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Licensing Committee
Tuesday, 22nd September 2020 at 7:30pm 









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4 Beckenham Place Park Summer Festival

welcome to the Licensing Committee I'm just going to read out the the procedure for the meeting as a remote meeting when you need to read it out so that everyone knows what they're doing etc. None it needs to be done for the for the tape as well so so can everyone please switch the microphones to mute and to ensure that we are not disturbed by background noise and turn mobile phones to silent please do not open your microphone unless I call you to speak open microphones may cause feedback
before the business starts I'd like to make clear the procedure for this evening this is a formal virtual public meeting the purpose of which is to make a decision on the application having considered all the evidence presented before us encoding read reports verbal representation questions asked please could ask people not to talk over one another and to treat each other with courtesy and respect at all times as Chair I will invite you to speak any person speaking may be permitted to finish what they are saying without interruption if I request that an individual stopped speaking they should do so immediately interruptions may result in you being disconnected from this meeting at Licensing Committee members of the public have been known to speak with candour and passion that please remember that that this is a public meeting it has been screened live by the Council's website and recorded for future reference please do not disclose publicly something that you should not suit that should not be said or could be regretted later the applicant will be invited to speak and members will then be invited to ask questions the objector may then speaking again members will be able to ask questions I will allow five minutes for each speech but please ensure there is no repetition if a member of the Committee wishes to ask a question please could ask them to indicate this on the chat panel and not use the raise hand function
members of the public are reminded that the channel is not for public use any messages left on the chap panel members of the public will be disregarded by Committee members members of the public who are disconnected from the meeting due to technical difficulties difficulties should use the link or dialling instructions they were sent initially to return to the meeting if a member of the Committee loses internet connection or power can they please inform the Chair of ISC Chair of this the Chair does immediately so that we can adjourn the meeting until the connection can be restored when Members have heard all the evidence the meeting more clothes and deliberation will be made elsewhere the decision will be sent to all parties via e-mail within the fight within five working days OK so
I have received apologies from Caroline Carlos anybody has have any knowledge any other apologies are the or here actually aren't we all know you're here Caroline 0 no sorry Councillor while I repeat the received apologies from Councillor wise I do apologise and then everyone else is here I can see that actually so so now read out that men
the names of the officers who were present and the officers were present are purchased a man and Jacob Morton who are the lawyers Lisa Hooper whose from The Crime Enforcement regulation or who is the crime

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and enforcement and regulation Manager and we also have Caerwys whose the Clerk of the Committee here as well so the first thing I'd like to do that she agree the minutes held on the 30th of June and that was Badger Badger and the 15th of July which was the AGM and that would have been conducted with the Council meeting so can we agree those minutes

2 Declarations of Interest

agreed thank you very much out records right thanks a lot so can I ask if any council member has any declarations of interest in this item which is the Beckenham Place Park Sunday after negativity and the and Lake City itself
just for openness please share the and I just want to say that I'm representing
Bellingham which houses Beckenham Place Park that's all so so do you feel that your able to make an oath and get a supplement is either without an amount without any buyers OK thank you for that that Councillor M Councillor Audi enko and I guess that goes for you as well Councillor Hall he does them at Beckett bacon and embedding a mood member
I note Councillor OK I can't remember OK that's right so so let's 2 declarations of interest there though I know sorry I myself for down them which could also takes up part of the Becnel they the coral because as Councillor Howard Councillor Hall Councillor haughty echo who other and declared an interest not an interest but well is interested Sutton they were there at their wards are within the region of and Beckenham Place Park so I'm now going to hand over to Lisa Hooper who's got to outline the case for us so and those so any only want to I'm sorry I'm I can say is

3 Beckenham Place Park Sunday after Naked City Festival

are you can and can't see the applicant that's on video yes I'll tell you a figure off until I invite you to speak that's OK please yeah thanks it's just to just half the Council thank you very much said out over to Lisa who pan out is going to outline the the item for us thank you Chair and good evening everyone there's two applications I've been submitted by Kieran of crack Brothers limited this evening on the first is a festival in July and the second is for a festival in September I'm just going to run through the July application first and then we can deal with the September 1 after that so this hearing is in relation to representations to the new premises licence application for the July Festival in Zone E of Beckenham Place Park B or 3 5 B S submitted by current Brothers limited and the following activities were applied for by the applicants which include live music recorded music anything of a similar description falling within E F and G which is live music and entertainment essentially alcohol for consumption off the premises on the premises and all of these activists who applied for under the time band off mid day until 9 30 on the Sunday after the naked City festival which is under the premises licence of 1 2 9 4 which falls annually on the last Saturday in July so it's gonna be the Sunday
following that current premises licence for naked City at the end of July the application has been advertised in accordance with the regulation 25 in the last date for receiving representations was 13th of March 20 20 that presentations were received from three interested persons on the grounds of public nuisance and the representations received from interested parties have been examined by officers and are not considered to be vexatious or frivolous and these representations were also received within the specified time conditions were agreed between the applicant the police and the conifers Regulation service to promote licensing objectives and as a result no objections were received from responsible authorities after having regard to all the representations her the seasoning members must take such steps as they consider appropriate to promote the prevention of public nuisance and the other licensing objectives
the steps available to the licensing authority are to grant the new premises licence as applied for to grant the licence subject to conditions modified to such an extent as the authority considers appropriate for the promotion of licensing objectives to exclude from the scope of the licence any of the losses were activities to which the application relates refuse to specify a person on the licence as the designated premises supervisor or refuse to grant the application
thank you very much only so so we're just dealing with the son of the moment just the Sunday after about after the naked City festival yeah
the yes that's quite yet OK thanks very much so Kirin Mr. Clancy would you like to turn your video on an outline your case for your for the Sunday alternated city please
I welcome Mr. serpent so I mean I'll just give a broad out of the van I mean broadly speaking this them is gonna support namely city festival so will take place the day after annually it's a naked city has never wasn't I at my my attention was always to have an urban packing the day afterwards because financially it's not really viable to build a reduction in the size of Naples city for school for one day only
so we were right from the start wanting to find an event partner for the Sunday that could host an event with a slightly different profiles that oak be against each other and but was shut essentially share the production and that's something that we see in Victoria Park in Finsbury Park in either Gunnersbury Park although local and London really you see ya he Sergio events across a weekend in terms of disruption to local residents we think that in in in the in the round within his or have a minimal effect ready because the the productions are sitting there in situ so won't really have any impact in terms of how long the production is there and how long that era of pop be closed for the only the only added destruction will be used and noise nuisance on the day of the festival itself which I think will be well mitigated by the Council hosts her sounds limits that we already operate under for nurses in festival
and through careful work with artists and consoles earliest consultant span Gadhia and as the production of the show as I said the briefly before the NIEA Daniels naked city festivals the wouldn't really be any major changes Neville so wouldn't really be much vehicle movement in an at the park overnight we really what do you tax at the same site and and as of these specific or private of the event and the most likely partner is a particle the Cook hours which is a Food Led show they do that they have a variety of food traders on site a variety of sort of what legislators and then a focus on Latin music as sole J as Mafi it's not sort of a wildly different so the audience profiles Nakasone it it's family friendly it's an equal focus probably and food and music it's very safe responsible event that around another venues in London so that over the last four or five years
yes and as I said before it's son it's just really Crystal a way
build on what we did with acre city last year they decided to reserve was accused SACRE thing from a customer perspective but it was that without difficult actually I think Beckenham Place Park and I'm not sure how well you know it that it stone it's very stripped back in terms of access this we had to get everything on track way it was just incredibly expensive production so yes that you know this is something that will make the entire weekend an entire festival programme for Beckenham Place Park sustainable Mob spectre
OK thank you very much
My thank you very much for that such Members have any questions I got there's nothing in the chat box on the seeming lemons ask any questions here
OK then other registered did of some thrive sorry that as like he stops utterly finish sorry coherence on carry On over others want to move on to own touches suggest the the representations that carry through both of the representations were around noise pollution at naked City I just want to discuss that quickly I mean we work very closely with Environmental Health Team lotion tousle to come up with a fair sound level that bands the knees festival Ballance dubbing local presence on a solid and we were given an outline sound levels not exceed 75 her dB at the nearest noise sensitive premises I've sheds our post event noise Management Plan which has put together by bang Gadhia
and arguably the top Noyce management company operating in the UK to Glastonbury that you love box they do feel day into wireless that they do all the major festivals so shared that rapport and you know what was I accept that residence mai hurts noise we never came within 10 dB of hitting the agreed limit set by the Council at the nearest noise sensitive properties and actually on average we were mostly the mid-fifties the were Ashley 20 dB under the limit set by the Council so I think you know I'm I'm very very mindful addresses concerns as throughout the event we had two complaints and their son the commits the Council we send the noise tend to those properties specifically to take measurements that Mitchell well going there the level so we you know when we weren't really really hard with the council on this and we were actually delighted by the result we were we would delight for how fewer complexity receives and just by how well and select site was intensive sort of noise propagation
so earlier I think just in future years in our I words obviously you know in my lessons consultation just make sure that we really understand where the most noise sensitive premises are there particular resonance that are particularly concerned just going to be ready now make sure that we are I think about them and the design of the stages and also actually show that we we take measurements status for the dreamy events I just wanted just those those those point specifically really I can thank you very much Mr. concierge finish now because you have sorry thank you so the first question from due that Campbell and then I've got another question Councillor Kotka like Harley and Kathakali when you when you need to ask a question could you just put it in the chat box but at use the right hand function at the moment that's all right it has put a question in the back in the chat box thank you so first US Campbell and my question is actually for at least the so it may not be the right kind Truscott now is the right time to ask it now yet OK so I wanted to find out if there any benefits to the Council does the Council get anything from this festival he was talking about it just having one day not been financially viable for you needed another event on that day that's one and also to find out about the pond how you protect him there is a lake or upon to sorry layer can people and the lake how are we going to protect the lake of nature is not dangerous for people and also when I was looking at your map I could only find three toilets so I thought that that wasn't many given that his such a huge space that you'll be using but I don't know if you've got five toilets in each of the patches where there's toilets I decided to check those thank you Chair
OK at least that you want to answer that question of your able to answer it
hello get the first question I can't really give you a detailed answer I believe and Kyrie naturally my yet to help me here I believe that you do pay a fee to use the the Park obviously that's not negotiated through my might service that would be through another team in the Council I believe it's the Regen Team to look after the park but that that being said I don't think it's really it's not really R and not relevant to their choice
that that you probably get enough from them the second question about the pond but the lake and there is at a naked City was fenced off so there was Harris fencing that Kieran's production put up that made sure that no one got anywhere near the lake and that's something that I think is still gonna happen with a obviously we set up the same in future events and the last one on the toilets again I'm not sure I'm best to answer that because I haven't got the plan with Rhodri I now but care and I don't know if you cannot
I think the planning reforms in each pitch signed patrollers about 30 for toilets each block so you'll without we had we had one toilet her 70 people sat behind the range of 140 toilets on site so that it was deftly those Afflalo shortage of toilets as one of her that's open and cannot sorry I just want to ask that but around the pond that lake and so sorry the lake is that a cost to you care in or is that a cost to the Council well early and the the legs NOP's within our website but so we will simply be our emphasised completely fence it to where the lake is thought our customers don't have an access to it that for the last year that the leg has been completely fenced-in itself anyway and it was during the event last year so during the egress and the and the truly egress and ingress customers were walking round the side of the lane but not only the lead completely faster
the festival site was completed faster as well so they didn't have an access to the lake I think and they do have plans to replace the fencing with some sort of sort of high hedge in a similar way he said concern Pons but am Fina from our side with an advance to can give customers access to the lake and we also have a very significant and a tower lighting all around the side of it and and security patrols perceptibly on early breast when it when it suited his dark and Sir yeah is is it some for the main thing is it's not as not with event site
is completely separate from it isn't it
I wasn't really asking whether it was in the events I I was wanting to make sure that people were safe from not excessive drinking and so they don't go round trying to jump in the lake so I'm saying if it is fenced off during your event is that a cost that you will enjoy always across the Council endure because the length like his accessible it may not be an accessible last year does accessible now there is asked
the fencing stolen blind today
it's completely fantastic Africa and as the Council's costs because as the Council was left I might negotiate with the Council aroused as was cures Charles on the day but I can't I can't take the full responsibility for their leg the set now and I wouldn't work the Council either and went up discussed at Beckenham Place Park they have their own set of lifeguard provision in place they would never just to say on legacy you provide the life garden you know be you are about the left now as their life the got as far as I know that acquire significant in a management plan and help save the planet and place for the lake they managed him our swimmers or respite so you know when we were when we took exhaustively with the the park about matching lecture in the latter to Tata questionnaire obscured vision lighting and fencing
can I just sat as well that the event and goes to event Safety Advisory Group and to be signed off in advance so that sort of issue would come up at that that that group and we would have a discussion about any risk that needs to be managed around that and that action would be actions would be agreed to manage that and obviously the there's a number of people on that board including health and safety environmental protection are myself who would sit in have those conversations with caring and we would iron out those risks ahead of the the event so that that that's also sort of looked at at that level as well
thank you Lisa and I can confirm that from last weekend the fencing was applause weekend so around the lake and I don't think any plans for fencing to come down in my term in mind to my knowledge not for some time at the moment because of what to do that happened last year so Carra cancer Caroline Carlo you're the question could you put your heart rate of put your hand down as well please our great appreciate the aka
thank you Chair
will lead you still until what you left it was saying about the and secretary of the place and I was wondering if can if you have got any order private security apart from relying on local police considering they've already being caught down to the bone so I'm just wondering if you have any backup
apart from a local police for security reasons
yes we have a very significant suggests presence of event or what's his body meticulously internally and also with the Sub-Committee or worse closely with Lewisham place last early event may shallow completely happy with Austria's vision that had they had side and impotence mind-cures Management Plan I had I think forces from Lewisham place inside my event the is on the entire been working closely by his purity so the variance bird processing about sailor ship lotion place probably the best son
as places that had worked with in terms of how it spread there were with my security how much impact they had in terms of giving me advice around anti-terrorism measures give me advice about and eaves of local gangs in the area and trouble of going obviously that was a high level of inspiration between the face in my head security so yeah without when you know what we use so we used a really obscurity last year who were top currency company nationally with plan probably he's them next year but we haven't sent the and as a girl asked 10 be yet the scarcely found that it would do it would be it would be some we work with the for some of the Scot this kind of experience
so what you're saying it will have a private one not just rely on the police because that's what I want to love because you're back in event are lush to yet we have to get extra private security for the feel nothing but all I think as a consequence saying that it has got exam private security team that worked in tandem with Lucian police that's it that's it I think over the goes clear in that school oval climb the stairs to the worst and Arnhem they sad thing the cancer can we get a question and other question
I'm just one of them sorry sorry
thank you Councillor Carter you wanted to say something more yeah I'm regarding the toilets issue I wasn't entirely clear whether they're going to get its recalled because would invent light that relying on day toilet in the index or Park is not enough yeah that the tallest on that they're all toilets Councillor Carlo there there are three places whether I'll be 25 toilets each one is that what you said caring I think Love Your than we had in the region of 100 and 30 toilets on site target and said 130 toilets Councillor Colin what able toil take that's right yes OK OK thank you thank you yeah yeah thank you curren
SECAmb we had another question yeah it was just about the because you're looking for an annual licence I was wondering the organisation that you're going to use for the day after for this licence is it going to be the same organisation every year or you have an annual licence and changing the people every year the reason why I am asking the question is we could be you've explained that it's a food organisation in the types of music if it's not the same organisation and we grant her annual licence we may be granted an annual licence just so that you can have something the day after rather than the same field as the organisation planning to use the shared I mean
the plan is to find a long-term partner that delivers operate that lives up year I can't go and see no with with the festival business thing as volatile as it is he do sometimes find the table don't want to do the show again I think the raising the Beckenham Place Park artistically Kane's work with us as they won a responsible festival operator to be the person operating the than so really been myself producing the show would be my
Phillipson said I'm not be my name on the licence of Be My putting me really that the event through the sagging Shire the idle some of the busy Easter they would have to sign off you know what what kind of event I was trying to do so I think we've now plans to sort of you know what I want is protect any licence granted I'm not gonna go chopping and changing completely changing the goal posts on annual on annual basis we were long-term partner TA to set of grow alongside naked City really by thing that's the precise reason that Beckenham Place Park don't just want to give it to a smaller Somoza we run seven other festivals at the Civic assets this another London Parks and they they want to give it a well-known responsible motor that has licences all over London and and I mean what's in the right kind of shows basically I K thank you very much Mr. Kansi I am now going to hand I've Erturk Mr. tongue whose the objector said Mr. tongue would you like to put your and figure 1 and 2 category tactical itself yep
good evening ladies and gentlemen I take it you can hear me he can he get Yapp really thank you firstly water I'd like to make clear my clear his this Is financial representation rather than as an alternate objection OK I was very impressed with the
have report the vanguard the report that was circulated it's a good piece of work but it does raise some issues and actually I suggested these might be points at her had a worthier consideration now for the record my address his backers within 50 metres of the Monterey location are 5 which is the one in the 20 19 festival receive the highest noise levels my did actually make a complaint to the Council on the evening of the of the festival the coastal versus for the record
what the visible clearly shows me I do have an engineering back then little acoustics knowledge is that Morsi adventures very well climbed his farewell are monitored our hopes seem to be jumped through there are a lot of factors which are variables
and one of the variables is the layout of the the event where the stages are because noise from different sources interacts and either gets louder or lesser depending a whole induction to express and also it depends very much on the acts and performances of plant
because as the report will will have shown you it's the low frequency allude to the noise as disruptive is so low frequency that carries a long distance and when you look at the the geography the topography typology of the park most Lewontin sessions received only low noise because the that the festival is actually down in a dip and the noise was reflected upwards away from the monitoring stations and woeful a lot the residents acceptable
the area of Downham an hour 5 where the ground is pretty flat this Jesty
a few trees the site is the railway line the Ravensbourne river and bang straight on our five said this very little to attenuate the noise coming thrown now the noise of the yes he was I'm not sure as 10 dB below the the Council's threshold but it was probably five or six any bus approaching the thresholds at times and is a low thickness element
somewhat my representation is very much not an out net objection to the festival which I think you use is going to be that good for the community but it is against the principle of an annual licence because I contend that depending on what the content of the event actually is
and the the layer to that event
that could mean considerable differences from year to year and the noise inthe it could be director 1 year and another year simply dependent on whether you got a band doing go fictionally noise
he's low-frequency carries high-frequency doesn't so in essence
I was impressed with the report
it could fill you organise a good for Van Gadhia but it did actually few show up a few little technical challenges which are hybrid urges committee to to consider and I would urge you to consider
granting a licence per event rather than on an annual basis such that the appropriate due diligence can be applied I believe you're the processes in place for for Blackheath were you you have the mechanisms already so that you can bring in the perfect experts that base and yet my representation thank you for the opportunity to present
if I welcome Mr. tongue and and thank you very much for that
so do Members have any questions that Mr. tongue
no alright then so the no questions for you so we now going to OK Castle Hall nous indicated a question Councillor Hall
instant Surrey Surrey balustrade about the later a point like amend question up it was just the two I couldn't quite find it navigate my screen and just one one quick question and that was last year can you recall what the weather was like Mr. tongue
no account but whether is is a huge factor on acoustics if it's raining you know is is not amused Barrett is if it's OK if it's hard pressure nice warm sunny evening the other factors courses if there's none your licence earned an event is held in the winter a lot will depend on what the state of the foliage on the trees because that will give some attenuation or knocking attenuation depending on on Tommy in Staten state of the and regret because
Hussain the direction of home address and the Kitchener 5 it is pretty flat terrain and has nothing to to to reflect the sound upwards all to attenuate the sound
it's just I just quickly looked at the the Azione the consultants' report and he says that precipitation went to at quite a high level I'm not quite sure what the axis of the graph ease and and I think that implied the actually rained on that day and that leads me I mean I will have some questions about is it the capacity on that of the last event an hour was refused because if it was if it was raining consistently and persistently then that tends to mean that people leave at different times and and I'm not sure whether that's been taken into account things Joe
I can only be answered this question from Mr. tongue as a
that was a quick answer the questions that we so yes
I've asked the question of the Minister tongue so the key is explained about I get it it the weather I would I would want to are slow of the officers and what review was take him it did take place up to the last event and whether or not the numbers were reduced because of the weather I came to come tongue do you like to respond to Councillor Hall and then Leasowe but would you mind I'm stepping in after Mr. Tom responds place OK I can't really give an answer to that I can't remember whether it was raining or not but my internet back or not 0 suggest the weather does over an effect but my complaint or my representations about noise nuisance and I would feel Varian unhappy recanting up any other aspect of the licence application whatsoever
OK thank Lisa would you like to community if you're able to report until with a report on to how naked first vote but went last year
the law yes and so it was looked at in terms of A-level complaints so we I think we only received it a handful of complaints there was an any sort of serious issues that we identified from the event that we were concerned about obviously it was our Environmental Protection Team that did the noise monitoring it's a Sep separate team that monitors the noise in terms of the decibels and again I think in line for care and said there wasn't any discrepancies in terms of any issues with exceeding the set dB in terms of the capacity I don't have that detail about
what the capacity was of of of each event obviously there's a limit that they will work to but I don't know if it was reduced because of the weather I'm afraid
Mr. Clancy would you like to just step in and for a short while an answer that question place if you're able to
you microphones off the microphone off Mr. Clancy so it answer to question when see any significant drop off in the past the numbers due to the weather
I the home by the I just wanted to thank Andy currently first-time us which has already useful and then I'll definitely passed on to to buy Gadhia and just just one it also point out the VAT Vanguard is reporting that they are independent Parish event and a lot of a lot of communication goes on between Bangor area and the Lewisham Environment Protection to so as not a kind of a one size fits all you know these the San conditions for Beckenham Place Park they do very careful monitoring which is based on the genre of music that's happened with a particular ran and the stage positioning the time of year you know the tree coverage they be land undulation and they look at everywhere independently so you know this any future licences will obviously have to go through that process with an Garda wouldn't be a case of just ended
a one-size-fits-all solution with them which will go through exactly the same rigour that would definitely Cassetti OK then thank you very much so thank you very much system according to Andrew Tom sorry about that could when you clearly have a relationship you to because ill calling him and he so a lot communication between ourselves I would imagine in the past so I don't think so another so that's all the streets as Andy so far carried XI can't see that our right and I'm I'm implying implying a relationship where none exists I apologise for that
so OK I'm so that before we end this item and Lisa could you just just say for that for the sake of the meeting exactly what's being applied for
tonight on this item I I'm I'm it's it's the Sunday are it's just a one day a year isn't at the Sunday after the naked City festival was that correct yes so it's the yes the Sunday after the negative effects for and that's that makes it a festival falls at the on the last Saturday of July annually and the times of the activities that replied force at the live music recorded music and sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises was between midday and 9 30 in the evening on that Sunday thank you very much for that Lisa so that now exercise him so both Andrew Tongue and Kirin Clancy will get the decision letter in the post a lot you get a letter in the post or get e-mail within five working days will make a decision like from this evening and a separate meeting are right for your free to go for now and I do not actually could go next item as for osso alright the thank you very much so Lisa would you like to bring up during item for an hour which is the they at Beckenham Place Park Summer Festival

4 Beckenham Place Park Summer Festival

thank you Chair so this is hearing in relation to representations to a new premises licence application for the September festival in zone I Beckenham Place Park be are 3 5 be ES submitted by crank Brothers limited the following activities reply for by the applicant live music recorded music anything of a similar description falling within E F and G alcohol for consumption on the premises all for the time bands of
it's a midday till 10 o'clock on a Saturday and Mid Day until 9 30 on Sunday which and and and that'll be operating over a weekend in September where the dates will be agreed at the events Safety Advisory Group at least six months prior to the event when the application was advertised in accordance with Regulation 25 and the last day for receiving representations was the 30th of March 20 20 representations were received from three interested persons on the grounds of public nuisance and all these representations were received within the specified time conditions were agreed between the applicant place and confident regulation service to promote lasting objectives and as a result no objections were received from responsible authorities after having regard to the representations heard this evening members must take such steps as they consider appropriate to promote the licensing objectives the steps available to us in authority are to grant the new licence as applied for grant the licence subject to conditions modified to such an extent as the authority considers appropriate for the promotion of licensing objectives exclude from the scope of the licence any of the last White titters to which the application relates refuse to specify a person in the licence as a designated premises supervisor or to refuse to grant the application I coat thank you very much for that Lisa so back to Mr. Clancy if you'd like to talk to us about the Beckenham Place Park Summer Festival
I refer them on to other schools
a brief outline really so this is for a a similar then broadly speaking on the same event for an in September
so since we ran layby cities about it has been a huge amount of interest in holding festivals in Beckenham Place Park because it's a peaceful park and it was only recently read about its and it wasn't really on event organisers radar for that so I think Beckenham Place Park was slightly inundated requests from their promoters for all open under Weiss do events there and I ended up having discussions with Beckenham Place Park and offering that we would produce the other weekend festival and Beckenham Place Park so there's consistency of the operator and the park and so that we can work to a broadly similar of a management plan and just make sure sustainable safe and reliably random event so the the second applications for a weekend investments at Tambo was recover Saturday and Sunday each year
in the same way as the July weekend it it makes sense to have a two day event where you can advert production that shared across the two days our partner foot for this weekend is likely to be Frankel hospitality records wishes 8 and 25 role electronic music label and has been hosting a festival in Finsbury Park between 2 thousand 14 and 2 thousand 90 and have a desire to move to south London because that they are the have offices in Peckham and or the the record label has a strong following in the southern area they are a quite a a household name in the music industry in the UK there's over 100 shows across the UK a further 40 or so years so there are quite a big operation as it goes they have a fantastic lowest audits 25 to 40 year-olds music lovers they have very successful record business and merchandising business and we would essentially be the production partner who words operate every element of the event whereas they would be the sort of brand behind the event if it if if you catch my drift an approach to the points are similar to the ones I made earlier around eco-city add Sir as a secular event footprints it's a similar capacity
it's a as a as a SummerStage louts and as with make city with we will be going through and we'd already started for 20 25 rigorous process with the SA committed Lersch from which has as ever sensation from all these responsible authorities and I guess I just again are just quickly just representations and which around noise pollution
I'm just stress again that we would be getting and one as a completely separate acoustic modelling report done by Gadhia to make sure that we were absolutely taking account of the State locations the genre of music that might have a knock on effect for where the measuring point siren and whether from receptors are and will take her by God is advice on that to make sure that we have as successfully as hours before we had an open city in terms of noise pollution Sir it's I'm as they fantastical in terms of or how much noise escapes because it's kind of within a valet so most the sound goes up rather than sort of outward so sad the noise conditions over the incredible really current combats what I've said and other parks and we had a very very very low amount of the planets in 19 August 19 so had high hopes that working with Gadhia and making that significant investment that it is to work Gadhia with with with go a long way to and using animals collisions look residence I K I want to thank you very much that Mr. Cakir dues to Clancy an hour before I carry on with meeting can I just ask all councillors to please make sure that their microphones are often not speaking that's OK thank you very much though and I have a question here from an cancer how it has a Howard microphone on of area
and how Amatrice might ask you how many days of disruption are there in the park in terms of each doubly event because I think when we were thinking about this over a year ago we were told that there would be the building of other stages and so on and so forth and the taking down of everything and it would actually take up something like nine days activity in the park and it is a community park which is used by you know hundreds and thousands of local people for all sorts of other activities hasn't really been a big music event place before and I'm just wondering how many days in the year are going to be actually in a sense dominated by these two events if you could give me an idea about the number of days involved
sadly the CSR period it is around eight nine days and the pat-down various is to three days but allows of stress as well but it is a as very small area of the park where the festival happens and so there's no there's no impact to the rest of the park in fact it's probably lesson lesson of 50 percent of the footprint of the park as US taken up by the festival and it's only on the Friday Saturday Sunday that we even close the significance of paths around the event we actually what's by closely with Beckenham Place Park last year to make sure that we kept the walk ways spoken for dog-walkers and so he arrived the last minute and will close to him he note on the Friday so as every three days that disclosures for I think to set a broader point and attack I totally agree that it's part as used by hundreds of thousands people and and and we want we want to serve as an as possible but I think I think from back in place parties backed it one of the main reasons they won't get this get these events in the park as well as raising revenue to vessel the part is to actually get different communities or people are more diver but more diverse usage of the park I've a couple of comments that it's a very particular and sort of community that uses the parking daily basis tends to be so own White Dog walkers the hurt that I as their question I heard and the it back replaced Barker kids get younger people using the park and put from a diverse for further bat rounds and particularly to get more Lewisham residents in Park has I think locally is slowly seen strongly part rather than Lewisham Park so I've had everything that as well as keeping a Myers that we need so keep that the voucher to the Parco which we do I'm is also not should set for just people from different backgrounds to engage with and use the park
OK thank you very much for that now and I just come back from either fair pay and I mean I take what you're saying that there's lots of different ways in which in a different and be involved without a massive festival and and and really you looking at something like 24 days impact on the park within two months because at the end of July and sometime in September so they're quite closely pack together I just think we need to have a look at at the overall time impact and and I don't know really what what the response was because I wasn't at the original festival so but it just you know I'm just thinking about what are what will be the impact having the two festivals and and the time and any disruption as well as things like noise and connect you
did she wants to see clearly come back on that Mr. Clancy I'm not sure that's actually something we can take comes into the licensing objectives that placed carry on I think if that is Deputy something that the park are thinking about or something to that we're working with them on it's some is around two months
the space between the turbines which gives a good no good amount of time with no with no asked of impact on the park and down you know we've been very careful to make sure that the main attractions in the park are still open the still accessed of Majid mouth still access to swimming lake and a new café the playgrounds as a say 85 percent of the Park is unaffected so whilst forming every effort is to assist as only 24 days after it 65 13 57 PA I'm has understood that thank you very much Councillor hold up to a cap please hoping to jump in their just now forecasts those questions sorry yeah I was just going to say just to be clear of see in terms of decision making it does have to based on licensing objectives and I'm not sure that the if the use the decisions on use the park is relevant and because the decision for that has been made elsewhere in the Council I mean I'd of petrol wants to now I did say that I did say that before you actually sparkily Sotheby's in set out in offer I think Members are aware that it's not within the four licensing objectives and good Depeche could just confirm that war I learned that it then picture some legal here it isn't within the four licensing objectives but nonetheless these questions are raised a valid persons to ask if they wish to know proportionate use of the park
Kate was an opportunity that thank you very much a case or Councillor Hall had a question him thank you Chair
I just I didn't quite catch the name of further of the partner was hospital records or was it hospitality record
someone's phone on
at the moment for you carry on
handicap it's it's externally the microphone off please Coral thank you
it's a Councillor who object to carry on now him at firstly I just wanted to clarify the hospital record or hospitality records and in quite catch the impact the hospital records but are usually there've been Brown has got hot salad it great adjusted Garda both because I just put it to over just trying to look them up at all and at the statement of licensing policy is under review of the moment in Lewisham and I wanted to anything care illegally Councillor Julia Campbell mentioned this about Blackheath I just wondered is that has that got any effect to this decision the review of the policy because he had their there have been representations about bringing Bekking unplaced Park into line with black eighth so I want you to her to ask that question and am as the applicant mention the demographics of people using the park and take pictures point what's the demographics of the attendees of the festival because anecdotally I was told that most of the people who bought the ticket Sir McGinn come from either Bromley nor Beckenham nor Lewisham and their right by transport from elsewhere so be interested to know if you have a record
as we have provided data on the and these days got really good data that we we had nearly 30 percent Partick odours came from the Los McColo was that the pipes centres
and there was with the apologies for so our rich Mark say so with as it lies with that and that doesn't take into account the 500 complementary separates we get it away amid the of SSentif Park so probably pushed up to 35 percent so the let the local engagement was actually as actually contested were really pleased with it
irrespective of the potteries Hough so records once the as they felt that their they're events not over got a very strong following in south London I've in their officers' local and then they beds and quite a few events and Bernice I'm in something something I think had been really really could pick up for so local lessons that could benefit from the sun
I can thank you for that Lisa John towards the first part that Cook the first part patient regarding licensing policy and yes and so he is under review at the moment it hasn't been signed off by members or full Council so it's not enforced at the moment there wasn't anything detailed in in the proposed Policy about having anything similar to Blackheath that the backstop arrangement is something that's been running for for a long time but is something that I think is more of a corporate approach to how they want and to manage the use of the park licensing didn't have any involvement in that and it's not something that for licensing to consider in or is able to do in terms of enabling people to use Lewisham's parks that's not our decision as in licensing policy only there to review the USA or of about the the the permission for last score activities what is in the proposed licensing policy is about outdoor events going to the SAG and obviously having that review and and and and coming to us in advance having that that sort of level of sign off in terms of the safety of the event which obviously is what is is has been agreed as part of the conditions with Kieran on this event OK thank you for that looks an essential read out what Petra Diamonds put into the chat box and Petra's obviously our lawyer the licensing policies current what is on therefore either licensing policy is policies live now only relevant therefore to the review as part of the for pockets as as part of a fact finding potentially so that's it so that it's essentially what the Lycée policy now is is what we're we're we're working to all right Mr. tongue
the Executive is you that you and your ask another question I
yes I just wanted to ask you a question about the use of the if ever PA coaches read one of the pictures was thinks the Ravensbourne Valley residents and they said they were concerned that the public space and access to part of the park of it it should not be restricted during the festival and they understood that the bit of the part would be fenced off I suppose my concern him or my question is are there any am laws or or any other considerations about this particular park I mean was this Policies Park held in trust or are there any Is there anything relevant about holding a private festival in a park that we should consider I'm just gonna I'm jumping ahead and I'm sorry about that no these these points out relevant really to the and the four licensing objectives which what with which we used to make a decision and I don't know whether you want to step in isn't what you want to stop step in here and and and add to this summit on Don't Look we can take any that into account when making a decision
Petra Leader so sorry I had my audio of we can only deal with what is relevant and as the four licensing objectives OK thank you very much for that Petra sorry I learned about that so I'm Mr. tongue thank you very much Mr. classism Mr. time would you like to them come in and speak on the on this item yeah so it's very little to to to add to my previous comments OK I'm sure that Cern cornices various took businessman and as such
I fear that as the festival strength to the years he will follow his market and I just urge this committee this licensing committee to consider what constraints or approvals need to be applied Sue to take account of the fact that it's an evolving business that relates to people and people change and he has to to follow his business Nance
I don't know that's very much it it's as before I representation is urged the Committee to yeah apply what constraints her appropriate but on a case-by-case basis place OK thank you very much that is very much do any Members have any questions her Mr. tongue now
OK it will that now ends on this section of those in Committee the decision will be made meeting after this one and all the applicable the registered park interested parties will receive an e-mail within five working days and is anything else I need to say by law Petrov
no I will be advising members as to their powers which are clearly in the reports in any event set out in paragraph 2 point 1 of each of the two reports thank you very much so if Members now Leith this meeting and then joined the other