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Mayor and Cabinet
Wednesday, 16th September 2020 at 6:00pm 









An agenda has not been published for this meeting.

the today's meeting of Marian cabinet I commenced meeting viable can cabinet offices and any members of the public who might be watching online
as this meeting is being held virtually we'll carry on as the as we have been throughout are online meetings and voting will be by roll-call rather than by a show of hands and I've received apologies for absence from Councillors Bolam and Councillor derive like I also need to point out that were cabinet portfolio operates on a job-share basis both job sharers can attend the meeting and can contribute to debates but only one will be invited and take part in the Rockall and I also need to advise everyone that this meeting is being webcast live and if you want to watch it again and catch anything against Mario it will be available on the council websites just before we start of our main business did want to say that over over the summer we know that the the COVID Pan-Am pandemic has been ongoing it's been a very difficult summer for the council and I'd like to say thank you to all the council staff who have been working really tirelessly to keep our community safe and to keep critical services running and also like to say thank you to our amazing community volunteers and ingenuous as a cinema AGM speech before the summer but the Lewisham response
which I think has been has been very good in terms of our look response to careful for are shielded residents let us only been possible because of our community volunteers and and in particular I'd give a shout out to our new Maris's and the Tasha Crisy and Dawn of Ethan community food projects and encourage anybody can see yet so we've been and promoting a fundraising page that they've put online to help give food to children in lunches over the October half term so if you if you care to donate I know that they would be hugely hugely appreciative of it I can are this is the first ordinary man cabinet meeting since the summer never really long agenda and we've also got a number of speaker requests I just would ask speakers and everyone's be mindful of the time just at everybody has a chance to contribute to to the debate and represent their views but I also need to mention that the Council's been experiencing major IT problems today that I haven't had any issues and a number of people had so in the event of arm teams failing or if there's a webcast failure and we will attempt to re-establish and the meeting and re-establish a quorum of Councillors but if for any reason this cannot be done within 15 minutes of and within 15 minutes the meeting will be adjourned until next Wednesday sets a full back just in case and can't go ahead because of technical issues but we will be we'll quickly triumph trying to get the meeting back some way or another rights are k.
ITEM 1 declarations of interest can I ask if any Cabinet Member or jobshare cabinet member has a declaration of interest to make

1 Declaration of Interests

2 Minutes

3 Matters Raised by Scrutiny

OK there some none Derby next part of an item to the minutes I move the minutes of the Mayor and Cabinet meeting it's a place on the 9th of July and the 12th of August be agreed as a correct record is that agreed agreed agreed thank you OK item free matters raised by scrutiny Councillor Juliet Campbell and which is to present the Safer stronger Communities Select Committee review on the Equalities Review Councillor Campbell
he admitted to it
lasting if you're muted unmetered
I can hear me now
I came by way of introducing the report I'd like to thank everyone that made a contribution to it it did actually turn out to be a bigger piece of work than we originally planned however we did gather a lot of information to inform the report said during 20 19 Safer and stronger Select Committee undertook an in-depth review into how the Council embeds equalities across its surface sufficient
there were six key lines of enquiry which are set out in the report with 13 different types of evidence collected from various sources including written submissions from the Metro and the interfaith forum we had a walk through the commissioning and procurement process this x 2 Glasgow City Council and the Borough of Sutton we also received evidence from the Council on the current position illusion in relation to embedding equalities across the organisation so evidence was given to us I Tom Brown the Executive Director for Community Services Paul Allergan AK and Catherine need and all the other evidence can hurt his outlined in the papers
after considering all the evidence we came up with five recommendations and each of the recommendations happily points underneath him to give a full explanation of what they are and how they can be a DUP adapted so the first recommendation is that a fair valuation duty should be established requiring the Council to consider so show economic disadvantage in its key decision making processes or its decision making processes recommendation to ease the intersectionality should be considered as part of the quantities process number 3 a more proactive approach to be taken to address the public Sector Equality Duty recommendation for is that staff diversity for rooms she came powered within the council and recommendation 5 is that the Council should adopt an open data reproachfully quantities my final comment with regard to the recommendations is that is regarding referral made to Mayor and Cabinet on the Single Equalities Framework which has been somewhat superseded by this report its hope that the recommendations are adopted into the surf and indeed across the council and as part of the Council's COVID-19 recovery programme
I'm not sure if people ask me questions or refused to say thank you allow thanks thank you very much Councillor Campbell can I ask if there are any if anyone has any questions or any comments like to to ask Councillor Campbell and I need to sorry to extend my screams I can see
OK I don't see any there can I Councillor Campbell just say a huge thank you for the for the work that you've put in and really pushed on within this and also that the work of everybody on the committee and and thank them for those recommendations were we will do now is last officers to prepare a a formal response will come back to to this meeting a mammal and will bring that back to you and by really want to say thank you to tool of you for taking these issues so seriously in and it really know the the other the level and depth of the record recommendations thank a real testament to to where we're going as a local authority so thank you very much funky thank you so can I case asked officers to prepare a response for consideration at future meeting is that agreed

4 Comments of the Sustainable Development Select Committee on flood risk

the great cleaner thank you OK item 4 and this is comments of the Sustainable Development Select Committee on flood risk and I have I Councillor current to present his look Committee's referral on flood-risk Councillor Khan
thank you very much Chair just a quick question can you hear me we can hear you right figure much this item actually related to to other items on the agenda tonight I just wanted to be as brief as I can but to give you the over overarching picture so members cabinet members and yourself can understand the context so this is about recognising the Willow Tree Way and willow tree Riding Stables site as is currently known her near Hither Green as important in managing Lewisham's flood risk because it's an important drain from off the land and also acts takes way water from the craggy it's had run off from the River Craigie but also other land upstream so I'm delighted that officers have agreed to accept the recommendations of the Committee regarding this and the Thames Barrier but with regard to the willow tree site
it's part of approximately 30 acres site that runs from the south circular following the railway line south to Grove Park station and a lot of the land it's a patchwork quilt of land is owned by individual private people and the Council in the form of parks allotments and the Grove Park nature reserve and Network Rail
so if you look at all the sites in the whole they formed the planned railway children urban national park which is in the Grove Park Neighbourhood Plan
constituted under the Neighbourhoods under the Local Planning Act 20 11 so where now in the situation where this is about to be go through its final phases of adoption and incorporated into Lewisham's planning policies
so you have to look at the importance of the Willow Tree Waibel Willow excuse me willow tree a stable site as part of the overall site all the trees all the nature or the soil or the plants
I play a role in flood prevention 5 diversity and hopefully a future enjoyment of the local residence of Lucian thank you Chair
excellent thanked listless thank you very much Councillor Karen and any questions
sorry I've got problems in my screen for taking me a while to get to and lost the and blessed if there are any cabinet members have questions if you just say so
none Councillor Karen my thanks to to you and the Committee for its work couple do some of the last item his arm at the last what we've got actually response to this HRA for item 13
answer will come back to to that one I'm item 5 the health and care recovery plan Council of best anything saying him so I'd like to present this draft plan which covers the next 18 months and it's been developed through Lewisham health and care partners and forms the health and wellbeing part of the Council's wider recovery planning it is part of the south-east London integrated care system and it's part of their plans to as you know it's been considered by the Health and Wellbeing Board at our meeting on the 3rd of September and it's going to the Lewisham health and care partners Executive BAA a base board which is going to meet on the 22nd of September

5 Health & Care Recovery Plan

so this plan sets out at a high level what we intend to do by working together to accelerate our existing efforts to tackle inequalities and improve health and wellbeing in Lewisham
all of this we will need to do whilst continuing to safeguard local people and staff against any future wave a of infection and I think you know we're all gearing up for a second wave so we need to prepare but the key priorities include supporting prevention and building community resilience we continuing to simple target our hands and their residents where offering mental health support including for children and young people as well as their families and for those in crisis we're supporting people with their long term conditions where supporting our health and care staff and ensuring the quick growth in digital approaches don't miss out of people and reduce barriers to access as you know I really want to make sure we do all we can to prevent a digital divide
we've been engaging on the draft Plan and updating it and the more detailed underpinning delivery plans and of course where reflecting on what we're hearing now we will continue to listen to what people are saying to us as part of the Council's voices of Lewisham engagement processes and this report has been through a number of changes as we're taking on board feedback so what we have in recommendation 2 point 1 of the Mayor and Cabinet the seeming to note the contents and priorities identified in this plan we have Martin Wilkinson and Amanda Lloyd who are on the line or to present an answer any questions that you have
but they of course have been working hard on this and I just want to thank them as we did at Health and Wellbeing Board for the many iterations of this recovery plan thank you
excellent thank you very much Councillor Brett past I've got a question forgive me and Councillor Dakers is that if this was from a early writer Michael question from
Councillor takers
so you know that that was an arrow holiday no problem
I carry out any questions
OK there are faults Hagler on cable move to the roll call vote now having a little bit of technical glitches read if I think it looks out things I came out of Kevin really does food iroko
thank you Mr. Mayor
Councillor best agreed Councillor Bell
Councillor Bernard Ponsonby agreed Councillor born
great Councillor takers agreed Mary even a great Coulson gave them
Councillor Slater
don't tell is present

6 Approval of Lewisham Homes Business Plan

seventh in favour none against Mr. Murphy thank you I case I can confirm that recommendations have been agreed as shown in section 2 of the report OK item 6 moving onto the approval of the Lewisham homes business Plan Councillor about thank you Mayor so of the report introduces lotion poems annual business plan for 20 20 21 the plan has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of come into my Cabinet reports constellation home sport and our housing Select Committee the proposed business plan is appended and consists of the following sections context black background objectives to 20 20 21 KP eyes and target to 20 20 21 finances the objects are grouped by five ambitions Bishan sorry landlord Placemaker employer partner and enterprise
those are 23 KPI is included in the business plan therefore man cabinet is recommended to approve the business Plan for 20 20 21 I saw inset as set out in section 2 point 1 finally our just like to thank and pay tribute to the staff at Lewisham homes for their hard work and dedication to Lucian particularly over the pandemic they've done an absolutely fantastic job at she protective al-Shabaab's Margaret Dodd raw is here if you've got any more technical questions you would like to ask thank you
thank you very much Councillor Booth OK any questions
councillors Ancoats
and that so much of question but I welcome the the depth of the of the rear of the objectives it cut was low quite a lot things it's very clear to see how it could be monitored and tracked and current don't use the attracting took them plays but monitored and we can see how it progresses so thank you LeasCheann homes and all
An thank you Councillor takers and among frenzied thank you on behalf of all of us in everybody at Council for the incredible work can and Ashes down with some of your teams enter the Eveleigh and community store and that's one of just a number of projects that people were here to support the community this really difficult time was really feel she wanted to add imitate Camargo
just to siphon came out for the spoken had put the Council an overt the covert period justified we are as a few months in we are on track largely to deliver a few things affected by cove it with very carefully monitor on our income targets and were very carefully looking at void term runs which were impacted by the choice based letting but we're absolutely clear we want to get people in our homes as soon as they can that's what we're here for
thank you very much OK I will now ask a clerk Kevin to conduct the roll call vote Kevin levity from Kew Councillor best the Greet Councillor Bill greed hence the Olivier agreed Councillor born agreed and for Decca's agreed where even a great
and Councillor McKeever

7 Small Sites Small Builders GLA Funding - second submission

agreed 7 votes in favour Mr. Byrne on against excellent thank you I can confirm recommendations have been agreed as shown in section 2 of the report and case staying with housing Councillor Bell item 7 the small sites small builders GLA funding second submission Councillor Mowat thank you my Aegon them so we're not we don't get much good news are because they had financial situation but this is good news so at lotion we continue to have a strong and valued relationship with the GLA and the Mayor of London having successfully bid for further grant funding as part of the small sites small builders programme at Mayor and Cabinet are asked to approve the recommendations to accept 1 point 3 million pounds to be used for for council housing projects as part of our building for Lewisham programme and for officers to continue working with the GLA to fight finalise and enter into the subsequent grant agreements subject to planning permission being granted for these four sites they were yield to 66 units with work starting on the first of these in the coming months I'd like to thank Karen and her team along with a jail A for their continued confidence in Lewisham Lewisham council Elysian homes are delivering for Borough and cowered like to add anything but the recommendations are set out in section 2 of the report thank you
thank you Councillor bow and it just turned to add I think that a bit of good news really which is that this allocation is through round 2 of the small sites small builders programme and is in addition to a previous allocation as well which means we've got a total of 2 point 8 million awarded from the the GLA to support delivery of our smaller sites at within the Borough so positively the safely
wonderful no can it's been a really difficult time for for for 10 with the Panama Canal and also we we are expecting will see more families hit hard by the housing crisis as the and follow comes so this is much needed so thanks to a working or so thanks to you pool and to city car as well and sticking his thing for for for their continued support for Lewisham any questions
Councillor best well it's really just to commend the work one of the four sites in my ward in Sydenham and it is such a very small site and when Karen in the team met with the Ward Councillors you know it was being very creative and it's only going to use for homes but there are so needed because of the pressures we have and I just want to welcome the programme because every home makes a difference to the lives of our residents so thanks everyone for the work put in on this
thank you OK I will now call upon the clock to conduct the roll call votes Kevin thank you Councillor best agreed Councillor Bill agreed and the one of if agreed and the Bourn agreed
for Dakers agreed Merrigan agreed Councillor McGeever

8 Corporate Energy Contracts

7 votes in favour none against Mr. Mayor and plastic I'm so I can confirm the recommendations have been agreed as shown in section 2 of the reports K takes on to item 8 which is the corporate energy contracts join by Martin O'Brien I'm in in Councillor derives absence I will formally move this report on corporate energy contracts and this is the annual reports on the Council's gas and energy contracts I'm and in particular are move to reduce carbon emissions as part of our climate emergency action plan anything you'd like to add Martin
just to add what we we we take any opportunity to set out our carbon emissions for the most recent year Aymeric cabinet will recall back in March agreeing our climate emergency action plan and no are approach to procurement of our corporate supplies is an important part of that but the most important thing we can do is in a couple use of energy across our buildings and put in place plans for clean clean energy so work is
being developed on on that
and particularly making use of the new government funding that we're expecting
that was part of the Chancellor's summer statement on public sector the conversation the report you have is specifically though meeting the constitution Ireland's for an update on our corporate and contracts
OK thank you very much I takes an indication of questions so I shall ask Kevin o'clock Smith us straight to the roll call votes cabinet appeared to give Councillor best the Greet Councillor Bill agreed and the Bonner via agreed at The Lawn

9 Pan London temporary arrangements for the provision of mortuary facilities and mortality managemen

agreed and for developers because it may return agreed at the McGeever agreed 7 votes in favour none against Mr. fantastic Martin and Mr. thanks to both you and your team on for all the work that you're doing I can confirm that the recommendations have been agreed as shown in section 2 of the report and care I'm item 9 again interests on the pan-London tempi ranged ments full provision of more tree facilities and mortality managements so again Councillor de Reich's absence I will move this reports on the pan London temporary arrangements for the provision of mortuary facilities and March mortality management's this report seeks agreement and delegations officers to make financial agreements for the provision of additional more Tatton mortuary capacity in London in the event that it's needed during and second covert wave that these arrangements are for more treat services not burial or cremation plans and said a hospitals are not overwhelmed I should point out we have had a number of discussions at London Councils with them if cannot council leaders and to discuss both the costs from the first wave of covert and arrangements for on a second wave good question on the report from Councillor takers Caslick ages and as David then if you can expand on the report and also incorporate Councillor Dakers questions 1
OK it's just a
reading the report I realise that it is to do with the financial arrangements and agreement and it's good to see that the all London councils are looking to what financial provision so that much more tree suspicious vicious can be there
should we face a second wave I just wanted to ask of the next stage with the no Duka to ration it will be given to respect its of cultural and faith sort of aspects when it comes to the sad occasions
thank you thank you brother and David
yes the you're actually right this is purely that financial arrangements to ensure that the the capacity in the preparation has done pan London to be able to meet the excess demand should it unfortunately arise in respect of your cultural point
yes they will be respected but that the majority of those considerations come I think in the barrel information arrangements which is the Mayor said an introduction is not what this would consider but nonetheless of course it's an important and sensitive part of the the arrangement certain that none normally to consider and it will be the same for all London boroughs that some they're considerations will be in that respect
thank you David and we have there have been concerns have also been made on the Council's convene in and that she bring traps and if I can get she'd latest information terms of where we are and with that because because certainly it's something that all of us and with the diverse in London it we will make sure that school communities have confidence in the arrangements that we've got as well
OK I shall ask Kevin to conduct the roll call vote Kevin Overview and the best agreed as the Bill agreed as the Bill of here
agree that the barn agreed and so Dakers agreed Merrigan agreed Councillor McGeever

10 Catford Regeneration Programme Approval of Phase 1

7 votes in favour none against Mr. Murphy thank you and I can confirm the recommendations have been agreed as shown in section 2 of the reports OK item 10 is the Catford Regeneration Programme approval of phase 1 Councillor Bell
thank you my
sparingly on symptom technical difficulties myself so let on tonight's agenda Man covers been asked to consider a detailed report setting out the proposed draft Town Centre Framework for capital centre this phase Ron report and members will be aware that the last update and kept came to Members of the sustainable development Select Committee in March just before the lockdown started I also believe the Chair of that Committee Councillor current has been briefed any as here tonight officers have done excellent work to maintain momentum in the overall capital programme despite the impact of COVID-19 the proposals in this report are entirely consistent with the draft framework but also and importantly stand on their own merits and represent to areas of cities satiric investment in capital town centre the report provides a series of recommendations and focuses upon the opportunity to deliver a number of key regeneration projects within kept for town-centre these phase 1 projects maximise external investment and support both the Post COVID-19 recovery plan and Catford itself refuse me involving the regeneration by detailing plans towards 5 million having five million pounds of early investment Catholic constitutional Corbyn Thomas Lane Yard form part of this the first is the work we want to do to restore the cap for constitutional club and really important assets for the community and to explore potential future use of Tom's Lane yard both exciting and achievable early phase 1 projects that provide a benchmark for how we can evidence our commitment to inclusive growth and Catford our success in bidding for the GLA good growth funding was first made known in March and dialogue is continued over the summer 2 point to point where we mean must now show our firm commitment to the scheme and to associated match funding the outcomes are important the refurbishment and re-use of a much loved community asset and potential to achieve workspace jobs not so 100 new homes potentially half of which will be generally affordable in terms of the station links the report sets out the final position on the long running schemes replace the footbridge between target Road and Aidan more road as part one and part two reports make clear despite extensive attempts between bouts in the council to achieve a footbridge with the budget available and within the time frame specified in the associated section Morris 6 a viable way of achieving the footbridges simply not been impossible hence tonight report is proposing that the man cabinet agrees formal approval to transfer the section 1 0 6 funding towards cap for stations improvements we know Station arrival and access area can can and should be better and officers of set out plans that provide a sensible balanced and achievable package of measures that should be our broad Van benefit to residents of captured and visitors alike and so not Anston I'm seeking men Cabinet agreement to the four recommendations as set out in report match funding to the GLA good growth Fund in the sum to sum of 1 point 6 5 million from the capital program they get Executive Director for Housing Regen and public realm and congestion that had law to be termed in trend to into the GLA good growth Grant Agreement the transfer of SO of section 1 6 funding to some of on Merlin 550 thousand 537 pounds amongst other recommendations but before I do that I just want to say that through you Mayor officers Rushey Green Ward councillors in the local community we have created a vision for Catford we need to improve safety for cyclists enable better public realm and deliver improvements for existing residents and just like to pay my respects and thank you to team Catford for all the work that poor Moore and his team are put into this report moving us forward so poor was here if to answer any questions and and I move the recommendations in the report and you
thank you very much Councillor Bell any questions
Paul was anything you wanted to add
I don't know mai I'm just grateful for this for members to get this far and commend thanks to officers a couple of more McCall today Sarel shin dots on diploma in particular as well as Defoe Deborah Flamini but thank you for the support members excellent thank you and just someone one question from A and I've forgotten his work at that Councillor Karen Castle Carles coming on this item so Lima our country second in terms of letting residents know because then we we've had a lot of inquiries before their Sinn MDD what's the plans to inform residents because it it's it's good news the pressing ahead with with a scheme and some people be disappointed about the footbridge but I actually think that the proposals dream that are being brought forward will benefit a lot more people and be a lot more useful for Catford and was keen that had we had to make sure that message gets out we tell people so so some really good positive messages in this report are an Aussie subject to your discussions with fright Town Centre Framework later this evening mai remembers a we be keen to mount quite an extensive consultation programme both on the 15 to 20 year strategy but also to push out a good news on a as skeletal solid about 5 million pounds investment in central Catford so team stands ready to get the message out some very positive visuals and clearly slightly challenged by the Rule 6 are weak or obviously nobody likes to do much it is face to face but the team is you'd expect are working on that a combination of face-to-face where we can do it some high impact or visuals in the town center and online obviously
thank you and Councillor Karon
thank you very much Chair can I endorse what Councillor Bell has said and what poor Moore said this is excellent news own them I'd like to report was effusive that are commendations from the Members of the sustainable development secretary last night in praise of the work that's been done by all the people mentioned by Councillor Bell and poor more I'd like to point out that it was the sustainable previous recommendations of the Sustainable Development Committee to have a cat Catford master plan and a centralised organised method of developing Catford as to avoid a sort of for Higglety Pigglety development so this is an excellent a stage in that earned those recommendations another recommendation was the agree their remit the removal of the
South Circular and that has been taken into account now this these this money that's been going his the first concrete physical things that can flow as a result from a as part of the master plan so it's to be enormously welcomed a there's a lot more to go and
our concerns have been about that we don't because of the others being sung losses of personnel and the
what happened originally was the kaffir was being developed in a way that was piecemeal because those different parts of the council in charge of different parts of the area the adoption of a master plan and a framework avoided that and what we're keen on seeing is that that doesn't because of loss of personnel and Covey the dot we don't lose the threat and so I was just very concerned and all the grittiness are concerned that we have a unified the management or structure
the oversees the whole of it so it doesn't fall prey to departmental silos or territorial battles so I thought is very important to point that out and then also another aspect very important it's a do feel like a stuck record but it's about the overall development of the Broadway theatre
we are many of us do actually know what's needed to change the theatre to make it acceptable to host big events rock bands etc and that requires a concentrated bid for Lottery funding I know that there's some money which is welcome more than welcome to coming forward to make it acceptable for the Fire of culture year but long term we need to be sipping imply Place plans now to get the Lottery funding to permanently transform the there to say can be the sort of beating heart of a Catford and bringing lots of money people and drive the economy locally thanking Chair extent thank you very much thank appoint Councillor Carole I can say or comments and question so fast will Councillor bowel and then Councillor has catered for
thank you manages to point out that the South Circular is an aspirational thing to move and that will form part of what we're going to about late in the master plan
and Councillor Welsh has reminded me that team Catford is award-winning so gain fantastic team it's been a pleasure to work with him and thank you for or the work you put into this so the award-winning teen Catford
well Perry Barr remembered a councillor acres
I just wanted to check whether the capital is bought I fear to is it implicitly part of the the Catford master plan and the future development in it being taken into account or the home and looking at the Catford master plan in its entirety
it's part 2 so yes is being considered we also need to look at how the civic complex about what the new council officers and how we can bring other public sector bodies together so that will be looked at in a previous phase in the next phases of this just initial face
excellent OK I will now ask and call upon the clerk to conduct the roll call vote cabin over tea
to ensure the best to greet Councillor Bill agreed at the Olivier agreed Councillor born agreed Councillor Dakers agreed Marian agreed Councillor McGeever

11 Lease of Abbotshall Playing Fields

colleague Councillor Slater agreed 8 votes in favour now none against Mr. excellent thank you very much I can confirm the recommendations had been agreed as shown in section 2 of the report can take such item 11 the lease of adverts for playing fields Castlebawn
thank you my
you in your OK now perfect OK thank him it so I'd like to move this report which proposes a lease of 25 years to Abbott's Hall healthy lifestyle Centre I concessionary peppercorn rent a centre that had a positive impact on the community the site operates successfully with a good programme of activities and a strong local community support since 20 18th when community teach all fell into financial difficulties as a result of this a group of local residents formed a committee and with this in place the Lewisham officers were able to put in place a short term management agreement for other tall playing fields the Committee of since began to develop its own infrastructure and Hearts's expertise and as a programme of independent organisations which is now known as Abertawe healthy lifestyle Centre
this is a key asset within the local community for the past five years we've had a number of local schools using the facilities and playing fields such as sports days inter-school matches training sessions and end of year picnics in the afternoons
provision for a long-term lease is important so that its effect that's an effective facility and they can actually plan to apply for local funding
with bodies such as Sport England and the London market interest so they can expand on their grown activities workshops and education with this lease in our local community
I truly feel that we can add something really really special and I hope that Members can actually a Greek as recommendation I'd like to thank Andy and James for Parish reported moment frankly
excellent thank you very much Councillor Ball of there any questions and they want to ask on the report
I can now ask the Clerk to move us to roll call votes

12 Response to SSCSC Single Equality Framework Referral

Councillor best agreed Councillor Bell a great hence the Olivier agreed Councillor born agreed Councillor deglaze great Marianne a great Halston gave her paid has the Slater agreed 8 votes in favour none against Mr. Mann thank his I can confirm that recommendations have been agreed as shown in section 2 of the of the report okay item 12 is the response this let committee on the single and quality framework referral Councillor Slater thank you Mayor
so this note summarises the response to the Safer stronger Communities Select Committee referral to the Single Equality Framework half 20 20 24 to make Cabinet following its meeting on the 4th of March in terms of background and context the single of quality framework which was approved by Marin Cabinet March at this year's a vehicle the Council's five equality objectives the setting an Equality objectives on a four yearly cycle requirement of the law however in addition the framework functions as an insurance mechanism within though EU in which those objectives sets his situation of issues raised in the Safer stronger Communities Select Committee of feral the completion and publication of the Committee's in-depth review of the qualities and the wider implications of the COVID-19 pandemic now provide the Council with an opportunity to pause and reflect on changes that could be made to the single Quality Framework as the Council of affairs for the challenges ahead so in view of the above marine cabinet is recommended to note and approve the suggested process to refine the Single Equality Framework rejects his with input from Safer stronger Communities now and approve the process for monitoring the rewire craft objects have specifically that a suit of measures be developed to facilitate monitoring of the refined objectives and finally agree that this response contained in this report to provide it to the Safer stronger Communities Select Committee finally I just want to say that I just want to rethink particularly by colleagues and scrutiny who produced an excellent report or of this month and I attended a meeting recently
and certainly I believe the Chair of the Committee are Councillor Campbell was going to be addressing Cabinet as well I just wanted to say that and fully supported the recommendations that these Safer stronger Select Committee recommended particularly recommendations 3 about being about having objects as being smart measurable achievable realistic targets and also having her an open data policy Thorpe and data policy but I like Councillor Campbell codes more details about that but that certain an a from day and I'll pass you onto my officer for the Nneka if you've got any further questions are no further questions Chair accent thank you OK is there anything anyone would like to we heard from Councillor Campbell and Councillor Slater earlier in the meeting I'll ask the Clerk to take us a roll call vote
OK no sorry am can we we can agree this once if we can agree the response for submission to the select committee said Members indicated they agree GRE braying thank you very my great

13 Response to SDSC Flooding referral

OK item 13 and overseen a number of screens his item 13 Councillor Karen I've got you down as one to speak on on this one as well so let's go so item 13 forceful Councillor McGeever this is the response of the Select Committee on the flooding referral Councillor McKeever
he I'm also gang between different screen I can you hear me yeah I so this report sets out a proposed response to recommendations on flood risk by the Sustainable Development Select Committee Mayor and Cabinet are recommended to agree the approach of pro and proposed in section 4 of this report in relation to the fast recommendation which we already discussed earlier in meeting the review of the Council's Flood Risk Strategy will include all locations across the borough where there are known or potential flood related issues and further investigations into the site at Willow Tree riding stables specifically mentioned by the Committee can be integrated within this works of we welcome them highlighting that in in relation to the second recommendation the Committee's proposal to seek further information from the Environment Agency with regards the capacity of the Thames Valley to protect London from flooding and should be supported by Mayor and Cabinet this additional scrutiny will help inform our local work on flood risk and we welcome it Marikana recommended to approve the Officer response the referral from the Sustainable Development Select Committee and the Lead Martin's pair of any further questions or March as anything you got to add
nothing further planned thank you
Councillor car insurance cover in here
very briefly
thank you very much to admire in cabinet to agreeing if you do the these recommendations I would like to say that it's a key decision in alleviating flooding in Lewisham and will prove to be so and I'd like to ask Members to bear in mind that it does represent a recommendation by sustainable development committee that had an issue that hadn't been previously thought of or included by the council and are likely to bear in mind when we've got some other recommendations coming up in forthcoming items on the agenda thank you
thank you Councillor Khan Councillor takers
definitely welcomed these the accommodations from sustainable developments and Committee but I just got to support small tin about if he could sort of added that bit more because although we're talking about the Thames Barrier and sort of flood relief errors within Lewisham is important that we work with our neighbouring boroughs to make sure that they are also on the same page as are so that we can work together to defeat Floody that she no tense his tie down a swale to the Thames Barrier but as that's all reaches the sort of like the the higher end of its its ability to prevent flooding
I remember growing up in here in sirens went there was going to be like flood warnings etc when I was growing up and it's just that we also need to be mindful that those outer boroughs and Outer south-east areas also contributes towards the the the water levels in Lewisham so just went towards Martin about that thank you
Martin for it very good points the floodwaters no respect her geographical bound dreamlike boroughs and so we do work very closely with colleagues in South East London neighbours and as a Lead Local Flood Authority we have a statutory duty to work with other Flood Risk Management organisations and so this will be part of the review of our strategy and we will include relevant points are related to our kind of cross MARA activity and I was Benson missed the weekend's

14 Response to the referral From Sustainable Development Select Committee Parks and Open Space Strategy 2020-2025

thank you very much Martin and Kate on can I confirm the be all agree the response for submission to the select committee query though it of great great excellent OK item 14 this is the response to the referral from the Sustainable Development Select Committee on parts of the on the part of open space strategy 20 20 20 25 I've got so
Councillor McKeever and then Councillor Karen syndicating I'd say something on this item Councillor McKeever
the report sets out a proposed response to the referral from the Sustainable Development Select Committee relating to parks and open spaces strategy 20 20 all of the recommendations made at the Sustainable Development Select Committee on the 10th of March 20 20 have been incorporated within the Parks Open spaces Strategy 20 20 20 up in the course of their work that Sustainable Development Committee produced a really valuable parks management and maintenance review which came contained a number of additional and insightful recommendations
while it is not been possible to include all of these recommendations within the Parks and Open spaces Strategy officers' sought have sought to address all the themes touched upon examples given in the responses to this report relates specifically to accessible play and cycling provision within Parks and Green spaces Mayor and Cabinet are recommended to approve the Officer response to the referral from the stain would elements let committee and a
which officers have we got here Nick Honda's here of that any further questions
OK any questions or 0 of go so Councillor Curran
no questions chair just to say a thank you to all other Members of the sustainable development slick retake in their work on I have to put my hand up they did most of the work I played a much lesser Road and they did an excellent job in putting together the proposals and I'd like to go on record my thanks to the other Members of the sustainable development select committee and Q and officers also for including all of the recommendations as well excellence thank you very much and K O
can I confirm that we agreed to the responses for submission to the select committee agreed the region and that's agreed thank right OK that takes us on to item 15

15 Response to HCSC re LSAB Annual Report 2018-19

this response to Select Committee really Ellis A B Annual report Councillor best thank you mad and cabinet colleagues may recall erm this was on the 2nd of December when Councillor Muldoon addresses and presented the back page of the annual report from the Adult Safeguarding Board with a request that we produce a poster which gave vital information about how residents could report any concerns cover different types of abuse and neglect
now obviously we haven't produce that yet because we were having changes on the phone numbers which was about the adults MASH the multi-agency safeguarding hub so whilst we were going through that we've then obviously had the priority of covert pandemic all the work that we know has gone in in the priority or officers had to give to that as we start to move forward the offices hope that we can get these posters
completed by the end of this calendar year and make sure that they're up in all of those public spaces that are currently going to reopen so the leisure centres libraries and obviously sent round to our partners so we haven't produced it in as timely a fashion as we would normally but I'm sure Mayor and Cabinet colleagues you will understand
the priorities that the council and indeed all our other colleagues on this line will appreciate the effort that we will put in to managing this pandemic absolutely OK any questions of hons needed to make
OK I come from the balloon greater response for submission to the select committee
agreed delivery agreed

16 Response to CYP Select Committee on CYP ICT Provision

thousands here thank you very much so I can confirm that agreed item 16 the response to the Select Committee on ICT provision Councillor Bonavena thank you may so there's been delayed as response as a result of the IT serves match other services dealing with a covert pandemic but it is finally here and there's a bit of a history to this one so the CYP scrutiny committee have asked for some feedback on IT issues affecting CY p the director as a whole this report looks at a number of issues three applications one of which is a children's social care case management system at the other the Finance Management system and third as Education Case Management as system and also InfraStrata infrastructure as a whole on the first of the applications and social care it was an unfortunate coincidence that during inspection of course it was a software bug which affected and the recording of cases at that software bug has been resolved and there's be further improvements both to the application and the other two application which are covered in the report now all of them are dealt with at primarily an x at these the service itself as a CYP service itself but I the I corporate IT service provides a sporting role however I have asked I'm I T to have proper give proper oversight and check-in with CYP on a regular basis to make sure and they are and on top of any IT needs that they have the final point I would make is infrastructure as a whole and today was an example of of when the service itself can be cut off and we have to be ready for that at any time in any major organisation the number of those incidents has reduced sharply since last year but we have to ensure that the shared service provides infrastructure is resilient and robust and so far on the whole things have been relatively stable but we have to have contingency plans for whenever this happens again
OK thank you any questions

17 Declaration of Grove Park Nature Reserve LNR

can I confirm that you agreed response to for submission to the select committee freed read great for going agreed thank you screed item 7 scenes of declaration of Grove Park nature reserve Councillor giver
and this is really good news this report seeks approval to declare group part nature Reserve as a designated Local nature Reserve
we're hugely proud of our parks and green spaces and Lewisham and the covert pandemic reinforced just how important they are to residents while being a mental health some please we could take the step to give at Grove Park the recognition it deserves
the Council has formally consulted with natural England about our intentions to declare Grove Park Local nature Reserve and they've approved this are well managed Local nature Reserve can inspire people to value and conserve the natural environment and grow Park contains many habitats including the only substantial area of Calcutta calcareous grassland in the borough and species for conservation interest including the Slow worm common lizard and stag beetle it he she enjoyed an appreciated by the local community and active friends Group and many local schools Grove Park is also an important part of the wider network of greenspaces the part that apart the community aspiration to create Railway children urban national park
I'd like to thank officers volunteers and the friends of Grove Park you've worked with closely to bring us to this point
particular thanks also to Councillors Ingleby Clark car and Howard and hold Janko for their representations on this matter exclude very good news indeed Councillor Karon Johnson to on coming on this point you're sir you like ours rooted because it gave little cheer off off camera it is indeed excellent news and as I mentioned earlier the earlier item on the Hither Green of the willow on the Willow away riding stables this is all part of the same site and so it's all integrated an all very important that these decisions are made one after the other
and I would add that the Grove Park nature reserve was originally slated to be declared a Local nature Reserve which is a higher grading quite a few years ago and it was actions off the Sustainable Development secretI members the push this forward and brought it back into play earlier this year obviously COVID interrupted that proposal but now we're finally here and I'm delighted and I'm just saying it's not only the land in the nature reserve itself that affords greater consideration for all the surrounding land that constitutes the Railway children of the national Clarke as a council McKeever said said really important for this and the next item so I'd like to thank the Cabinet had met in advance for the support for the Sun lighting
any questions or comments people at race
just like to make a special mention to Stephen Kenny and all of the people have been working in the community how who've been I think really visionary for what they want to see to succeed in in Grove Park and like a lot from my visit towns natures of some and glad ripping ever bring this forward OK I'm going to
ask the Clerk to conducts the roll-call vote can commence Councillor best agreed comes LaBelle agreed because the Bonavena agreed Councillor born agreed consultations great Mary them agreed customer given agreed Councillor Slater agreed a quote in favour none against Mr. Men thank you sack can follow the recommendations have been agreed as shown in section 2 of the report thank you item 18 the cat for town-centre regeneration master plan framework Council

18 Catford Town Centre Regeneration Masterplan Framework

thank you my so this is following on from the previous reports that we discussed earlier so baking Catford as a whole so in terms of this evening so this report takes us an important step forward on Catford if agreed by man cupboard tonight opens an important next station kept his future by agreeing to embark on a public consultation after nearly four years of work to get to this point it sets out a vision for a 15 to 20 year journey not a detailed scheme nor a planning application these will follow in time enabled and guided by the framework the time that we've taken to get this far reflects the care sensitivity and complexity as well as the importance that we place on getting this right I also want to place on record my thanks to ward councillors for the detailed interest in rigorous challenge they have shown throughout the development of this draft Framework and related projects the current draft Town Centre Framework response the master plan brief endorsed by Marin cabinet 20 18 this sets the fundamental purpose objectives requirements and scope of work over the summer officers were to draw out the fundamental drivers and the principles on which we are seeking to move forward the draft Framework has at its heart three critical themes that matter most to Peyman Catford or green town-centre we know the ambition of Catford to be one of the town centres in London that's the greenest and wishes hugely supported a vibrant town centre
Catford will remain the civic heart reorganised all Town Hall Civic Plaza or our development and along with the service 3 for Lewisham's Council offices we will celebrate the Grade II listed Broadway theatre and great public space around this important cultural and heritage asset affordable workspace and more flexible retail space will encourage and nature local employment opportunities start ups and growing businesses as well as you space for existing businesses and accessible town centre new residential neighbourhoods will be created in and around the town centre with affordable homes thoughtfully designed to be safe welcoming and encourage local living and return the draft Town Centre Framework document sets the foundations for journey through which these aims can be translated into a reality a series of potential phases I identified which enable manageable sequential development within our control report also sets out the needs progress several key and enabling work streams
work to assess options for funding and financing and work to progress options to achieve the proposed civic campus as mentioned previously it is intended that a broad range of consultation and engagement events will take place in the next couple of months if covert issues dictates then we will consider the SEC delay in that then we will consider extend the consultation period but still with the aim reporting back to Marin Cabinet in the Spring
so the recommendations report makes a number of recommendations to man and cabinet the most significant which are one endorse and Co were the consent and approve the release of the draft Catford Town Centre Framework for public consultation and report back to Man cabinet and spring 20 21 to authorise officers to undertake all steps to progress the public consultation and progress the related work stream set out in this report 3 note the phase 1 delivery projects as earlier as early and positive investment projects and consider specific recommendations to advance these are set out in a separate report on HRA Cabinet's agenda tonight authorise officers to continue to bid for external funding opportunities where they arise to support essential investment in Catford and enable the aims of the draft framework within the current delegated or delegation for in work and 5 authorise the continued development of the scheme to realign the 8 2 and 5 in order to enable the draft Catford framework including working a tier fell to reach agreement on matters of technical detail and the Tier found the problems of transport for ERDF funding
before our that I just want to pay tribute again to team Catford I've mentioned the Rushey Green Ward Councillors tonight background to name them Councillor Crutchley Councillor Ledeen and Council Welsh Welsh as well as former Councillor Helen clear along with yourself Mayor Egan who've demonstrated and put forward a positive vision for our local area and are Civic capital officers have worked really hard to deliver on the aspirations of our local community and are passionate about what they return into the report what the scheme is is a collective community aspiration to Catford for existing residents are future residents and for our environment we want a green Catford that works for all provides employment and social housing provision of Lucian Council is that of Lewisham residents working together to do development with the community green Catford is within our grasp less move forward together pour more again is here tonight as any technical questions thank you
excellent thank you very much Councillor about and K also had Councillor Curran indicated his toes becomes item Councillor carp
thank you Chair I didn't design the agenda tonight so it's not why I'm speaking all the time it's just Burt fáilte erm I don't want to add any more to to that because I've already said my piece on the other items and I think it's enough I just wanted to while I've got the floor is mentioned that wanted to discuss the item on the Railway children urban National Park has put forward urgently and I'll put that in the Erne chap box just so that you're aware of it OK thank you very much thank you Councillor Karon OK any questions or points on the Catford on the cat food item
I'm going to ask the Clerk to move us to the roll call that Kevin over tea thank you Councillor best Gleeds bounce Abell a great the bonnet here
great as the Lord
agreed Councillor takers

19 Review of Statement of Community Involvement during Covid-19 Pandemic

great Britain agreed and so McGeever agreed and the Slater agreed 8 votes in favour none against Mr. now thank you very much I can confirm that recommendations had been agreed are shown in Section 2 of the reports OK item 9 seem the review of C and review statement of community involvement during COVID-19 pandemic council about
Barrymore outside of the changes to the SCI
so the ongoing pandemic and increasing likelihood of a second way as required us to extend the proposed changes to the Statement of Community involvement for a further six months the changes bring us much more in line with other London boroughs and even then we still have much lower thresholds for objections than most others
a number of amenity societies commented on the proposal changes and this is summarised in the addendum report I want to burn out to thank both amenity societies for their input and officers who have been working credibly hard on the proposals in the face of reduce resources and staff numbers I am clear that the purpose of the changes to the SCI is to make the planning application process more manageable during these unprecedented times it is not about city are stifling debate and has always individuals and amenity societies are encouraged to continue commenting on planning applications as they have always done and which we welcome I'm going to address some of the comments made about report and proposals just pick out through them so at the first one is the threshold for objections is too high and not in line with other London boroughs and we currently have one of the lowest rationalise in London for objections and the third lowest level of delegated decisions in London we are merely taking ourselves closer to thresholds that others have but the proposed changes still don't take us anywhere near to other authorities who have much higher thresholds and example is that we are third in terms of 90 percent of Ainscough to committee whereas Brent even in Harrogate and Redbridge at sorry 90 percent go to officers for delegation Brent any in Harrogate Redbridge is 99 percent the second aspect is the process in the minds or could undermine the role of immediate sites in residents the threshold for amenity society and resident objections is low so if an application generates more than the object and adoption sorry objection threshold it is still required to go to committee
I read in societies were invited to comment on the proposed changes demonstrating our recognition vital role they play in the planning process if an application proceeds to a local meeting and Planning Committee for a decision everyone who submitted comments will be notified of the dates and invited to attend everyone who comments on a particular planning application is notified of decision once it has been made the final I wish to comment on is the proposed changes wide and they extended for six months there is a high likelihood that a second COVID-19 wave is about to it has sadly so the need for online meetings is likely to continue
reviewing the SCI changes in December would therefore put huge pressure on planning officers in the middle of a Council emergency response to a second wave finally we are living in a completely different worlds it's hard to just appreciate the financial cost of over 10 years of austerity on our finances our workforce and now there is a cost of the global pandemic planning departments operate on a shoestring and our service is working extremely effectively for our borough I would like to thank them for their work the director of planning and Talbot these changes are support them and us together just for a further six months or officers here to answer any technical questions thank you
Axiom thank you very much Councillor Bell Kabanova
thank you Chair and thank you Councillor Bale for for that comprehensive explanation of why it's reports coming before us now and what we need to do about her I should declare of a Council interest in this in that a member of the Strategic Planning Committee but I also share the local democracy working Group and in the latter we've been looking at how to improve our planning decision process and how we better involve both the public and that we will continue to do and as part of that we will be looking at the evidence is coming from this temporary change in the SCI procedure to see what worked in it and what other issues we made me to address now as Councillor Bell is said we are in a huge pandemic second wave is likely upon us and the experience of I know from officers and set a Council in the last few months
is that dealing with the crisis on the one hand but also trying to deal with the online environment has meant that when we do have meetings they are taking a lot more resource and time and we end with we still have to get our decisions right so we have to bear all of that is a practical issue now the concerns about about the CIL democratic accountability this really goes to the heart of what we in the Moss review have been looking at and we said the actually by the time you get to that final decision in fact you know sometimes many the big issues may already be missed if it hadn't been dealt with at the outset that's really really important that whether you're an individual resident whether you representing Amini society that the very outset as Caterpillar said get you get your common sense you do contact your ward councillors and I appreciate I've seen what being to site of set including the blackest site in my ward about you're trying to to contact Councillors during the pandemic and we have to find new ways to do that and so were all learning in this but the point is is that it's not just about process it's about culture and it's a culture we want Lewisham of residence Councillors representatives speaking to together at an early stage so that actually there's more consensus and agreement about improved improving development that that's best for our whole communities
OK thank you I
actions speak no OK I'll ask the Clerk to move to the roll call votes
thank you Councillor best to greet Councillor Bill a breed and the by the fear agreed the Bourne
great Mary them agreed Councillor gave her
Read Councillor Slater agreed 8 votes in favour none against the man OK thank you sack confoundingly recommendations had been agreed as shown section 2 of the report now going to move to Item 20 wishes exclusion of Press and public encourages thank any members of the press and public and for attending the meeting this evening we move the recommendations exclude press and public arm for the remainder of the webcast and this is because remaining items concerned decisions that are commercially sensitive until an arm able to discuss them in public and is that a great
agreed for it again