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Strategic Planning Committee
Tuesday, 9th June 2020 at 7:30pm 









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3 Proposed Temporary changes to the Scheme of Delegation
1 Declarations of Interests
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3 Proposed Temporary changes to the Scheme of Delegation

are you confirming having that we are now webcasting
we Alys Chair OK thank you very much getting right grieving everybody members and those watching on the webcast welcome to this meeting for this accounts those proceeded Planning Committee held on line
I know everybody is familiar with the circumstances and reasons why we're doing this please bear with us while we are struggle a bit with the technology and how we work under these circumstances when as Councillor John Pasche I'm the chair or motions seeking planning committee and in a moment I'm going to ask the other members of the Committee and the key officers around other for table to introduce themselves
are there are few for Emily's I need to go through bursts excuse me I'm looking away from you because I'm on preferring to various documents suits all the meeting
Sarah first of all housekeeping issue useful or everybody who is around the table or wishing to participate in the meeting he needs a meeting held in public as far as we can it's not a public meeting and so it will be conducted are I the same protocols we would normally use and if you wish to say something concrete something to the debate you Mr. accrue me as the Chair
I am asking everybody to keep their microphones new said Apple's times members as well as other participants and officers I'm asking Members as far as possible so keep their air cameras with stone and because you will need to be prison and able to
to see what was discussed
I'd always displayed during the whole of the discussion of an item in order to vote on the decision on that item
if any Members or the officers lose internet connection otherwise loose connections the meeting then we have our office on hand and so help us reconnect any possible I'll spend a certain amount of time trying to do that and it's summaries are pushing lost from the be eating then as long as we still have a quorum of Members we will carry on
we can't get them back but I hope we don't have to do that
please make sure if your camera switched on a course EU law in public view or your being webcast and the webcast is being recorded for posterity I'm going to skip making the usual comments about
audio or video recording of our meeting because we are all young media air recording in annual civil be ever
0well I will ask one person to speak at the time and as as I said I will try and mediate that and I will invite use on me your mind and it is considered by the calling you you can and you feel might disturb forehand and she'll get more event that we go along because the public who with right or participate in the meeting as and when please could you keep your cameras off and similarly officers who are not actively contribute safe for the moment please could you keep your cameras switched off as far as possible and definitely you're my phones off and I would invite you to turn your Cameron when it's your tens participate and I will invite you to unequal mice and I will ask you when we need to some equal might because somebody else's turn to speak
so the way we will conduct a debate he said his Duchy of one unusual policy item to take first of all which is about how scheme of delegation for planning decisions and we have a through three items relating soon the convoys Wharf side convention
so a French Ison what Dahl talk about how will again ahead of any heights of the actual any applications when we get on the first item is the paper on amending the scheme of Delegation as part of our emergency arrangements and I think Chris failure go to introduce last to us please so could you through that purposely Members for a copy that reported away Chris
hansard Sarah O'Driscoll semi screen

3 Proposed Temporary changes to the Scheme of Delegation

OK I think I can see the right thing thank you Chair the current unprecedented public health situation means there is a need to review and adapt existing processes in relation to the determination of planning applications in order to enable some of these changes to happen is necessary for revisions to be made to the Council's scheme of delegation outlined in the Council's Constitution
the Constitution reserved certain matters for determination by the council's planning committees the terms of reference of Strategic Planning Committee article 9 enable the Director of Planning to refer any matters falling within the terms of reference for Planning Committees A B or C to SPC where she is of the view that it's a matter that would be more appropriately dealt with by the Strategic Planning Committee in the current emergency is considered appropriate to refer to strategic planning committee to seek additional temporary delegation to officers
so this site illustrates how the existing scheme of delegation works working from left to right you can see that once a valid planning applications being submitted a consultation period is commenced and depending on the officer recommendation and responses received the application will be decided either by officers under delegated authority all by Planning Committee whilst there are a number of different thresholds for referral to planning committee it's the top three in the central group of boxers which are under review
it can be seen that under the current system unless the officer recommendation is for refusal of planning permission a decision on a planning application will be made by Council Planning Committee by three or more individual objections have been received or where one or more objections from the recognise residents association or community or amenity group have been received due to the temporary postpone a planning committee meetings a backlog of applications requiring determination by Planning Committee has arisen the Council's under Tutti to determine all valid planning applications submitted to it and failure to determine planning application within the timescales prescribed by central government can result in the applicant lodging an appeal with the Planning Inspector on the grounds of non determination he said for important that councils able to continue to determine all planning applications in a timely fashion taking paying applications to Planning Committee for a decision is a resource intensive is resource intensive in the current situation has reduced the capacity of the planning department is proposed that this is addressed by enabling more straightforward applications to be decided by officers for a temporary period with appropriate safeguards built him
so this is the proposed position decides her illustrates how how officers propose things could work is proposed to increase the threshold for referral of applications to Planning Committee from three to five objections where where between five and nine objections have been received there will be a case review with the Committee Chair to agree whether a case should be referred to committee there will also be a case review with the Committee Chair in cases where there's been an amenity society objection applications which are recommended for refusal by officers would continue to be determined under delegated authority and less called in by Councillor
officers had notified amenity societies by e-mail and a notice has been published on the Council's website about the proposed changes a number of representations have been received which are reproduced in the Committee addendum report officers acknowledged the concerns raised and considered that the time limited proposals been made have the appropriate safeguards built in to ensure continued transparency and democratic accountability and decision making is to be noted that a number of the provisions of the Council scheme of delegation are replicated within the Council's Statement of Community involvement
and a separate paper recommending corresponding time-limited changes to the Statement of Community involvement is been taken to the Mayor and Cabinet for consideration tomorrow evening
the proposed changes to the Committee referral thresholds will require the support of both the Strategic Planning Committee and the Mayor and Cabinet in order to be brought into effect
if approved all of the agreed changes will be rebuked reviewed after a period of three months and for the avoidance of doubt its proposed at the three month temporary period will expect expire on 16th September 20 20 so to conclude Chair it's recommended that Strategic Planning Committee authorise the temporary amendment to the list of matters that are reserved to Planning Committees A B and C and to strategic planning committee in the Council scheme of Delegation as set out on page 14 of the agenda

1 Declarations of Interests

thank you for my note that I got questions wanting to be asked to be from Castle Olivier cause for club AC recipe appropriates fit point machine and before I let you start to ask Members if anyone has any interest to declare in items on the agenda I'm sure some of the a smile what's declare the we're members of various of the amenity societies that he just mentioned could we just do that first a if any Members want to declare an interest and wry I've got Councillor knocking see you that he's cause it's not identified probably of Councillor Walsh and is that question or decoration Councillor Walsh
if the question Chair OK at home just just told of the question for a loan
Kevin Olivier have you gone declarations of interests yes I a member of the Black-E society and I'm also the chair of the Blackheath joint working party enough any any other members young offenders looked to declare interest then bother say in a bit but just a and your might and find that I'll go round believes is mechanical of new and you have you got any interest in this or other items on the agenda here just to declare that as mayor and cabinet are reviewing this tomorrow that's an amended and cabinet the skilful disclosure
right there Councillor Pontyberem at you Councillor Clarke have you have you got any interest to clear
note I felt that there's no Councillor Karon
Leicester I'm declaring the I am vocal supporter of the Linux projects since its inception
bar OK sets out there I'm happy I'm not sure that's an interest offer some I I am also a member of the Sydenham society the record which is one of the amenity society just mentioned Councillor galah have you got any interest you want to declare no OK full Kenyan could you please to turn off your camera Councillor Gibbons you got me interest you want to clear no I didn't OK Councillor committee where have you got any interest you want to glare no Chair
OK I've mentioned to and Councillor Walsh Eddie Rooney interest said amenity societies or the thing to those wicked was war

3 Proposed Temporary changes to the Scheme of Delegation

OK thank you very large trucks and will come to the minutes after this item so I've got questions on the report that we just had from PRUs fail I think the first one was from Councillor Bond of fear and then been Councillor Clarke and then Councillor Bell the gate they Kelly thank you Chair my questions as more really at the seeking reassurance about why we're doing this and that is absolutely temporary Sir by way of background and and not carry interest of the caring
and another related point that on the Member and Chair of the local democracy working Group and as part of the Market Review one of the recommendations it's considering ways in which we could reform a pleasant planning decision making process so that it is more engaging with with our residents and and is it's more more efficient in the way we make decisions and one of the things that we want to look at is is actually how we go about and dealing with objections and what was the threshold that brings them into ward committee now as part of that process we won't do that as a full proper public engagement and I just want to sort of you know now obviously we've got covert and obviously we've got a practical issue here so I just want to ensure that the the democracy working Group will be looking at this when once a review once a temperature has come to an end and I would hope that you know we can have some evidence to help evaluate that when we we engaged with the public and then the second thing I want assurance on is just is that of course people could still make objections means societies cancel Nick objections and counted thought Nick objections I just want to check of cow how officers will engage with the relevant respective Chairs and in in in deciding whether or not where objections are raised that it will go to Committee in his temporary period
can I get connected to the other to push in front line at Bristol Council had plot and then Councillor Vale thank you Chair I just wanted to reiterate the points that Councillor interview was making about the Permanency it says it would be reviewed in three months however reviewing is different to actually saying that this would be a temporary measure and would finish at a certain point so my concern is that this would a review would be thorough and would not necessarily lead to the Permanency and I'd like to know how it was going to be reviewed and by whom and how that we would decide whether it was successful or not because there's quite a lot of their detail there that I would like to know and the other question was it says where we have a backlog of 40 which seems an awful lot considering we were take our planning committees
sorry I had some feedback there that we were taking planning committees until the end of March sound a bit surprised that were that far behind because that's been used as an argument to push this forward when we really have only missed April and May which should be more than a small a small number of committees and finally I'd like to see that it would be new Unst because occasionally you get one or two objectors who are very badly affected by a development and the wider community isn't so I'd like to make sure that the Planning Committee commit to some nuance in this that where there is one or two objectors very badly affected that there might look at that to take it to Committee
thank you Chair
Councillor BELL
my crushes been asked for a different future
emerald-green of Vice Chair of Ulster Christians Row 0 sorry limb
you are right while I was going to get a kick the officers those three questions to answer then and income so the next lot right
about and thank you Chair and yes 0 to deal with the and queries in turn firstly on to give an Councillor Barnett via you the reassurance that yes we have been working really hard on the Local democracy review and this and that is still the intention obviously none of us had planned for this and this event and this is unprecedented but I want to give you that commitment that that full review around or democracy and meaningful engagement is something that and the Planning Department still very much want to continue and want to continue with yes people will still be be able to object in the normal way and irrespective of the route where the decision is made object objections are still fully fully considered dealing with the Permanency issue I want to again reassured that the intention is that this is in place for a three month periods I think the reason that we've put in the it's a review rather than it won't go on beyond three months is because we just don't know where we will be in in three months' time whether we'll be able to neat and in person and so that was seen to be a reasonable time period to help us make decisions which are in the interest of of applicants as well I mean we're looking to and take this approach on in a schemes as an example the ones in the pilot climbed you know things like the details of materials condition and single storey rear extensions that type of application but to make sure that the most complex cases and still come to Planning Committee and the how this is reviewed and by whom I mean it will be bought back to and Strategic Planning Committee and to anti-men cabinet and as for the exact nature of the review I think you know we're not we're not set in stone about that I think it is a genuine question about what is success of of this I think it's going to be about the quality of decisions and ensuring that we've still been able to ensure that we're making the right decisions in a transparent and fair way and that's the type of thing that I would want in in any decision making and process and
I think in terms of the backlog and how it's grown a has really grown during during lockdown and surprisingly we didn't you know we we didn't introduce these measures immediately we wanted to see whether we did need to and make any changes but even since we publish that report you know it's now I think sitting about 45 46 so we are still getting a number of people participating which is a good thing which is a good thing and against the neurons of this and there is still the safeguards in there so what we're seeking to do he's with the Chairs Review to again give some comfort and empowering members still and to take decisions and in the call-in wouldn't be affected and I'm myself in my role can also refer and things to Planning Committee which may not be hitting a certain threshold but as you say are still nuanced and have that more significant impacts so I hope I've addressed all of those questions but I'm happy to take any follow ups
repent it gave some some Desa as our own here the moment but one of the safeguards of the old habits his of people can concept one of their councillors and the Councillor Call application been ultimately my right of Councillor Khan and Councillor Walsh Head contributions or questions Councillor Karon was
thank you Chair I must think you aren't just answer my question must be a bit slow tonight I missed that that if a one of the Ward Councillors
raises an objection that will automatically be called him with that won't necessarily goes automatically to the Planning Committee
look it will automatically go to Planning Committee so that routes is an is unchanged so member call-in or still mean a decision at Planning Committee not proposing any changes to them as one cycles
can I just ask then sorry Chair and his the system society made a comprehensive list of questions to the stakeholder Planning Manager for Planning and I can see looking at them all of those been addressed apart from one and I just I just raise it Mino which is asking the where to amenity societies objects than it automatically goes to planning committee I would just like her that are common on that those
I think that that would well the way that it works is it's unusual to have were supporting convoys Wharf we have more than one those tend to be ones that would go to committee anyway what I think we need to be careful of is that we don't have local issues and society who are active in those areas and objecting so I think that where you have those situations where you have groups who are active in the same area and then I imagine they would be more complex cases
I can foresee the fitness sited ourselves society having hence of litter for and area Station clear my name as the thank you thank you John I have Councillor Walsh
you had a question I think
I don't thank you Chair my question is around the demolition of public house criteria
first of all I I it's good to see that there are protections in therefore paths I think that's important is it only so is there any reason why it's only limited to the demolition of public house rather than change of use given out by us stones on hearts and the protection of them and then also square that we've got this ball pops how about other assets of Community value will they be treated in the same way could they be treated in the same way that'd be good to hear from and then my final question is a technical one and that is chairs of planning committees will undertake case review will they be allocated on a random basis and every third one a planning Chair would get instant
and to do with the question on the demolition of pubs I mean that using the common constitution and I think what we've sought to do I'll make changes and limit those to the things that are unnecessary and or we feel are necessary at this time given that with seeking to introduce it in this manner and not via a local democracy review so
I think you know as I would suggest that it would be as part of a broader discussion weeds and full public consultation that we may want to look at those rather than and rather than this route on the on the practicalities of how the Chair review with work I mean I think you know I think simplicity is our friend in in all of these things so and the idea of having a road to of chairs whether that's weekly fortnightly and the cases that during that period have met that trigger of between five and nine objections being being built and to Members to dimple to the Chair's that's the common thinking that again what I think we're to very happy of course we will engage with and with Chairs as we as we do that and if this is if this is agreed
I very much
now I I think that are not entirely sure all we've got one member of the public who wants to address this I think on behalf of one or more amenity society is is is held shields in the meeting these early yesterday the good evening I'm how Chilson the Blackheath Society I saw you for a moment Hudlin delicious make sure we got you fully connected Purcell so yes I can see you Members can you can you see an Hindus to heal OK
but then haven't noticed this Brighton have you listen heels could you could you into introduce your so often and start all of the EU total Sport City for 5 minutes than we might want lasting question yes I won't the that's true I'm are grateful for the opportunity to attend the meeting I actually asked her for the right to attend not to I wasn't actually expecting the rights to speak so good surf some vital the specs than having said that let me just take the only take one minute just to acknowledge that the concerns of the many amenity societies have been very clearly outlined in the extra addendum that you've looked at I note one of the the reassurance in particular in the covering paragraph about the the the term of this sum arrangement the limitation 3 months and immerse talked about that and I also notice in that paragraph that officers say that the concerns have been expressed by ourselves the Blackheath Society of which I named head of the Planning Group and the Black Keys society just to make their clear the concerns that we have all expressed officers believe have been taken into account and we'll be acknowledged as this process the roads forward and the only other thing I would like to just leave them with you are Chair is just the with that the processes that we're now going to go through the coming months complicated as they are in a difficult period that the pressures of made as clear as possible in any communications on the Council whether it be the website or the papers for meetings so that people like ourselves can see exactly what what our rights on wider opportunities up to to participate so thank you very much for the opportunity to input and that's all I have to say right thank you and had a figure to be batting for the Mashlan civil Murphy made he started in Lewisham there so a month like the rival artistic that Mendes had had you have any burger meal portions finishing points regarding indicating that he had
I can't see any any item 8 in that Hastert your thank you very much
I have to make a decision on this item and then move on to the next one if you could turn your camera off now on and meet your mind that here you're welcome stay in the meeting on Fontaine's if you want to because they'll be allowed if you trot enjoying the but the public webcast view of it
members are we here
is it because they believe he wants to raise any other points on this item or are we ready to make a decision on its
and I'm not seeing or hearing any dissent or really in shock column however
I'm happy to move the recommendations in alphabet Council he got there before me
Councillor Walsh has indicated the chap he liked to move the recommendations who would like to second bats well I'll do that I saw I've seconding the recommendations
Councillor Callaghan if you could you could them not participate in this discussion please because if we'll wait until we get to the one that you are participating it so when I just ask the Clerk to take a roll call vote on these recommendations in alphabetical order starting a Councillor Bill
as we discussed before the meeting started Gassman Ansell about 4 am
the nomination for Councillor Clarke for Councillor Koran for Councillor Gardiner
Gallaher I think
number Councillor Gibbons absolutely 4 Councillor O Batty aware for as long as showed on writing for as low worse
On catalyst
why have we lost from fabric Councillor Gallagher
actually you are even the me thing you need to give me your Michael something
I pay a been could you check whether Councillor gallows in the meeting oak no I can't hear you Ashling
they introduce why we can't hear why I can't have been kept of the Gallaher can anybody else indicate if they come here as the Gallaher she of the problem with her Mike could you indicate in the Shatt Councillor Callaghan whether you're voting for or against this item

2 Minutes

has it works are yes can he now chairs thank you cycle Mike Arman at sunset OK idle hands again please accrue if you been able to hear the whole of beside some are you voting for a girl yeah yeah in favour four yet UK school OK I think that's unanimously all nine members for that item and clearing up after Grieve let's move on riot next I just want to do as I should have done this early because natural feel it doesn't actually matter can we just agree before the girls and boys was the minutes of Strategic Planning Committee C of 30th of January this year Scott House I think
I am very happy to agree them as an accurate record their their lives and in in your your
I I'm I'm saying no dissent on that are not in fact a road built I certainly can we agree as a true record the minutes of the 13th of February which was an interesting application in Blackheath
I think

4 PLOT 08, 15 and 22, CONVOYS WHARF, LONDON, SE8 3JH

OK I see and hear no dissent on that so those agree to I have no idea what right it's going to make the Chair to sign minutes of interesting than mine right OK with that done less move on so convoys Walkleys the way we going to deal with that is on going to ask festival Michael Forrester one of our senior planning officers to give us a presentation outlined in the overall situation this this is rather unusual because these are not straightforward any applications they are if he liked follow up to an outline application which was highly contentious and I'm shall remain highly contentious for a very long time to come and play volition 3 outline application was eventually taken away from motion council are much too all about displeasure and was named by the Mayor of London not the current Mayor of London and the previous mayor of London Ms. Johnson so with that I'm going to hand over to Michael Forrester Michael is gonna give us the the background and history to that's not the history dating back the NBA's I hope he might let them get up and then we are going to deal with the three separate applications to got on plots 22 plot A and then Plot 15 of the convoys Wharf site each as separate decisions as they laid out in the reports I Michael soldiers I can turn out any very briefly mention Henry today
what can you let me know but you can be my screen I can see all of your screen now not just the presentation now I can just see the presentation the on your screen which is for walking envy applied against it so far like for Ireland and it will be about five minutes or so so just to show you when the application site that is convoys Wharf without line Sinn bread and can you see my cursor as well
I can say yes
outlines in road network on the 10 m set fares on the found through with Grandage
so very very quickly convoys Wharf is a new name it was formerly called The King's yards while Royal Dockyard about 15 31 by King Henry VIII building ships EVAW navy 5 also covered what was safe manner and garden this that was the House of the virus on even the best of that site is now necessary Court Park so at the photograph on the bottom left for you
the sites having all that history of 15 13 today
it was also the subject of the largest of excavation of a naval dockyards so the game of London published a book on that and not some first of of of the excavation of the dry dock and some of the historical building
so an aerial shot of the site and the central double and and fit dossing caught the Olympia warehouse that's Grade II listed and the freshly laid tarmac road you can see the left has been built by the applicant that links the site accesses on approved streets and new king street Quint freeze and so that was later think in 20 16
I will start looking south towards Greenwich you could see about an access road again
and how internally in the view looking towards road streets and towards the listen gates the building sites of the rear is the Lansley's development sites
I'm not are you looking towards a fast Terrace and leeway because if the boundary wall
and then centrally within the site looking north towards Canary Wharf
the construction of it within the softness of the grade II-listed Olympia building
I'm inside the Olympia building
but they have a view and founding on the JSC looking back towards the listed with a wall and that's one of the existing warehouses in green and the Peter states behind overfish
the standing of the JSC now looking north towards the pizza state
swinging round for a review of the river and Canary Wharf's and then background again towards Drainage the buildings that you can see immediately in foregrounds that's moan of pounds and force it was actually encourage
then in view of the access from New King's streets up by the existing vacancy rates
so in 2 thousand and 13 and outline planning application was submitted for the three and a half thousand units and a significant amount of non-residential floorspace including retail offices hotels school community space
so that was in 2 thousand and 13 in October of that year the Mayor of London Boris Johnson at that time notified the Council that he would act as the local planning authority and so calling in the planning application in 2 thousand 14 some Lucian committees next to advise the Mayor of concerns they had regarding the application and later in 2 thousand 14 of February the GLA consulted on minor changes to the scheme
the deletion of plots 17 and amalgamation of that space in surplus 16 some massing changes and then some parameter changes in March the Mayor held a hearing at City Hall where he granted outline planning permission
across the next year until March 2 thousand and 15 for the legal Agreement was worked up signs and planning permission for Bishoo
so what the Mayor approved is listed on the left-hand side that the maximum amount of development and the number of plots importantly for their discussion later the parameters for each of those plots by means of maximum and minimum height width and length
hopefully amounts of uses points of access road routes and car parking
phasing leaving to TB approved through reserved matters applications if the seated appearance of those buildings which needs to be in accordance with the parameter plans set off over design houses
that number of residential units
then each plot that's the amounts of its use and the layout of its unit
and then landscaping across a much more tightly controlled less compared to what was approved so I've got to do this slight and based held in your agenda packs this is the
a package of section 1 0 6 that's was agreed in the outline planning permission as a covering community infrastructure and employment transport in terms of the affordable housing
that 50 percent of the site wide as a minimum with a review mechanism across each phase that is split 30 percent as rented tenure and that was known as affordable rents that then Maggie agenda pack show that the section 1 0 6 signed covers a 60 percent of market rent as affordable rents so that was back in 2 thousand 15
70 percent of units being in some measure what you will see an unpopular seen is that officers recognise that no longer considered to be unaffordable product and through negotiation with developer we have sought to secure London affordable went in plotted scene
and not supported the recommendations before you tonight
I always through the approved plans so the phasing plan everything in yellow Phase 1
in pink in the middle Phase 2
the kind of powerful colour with Phase 3 and in the was is first then none of plots 21
vehicular routes this read the bar on the middle effectively that line of thought access for dusting constructed with second of your routes that serve a speech of the plots 30 consider lodged a good chunk of the sites is is non vehicular access and safe pedestrian in terms of Funkel movements keeping heads you can feel as the extension of a tenth path
the pedestrian circulation very much the same hands path and explores the river
the on street parking so around each of the plots
and then it sensibly transport any faster route Bus route through the site with bus stops centrally and the need of the bus service located from Plot 22 the jetty
private and public open space and the three hectares of open space approved from the scheme everything in yellow there's publicly publicly accessible open space
bees yellow dashed line which is probably can't see 5 added yellow arrows some highlight where rights of way have been secured further sites taking into peace park and then the 10th path extension of wealth
light-green sets out a raised podium level space that would be for residents of both plots and then in thought green
so here is cloud level trying to open so for residents of those plots
the promises so there's a maximum as a minimum parameter
maximum bearing and read the minimum being in green and any subsequent reserved matter having speed as falling between the two but those and storey heights generally across the site that between 5 and 14 storeys three four buildings so plots 6 and block 14 towers of Firth yoke stories and on plots who of 48th voice
that's a massing diagram based on the consented premise of plants
and for the matters to be considered for and by members neither the Planning Committee are the reserved matters of plots 15 8 and 22
so that's a cut for you David Robinson will cover those in more detail and that's the end of Michael's annotation
thank you very much my thoughts and any questions now that on that rather than the details of the three specific applications obviously I think in wanting to know how those applications relate to things like section 1 0 6 obligations members might lead to refer back to you later we'll we'll come to that when we do I'm I'm councillor Olivier indicated first that he'd like to ask you
given go-ahead thank you Chair and thank you Michael for that very general overview was very complicated history it's very unfortunate that it was Boris Johnson back in 20 14 who took this out of a local decision where we had an applicant who said that they they they thought were taken too long and took it straight to City Hall and unfortunately the spy on the switch planning back then making objections he overruled those objections and not as
the level of harm
affordable housing that 15 percent is way but be below what we expected then and our current target of a 50 per cent and grateful that you said earlier that plot 15 is one of the three were looking at two night I know that's a combination of intermediate in London affordable rent and appreciate what officers have done together tightness from I can tell that seems to be 52 percent 48 percent 50 percent London affordable rent and 40 percent Intermediate I don't like that term it's it's primarily shared ownership so intermediates its way beyond what most people can afford
but I appreciate what you've done bearing in mind that as a review says across the whole development at minimum 15 percent and can I have your assurance last night that officers will meet on a card Mayors target of of 50 we want to send affordable minimum road even look anything below 35 percent going forward but how are you going to try and implement that Sir plot by plot across the board
I'm quite rightly to account for that so the section 1 I think that was fine
allow for a minimum of 15 percent across the site now a path thing is that there are multiple review the viability of such a big scheme you wouldn't or the one review at the ends is if a far faffy began the Conor leaving period too long so some kind of phase by phase so the Council get multiple stab to review this when we already happen of appointed
that we'll suffer for done and we'll be revealing bat as and when
required further 1 0 6 now in terms of the the tenure of his review would say that the affordable rent security in that agreement doesn't meet local and up-to-date policy and sense of before the ability and offices we we realised that
and that's that's why we've been in quite detailed discussions with the applicant the 20 secured something that is more affordable which is why we've secured about block a scene that does require a change for one of fix
so that's part of your recommendations that will be pushing that average plots come forward other men
Rachel Councillor Phil adjusting the you mustn't source about 4 thousand suits the three-judge so I have three questions I just say about 50 percent affordable housing that is truly pitiful and preferably a disgrace legacy of Boris Johnson there is is intended to making sure the population is being cold to speak at the moment so my three questions are first one about the 1 0 6 agreement
so the there's a condition on that that the developers supposed to set up a cultural Steering Group but according to information received it hasn't met since December 20 18 so why going onto plot 15 I have concerns about the separate entrances for the London affordable rent and intermediate rent so can we condition that differently and thirdly there's not a private space green space on the site and which seems to be a small little gators green communities so can be condition the green space to be less private and more public please
he asked me a question about the Yemen amenity space
do you want to take that as part of the application relates to Michael world than generally or we realises too so the open faith if a if a secure prompt the plan on the outline planning permission for that such health generally open space available to the public across the site of a third as I 3 Haxell for and that's within each plot internally and put him level and would have a garden for the residents of quite normal and that around the edges of the sites where there are kind of foundry conditions that that those spaces are earmark as ground floor amenity space for those residents
neither can often vary so you the parameter plan set out if after that will help there was a lower development nearby called Son House or something that originally was private podium amenity space bits they agreed the developer there to open it
On the far apart symbol of thick been war if the current planning applications at that's not personal consented
at the moment
surplus 15 substances at entrances and the cultural Steuben earthen thoughtful Aldea Kibaale off the Evans to answer the and the cultural fearing group and the different heavily involved in that fantasy Joint Council and De if it Robinson the case officer can pick up on the the the entrances and the Darfur logically maddening in martinet were fifth do that what's the part of thing here
it will we bring in Spain Councillor Karon you creating a question as well is it anything additional about cultural steering group and strategy or other is useful lightbulb
I think you are muted them
and Paul asked to some of the questions I wanted to ask I do want to drill down into the detail later about separate entrances because I deliver to a lot of buildings where along the River where these have been created and at least a visit some bizarre convolutions in design that are really weird normally call poor doors but that's a little bit odd but then lots of follow that up and I just thought to ask for the benefit of everyone
what what would it was the Officer's view if we just stuck our hit Dugher hills in tonight and made a recommendation that we want a higher proportion of affordable the housing what would over their view beyond that
that members of his that matters on three plots and now they need to relate to the consented Plymouth plan and also seeking centres and signed legal agreement now if there was to be an over 10 on on something then not as I continue to appeal and then and then charged to the Council
OK I think that my face the our scope for the season here shall we go to bed now for his comments on the cultural strategy because that is seen to be something that developers break there he was on they are you the reverse
yes I will you go to
and so are the comments on the cultural Steering Group
prior to 20 18 the applicant's complied with the strict terms of the Section 1 of 6 agreement and submitted what's called an initial cultural Strategy that was rejected by the council and not supported
at the subsequent meeting that took place in 20 18 an amendment to that initial cultural Strategy was tabled by the applicants but that also was not agreed by the Steering Group a since 20 18
through until this December 20 19 the applicant spoiler prepared a fully revised a draft cultural Strategy for consideration that was informally circulated by the applicants for the initial feedback to consider whether it justified are calling of the Steering Group to consider that revised cultural struck after G the general feeling was amongst the members of the Steering Group Berrywood Wadsworth reconvening the Steering Group to consider the revised cultural strategy and the applicants were in the process of looking to set a date for a feat further meeting the Steering Group when in March this year locked down kicked in and we have we've now a pause the arrangements for that Steering Group to take place but it's a it's ready to happen when as soon as I can take place thank you Chair
circular just come back on that with your indulgence or not so if they didn't meet from December 20 18 and I realise as a period of time a rich new strategies be consulted on the the Steering Group but what happened to most of 20 19 and the beginning part of 20 20 as the developer to skipped over those years because it seems to me they could have organised one in between those periods before we we have her that the lockdown period
thank God for yet but there was discussions that are taking place continuously through that 12 month period but none of it justified the recording of the Steering Group in order to consider afresh cultural Strategy
there were also discussions that I was involved in with local community groups about the merits of their contents to list of cultural Strategy which I was feeding back to the applicants in order to inform a revised approach and that resulted in December 20 19 with a as significantly changed approach to the cultural Strategy
OK I cancel appear has got a question is his career having uncomfortable strategy bright carrying go I'm thanks verve and following up on the cult of strategies be absolutely clear minute it is a pretty poor show that it's taken so long now which again I want assurances that this overview stage that
the the cultural strategy has to be agreed before anybody occupiers those units and that's what any unit on that site the entire site because that's what I've seen so we need you know there has to be that pressure point that's my understanding can you just confirm exactly that that the the order in which cultural strategies agreed and people occupying units on that site
I cannot before you do that can I get back to that perhaps you could confirm Pressel or correctness but the scope of the cultural Saturdays nymphet cover on pretty much all of those elements that we thought were important answered the community stake in from Boys War exceeding the linnet for against a thing that happened to says for Gardens
and what we're putting the difficulty open from other so not knowing how the council and community interested Villar presented on this steering
nurse thank those so take those questions in Sydenham first year Council of these question about the timing of occupation there's a clause in the Section 1 0 6 agreement which requires an initial cultural Strategy to have been submitted which has been complied with there's also a clause which says that no more than 250 units residential units can be sold an occupied in the scheme prior to the approval of the cultural strategy so there is a period of time between the submission of an initial cultural strategy and then the former agreement and adoption of the of the final cultural Strategy in the under that the trigger is the sailor occupation of 250 units at the site so they are allowed to PRU if if permission is granted and if approval is granted they are allowed to proceed but they can't proceed beyond 250 without an agreed cut for strategy being in place
on the on the point that the Chair Chairman raise regarding the nature of community involvement there his huge community interest in the contents of a Eddie cultural strategy which will be submitted by the applicants there was a meeting of community groups that took place earlier this year to consider what projects would be in the Committee would like to put forward to be good considered in the intercultural strategy it's important to emphasise that the Steering Group is precisely what it says it is a Steering Group it's not it's not meant to adopt the cultural strategy that is for the Council to agree and consider with the applicant or the Steering Group as there to inform the process by which earned agreed cultural Strategy can come forward
the applicants have engaged a fresh consultants to engage with the local community over recent months God process has begun but it's far from being completed are the next stages the is a formal meeting of the steering group to agree a public consultation on the revised draft of the cultural strategy and I will trigger huge amount of public interest in the in the locality
how is the community represented on the steering room
yeah then that is the original members of the Steering Group in terms of organisations so the or applicants are required to put forward members and the Council has the Head of Planning would be the representative for the council at Trinity Le Bon has a representative on the steering group and Goldsmiths University also has a representative now all agreed on the Steering Group and also there's a member from of Phil who is also representing local schools and the community is also on the steering group
I don't see anybody else indicating questions either on that or further questions and Michael so it where happy as we can be been paraquat reminded all for Forest made some of his worst political decisions in 20 15 such can histories proved too strong has met
if we had finished asking questions of Michael been I propose we move on to item 4 B of the agenda which is the incineration of plots 22
it is called the supply chain
I think we'll rewriting of property due to a little bit slow by the least and signs through east of the first time during this not ran a physical table on I will be proposing to suspend Standing orders because I would like us to reach a decision ancillary see patients are nice but I'd ask Members to be as brief as possible we are going to have to hear African subjects us and
ward councillors under Standing orders for each of these three items stones had asked members to drown or health the same being as efficient as possible boss getting everything a fair hearing rice though I'm under no one so item 4 be 22 now I'm favoured I think you're going to if the initial presentations at this press and then members will asking questions and I'm also asking him with members of submitting any questions by e-mail Vicky can dress those when you've given us the presentation that we were planning so and then I'll take any further questions from members and they were loop on each case with this application includes roles and agree some feedback from summary of it think it's my in in each case we will ask the African if they want so address the structure for five minutes we will ask an objector to speak for up to five minutes and we will ask all sorts of Resipol thing for our consideration and for we discuss and decide this application and then subsequently gather to the cake so will adopt that model for all of them and they if you kick off with your presentation for 22 please
can I just didn't hear me OK
I can tell you
OK thank you Members I think I think the Member's accuracy Kanya
thank you and they never something Robinson Planning Case Officer for the convoys Wharf reserved matters applications because application being presented for determination is a reserved matters application in relation to plop 22 of the convoys Wharf to Albarn says
the reserved matters application relates to the refurbishment of the existing river jetty
cytokines some feedback
as as anybody to get my phone meeting
I can now I have I think it's my doing this OK how luck continued and there was early on as application relates to the refurbishment of the existing of Ligeti the construction of a building for use as a bar and restaurant classes A3 A for the construction of a river was Ponton Pontin and counting break landscaping today public round and social services and utilities
the proposals for Plot 22 would provide 5 thousand 330 square metres of landscaped publicly accessible open space a three-storey building which would account accommodate a bar and restaurant use and accounting brilliant mover was Pontin which would provide a connection to the river bus services
your gender satisfied the Planning Assessment and officers' recommendation to brief the reserved matters in relation to plots 20 plus 22 as well as the discharge of several outline planning permission conditions as I know from the recommendation Part 6 of the report sets out its consultation for the application in response to the level of objection received a local meeting was held at the caravan communities answer on the 30th July to maintain and monitor attached as Appendix 2 additionally the applicant held two further drop and consultation events on the 29th of South and 3rd March this year at the Community action Center Grove streets and
and consultation for this application is the same as the fallen to ends plot 15 and plod away so I'm not and repeat that am when presenting those
and so moving to the first slide and the show's Des Knight author of trashing
I was 10
I don't think we see your presentation yet
there was
anyone Members know where you got to so far as is the bit about me yet he actual frontage in that year no problem and yet so I stated this estate the same location and the plot only to the existing refugees
and how does my girls are still to comprehensively that opens in the says has been assessed and the OPP outline planning permission granted this on anonymous development principles and parameters these include the overall quantum St Albans and mix of uses scale height massing of balance as well as a general lack of the site
this application relates only to the reserved matters plus Plot 22 reserved matters are defined as layout scale appearance landscaping and access the also should be noted by Members that each of these must be within the parameters that have already been defined for a start and found permission
the Slade shows the context of pay 22 and often the master plan
I against and the other two applications for consideration tonight plot away and flop have thing
and as late as well
the Slade indicates earlier in the proposal is access to Plot 22 of temporary car parks which they removed as the rest of fears one comes forward
the slave razor CTA of the proposals are people want it to just gives you an idea of the skills proposals and the skills the board and proposed and the point in and compliant to the the own plan from Russian parameters on the main site and behind the river wall
another CGI of the to detain from river with the I'm prouder and plan idling planning permission massing to the rear
and the more damage
an analogy from the other night
this is a Nigel Spink as I had the applicant despite the and Jan envisages looking once complete
in moving to the floor plans for could the ground floor plan the the strong part tolling
he proposed First floor Plan
and the propose Terrace
the summons shows a and approach to materiality and P 22 though and still largely glazed and ground floor glazed with a cantilevered first floor and also glazed and Rhys terror standard sack of store Loule with pay 30 girl plants screamed with to the net from timbre that show more on the NEC said Slade again the approach to materiality later in a more detail here
into the elevations proposed side elevation
and the other side
proposed front and rear elevations
the slide shows how the and proposals of Pete onto to would link to the River bus service in Leeds nuclear that the planting hammered the pontoon and the counting Bray and are in the bottom occasion as requested by the PLA and two facility at this connection to the rhetoric of service
moving to the layout of the pontoon and counting way so they rethink and to sack with the existing Jarrier 22
and the layout of the Pontin itself of covered waiting area
and an image showing an
and the proposed materiality of the and through ever boss Pontithel am in proposed materials as one expects and for endorsement Ponting to couple of the ceiling conditions of the other and exposed whether
sort something before there's no amount of temporary landscaping proposed that access and parking to the jetty temporary works outlined in orange and the permanent landscape works are outlined in blue actually on the Jad itself the protected landscape works for the areas the practitioners Taguri come forward as other and plots and fears Warner submit
difference periods can be 15 have already been innocent civilian form part of the agenda
smoothly turn landscaping is make us touchstone the for and the eyelid from HRA plan has fixed was prayed at was public and in terms off and open space so page 22 is defined as publicly accessible open space and that is him controlled by that name plan from Ossian and parameters
into the landscape programmed for Johnny itself a pocket guide side needing from the last few strain right with a pocket garden informal and landscape place and ask a player I saw it
and the brother bus arrival and circulation waiting area
terraces an informal performance space
he terrorist surrounding the proposed bowling
ceiling steps and pop up performance space and were sitting areas finishing of a pocket garden
some indicative sections of the journey home look once complete
give an idea of the human scale
and the planting planned and for people detained being carefully selected to be bossed given the the weather conditions of the planting with fierce on the today
and again the ceiling conditions of the river
that brings us to the end of the presentation and cherry can keep the presentation of to refer to some sleighs are can remove it start sharing screen an eye
I can keep pig hesitation on for the moment OK so I'll do so arches
I just quickly quickly go through to this end the rest of Fine cooking considerations here then and the application proposes Savile under 85 square metres of A3 A4 uses with an A3 or was an a three-storey building as well as a river course pontoon and counting bright and cards for the PP parameters the proposal would provide 5 thousand 330 square metres affirms open space also accords with the OP parameters it is no doubt allocation is also in accordance with all other promotor plans as approved by the I'm planning permission
the proposed dwelling is considered to be located in the optimal optimal position on the journey and the clearest and cantilever design kept the boarding a lightweight appearance considered appropriate for its location in the development the proposed counting Brian Pontin are considered to be an appropriate location to live a good visual link between the Olympia voting and the future ever service and a very good length of the mast his task appear
On the other side of the river so not only do you have an east-west connection by river there's also a north soil element to it as well
however still before this is the preferred location for the Port of London Authority
the proposed structures also considered an acceptable with regard to impact on the surrounding heritage assets
with regard to access the application has been amended from its original submission which proposed access access from Watergate Street I would reckon bought down emissions femme Horsham of Grade II listed while there they mended accesses night from the top of the King Street and is considered a much more appropriate and his endorsed and by the Council's Highways Department subject to improvement works to New King Street junction which will be secured by condition the materiality and planting for the Gerry's content considered to be appropriate and of high quality
with regards reflection of heritage the character of this plot set firmly within the 20th century post-industrial Arab carer
and the proposals have been designed to reflect this the proposed concrete pavers running parallel to the chatty are I can say to a flag atop the tracks which would have existed here to comedy at the cleans which have been used for luck loading off-loading purposes
additionally the counting Brian shape of that has been the same design so as to reflect what we'll trust of the Greek until yesterday and building but my I go refer to your LA earlier to concluded application presents a headquarters albums and significant public benefits and provision 5 thousand 330 square metres of public open space on the GLA and prevails accounting growing or loss pontoon so tit I connection another those service
reserved matters application
under application for approval of discharge of conditions having inserted in the light of the relevant policies and standards as well as round presented representations from third parties
reserved matters are considered to be in conformity with the approved development parameters for the scheme to scale massing floorspace mix of uses and extend the public round I was submitted details including those under conditions satisfactorily addressed the relevant policy considerations and other requirements including a principal saddo and satiric Site allocation in the Core Strategy
as such the recommendation as the Committee resolved to grant reserved matters and calls for the recommendation made in the officer report and that brings me to them
unfortunately this part of the stuff I case is going to be going to become public realm that will be accessible from you King Street soon not not combine to people do or residents of listed for development
Councillor Clarke you had a question and it's before you ask that I got to know on the chap from Councillor Keller her the Councillor Carlin Cole get listens to the meeting so perhaps and giving fallacy or D-New would help Councillor Carlo gave emissions of the meeting while we're while we're going there but I don't think we'll for so and Councillor Clarke he were even ext before I must thank you Chair it was just a little bit of detail I can't remember seeing some of these things in the actual notes the I was not the management of landscaping of his public realm how would the landscaping be managed and I wanted to suggest he would be open at all times to the public if this is public realm and the sorry the management of the landscaping her how that would be paid for and the maintenance of it if it fails as well because it is in a very open environment very close to a river which is very yen open to all sorts of weather and he could fail and then I'd like to know what would happen the other question I have is on the glass and the would there is some question over the materials such as glass being used close to a river and I know that the some mitigation that it says but I'd like a bit more detail about that would in particular can deteriorate very quickly near the water environment and it could look very dig dilapidated very quickly and finally I don't know whether this comes under our remit but I would be if its public realm if it's open all times especially in the summer and is there adequate safety equipment if it's a public realm thank if you know if somebody actually is pushed into the river has has that been fully covered I'm not sure if that we can cover this in this application thank you OK Christians this one if you could just held on so the answer for that the minute I would
I've got question Councillor Walshaw source before Shukat's the caramel sauce question so could be take those as well face Jaime
of to brief presence if I might add the first is around ancillary uses of this outside space and what a facility being put in to the hard landscaping to enable any such activity so is it going to be used or a small music events all was that my big animal second question is about Israel God's the Liverpool stop or I don't know the answer to this this is we are tonight deciding half of our river frontage as a local authority so we then get to do this
licensing authority of US star and have done a retired technicians interests to ensure this early learning is appropriate and we feel it is a map design aspirations in the borough
sorry Councillor Walsh could you repeat the last 10 question and to some ministers so up with regard to the river bus stop can I ask who the Stop naming authority is and whether we have done we can't protect solutions interest when sure of the name is appropriate or matches more our aspirations of the area I because from the plans it could be a Raleigh River staff could be convoys Wharf it could be a number of things I want to make sure that we have an influence over that year
it it point 8 50 percent of our out hymns from St Jeremy gravitated sense frontage right and Councillor Karon could you put your question to at David as well things
then thank you Chair got a few the first one is is about a monitoring of the construction by council officers and the Planning Department this is relevant to all of the site so I just thought I might as well raised it at this point you know
so the first thing is given the scale complexity and enjoy 30 of the development how will the council's planning department physically monitor inspect the progress and development of the sites to ensure full compliance and can we consider permanent CCTV to help assist officers in monitoring development and can we include its installation and location upkeep in the conditions for the application to finance
so I've been quite specific so sorry for the length of that
is public access to the Thames path protected and how soon during the progress of the works can it be opened up to the public I think the answer to it might be now but on just so I'd ask you thirdly the obviously the Wharf site is during earlier iterations of the application there was talk of the the Riverside being used to Ferriol materials for construction to the site and to take traffic off the roads are can you and this is very pertinent this particular bit because is there going to be you know usage of that in order it's to are capable of traffic of the rose by varying materials fire the river I and her I asked questions because I think is quite important and Hutchison holding is ultimately are part of a big company that owns large parts of Hong Kong and China and I see that they've just bought a brewers Greene King grew as well
I would
I am very concerned that they hitherto in all their iterations have been less than forthcoming in consulting with and being part of the local community and in a staf element so I want to see any reassurance as you can get the as a council we're going to try and get them to be much more collaborative
hameed consultative within the local community
thank you
yet so starting with considerable clubs questions should the management of the jetty believe his question on that and so on yet the details of the management of the GRT book darts is controlled by an outline planning permission condition and that will have to be submitted to and approved by a Local Planning Authority and in consultation with other relevant authorities like the Port of London Authority and set out in encompasses only see if the measures as well which I think was part of your second question and so yet to summarise that and that the details yet to come and has to be approved by the kinds of
in relation to the jury in open our times and the hope is explicit in that it's publicly accessible open space than it should be open at all times the materiality and so the use of class and wording listen agrees and without nurses White had application and pre-application stage as I think the point to make here is that in any material is is going to save about aware in terror and dislocation I think the the materials have been chosen here glassing and did just that men are more mind of bad temper screening yet terrace level and chosen because they are actually using a maintain the glass is easy to clean and minutes and within the operator's interests actually to keep ticket the
to keep the material is clean and the golden plane
the reside promises any further points the-mail I can move on to construct washes questions
CI my street clothes for a moment that there's no further points for me thank you manky considered together
so crystal ball should first question is in relation to the ancillary uses and and higher these denies the supposed my answer to Councillor Clark's questions and answers either in some respects and condition 42 years old planning permission requires thought details of more detail of was actually go an end to the to the jury and details of seating areas and and and a more micro detail know how nice who that again is to be approved by that Pelican solar debt and must be submitted and to the look upon an authority for approval we don't you have full details of that and more a landscape programme and for approval
in terms of the River boss stub naming so the cultural Strategy and the cultural Strategy commitments prepared promotes in naming stripy for across the site and so the naming of the stock will be part of their and some of the Pattaya with the operator as well so that an indicate greed and accommodation of public consultation consultation with family about the operator and the Council's while so to answer question that hasn't been agreed to fully control over that and extent
I think that was a for concert washes questions and concert Carling first questions in relation to the monitoring of construction and unnatural around as Baracus TTIP to pack their spot where if I had fallen and my response to the weather and plan to HMIC and the public access to the town's past again that status secured by the amalgamation and the I'm parameters slay for open space of high presented earlier actually and the kids the Thames River book that attempts path on that and not unsecured of an annual must be alert
unfortunately the Thames Path extends across all three phases of the development so it won't be actually fully beloved and fully open until towards the bike and as the development
I'm discovering Emma so but him I can hear myself feeling that for summaries
Faith their land
I think you wanted to add something and thank you Chair all pick up on the the monitoring point but just her just to add also around the naming of the river bus stop I mean ultimately this will be a tear fell operated station so like all stations they have an ultimate naming rights but they do tend to and now consult on those and you know hope it's not called Boaty McBoatface as the as the most popular answer to that generally does and does happen but we've got things in the original outline that seeks to influence that as much as possible so we can certainly give you that reassurance there even if we're not the decision maker
on the monitoring of construction I mean for we are in Lewisham quite used to now monitoring the delivery of some big complex schemes and and a lot of those in in this area so it is something that we we used to to doing and is part of our our role to do that as part of the outline we secured 250 thousand pounds towards monitoring recognising the complexity and the long time scale of this scheme and that is to cover the resourcing of that of that monitoring and we also built in the requirement for an annual monitoring report to come in from the developer each year once development starts and letting us know when they picked certain triggers again to make that easier for us on CCTV that is covered by the outline permission so there is a CCTV strategy that is to be submitted and the cost of that and connection in with the council CCTV system is to be borne by the developer and I don't think it's going to be possible to use that to monitor construction the the need to delivery is prior to first occupation but there's also a lot of rules and regulations quite rightly around the use of CCTV and needing to have a licence to to observe that so it is there to recognise that there may be so public safety issues there are public areas so we wouldn't use that to monitor construction but we would do that in the in the normal in the normal way
thank you and I don't any further question vindicate by Members so and John I was well
I thank Councillor Karon as well Councillor Karon and Councillor Fairweather he fitted tried indicate you the checks we need rather than busily as you might not be on my screen Buckley thank you thank you ever for that response and it wants to pursue the visual monitoring of the development though as a potential issue separated from a Susu TV as a day-to-day usage for safety etc. for residents whatever this this several aspects of it one is is that it would be very useful as a an open-air method of monitoring the site to
as part of the cultural Strategy because there's many developments in the past were when the public and local residents have been fascinated by the growth of a site from flat ground as it grows upwards to become you know their local environment and new buildings and I think a permanent s visual record of this would be useful for monitoring but also as a cultural record of the development of the site and I would like to ask to how it got in the back of our minds because one of the reasons why I'm saying this is because even a much smaller developments in Lewisham sometimes applicants and developers haven't followed the application and buildings have been Amita routes or 2 metres out you can imagine this the opportunity for scale of of miss application in this case and I I just I'd something I'm going to pursue Chair because I really feel very strongly about it thank you
they've got to cut back the whole you Councillor Bell
and Chair just to let you know for some reason I every time I send a message of the chat fails I cancel my case would in that case why wait your weight your hand feel free and I can stay on my spree thank you so my apologies for that it's just around planting there's been some concern about none indigenous species of planting so this applies to all the plots but can we add a condition and I could ask this of the developers well that they can consult with the community about what plants to use that's all I want to ask thank you OK right I don't see anybody indicating by any means any other points they want to make so I'm going to proceed now we want real new near and for a been a long night here I'm going to proceed with the African
the objector and broadcast was it they want to come in on this particular application rather than the other two or wilful well of the Alto and then the end of this Aiken we've got two more to decide tonight I'm guessing and a fairer store German for comfort break press on and that been carry on so
he's speaking to us as the applicant is unafraid I had a comprehensive list of names before the meeting so we can after play through this began along yes yes so could you start by introducing yourself please unequal so members can have safe and I'm gonna get you up to 5 minutes I will wave at you I think those so I'm sure you can see me doing this canoe I found
I'm I'm going to wave at you as I would if we around a physical table when you had four minutes and that I'm going to stop you when you had five minutes see the Hatter thing of course would probably appreciate it if you were as brief as possible about their members might want to ask you some questions so he could start by introducing yourself fees OK thank you Chair Committee members a good evening and my name is bound to be Collins and I represent the applicant on Town Moor Town Planning matters first I just like to fully endorse recommendation of your officers but I despite to pick up on three or four of the questions that were raised a stone
in terms of the management maintenance and public realm of the 22 yes it is public ground but the maintenance and the cost of that of fully and borne by the applicant
couldn't use the use of could've easily cut public events it could be a by could only be an agreement yourselves and properly through the cultural Strategy
can we commit to better public consultation yes absolutely week commits hit better public consultation
could we commit to a cotton record of the construction progress yes I think we can do that and then finally could we consult with you own bloke residence partnered species of of vegetation flora and fauna on Burton's to Yes we Can you know it to that and I just like now like to just having a great briefly to jump and sovereignty of Dhiab's it worth
thank you Barnaby and thank you Chair I hope in Heaney
I'm could've ensuring councillors on behalf of Hutchison property Group and delighted Speake this evening regarding the applications the plans for historic converse wolf I'd like to start by thanking Lewisham's officers for their very hard work and dedication this is a large complex and very challenging site and Lewisham's officers your officers work ceaselessly to bring the Oromo before the sipping Hutchison has quite deliberately taken a cautious approach to this great site we've always wanted to ensure that our scheme realise the site's tremendous potential we believe with achieve that objective Souterrain Farrell's delivered a great master plan scheme which not only looks amazing but it's been painstakingly designed to deliver huge community benefits Alderden teams tonight they are amazed you see before you will show you how that will happen as the schemes come forward
I believe asking will transform the local community don't deliver much-needed new homes in the Russian three and a half thousand of them and radically improve the quality of last local people
where particularly proud of our cultural strategy which after tremendous amount of consideration and consultation as being created in the full knowledge that Lewisham is going to be London's Borough of culture
we always knew there would not be possible to meet every demanded request we do believe however that thanks to the efforts both of my team and of your officers have come up with a scheme which is both ambitious and deliverable and look forward to continuing that collaboration which is so important in the months and years ahead
if you decide to approve the plans before you this evening we intend to move as quickly as possible to finally start building homes on the site enormously proud of the quality about developments and convoys Wharf will be no exception
it will transform the local landscape in every way developers often use the word transformational and discarding the skins on this occasion however I believe the was justified
outlines for convoys Wharf RMG transformational and that's why I hope you will support them I could go on much longer but I'd like to just return it back to the P 22 team and the great plans landscaping that you've been seeing in front of you Marks Barfield Architects who the architects analysts were the landscape architects plucked venture and about the columns of depend on thank you
chair and answers at Muslims in Crawford and most figure of the hostel developer where did the architects for 22 sites retired said to design to old pie Carty buildings for this unique site and you give begin an overview of the location of the buildings but I'll give you some more information about how we generated Amazon
the opposite the site is post-industrial 20th century site armed we take it out shoes from from that aspect of the site so it's also very long linear side so that that inform the former Sun on basically that they were providing a very simple Stoffel form to respond to the side and given the nature of the site but going for we basically other very we ever thing element of this to the to the building and upper floor it expanded the still almost the width of the jetty at roof level we other
we have asked for a plant enclosure to draw to there is basically to create a hierarchy for the building and also are using the Iraqi with different materials dealt to identify the centre part of the building is being dominant section the reason for this is that basically we want a small ability to smaller on that at the festival I they building a little part of flow around it was of that flat element be clear glazed that it's opens in the park what
could you wind up now please forgive had your five minutes in the will have to give me a game because the same opportunity
don't allergies
members are already questions you want to pay my have indications festival from Council of wool and then from Councillor Paula Beer so Jaime and skinhead
I very much Chairman thank you answer the applicant for their concise submission and I'm going to be honest Collins firstly thank you for earthly your unequivocal commitments in tonight's meeting OK I do not to push the further and more specifically you're going to commit to but regards the public consultation and because I do you think this stems from while the problems of banal singing and lost be objections from local amenity that they feel they haven't been listened to for an extended period of time and as you as was said by Mr. spotty at it's going to transform their community and if something was going to transform my community and I didn't think people listen to me and taking account was going to say I too would be quite annoyed the for Mr. Crockford I think that you're on design is is beautiful for the building and what I would quite like to push you on an verba there is is what elements of that design and prefer both the building and for the jetty in its entirety are you going to building that will aid a respectful night time economy and make sure that the pace remained some of that you want to go after dark so I've those mighty questions Jeff
if he could take consensus on a beer as well placed in the Africans' can make a notable
sessions also picked up
thank you Chair I echo Councillor Knowles's point about public consultation really does have to improve going forward and I want to hear that from the horse's mouth tonight my specific question really I suppose Mr. Crockford
is partly on design I've just to move a personal view I don't think words you know I've heard about maintenance but you know I'm not personally impressed by that I just want to assurances as to how are you going to keep that pristine after fears because in my experience I've seen word deteriorate after two or three years and I don't have the cheap option officers trying to look showy but it just you just got a you work on that for the long term mither question really is and it may be in a wider site but I'm I says a lot about you know car parking spaces and all that but you know we're you were dealing with got caught climate crisis gets going on and you know we're actually trying to encourage residents to even more so in the covert crisis to to walk and use use their bicycles if there isn't perfect I couldn't see the provision for if people are going to be using this ultimately to use river transport where he would leave bike is act something is going to be put into the site somewhere so that we can encourage more cycling
Mr. Collins and Colly you'll that answer relate to a couple of other people indicating his will offer that could I direct that the design questions to Mr. Crockford and the consultation questions towards when Evans are specialist consultant 40 shootings across thank you
they have begun
it incorporates should be here right from distrusted your question about the use of words actually what we're proposing to use areas of very high quality materials after I woke up on which doesn't require any any any coating Salt lateness rights like time Napoli intent to say what we're facing years of XI quality building and the materials so
I'm honoured its' when seen from EU fisheries we were pointed to in last year to and really grey ready the public consultation I think it is an area that and the clients and are aware of we had a very successful to consultation and it was in February early March but obviously been impacted by coronavirus we continue to meet people on a saw to farm
through virtual basis like this and we will continue to do that but I think come you can't see me you so message very very strong in the end it clearly understood and it's something which I know the applicant our recognises these what the game
can the Giants are you or your questions answered nothing nostrums no I'm afraid not so I think it's good that
I consulted have been brought anyone I'm glad that the applicant understands the need for consultation I haven't actually heard any solid commitments to anything here tonight apart from we will try up our best Sir and I think that is slightly disappointing at this stage because this has been such a problem through this entire development so I do want to push a little bit better about what we're going to say because I don't want just enough to get through I actually want to see this at this development turn round and actually you guys apply for a ward and win awards for your consultation because we want award winning engagement in Lewisham we have another path of opera and and considering the size and scale of this development I think that we deserve a good piece of work that reflects the needs of our local community and that is reflected in what gets bought bought up so I do want to push a little further on that
all hot nothing because the point well Miley going protecting America in more of an answer
but there was a Labour recorded I've got Councillor Gallaher and Councillor Karon recording there
to ask questions at the moment the aspect area yet so I thought Kevin maybe wanted to come back on his question as well here you sorry in caring for your year indicating you'd like to follow up the a sorry do that first
thank you thank you thank you thank you both for that it's just a quick one either questioner about cycling facilities I just want to check where they're going to be and how you can provide for them because we do need to encourage and make it easier for people to to to use their bikes rising cause yes apologies I should about the time and the borough wording level
cycle parking spaces in total on the on the site in its first iteration
so how many 11 in its first iteration so 11 cycling what what stands off cytokines just stands will any more than that
I can't hear anybody spending thank you can I come in I was waiting to be called the society and one people item 5 point soils
that the committee yes sorry I was starting to turn might my meet but not terribly sorry yes the car parking is standard in terms of it apart complies with a stand of the size of the of the facility here
but if you feel that there's more cycle parking needed I'm sure we can provide some perhaps much more that can appear itself because then it'll take out take our face on the public realm perhaps within the site itself to serve this facility I think we could probably do that
OK given OK right OK actually please ask your questions and then leave it you could please way stretching with yours where gnashing his finish high you mentioned that he's want to get the homes built as soon as possible and get people into them would be able to please give us an indication about when this part of the development will be ready and whether it will be an open public space for people to use as soon as it's ready the basically a will that be in relation to the rest of it about then facts OK and and Liam
thank you Chair errm just wanted to say that a spoke to the Chair of the the director of the Bill the Lennox project and eastern isn't being contacted by them for the last two years no I know that their particular project is not within the actual boundary of this but given the ambition and the fantastic point and historical links with Henry the its' Dockyard as it's right there I would hope that the applicants would be in touch with them are working at how they can all work together to make it one of the greatest tourist sites in London as as the Linux would be so are won't relax if it more about that I was very encouraged by the applicant's response so Yak had didn't have time to pick up everyone's name so I do apologise for not being of specific but that the that you willing to consider
visual record but we're talking to each other about permanent monitoring camera which I would like to pursue but there could also be used to provide real time monitoring not only that but also to provide a a rich visual cultural record of the development of the site which I think many people would be fascinated by and I think in terms of costs this could be a combine the two and I would like to mention that secondly the director of the Irbil the Lennox who is very knowledgeable about this stretch of the river and after just slip in here that he lives on a boat that toed the Bismarck out to see in in in the in the 34 to is but he was saying that this is the most turbulent part of the river and
there's a lot of scouring that goes on and the might be need to consider a safety boats and I wonder in in in in the development there what provision is made for that in terms of construction and creating a berth for it thank you Chair
and before you want to get off at an open invitation from Councillor Clarke as well says Anna can you put your question at this point to this the applicant scene yes it's just a very quick observation I thought the Iraq or trees were actually on the icy you and list red list for endangered species it was just a thought for looking at sustainability thank you
are OK right
Ms Collins yesterday to alter this those out your team you just want to Councillor Carter's point no sorry I meant that what he was seeking sort the sound this video record of the construction shall we can facilitate that the other 2 point about when will we start on site and we must be open and the Lenox if I could ask my climb Jonathan Salford to answer those two points
I can tell see his tough yet feel the joy of it OK in terms urban commencement on site arm assuming this question will come up where one side Peel 8 our intention is to commence construction as soon as we can after a grant of permission recalculating that at the moment to be about 12 months from Grant
I'm sorry what was the other question Barnaby
fragile mark phones or moot it's that the next terribly so I'm having promised that thing is a builder Linux so the the consultation with the Bill in its has been ongoing over quite a period of time as you can imagine there are some formal triggers within the 1 0 6 and we are working with them in line with that
since the 1 in 6 with signed obviously we've completed the feasibility study which gives Lennox the opportunity to
had prepared a feasibility for their site on the Wharf site that's not actually impacted by this particular Oromo itself
the issue of the safety boat
I can't speak to that to be honest but I can certainly say that as part of the detailed landscaping there is my period life-saving equipment that will be associated with that detail of the application which includes life voice
fencing in the rest of it chains attached to the rear wall and to the jetty
everybody doing quite to me now and we have recovered have recovered your question says enter you happy urinator dance the RCN and
that is is one I Rocco is on that list further it is also just as with most worse some of the other species on those who are sustainable sources and obviously at a say suppress a certified materials would be what we will be this illiberal and that will be specified
On the day
have we have recovered all of those
clear miss
thank you Chair just like to give a bit of clarity because if you've got a cultural programme and you've got you think the Linux is very important one would hope the there would be a constant dialogue to try and work out how it can be incorporated into the site over all
I don't think it's helpful to just compartment Elias the plots and say you know it's not as part of this bit and I'd like to see a cultural change a few like from the applicants to embrace and welcome this I know this as a necessary part of the formal proceedings but actually it's real life
and what would give us a lot of trust and comfort to know that Hutchison holdings are actually really embracing this cultural is very important to the local community the second thing is I was asking about the monitoring camera that could also double as a permanent record and I think that's very important so ei thirdly when I asked the Officer erred of transportation of materials for construction or could have been a interference and I missed a missed her reply so perhaps one of the applicants physical harm to that for me as well thank you Chair
Jonathan could I ask you to speak to that these were OK in Sanzar embracing the the Lennox arm of we we actually we do embrace those requirements there is a requirement for them to bring forward a business planning when very much looking forward to seeing that business plan so that we can we can see them get on
with that part of the work we don't we don't see it as a separate from the cultural strategy it's certainly often the culture of the site overall so it certainly something that we're looking forward to seeing that business and come forward
you mentioned about construction
there is a requirement and and and an intention to require construction River where it's appropriate typically in London that involves aggregates on and McCoy but they may be other opportunities that is something that we are doing on one of our other sites further up the river just beyond Chelsea Bridge where the market is happening directly off the rear wall
the landscaping of the JSC does not necessarily impact on the use of the existing rear wall when that jetties completion so that's two does allow access to that northern part of the site which is essentially phase for the the late of part of the development anyway so that's still still possible across is subject to contract as wanting to work in that way but again our experiences on our on our site Lots Road power station that that is something they do want to do
I have to capital the question I thought am I see no other Members indicating they would trust Bush
you can see I Hurricane increasing this is one of the three applications
minded to approve
10 o'clock and I signed off members now or keep it read we suspend Standing orders to be in the business members of the committees is acceptable agreed greed us of our very sense there on her cries ruffians think we missed a question Councillor Walsh about night-time economy and you saw the around this of the day if you don't mind I can address that also
not least because we're calling for an A3 use everyday for use for the building ultimately does bar restaurant units in its final iteration and it will fall parcel of the overall commercial heart of the development convoys Wharf is and mixed-use development fundamentally 20 percent that is is non-residential uses
we have also enabled the jetty itself with a power to allow its flexible use social events to take place on the jetty again it'll be subject to detailed planning or whatever those events I be and to us that is part of the cultural straddle will become a part of the Council's strategy going forward at its completion there is opportunity to have but it's fair market saw cinema screenings all or whatever
the cultural alone the cultural Steering Group and the cultural Strategy decides to bring forward at those times could be community events could be could be run by the estate management so so I hope that that sort of addresses both aspects Councillor Walsh questions and I actually I think not
we've been appointment Councillor Karen was making about the the minute James and lack of passing on the cultural benefit of the SCI
he progressed discussion about reducing respondent lady and had seen
I think the project team from some and Ridley of swear anyone raises serious attract and and this is the same parts of the site of the talking about so on the gable the to going very much together right eyelid
I was arrested yet going to discuss the Kern the word recurring potentially to of scouring and a number of it that the bus station location in surface to the vote the draft and for about her life by phone fitted this and actually such that very very feet
goes into full services lead performance over the two Skyler is less than Apple
Mr. Justice fatty
thank you thank you
I mean men who is here for the next next work right I'm going to move on out and I now if week Ghani and project represents state centred in and presses for more rejects MEPs' it about this became too specific
I think adjustment in Monroe flying use now too is lacking the thing whatever he asked Cabinet to have a man now command
I think many Malcolm very well I have a happier and I look forward to hearing from it
he asked to see him into the meeting had won points on the on the window Malcolm coming these this
it is now so busy
expressed concerns over the other
and blank windows well on some ice-cream
recognised as being one of our Members or officers under have you I have a good way of telling whether you here or not
to illustrate that like when this system can Okon's so it is right OK
clarify whether we've got Mr. Caplin in night I can hear Malcolm me hoots I think we can yet I don't we can see you how this talk anyway
right I can feel when we've within the on Albert no videos
achieved nothing has come of video own yes I must have them when you say you met though is something we'd bet Mary's NI will lie with part of its location right with Malcolm OK so that the these are objects hopefully you can summarise for
On 22 the year suggestion was
on this one very confusing application because
what about the project team and was not the consultation attack on a bus 82 we'd heard about flats
have got here you nap
no still still voice
to let you know we've been having seen the kind of issues the is other back reference sortie tat any has been going on for a while
the the sort of thing a second to try and connect lamping return
I are fit for just me can you we did we ask every funny registering to speak get played in the I transcripts of on our final ever intending to say to the committee or even position at Ignis the Surrey
just mean
funding position of that that's like plan just in case there are techniques
we now we know what it's thought that I've just checked you have got to yet
right at Malcolm if you if you flick your camera perhaps will be able to hear you somebody 16 but it might be that you'll be Ozon fearing with your audio and
if you if you if you could throw away in your camp more off and just presenting to us we'd audio might work better
having requested now
this was me
now see from them
rights of Way
sadness it is not a quick rate the ITUC
I find that pyramid of me to said officers trying to get Mr. Cadden going somebody called Roger joined the me thing I think that you were in the blue top
with the background again but you could you tell the off the moment face while we try and get under the else in DETI
Councillor policy suggests figures to cabinet could tell him to them I think I am going to follow Councillor Bell Sydney
I possibly the hot comfort from going to expect you back here by twin fund 58
at latest civic satisfied so that he could make go your your your terminal vices by anti-EU 50 I believe officers trying to South addiction the cabinet in either the owner of the Old Post and Roger
rather it is to the Malkin's me my lady the so our farming come back when you on the the Ibe's working Latika you her time

4 PLOT 08, 15 and 22, CONVOYS WHARF, LONDON, SE8 3JH

were unaware of the plants across 22 answered they appeared on the Planning Portal in 2 thousand and 18 and there's a coat five points filing for its 5 point citing the report in light of the intended use of plots 22 for a temporary marketing suite it was felt that there isn't a great degree of scope for consultation with the local community the proposers approach 20 to have not been put out for public consultation in code 800 square metre of Rivoli littered issues and it's unread square metres of restaurant and 30 him deprecated for the moment I don't know whether we actually suspended the and Fianna Gael feed or that I should also check for all members of the Committee or our back on line think I can see all Fender and I'm not sure could of
there is somebody playing the public feed with or without massive delays cause I reveal what I said why together
trying to please everyone
when can we
John regarding it
Kelis's new Sydney Justin right a gay I've unmetered myself again
can I can I just check that Members are all back in the meeting please or Councillor Bell I can see you and wave at me
Councillor Olivier I can see you Councillor Clarke I could see you and your fully alive Councillor Karon Yaya rigour here Ashling as the Gallaher air
thank you Lord Mayor I can I can see you you're still await great OK City I can see you are still there yet OK I'm still here and James you're still here okay right well at least the Members are all here
sorry Jasmine
could you please her continue I I don't think anybody was or why he then by registry check came welcome I've got video of you again
do you want to have one last try to see if you can speak to us as well
most of the time I felt my figure had to meet will like it is only getting static from it
we went we're only getting staffing from you on terribly sorry I'm going to ask the Clerk if she can read out the statement the a written transcript the census and asking to have to do at the moment your welcome to stay in the meeting if you like for so you can observe from that point of view but please can you make sure your mighty muted and turn off your turn off your video
you can you can still listen from this point of view if it he'll shoot they're keeping here what we're saying and see what we're say what they say OK just me can you carry on please
yet now so I write for a
carry on please
that's it and designed so as to take advantage of the surrounding architectural designs come up with a contemporary design worthy of its position in a historic context
occupies an important points in the experience of approach not only convoys Wharf but also Royal Greenwich the experience would be diminished by the presence proposed design the building does not incorporate sustainable and grin design techniques omens to keep it cool in increasingly high summer temperatures the glass presents a problem as a material on the real of once did so pollution and building dust it's will be almost impossible to keep its clear and will soon look dilapidated
OP PDFs wide scope for all four or more creative solution including more than one building it design put forward should be relevant to its contents and surroundings propose use Makaton suites for 5 years private access an appointment only prevents any public access and use of the jacksy more practical for a markets in switch on Deptford High Street in the heart of the local area
the original specification for the JSC delivered consent was for food and drink kills in keeping with the character of Deptford High Street this means there would be no consent for a three-storey building in the OPP therefore there should surely be an application to change the OPP or in any case put in an application for consent to a three-storey building as well as the present application for change of use to marketing suite considerately Aramon should be delayed until it is known whether or not consent has been granted or there is at least clarification on the status of the OPP in regards to put in all of this story building on the jetty and fear the lack of any any involved in view of the lack of any consultation on plots 22 and the serious nature of our observations about the plots planning shaft Cummins the asking the Committee to refuse the application to build plots 22
and OK thank you very much and obviously we don't have an opportunity to ask questions of the objectors on that
I'm so I'm I'm suggesting that we move on and ask the ward councillors are fit Councillor Carlo and Councillor
or both skilled in the meeting yesterday and we really did agree to suspend standing orders shames
so I'm I'm not going to suggest that we try and ask questions of the objectors by asking those questions of the Ward Councillors but I am now going to suggest that we we agree as as the Committee to allow at one of the Ward Councillors to present their comments and standing orders on
is that acceptable to members of the Committee on I'll take no dissenters approval and right sort Silvana had new I you with us on audio had already over is
Councillor Callaghan while welcome to concede welcomed the virtual table I ate deserve presentation you want to make on behalf of the EB Glyn Ward Councillors on this application specifically and my intention was to speak once and giving a broad overview and for all the plots however I'm also willing to answer questions and at any point you deem
right well if it if you want to do that and I'm sure we can keep in our minds even at this late hour we we can keep him our more instincts that you say
it in the context of hearing this applications that is blocked but asked as to the relevance of the other two plots if you want to do that and unless any members of the Committee objects of that that will fire proceeding I think that'll be more efficient than anything else again unlock I'm not seeing or hearing any dissent so she jaunts carry on like that on that basis and that will be fine chair I'm not a plea for you that I wanted I I saw the technical difficulties but Roger was alternative for Malcolm and I'm sorry not recurred knowledge to hear from from either of them and only other I expecting away with speaking as the objects on the other two applications as well you have to know if possible I will communicate with him after I make my my my own and I don't want it to you if you can carry on representing the views of ward Councillors I'm I'm hoping and expecting that the and carry Blatty will both facilitate either Melck more Roger or both of them to be able to join the meeting shortly I by Darling in awe and other options so that we can hear from them on the other two applications 0 take so they like going into their precept indulgence
I have to staff and a whole process embarrassing but I will firstly I would like to thank the officers for answering my tiredness questions and give give me a huge amount of time to help me learn what I needed to learn
and also to other Councillors who have also answered my tireless Chris's and
everybody has worked really really hard on this
but we
already so the failings highlighted by fight the Committee and poet muffin statement and the as is often the hopeful says Pliny embarrassing tree as a community we've tried very hard to engage with them
but as you can see from the cultural Steering Group and essentially were excluded
from the process
and this is what we find is unacceptable
I've submitted a written statement to you explaining our feelings them I'll just go to the bullet points because it so late and if you have questioned or anything you like me to expand upon that's not a problem they haven't met the directions would cultural strategy they hadn't met the Koch directionally N cultural steering group they haven't met directions for meanwhile use in terms of the community the consultation directions haven't been met to a reasonable pressured standard
the building designs and materials fail to reflect our rich historical seat this significance whichever side of the Empire you fall on it still significant
they haven't met second 1 0 6 directions yes I placed bases are inadequate capacity of the proposed school isn't large enough to accommodate the incoming population let alone any additional spaces for the incumbent unity
and will outline fails to meet many of the points clearly laid out in our Borough Plan and the London Plan
and this is all despite the fact that the community have come to them said Look there's this alternative any additional places the intricate who Sunday Turner were passed of ground
points tonight action plan and the Gundam plan about Roger
could you please could you please make sure you might disease
we were hearing the hearing or the than the webcast which is on the delay through your microphone a thing
I'm not sure how you can tell James but both don't tell me now
I don't know if the officers managed to help you control your microphone and or your camera Roger the icky could turn your camera heightening somebody else's presenting with possible is ace Emma understand thank you
the final point is that we've offered alternatives that would that you are not only earned more money but would also bring them queued us and respect and a wards as you quite rightly pointed out Councillor was we want not to award and we came up with something that was really innovative that would get the more of that that would bring the community onside and ladder note day after day are pushing ahead with this we understand as a community that thank to the approval of the OPP in 20 15
they have all the power
for me the most salient point that are needed to take away with you to saving is yet I can but why would they
why push ahead with this when there are alternatives they got choices and Covey changes everything for everybody
so what we have done our best they want us to trust them the community feel that the trust has been breached
to the point where we would not be saying if we trusted them right now
I wish I had something more cases like better to say but I done and as I said I find all this really really embarrassing Chair thank you I'm going to stop now
we appreciate them he contributing that I think we all understand and I think I think many of the people in the community that you typically serve understand position Lewisham councillors in and beaten to hands are tied I personally my view is that it it way he day each to some extent with developers then we will get more cultural benefit out of it one bit way on Deraa Hewson so I I think the system we had to work with them I don't know Members have got questions on what you said
they they will soothe you or whether we want to move so the discussion now a Best application and then then on to the other two
nobody no members of the Committee are indicating they want to ask you for the question I think what you said this very clear Roger is now indicating he waving I don't I still don't know if we could hear him so I don't know if we're going to be able to get anything hearing from him
chair I know how to hang out
Roger Green I can I can hear you Roger yes
what we have now heard the statement that new and Malcolm submitted so I'm I'm not and I'm not going to give you another five minutes talks with the Jeddah and I'm sorry for that offends you because I think we have to reach a decision on this if you bore I was participating what I'd ask you to discuss your camera purchasing you do a couple of times I think and will be very happy to have you back for one of the other applications for for one or both the other applications and dipping so presenting me the objective points of view on those or one ignored him I hadn't members now know how can we proceed with the application for plot 20 to
James I'm aware I note that you gave notice of a question about construction conditions that he wanted to ask one of the Planning officers burst the boss Do you ought to go ahead and do that next and any other Members if you got but how yes you Tuffley copy the face of it Packard The trap so yet go ahead James place if any other Members have got questions they want to ask him offices or points they want him my before we move to I hope decision all you how OK so James first and then pole
I very much care is musn't raised to me by a constituent of his once said Sir so run through my understanding to make sure that we're not
creating a a potential nightmare in the future so I think it was I think 1 the planning officers said that new King Street will be used to access the site for construction purposes secretary is mentioned in the officer's report principally as will know as a residential street he also has a school groups on it and any traffic particularly HGV traffic enforce a potential risk to pedestrians at the junction of Prince unable history and the get some clarity about what is because inside the officer report fares under under the I think the objection section and but access is both by Watergate Street Fico wait for but also as by the trashing movement across the room now cycle ways ball wasn't a thing when Auris Johnson initially gave planning one fountains to this sorry though that has to change and can we therefore sing their ongoing Gressoney rests the site environment new Kingstree
as indicated by the officer not by other routes so if officers me through those patrols reporting in around the that read useful hoping that clear
can I can take that Councillor Walsh 33 question 10 referred me there's a relatively straightforward answer and the the outline planning permission have conditioned 40 4 and has quieted detailed and less of construction monitoring requirements and need to be submitted to and approved to park approved by the Local Planning Authority in consultation with all the necessary statutory consultees so TEFL are Irish department for the London Authority London City airport and so all those details are reserved by back condition and will need some machine that condition prior to commencement on the plot so all I honestly worked its' and along with purple as I said in consultation with all the aforementioned statutory consultees
so let us in appendix 1 at believe of the Year agenda the Island Plan of posh him
can hear myself again
dragon couldn't quite about feedback and mature way that's gone from but there the tattoo point them conditioned for a four-part to author and planning permission requires all those details to be submitted to and approved by the Local Planning Authority
that kicking a sacrifice more here you're seeking game
as long as officers are mindful about this interaction at that point because the quality of the roads in some those areas the the high density of housing as a score all those things are paying out here and we need to be muck make sure that goes in as an formative to when that goes under off the delegated decision
OK noted by you I have taken it for yes at the measurement equate if we Richard inclusion here because the Bill your turn thank you share and so our Council is the chat I'd like to coastal for could the developer for Green to do consultation around the
the natural species easier
so I'd like conditional that to make sure that it's done the second condition if possible would be around the cultural Steering Group making sure that's respected and regularly meets and the third one and I can't quite believe I'm saying this but more bicycle racks that calving barn avere said around cycling provision because 11 is quite well for any
I thank you for your connoting really any can you tell us either
whether either Aberdeen existing conditions or could be addressed by adding conditions David
Young certainly on the on the spacey selection Biodiversity its control of their condition 42 and the public realm and so we need all those details to be submitted to and approved by us and so we hope we would retain an element of control over that and if I full control over that cycle parking similarly there's a condition attached to outline planning permission Leith 30 are 33 requires full details of cycle parking to be submitted to to prove to by the Council in relation to each plot pre-commencement so we retain control as well so when are proven sake or Park and yadda stages as only the reserved matters and say a Parkin isn't one of the conditions that has been recommended for approval
o hearing myself coming
Dan Race Equality Now
somebody else needs to meet their might by now is right I've got a question Putte from Councillor Karon wrecks
thank you Chair started certain it's not a question it was a proposal supports are full of fire either Becker even better well I don't see anybody else indicating apart from you Les and so can I just say that the steering group the personal allowance allowed stickily again yet David is if that covered in conditions is it for freight PRUs to do it here I mean this does seem to be the most relevant of the beefcakes we've got the moment in front of us here so could you just clarify or Councillor Bell would like and covered in the condition and what controls I'm just cancelled the Good for the Steering Group hasn't met for quite some time and despite requests for it to me it hasn't done so so even those condition of the outline planning permission I see whether we can make it more prescriptive in our decision-making in order for it to meet and meet on a regular basis because it's the concern to me that the 20 19 those no meetings taking a 20 21 meetings in this important part of the cultural diversity of the area and the history of the area I think it needs to be in this meet regularly can we could copy Pat tackle that by basic fleeing caught breaking the same condition Moroni telling them off and told them already and what they think they are a great tool Rebbie can we incorporate the same or very similar condition stipulate saying
regular we knocked meetings of the cultural Steering Committee and road is covered in the at outline in the in the proposed approval for this application
all the particular reason that this application contains a lot of the elements of site that would be public realm and public facilities rather than residential facilities with that with that a fever as far as we can I think full
anything that brought up her post as was the what is astute in Astana Clapper the hoof it could could we do that date about worry really asking him to agree to what they already agreed to into 15
I thank him and turns in terms of culture Steering Group it's a martyrs' separate to the reserved matters we can't really condition a reserved matters application what is already an itself essentially a condition application and its controlling the sexual model sex in the Reggiana day off and meeting their good honest informed us sorry I forget Kim
thank you Chair
the quick comment that I was going to suggest we added as an informative or the the crew requirements are Councillor Bellas asking for fully covered in the Section 1 of 6 agreement that is where it would be useful to emphasis remind emphasise reminding the applicant of the need to comply with the terms of the Section 6 Agreement if that's acceptable
I think it probably the best weekend booby Kisby her as we just be so we can't had that sorted over own overarching condition to this if we could reminded to approval of the reserved matters yet OK Kevin you you had a question of anti-austerity just just a quick one I mean is is arguable that if they're currently in breach of them the cultural Steering Group and what's what's the remedy how can you enforce compliance with something that's been agreed
he paid wrecking that too and while that's to our officers because we'd be doing Enforcement ICE
I mean I'm happy to and to come in on bat and Councillor Barnett via and I think that the point is bent the not in breach of the of the cultural strategy in the in the 1 0 6 they have submitted their initial cultural Strategy as they were required to to do now we we didn't accept that yes they haven't met regularly in in the spirit of the in the one of the 1 0 6 I think the one are set 1 0 6 sets minimum requirements of course we want them to go beyond that and do genuine engagement and I think that that's where the suggestion of having an informative to really amplify the expectations of Members and of the community in how they go about and meeting the 1 0 6 requirements may be maybe the thing that's needed here and will assist officers as we continue to press for improved engagement which I think is our is our position also
thank you thank you I that sounds like the best we can do on that front and one in the more practice the Council's with developers this is this going to be a long whole so I'm okay limb I think you were still next and I haven't taken what you were going to suggest of the ocean
it's simply that further to sit earlier I like to propose subject to two being compliant with legal planning process to make it a condition that we have a webcam monitoring for each of the developments as one of the conditions that can also be used as a cultural record of the construction and development of the site but the can be used at the same time by officers for visual water through
unless a proposal I'm asking for a seconder
I'd be happy to second that I think it's a very good on the as acting as the clock lending if you want to yeah who have had a mind I think it's a good idea and I'm happy to second that yet OK again are not hearing any any dissent from member the Savare that idea not quite sure how we implemented but it sounded as if be African was welcome back as a as a concept jam it if officers can put it in Ceuta as they can ask the officers want to comment on the on the proposal
that you let yet that is me I mean as as Members will be aware again notes it's the for in the face of the night isn't it that this is a reserved matters application and so it is about new matters so any conditions would have to be very specifically related to reserved matters and I don't think that this is this is one of those we've covered a monitoring approach as part of the outline planning permission and also CCTV is covered there as well so I think that the legalities of having that type of condition there's also the the tests for adding a condition which is that he has to be necessary relevant now fairly related to the to the proposal so we have a number of legal tests now Charles our legal officer may have may have additional comments to that but I'm not I don't believe that it is the type of condition that we would be able to add at this stage with the willingness of the applicant in know it may be something that as officers be tested
you need to keep reminding us what we all of the busy can't do here
Van message was that you got general agreement with the applicants on the so so that'll come me to could I asked income earned fine gives an example can we at it as an informative so put it on the record and obviously wouldn't be binding an PAPs it will be useful to find out from legal if if we could somehow squeeze in you never know the law is always been tested in the courts as it 0 yes but I don't want to run the surly by any Nippon he does put a marker down and as as I said more than one case a long process lasting years nothing proposal billion some lusty
so it's worth making a note and I'm not on not getting a Sinn said eat right agitation from from officers during that so I suggest the fire us you find to do that that the use of the point to make as well you know this is that from my for and view is more from the cultural angle to actually get an historic view of how the whole development takes place it could be part of the cultural Strategy at an abscess on visualising the the time the time let us it with the popularity of the time-lapse film on YouTube already pariah suitor OK with with their I OK I see no other indication that anybody wants to ask the push will make the point I would anybody be happy to move a recommendation with the well within those constraints the small amendments had been made
Councillor BELL I think I saw your hand appear furs the as those conditions in those informatives as set out at first we accept the officer's recommendation to grow pine permission for Plot 22
Ryan and Councillor Barnard are I think you reached the Chapel away your hand
microseconds after Councillor Belle Isle you if we could be happy to second that proposal
I second that proposal OK thank you right let's take a vote on that finally reached voting voting bit I'll I'll just off personal I go to ask Yasmine if he could do the role public in alphabetical order councillors on the Committee and our he suggested one that you've managed to follow all of the proceedings and discussion on this item and then tell us whether you agree with that proposal to move the recommendations as set out in paragraph 13 on page I don't know pages paragraph 13 of the report a so Jasmine could you could you do a roll-call vote please on that council of their own for
Councillor Bernard
4 Councillor C fall Councillor Koran
Councillor Koran for Councillor Alon and other for Councillor the thence for Councillor 0 bad they were for Councillor pursuit on 4 Councillor Walsh war you know thank you OK that's less unanimous so that that recommendation is a his PRU lift REM we had two more to do and we we resolved to do them so I'm I'm sort of mentally are aiming for for 11 o'clock care but so when we do still need the so to hear from the akin and Jeddah on out of them so can we move on please what are we taking next is it is it 15 or right it's 50 tainted set next is that right David
I can still feel in sorry
her catches people you'd be lucky as it is everybody a happy to proceed with the application of Plot I does anybody need another break or anything of the
chair can I just ask are we taking all three applications tonight because if they each take nearly two hours and a bit concerned when I am fairly well we we have dealt with it with a number of common issues I think of 22 was the most complex may have felt with a number of common issues in the own of view and in the course of deciding the first one on emissions 50 do that
so I'm hoping out employment because otherwise no oxygen mean additional recurring this meeting has been back for another evening doing it and having to reassemble applicants and objectors and reading the Overview bit so actually I think we gained some momentum now with a very small land
I've had
as I am as happy as we should pay Councillor Gibbons are addition since your pyjamas
it goes against a plot 8 please
to strategy
seem ice-cream teacher I can you
thank you to him because an application in presenter Fern termination is a reserved matters application relation to pay await the convoys Wharf development sites
the reserved matters reserved matters application relates to the construction of a boarding means in from two to 14 storeys in height Turvey 456 residential units who praised off 28 275 1 bed 2 person units and 181 2 bed 4 person units across the floor level under 1 thousand 450 square metres of a 1 8 2 years and 200 square metres of A3 A4 uses proposed the development and also proposes space for 182 car parking spaces and 14 non-residential spaces along with a total of 8 tolerant 16 cycle parking spaces them year John the setts at the Planning officers or the planet assessment an officer's recommendation and to appreciate reserved matters simulation appeal it as well as the discharge of several outline planning permission conditions
part 6 of the officer report sets out consultation has before the comprehensive redevelopment of the sites being assessed a new puppy granted on a number of development principles and parameters this application is for the reserved matters application in this reserved matters application is solely in relation to pay a whim and moved on to an overview of the scheme that
the first time this year shows the location of failure within the existing site
and the second slate here is the context of peel it within the Masterplan parameters
you can see page 22 already considered and pay 15 the other item on the agenda
similarly here
the Slade and the case the layout of Playa wit in seem access as Pete 22 from the narrative and you King Street
and this looks set the slain shows the appeal what embodying propose within the OP parameters the maximum parameters at the top of the screen and the manner of the bottle
moving onto the actual proposals and with image and period from the size of their local and
average of Peoria from the spine Road looking north so just after the entrance of new Kingspan the top Princeton you King Street
fifth period from the north east of the plot
I mean just the north eastern elevation
these sites and goes on ways and get high they are massing of what is rather large building has been broken down by articulation and of the borrowing as well as materiality
image period from the North
this will ensure him as more for 30 representation of the relationship between the appeal it corny proposed and the Olympia Gordon please bear in name that details of public realm would be forthcoming and future applications under condition 42 FUL PP in this just to show the relationship between the tone
we haven't onto the floor plans of the ground floor plans proposed the commercial element around the outside
and the poor their parking located on a podium to the centre of the site parking was accessed from the north from the top of your screen here at the north of the bowling
at the first floor plans shall move voice in a double storey commercial loans rather it said additional parking and a cycle parking
the typical residential floor Plan
and the residents of floor of the upper floors
then again before moving onto landscaping
excuse me the Slade and indicates the or PP parameters in relation to pray that public open space the open space of here are pulling out of Peel wit his designated battle PP to be private open space
and the slide shows the proposals for landscaping
the Slade shows their Programme for landscaper harass with player opened on meeting space and
and other informal areas while surrounded last accessed from 5 residential course within the building and the terrorist connection to street level and see this are bottom of your screen
this is the elevational strategy which shows the architect approach to take violation and of the elevations
and the problem is growing strongly at the commercial face of a strengthened middle and and then the elements at the top of the bottling common later more distinguished
again another and shown how the massing has been broken down this time through use materiality
and the design guidelines if there and found provision
to instruct that and we'll feature Balding's in the corners as shown on your screens here again broken down further by and differentiation and Brett choices
the slide shows him in a props mass and materiality and some of the contextual analysis of the design team have undertaken am informing the practices
and moves announced the actual Brexit and relatively simple powers of three Brexit across the sand bowling and a red brick and buff brick and grey brick and precast stone important stones to use of the commercial base and with
sorry with their metallic glazing offer you on the type palming sorry awesome used
this is an image of the material board of supply to the Planning Service and in advance her along a fair planning application
with regard to reflect and hairless through design through a series of meetings with her stocking and the Planning Service the applicant was requested to prepare a Site weight heroine starting tomorrow as they approach the reflection of heritage and design and the the design teams ploddingly it was fine to have limit below ground in terms of archaeology but the team noted that the sable below kids and on the site of the former former timber yard and saw no such the Heritage principles document recommended that use and re-use of timber in this plaza
here we can see him engaging with proposals for the re-use or use of timber and for the opened and binder A fencing and along the bottom of the Tarasov access to the podium as well as planters and then sealing arrows and and public Brown and the full details of these hasn't been yet released about and we're proposing a condition to fully secure any design and design features and blinked her reflection of heritage
as was paid 22 and an element of temporary and permanent public ground design and the impermanence shown in blue laughter screen on them that temporary on Orange on the right again as previously noted staying for details of all public realm of required by condition 4 to if that I'm planning permission
she had to be submitted for approval
brings us to the and an overview book just to quickly summarise the application poses 450 sexually units
1 thousand 450 square metres of A1 A to use into Goddard square metres of pay the foyers and Wyse completely prayed the SPA as an occurrence of the OPP parameters and our figures demonstrated that the 15 percent affordable housing secured by the Section 1 2 sacks and built with Lovell elsewhere and fears 1 and across the development site officers consider the designs they for high quality and to satisfactorily address heritage through design
the proposed provision of vehicular parking and cycle parking and Carter does the fail PP and are considered acceptable bow to your found the Council's Hayler's officer and finally the Feldman would provide 10 percent wheelchair user dwellings
meeting enforced 3 of guarding relics of an accessible space and get it accessible vehicle parking spaces should allocate each of these 46 units to conclude the proposed application presents a high quality of the film that significant public benefits in the provision of 456 net new homes for Lewisham are travelling to 33 percent as the annual I put off for the adopted Local Plan as well as the provision from flying of floorspace and the Forest A 1 8 2 units as such the reserved matters application for approval to shelter conditions have been said in light of the relevant policies and standards as well as representations from third parties and are considered to be in conformity with that film parameters
and as such the application is recommended for approval as set out in the agenda
as the owner of the presentation
OK thank you thank you gave it a legally the slides up for just a moment right side well I pay you might or might not I care cancer question from Councillor Karon and I think we we discussed in the when we had the overall presentation review of the outline we discussed the changes to be made to
portable housing with a slight improvement so high and I'm hoping we we don't need to go in that if we know where the already been asked please thank you Chair just to prompted by the visual sleight of the reusing of timber with his ever the pop possibly the most helpful angle of all the applicant slides
if you go back to that one it's just simple question that's the one I couldn't see any a ramped access to those areas and I consider steps I'm sure you have to Garrison come FO that I first thought when I saw the visual clutter my needed it answering
yeah yeah and there's a point we raised as well without begin tax application and pre-application stage and G to the constraints of their land parameters not actually sufficient space here to provide around and there's been advocated by the design team and surely an elaborate on that further and the landscaping evaded a podium level is for private use of the residents of the block and Local access is provided that through each of the residential course and with an the ball imposed
so so can any a if a space that weakens the record there is is that not actually open from the public realm then
to be able to control access rights and the boundary and so where the bad
sorry don't often see my mouse but that where the red dashed line as at the bottom of abusive temper for binary treatment here and be some form of control access as well
I gave him as I line than the outline parameters plan scenario the space is required to be private public and private and amenities is
I can't hear about my PV the private amenity space but I think Councillor Bell was was asking earnestly I can fit a question from Councillor Walsh games
I throw much Jack my person Vanarama slight actually my first questions around that that access is proposed to the podium I note that the external access is stepped access only
I do we think that's appropriate and to be in the the Africa should potentially look at that because was I'm presuming there some sort of internal access route through the residential blocks that might not be convenient and I think it skirts around DDA compliance or my next question is around up the provision of children's play
I note that the applicant is suggesting under-fives play a necessity
what a fits in with the wider structure while particular concern of is that we seem to be seeing a number of applications of this and other committees in this area
reference or on an eponymous were to does little for older children's edge and fast and commend they seek to design out a children's play in Otley on areas though the things that will stop skateboard incur instincts or such can I get a bit of a sense from you will what the approach will be Burt a referee and will be aged over five and as we break that down for those under 11 and those over 12 and are and how that they are going to be catered for because I do think that if you want to build an inclusive integrated community needs also think about those who are under 18
he has an ear Israeli point him the only runners from their land permission actually Assanti approach at least to replace provision and open space provision and an officer there's a finite amount of space within the development say that we must or prevent him his endings work of when and what we can do seek to maximise my displace smeared available within the site for play space provision him purely it's actually has has quite a large area and of public open space
I think paragraph Paris he point 90 point nine sacks of the officer report they was that an airline in that the DLA and compliant figure for places provision for Peel it would be forced underground for the 2 m and actual the total provision within the away as 524 so there is actually an access of long plan requirements for forfeit for plop Eliot in terms of play space provision and so that will obviously reduce and which is reliance on places elsewhere on the application site are off the application site and would have that
Sarah to Leicester are too delicate players and to avail of and the public realm
the convoys development site as a whole Nasser of them touched upon in Michael's presentation earlier there's one translator can reference
there was making
air is to be provided them from the public realm and 1 p you and phase one and there are 1 and phase 3 and my Tree 2 thousand square metres of space as well in US in addition to the private amenity space provided on the blocks
cock-up after please yeah yet you can't have been uncovered bring us his unread banking
I am not arguing that there is a a provision of play space my Park his that are in this is a stark given we lose the Senate was the outline from the Africa and it's that the common regards blush spacing clear creative Apple place for under fives so first of all I want to hear about the stuff that isn't there for
but the other age groups the heart mentioned so her specifically ought to know about teenagers because I don't want teenagers to be seen just as an anti-social problem willing to design out because I think this is a space for them as well I'd also either I would quite like offsetting of that an informative or condition around the the space that is actually public realm making sure that there aren't interventions installed within that would stop children and young people from skateboarding and doing the things
they like to do a on-street I know my nephew looking about visual from us for our now while I to put the skateboard up and down that really wide pavement there and then how to do that yet those are the sorts of things that make a place to like a home rather like a show home and we're trying to build communities and we want kids to integrate with existing communities and be seen as a positive addition to the service areas so all those sorts of things particular teenagers why light hit back me vaguely here thank you Councillor Welsh thin it still back in terms of and numbers the the final 24 square metres are mentioned the thought does actually include and the younger player or younger and his groups rental to 17 so they in terms of pure purely space and Pelion pervades over a bowl of the place requiring soft-serve hearty inches 17 again about two pioneered the for the outline planning permission dead sat in place a strategy for and place provision as a whole and the was acknowledged to be summer Lions on off-site Prodeco off-site and facilities for the overplay for other interests at the stage him
in addition to that that the application site itself all the 11 to dedicated areas of play space within the public realm and the I can crack her flat quickly through to try and find an average to show you
sillier so here the two limiting rate Hunsader screen and yellow
to to locations of yellow here these are the areas Dark Lane by the Island Plan permission as a as in that kill to play space and would provide one over from from vision 200 square metres of of playspace I am with control over exactly what that play spaces in what looks like and by Full condition 42 years outline planning permission that would need to be submitted to the no further sorry and appraise before works not area would would commence and we can make sure that asked the applicant tonight has agreed to do hoppy more consultative with the local community they make sure they seek to engage with young people and their parents about what they would like so they can build
a facilities that are wanted by communities count Council happy I think we can win the certainly night make our our views on that clear to the Africans' tonight and from Green and informative to bear in mind it already be told about addi Directory having conditions conditions OK Councillor Clarke you had another yes thank you Chair it was just around the fact that some of the it doesn't show the front fencing on their probably for a reason but then it is a form of gating and I understood that the London Plan was actually against gating off developments as as I understood our policy was against gating and privatising suit making you know significance or private spaces which are increasing in London in particular in very affluent affluent communities which this would be because the prices I would imagine will be pretty high in these developments so I just wondered if we had
An sort of a view on this are slowly creeping gating in our a in our borough
Japanese I thought a fair question of any the case officer
we do have policies about gated communities we're to happen about having a balance of private and public amenity but he's face
only that can have the African desert we do have policies on getting and the London Plan also has policies on getting this is effectively gating so you know it's a planning issue and I know the case officer might not know the detail of this but it does it just does bother me when I see gated communities being put in and as a fair few in this development
any any of the Planning officers for a response to that
yes I can come back on that chair and I mean getting something a weedy generally and to support in the planning department
again we find ourselves in a situation here where our hands are tied to an extent by not and planning permission and recording answer this at a later stage in the development process and it was agreed at outline planning permission stage that these areas and then on this area specifically in period would be private amenity space and the applicant has a right that than to propose as being private and the safe to be braver the need some in Oman tough of a bit of a binary treatment and control there and so waste yes we would discourage at generally unfortunately innocence we it would count we can refuse application on that on that respect yes just an accessory she that I felt was important and just to say I think that the actually the fault of that lies at the Doric ice-dancing so I don't believe that that outlining planning condition should have gone in but that's aside and I don't think anyone was particularly happy about the way that was dealt with but thank you
OK thank you I don't see anybody else indicator so I'm proposal an eye on 0 sorry sorry full on on the are still the presentation I can't see you for Councillor Bill and I thank you John so I would just like to ask the applicant when the evident comes up if they would reconsider that IRB segregated green area for access for the general wider public of noble soul as everything that acute me attracting Uber just after suggest we asked the African in now I'm not sure which of the applicant's representatives are still in the meeting but we'll we'll we'll ask them they'll respond and then you could ask them because I think that the army and that the anything yet scope for his Easter arsenic question see they say a good happy with that yes OK right can we hear from me Africans on this then please
yes hello again this is part of the Collins the the plenary very before you take your presentation of the screen here sorry insistent the process OK
OK so I start yet please Barnaby yes OK I'll be free so that report my speech and I just get so stretched a couple of points on which to make regarding public consultation
I understand it's a very sensitive point and we are trying our best to listen to what the community look community has to say we did not get off a very good start but we have appointed a new engagement team we think we're getting better at it we want to get better still some locals will oppose the development full stop and always will but others has said to us they wanted to get a move on but we will continue to listen and learn and I think that the reform culture Strategy and the balance of the site white heritage document the test of this and to address as the Walshes point in particular I think I can give you my word that we will focus on engaging particularly on young people as you'd suggested I will then just like to talk about the the gated community point I think that the site as a whole is engages the site as a whole is very open that lots of public open space within the site that each individual plot does have its own private space in the same way as I have a private garden perhaps rather unusual for the public to be added to my garden so that's how I just wanted to express that and perhaps I could have over to Mike Starr the scheme architect to address some the designer shoes
if Mike's them
why are you here I can still see the planning of his presentation on the screen and I think at the moment his
his beady-eyed favours frozen but I could hear all that Thor right so is his is my Keer
My kidnapper perhaps Athey's on a couple of break or something perhaps we could go straight into the questions because he was just going to give up to three minutes explaining how he thinks the design fits into the master plan outline planning permission etc ok Celt Council Belle Vue you want to Review MUR RHI interrupted you 0 hang on Friday Dave Robinson is trying to get back into the meeting but Councillor Bill carry on and then or get a question from Councillor Gallaher OK so I'd like to formally put to the developer in order to restore some confidence in the public of this and also to allow green spaces to be enjoyed by all in plot 8 wishes Notts someone's back garden such a large green space that you would earn agree to having that area not segregated or managed for the wider public to access and in addition to that to have some form of disabled access there I understand about the topology around the site doesn't lead itself ramp but it wouldn't cost very much to put an outside the lift are for people with disabilities to use it so I would for me like to ask that of you to open up the space either completely on a managed basis along with providing disabled access I came taking those two points in turn I think come I think we can accept that all residents in the development should be allowed to use the that the the private communal space I think that that's fine for the wider public to be able to use it I think that requires further consideration there is quite a lot of management and security issues to consider their
apart from the DDA I agree when you look at that drawing it does seem rather unfortunate that if you're in a wheelchair you have to go off somewhere else wild Elbe able bodied can use the stairs so again I think we can commit to re looking at that to see whether we can get some sort of DDA that there was some time something a better arrangement
OK so you it's quite answering my question so where you look at it to Allowance and manage access to the car garden space area or the green space area at with a mind to considering opening that up and emerge basis the wider community is something I'd had to take back to my card for consideration and it does need a lot of detailed consideration because of what that what that would mean but I'm not going to say no hit you know
OK thank you
I think we've been told by David had before IOUs disconnect curvy don't seem to reconnected yet or money goes down his presentation and hold like Michael says he can comment on one this Michael Forrester Michael
I prefer a stir
you you said in the chat that you can provide a comment on this in David's absence but I can't hear from year EU either
OK I'm gonna continue then I I've got questions from Councillor Gallaher and Councillor Olivier for being Africans' so can the Gallaher go ahead if you can how an is similar to walk Constable said I agree that we need some stronger wording around the access into the development and in order for this about learned to have the consonants of of of myself personally as a disabled person on the other thing I'd ask as is high and the developers are proposing that we are able to build inclusive and mixed communities whenever at because a week we understand that not everything can be socialising arising has to pay for the social housing but if people who live in different kinds of high zing are able to access the same kinds of areas particularly when this place for children and I think that's something lots of us feel very strongly about and would like a commitment about this thank you
OK I think that was I can say the same thing again a term I totally agree that when you look about drawing the the split access for DDA and able bodied persons doesn't account comfortable and I can give you my word we will look at that
the only access point agreed all residents of the scheme affordable resins in the pyre resonance should be able to access the private spaces without any problem at all that should be fine no problem with that
and I've got to Councillor Fuller beer
sank thank you Chair just for the record states that Michael Forrester said the outline and commission explicitly states that the raised podium level gardens or private media space for those residents I'm I would come back on that point I hear that for I do want to support Councillor spelling Gallaher on this point
we should be looking at mixing our communities here and we have to find a way in which yes private me space for people who live there but ways in which that these are this is a green space a large green space ways in which that that can be open to the wider community so rather than just thinking about boundaries that's think about how we can open up
I think I think we're getting we're getting agreement to the extent that the applicant can give it here some as as we've been held on we can't impose further conditions on what are effectively condition and Councillor given you you've got a question
yeah it was just
I thought it intended within the scope of what when discussing say but just of my my personal opinion on this is that one of I accept the it's private amenity space in that that is already being granted commission and there are examples all over the place of of similar developments with private
An garden squares Likud EThames example across Barcelona for example however the sense of this open Amlai have reverse before Ruthe applicant that this had set its own curtain and that people who don't live in those box can see it cannot access it can build a sense of grievance and changing the design somewhat so the actually and members of the public can't see a private garden consequence base of a cannot enter actually might be away or of getting over some of that sort of sets a grievance and sense of exclusion from his greenspace was just a comment some you might disagree
I think that's another comment which he African might well take on board in terms of some tweaks or their design
bright hang on I've got Sir Councillor Walsh and Councillor Olivier also want to come back Bible circa suggestion I think where the several people become disconnected from the meeting and after suggestion from one of the Planning officers that we need to spend the meeting while they sort those town I think I think Members are all connected all right for Sir can we think they're doing further weight enough not being able to do all from being able to all three applications at this rate are can we suspend the meeting for a couple of minutes while we give Officer chance to try and get ourselves reconnected to can cause the case officer who lost the case officer and we started his presentation on the screen on under age in the meeting again until 23 20 at so that they can try and fix that and then we come back as I can I see you back by 23 20 latest leisure westerly want to go away from your screens for a moment
and then I'm gonna take a pile of men the whether way whether we want about through with the third application or just finish this fun OK
have we got any available all councillors Silvana backing this meeting as she invited to this meeting

4 PLOT 08, 15 and 22, CONVOYS WHARF, LONDON, SE8 3JH

sorry you is was the use of honour you telling your back in the room West Chair OK excellent right
if anybody is distancing from my proposal of we try conclude item 8 as I think we've got all the necessary elements to do so
please say so on Chapel make a noise now
OK right Kevin could you resume the webcast three-monthly is don't tell webcasting should resume now
OK right so the webcasting could be should be on now if I start talking she meets in public is accurate
can I can say Dessau broken all I can say it's on knows well right apologies
any party who is watching the webcast which suggest resumed for that interruption it was for technical reasons too many people had become disconnected
from the meeting and we have a journey justifiable that would bear shaped so we are now and adjourning it whatever the glad that that is an resuming it we have heard from the applicants and on the item concerning plot 8 upon voice was or are we had not think members had concluded the questions they wanted to ask that the applicants but if Members have any further questions for the applicant these indicators in the chat window and I'll Shoom that if I don't say anything happen and I will move on and so asked for a statement from on behalf of objectors so I simplified and a Iberian
he also yet I have heard of any policy or computer moment they the ejector who will be addressing as his Roger Green and he's assured us while we returned that he could cover the points that objectors wanted to raise outs Lovell I'm sorry go back to the point around the the secretive green space to say again so obviously I need to sign hung interference in I would really like to have some conclusion about whether the developers going to open up the the green space and or simplified disability access to the general public's I just like to put that question again please
OK right here we still got in this meeting from the applicant's seen Arnaby yes this may put it yes you can you have our firm commitment on the DDA access point
you have a firm commitment that all residents the scheme will be able to access the private space of Potto 8 and managed spaces whether the wider public are allowed access to that private space on a managed basis I would have to it can't instructions on that
OK well we we've we've got that we've got that on public record pool as we've been how we can't we can't my gown with a further condition of a condition
I think that the at best patchy the degree of assurance that you got a Weeble dot on and no beach sensing from from the we won't say OK can we move to hear the from the objectors now please
Hassop Olivier sorry sorry Chair I'm I just want to follow up on on Councillor bells point there and I appreciate the Arakanese take instructions on that's not possible at the moment so what two things one is anything we can do to put as an informant to set set out our wishes and if it comes to it
and secondly to put a marker just so when you are getting instructions that there are other plots though may well be other similar issues you hear the views of Estyn night obviously well you know will consider each application in turn but I would strongly urge that son your client in attacks on border our view on this I he'll netted very loud and clear
and as as we can when we played the freebie official previous application we can certainly make sure that's on record for in this will be a longer process I could hear an informative I don't think planning officers was suggest that hasn't even made it legal implications
he is on record he limited service meeting it can be clearly minuted as well OK
Price can we and we hear from local Green now Roger on on plus side please we're not going to let you were not connected with fine we're not gonna take a third applications in IPL very short years from the biggest past midnight began to work out how to turn this meeting so take the bird the third application while another day hopefully fairly soon and so if I could sit so issues about Clottey these I Chairman things
I like 8 fervently take good at a good OK so when I stopped to Roger Green I'm Vice Chair less the Deptford I'm also director for the sense of acute engagement research of Goldsmith's I will start by saying I thought the await I know in difficult times and this is I think you're first virtual calculating to be fair it's been bit of a shambles in terms of a public access myself or Malcolm cardinals are stuck in the waiting room of a lobby for an hour and a half plus an idea the meeting that we could access the meeting name as a public record
for the record I do apologise for that on balance afraid Chair as does not that is just not good enough there was no there was no objection to plot to turn itself through you don't allow me to speak I that's very unfair as undemocratic it's got against the spirit of other in and cover'd 19 advice from government and and from the PEN Advisory Service in terms of allowing the public to not be hindered in terms of contributing these virtual meetings he had done exactly that so just let that quick points I was just general point regarding the development there is no cultural strategy there is no cultural Society Steering Group meetings there are few and far be train there is no rule book community representation on the culture staring at the the consultation with the with the community and I do not live in that for the had hasten to say that I been so and none HRA meetings they must be mildly of A Year 1 to C GCSE group project there have been a disaster there's not been consultation that there had been ad hoc positive on leasing my right of different consultancy to his bullet in absolute shambles that heritage of the site and may one has to laugh it was of damned serious have is an attempt to seats set etc as the as the
trust edge issues of the heritage that doesn't work any TPOs compete lip service the the visuals on on this site and they propose modern-day on the Member talked about in this opportunity to produce a a an architectural site wish of beer which adds to the value longer Lewisham this is a anywhere built site is it is a replication of other estates across London that dismal plane Polly design now out of date
House counted 19 and they wouldn't look out of place in downtown Hong Kong to be honest where his company comes from the licensed it soon to Lots Road power station as involved the campaign over there again there was no consultation and that's an anywhere site as well Plowright if I could just carry on Chair
they the issues around public realm access to some of the Members brought up there is a segregated gated community within this would imply light so the Members have raised this issue there's no disabled access
it's it's it basically is keeping it is keeping local children young people that we low this there there is there to gain from the developers side continue to start and we'll consult with community was helping young people they haven't done that these are false promises that had not happened if it happened the future fine I just think the
the on the basis of the issues that the Mims arise
and I can think we can talk about the the plot I suggested we are put in where is a social housing on this site implicate there isn't any in know that there is a there is I
there is a falsehood there is no social housing there is nothing about cultural heritage the Environment Green Green space issues sometimes arise that you write his in our objections its minimalist totally meaningless the aesthetic design again as I said this the anywhere state as nothing special about it and the due process that the application you know you look at the legal process and you know from our point of view I mean we will go for a judicial review on this no this cannot go through quarterly to Malcolm through plight make a fair offer that finished and plot 15 no time we will go for judicial review on this whole process
and then there thank you
thank you
and I apologise again we couldn't hear you
but we did we hit ensured he beside the needs making the statement announce a bitty was read out in full to the Committee and a cake members and I can see Councillor Olivier what source for your question and I'll keep my eyes the other with capping a a go ahead thank you I'm I thank you Roger and thank you for your time and thank you for your forbearance leisure pleasure Mrs. I echo the new new experience for all of us and I have been angry learning how to try and mitigate and makes people come in so I'm God you've had been to have to say and we did hear the statement read out from I think either from you or Malkin before
Plot 22 but I also share I wanna sell share your frustration and you may have heard us all say that I think we all share your frustration about the lack of genuinely affordable housing across the whole scheme and we got one person to thank at one person alone to thank for that and it's Boris Johnson and larger what we are doing and I think what we are trying to do here is to actually inshore that we get what we get the best that we can and across you write plot 8 it wholly private but prop 15 we've pushed on that and so I've seen I seen them the council officers are pushed on that so we'll come to that when we get to it
and we are we push at the beginning that we want across the whole site to push on the other plots as well so we hear you know we definitely you on that on the and some on some of the details actually I'm hopeful that actually the the and also to the point about consultation on future plots we've made that point clear so so we do hear you on that and I'm hoping we get some response from that would be got some but mostly applicants on some of the issues over-raced but but yes it's a it's it has been a frustrating process
I know I don't think there was
it very much of a question in there
do any other Members want to ask any questions
James our thing outside your way Tandoh's get third and bring a 44 feet again and also to bring your expertise of wasn't aware that you will have to Goldsmiths in the engagement centre that's that quite Nick one thing I want it may be for you to just to lose today on
is we've had from the applicant tonight that they will do better in community engagement
I want to know from you what you would like to see from them to make you feel more assured about what this is and for the applicant really listen to this because there are going to be other fittings of this committee and if I'm still sat on this committee I shall be testing that's at every step of the way from now on because of the frank I am a little in the way that we still are having problems so far on so Roger what would you want as a community spokesperson whether with or knowledge from the consultation and engagement low I say when they went to the agor people from later that aside talked about her once or listened to local community we have a new team involved we're getting better quote unquote we listen and learn in well I mean you know I've been around in a number of other London divided issues around housing and Praful Syson others and the developers always my promises now when when you look 30 councillor will then you have a decision to make you know whether you believe these promises are not is a bit late in the date quite frankly this this should have gone on it turns the future you're this far away come as we will engage with young people
and I have a new consultancy 14 40 students involved and on the so on their consultation events need need to take into account the community around the site the community around the site his local authority council house in social housing and yet the site is in a in the island in a sea of social housing the people around the converse of site how many of them had been so the so-called consultation meetings previously very fear was that one time how the wrong location do you to that what creche now
and so on and so on and that there's ways of doing this they can learn from other developers dare I say across London who do it far better he wouldn't engage you know you have a series of meetings and you guys in depth you know you must go out and engage rather than bring trapping people in is a mixture it does work and and this company of got a history of not consulting on my return to the to Hlatshwayo power station which is which is their sight and sound the sound so this company serious and they're consulting outfit 40 shillings
why don't they come and ask the community how shall we consult with you yeah
I just ask the asked asked the right different community groups in Deptford how can we consult with you don't take my for if I don't live in Deptford understand my experience from other campaigners unevolved it and advising helping groups organise go out and ask the community and then say we listen to community but going out to met Committee groups this is how we think we should consult an into it it's not rocket science there's loads are good examples
now clear very very much and agree because the consultation on how to consult would be useful Edgerston absolutely Councillor absolutely
and don't forget death despite the depth is a very diverse community and he look at those consultation meeting I've been so there are two in February March you know it's but predominantly White British come along if you want to consult with with buying groups and others around in the community you have to to outrage
and on an absolutely sure that Lewisham council is his for them willing to put in whatever resources to facilitate or media that that process between the developer and and the VAT Councillor Bell son just over-commit really at Roger I do completely supervisor but you have to say I really really do and the Council's doing community engagement of in a fantastic whereby schemes and we are Dre from the ground up so I could clearly hear the problem we have here and it's and I'm fitter per se yet and that we are tied our hands are tied on it and its sound so hollow and shallow but
is an actual reality because what the previous model and an approved all their planning applications we all think that convoys Wharf and Hutchison Whampoa haven't done a very good job this is a piece of our heritage and in addition to that evening ward and Deptford in Deptford have been a completely sliced up with all these new developments appearing and the question that has to be arses what do the existing residents of the Eric out of this and the developer can offer a really nice words and and say Well look at this and of course regrets do this and yes were really Bogut's transform an area but we all know that's not that's not going to happen it's kind of nice words but the reality of this is and I find it really frustrating that we don't have a lot of power to do what you're asking and I really wish we had but we don't and the planning system needs to change it has to change and central government because we are the most centralised western democracy in the world and it has to change unfortunately we can't necessarily make a stand on this because we are powerless to do so so I had as I've appealed over segregated grass and a green space
I hope the developer will listen to that listen to the Committee they're saying they are particularly around disability as his cause no areas should be a no-go area for people living with disabilities and more over than that they have a responsibility to the people of Deptford around what their that offering as a legacy unfortunately we just can't fight for that at this moment in time because we don't have the Palace to itself we are appealing to the Velvet dirt and unfortunately if Sidique Khan had rolled on this it will be a different outline planning permission Shah
that you are still dealing with a global developer Anya in our they are a big company yet they have sufficient resources to carry out a proper engagement with the local community and have not done it I think sure opportunity to say to him well while not only should pay for area I knew engagement exercise what or how it may pay for it and took the and do it I don't properly agreed maybe the officers could come in all weathers owe him interim
Michael Davey be fence slightly above your pay grade Michael or Emma
yeah and I'm happy to come in on that point chair because I think in terms of the need and the desire for genuine engagement I don't think we could agree any more strongly with with Roger than the new her of is an is what we would all want to see and I think Councillor Bell is though correct the
it requires someone who is willing to do that and I and I think in this case there have been an shortcomings in the in the consultation both historically in the main application and certainly in the reserved matters so as offices seeking to encourage and explaining the strength of feeling I think that is there why would say is there have been some positive moves and a recognition of the need to do more from the applicant and I think they're consultant team now as well and that this is the reality of what they need to do and I think this is where certainly members can have a really strong role in setting that expectation but I don't want to mislead anyone that we can make that a requirement we can encourage we can point to where genuine engagement has happened we will always do our best to facilitate that even ward as undergone a significant amount of change over the last few years and no one becomes a planner to try and make something worse
we are invested in our borough and want to see it thrive and the people that currently live there thrive and we will work with developers to make that happen
and it does require a commitment on both sides to do that we will continue to push and I think that that be in the discussion tonight will help us with that
I don't see why were actually want hardly view to buy can't review the whole scheme well I brought your I I think it's been made clear we are we regret that at least as much as you do and why we can't we do the whole scheme I think it's clear to to all of us in this meeting while a way we are where we are that will be left in this position by a planning decision not made by us which which wouldn't have been the one night a been ourselves but it's never miss the one we've got to work within that none of us deny that we want to see development football for his ward but we don't want to be within the framework we are that's where we are and I'm and get a move on from that point as the Gallaher wanted to do mate mate a last relevant points I'm going to let her thing bear and then I've also been asked and it Councillor Keller her as one of the Ward Councillors could speak on it as well and then I'm going to ask Members Bestival if there are none of us in the room said they kept for decision I think there are I'm then whether we want to be to a decision on this application and will be done that I'm going to close the meeting so as the Gallaher firstly
thanks John is wanted long at just following from what Amor has said last term when the Housing slack committee with a big piece of work into regeneration and engaging communities and whilst that is a document that is not legally binding underbelly prison situation like this we really hoped that it would be able to be used incident in situations like this for developers to
See where we as a Council are coming from when it comes to the importance of engaging community committees and as the developers are are serious and committed about this as they have said that it would be really good if they be willing to look at that document and see how they can implement asking the best practices within not into their palms thank you
OK point point my comfort Keller you still with us
I accept I'm not dead yet
go on
I'd like to give the floor to you
hopefully them even supplement and complement what we first on what agree good
Over to you on behalf of Councillors breathing ward
thank you Chair I'm gonna be really brief and I'm gonna do something that I think is a little bit unusual having now heard the strength of feeling from the community from the Committee from officers
Will the developers now exercise their great power and simply just withdraw and come back to us with fresh eyes
is to engage stride out we know we have now had my life I have all the power you now
but they have the power to make a change they don't have to take this forward and I say this for their benefit as much as everybody else's I said I would be super-quick its on going to Irish there please grief sink and come back to us with fresh eyes
thank you Chair
thank you for that so I don't know that there any aspect of its members really ask the questions on hello
although again Malcolm I'm just heard for 2 Green percent seen objections to this site are not going to bring you in your welcome sustain deserve the meeting from there you can see it era adequately members what how we perceive
we're in your hands
a police chatting up and some questions for officers if I might write 0tangle of Wi-Fi where we go next year
so I'd like to just quickly ask because there is we'll try accessible dwellings in this space not all those will necessarily being filled by adults so what provision is being made for disabled young people that might be within sides this development and are they faceless face rashly including accessible play as one of its core tenants
the other thing I wanted to pick up was we focus quite heavily it's meeting IT so on the developments and the building by June what Berkeley talk about at provisions around the bus services and bus routes and how specific that is I am is a bus stop as a concrete post with a board on it's not the number of the bus or is it going to be the full fit out of stops them what does that look like and also making sure that again that this is a place that is a feel safe and embark and welcoming at night and so what what I'm bridging the gulf condition somewhere on on the use of lighting at the making sure as informative that sits alongside for about making sure that it is well lit and we have high quality public realm for Deng and night how he or show an 8 Grass officers to address all be aspect of that that are within the scope of the reserved matters but they considering in its education David as the Chair him start with the last point first nervy the
but making sense here from welcoming a night and your correctly so Walsh there is a condition requiring it at plots specific inside set specific and flailing strategy in its tiny Samaritan appraised and by the Local Planning Authority ancillary plant coming forward only 10 to Kanhai will be let and obviously the needed its strategy to that as well and not be but following a piecemeal fashion in provisions robust services so the poster version has been secured through the application site and again the actual nature of the bus stops are yet to be and agreed I officers
have secured by condition as well Philippe so Parish had to come that details secured for the same yet to come the end point on
you don't want people who require wheelchair access to lead to the play space and to open space and I think the space has been designed to be fairly Moth not a functional and trousers' integrated place the Suffolk far will and fought for young people he who require wheelchair access I think the landscape architect were probably the better
in addition to answer that question
and in terms of the policies that are required to meet and were satisfied that the House Matt those entered the place provision generally what specific question made other
the trust towards the landscape architect OK thank you take it give quickly bow can again we have an informative on this bus through and the exact perdition I'm I would want to make sure the sheltered Bosson a post-op because the wheel chair users and the fact they would be outside in the cold and they have left motility though just be mindful that there is a it's the same old block and we need to make sure that there is proper integration of public transport and that the public transport infrastructure is of the standard yes having been told to stay with their that that part of another
another reserved matters application has yet to come all yes Sets preserved by condition of the land planning permission so we will need that the feel and a search applications bought and I don't see why you would ever have objections out an informative to that effect and I would be ashamed to agree with Councillor Walsh his point that yes I swap the nature of a bus shelter with the seeking to the land said
one of the fundamental problems with with Cicely there are so many co-dependency between occasions for force they come to us months and years of hard and not eating the same people on on not only the same band mixing
OK I don't see anybody else indicating on the checks that they could have any issues to raise with the Planning Officer and we are we able to read something the conclusion on on this if application after which I am will we be some sort of conclusion on this I am going to play some eating and discussing the Bollywood officer Salbi deal with returning by returning it to another day in an
he's anybody anybody fair to move the recommendation as Levada
thank you thank you Chair
I'm given what we've heard about some of the the changes of approach to the African make an I'm with informants about disability access and also making sure there's access to the public then I've prepared and any other conditions have been agreed tonight and in fact unprepared for pose this but if could get offers reminders some of the changes that have been propose either informed or otherwise but on that basis and prepared to move
I call it David can you can you run through a list of an acute made or what those things were yeah I've then that they're not nearly as assured as I would personally like an unsure for others share shared certainty that so if you can run through a quick list as Councillor Barnaby's asked yes I think as they didn't miss some of that discussion now when I when I was ejected earlier
to support a resolution to make available to
I think it had a least one of I the Michael or Chris for Yassmin over taking the minutes
observed all of that I don't think you actually miss any or any of that discussion from what I could see of when you were frozen out the meeting it was at the end of your presentation and well out of that discussion but I'm I I think we had at least one planning officer observing all of those elements of discussion vital any comment on that for fire
I will I was around whether the whole thing was just before the end what I've got my nose as incentive informatives so there's the the carousel setts and bus stops send formats here as South that the public space around the site had not included interventions that would stop play by you like skateboarding and that that a 6 or engage with young people African nurses
the how that play would be arranged and then what we can secure by condition is the accessibility to the podium and so the gap by the stairs
so we consider can secure level access through their so that would be a planning condition
of course we want using given from what I could recall in the what why do also want to put on the record as well that I hear the applicant saying that have got instructions but please you make sure that when you've 10 one of our planning meetings that you come are able to get instructions on the spot as I'm used to when I go to court and I expect the same for applicants in future
and on that basis subject to those informative condition courageous yappy Ravenshall and informative around allowing public access of the on Plot 18 to the green space
OK he Apple have you gotten over gap well OK I have I been by Ariane Emma would like the common atavistic Emma lifted been able to pick up on the access point on to peel away as an informative and what I'd suggest is for the avoidance of all doubt is the the ability to to word those and to pick up on on the issues that have come up his delegated to me in accordance with the discussion for tonight and that way we can make sure everything is picked up
I can't and I am absolutely sure our our intent his here for you
OK to examine draft young can I say thank you to Councillor Belsey make an absolutely clear because that was a large part of our discussion earlier so I'm got that is on the record so subject to the informatives and the collocation of those conditions I'm prepared to propose that we support the recommendation
seconding that proposal to me someone that OK seconded by Councillor get of embody what OK let me go through a vote I am Jasmine you want to go through the names and then we'll we'll find out things whose here as well we get all the names in the will know where you can tell us so you think is absent from the meeting outsell council
Councillor able nervier for
Councillor Clarke abstained
Councillor Khan as the current tells me he's left the meeting because he has an early start of work in the morning so his absence his role as a Long Gallery
as long as it is
as the LA over the 1 4 as the pursuit while waiting for Councillor Walsh optically fall
OK thank you everybody get been that you have you got the anybody precise numbers of that vote it was the sheer one absentee 1 2 3 4 5 6 4 1 abstention 1 against
OK in a in a case that proposal is carried her a week we've approve that planning permission we've wealth with people that you heard thank you very much for everybody for your assistance said he or staying here getting that hyn lead you there is a discussion to be had about the the technology divas supporting this process and I want to put on record my thanks to I think it's still going on the webcast has were income you'll see that happening on an on record might might think personally and the Council's thanks to all the Members who who struggle through this process the office towers who supported it and particularly the members of the public through
bravely participated in it thank you thank you now and thank you Roger and I know it can work perfectly I believe it worked robustly enough just I will get back in touch ways than does not asses and and others
as soon as possible about the item that we had a clear and I am gate close the meeting ear thank you once again everybody
thank you Chair of Governors at an Iraqi thigh