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Planning Committee A
Thursday, 27th August 2020 at 7:30pm 









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1 Declarations of Interests
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2 Minutes

good evening everyone I am Council will be starting in just a few moments tonight's proceedings for planning to me
we are just waiting for a few moments to inviting all of the guests both presenters and the objectors if you are joining us this evening please ensure your camera is turned off and your microphone is turned off at this point in time I only need Principal Planning officers and Committee members to be webcasting so if you could turn your camera off if you are joining us the seething as a member of the public or as an applicant
officers if you could give us the heads up when you have enabled everyone to come into the room that would be fantastic
Everyone is didn't triggered thank you very much a good evening a welcome there once this virtual meeting of Planning Committee A minus Council Bosch and I am Chair of of this committee these unusual circumstances so please do bear with us if we experienced any technical difficulties at the seething
in a moment or lots of everyone participating in this meeting to introduce themselves for the purposes of those following of by our live or webcast before we start or before we start the meeting I have a few housekeeping matters for councillors officers and members of the public involved in the meeting tonight please remind you to ensure your microphone is set to mute unless you are speaking as this reduces background noise if you wish to speak at any point during the meeting please indicate this using chap facility members I believe you have all been upgraded Nelson or you can use the hand raise function and if you haven't got back function please make a note in the chapel unity now her if Members or officers lose internet connection can please inform the Clerk of this by the WhatsApp group immediately so that we can adjourn the meeting until the connection has been restored please make sure if your camera is switched on you remain in shot at all times your reminded the meeting is being webcast lives are with us all participants to ensure you conduct yourselves in an appropriate manner and in the same way you would have any physical meeting to ensure that virtual meetings run smoothly only one individual be allowed to speakers time any person speaking must be permitted to finish what they are saying without interruption if I request that any individual stops speaking they should do so immediately interruptions may result in you being disconnected from this meeting members of the public are reminded that the chap panel is not for public use any messages left on that chap Panel by members of the public will be disregarded by Committee members them's of the public who are disconnected from the meeting due to technical difficulties should use the link her to reconnect the you've already used to sign in all the dialing instructions that you were sent initially to return to the meeting members of the public Health who participate in the meeting are reminded that is being streamed live via the Council's website and recorded for future reference he may choose to switch off your camera so the only your voice will be heard
the arrangements for conducting this meeting will be as follows officers will introduce the application a applicants agents and members of the public who have registered to speak will then be invited by me to address the Committee in turn with questions to follow committee members will then discuss or decide on of officers recommendations on each application we come to vote on each application I will ask the Clerk to come to each committee member in turn asking them to confirm whether you are in agreement with the recommendation against the recommendation or abstaining and asking if voting against or abstaining the reasons for doing so should there be any doubt as to where a Member was present for the whole of an item they will be asked not to vote for on that application
I will ask the Clerk to read the names of the Members of tonight's Planning Committee and do a roll-call
good evening
I will start by saying that there are apologies from Councillor Karen and Councillor Holland
nor do the roll call Councillor at a Farani president Councillor card
Councillor Davis whether Councillor Hanley present Councillor Morrison
Councillor Martin has sent a message to the WhatsApp group the far saying that she has a problem with her connection at home and caught during the meeting
thank you
Councillor Boshell present get Councillor Sauber resin
Councillor Walsh on here thank you very much for undertaking that could I now ask you to do a brief introduction for each of the officers from the London Borough of Lewisham for this evening
I can't I'll announced their name their job title and their role it's nights meeting
Michael Forrester major strategic projects manager planning precise enough Sir David Robinson planned Notts' case officer poorly Yao seeing a lawyer legal Services of London Borough of Lewisham Solicitor myself could at Minot committee officer Clarke
Dean bistecca solution at architect IT and digital services IT support Shump James with Woodfield digital scanning Officer webcasting technical support capital Flaherty Head of committees moderation that concluded introductions

1 Declarations of Interests

thank you very much for that quartet before we move on to the main substantive item for tonight's meeting we have some administrative matters at the Committee to attend to first matter that will be dealing with is declarations of interest that do any Members have declarations of interest in the need to make I see Councillor Davis
Councillor David your microphone his neutered at so he can thank you and I'd like to declare an interest in the supportive item tonight the application is in my ward and I've been closely involved for the last 18 months so I will be accusing myself for this item
OK that is noted Councillor Davies could I ask that you switch off your camera and you ought to take it out no further formal role in tonight's decision making the saying
do any other Members have any declarations and I will say that I have been lobbied by various groups of the Sydney society and Mazher House frenemies house with content ahead of tonight's agenda as Chair does anyone else have anything I wish to say as the pursue yes yes I'm limber of the Sydenham society it but I have had no overlooking discussing their their their get used to this application on any embryos comments
thank you very much that's noted any other Member

2 Minutes

I see no other Member indicating when moving onto the item 2 of the agenda which is minutes would members please their attention to the minutes of the last meeting
at that meeting was held on the 20th threat none today's 27th those the 25th of June 20 20 do Members have any substantive corrections to those minutes Councillor pursue
yes Chair I heard a suggestion it list so Councillor Pashtu as one of the participants in that meeting actually the other councillor Councillor Jack Petchey who was a member of Planning planning a hat that meeting she is no longer I am I suggested clarified by adding first name
thank you very much I agree with that if there's no our objections that that cannot be actions Councillor Sauber
thank you Chair
I am slightly confused that the final paragraph is just a sentence on page 9 which is the and the vote on the Earl anger Road application
it says
as it reads for councillors voted in favour of the motion one voted against the application there was one abstention the application is refused
now that that doesn't quite add up
I OK I think that is a drafting matter
so that I can yes that's on page 11 of the digital copy for their father along page 9 and it's the end of Item III and the chair called for a vote for Councillor vote in favour of the motion which would have been motion to refuse I would shin and a 1 voted against I would say what I should be one of voted against the motion there was one abstention due to late to the meeting so that was resolved that it was room refute as that members
memory of that over there
to the silence equal consent that is people's memory
it is Chair I was at a meeting those correct after Warshel fused early remember correctly at the moving motion to refuse the application
that was my memory to Councillor Sobel use I think started to answer your microphone switched off
yeah I think just changing that the word application to motion actually I'm
up correctly all Chair


OK so thank you can we agree that that's done if I don't hear any dissent I'm going to say this agreed agreed a CAC Members are with those amendments to the minutes can we agree the minutes and as before us I take a science consent yet Everett fantastic there are now moving on to the substantial item of tonight's meeting this is item number 3 yr which is the report entitled Land sit on Hill stage London
6 A can only have the presenting officer begin loading up the presentation David
thank you Chair has just low down NI
can I just check that you can see the screen and Harry OK that is both correct and and they're both working
thank you and the Force starts and with the presentation of just advise Members that the man of the recommendation should also be read in conjunction with the addendum report and that's the main report plus the around him and moved onto the presentation and thank you Chair and and get even numbers and I'm David Robinson planning case officer for this application the current application being presented for determination is for the demolition of existing buildings at me as Heiss another close guises and redevelopment to provide a part 4 6 and 7 storey building and a part two and three-storey terrace voting providing a total of 100 10 socially rented residential units together with community room and a state of us
the proposals are to to ever residential development across an e-voting and new terrace comprising 99 new homes look at it and a boarding on the side of me as Vice otters number 1 and allow the new homes and a new terrace on clothes number 2 on screen the proposals of the 100 percent genuine affordable a target social rent levels at least 50 percent of the nominations would be secured by Lucian
the proposed housing mix would include 47 1 bed 4 1 2 bad 11th 3 bed and allowing four bed units fossils would also include new landscape and I'm play space to the existing school estate as well as new car and cycle parking
they are Quique planning considerations this application are as follows as already touched upon the provision of 100 10 new homes provision for 100 percent genuinely affordable target social rented units provision of new public realm landscaping play space and ecological enhancements
loss of existing mature trees on site and the re-provision of trees on a two to one basis the impact of the proposals on heritage assets and said in rage and part of the proposals on neighbour amenity existing top topography and post access and on the site and impact on the surrounding highway network and infrastructure
the site forms part of the City of London said in our state and is located on the eastern side of send them home to the source of its junction with cocktail
the estate is a site area of 2 point 6 sound Hector's was the blue and red area on the screen
and includes three distinctive elements me is Heiss previously provided 63 sheltered housing it's for the elderly and the first Laverne the Grade II listed Louris green and 19 50 s housing scheme comprising three they're terraces set around a village green and so that's enclosed by the blue on the screen
I'm as well as far too close an existing sort of terraces author minutes
there are for consideration includes me as Heiss associated parking area the amenity space between me as house not a close a row of garages to the south say the far too close and an existing elevated hard court player on close the application site edged in red as an area of 1 point 3 5 factors existing topography across the site as down stated and this rather hard to read image on the right hand of sales screamed screen is very steep
the top end of the site as a kitten sediment help her with the lower end of the site located on cocktail of Stap riddance across the site surrounding area is largely residential nature of puddings topically ranging from 2 to 5 storeys in height
there are three existing vehicular access points to the site to his needs are from Sydenham whole and serve me his voice of these the northern most access appears to be the primary access leading to a parking area and servicing route through the site to access serves only as a site frontage and is used infrequently and was used infrequently by recluses appraisal road access from criminal and addition there's a pedestrian access to the site also prevented from cocktail
2 year is proposed for development are laid on the slate for me is House towards the bottom of the screen and number 1 and the garages at our clothes and their Kirtle and located at the top of the screen I learned as number 2
with regard to hear these contacts the upper half of that occasion said as well as long as Green are included within the certain whole conservation area as mentioned the proposals are located adjacent to the Grade II listed llama screen
I laid it and the red orange buildings on the screen
additionally the application site is located close for sanity of two locally listed buildings and related like glue the first of which is Castle Bar which abuts the site to the north east boundary the application site also located adjacent to the Sydenham rage area special character
you you're not to follow the existing say task her
the day online image of existing bowling a me his voice and viewed from Sydenham our both the road said around
and as observed from the other direction and facing north towards the grit Northwood located on the Ofsted said of signal
the picture of the existing car park embodying me as ice
and the existing access and blaster interesting and said in help
the existing pedestrian entrance on Sydnor now
this image exemplifies the existing terraces at or close the minutes their backing onto the communal amenity space of the estate
and existing parking on application site and looking towards Rose Court
and the CMO looking up said White
again of an image of existing Boden's on auto Close and the aforementioned backward
and they existing guises at our clothes
and on the adjacent part of the estate is the existing building long screen and ring the central village green
and another image of existing buildings alarmist Green looking towards the existing access point out to close the gap and between the two terraces
in terms of design development the applicant met with the Council for a series of pre-application meetings through a Planning performance Agreement schemers reviewed on three occasions Oakville occasions for the kinds of design review for the scheme was also reviewed plea at pre-application stage by the Greater London Authority and Transport for London The Slade indicates development and the design ranging from 150 unit scheme to the 100 10 unit scheme currently proposed
in terms of the proposed layout design team were increase for the existing late of me sorry sporting so as to minimise additional impacts on neighbouring properties and to minimise the number of trees which would need to be removed as a result of the proposals and see hear the existing buildings and said to the moist and read but the proposed footprint overlaid and bought
the Slade shows the design response and send them home with the 6 storey omitted proposals and located adjacent the Council bar stepping down to 4 storeys in height adjacent to the Grade II listed Lown screen the proposed service Helen storey element of block B is pushed back from the street frontage and send them home
again the Slade shows the relationship of the proposed Ms house-building air with the existing dwellings and an awful close
the proposed terrace of her allowing family units would run along or close faced or in height stepping down to two storeys in height where the site or whether terraces adjacent to Rose Court to Madigan mitigate the impact of the occupants of the spoken
moving on to the detail proposals a slate shows a the proposed ground floor plan and for the Masai Spalding of communal space located the centre of the Plan with residential uses proposed around
the slide shows a typical upper floor plan of the proposed me as host bowling
and typical upper floor planet second second storey level
rooms they are a close proposals as a ground floor level plan of the proposed terrace had ordered clothes
and the proposed first floor plans there
and not the summer illustrations and see the eyes of the proposed development the Slade shows the double-height communal entrance trim at the me his house Posen
annum how Station of the proposed public realm with terrace and a communal amenity space to the right of the screen
and again the group postmen on it is is
forget in materiality the proposed bones be largely black cloud of red clay roof tiles that began as provided examples dancing high-quality materials to be used in construction on site for specifications of all materials to be used would be required by condition
in terms of proposed the use of the development from the surrounding area the Slade and the Slade indicate how the proposals would appear and from Sydenham hole and looking north-east
and again from the opposite direction and see the proposed polling above the existing tree-line on said no
am in terms of fence longer and use it's difficult to see on the slide and apologies for the cause of the damage but a Green Lane at the centre of the screen here outlines the or late of the proposed development the be and I will appear gives an idea of the boarding silhouette
and the proposed view from Larne screen as a CDA and the proposals about the two storey terraces on for Amscreen here
and this one is a proposed view from Kirkdale near Copse corner and again the green wireline gives an indication of the cello out and visibility of the building from here
and the proposed view from planners close playing fails and off towards common so as to the north side of the bridge answered the greenway land again incentive screened and to get the upper storeys and second sounds to or would be visible above the existing tree line here
terms of the existing character on the rage as mentioned earlier polls are largely residential and between 2 5 storeys in height a few such exceptions to this which are also visible from the north of the ridge and the such was taken from DOJ Park and show their line of the nine-storey Frobisher court visible above the treeline
and this image also taken from DOJ Deutsche park and shows the sensory constraint House and The Crescent would Road also visible of the tryline source worth noting that these three bones are located within the conservation area
with onto the relationship of existing residence and on adjacent to their state the slate shows a separation distances of the proposals of an event neighboring properties and the majority of Fletcher in excess of the than an early recommended 21 metre and separation distance
in relation to proposed parking until of 55 parking spaces would be provided on site including six wheelchair user accessible spaces at the Maze House block and so were the 30 and know as located the top of the screen
no including the guidance which her largely unfit for larger modern cars and the applicant is only find main of which to be a nurse there would be an uplift of 27 new spaces across the site
with regard to access officers of fully considered the impact of a proposed development on site the civil and elderly persons of lesbian and visiting the development in the light of the issues raised consultation as well as the Council's public sector equality duty
telling the steep existing topography across the application say access and in particular access for wheelchair users as an existing a shield the site of Manny the existing she's through the site from cocktail to outflows not being compliant with the bogan voting regulations maximum recommended gritting the Warnham 12th however the proposed scheme proposes allowing wheelchair user dwellings equivalent to the 10 percent required within the mews house block and to opera and at the site where compliant step-free access and which are use of parking would be provided
the reclusive under the same where the towers terrace of 11 dwellings is proposed and existing non-compliant gradient right of way his look would be relocated to the front of the proposed terrace
as noted that given the constraints of the site is not impossible to achieve a gradient compliant Riz here real however been Amanda to include the level landings to provide some relief to wheelchair users
whilst this non-compliance is acknowledged and is not desirable it is noted that the essence available solution to enclosure compliant rate and here giving the existing topography on site
On balance given the existing national complained gradients at this location and the provision of 11 social and family 12th location it is considered acceptable and get an improvement over the existing arrangement with level landings and a 10 percent user waiter of waste our user accessible dwellings are provided elsewhere in the development officers would continue to work with now again to ensure that the landscaping controlled by condition would ensure the highest degree of excels accessibility possible given the circumstances
before character tree removals and the slide shows the trees to be removed and read and proposed new trees and dark green with the retained trees and lighter shade of green
how the scheme has been designed to minimise the removal of trees insofar as possible to 19 trees would be removed and a total of 45 new trees would be planted resulting in an uplift of 26 new trees across the site
there is also potential for some of the removed trees to be used as part of an ecological enhancement scheme and to provide habitats for invertebrates and small animals additionally an ecological mitigation and enhancements will be provided in the form of wildlife-friendly planting and species rich planting nearby bird and bat boxes
I ran garden damp species and habitat near of has Rowan understorey planting as well as a tree planting and which is already mentioned and for details of fat logical mitigation enhancement would be secured by condition
Stutzman earlier for God's key planning considerations significantly the scheme would provide a hundred and 10 new homes it percent of Lucian's London Plan Annual target the scheme would also provide a hundred percent Chinese affordable socially rented housing for which there is an overwhelming need in the borough this includes 11th three-bedroom units and Eleven forebear minutes at least 50 percent of the nominations of which would go to nourish him the scheme also includes provision of new public realm landscaping and play space as well as improvements to surrounding highways and waste they result the proposals would result in the loss of 19 trees across the same 45 new trees would be planted along a range of other ecological mitigation and enhancement measures
there are existing issues and across the State site are noise and has considered the proposals have addressed this matter and so far as possible given the existing constraints the final details of landscaping would be SECAmb secured by condition
finally the proposals then Packers that proposals on heritage assets has been noted and the officer report as well as the impact on the bring amenity however the significant public benefits presented by the scheme on violence mean that the proposed development has been recommended for approval
as per the recommendation setted North Fort and that is the end of the presentation
thank you very much presentation David are I'll come shortly to members to masterly additional questions they wished to with this point before we move on to that though Councillor Morrison joined us whilst we were in part way through this item on the agenda and while she is always
during this thing when I was first getting lot setting losses
Councillor Grant though my could own advice on how the Paris abortion
the summary care record saying the as I came in part way as called a part of the decision-making faster I support the effort that's fine that that's lethal by the tried to hear earlier are absolutely everything to vary from the law
if I could also ask officers to upgrades my status in the meeting and so I am able to turn on and off microphones that would be useful thank you
so Members are Councillor Hanley
was the first to ask for a question and then I've got other councillors I've got Councillor Sauber and then Councillor shoes if we can go in that all order Councillor haddock tell your camera and you'll microphone on and ask any questions that you have of the offices
Councillor handing can't hear 0 Councillor Hanley is in the lobby
Councillor Hanley are you back with us
Councillor Hanley are you back with us then via thank you very much Councillor Hanley could I ask you before we continue did you see up until the end of the officer presentation yes again excellent 7 about other areas to questions actually yet that out we are are we all just moving on said to practice law further so if you want to ask your question to officer was just making sure because all members have to be present for the duration of the item but if you saw until the officer presentation ended than you were air
the Councillor Hanley while thank you get there you chair the question at the two questions were asked as one is you mentioned that solution will have 50 percent nomination of is putting the PAC but I must have missed it who as the other 50 percent Mosier make sure different organisations and the UN-AU erm
buyers house is empty but also also close as is simply silk or people in it all the if they are Ave in the hundred and 10 new homes provided always that a hundred 10 plus them as well thank you Chair
Councillor Hanley David and ask you to come almost
David your microphone has switched off
I might have to start sharing screen display can turn Minack Fernand enough and I can go back to the presentation as required
sorry Councillor Handley and 50 per cent of the nominations would go to Lewisham of the other 50 percent going to the City of London and the City of London on the state and their the applicant and in relation to the Holland 10 home sets Arden 10 new homes and addition to the occupied properties am on or close at the moment
thank you very much next on my their failure or was are I believe Councillor pursue
but I think Councillor Sobel was first but some saw this because Councillor Sauber as raised his hand I'm not quite sure in secret so Council Sauber to Heald go first
yes thank you Chair two questions
1 was covered by the oral presentation I thank you for that presentation the other is in the written pages can I address something in the written pages Chair that wasn't cut agree the up yet so my first question is about the non-compliant walk ways
I'd like prefigure the question with a comment about whether the existence of non-compliant walkways already being there mitigate the arrival of further non-compliant walkways I I I don't see the logic of that
in a if we put in a a building that didn't pass its fire safety we won't say or will there are other buildings on the street that didn't pass their fire safety
so that's my comment but my question is has there been any consultation with user groups regarding these walkways are seen the data but I'm not sure saw so the feedback from some maybe a wheel chair users regarding their experience of these these proposed walkways
My other question is about school place provision Chair
the and it's at 7 3 2
the presentation says there is there is capacity in the three neighboring schools but it only mentions one school by name and gives us the figures for that
and I know that that's good is Kingsdale which is because it's an outstanding school by off debt is a is very oversubscribed very difficult get into so I would appreciate the figures for the other two secondary schools are named but are mentioned so I've got some full data on how difficult Rees it might be for the expected 26 secondary school age children and to be able to get into local secondary school that those are the two questions Chair
OK I'm sure I'll go to officers on that and we have to be mindful that we limit ourselves to planning matters though so Deignan over to you
thank you Chair and thank you Councillor Shore but and
with regard to the non-compliant walkways and where noise this as an existing sheet on this on the application site and after it so the site aren't compliant with the absolute wreck or the recommended maximum of on 12 and the new walkway proposes actually relocated walkway and again it it's not physically possible and given the constraints on the site for the relocated or the new walkway to be compliant with the maximum recommended grant of 1 12 0 we how sought to do is make that and as usual friendless as passable am inclusion authentication of level and thence across the across the be located and right of way and the sad will continue to work with the African team and through the proposed hard and soft landscaping conditions to ensure that the highest degree of accessibility as secured through external landscaping and
the allegation pointing you know if you ever bought in wasn't
combined with regard to fire regulations and you wouldn't justify another Boden as we are complying with fire regulations at that has a very valid point that was the point here as this existing with those agus across the site and it isn't compliant as it exists and every words to develop this part of the site as a result of our would would result in the loss of allowed and family socially rented units that's that's the only or alternative we have here so at his balance and we understand that it's not as I'll be don't want to be recommending an application for approval aren't fully compliant but that is the situation were unfair as unfortunate as it is not the balance we half and and in our opinion that tax allowance in favour of approval of the terrace
occupier purchase notice to sure that if it were to improve the evening we wouldn't be breaking any disability legislation as outlined so we're not Brecon something that would be illegal now and Bruno competiveness note wouldn't be compliant per se with planning oppose him has thank my need corner legal Officer and forgot to taking the lead on thank God as the case for how I wouldn't want to
2 comma until not without having first and response from them
archive horror and back at the end of the round of questions I essentially I'm asking
to make sure that we are not in breach of Disability discrimination Act or equality activity to 10
Councillor Solberg is there any follow up that you'd like to make a mat
are I did receive reply around school place provision which is which is a planning consideration Chair
yes sorry stock was assured I can come on to that now and so what we're going to the school place provision in the feathers in the officer report are taken from the OPCC and social infrastructure started and that has been provided in support of this application the to use schools haven't been named thank may be as concerned and Forest house killed wouldn't get the applicant routes to comment and their PFI that and after they have given a presentation and I can look into the matter further in the interim as well just just to get clarification alone
thank you for taking I've I've knocked down Councillor pursue that Ada Farani
OK thank you Chair
that we'll go three areas I wanted to when asked David questions on Rafik Councillor Silva's touched on touched on a couple of them are from quite I can understand the difficulties in wheelchair access within the site because it's it's a it's a very lumpy site at the top of the matted Drake Hill
and a massive great hill with earlier with with a public Transport accessibility Level of I think it's assumed that they began correctly for them but precise about that so are you even David mentioned that there are 55 car spaces provided knifing transport by car might be a relevant issue here and despite our policies to discourage it where we can so I'm thinking about people who need a car for reasons of disability but people who might have a a less than registrable disability but if they're being housed at the top of the bar the massive hill my feel that the something they need so how how many car parking spaces were there previously for the small number of resident saw dwellings how many are there proportionately with the 55 for are going to be provided in the proposal are bearing those those issues in mind the second area again in lieu touched on was amounts on infrastructure I know that a very early stage of this proposal perhaps when it was significantly for densely now is and it was looking and 50 dwellings and more stories than these now there were some Valley concerns from residents in the aerial ready residents' learner screen and sound about demands on other bits of local infrastructure such as GP facilities and I wonder if you can reassure us about how that is being addressed with the demand on that this intensification of use will impact when
he if it is permitted and then when it is built and occupied and fully occupied and the third area wanted to ask about shudder I don't think you mention he covered in your report I note in the written report as well is how the density has been calculated Gamma questions are being raised about Webster the when the density calculations of actually looked at a rather wider area than would perhaps be seen as logical here and I cut if you could go into some detail about how the density cancellations Witham and how the resulting figures compare with the standards that we expect developments to adhere to because I am all for this significant increase in social housing proper affordable rent social housing but I very keen that we have quality as well as quantity last
thank you Councillor Sheard and take a questions and turned him forgot to the first defies parking spaces provided so the existing me his voice I think I was going to points and honey and cases where there think or believe it's 13 spaces as existing along its
that image slideshows earlier on and the and slideshow
and with regard to which are user accessible spaces Alkan's providing to laugh and 6 percent and which has quit quits the 6 spaces and which is about the new London Plan target of 3 percent
I should adhere to the up Kent as accept vacant Eleven whichever user accessible dwellings within the mews house block am and 6 spaces
if future demand should require and or dictates we have a car parking management strategy proposed as part of the and recommendation which would ensure that an existing parking spaces could then be transposed to air wheelchair-user accessible spaces and if necessary future debt and that's that's how that's been addressed
and that this should have that the schemes compliant in that regard
forgot to GP for solid Ehsan way we to oversee the Lafi back and regarding the and parked in social infrastructure and they are generally and GP surgery as one that's come up quite a few times am again the applicant has provided a social infrastructure study as part of the application and that's demonstrated and that there would be sufficient TP and surgery space and the area and anger stands to the table sex page 52 of the officer report to to cope with the increase and the increase in population that the proposed development would provide and it is worth noting that there were already 63 units here on-site an and additionally worth noting that 50 percent of the nominations were to go to learn a lot of these people would below shall as and Surrey and wouldn't be at an additional over the both
requirement on on GP surgeries
together as a serious addressed tables sex and pitch with battalion the officer report forgot to dance the calculations
and the Deputy calculations hasn't been based upon the entire blue line of the site so half an included Lomas Green Day have only included the 1 point 3 5 hatter red line boundary house as shown in the report and the presentation
and they also have included the existing dwellings on oral close as part of that density calculation so they haven't been looked at as well and the officer report acknowledges that the density is slightly higher and what would normally be recommended for a suburban location and but also acknowledges that there had some characteristics of an urban location none the less
we would argue that it isn't urban location and but those
have some of the characteristics of such as defined by the London Plan when calculating density am it also added new London Plan's work in them and as moving away from using a stance a matrix and applying at naturalistically and what more design led approach to be used by officers and calculate density and are now respect would find the density proposed on site whilst the at offer and of what could be considered acceptable and is acceptable in this instance
I any gun thing the a Council of of Chair has been disconnected from the meeting can we try to get him back Liz 0 right OK
while O'Leary's generously nominated base take over sharing it yeah since of the vice chair aye the anything older aim to do is just suspend the meeting while the we get Councillor was back in I think it's much better it continues with the same chair
I wonder why the anticipated that
I get thought so they talk among yourselves for hello James Eubank
we will be happy to do our thing in your absence I was just getting the the remainder of my are the answer to my three sets of instruments a bit and you to hand you the Chair back again I really have any substantial for follow up questions those at the
if it put me through one moment because an the problem was was my own Wi-Fi went outside dialed in using 4G I'm now back on to the homework by an old woman to death blacktop but there were moment
I came in this apologies for that they're back in the room I heard up until everything that was set up until the
GP surgery at the conclusion of the GP surgery portion of that so if David Myers repeating the tail end of the provision of GP surgery to Councillor shoots questioned good
yes No from Councillor Walsh him get have business at the table TP surgeries and and the start of social infrastructure generally and protect your GP surgeries outlined in table six of further officer report
and then it later went on to answer the consider the shoot question about density and Sermanni 10 year any of our response though I have advance wasn't including as any 1 point 5 4 hectares yet 1 1 3 5 relief refine the give the up
I'd say yes excellent so a councillor should have equal or the answer that he needs to your questions I guess are thank you Sean happy with that them and thank you for stepping in their Councillor pursue I knew that would happen fast my noted that in the the chat box
Councillor out of rurality and then Councillor caught
confronting you with us
Councillor Adam surrounding OK I can't pay from Castile Frawley we have therefore suspending the meeting again could I ask the appropriate officer to try and raise Councillor under Farani
but those of you though watching the live stream I do apologise Councillor Farani is in the lobbing as a guest
Councillor on Friday you back with a set
he made be upgraded to have speaking rights
Councillor frowning
but those of you that are following up a long at home we apologise for the delay and we allowed to five minutes for a Member to reconnect if that is impossible we will proceed without them Chair yes his local meant Councillor Friuli isn't the meeting but his meet himself and I don't think he realises
OK Councillor Atha Farani are you here sir
Councillor defrauding we can see that's fantastic careful folly become here you though
creamy now we cancer a carrier fought for raising the probity and transparency of were you able to hear all of the business that's been spoken about so far did you hear David's response
is it had everything that was said or did excellent OK thank you
as I said the fact that ask you Catherine fronting it is your turn to ask your questions so go very much share you be very Pishevar told ago one question and my question is about high-end him or information sent to committee members about this height of development thus them
permission about it goes for Heights 5 heights she's heights with overview of what good ol around the development what I want to know from officer because there have been lots of work Wayne to this very very comprehensive it ought including prey and planning application it could impact meeting how much emphasis was placed on various heights of development from the newer Lewis height to the highest height
they bid
to thank you Councillor crowning I mean they the height and scale of the development is something that we have been concerned about and from the beginning of our plight performance agreement Town at the start of our pre-application advice and the scheme is very ambitious and has been always ambitious in terms of the unit numbers that could provide and as noted in the and the presentation there was another ration of the scheme that looked at providing 100 50 units
what a 12 storey point of height and the centre of the site at which we obviously advised was too tall Hate Hate has been a key consideration and through the pre-application process and application process and thank the officer report does acknowledge that that the proposed height of the development will have some impact on the character and the setting of the area and the conservation area within which it sets as well as a locally listed buildings unlisted buildings and adjacent to the site that is acknowledged
I think in this instance said the Local Plan on the Saudis tasked weather
were heightened by the proposed development would result in some harm to Han hazards on heritage assets in the character or appearance of an area we have to balance those against the public benefits of the scheme and in this instance the public out of its and the significant public benefits of the scheme are the provision of 100 10 new socially rented am affordable homes and Anderson sense we feel that this is acceptable and that the public benefit of the scheme outweighs the harm presented by the proposed height of the development
our thank arena in the
watchfully resource only about one final speaker that he remind people that we do also have the objectors and the applicant's as well for them to HOSC questions to I will be coming back today I'm sure the entered TA turn round up everything else but Councillor card welcome to your first filing Committee your very welcome and we're very grateful to have you with us if you'd like to ask your normal questions so well I was
I was very interested to read the whole report which was full of fascinating facts and other Council of asked two questions I was really interested in so I just have a comment really and on the biodiversity and I wonder what's the best way for me to feed that back because I'd suspect the detail of on to go into is not relevant or not planning now relevant planning consideration it's just about the proposed bird boxes there's a proposed on the site
the the proposed pathological enhancements including the bird boxes and would be secured by a planning condition and so would include the nature of the location than number of bird boxes back comments light to them yet so he can fit I comments later or you can for something you should include by informed of it you can do so as well as fine thanks travel when spend any more time on that thank you
thank you very much Councillor Carter so without more adieu we're going to ask the applicant to come forward A'Beckett can I give you a moment just to turn on your your cameras and your every with your microphones
so the seething I have been formed that we have a number of people from the applicant team and just going back through the
I cut through chat so the applicant tonight I believe I have
with me
I believe I have
so I am having trouble opening up the document and second I shall go to the
so I have a number of people down on this body too many for me to go through but the main speakers for tonight I have Mr. Anderson Mr. Cochrane and Mr. Rossini are those the third the people are speaking to the substantive item on tonight's agenda I see Ms Anderson
a bar blocks out
Mr. Rush
I'm not like you come in there and a T-shirt just to so so Minister Andalus will speak on my name's commercially Planning U-turn from Suntech I have a number of a design team city firstly alongside his role a little and the implied if you want to direct questions through the only threatened through the tea so we can answer especially can employ to check the sorry history just Gengis any here and just to just tonight are and really here to support our Planning Officer colleagues are should there be any other detailed matters on house I got out but I don't propose to speak on behalf of the of the scheme here and so unreal just here should there should just after any other members of the query ago Committee have any queries regarding housing specifically
OK that's good to know so the applicant team are who are making the presentation tonight alone round welcome would you mind just a outlining your role in relationship to the application site this evening
should I start or deserve justice you're well kept well the welcomes expensive
the my provide for
getting feedback
I think that's sorted out if you'd like to continue Mr. Anderson
yes I'm Chair members of my name is Randall Anderson I chair the community and Children's Services Committee at the City of London Corporation and we're extremely pleased to be here tonight as Karen has already said he'll be
figuring out who from our team should answer any questions that you might have but I'll be the introducing it and then I'll hand over to Karen
excellent thank you very much so I am you're very welcome to join us this evening where the lights have you this have missed Anson I'm going to give you at five minutes to make your presentation to the Committee and I shall start this are the when you begin I shall give an indication when we are 30 seconds away from the end okay I'm objections and you start
it I proposed scheme will be a development that Lewisham can be proud of delivering a hundred 10 much needed affordable homes for social rent with over 10 thousand people on the waiting list for homes in Lewisham and 50 percent of the schemes nomination rights sitting with Lewisham we can go some way to help reduce that number and crucially put roofs over people's heads the City of London also has 800 people on its waiting list we have been strategically looking at options across all of our estates to ensure we can provide more truly affordable homes May's house itself has been vacant since 20 18 and only nine of the 39 garages at auto clothes are unused for parking or we're not doing anything to any of the housing in articles it's just the garages
our team has looked extensively at a number of options for the estate over the past three years including refurbishing base House the existing May's house-building currently provides 63 flats he for furnished modern housing standards it would only deliver Forty one bedroom flats and would not provide any larger or family sized homes that are particularly sought by Lewisham working with Lewisham's housing team we have created a mix of one two three and four-bed homes to reflect what is needed locally and make a positive contribution towards the burrows housing shortage we will be introducing a local lettings plan which will allow current estate residents to move into a new home on the estate if it better suits their housing needs former Maze House residents will also have a right to return to a new home if they so wish
the proposal in front of you is the culmination of a significant about public consultation and stakeholder engagement over the past two years with Lewisham Council the GLA residence and key local groups
at the city we believed in genuine partnership working and collaborating to achieve our goals he welcomed the recommendation for approval from officers and want demonstrate the residents concerns have been listened to and taken on board our consultation began at a very early stage in the design process we've been listening to residents on and around the estate as well as other local stakeholders since November 20 18 when we first presented the idea of new homes
pre-application engagement has been thorough and full with 34 local meetings and events taking place over 200 58 comments submitted and 2 thousand 800 83 unique visitors to our common place site which is where all the information ones
open dialogue with all interested parties will continue throughout the planning and construction process and of course well beyond as the city will manage the construction and continue to operate the estate
we recently attended Lewisham's public webinar and ensured all questions that could not be answered on the night were followed up in full after the session
the proposals are part located within a conservation area and adjoin was to buildings it when a screen and locally listed Castle Bar building
its heritage context has been taken into account from the outset the character of the existing estate and relationship to its surrounding has strongly informed the scale and layout of the proposed scheme over the course of the consultation period we have reduced the height of the building as well as the number of homes from 1 hundred 50 to 100 10 we've also removed the previously proposed basement car park and development on the ball court as a direct result of listening to residents in the tallest six and seven storey building we've incorporated 11 3 bed homes that will provide desperately needed family housing
this will be a great great benefit for local residents and is an unusual inclusion and social housing developments
large four-bed homes are also provided in the new auto clothes Terrace
you have 30 seconds left
right of Brexit
at City cooperation we are passionate about delivering high-quality affordable housing for all the site offers an opportunity to do just that like
thank you very much for that and you are perfectly on time and I believe that we have some questions coming in numbers if you'd like to put a queue in the thing on Mark and Preston to raise hand function I will take into I think has the sheer I thank you for staff on
yes Hello Mr. Anderson thank you for your presentation you will have heard I think I asked equipped refer have planning officer about the impacts on local infrastructure and the high I think can Councillor Sobel's they're asked about impacts on on school demand from the intensification of residential development on this site and a bit thick the answer for two years the social infrastructure study that EU Commission and as I understand that the City of London lease is ensure at least as responsible for housing providers as as we are
so I am just wondering if you could elaborate a bit further on the outside got from David Robinson how how are we have how we get to be reassured that the increased number of residents on this site will have access to health facilities school facilities and have even local shop Skipton the the difficulty of being top of the hills so so that just makes it slightly more challenging
so Kirin who who's gonna answer the detail on that
I will start through the Chair of account and the any limiting you Anstey fattening off the threats of knife missed EU please feel free to listen and we we've done a very detailed studying I'm sorry if you don't mind just called a couple of paragraphs of that debut referred to and in respect of GPs we phoned up all the GPs surgeon the area on the biased us that they're kicking fiercest
that was done at the end of 2 thousand and 18
I'm not report shows that there is capacity and the building for the existing Jim Paice within me and literary other sickness table Amazon mark on hate 14 such a study and as such some point 6 that refers to all those relevant and GP surgery so enlist some of them to see an old I'm not an office well spot practice that's been medical centre it's Lordship Lane surgery it's Paxton Green good practice at Sydenham Green good practice it's a Woolstone medical Centre is fought held good practice in not bear too where they all are and show and it shows my service that that there is capacity and not respect in terms of schools again an infrastructure study that we have section 7 point 5 the until Dec down the schools in question and it shows that this capacity will apparently
nursery and secondary school places and the point I think smeared by by David is that a of the 100 10 new units 50 percent are version residence at her her in the system on their figure than the news not on than 10 new how councillors so that addresses here question I yet thank you very much
the fact that I'm saying no other questions from members
is that correct no questions OK with that one might I wish to thank the applicant for coming along thieving and stand down if he would mind turning your cameras off and your microphone you are relieved
excellent without moving on sale or objectors to the application can I ask the objectors to join us in the meeting I believe missed Agar is speaking on behalf theatre objects seen it
good evening psychologist check your microphone walks
as that that's brilliant thank you up Stewart would you mind introducing yourself and your relationship to the applicant application site yes my name is Joe acre unearthing a last green resident for four and a half years I'm so member of the resident Steering Group
thank you very much for coming along the ceiling and Lewisham council we really do enjoy a really good level of engagement from local residents her and we know that for many of you this can be quite alien process if you're not used to this so will be very kind and gentle through this element of it I've just like the African to you as a Wrexham's the the objectors will be entitled up to 5 minutes to state your your issues and we will then go to members to ask additional questions if they have any her around your application Mr. your your time start when you begin making your presentation as a whole OK yes that's fine though but over to you said Southern Health stay as a cohesive community that cares deeply about the local area residents support the attempts of other sides at great 100 percent new social housing though it also unanimous Largue that proposed scare the scheme is hugely inappropriate the site
the draft long-term plans faced Optimising density should be balanced against the characteristics of the site's Lewisham planning communicate to residents in October 2 thousand and 19 that's an appropriate balance needs to be found between the need for additional social housing and the impact on the community and sides
residents are content with the proposals have not materially changed since October 2 thousand 19 and a balance has not been achieved what her closing these House intimately share the site physically separated from next door Lanús green
On top of a steep hill and the low key towns score of 2 the development will create an urban density sides of 358 habitable rooms per hectare a startling 100 habitable rooms begun the maximum threshold advised for suburban development both Lewisham's March 2 thousand 19 cancellation study and the notion Design Review Panel characterise the site and suburban
the Planning report acknowledges the number of material concerns in each case outweighing against benefit providing new social housing however Lewisham have a vested interest in this scheme
and appear to have downplayed material concerns raised by objectors for residents the cumulative negative impact of these material concerns unquestionably outweigh the benefits
the proposal has a 40 percent bigger footprint than the existing building and shifts 20 metres towards curtail necessitating decimation of terraced Copse and amenity this huge number of new windows balconies will dramatically increase overlooking loss of light and light spillage into neighbouring homes the outlook for residents Otto close coked out and Lemos green we permanently changed
there are huge question mark still over access and inclusivity due to the steeply sloping nature of the side but not been adequately addressed or resolved in the planning up the terraced house gardens will only be 3 metres long that's a further recommended depth outlined in the Russians residential standards huge pressure being placed on the Otto close coming into green space which will already be wish be shared by under-reporting times
the applicant has included Dulwich College until the base forts around in its list and accessible recreational Spencer's the resonance also dissatisfied with response the Tree Preservation order submitted we disagree with the TPS assessments and believed that key retained trees mature horse chestnut close to curtail homes and mature Catalpa close existing those housebuilding Walker to sit bit put serious risk the new building
the October 2 thousand and 18 baseline parking survey and ONS car ownership data suggest that 40 additional vehicles will need to park or Sydenham Hill curtail this would put these two roads and overnight parking stress these calculations do not factor in further reductions in on-street parking from future traffic management schemes or cycle lane infrastructure lushness definition of a tall building is buildings that significantly taller than pertinent high-tech business rally area and or have a notable impact on the skyline the 7 6 3 elements of block B will be clearly visible tree line causing damage to protected views increased height and massing the new building will cause substantial harm to locally listed Castle Bar nursing home and your Trason treescape that streetscape Lewisham design review panel did not support the design the last meeting in July 2 thousand 19 the designed not returns the Panel preferring review and residents strongly disagree the palling report can irk inclusion the final design reflects the recommendations that ensues reduced by less than 10 percent from design presented to the Panel half the garden and ward of Grade II-listed number 23 on a screen the lost in the construction of the proposed terrace houses
the Twentieth century Society visit the site to refuse the application and concluded that height apartment block and proximity than you terraced houses would cause unnecessary harm to grey Tulisa Lambeth's green and destroy the integrity of its it is green setting is ever has limited bus routes steep route local shops 50 minute Waltz nearest station GP practices contrary to the applicant statements are overloaded and 80 within the catchment area fall
in conclusion 90 percent of over 200 public responses having application objected to the scheme did you must negative impacts highlighted nice ejections add up to an unrealistic and harmful developments such increased density but attachment effect and existing and future in your tea and air is built in that little virement we asked the Committee recognised the concerns knowledge would look community and harmful impact the scheme and seek to reduce attending scare the scheme to an appropriate level thank you OK thank you very much before that Members we've had a number of items raised by her that local residents we have questions I see Councillor Sauber anyone else wished ask questions so please either raise your hand and make a mark in the
text box Councillor Sauber
thank you Chair thank you Mr. A GA I said you then Kurtley at my question to Mr. A. Gerber it's regarding something he raised and a lot of seek clarification for planning officers or or legal counsel which is and it was it was mentioned that it here at mentioned in the presentation so it's a suburban area or is it an urban area and an and therefore which kind of densities threshold should this committee be be considering chair a little clarity on that
for sure over the last two are important I think the act can mention of the up current the objective mentioned are across 100 on what they thought it was endorse any good if officers could say whether or not that is a hard deadline are half her than it all hour limit we have to on reasonable Baloch Review so David is that for you to answer
yes thank you Chair I mean when we talk Stoneless about before and so the London Plan definitions where we're pliant answered and are aligned at Pargav 1 5 7 off the officer report so we acknowledge that the site sits more comfortably within the suburban definition than are those on urban definition even though the site exemplifies some features of an urban area as defined by the London Plan is appropriate to apply these definitions of the London Plan when using answered a year and to Pargav and 1 point 1 5 8 1 5 9 0 line of the range for suburban area is 55 units and whereas the proposed scheme as over this 100 3 units
them with regard to habitable rooms
the calculation 1 5 9 I lanes 331 Howell ruins per Hector am with an indicative range of 150 to 200 152 and 50 habitable rooms as I said before with acknowledged that the proposed development as over that Ansty metrics is only marginally over when you look at unit numbers and again as stated earlier the London Plan in the new London Plan is moving away from applying a stance networks mechanistic fully and promoting a more design led approach that encourages Optimising and sites and a design led approach
so as I said that the London Plan encourages that we don't look at the density matrix magnetically but rather look the features of the site the site and the design of the site and ensure that the site is delivering the opt-in passable
OK thank you David Members of the more questions for that moment as the objectors
law OK thank you very much Mr. Iger thank you also for all the correspondence that Burford prior to the meeting of the the friends of May's house and civil society have sent through additional papers as well which we've shared with Planning officers for full transparency it's good to have that level of community engagement as I said earlier so are members are Councillor Davies was going to going to top it isn't any more and we also had an a request from Councillor Hall local Member for for the vision he would like to speak under Standing orders to this committee
words or anyone object to that
I don't see any objection Councillor hole
Councillor whole good evening said good evening could evening James and
and everyone and thanks for allowing me to speak I have been approached by a number of people about this development for Mark might want to focus my comments on the disability issues because as you'll be aware in a Bellingham where I represent it was the home of the notion disability coalition which no longer exist as the borough wide disability organisation but I'll come on to that in a moment and someone I've I have worked with the City of London and I think can a corporation not really welcome them their work and I'm sure that Lewisham can worked very collaboratively collaboratively with them so I wanted to to say that first of all the first point I had regarding this particular application though was that the supplementary agendas that were published and were very late very late in the day and this hasn't given much time there for the public and other interested parties to consider the new points that have arisen in those agendas so I would question whether this is really does fulfil the notice requirements for counting committees and have they really been adhered to them whether or is the letter of the law whether it's the spirit let's have put it that way it also gives an impression that the Council hasn't considered the serious points and before when they wrote the original report
I would emphasise that planning is not an exercise in creative writing is a technical issue erm and I would have expected that that the the major as substantial of them are issues that committing must determine should have been fleshed out in a report or that the had sufficient notice Jamie How or who is the Chair of the Lewisham disabled people's commission which is due to report shortly as asked me to make a few comments on his behalf
which I am very happy to do and he says as a wheel chair using Lewisham resident and chair of Lewisham's disabled People's Commission I both recognise the urgent need for further social housing especially accessible housing but also the risks practical and in terms of social isolation that this development carries regardless of the past their click replacing having passed with a gradient of over the recommended one in 12 both wrists injury to people whose mobility 8 May tip-over and will serve to restrict full access to the development for disabled residents at a time when Lucian Council itself corporately is truly committed to ensuring that the voice of disabled residents are heard at every level it seems is central to me that for discussion with disabled experts takes place on these plans as we progress in the delivery of social housing and I have to say our I there's nothing there I personally disagree with I think that we not only must include the experts and those are people with disabilities themselves we must be we must be seen to do it and we must do it has the distinctive typology all geology and hydrology of this site really been taken into account I know you know from personal knowledge really of of the area that there are least five streams that once flowed from the Sydenham Hill rich if you look at this this is the top of a very very high heel and with a rich and you can imagine if there was nothing there there would be streams flowing down it and these streams flow down into Forest Hill and we can't see them now because
there they are they are underneath the surface but the impervious rock deep below the surface is where the water gas gathers and someone wants to it said to me air that they set a woes Park is Caldwell's Park for a reason and that reason is that springs do pop up and when you build on on a rich and on a hill if you do disturb or the Hydrology there you quite likely to see a few as springs magically a pop up so I would like assurances that the good folk of Kirktown and Sydenham
wouldn't have because I'm sure they wouldn't welcome as on tennis emergence of a new Sydenham Springwater as much as it may well be like Peckham Spring across the way in Southwark we've got to have some sort of assurance that that won't happen
the GP their statistics do cause me a little bit concerned I've worked or represent impatience and been the patients' voice in urgent for for the NHS and historically at EMI my knowledge I accept may not be completely up today but historically I do know there are no GP surgeries in Forest Hill Ward and that the other surrounding GPs are generally at capacity I think some of the statistics I was given is that was part practice for example currently has six full time GPs and one trainee and at the foul practice is currently for not accepting new patients so I'm I'm grateful for the desktop and the phoning exercise that the CityCo pressure did but did Lucian planet earners check with the planning team at the NHS in mission because they will know the exact status of those GP surgeries I mean from personal experience I know it's very difficult to get her people registered at their AGM and finally this is something that does concern me and we've talked about many of the equalities implications of this application I won't go over all of them them but at 6 3 0 in our report it has a section called equalities implications and it says the planning issues set out above do not include any factors the relate specifically to any of the equalities categories set out in the Act and therefore it is concluded that there is no impact on equalities now surely this cannot be true because we've talked about Disability shoes there there are correct they are a protected characteristic surely an impact assessment should be done I mean I would like to suggest that this was just a cut and paste exercise by anybody with regard to the Planning Committee report but we should as Councillors demand a proper assessment where it relevant of the Equalities of the Equalities implications and for that reason I think it's right and proper that we send it report back and then we get officers to to undertake those a proper assessments and that would include whether or not the London Plan I think it's policy M 2 wheelchair adaptable standards and the Lewisham council or policies regarding wheelchair adaptability have been met there is a a London saying called only falls an officers' work and I hope that this doesn't apply here thank you to
thank you Councillor Hall to any members had questions for Councillor hole
no doubt Councillor Hall Worcester down you might hang off your camera
thank you Councillor hole
OK Members were now going into one of my favourite bits of these meetings that ping pong where we get to go backwards and add to the officers and pick up any questions of things that we want to technically ask them all
before we go to that though I am going to go over to Paul Young are 2 Para solicitor to give us a quick overview on the question I asked the very beginning at which is whether Knox this application is meeting the standards as laid out in the DDA and the Equality Act 20 10 and what that means for curtailing of the city council is carrying out its function as the planning authority and therefore it has to have regard to its public Sector Equality Duty therefore it would need to take into account the impact of this proposal on those people with a protected characteristic in particular on this occasion that would include dissipate disabled people and who both live and work live and will be live in and used in the development that duty is to have regard to and take into account it's not a duty to determine in a particular manner as long as Members have enough information to consider the impact and assess it and why it against the other plant material planning considerations there would be filled for filling their obligation any obligations on the part of the developer in terms of other Deseo disability legislation building regulations would be a matter for the developer to fill in carrying out the development but the Council just with NIE to determine the planning application taken into can on material planning considerations of which the public sector equality duty is one
members you have any follow up questions
there David whilst members or or think about other questions to you can I ask a question was you get going would you mind are bringing up a site plan with the building where the disabled facilities I boosting the staple adaptable and then talked through whereby in relation to the access and egress points on the site and this path through it that not meets the appropriate standard
yet there with me and I have somewhere
Tiger unsuitable for this purpose
can I just check you can see this image we can't see
so the 11 proposed wheelchair accessible units meeting Building Regulations Part him for three ha look at it and the mews house and section of the development and the upper end of the site on somehow and all of these properties would have level access provided to send them home to the bus routes and that operate along send them out and to the sex
part 7 m disabled which are easily accessible spaces and located in the car park
proposed as part of the application and so to the 10 percent 11 units required so clown Horsey would be provided in this section of the site and not and the auto close Terrace and get to the size of the site
OK can you do
I understand fully follow that the the Sables accessible dwellings are on a flat level access and falafel Exocet the pill is there any amenity
that won't be accessible to those will take users or mobility ain't users or elsewhere on the site which would require them to go up this ramp other reasons of the right steepness and so how sweater to the great and slay props night just to down instead this
so and the which are accessible homes are located in the red core here and Ms voice heard Mrs. proposed bawling
and these green
aros our new proposed route associated with this block and they are all compliant with the 1 in 12 and maximum rat recommended and gradient and significance of 1 in 20 1 for 15 so the below access and through to the road as the say of to the pure car-parking space to this amenity terrace here and and also ramped access at which would meet the back amended
gradients and here and to this San proportion of criminal and placement amenity space
it's where you start to move further down through into the existing site and the existing topography on the site and means that levels aren't compliant air with the and recommended greetings
the nearest house block where the 10 percent Eleven units are proposed are fully compliant
OK that's answer my questions are on that members are to I see hands from year listed look for the carrying out of frowning
customer Farani
can we now we can say yes or no
OK I said I'm just the then chair I do applaud justify miss it but I want to know either from the developers all for me officer why there there are specific designated area it parking area for people with disability if Arar what an intention to make sure this area and the surf and not been taken away by people with a disability
yes suited to answer Councillor how to frown ease questioned would be an
wheelchair accessible parking located here to the new car park and these would be secured for the wheelchair user dwellings and through a Parking Management Plan which is recommended as part of the Officer recommendation and the demand for wheelchair users and parking spaces was to increase in the future and then the parking management plan would allow for that the none a wheelchair user accessible and spaces to be reviewed and to be transposed to which her user spaces if necessary so they are fully protected by the officer recommendation
thank you Mr. Sarkozy David I've got Castle Court
thank you Chair so my question for David is back to the Design Review Panel
I'm because I can see all the things that are listed as changes the results of the feedback from Lewisham planning and the design review panel perhaps you could just briefly reminders who the Design Review Panel on their sort of status to very briefly and then
explain why there's the objectors are saying that they don't see that Sir
between the last meeting the Design Review Panel and this a proposal that enough has been taken into account why did we wide as the report indicated that enough has been taken into ago that's that could be explained thank you
yet thank you Councillor Carter and indeed Design Review Panel are an independent panel of experts so architects landscape architects conservationists and appointed Vilar shown and sat on a panel to review major applications are all applications has required there's no statutory obligation for an applicant to have they're scheme reviewed by the design Japan but then we illusion strongly are recommended and particularly for schemes such as this and which half notable scale and density
the Saltley proposals here war and reviewed by the Design Review Panel following the final comments of the design review panel of Laith the scheme was reduced to registered a number of units proportion modern 20 210 and to reduce so let's existing scheme has won six way and point of nothing in 1 7 the previously previously reviewed scheme by the Design Review Panel had three sacks and story omens I believe so those subsequently Rogers to forced or elements and in light of the comments received from the design review panel and indeed the plan Department at the time
far enough there's no statutory obligation for them to go back to the Design Review Panel again and to have their endorsement if you like and the sale there and depend upon of that we'll just take design advice from and on major projects like this and the Harpagon team at decided following amendments and from the last Design Review Panel meeting to proceed to to application stage and when I tasked with assessing the application that's this before us tonight
as quaintly Apollo now as fine thank you
so David and I'm I'm aware of the hour and this'll HOSC of a couple of things that Councillor Hall raised up so what what is the risk of and what's the mitigation within side are are most before us tonight at the additional requirement to ensure that those said them spring emerges
or as part of the Local Plan doesn't identify any anything I would suggest that a sprang would emerge we have consulted Thames Water the Environment Agency under Environmental Protection officers on this application and no such and concerns were raised
perhaps if we wanted to provide further assurances as part of fate the construction management plan we could and introduce a sanction are subject subsection of that would require the applicant to perform a further and survey and to geology and the bad rock am over what's already been done and so we can be sure and during construction that there are no risks with regard to the ground water table
OK can I also ask around GP statistics
the without any independent verification of availability within the GP practices has stated I mean I did quickly Google whilst Councillor Hall was talking
one of the one or two of the GP surgeries and they are seemingly on their website happen that we take any independent advice or do we just average has gone off of of the applicant's submission yet something we don't have the resources to check every thought those and social infrastructure and survey in we we do spot check thoughts and Lickey of just on and to ensure and the veracity of the document and we have done that and we haven't
fact-checked every single claimants detect says that statistic sorry am in that document and we don't get an independently verified we just will have the resources to do that
I came and finally the around my final question before we go to Councillor pursue who I think has got his own raised the was around engaged with experts and whether or not we with expects are people who are putting forward the architects at ANZ at the other planning officers such to have due regard to disability access as part of their their training in their 4 p expert in it understanding what the options were and are the design standard
however the applicant team and they can proudly hello grimness about further but they have and consulted the experts in health and looked at every possible option and to get compliant great Ince across the safe him if if there were to do that would require an overly engineered zigzagging back and forth through the site and which restricted by the existing houses on the site and would take up a lot of the existing communal amenity space and available to raise it at some future residents should application and resident be approved and constructed
what we what we could to and we still retain control of hard and soft landscaping of and proposed as part of this application through conditions we could require that hard and soft landscaping his brought forward and consulted with relevant Acts Burt's and now fail to ensure the maximum
maximum degree if accessibility is delivered across the site
I think given our commitment I require light see that are being added in I'm just to give notice to to Paula again
I will be coming back to you after I've gone to Councillor Sheard at ask you about whether or not we have met our our standards all are legal standards to fulfil G notice required on the addendum papers this evening but Councillor virtue if you would like to come in there I thank you thank you Chair comment throw them they're quick to three of the officers authorising a spectre I'm iPad thing on other within likened by Councillor Hall's white contributions to so many of our key meetings but wish him but he should invite into or for our planning committees regularly I and I realise what a polymath he is but I'd never before her in Kells of his expertise hydrological hydrological engineer I think I think the answers we've had not be so simple helper covered are all what they told us before and what we heard me African of covered most of those points I think the applicants that she done a remarkably good job of addressing
I very challenging site particularly that the Helenius I'm satisfied that fave they done what what could possibly be done to enable access for wheelchair bound people with disabilities to enough of the units on this site and as I said before author of course they they the contributions our housing targets and City London's housing targets are a very very significant factor high I am still concerned and I don't think that they're going to be further answers from planning officers these questions but I am still concerned what I think of potentially the show-stopping factors here in US approving this application are the issues of dense to him we've been told it and even if we adopt the more flexible densely standards that are emerging at the moment rather than the nitric sets this still
theoretically reinforce at least but some we're still think the ambiguous words were it's at the upper end of the acceptable range
and it's a it's a measures 350 I had of habitable rooms per hectare against a recommended range of pumping 52 200 on the current standards in force and so I I do think that a significant and that his difficult for us to accept and secondly and I think the point that both Councillor Farani as made I'm the her Mrs. Thrale are made to us mentioning our own Tall buildings policy which is is couched in much more relative terms I think you could summarise it as saying it at all day building is one that taller than the buildings that are the ones next to it but a I it seems to me very significant over dominance of block B 7 storey block at least when it's a direct impact on local view whose and a close-range if you like I'm not concerned having seen the Fanning off his presentation high I'm not so concerned about the long distance views and its impact on the skyline I would judge that that's on the acceptable side of it's it's the the over dominance from
the immediate surroundings the offers made and I I I would question whether that actually passes the criteria we set out in our rural buildings policy but that's an belonging to contribute for the moments and by those further further issues discussed
I take it you want to come back on the acceptability of the overlooking and over dominance on near neighbours
they bid was
everything's gone very quiet concise knee-jerk outside sorry somebody had muted me can can you may OK we could hear you know David yes
if you could talk us potentially through GRI I want to to bottom out that that last part from Councillor pursue around the over dominance to name near neighbours of earth the developments add the overlooking which also came up in the objector's they raised density the density values for whether it was her as urban or suburban the site site which I think be weighed up gone through but they also raised overlooking loss of light and Councillor pursuers just said that again he he has a concern around the that impact on over dominance of the neighbours are from these seven storey dwelling
yes I think the officer report does align that of all the sunlight on neighbours and forget to tell you look and overlooking and that's not chillwave a
large residential scheme proposed an adjacent to but our interns restore balance
in terms of outlook or loss of privacy rather and we have sought to enforce planning conditions and where the
development partners would form a screen and so the windows facing Lomas greenway required that and the applicant provide details of fence or some sort of obscuration to those one those too young to stop tracked overlooking of those properties
moving to the other side of the development and
at cocktail and there again is potential and for overlooking and loss of privacy and and to sit combat with included a condition which requires details of treatments to the flank of the balconies proposed to these units and which could potentially overlook the rear gardens and rear elevations of the properties Kirkdale and so as a further way of mitigating them back to this came figure to overlooking with regard to I look I've been to these properties myself and have seen first-hand what the impact would be on these properties and no doubt will be notable and as it is about some of those properties it would be very noticeable that tourism and development next door and it is an unarguably taller and the existing things me his house and that being said that the proposed buildings does for day exceed separation distances that are looked upon and recommends and that coupled with the arrangement of the proposed buildings and kind of the flank turning away from from curtail plus the
conditions requiring further information regarding her privacy and Heidel mitigated we failed them on balance and along with the significant public and benefits of 100 and 10 socially rented units and the scheme is acceptable am on our point of just not something that was brought up in the objector's speech as well as that and he thought the we have a vested interest in the scheme and I can advise that we certainly don't we are planning authority where a decision maker and would be assassin nurse came the same
regardless of the City of London a private developer or any other developers' and and proposing application with it we have a curious decision maker to take all planning policies national regional and local and your kind when making a decision we have done so here with acknowledged that there is a degree of harm to neighbouring properties as well as and to the
character appearance and setting of heritage assets and bar of near an on balance decision I learning that the overwhelming and significant planning benefit of providing a hundred and 10 you socially rented homes 410 and Virgil's couples and families on our phasing lists and I waste the harm and presented a voted almond
thank you very much David
we also have your was above the floor I also just want to first of all thank Councillor Davis the local councillor for the area she's working trip grad tremendously hard not over the lot and just over the last week and she's been involved with local residents said trying to to get the best deal for her neighbourhood
through this that she has over the last week been in some very deep and detailed conversations with me highlighting some of the concerns one of the ones that an specifically she has asked asked for me to raise is around the construction management plan and making sure that because of its her closeness to near neighbours it's done in her or in the most sympathetic way at minute and mitigate impacts upon their lives and can we ensure that that something suitable is put into the planning her conditions here to make sure that we are are maximising the there minimising the impact upon near neighbours
councillors Ankers as part of the turf construction management plan or a Code of construction practice so will be considered for approval as a current condition attached to this application we could require that the applicant and consults hand continues to consult an update and residents with what his plans or works upon them are given day week time and higher those investigated either now affect residents and the thing is only right that we include that
that's very good thank you very much but she also raised an issue around a future maintenance and service charge obligations and whether or not they've been resolved
hence I mean I think and service charges I think to the query that was in relation to existing tenants on the estate and think perhaps the applicant set of London would be better placed to failure question short we have a member of City of London still here
he Deuchars its journalistic an ask Mike cattle and won the housing offer some sort of Justice responded on of my could do
Mikey's taking my coat Bakal
these tell you might buy back on said
but there are 50 87 resident on the Young lambs Way of the close the state 54 of those flats or thawed Estate service charge is basically separating the two elements Wallace be a statewide service charges and one would be served sort his pool think civic building nothing one of the concerns we had in the consultation process was existing tenants thinking that there be liable for some up reserves its will treat fired in the new building such as the lips this is not the case so the service charges should not be adversely affected for assisting Lise's on the estate Asker gets no
thank you both very much coming back in that Members the our is taking her round now and do we have any final questions for David or do we have anyone who is willing to move anything procedural
Councillor saw that
chair it served it's a further comment is fifth you will indulge me always Councillor songbirds
I have to say that the thank you very much for doing such David mention the then fit that you know the real scale of the benefit regard or you know the the urgent and sizeable need for housing and I knowledge there was harm I thank him for doing that because I I think it's important the everyone involved in this are watching us realises that we are we are it is about balance is not about saying that's right this is Roman and you know damn objection doesn't count massage and there have been many I think there are many cut costs there will be a change of character and and and there is of enormous benefit I still have a sticking point a Chair which is
the design of the Equalities obligation to consider protected characteristics disability I'm just not sure yet whether we've met our obligation I completely appreciate and and accept that the maximum has been done to design these walkways to bring them as close to compliance as possible I accept that my issue is
and I can live with non-compliance if it's tolerable to those people who use them and what I haven't been presented with this evidence from users individuals or groups in ability issues wheelchair users that the the degree of non-compliance is actually tolerable unacceptable to them and it's the absence of that reassurance
the mates May and decided at this at this time Chair
but that's just a comment to share with everyone OK I think I think you raise a good point their council bar while too many good points actually first of all I think that it would be a Mr. B's tear if we didn't knowledge that there would be some harm to the amenity of nearby neighbours anything that David has has presented that very thorough outweigh the what thank him for his presentation and any been very diligent on this piece of work that for the last few weeks Ireland brought in for the tale of him as Chair so thank David are with regard to
disability access and engagement with local resident I think that I think that is a fine line that we need to to walk actually if I'm obstacles to this point I think that as a and Mrs. Michael Owen as an individual and as Chair of this Committee I think that we
need to look at this as whether or not we have are met the test of a have we given consideration to the issues and have there been mitigations are put in place and whether or not in totality
those mitigations even if they haven't been fully compliant or or with were things whether or not that on balance it is still acceptable and I do take a my ears did prick up when David spoke earlier and said that perhaps we could adding to the additional condition with going off and doing an additional piece of work I believe around those access points as a condition David your to justly be fleshed out a little more so Members can hear that again
yeah so I think in my suggestion was as part of the hard and soft landscaping the landscape and in particular and we could ensure that that is designed and but for their own experts and we can consult with the relevant experts to be sure that that is designed and to achieve the optimal level of accessibility I mean it who we fully acknowledge that the existing path and loan the state isn't compliant nor is the relocated path simply due to the steep topography of the site and to answer Councillor sources question at AdGent thing had would be difficult for a winter user to use up path as existing the same as other as proposed albeit the proposed path has been designed to allow the landings to provide some element of relief
and to that end we are satisfied that we have done the maximum possible now consumer of don't the maximum possible and reviewed all possible opportunities and to further improve the Greens here this part of the site and and again as well as I said we had noise at a it's not a daily don't want in a situation where we're approving her be local path that hasn't achieving then the recommended grit and sport and this instance out began his demonstrated have done all they Khan and to demonstrate and such what has part of the landscaping condition we could ensure that that is drawn up design and consulted or upon width and relevant and aspects to ensure the horse
3 of accessibility
OK so I would like to move then fat we put back into the substantive of that is there any disagreement from anyone around Matt no case spending that of the Brecon could do that thanks should also be given to Jamie ale who is are a Chair of our disability commission for his inputs to this I think it showing that actually we are able to listen and respond Benita have you know thoughts about how we can further strengthen corporately our engagement with disabled people taking up Council Hall's comments around the demise of sad mise of Lewisham Disability cognition House are fairly I had your hand up next and Councillor Sauber's hand went up afterwards
thank you Chair
I got no question or comment are I'm not sure
welfare gardens where this point 1 to actually move a proposal
I thank Councillor Salter is your had just gone down
yes sorry that was an accidental them at raising of the Hatcher my apologies
OK so I consider Farani are you suggesting that he would like to move the recommendations as amended with the additional conditions as outlined me off you bought it did have before I do that I'm curses something you have not done in nearly three tickets of Sanya on of Sydow running committee unusual is that
I really want to pay tribute to officers for this report very very comprehensive very very advance and I see little has you putting it out really want to say to others that my family Council was 19 90 and as first time and others at a gun estate was Officer sometimes but it's occasion I want to pay tribute to the amount of work which have gone into this and report and I think this kind of the development is proposed here that is what will terribly Tebbit need in Lucian with camel satisfy every segment of society was good discursive low way to actually support will unfurl as the Local Planning Authority therefore if you could provide for me to asset it to think of a kind on the additional information has been giving that we accept who heartedly officers recommendations on disproportionate thank you Chair thank you very much Councillor defrauding just I can check you did say 19 90 or 19 19
I wasn't linked to smoking 14
the the other we've had a proposal for a movements here twice the second
Councillor Hanley I see your hand raised her yes it OK so can I ask our Clerk to take a roll call things
Councillor at a frowny how do you vote for
Councillor part how do you vote
in favour
Councillor Hanley how do you vote for
Councillor pursue how do you vote
Councillor Bashir microphone is to U-turn sorry sorry at yes I think I've been persuaded to vote for that recommendation
Councillor Sobel how do you vote for
Councillor Walsh had revolt I throw before
and that is unanimous
thank you very much and delighted to declare that we have passed that motion and that an a hundred 10 new target rent social homes have been provided seething thank you all Members for turning out in August and I know it's a hard month in Planning Committee 8 seems always get the one before the bank holiday thank you to officers for their time this evening and I shall see you all back here in September thanks everyone and have a good evening