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Brent, Lewisham and Southwark IT Committee
Wednesday, 8th July 2020 at 6:00pm 









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1 Appointment of Chair
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2 Apologies for Absence and Clarification of Alternate Members
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3 Declarations of Interest
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5 Minutes
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4 Provision for Public Participation
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6 Update report on the ICT Shared Service for the London Boroughs of Brent, Lewisham and Southwark
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chair tonight so that we have nominated for Kent Councillor Williams Chair of that if the rest of the committee are happy to to agree that at green excellent so I will hand over to you Councillor him thank you very much thank you will thoughtful we have any apologies for absence today

1 Appointment of Chair

yep yes shall I understand my colleague and Reich and will not be able to attend thieving so apologies for and her behalf

2 Apologies for Absence and Clarification of Alternate Members

and I'm not aware of any others Councillor Williams that's it
I think it is just worth introducing everyone that's here since where people can't see everyone's on Councillor care and Williams Cabinet Member for Housing Management modernisation and Southwark and if I go to Lewisham next perhaps yet hello I'm Councillor Kevin Olivier Cabinet Member for democracy refugees and accountability in Lewisham route responsibility for IT policy
and Margaret you won't go next yet thank you very much this is Councillor McLellan Deputy Leader bring Council responsible for resources which includes ICT
and a consequent on the screen of every community that though she just go round councillors so we got next wretched and a few and 30 you destroyed us
I record I think you're a new actually
Richard Laming Deputy Cabinet Member for digital deliver it's on a council
I'm Tom high and I'm has the solar I and the Lead Member for many sector engagement at brunt of nothing to do with RTE apart from saying on this today but I enjoy it is wonderful
Greater is that all the Councillors and got the meeting the government we cancer or shoot from Lewisham whose join us as well just through smaller Young is on integrating their sorry now that it now everyone's in now ago yet
but can I just point out your so got Council pursue who is not ever the Committee but but may may have questions or comments your discretion so OK but that could no jockey to from 22 self-assessments you're here
yes yes certainly year Karen AM and Councillor John pursue
I have a role in planning as a special responsibility in Lewisham but no no rolling I T
but an interest

3 Declarations of Interest

thanks for joining us this evening so if we go through your gender next and I look just ask officers as you come in throughout the meeting Pulis yourselves before you speak it has been do so next site Muko is declarations of interest to have any this evening

5 Minutes

hope and then we got the minutes of the previous meeting and did anyone have any points on accuracy on those minutes first of all I resonant could my surname be spelled correctly please that's to ease and 1 m
OK we got that that any of the points of accuracy
the it will make those corrections Chair that's for again apologies for that
thank you and then I I don't know if anyone had any matters arising they wanted to raise the review points that we said we come back to in the next in this meeting are they all going to be covered by the presentations so elect to go on page 5 you cut points B C D E and F
and where there are issues we said we would come back to over appreciate re-roofing as Hatton Code remain not been opposed to come back to all of them but it would be good to know which we can come back to you today in which would need to come back to the next time
this is someone able to the officers able to pick that up
yen and find from yet fill his failure Negroponte away among the direct shatters I've heard so that just looking at those points on the bottom of page 5 billions page for all if you just let us know which of those you he able to cover in your presentation today in which we would need to come back to
next time
and so the first one was on the effect of Key performance Indicators
you will make Fabio Gary Mc
sorry I forgot about the performance packing now with your farmers indicators
is there anything that you wouldn't be covering two aspects of my question on those points B C D E and F I
I'm really sorry but I'm struggling to find that point at the moment strands find my e-mail so
but let me read like a replacement quickly I suppose one on the key performance indicators were we ever updating there was the Joint
I asked the question about Lewisham homes and I just an update on work on the impact of that for the service whether that decision was being made
but there was a piece of work around major procurements and the impacts that that would have on the Joint Service
yet there was a further details we find it on the financial update
and then there was the risk Stokes cause for the Risk Management he provided as part of future updates
I'm so the illusion updates the Lewisham homes are playing procurement financial updates are in the pack the risks course had not been introduced into the into the pack
date for future
but if we could do that for next time that would be correct anything else on the minutes very well so we move on to the substantial agenda that
the first documented case so
scroll back against the centre on this one they have
so there's a provision here for public participation

4 Provision for Public Participation

we don't have any member for answering I should ask do we have any members of the public today no wait there's no that we've had no requests for public participation today
but had not received the meeting is being webcast live so people are able to follow on the web site as we go along
thank you very much so let's then go on into the update on the ICT shared Service then like you have yet

6 Update report on the ICT Shared Service for the London Boroughs of Brent, Lewisham and Southwark

I'm so I'll jump straight into it I affirm I think we've got it in the Council's drain and the maybe
to be need to in travel and able to continue
it that appears to be I'm that epistle are one of Lewisham councillors Councillor up either Ferrini so it's awful so in attendance I think thank you
Castle when it's your Mutare thing I believe is Ambien thank you
thank you for joining us just just brief instances of the Council since your here
kimi yes you want to just briefly introduce yourself just filling up year 0 sorry is a councillor or by Guinea I defray number of Lusia care of Standards Committee much during us and clap their cover your back to you for the presentation thank you apologies for lateness I couldn't get in on time
he thought and thought and threaten to it service performance the compared to the previous period the last during Committee recovered off for months this dispersed appeared were covering a 5 month we sought 56 thousand tickets between February and June 2 the service and that's up compared to previous previous periods covert being one of the other that that the main contributors to that
we saw 20 8 priority 1 incidents over the five month period compared to 27 of the of the previous four months so he once down compared to the previous period on a month by month basis that's during the during the period we saw a I'm increase the 20 21 point 7 percent of course a service request cause into the shared service wish their majority than happened during the the months of March and April and they were generally service requests for equipment for equipment etc. As we year as as the worked model chanson and people started to work from home
overall we have seen a reduction in QE when incidents
Peterson Pete Frame's thoughts Peters MP3 store remain an area concern within an average of 44 percent missing SLA and 6 percent of those but within within SLA that has been some fundamental changes to the way that we categorise our call Sir has been a reduction in P twos are as was their Zapata performance pack and reduction of he twos are based to a are baselining of some of the some of the causing the figures come into the into the into assistance so for it as an example which seem printer issues that used to be not as P twos are and they've been recategorised an agreed at the operational management group that they they they there they classes a P 3 so we've seen a reduction in Peter's but a increasing pastries
as I said the Forest Service requests have had gone up during the period and this was in response to to covert
at the part of the performance pack we talk about her the net performance score which is which hop of demonstrate later but it's an assessment it's a survey that our workforce carry out answered turned to EIA to a rate the service in respect to its it this ability and performance we've introduced a more monitoring tools to help reduce the number of P ones in incidents etc are to the service and we've using some additional tools such as squarer which I gifts our application things are more incitement to into some of the systems and as to be more proactive rather than reactive with with whistled incidents and such and we've been slowly introducing more momentum towards trying to for work for EU decreasing the number of incense the we've that that there were experiencing
as I move on to the covert response are the three Councils approach to covert what a an offence similar there's a Mathema to them things are for his collaboration tools and they all happen approximately around the same time I've got a good slice late in the performance pack which sorts of shows the increase
of where the adoption of Hammerstein's has has joined each of the Council's join a process as as we as things as as the Council spotted to response the response of covert and sofa knows a lot more working from home that positions as slightly changed so Brent had been a laptop predominantly estate or able to respond and have hung workers work directly immediately from home and using some of those tours where notion and Southwark are both still implementing 3 laptop strategies are but they also had access to their to think licence 0 forth and so there was there was quite a changing in the process the new normal with you like where people started to work from home over all it went well we saw a lot of requests as I as I mentioned earlier for new pieces of equipment such as iPads i phones and the ability to have some of these tools for them to the to work from home later on a chosen metrics about home workers and on what sort of numbers are we had with people working from home
overall it's been a properly that 7 thousand users were armed for the shared Service working
working working from home which was a a big increase from from then I think I believe it's about 900 odd that we we saw on average and so the business continuity aspects that we had we had in place in terms of any sort of Binsar with any of the Council's seemed seems to be working appropriately
as a part of that moves to MS teams we saw we saw a huge impact on not on on Saturday infrastructure and not just Tings Burt's the TEF any Papel so we have we all use a biting the 3 councils and at the beginning of the journey there was we sourcing some some quality issues with the courts in the conference calls but we work with though we were with the Tenandry partners to turn to I'm some of these issues down as we went along we found there was a a couple of efficiency that could be made from them from from the shared service perspective and the Council's networks are and those were introduced and within a much better quality and the feedback from from all three councils has been
positive around that as a part of the covert response we felt that there was a need for a further the human interaction element not just the logging tickets and and then being raised on e-forms such
all three councils operating IT hardware where officers are able to walk up and essentially gain IT help so what we've done what we introduced with a telephony base service and that telephony base service was available to all free councils it was to give them that's support as they adjusted to the new ways of working working from home in any neutrals at they are that they then needed access to
as we saw that culture change and people as adopting the telephony service we chose to expand the off far too into 24 hours so he invoked a third party or to to to cover the out of hours and we offer a 24 24 x 7 telephones IT support service which is the same number I'll and the numbers that were approximately saying about pundit calls a day into the service during the day and was seen approximately 8 between 8 and 10 calls in the evening more so over the weekends and so it's not as much adoption as we would have liked and a concept got as one out to to councils Burt nevertheless if this been quite successful we've got Our success rate of first time fits in over 90 percent for for for for the help desk and we continue to encourage people to use them BIS service afar at the moment is it's for the period up until October and without to be reviewing it with the partners to see whether there's an appetite to continue beyond October as well as I've seen the position at wherein come October
the three Councils her of her slightly different approaches to public meetings as far as they were on a team's meeting today but the use of Zoom and public high has been a has been used in
Southwark and in Lewisham for for for for for those meetings there has been usurped birds Zoom for public interfaces and working with members of the public etc. are and I'm Wendell when we join when we started using soon there was a big boom across across most businesses with its use and we saw a couple of issues from that not necessarily in our Viren are we've been quite fortune not to have suffered any issues both
not assume bombing are for those that don't know what they're bombing is unsure your do I is when a Sunday unauthorised or joints your urge writer cau r and courses some sort of issue as part of that are going through that process we worked with the National Cyber security Centre and a couple of other
security partners to get advice about templates how we should use a zoo and if that is not necessarily suit it's it's it's a Balinese conferencing facilitate any any of these tools teams as well so what we've done is we've introduced some controls around that her to try and prevent it prevent any incidents
so as a part of going for actually sorry a pointer to to mention go back to the service desk one of the things that we saw was there was an influx of for a question to the service desk and what we did as upon the the telephony offer was we introduce an IV are system for those that I know an IV are is when he pressed the options that get presented in in in in their call centre for instance and we broke them down into Borough Sophie would call their service desk you can pick up borough you
you're coming from a and it also gives you an option if it's about Kobe related you know kind of working practices and each of the Council's offered some additional staff and so her some staff were repurposed from other areas that when I utilise I they were trained Richler return and they were helpfully added to the capacity to the service as together to respond and that that that joined up working was actually something that by 0 I would say what a great success because I I think we without that support I think we would have been telling a different story about so are about our ability to to to respond to covert somebody issue so as to enable us to respond quite quickly and efficiently and that's quite a positive pointer to to to mention
Postcombe it this the Prince of accessories has opened from Monday to remember that public and were waiting still to hear about a Southwark and Lewisham we we're expecting that all three councils or probably adopt new style of working in terms of the use of its building in facilities we're we're expecting to see real ratios drop
from from a tend to 6 type ratio of as people per desk to it possibly something as small as as tense 3 we we're also
building towards the use of the new technology platforms at USA teams for instance are we going to the introducing cameras and were building of proposals about her that the video conferencing because it's addict changing culture where people predominantly would use just just the dining and a telephone service and now very much using video and more collaborative Sweeney sharing type approach which I think is another big win for three councils I think they're there that the ability to collaborate there has there as an Israeli helps the success of this a show of responding to to covert so moving on into cybersecurity so we've seen a reduction in the the amount of incidents that we've seen or your or even the Urdd the attempts on the on the Council's I attach the graph and so for those the for those or or of the District's flying neck roughly a bit more so it is it's obviously a critical high medium low in terms of severity the bit that might be a bit confusing is there the I turned asking factors investigations Sir said those investigations are not security incidents that a are went as a change in the environment that is it's it's unusual are and how to conduct an investigation to understand exactly what that is and that could be an application or an update one of our systems and then we have deemed it to be safe so we have a third party that is monitoring and providing quality assurance around our security and they their their recent reporters showed some an improvement in terms of attempt on our councils the the most common type of security incident that we have a gallery human error you know people putting their and additional name into an e-mail or or or printing something whatever the case may be we've introduced them meta compliance software which will help chore train people and make people is an awareness campaign around security and phishing e-mails where the impersonation of the Council's etc as some good workers GLAS as as as gone on with them
we've we've point to make is that her all three councils have got a lot of infrastructure as 8 and is gonna be due for for replacement and part of that that that the ageing process is that we're seeing a lot of a lot of our systems whether that be a servers to storage whatever case may be in need of replaces their out of support of August saying is when when you can't get support contracts it potentially becomes a could become urban mobility
as well as it affects the Council's ability to to get compliance when it's working with other agencies like the British the yum there the public Services Network and PC either year payment card industry such so we've been doing those assessments
and or have places at the turn of them we've had been you'd all of our our I'm accreditations and compliance is back in March April time with with a we got one more that's Jew at the end of this month with his Southwark for his pissing compliance it's it's really difficult one with solace Pearson
but that's more of a strategic decision because to be able to get ourselves comply with would take at it a few command investment and we've taken a decision to actually move to the cloud and so before the cloud programme as you will be aware from the previous joint committees and there's a mass at a massive move to to us or which is whistle Combinator a burly sensually is on target to turn to to complete at the beginning of next year
threats as positive and that's half our forward plan and pipeline certain till that but and there are mitigating actions and we can take and so we will be pushing with the Pierre centres if we can get compliance anyway and we should have averted to someone's him in August
as a part of as a part of the year that that the compliance Southwark had done a lot of work around upgrading their mobile phone estate to inserting an error that their mobile devices to get them to 8 a position where their compliance and fit for fit for purpose Brenton Lewisham beneath and investment going forward around mobile devices to make sure that weep against thing compliance but also have though though the Funai serves the workforce habitats they act that they need to to do their job
as we as as we continue one with with of shaping our Ass security now standards are we but a lot of work around tools two to eight hours to assess our security levels in our urban mobility and as being there you and put in place to but a pipeline of technology roadmap which is going to address a lot of these technologies and introduce things in find gaps and Karak analysis to identify areas to ensure that our councils all kept secure
as a part of
the the the securing of our our own our platforms with we've done a number of housekeeping we've reduced the year we've we've reduced a number of inactive accounts and on a lot of work with our human resource departments etc to make sure that we are closed and any counts no longer needed there was a significant amount of accounting in all three boroughs
previously and we've we've reduced Council anything that hasn't actually been used within 90 days is is is essentially to say bought her and we can quickly re enable it for those people that are on maternity leave or long term sick or whatever the case may be and then with a view for another period and another assessment with with partners in HR etc etc to remove those accounts going on to e-mail and security around that we've seen almost 60 million e-mails in in his period that's when in the in the last night Dave sorry go to the three Councils and 86 percent of those e-mails were malicious or spam of some salt which is an incredible number
and so with that I think is that I can't do the maths on my head I think about 14 million e-mails I think were were approving and gone through to to to our councils answered as some huge numbers and sought to get your a level affirm a level of 5 year about how much is going on and in a sense to make sure that these indeed how assistance in our workforce or protected from from all of these attempts
I move on to continuous service improvement plan so to achieve
can I just point about for example of a lot of detail here so I think it's probably worth coming in and what you've said to date and then carrying on after medical centre to them to comment on that before we do that though I suppose the first thing to say and I'm sure we'll Alban services thank you to the whole team for everything that's been done in response to COVID-19 I it is genuinely remarkable process of setting up people to work from home I'm I'm sure there's been some bumps along the way but overall it's been absolutely phenomenal response so so my thanks and I'm sure others will want her to say the same in due course thank you very briefly please pass that on to your home to actually really one than taking that message because it's in a really appreciated I will will be when we had a service huddled term tomorrow morning an owl are I will relate out relate on that that's great and but at the same time we could have done it without the local
technology changes as well so I mean we we have really and it's easy to say but we really had clubbed together and I felt like that it's been one attempt and civil supportive from from L'Engle so I'll be one of you never stood out for if it wasn't for Edwards contribution
but thank you and I just cannot get round to if people have questions on we've gone through today please do raise your hand on here or or am or promoting the Great in the notes to save your questions to our so I've got at Kevin first and then I'll come to go but and John and cost pressures from a huge as well quite well thank you Chair and can I just echo your comments and I mean the the work of the IT of done has been phenomenal it really has what would have taken you know
months not years to get a cultural shift to people being able to work remotely something we've we've wanted for such a long time but it happening happening in in such of the days and weeks and I know I've got plenty of examples from Councillors who'd had to adapt very very quickly and I really want to extend my own thanks above Lewisham for what a shared services done but plus an also where there are individuals you know where the work of the shared service been BB being deployed physically or from home have done some working outside normal hours being a great job in a really really appreciate that I've got to I've got questions across the whole report and not necessarily you know or care about what you all kind of critical but there more than more really about trying to tease a few things out so I don't know if I start because it might well be other knows the other Members might want to jump me on some of the things but I've got them in some of the Auden was to come in the report so that the first thing is and you touch on his Fabio and is around the use upon Bill now in a we've we've Mensch's to four previous meetings that on the one hand it's sensible to have yes you need a kind of system we want to encourage people to go through it isn't a catches data we can see trends and all that but how in a had we humanise and you touched a bit on that and we've got examples of that but what
the the transfer we've had particularly from working from home is an have an forums re helped I appreciate that but I want to get reassurance me that that actually the lessons were learned from that process that we've got individuals who are and I can think of some have been Dean illusion calls learner you know how do we share learning from experience so are for example just 1 1 1 anecdotal example a lot of the laptops were using Lewisham there was an issue of the camera so my one and it wasn't just my but quite a few and it was cutting out in a lot of our in our meetings now I wanted to be sure that a basic you pick up a problem of that house that knowledge and experience being shared between between the surface a whole so that's my hornbill question I've got lots more than others
we how you want to take a chair well I suppose I think very helpful to stick with the sections in the report Yasir who scrolling back up against the top so
the first one being on service performance and answer questions that if you've got any other questions on sort of forming like Kevin if you want to ask them now and then I'll ask us if they do as well yeah I do it it's it's undersells performance section share but it's it's some again it's that experience of had to use a covert and it's it's about so that the the video conferencing you explains Fabio that obviously through Councillor at Eight by Eight wasn't quite fit for our purposes what we needed and corporately I know that internally all three councils using Microsoft Teams but the report touches on security she's new touch about Zoom and and the advice notwithstanding the fact that the government may be using zoom and polymer using them are they write but forget wing forgetting national government vice saying you know watch out for but your the report also talks about surfer security risks are teams and that so we at Lewisham are mindful that were learning as we go along and has no ideal platform Ocean to security and usability out there but we won't be ready to adapt as and when can you from a shared surface perspective lettuce tell us what you think currently we stand in terms of usability and security of those video conferencing platforms
those are those of my questions on on the year the service report
thank you have come back to those ones that I'll I'll bring another members thought for a start with the whole deal so you're fully Ryan hornbill hasn't hasn't necessarily been I think I'd I think that this is
a natural process for officers to go for Arthur off I think is quite complex and can be a little bit technical from the wider we have our own and hornbill process set up we've been doing some work about reducing those don't that those options and being more customer centric from that perspective and we I I suppose for my for from us but this does to angle serious one we want it to be more simplistic in turn allow our officers together to direct the court to the right person's first time or to avoid delays and immensely with more intuitive for our offices so we have perfected that yet but we have got a plan and a we have been demoing in the last few weeks a new a new process and an categorisation are of course we should make things easier and more simplistic and there's another element of the POS which is more than human interaction piece which I suppose is what led to the actual entrustment to service this is the we found quite beneficial to where people were able to have this one to one interactions or whether Sunday deemed that the problem was important enough tend to have that instance support an instant help as opposed to looking at taking on waiting for a response and that's where we felt that the customer the customer focus more focus but the then that that the ability for the customer to getting an instant support was necessary set that's where we introduced a service but a lot more work than we need to do when we're doing we got her because a Programme Manager that's actually doing a review at the moment a lot of these areas and I hope
that we'll see more confidence growing in terms of the way that we providing that support at the moment as for sharing and her knowledge sharing across the service were building our libraries at the moment and we're we're we're we're we're ensuring that were starting to rotate staff
so you don't end up with a very Lewisham century
response and I only had only experienced those things or solid whatever the case may be and it's it's about sharing knows shown net resources making sure that we learn from each other in terms of the Council's and interestingly enough I was I was on a poor with the partners yesterday where we was discussing about forums and having forms have been able to share information much as from support perspective but from the from other opportunities another you know how we dealing with his application or this new legislation has come in and we need to get to do that we have things like Lottie than and an office of terminating invasion which we're which we're we're all Members of moral contributing towards but there's also there that Moffat a bigger things but is too small to stuff as me get too small and were building natter were building knack that some form if you like so as apart of the worker with doing we're going to introduce a fourth tendency or for for for officers like and then become our library in distribution point where we can share information across across the shared service as an officer that it was so can explain that the wilful what's what's our for what I mean if if a at the location for if affections I rather than having Robin was we happen rents and of less yet and will have an entity for the shared service which everybody will be able to contribute to and then could potentially the can before him where we can we can share and collaborate more more so as a shared service and just this morning I was on a call with the director of another shared service and in the south of England and but we we haven't exactly that we want to also build there would upon upon them not just for the virus but actually shared learning with with somebody offer the other shared services we've we've we've restarting to build a strong partnership and sharing ideas with we've been sorts for instance so they haven't they have a lot of similar infrastructure and so we will be very much about building a ship on it
said so to through to address the the zoom and teams so I thought I'm not sure I've ever came across well in my report but essentially the Xoom anthems both have issues associated with and when I say if as opposed to a security risk
both products are sick your that that the secure their enterprise grade applications and the Nepal and they're both
they're both fit for purpose it did the risks and issues around a more around the weight of we use it to ensure that we parcel protect meetings to ensure that we that that that we have control Stern make not public and controlled or private and that's what I that that was the point I was trying to make in the report was just to me is to make sure that we have the right controls around these things and that's where most organisations had to respond quite quickly
and we want that we're we're not the experts or we will be hanging experts and we read that's where we reach out to the in National Cyber security Centre for advice and guidance and we worked with them grow policies and guidance scripts etc and they were published an all free on all three councils to make sure that the uses are appropriate and they faced the by further for the same products Zdenek Zeman tense even if he went to Google you know Google meet for instance the issues of the same
approach can come back on that point yet J and the impervious and the Sir going forward as the landscape changing all the time and now I'm certainly Lewisham Brent use public eye for the webcasting side of things but do you know where we're at in terms of development of pre perhaps either through public high through teams whatever that actually we can as a good a good place in which we can access documents while we're doing particularly they baseball usability where and what actions might be available going forward I know the shared services role would be in that so I don't know what the third what the answer is now but we have we have our business partners have been doing those assessments and working with the for the Council's because as far as a different appetite to to the way the each of the Council's want to work out the pie that that's why we're in we don't have the same approach essentially but primarily I I think all three approaches of a fine that different tools but they will fundamentally do the same thing
it is difficult to say depends on on on on on each of the Council of the Nairac tighter turn to and and how they want to work are we we will provide advice and guidance from a technology perspective about what any restaurateurs could potentially be and where we were we need to official advice will will go off to people like the NCSC for for for additional advice for happy to to continue to work for him
thank you
thank you I had a Jana haven't got any ever hands raised at the moment I ever comments over them from John so if there are others that want to speak then please do let me know but John you put a couple of comments in some of them obviously refer too late for the report that we haven't got to yet but if you're your first question about paragraph 3 point 9 if you'd like to come in now a sure yeah and any quite high-spec it relates it relates rather to them Killian Olivier's early question about about hornbill accessibility and I'd pretty much like record your your appreciation of the wider staffing by the shared service and and our Barbe staff are kept things going and
rolled out a lot of new things that I didn't expect to do so quickly during the year few emergency and they year that the 3 point 9 8 it shows the what looks like a very stark contrast between the number of service tickets raised across the three main Barra customers of the shared service now I am assuming the the whole frailer Sir of roughly simmer similar in scale of the numbers of staff numbers of elected members supported and so on a some maybe with the housing service rather than without housing service I'm not sure for 8 8 I wondered if you could expand Fabio on on what you think the reasons for that are they are they because we are we are
2 point 5 times less demanding than that our hair opposite numbers in Brent and am or and Southwark are even less demanding or they they're they're really in command of their IT or something infant only much support or might there be issues about relative accessibility and it's clearly not about where the shared services located because you quite sensibly lists the year that the collectively raised ones with Treacy the vast majority of them separately I think though you or is that the work that the total number I'm not sure
have your correct me if I'm romantic I I think this issue we discussed last time round but some the different use of ongoing that some councils are using it for much more than just raising I T tickets is that correct as Chretien said it we have some might at some application teams for instance there in business and they don't use hornbill so we won't be mine be able to reflect that demand and that's why decided disparity between the figures
I think last time round we did discuss looking at being able to represent the figures in these reports so they just covered the IT said it so we are comparing like with like that that's something we can do for next time something that would be really helpful
yes yes I I'm I apologise Shannon I missed I missed the last meeting because it was actually slightly as being physically held in in Lewisham hadn't but went the room were here
it was advertised obedient Lowthian person in the room Soudelor Perahia's cynics in another bar so I miss that discussion then
when I couldn't but as I think they can use the inns in some councils and resolution this donor services use for a number of the purposes of either the IT shared service and so those numbers don't just represent calls logged with the IT service they record a representor kind of wider batch of use upon bill by the council AMS but I think it behoves other any other questions on the service performance or should we come on to the COVID response
how much the Cabinet response or Margaret that you have a question you interest at that point
no I thought you for your weight in your handbag others got questions I want to ask I mean I suppose my my general questioners we've clearly made enormous changes to the
to the service that is being provided during this period and I guess I was interested in your view Fabio on the extent to which some of those changes are permanent and at Land of the include access to support than the nature of the support that the service is providing and the extent to which there just a a temporary response
so I thought I suppose that they the Mater change if that width we've really seen is a huge increase at the biases the laptop Rhône-Alpes for innovation support specifically that's that that upon stressed uni days that's that that the Annual what we've done with be expedited those things for those and Dearne targeted the staff that needed in the most
from management applauded perspective I see that very much as a as a permanent fixture and and part of small working programmes in each of the Council's that continue to enter to to them Panth developers regard along the other elements of proposes is as teens are all three boroughs moving and working towards office resits 5 and migration there so I expect to see I expect that to continue
the cloud programme has just finished on the 17th June the exercise of info system in the design work for Officer 3 6 5 Sciver were building the business cases now from the output of that Infosys exercise Turtons at to actually started roof people to office re 6 5 and that means migrating are not of the cloud and and and documents etc are so I very my seat teams continuing or does Zoom public meetings I think as we discussed earlier I I think that depends on the Council's appetising their choices are I don't know the answer to that Tostão I think is something that will built both say us as things start to settle from a digital digital could are meeting perspective and the other element is the the way that we provide a support so the changes that were introducing for like the re-categorisation and so forth I don't see it as a cloak it as as a covert responses something that was necessary from the offset but the way the we offer a telephony service that could potentially be reviewed
I spoke only to give it a bit more time to measure its success and its value for money and then collectively will take a decision about whether we won or continue that beyond October
and answered questions about the very full answer and I guess I would probably all be very interested to hear the proposals around that support offer cause it's of clearly well fine well during this period but appreciate it's probably also very resource intensive so it would be good to understand what is the right way to do that into the future and
are we any the question on that section or should I carry on to their security section was and what I think so on site security down one question again that I had it I think what catches you set the numbers that the number of of e-mails we got that are phishing attempts etc.
you seems quite a very large number 9 but I didn't quite catch as you said it previously so the Council's in the last 90 days on full Cedar reports only we can extract and added that the last 90 days
and I think this exercise before producing this report with the Ting is 58 point 8 million e-mails over were directed to the council and 86 percent of those e-mails whereever spaniel malicious
On my matters are good enough to work out exactly when he 6 percent is the of that bitten but the battle of the earlier I would have no idea of achievement of that scale of attack actually as I go Kevin I can see you've got your hand up so if you want to come in yeah thanks thanks Chair so yes like questions Cyber security you mentioned Fabio about PSN compliance egregious get is a reminder of where and piercing proposes one thing I was always been very keen on several years Lewisham does get us get that peer sensitive Certificate so I just wanted to stand how that worked the 3 councils for the shared service and a new talked about the cloud Programme and how that's going to impact on compliance going forward you just explain that that more please Shaw so from the Lewisham perspective Lewisham have parcel accreditations they are her thing compliant
the underspend was the same with brains so there's a number of compliancy so there's the public Services Network with good access the summit government the government services the PCI accreditation which allows a Council to do electronic transactions I believe Southwark is not necessary for them to actually take her to to be PCI compliant because they send their electorally payments off to a third party therefore they're not carrying out any electronic transactions and self so not necessary to said to be compliant and the point I was mentioned about the car programme was in relation to the numbers of our out of about outer support past the infrastructure and that's the civically applies it to Southwark not to Lewisham and and that's simply because we have a cloud programme which is replacing replacing any it would have cost millions of pounds to swap out the hardware to be to become compliant and would have been a wasted investment so what we're doing it we've got these controls where we got their party are monitoring our network for any security issues or any essentially baddies in our network and what we've those taken mother mitigating actions by introducing these things to make sure that our network secure but because essentially we still have a number of outer support pieces of infrastructure
they haven't managed to get compliance of Hammers Gate compliance in the past but I think with the mitigating actions that we have been taking I feel that we have over we have a chance of ever getting complies I've gone through this assessment personally in in my previous jobs and sometimes it is its array it's a conversation with the assessors and enter really understands what and how you mitigating actions are performing and then they built a confidence and and or give you the Yes to the cation so
thank you thank you any other questions at this point or if there isn't the last year February to carry on from the service a continuous service improvement plan section onwards thank you
so the continuous service improvement plan we've we find off with the partners the 20 19 20 20 plan and any activities are there are a number of actions within that Plan that our multi year actions and they carry forward into 20 21 and probably 21 22 but we are we baselining for 20 20 and 21 so there's a as as a change the way in we work is brought in other other areas that we need to focus on an improved such as the concept of having a nonsense desks and so forth so are working with the partners to outline exactly what so what those areas are concerns are what the areas we need to improve over the next 12 months I will be forging a new pan in the next hopefully the next month or so a thoughtful for the coming 12 months we'll we will be monitoring those those Ashes an continuous service improvement PAN at the operational management board and what we've done it we've broken it down into a number of sections which you'll see in their frequent by five or go through the more but Tertre to build some categorisation and some focus towards towards those areas
so as as I mentioned one of the big parts was actually the redevelopment of the categorisation in hornbill for North one of the big areas at that a lot of time needs to be invested in from the year from their cutting a service improvement plan and that that that's that's the highlights from the see cyp
done to encourage those very own nothing will effectively a few sections that will perhaps because it but further down the report and thank you so moving what audits so we've we've got six audience so a 3 and Brent 1 in Lewisham and Southwark that we completed and we've we've we've summarised the findings of those reports in their nothing nothing's to alarming from from from any third reports the focus is very much screen around governance a sofa of of Earth won the shared service and some of the tape constant Charles in and and elements that we had around around those going forward what what we've chosen to but what we've done is me pull the 3 ordered departments in order in all three councils together and we've rather than commissioning the same thing in two boroughs are we we've we've had the Audit Pomus agree a set of standards are things that they want to actually asked to look at going forward we can have a number of audits but we won't be educating them and they'll be shared across the North the audit teams in the 3 councils and does have been outlined in the year in the report
moving on into roadmap so as I mentioned earlier what we're doing is we're building a technology roadmap to to identify the areas of focus such as that end of life equipment you know but where this lighting Beckman we're trying to build what the financial model will look like Frechette service and for the councils and with that those exercises with each of the Council's so we will were understanding what additional ambitious are what the at road maps for application upgrades those errors their outside of the shared service I will be doing is we're making sure that we align our strategy with this because if there's a bit Shifter proud for application or a reprocurement meant no won't need infrastructure for the support something
we need to make sure that we forward plan those don't that those those elements we have broken our technology plan down into 8 sections to make sure that they got specific focus when moving we're being quite specific about the the first three years about MOT plan to noting those as we know why quite considerably quick so we were having a real focus on the first three years and to years 4 and 5 of an wouldn't use a checkpoint to make sure that we're were still on target for Wigan had to make some assumptions about what sort of things or sorting investment me would potentially make may need for for years 4 and 5 and so as upon the exercise we're working with that monetary partners so that system was that we didn't have so the Microsoft's the junipers DEL and were mostly partners were working with them to understand their road maps making sure the hours align the bear with a whiff either their own maths but also looking across the it that the market place to say is this still the right fit for us Ward after would I Nagler for help out from my services you know what's countries will will really make a difference and what's a roles Roissy if if you like compared to her a Ford focus hopefully now be drives a focus and this hampered by their per give you get my point if you know it's happened we don't necessarily need the premium or in some cases in some cases worth their investment
so within an exercise with with the industry and the we've also working with Gardner to to do some quality assurance around around the technology the making sure that were picking for products that we're not just been sold and you know grey by-product and in this is no longer supporting and to offer a year's what to make sure there's continuity in those valuing specialist at where asking the councils to make so we're doing that that work and that quality assurance so the next so in the next two months I expect to have a road map and hopefully our work won't well we'll have it really well aligned to each of the Council's debt dish to ambitions and application ambitions
that's the on the the roadmap
I think I've got a few hands raise mouth or poison falls of that point again and bring questions and Tom you are first and from questions on Audit yeah I've already read in the trap of than I realised that that there's a public broadcast at you and all of that source of surmise also so that's interesting about the order it's appreciated those of air commentary of the reports I am about about the orders in the basic had in some of what they're about but is it possible at this stage to give us any better idea of kind of what the content of those although says or are there particular issues being raised by the process at the moment or is there something where basically we could have to wait for the reports
so we'll have to wait and wait for reported I don't have the actions that those those high-level tasks in to hand as a such so what I do recall is is son of the Mirror browned monitoring of a Soleil's and settled with like IT governance monitoring spend with contracts to tell Co for instance are making after the right processes in place to procurement etc. those are the sorts surface
that fact that come back but I am more than happy I have to say to be fair I don't let us get be a bit of a bit of about flavour I think of the sort of the rascal out yet thank you
I suppose my question to item that would be what's the process for us as a Committee being updated what comes out of those audits it conscious that different types of ordered but obviously goes the significant issue that came out about licences for Microsoft products from previous or would it so keen that we're all informed as early as possible about any concerns arising from them so
I'm sure you cover them in future reports but if there is there that being built into the timetable of audits to bring the evidence to us to the Committee as well
there hasn't been the day that the cabinet that course I think I would be really helpful as a as an a future agenda item and Enver self so I'll bring in Kevin and then I think Peter had a question about that
0you're mute Kevin
thank you Chair until the echo the comments have been made by current on on on your time yes I think we need to say see what's in them and see what the recommendations are just going forward because it the report then talks about the councils coming together and saw off saying here the issues we'd like you you'd like to report back to us on I just want to stand with the processor for example
the audits have been done to date I take it all reporting to each respective Councils in the pit Internal Auditor or that's how it's going OK so going forward I can see you've got the Brent issues of spoken to our Head of IT about the issues that we would want covered from Lewisham to chip in on that how is that going to be report is again to be reported to us all three Internal audits are auditors as it were and then so that's prices then looking back into the original point and I think we need to find a way in which that comes to us so that we can scrutinise it and and and and an Elsa make recommendations and changes respectively
I'm so my understanding that the reports are will go to all of or all of the borough's Heads of Audit for review and absolutely will make sure that that that that details included you know future JCS
their caring are noted
like a really I think it would be helpful for future governance that have a note that comes our next meeting which sets out that process over into the future of one cleared over on the both internal Ghaffar process a member but joint collective process of but come into rested ever not not to over complicate it but it's an important issue so apologies use indicating next stock lost tracking of the Patriot yet got had been
act Councillor inside my point which is really on the old it's often it's more it's all been covered but I mean at the moment there obviously individually dumb in Bryn any where we have high restrict Ojai recommendations I was they get reported to our audit and standards committee and get monitored by that so there's another group of Members are of see looking old it's specific to bring and I'm sure there are similar arrangements in place in the other two councils I think the point is right that it probably needs to be consolidated and summarised for the shared service
and I know that we as directors meet as as a bald and we've got one coming up when I think is probably something we can work out how that process works so whether it comes back to your next meeting
thanks very much that I had joined indicating as well thank you Chair and be up on a similar point Lily I mean that this this was supporting and should Wyre spotted it and I was going through their the than for earlier
this is reporting an audience that had been undertaken in the last 12 months so I can assure me I don't know but that means ones that are being undertaken and completed of so by a it would be good to have a flavour of what sort of scale of thing there is as an output from each of these to what extent those a standardised by may not be keeping up with my my colleagues on a on our own audit committee so this might have been reported to our solutions ordered committed itself the telecoms one for all I know better assuming these have been completed they they produce some outputs those outcomes are sitting somewhere what's the process for
scrutiny of values for I suppose consistency across the service which is what you're sitting there are governing now and and also scrutiny of the the findings and and then actions that erased from them in each council and offer my fairy in each council and I'd ever the poking my nose in reality and I'm assuming that
audit findings high are are bad things and Audit findings low or not so not such bad things so having a lot of low ones is not as bad as having a lot of high ones but again he is not completely clear from the way this is this is summarised a and and like to know more about it
OK own
I can so I'll have to go back and them and review those reviewed I thought it but would be the way I suppose we can take you through them as a separate session and are now we commission began included in then summarised in that way
further to the next report as well
does not work
other sounds like sensible way forward yet that that's that's there are still that so the move on to the at with a questions on the other sections that figure covered covered just then so on the target operating model
and what was on the road map was the section before that is all
I tend think ever anyone indicating those hours keep track as now they are licensed but them in which case I shall Nico Kevin's got another question as an annual mute Kevin
thanks to officers to check where we are and report it is our job until question target operating model those don't know if that's recovering that now we
yet to see and accepted
let alone sorry carrying your sorry Councillor Williams urine on YouTube and they scattered please bury on
as a council target operating model and so we'll recurrently in the process of ever designing the new that that the new model are we been taking the exercise and methods had produced them in 20 her in 20 19 around maturity and capacity are we've we've introduced a Programme Manager to to run and we've been doing interviews with with with with the workforce so this specifically shared service the partners in each of the Council's and D
the joint board members for their views about where aware of the year
or what what were the expectation is from the shared service for the Felicia serves name in the future we've also than an assessment around well he industries going so we know there's for in front as an example that there's more than more focus needs to be given to sign a security etc and we need to build accurate there are capability in there to make sure that the café is a protected we know that there's an it'll be neater to turn to not necessarily just throw capacity at a at resolving some of some of the performance if leave but it's about working smarter not on the sorry harder so froing staffer people introduced his sorry praying staff or service introduces a cost where we can probably be more efficient for and smarter with with with the pounds that we do spend so it doing those sorts of assessments and a lot of it is it's if dependent on the upper exercised I spoke about which is by the continuous service improvement plan so let's understand what it is that we've got coming up that the that the roadmap that understand exactly what we want than ever in the next three to five years and now help shape
the way that our service should look to be able to support the Council's better and so it's a lot of focus has been going in her around those those exercises we're also we've been given a a free exercise with a gardener or whether doing a a maturity exercising around the share serves about what we do as well as things like the Audit outcomes when whenever you the governance models and and a nose off so soon as they should all have and feed into in into the development of the shared service so recognising that they're they're the target operating model to restructure if you like for the shared services is is we need to make sure has a tight fit with each of the Council's and digital Napthine's so we're we're were one of the very inclusive of their views
so John Murray and Sally her all of all contributing to a contributing to to shaking Aceh this cause they they they they see the feedback on the on the ground and and this is quite important from from that perspective and there's loins this demarcation lines between technology and applications are that was thorny to work out and so
there's things like a recent discussion with ran database administrators whether they said that they sit sovereignty Baradei sing the shared service and these are all things that we have to work for it with our partners to her to make sure that we gather the right set-up stone forward so essentially what we're aiming to do is get a skeleton drawn up are skeleton design of the shared service in the next month month and a half with a view to start to be stretched later in the year and complete that restructure in quarter one of 20 21
so fundamentally we not her when when an expectant huge change increasing capacity and in some areas a reduction in others and we also looking at introducing some more capability like the like the cyber elements etc. and that's the a target operating model Lille to earlier questions on this ones are I'll I'll take HBOS and probably after that old get you to go for the rest of the report and take questions after that Sambrook are our Richard and you have your hand up first
yes thank you I Karen and so I levy this thrive they score discuss around wondering how our whether in the design of the shared service there is flexibility inherent in it to deliver against changing council priorities as new to Otis developed so say in 18 months' time 8 one of the the three councils wants to do a particular IT budget based around sunny which is new innovative work how is the shared Service Centre to enable new services to be delivered is a a flexibility built into to enable that
so some essentially
I thought I suppose we need to work through food that because this is a fine art of making sure you not wasteful with with with money we don't want to build in too much capacity for it not to not to be utilised so for and we'll be working closely with the partners to understand what the right balances where that where that that line setts do we want to invest up front fought for some additional capacity for for those for those peak periods or do we want to build a service that's flexible or that can grow and and and can grow in the tracked depending on need so when I what I suspect will where will probably land if that will have a core service that that provides not the bare minimum but what we need to provide our service and will have a mechanism or well we'll use and utilise additional staff Tertre to be able to do that we've gotta go to a good relationship and some work with commensurate Roura the 8 and safe there's got to put a contract with Brent and with will we will access now to some stronger pool of candidates and were able to be quite quite responsive when when this when as needs come up
I've just just just to add to that sorry I want one of the things is is is also the introduction of the pipeline so we can plan forward plan ahead Thou position as better to be able to respond and where things are cut her off in the project session is the introduction of a PMO and and an that project office it's going to work closely with the three to make sure that we where we were quite clear about what's coming for coming up so we'll make sure that we're shared appropriately for those times
thank you I've got Kevin and asked another book job as well
thank you Chair so on the target operating model itself so the report says and that it's due for completion I assume that means implementation in in the first quarter of 20 21 working back from that obviously a report also talks about in no way have to be variations to the Inter-Authority Agreement between the three boroughs and if that's the case and asked our respective executives to to the process that but going back from that of course an I understand is should have been imposing already been happening is at the the partners of the councils have been speaking shared serves about what they would like to see in that target operating on Sunday from Lewisham's perspective something you know that was picked up early on is that the 99 percent performance target is it sounds great but actually in practice it means that you know there's quite a chunk of that that that 1 percent of non-performance that would Sabu rewire for us we wanted to be higher than that and another issue of of I've city I've mentioned myself in this committee before is it is is you know stuff happens at weekends and it certainly has I know you know with the system going down several months ago we can't and having to deal with that so evolution perspective now what has been helped by no covert in the centre of the kind of help with that because we've had to sort of put more in resource into that
I just want to check where we're at in your discussions with partners and and and what the processes will this is a a timetable now as where are we in this time table so that those discussions happen this proposal it's go it to get a come back to us I assume as a joint committee and Tom respected executives I don't want this to drift I want to actually it's gonna happen implement them early 20 21 what is where are we on that timetable
so can I just add to that question is rather a having a third of the really important question but as we got this change in service provision that we've got at the moment there were reviewing interns of the helpdesk functions etc that needs to feed into any changes that do come out the back of that although there may not and would need to feed into that just been clear about the timing allows that to happen
so to address the first point of performance so what we've been doing is there a benchmarking exercise over reef as a organisations like soccer team and Gardner again are around Wall what Arthur we've also spoken to other shared services are then such as one source for instance
Newman Havering about what their destinies are because they that that this one aspect of understanding what local local authorities and local government doing in terms of their their level their offers of had also understanding the needs of our specific councils so what we're trying to do is we're trying to pull all this information to perform to helpful my decisions about what's what's wrong with appropriate so and as two elements at as walks get completed within a cinnabar is also
the volume that we see going going into it at a shared service are they right because we can now before c. 1 billion Bert if its menace and added that the fickle grey but he says it's about finding a finding that right balance have an end what we're trying to do is pull all this together and have an informed discussion and that's those are discussions that were starting to have now I'm as you collate the daytime or our Programme Manager Felicia services is is is coordinating and and and and then this being in discussions with other local authorities and and those are
advisers if you like soccer team and garden of so hopefully we'll paint a picture which our partners on when I refer to as a part as they are essentially the Directors of IT in each of the Council's were work for with them to make sure that it is the right fit as for out of hours so one of the things that we are having been successful in doing historically it's been able to attract attracts out workforce or Fawcett that either it attract our workforce to to cover the out of hours and we've we've had those gaps so what we meant to support community as you pointed out was we've introduced telephone gives it the front that gives us essentially our first level of support but it's not that are not able to respond to pick out chairs or have the skill set or the ability for engineer stir to come to our size if there was a bit if there was a bit as a powerful or something and no science and that's where we were where as the share third as you've struggled historically
we recently made some progress with a with HR around a forming some but possibly a local agreement this hasn't nothing's been agreed yet but Bren HR as the host obviously are helping us print produce a local Green or which we plan to take to the unions to to give her a fairer or more attractive rather a more attractive offer of renumeration for those for staff to provide out of hours support and so hopefully in the next month or two will be in a position that will she have her
a official rota to be able to cover these things
I won't deny address all your points
thank you
I can't imagine John had your fundraisers well thank you thank you care I think it's it's highly commendable that the the services is looking to a model that is going to aim to include some development and effectively in-house consultancy capacity I am and actually I know that has to be as to be moderated to yet so it's not sitting idle some of the site
but I think that tends to help to increase the overall professionalism and professional pride of whole organisation I'd be interested to know and not my main question by be addressed now in that respect how how many of the the staff complement at the moment are see IT PE level Chartered impiety professional level or or above in terms of those sorts of those of the qualifications if you if you know that roughly and failure them beat the other question its thrust go was you talk about in part of that plan the the cloud migration programmes and business cases to her migration of individual staff groups are presumed to office 3 6 5 I just wanted to ask you about a step that must have come before their and and how was the the business case to choose office 3 6 5 as the the cloud platform architecture that we're all going to use and and house that evaluated against maybe other other more more mature proud service providers
I'm so the first point about qualifications of staffing I don't have the figures to hand but interestingly enough that's an exercise that we have a level of almost completed in the services day western of a of where our staff are in and a skills gap and as part of the target operating models to see at the maturity of of each of those areas and that's
it has been a focus non-essential qualifications
for actual skills so people have been in the job for five years during a specific task
or will no doubt your fairly well but it might be qualified in its I will try to strike a balance or where we understand the qualification also understand their levels of maturity potential for financial roles
I don't have the answers today I am when we when we meet to talk about the Audit elements I'm I'm quite happy to turn to to bring network and are as one as for the cloud programme and the office visits by
I wasn't here when a decision was taken the did so I joined in January bits and the decision was taken further backing I put the in 20 19 so I I don't know from my personal opinion I countries exercising in another shared service Camden Harrogate lessons and before a joint before and before I join this one was that and it's very difficult to move to another to attempt to another product suite
My view here is that there's one big one another big player in the market and that seems to be Google Google suite
not many local authorities have adopted that so Hillingdon council was one of them early adopters and it worked well for them for for a period of time but mine stands there I shall reverting back to third that much so sweet
now and I know Hackney I am among relationship with hacking are now ITT me we kill we we we we share notaire a lot of information with each other and they and their own day surgery suite
there are there are achieved G Suite and council and it worked well for them so robbed me laugh if it the director of IT BA is quite fro Grübel sweet but they have a different capability to the to the position of the three Councillors here in respect to they do not have in-house development and are able to that they're able to to research respondent and do a lot of inspirational type work with with Google as opposed to Microsoft so I I'm assuming here for my first my thoughts around this would be batter Michael that that one of the rationales behind the move to office 3 6 5 would be that better local thorough Sony line of business applications we'll with a had a tight little bit with the line of business apps so most of those third provided by the Civic as the north Kate's and all of those companies and enter historically over developed it to do a Melmotte from as they had an informal housing database you want to inform we residents in a block of flats of an initial incident you could run a mill Merck and you'll pull it'll put from an office part as opposed to something subtly sweet so I suspect I suspect it's there as well as the demographics of of of local authority
generally if an older and younger generations will be more used to would be reduced to dear Youssef much of office but acts as egg obviously in in a dominate for 30 minutes for a long period of time
so I think we've all these things in the cost of change moving to another product I would suspect that are built the case Furzer fell for why they respected Microsoft
can I just follow the updates here
disco Hatem like I did just footfall for the record I am a British computer Society member banking I get any kind of bonus for headhunting but and and and I'm 65 years old so so I probably not described by many people as young in more but I I have successfully made the transition a few times actually in OPAL history but that's a it
I'd quite totally understand what you're saying it's not easy I mean changing your changing your your infrastructure is is akin to changing or religion I think that people are her religious so I appreciate what you're saying about not be easy what I'm are and also the that stage the process came before your time with our shared Service but nevertheless what I was asking for is to see how the business case for the choice we made was documented and it might have been documented in in just one line somewhere saying well we using Microsoft now so when we stuck there for eternity or or a bike might say that I don't know but I would like to see what it does say so Oak low it was done before your time with us prep six possible Fuseli bigger town from now some somebody must have left behind when my year
in a draw at your desk or something
I will find out in them
and come back to you when I went to meet with you
the the other John out other things were saying as part of the discussion in that was about the the cost and the fact that we are in a situation where much of Harris over Barrett about licences effectively Babcia I'm sure Fabio built up that you are met when he's got more and more of the detail of renting so
and again I suggest you now go through the rest of the pool up to the performance pack and then we'll take any questions after that and then and then finish up with a performance package that works for everybody
and so and listen homes I said it we exhausted it's to provide an update so loose the situation with Lewisham homes saying they the when we agreed to pause the
a poor some of the work and forward third for Lewisham homes whilst we responded to Cove it there's then this week specifically another work has gone in and some some costings have been provided to for what the way could potentially look like for Lewisham homes to turn that they provide it had their IT provided by the shared service and two options are are being reviewed which is one of them they become a member of of evolution Council
and they they get consumed at that as as as as with normal numbers as we do in terms of a consumption basis
or they have become a direct customer of the shared service and we have formalised contract outside of the he wish with Lewisham Hine specifically Sorley's models have been reviewed at Burgess loyally
they've just been delayed because of covert but I'm we're is progressing well again are from that perspective
moving on to project updates so as I mentioned earlier we'd be we wished to stir a PMO and we've been put away with we we've put her opinion Charter together and were working with our partners about introducing exercise capture the pipeline work that are working on which supports things like Compaq as seen are forecasting of resources that are required but also helps us developing on Uchebo map
so we were introducing we've introduced that we we verb recruited a programme of data to lead that process and one of the dip programmes and that we've covered her on a few occasions already in this meeting is the cloud programme and it's migration to office 3 6 5 so as I said earlier we've now had in persisted a bar that design work and were building the business that a specific cost models and business cases associated to actually implement those though those those things some ESCC's Cloud programme for their Capita data centre migration to the clouds much Hotsauce services
is is underway and it's on target to completing the the first quarter of 20 21 and that will free up the candidate Central Ward will reduce one of our our numbers so I won't go through the that the numbers of projects that we have in the table you would have seen them in their by those added that that projection proportioned out to to each of the boroughs and the current status
moving onto procurement on phase so there's a few there we've got the the much of the agreement has been renewed where frankly for million with bites other Kent County Council agreement Brentor hers are taken out the procurement Oracle clouds and the O2 contracts being reduced of Southwark we're looking at some some a big investment coming forward for Southwark to replace a lot of network infrastructure which is end of life and end of support are we've been doing some sessions as a part of our technology both Mac session to understand what the right approach from and factories are are we a sort with the once we've concluded that are will be put a proposal together to attempted to do a large investment into the network of Southwark
he others asylum ambivalent about the financial implications in unconscious or time and so last year was the first year that's what agreed firm we were underspent so we can we conclude it the year of at 59 thousand k underspends which has been carried over into this financial year there's been a lot of work being put into into being transparent around those numbers so the finance representatives meet on a weekly basis and have access order or data
I think we've we've been in a much better place around governance and cycle around the the finances and the running of the shared service meets we we worked with the were operating in her end Ferry
Transparent's why are such
I am and what one of one last thing to point out if that we've been to not exercise a lot of exercise as around the on costs of the shared service are so sick of his race itself around the pension contributions towards in brains but the sexual 1 5 1 officers for each of the Councils of the meeting we've had a few meetings where we're Wever reviewing options and I hope that we'll be able to conclude this in the coming months and we'll be able to to to to identify a way forward resulting and some of the concerns that were he to her solace at race and that's it from a finance perspective I'm I'm assuming we don't me to miss only covered legal or
An Equality I sent in the report
as well as a couple of questions about bring Kevin enough that on the Vernalis homes point and ominous I think we all discussed at Committee before keen to see a partners come into the service where sensible for the EU do so not solution would make a lot of sense for many different reasons and but I guess the key question arose for us with the reassurance of being able to do that in a way that doesn't have a negative impact on existing users of the service across all three boroughs and where we're clear that the the financial model for doing it is the right one for everyone and so in terms of bringing back what's the point at which we have a Committee have oversight of that
as my first question and then the second one on pensions I was really what the timescale for those discussions is a you said in the in the coming months and obviously it would be good to do that not let that drift too far into the future so as to have a bit something firm around the timescale would be helpful
and so on for the Joint Committee's oversight is I I would expect better are I would expect that a report would be presented to the Joint Committee around the onboarding of the birth of us of their flows from Heinz I nodi there's been those discussions at the joint boards around their and I be once a supportive of of having those discussions are making sure that it doesn't it doesn't have an impact negative impact on the on any the Barisan the support that were providing at the moment
so I I quote the conversations that have been had with Lewisham homes do no harm is it's what was being quoted and hence and then nets were for all parties of of that conversation we need to make sure it doesn't affect the shared Services did to make sure that Lewisham homes benefit and obviously there's a strong political partnership with Lewisham as the Council so at very everybody's working to those principles and until we conclude those conversations difficult to say but what I can say that it then those those conversations are being had an at the RHI at the right level so from the perspective of of of doing no harm in making sure that we get of a place where he butts for everyone
in terms of timescales so we've we cause we essentially re-energise the the process now I don't have that I don't have the timescales to hand but I know that if a lot of pressure to get this over the line
so I can come back on the timescales bitter there is certainly not a pressure to make sure this happens quite quickly
be hoping to have a conversation and a joint management board quite so that joint board on Friday of next week but I believe that Michael scorer still on leave so he may may want to stand up one after that because I'm sure Michael war or whoever of view on are on this and contribute to the conversation so we like want to stand something of specifically so may be too long until instrumental board my second question was about the discussion around pensions and the timescale for events that that discussion I think and or OK but on the first part of that
as a reassuring answer but I'm conscious these meetings of the Joint Committee are not very frequent and so just want to make sure that we will have a proper opportunity to to look at the proposals at within the timescale we are working to and urge you and I think if you could just go away and make sure bats epic going to be the case that would be very helpful yet on the pensions question do we have a timescale for officers to work through and bring back proposals for are so soon next meeting share a is to be shackled that within the next few weeks we makes her a week CA already 2 weeks so I think it was lost that we met and Brent were taken away the options to to dashi the action to build the options to be presented to the to and that the other two boroughs and access during the next few weeks so we're not we're not talking months or anything through service more chance by the next one of these meetings are be some firmer proposals as I mean that which I'm sure that I get that and I would hope so whether I'm not a hung I can't be sure a batter sick and Bethany proposal connection yet for the much Kevin Yoder question I'm pleasures is more of a general point on rather specific question because the finances and or yet it's it's it's good to see that you know yeah it's your in budget but of course I know that the budgets a lot of Evan investment has gone into it from the respective partners and were now also talking about you know target operating model various IAA
he's got to bear in mind the context were in you know yeah we're going for this public emergency I can't speak the other Councils by thank my sunny Lewisham were doing an in year a budget as I know it's going to be painful no doubt because of the shortfall we've had from central government and we've also had what for 10 years of austerity so the question for each of us respected and I think the shared services and I think is gonna have to somehow they counter that is is that we appreciate nothing is crossed the shown that IT is often it's behind the scenes but you it's it's the machinery makes all are of respective Councils work and and we've had to sort of come off the for in this crisis so going for you talk to your family about Roseway service we would love you know Rotherham services that that the latest technology were the best top top car the range out there by think our concern is that we've got to make sure that we're clear are in our minds collective in respectively
what it is we actually need for the service to actually work and and an also see were on his current landscape we were using a differently so I just want that to be borne in mind and particularly given the financial context where all coming in
as you know you're going through all these changes are going to come decision really making that that decision the context of an evil harsher sort of but budgetary environment in in the months ahead unless of course the government decides actually know what local councils actually perhaps do need a bit more support going for but I'm not holding my breath on that one of those Setser
I'm just echo that point adding a third the could refer one works over in some of the not planning an emergency budget this year although we did point about the in one but you like others were looking at what will next year probably be one of the hardest budgets we've had to go through for seven eight years
unless the government come up with some money which you know I'd like you I'm not holding my breath for and I think that does I'm sure for all of us will mean we have to ask questions about whether the total budget for the shared service is one that we were all able to bear as is over we need to look at that and Aggers' as a question of how we do that over the course of this this year if we need to
yet give good God sorry yeah I asked in his own and says Well here in the Tim looking at funding for infrastructure as I said Rural going to meet him to him budget in it's not a pretty sight for any of us authorities so literally looking at going forward sort like or other type of insert infrastructure requests that is compatible for all of us because they were all going through this together and so actually looking to see that you know that the funding is appropriate and there as rural at the present time very challenged financially unless we do get to another windfall which I can we be Kevin in after all the campaigning we got 500 million which is nothing really cluster other caviar so I'm just to make sure we bear that in mind when we do the funding in the that these were made in a whimpering put 12 million who knows if that will come again if divert all you know I'm going going forward I missed being realistic we would like to but it just being realistic and if we can't get the gold-standard what can we get near that that we can all afford and that's the thing that we need to look at
for a report
and any other questions road point my nothing one thing that the size returnee to have some clear points are on our agenda for the year ahead around the budget and what the budget will be for next year but in particular so I think because make sure about planned in the into the forward plan of meetings I would be very helpful and obviously links entices the conversation by the target operating model so let us on any questions or not but I think the last thing if then to pull the performance pack is that
do you want to take us through any highlights for this appreciate there's lots of detail in here and and we alright route of Endemol on meeting their ones go through lots of data about their highlights that you really want to take through that would be helpful so I covered a lot of them are for the in the year in in in the report but another that reflected around the that that the numbers Vincent's our overall I've Rawson that that the hirer once a down like the key ones but we've seen more service requests and P threes due to covert essentially so I've just flick of for Saudi about Net promoter scores an interesting one so this is to response his back from their the officers in each of the Council's and tickets when eight when Akos Anal because they want to give us some feedback and we had two thirds of the of those responses that being promoters and essentially are confident and happy about the way that services being provided and a third as a bit of a breakdown between the boroughs and referred at 20 percent as being quite passive said a wrong US advise on the fence and the the tractors are it's roughly her 10 percent of the of the mirth of not found the service satisfactory so overawe way I date doesn't it doesn't feel like a bad a bad place but I still but we recognise that a lot of work to do I think there's a there's been a bit of a advanced around the response to to to to the Koeverden and so forth back their recessional won't any speaking this needs to be done and in the rest of them are of a very much demonstrating the and the numbers that were seeing around this new model working from home that remote connections or within now you know close this 7 thousand people working from home and it shows a slip a buyer and how and how that's working and also the adoptions of of teams as we both are down to teach the barrister the sort of show safe I use it had an example his Southwark since since on boarding into into tens of cut for our joint hoping it has been almost half a million chat conversations for instance
over 8 thousand meetings have been organised and there are some really really interesting numbers around that and so we foist helpful to to demonstrate that that that the change in Woking the incident of Finance yes that's pretty much hit those are both at a bigger the big things for their first of sort of fulmars pack
unless you it is anything that can be levied
many of us questions
no well OK thank you very much everyone
you're trying to end the meteors Gosford Mrs. well please definitely do pass on all of our thanks for an incredible job that's been done over the last few months at 7 thousand people working at home is is quite quite credible varies in such a short space of time and particularly the world of local government where things can often ever do we like the face you take for so a huge thank you to belting for doing that I was when are we meeting next what so am we got we got a date scheduled for the Wednesday 14th October and in another one scheduled for the 2nd March next June at the at the moment we proposed to hold those online as well
I think it works well I think we've always habit it's been a long journey has to get through service Barris so but the might be quite nice to do that goes me this is a good format
great yeah
thank you very much anyone in that case thank you so making them an equity thank you thank you Chair