Licensing Committee - Tuesday, 6th October 2020 at 7:30pm - Lewisham Council Webcasting

Licensing Committee
Tuesday, 6th October 2020 at 7:30pm 









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1 Minutes
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2 Declarations of Interest
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3 a) The Rutlands, Rutland Walk, SE6 4LG

meeting of Licensing Committee my name is Councillor Kim Powell the Vice Chair of Licensing
please could you will switch the microphone system you to ensure that we are not disturbed by background noises and turn your mobiles to silence please do not turn your microphone lack of phones on unless I call you to speak open Mike's concourse feedback
before business starts I would like to make clear the procedures of this meeting this is a formal virtual public meeting the purpose of purpose of purpose of which is to make a decision on the application having considered all the evidence presented before us including written reports and verbals and questions or ox please chaos people not to talk over one another and treat each other with courtesy and respect at all times as Chair I will invite you to speak
any person speaking must be permitted to finish what they are saying with our interruption if I request that an individual stopped speaking there should do so immediately interruptions may result in being disconnected from this meeting at Licensing Committees members of the public have been know to speak with cans and passion but please remember this is a public meeting it is been screened live via the council website and recorded for future reference please do not disclose publicly something that should not be said or could be regretted later
the applicant will be invited to speak and members would then be art were a bit would then be invited to ask questions PC Butler may then speak and again may members will be able to ask questions our life I will allow five minutes for each presentations please ensure there is no repetition if a member of the Committee wishes to ask a question could I ask them to indicate on the chap members of the public are reminded that the chats are not for public use any messages left on a chap by members of the public will be disregarded by the committee members members of the public are who are disconnected from the meeting due to technical difficulties should use the link to dial in done in instructions
there was sent before the meeting if a member of the Committee loses internet connection or power can you please inform the Chair of this immediately so that they can adjourn the meeting until connection has been restored when members of heard all the evidence the meeting will close and deliberations would be made elsewhere that the shisha will be sent to all parties in in a due prescribed time I have received apologies from Councillors and Ruske and clouds the Holly Yanko
I will be ironed out and read the names of the councillors who will be are to be in this Licensing Committee we have Councillor Campbell Elliott hall Howard Kalou and wise
I will now read the names of the officers present at this meeting we have J kid Morton lawyer and Lisa Hooper crime enforcement and regulations manager

1 Minutes

ITEM 1 Do you agree the minutes of the meetings held on the 26th of September are accurate can you please indicate by your happened by writing your hands please
thank you Councillors

2 Declarations of Interest

declarations of interests are there any declarations of interest
thank you

3 Palace Amusements, 70 Deptford High Street, SE8 4RT

ITEM 3 Palace amusements 70 Deptford High Street this application has been put parts postpone to the next meeting of this Committee on the 3rd of November

3 a) The Rutlands, Rutland Walk, SE6 4LG

the next item is the Rutland ward temporary event notice
this is an application for a temporary event notice at Rutland walk Lisa hope who PA would not introduce the report
thank you Chair
me one moment police sorry this hearing relates to a temporary event notice given for the Roughlands at that rotten walk as he 6 4 LG the temporary event Notices is for a dry through cinema events and activities applied for where the sale of alcohol and regulated entertainment on the 11th October 20 20 between the hours of 11 am and 7 pm the applicant has provided the following description on the application form the event will be held in the Rutland car park social distance distancing COVID-19 rules apply in this event the audience will be placed in their cars as they watched the performance the car park area outside is the only area that will be used on the day the carpet will consist of 20 cars with a 2 2 metre distance for passengers to rest your legs or go for refreshments without being in contact with anyone
the notice was received by the Licensing Authority on the 15th of September 20 20 and served on the Metropolitan police and the London Borough of Lewes shall Crime Enforcement Regulation service on the 15th of September 20 20 objections were received from PC solemn Butler of the Metropolitan place within the specified time limit in accordance with Section 1 0 4 the Licensing Act 2 thousand and 3
the objection received was in relation to the licensing objective or prevention of crime and disorder and public safety
members should note that the council is requesting that all events over 30 people are reviewed and signed off by the Council's event Safety Advisory Group or ESA group due to the current COVID-19 regulations in force the event is currently scheduled on the next East SAG agenda for the 13th of October says a few days after when the proposed event am is due to take place under this 10
the event organiser has been advised to withdraw their 10 and postpone their events for for the 11th October with a view to resubmitting a 10 for the licence or activities for the event at a later date after obtaining sign off from the PSA Group that the event is safe to go ahead the event organiser has not withdrawn their 10 hence the reason for this evening's hearing
after having regard to all the representations heard this evening members must take such steps as they consider appropriate to promote the licensing objectives therefore the licensing committee may decide no action is appropriate to promote the licensing objectives therefore the temporary event may go ahead or issue a counter notice if it considers that is that it is appropriate to promote the licensing objectives therefore temporary event may not go ahead
are passed back to the am Chair
thankfully Sir as far as I've been told the applicant is not in attendance
so we will go on to the objector
which is PC Simon Butler and I ask you to do your presentation please
thank you March by the Chair yes I event for those particular events taking place on the grounds of public safety the ad
yes sir there is already a suggested that time this particular top of event should be referred to the 30 Advisory Group because it's a matter and one 30 people I have concerns over the about people attending this particular event and the way that it's been manage
and the management plan is lacking detail and what specially during the leg how ever Galatians the the lack of stewards traffic management and along with firm the general history of the Rutland event that takes place or in the past races my concerns
the the lack of planning around the guidelines of of see around about the amount people these students the impact on the local community regards the vehicles and the noise pollution etc.
along with the covert regulations and with the
they now own answers to any of the stewarding or
accounting or for any began out vehicles and generally walking around this event and they're going to be its duty or shepherded to imply say I am a Sir Reg Grayshon said about the informational had from previous police intelligence as well states that this particular venue as been mismanaged in the past it's had concerns refer very
from from various members of the community in the surrounding streets and areas rigour Harding the event not and the anti-social behaviour people become I believe for from sensible disturbance to local Koeman which annals
so the the fact that the police had to enforce going in and closing this event down early concerned Gelman seem to be for the events organisers were incapable of turning off on time
though where it and ran somewhat them both for the year
the matters of her Management Plan left suspenders now on the judging go some serious concerns around whether this event should be going home at all thank the PC battler I'm I'd like to ask if any of the Members lights arcs PC Butler any questions please
I came on I can see Councillor Campbell would you like to ask your question place I'm kinky PC Butler did you say saying OK so I didn't catch all of it but you were saying because you have put in in an out with the sound but I just wanted to check with you what are the
the things that are in place for this event with regard to the covert regulations did you say that that was one of your concerns I couldn't catch everything you were saying I'm sorry
yeah and those insufficient information regarding stewarding and the information of how to support the safe movement of people around this event and there was a year how are we going to manage to run for people to get out cause wandered around using toilet facilities also
enough for drinks whose there's no plan in action for any of that man
I say people's because I thought I sought thought you said that it was people get in their cars
I'm really sorry could you continue the now I can't hear a thing that you're saying
at yes said the befit the people were originally kind cause and however the restrictions are a say on how we actually stopped people from extra those cars and just making about freely and the guidelines for people that are using the vehicles to drive into this facility apologies for a signal got report was ignored thank you thank you I'm Councillor Howe would you like to ask your question case
can you take your might young muted and muted
thank you sorry about that thank you very much could you tell me it it the same company that gave that they're displayed some difficulties in the past
yes as correct Councillor at some we have had difficulties in the previous year has gone by where this type of event has been held there was
or a stream of complaints from the member of the public around the surrounding roads I believe leave place recall which Trott control a home which is by making social surround and
please had to do it last time it did cause consider heartache to various members of public in the surrounding streets I believe reported people from this event urinating in their gardens and the properly some damage to a wall of a garden water place as well
so yes there's a a bit of a sore crowd issues for the grout thank you thank you
I'm Councillor Kalou your your hand is up or don't if he wanted to ask a question
Surrey destiny
that's the old hands are aware that they are not a problem that's fine
I'm I would like to call on the legal Officer to explain the powers of the committee and options available to members in respect of these public hearings
Councillor that is a matter to be addressed within the breakout OK thank you right so
I am satisfied that members of the Committee have read an unsafe and read and heard all the information required to make a decision before we leave the meeting and proceed defied can I check that that if any Members have any internet issues they have been present present for the whole consideration of this application so I'd like to thank you all for attending the meeting for this item the decision will be sent you with the does the decision will be sent within the prescribed timescales Sir I can Yard skew all now to leave the meeting and we will continue in the break-up of them thank you