once a second that Christian and the second thing is it said
can I ask how you are going to be any urgent possibly Mayor in cabinets in July
I saw in August before the September meeting with that possibility that thanks thanks Councillor accorded her we have everything just aired one second please Kevin have got a comment all coming in now Abbott Denver comment from Council do so get this first before we come back to gauge on its track and unsure or speak for all Rushey Green Councillors and Catford South Councillors in welcoming the fact that in September was the Catford Regeneration Programme approval of Phase 1 and also the and the proposed the adoption of the Catford regeneration master plan framework and Catford being talked about regeneration for a few decades now and I just hope are making some progress thanks John and fatally Kevin before as for you to air and system those points they are Councillor Howard once to ask question way the Beckenham Place Hall 8 until culture what it asked that question now please
yes pleased can hear me go ahead we can thank you
I haven't had much chance to look at the detail of the report but I did ask a question earlier on I think in another meeting as to whether there is going to has to be a contract for five years for Beckenham Place part which seems actually a very long period of time and has been a history of other Lotta problems and issues with the lake
and just wondering if there couldn't be a a sort of review situation to see how any new companies managing to bit to have a review in perhaps years time whether it's good to continue with that contract because they do cost a lot of money and obviously they
the Council is in quite dire straits at the moment but that's just you know something that I have asked before not really had an answer Pontecorvo I can come back with me about comment on your question is well I haven't please call 0 bursting common on the specifics of Baton place park within over the listed author in the Plan 2 thousand 10 ever cheese left the employ of the Council so will be carried forward by Gavin Plaskett like an approach for further details and possibly put in touch with Council Howard
On a point that Councillor current raise the question of emergency meetings but I can see that really a matter for the Mayor and the Mayor could call a meeting with five days' notice if there was an emergency which the Tate that so while there are no emergency is programmed in August it's conceivable that the man given to the argument or an issue which Murray emergencies decisions could call a meeting at run in the short notice to deal with urgent matters
on the climate emergency general question I mean I guess up in one way the authors probably a victim of his own and efficiency by listing report so early but the ritual day was programmed in the report that went to Man cabinet how having said that there is no reason why updates might not be promoted much earlier date recognising the perils of the emergency so I can put that to the author and ask him if it might be in a position would all wish to bring forward his planned of relate to an earlier date
thank you thanks Kevin yet air cargo exactly ambitious target of it
if you want an answer there's an issue here we've got time to look into the 5 Year aspect of this contract and it's your right that any questions if any relevant officer and get answers for them so you can't feel happy with answer fame if you're not happy with the answer than the structures that exist for you to pursue at the point when a mic add to ensure we get the best contract and then you have another bite of the cherry F that decision is made because we always reveal the decisions of mown cabinet as well but it's a perfectly legitimate question and it can can assist you with the get the relevant officers Kevin that'll be very helpful and I'm genital capable of would be

5 Decisions Made by Mayor and Cabinet on 10 June 2020 - open session

be grateful to so thanks for that question canal there's no by am after every containing microphone off as well please I think it's on from my screen thank you very much and we go on to the decisions made mad dissipate by known cabinet at night the two decisions one in open forum one enclosed forum the Open Forum as the financial forecasts item and speaking to that item tonight will be David Austin Director Finance said when Thompson director financial services finicky go shallow have already been introduced to Executive director for children young people and we also have amended the rate the cabinet member for finances and Resources who was the UK and to assist as as constipated on the relevant questions this am item with us to be put on the agenda by Councillor Sobel and is particularly interested in the same by pick aspects which is why we've got clinic in Selwyn etc. this evening and so what will do as relate counsellor sober opened this item and then in the normal way for the Carney's which does questions comments etc please indicate look please ask for a much Chirk thanks to those officers and Councillors who who are who specifically because of the information over question I appreciate giving you giving us your time my of general and Christian which is about the pressures on the budget for the Toon Young People's Directorate the forecast over spend is I think 22 million that includes covert related costs I did listen to the answers earlier from David I'm still not entirely sure with how much certainty we believe we will have Code related costs reimbursed
prison even presuming that they are fully reimbursed looking an overspend of around 12 million in in the children Young Peoples budget so my first question is about it's more clarity regarding reimbursement my up my second question really is
is a mixture of Christian comment which is many far Children's Services are statutory that they then our statutory obligations under the Care Act the Children's Act and regarding children looked after Councillors heavily go obligation as corporate parents the biggest driver of costs overspend probably are residential placements for our children looked after and I think looking at around 39 million in the forecast
my concern is how do we manage a situation where the pressure on the budgets may bring to councillors recommendation to make cuts that we feel make it impossible to discharge a legal obligations and so we find ourselves
in a sort of pincer movement between our obligations to have a balanced budget and our obligations to meet certain thresholds through our our AGM or status of local authority responsible for turn social care and finally Chair I'd like to focus in on the early Help section of the budget the net spend on early help from the council is around 5 million and the total spend is around 10 million but we do receive grants
I see from my perspective a song whose to have overseen the Surrey for a while investment in early help as resulting potential savings in our residential placements Pape placements
is there therefore an argument to actually increase the early Help Budget in all the to bring down the residential placements budget and yet so those mice for the questions and comments Chair
actually what you propose to Deloitte is to get it didn't say answered first and then we'll open up care without colleague soul who someone can indicate by putting a camera on all verbally air from those officers David Austin thank you David please go ahead thank you I can start and and bring in as you introduce themselves in and enter key for the questions but not just on a covert point an and handover on the ongoing service pressures and service options around potential ways of coming these pressures on the covert point there's no
full clarity as to what we will be in reverse them and as I reported on the previous item we know what we're getting so far we know that that we've now got 21 point 2 million of funding from the government and on the expenditure side we're reporting about 24 25 million pounds of pressures so it's not far off the risk we're holding as I said is on income and how that might be compensated for or how it may be carried
that with over a period of time rather than in one year and most of the Children's budget is costs that I mean there there are some grounds but their limited at broadly speaking the Children's budget is on the expenditure side so it might be easier to look at it in that sense and the government is not putting conditions around meeting identified expenditure pressures where they're putting the challenges on income in particular income through contracts like leisure and on commercial activities where we may have chosen to take a commercial risk that's not the case for children said that that might be aside side as she beyond the previous discussion nonetheless putting aside the level of covert funding we've got there is and has been for the last few years now are continuing and despite increasing the budget growing
the level of pressure which were reporting here although I would say this is the first monitoring services are first look and we do have the remainder of the year to to review this but on that might be as if I turn over to finicky tortured from the service perspective and then if there's more financial detail needed you could ask so in and happy to come in if there any general budget points later
thank you Chair so I constant offers quiet quite cracked that stair is a significant projected overspend for the current financial year for Children's Services the cosy costs are slightly more less clear so I think in relationship to the non-profit costs I think Nicole Cooke greater clarity about what those costs are the figures you got at the moment a hope are the worst case scenario and we do have a recovery plan operating now to bring those the those those costs down as you pointed out in Children's Services quite a lot of the spent is demand led and so it's sometimes difficult to predict how those demands are going to play out towards the tail end of the last financial year we saw an actual reduction in the number of children in care but an increase in the number of children in residential care and in particular increase which hadn't been predicted previously and the number of children in high cost residential care and those are typically adolescence who had acquired quite complicated come complicated needs and so the projection for the current financial year assumes that we have the same level of of youngsters requiring high cost residential care for the full 12 month period or of of the financial year the recovery plan amongst other things is looking to reduce our dependency on high cost residential care by looking at her things like foster foster care and also that the work we do with our children those families to ensure that don't require that level of support it's not just about placements those other pressures in the budgets over the probably the second largest one is is related to transport as an education costs earth of the directorate's well and is of a small smaller amounts as as well you made the point around our statutory responsibilities so as you'll be aware obviously have a statutory role and part of my statutory role is to ensure that children are safe in Lewisham and actually Councillor Parnham vacancies on the coals or on the on call as well also statutory rules the Lead Member for Children's also collectively we have responsibility to ensure that what we deliver in Lewisham ensures that all children are safe and I am satisfied that our services are safe illusion although following Ofsted report last year we know that there's further improvements to make in terms of the quality of that care for for for our young people and part of our work is to manage demand said you refer to early help and we spoke about this a few days ago so we have set up a programme board we've got a beginning of a very significant piece of work looking at a total rethink of our prevention stroke early help services that's going to run for the next year that will be looking at how existing resources we have actually quite significant resources in Lewisham but a mind my kind of I suppose my view of this at the moment is it it appears to me somebody relatively neutral Lewisham the quite a lot of those resources operating in isolation from each other so the something about putting that together adding a more comprehensive universal joined up response to children young people ensures that the don't require statutory and Eden expensive intervention including care in my experience that takes a few years to in 2 litre financial saving so we must do the work now to ensure that in in the coming years that we reduce the pressure on the budget and that that's the plan that we've got so there's a financial recovery plan in place that's looking at some actions around short term Spence at spent within this financial year mainly focused around place can costs and then there's an actions related to longer term savings which is primarily focused Prandelli helps to prevention
right thank panicky Kellacott asked the 7 will make any comment at this point
if I can just come in very briefly shared just really to kind of reinforce the points both Pinnock in David of made really at the point is it's it's the very first monitor the financial year and albeit very important and sets the tone for the rest of the year it's it's early days yet and I think has been here said would help this is the worst case scenario and actually in terms of the actions which Penycae and or his direct support and for that will hopefully leave Exxon the pressures as we go forward there was also made the point about the Covid related you know finances as well you know there are certainly a gap there and will have to call a closely monitor that gap as the year progresses you know the key thing is to make sure that we keep that pressure on really for you know for for government come forward with with the funds though it's a papers presented it provides that focus in terms of the tables you've got in that section provides the focus on that very N column which the Service Director need to focus on in terms of actually leaving out those pressures another side is real reinforce the points which both David and Penycae of made thank them before as Councillor card a wish that the question I'll just make a comment my comment is simply that hedging on board everything actually been shared so far divorcing it from the core of its share aspect about the discussion
all but the same IP overspending the reasons behind the HSE why plea over and that we need to put that plan before should which I'm sure
way with my comment
to go
and I think we're getting to the stage where Councillors want to
they wanted wanted to say how it's actually going to be coming to fruition but my
the new Bill
and I'm sorry that they are going to become part as playing up and because is playing a can people hear me now and yet this isn't looking good cause for these things are flashing up on me
company screen and cause the cursor seems to relate of its own if people can hear me if it ever just continue it's something happens our Sophie will take charge and I try and get back in as quickly as possible and in fact I'll just go to Councillor card to ask his question of that's all right
and forgive me if I called Mutiny met and make the phone
I thank you Chair and my question saucer follows on actually from the last discussion but it was relation to specifically commented 6 point 7 there is concerned that the Post COVID-19 trauma of circumstances such as there is things will result in higher demand for services I just wanted to know if that comment is translated into some of the overspend being predicted or whether it's a prediction of an even potentially worse position later and also how is what's COVID-19 related or not COVID-19 related defined in terms of these finances because you could argue that the costs that arise from a comment by that are directly related to COVID-19 but other people may argue it's not so I'd like some information on that thank you if I can be heard could officers please reply
so and can you take the one
he just just coming to LA take the I'll take the year I'll take the one on the early or the covert awaits its established at the outset of when the you know the coronavirus pandemic was announced we quickly set up a series of different accounting codes to make sure we captured these costs in the right way and so basically it's it's it's an art rather than a you know a fine science if you like in terms of what is deemed a covered related from what what's not so if there are spend for example to purchase a huge batch of PPE equipped with not quite clearly covered related spend and something which is potentially on the margin is if you have to employ more staff because of the impact your services suffering as a result of yeah occur coronavirus and so we've actually taken the judgement in terms of of what that might mean and how that's actually costed in accounted for we believe we've been called a fair and just in terms of what we've done and basically an old inner Willie in all the kind of tables in this paper essentially that Carl of mirrors what we've actually returned to make CLG on a monthly basis so in terms of are are definition it's it's widely understood throughout the Authority and are accountable service Leeds and that's the that's card judgement of taken really
how far will air more than on current indications that I can't be heard please
OK Scotton nodding heads there thank you again apologies for has colleagues if femme the but indication to ask a question as it wouldn't have seen it so perhaps has indicated that the question on this item could you just verbally saw no pleased
I take that that there's no other questions Hill as a guess I need a follow up I'll please feel and I was going to offer obviously comes the saw as well if he wants to meet any point based on the answers had so yes please say a pat go ahead
thank you I followed up with a new set sail in but you didn't quite and some a question for which was a maybe need to go back to it but some
the the phrase in question has 6 point 7 I add to some specific costs and I just wondered if they've been included as covert or Longcombe it and if they are actually reflected in
in the projected overspend or if that's potentially even more to come later but my apologies Councillor Carter she suggested I should address that question as well I think that's are for warning more than anything really in terms of what potentially could happen we haven't got any confirm numbers around that they're not included in the forecast at the current time but it's something we need to keep a watchful eye on and it's just really ensuring that we've actually got it recorded them and and forewarned of light
alright all iPad
thank you he tells us over do you have any points or comments to at the answers referred to the site are now I'm sure I'll speaking with emergency budget arise for scrutiny or own September October well she which 0 thank you very much look in that case we are now going to go into the next item from decisions made by man can acknowledge all thank before I do that and officers them David Selwyn finicky and for the contribution and secondly a close taken so what this means is that there
because this is a commercially sensitive and the webcast docility on this meeting will stop and will go into private session so what I don't first thank all those of been watching on the webcast and then we will just have a brief pause when the technician am those what he has to do and then tells us we on private session and won't go into the final item is that OK Kevin