Mayor and Cabinet - Wednesday, 7th October 2020 at 6:00pm - Lewisham Council Webcasting

Mayor and Cabinet
Wednesday, 7th October 2020 at 6:00pm 









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1 Declaration of Interests
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2 Minutes
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3 Matters Raised by Scrutiny and other Constitutional Bodies
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5 Healthier Communities Select Committee local test and trace referral
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6 Public Accounts Select Committee commercialisation and culture change review
7 Comments of the Public Accounts Select Committee on financial stabilisation
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8 Financial Stabilisation
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9 Apprenticeship Training Provision
10 School Meal Provision
11 Greenvale School Expansion Project
12 Leisure Management Arrangements
13 Article 4 Direction in Deptford High Street Conservation Area
14 Response to Questions raised by the Overview & Scrutiny Committee
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today's meeting of of marrying cabinets but to welcome colleagues officers and any members of the public who are watching on the internet as you will is evident this meeting is being held virtually and as you go through the meeting voting will be by roll-call rather than show of hands is the how we'd have it if we were impassable I've received apologies from Councillors born and derived
4 we begin I need to point out that where a Cabinet portfolio operates on a jobshare baiters both jobs shows can attend the meeting and both can contribute to debates but anyone can take part in the roll call votes can I also need to advise everyone that this meeting is being broadcast it's been webcast live and it's also available on the Council website from tomorrow
just before we go to Item 1 and did want to point out that this month is Black history month and it's an important month for us as a Council and this year despite the challenges of covert Lucian will be celebrating in a variety of ways will be those ways and our being moved on to our virtual platforms and earlier in the month the Black history month flag was raised by family our young there in its currently flying outside the Town Hall and Laurence House has been lit up in the colours green red and yellow to mark Black history month as well and I just want to highlight a couple of what I think particularly exciting projects as part of Lucian's Black history month programme and we're launching a decolonising the archives projects to produce a learning resource about the life of Asquith Gibbs and the Stephen Lawrence Trust is organising a three day
Black Third Sector summit as well and there's also a wide range of activities that's tools poetry recital storytelling taking place online and encourage everyone to visit that I am Lewisham website and to see who can get involved in and take part in events
OK and we move now on to the first item so item on declaration of interest can ask if any capital members or jobs should their Cabinet Members have any declarations of interest to make
I came there's none that have been no declarations of interest so on we've an item 2 is the minutes so I move that the minutes of the Mayor and Cabinet meeting that took place in the 16th of September be agreed as a correct record is that agreed
leading thank you
and item 3 matters raised by scrutiny of the constitutional bodies we are now moving to it and item free which is matters raised by scrutiny of a constitutional bodies I can confirm that there were no matters raised but Overview and Scrutiny business Panel at their last meeting K item 4 is the children people Select Committee comments on children in temporary accommodation and item for councillors saw bays unable to present this evening and present the Select Committee's referral but I understand that both Councillors Barnum and Bell wished to speak on this item so unforeseeable Councillor Bell
thank you my so I welcome the report from their children or young persons committee I also note this report was finalised I believe in February of this year so it's delayed because the covert pandemic so those numbers number Arthur details in there that are out of date to some extent so I think what this report flags up is the crisis that were living there for our families for single people for our people in employment to are forced to live in a insecure environment of either privately renting or in the temporary accommodation realm of which we have over 2 thousand households and 700 of those are in nightly paid accommodation so we ha we are suffering from government policy that is stopping us from actually doing our job properly and that is where we worked together nationally regionally and locally to GLA has been fantastic and the Mayor of London's been fantastic and approved during the pandemic that we can actually end street homelessness and that street homelessness guided working together in partnership with the Mayor of London the GLA resulted in people being are placed in plan in with a roof over their head which they wouldn't have done so we can solve homelessness and we can solve the crisis that were currently in but this is not out of our making this is for governments making and I put out there and appeal to to them that we can solve this crisis to and is absolutely terrible that people are forced to live in temporary accommodation the nightly paid aspects of it are it's not acceptable but we are forced into a situation whereby we are picking up the pieces and those pieces are people's individual lives so I welcome the report meal provide a response in due course but we need to end the tragedy of homelessness and that includes people living in temporary accommodation for any of the funds and the political will from central government to do it thank you all he Councillor Bell Castleburn I won't repeat everything that the that Councillor Bell I said by I very much endorse it is absolutely right that is not a crisis of our making this is a reflection of the housing crisis which is common to all of London and beyond
and our housing service our schools our education team do what they can to mitigate the impact of homelessness on families but I I suspect there isn't a school in Lewisham there isn't familiar with the impact on children of having to be housed in really unsuitable accommodation sometime quite a long way away from their schools so this is a serious problem I welcome the fact that the children and Young people Committee did an enquiry into it as as Paul said it's it's a little bit out of date now but it's really pertinent this problem hasn't gone away we'll get another opportunity come to come back to this let me get advice from officers and no I really hope we can tackle some of these issues
thank you very much Councillor Barnett OK I therefore propose that the Executive Director children Young people be asked to prepare a response for action for future consideration setting out how the recommendations will be addressed is that agreed
the great race
trying to move us on to item 5 healthier Communities Select Committee Local test and trace referral and I invite Councillor Muldoon to present his Select Committees referral on local test and trace Councillor modern and Chair this referrals made before the recent extreme failings of track and trace were exposed we met to exert tonight when public Health was restored to local government control in 2 thousand 13 we had high hopes they were quickly dashed out when later in that year in year cuts were forced upon us
the proposed changes to public Health England replacing it with the national Seppelt protection could not in my opinion have come at a worse time
the pandemic has highlighted the value of local knowledge a local response should be at the forefront of our approach to the next phase
councils have a proven track record in improving public health services as astonishing than to see the chaos emerging from the national track and trace system
the Committee referred referral recommends that Mayor and Cabinet adds its voice to those of Lucian can other Councils demanding funding and support from central government to establish a locally led track and trace system embedded within the Council its public Health Team and primary care so the Committee asked Mary cabinet to make representation necessary to make its voice heard on this issue that are completely presentation referral happy to take any questions then thank you very much Councillor Mildiner don't see any questions so I propose that we agree the recommendations as the Executive Director for Community Services to prepare a response for future consideration by Cabinet setting out how the recommendations will be addressed is that agreed
he agreed
great thank you OK item 6 the public councillor committee commercialisation and culture change review I invite Councillor card to present his let Committee's referral on commercialisation and culture change Councillor card
I thank you Chair
for a number of years this committee has been advocating a more commercial approach to the Council's work and when the new Committee was assembled after the last election we agreed we needed to focus on this topic and and completed a more detailed report for Mayor and Cabinet
it was clear with the austerity that we've had to the over a number of years that we'd had to innovate as a council and we had to be smart about how he looked after and generated our income but I say a bit more about what commercialisation means in in a moment I just wanted to say that to the credit of our previous Chair Jim Mallory he gave our previous Vice-Chair Councillor wheeze crept Sky freedom to lead on this work and she was appointed as what was known as are rapporteur which I don't think it's an official name in the council but anyway it definitely did what it was intended to do and you can read about that in the report and under her leadership many of us went on courses visits to other councils and we took evidence from think tanks and other local authorities I think my first recommendation to you is that the report is well worth a read and it will help you understand why we're so passionate about this topic but also realistic about the way we think the council should approach this work at so are not proposing a revolution in the way the motion councils goes about things we are proposing to some extent a bottom-up approach building on the strengths of are of our Council and the ideas of our staff there's a safe
commercialisation is I say this in the forward and I'm very from it commercialisation is is about more than just for chasing financial returns at its core it's about improving services
and ensuring that resources are available to protect the most vulnerable thinking commercially is a mindset the prioritises the best use of resources whether fun financial or otherwise and then you know in in an organisation such as Lucian Council the mind set becomes part of the culture and so
we think that
what we've given you is if you go if you look at section 5
just flying in it and where the quote from it sexual 5 and a report there are five recommendations so easy for you to remember and
these are based the so five recommendations are based on two of our insights from the part of the report and so you know the recommendations are grouped under those two insights and although I said something about it being bottom up we need to get the staff at the council to have the freedom and the space to bring forward ideas and to to think commercially and obviously the needs to be training and that sort of thing
but it's also the to the to insights really other successful culture change because that's what we're talking about requires leadership leadership from the top of the council and therefore I am recommending this reports you in the first three reports are connected to that leadership the first three recommendations connected to their leadership and the second to are that are insight from looking at various councils and we were particularly it was when we we were in a meeting with the Waltham Forest council and they were telling us about what they did and I remember we all started looking at each other across the table and you could see we all thought
were onto something here and it was particularly having looked at Birmingham Luton Barking and Dagenham and arranger councils I think we were looking for something that we felt would fit in with a whaler shall worked and and and so this was did primarily come from them and that is the successful commercialisation is about building on strengths and so you know we we
we're pleased to
recommend this report to you tonight thank you
very much and thank you very much Councillor caught and an please pass on my thanks to two members of the Committee I know that you'll be working hard and how this will dovetail in with our budget making process as well as is critical so I'd like to propose that we agree the recommendations and asked Executive Director for Community Services to yet to prepare a response for future consideration by Cabinet setting out how the record recommendations will be addressed is that agreed greed rating thank you and item 7 comments from the public accounts Select Committee on financial stabilisation again Councillor card
I thank you and thanks very much far accepted recommendations there and moving things forward and well this here of user at section 3 of the of the short report and speak for themselves you know and I suspect that the Mayor cabinet will certainly agree with with what a lot of what we say here you know we are deeply concerned about the challenging financial situation facing the Council the government
asked us to 2 to support the local population throughout the covert crisis and tells us that they would do everything they could to support us and they haven't done so and at the moment it looks as though we are going to be struggling as a Council with our budgets over coming years on top of 10 years of austerity so were deeply concerned about the position and we welcome the action that the Council of already begun to take this year management action to control in year overspending and we note the difficulties you're making cuts but we do recommend you know that you take swift and effective action and that one thing we're concerned about that we want to bring to your attention is that the budget process of course
rolls on under a timetable and it's very important we feel as a committee that the Council alliance we align as a council are vision for how we want the Council to be
at this as it requires hopefully recover from covert over the next year or two along side the decisions that have been made for cutting budget so we don't want the budget cuts to lead lead the way the Council develops and that's that's so bringing that's your attention item
in our third recommendation to you and and we also point to certain particular overspends in particular areas of the Council's work that we would ask you to particularly focus on thank you Chair
thank you Chair
you today
thanks for that
thank you I propose that we agree the recommendations and as the Executive Director for Corporate Services to prepare a response for future consideration by the Cabinet setting out how the recommendations will be addressed is that agreed
OK thank you right item 8 financial stabilisation and Councillor Dirac's absence an army visceral
general Sir Eric thank you very much say apologies for for lateness yes as Councillor caught I think has has already outlined the the the issues in the report and members can see that it the report sets out our current the Council's current financial position at the end of the first wave of covert and in the face of a significant second wave which looks like it's almost upon us the report shows that there's been a significant cost of covert to the council both in in expenditure but also in in lost income and and revenue and to meet that cost we are working hard as Councillor could says to find in year in year cuts and the report details the kind of area that those report where those cuts are going to be coming from and and we are coming together as a Council both with officers and also with with backbench members and cabinet members to to find a new way of looking at the budget we are taking a thematic approach and a cross cutting approach and trying to avoid any salami slicing or siloed thinking which at the end of tenures of austerity is an extremely difficult challenges I'm sure everyone will agree we I take the point made by Councillor code are we I it is my hurt that day that the budget themes as they emerge will come as as as they work through rather world will feed into the recovery work that the Council will be will be undertaking after sorry about if you can hear noises off and background sorry the family sent realise that I'm on and a cool
but anyway sorry there's no doubt that the scale of the the challenges is really significant I'm going to ask David to to actually talk through in more detail the report and I'm going to going close the door and turn them to myself or mute so thank you recommend
I came out though as has been fed the report covers the financial position where I think the things I would draw out are the level of financial uncertainty that we're currently facing obviously as has been mentioned we've got the the impact of the Covid experienced to date and more so as we're going into the rising numbers currently and the uncertainty that will bring over the winter we have some pressures existing within within services so the point about demand management A is is well made and when we're focusing on similarly we don't have any clarity for next year or the years beyond from government about the Council's future funding which which makes forecasting very difficult and even without that certainty the wider economic situation not just from covert but with Brexit coming and and the recession the economy is in the impacts of those will also be fell through so we have to factor those in some afraid the numbers don't make pretty reading as has been said we have in-year pressures and we anticipate cuts will future years as well those two things add together in year we know the covert pressure we believe it is up to about 20 million pounds we've got service spending or over spending pressures of around 17 and we're looking to at least 40 million pounds of cuts over the next three years on top of those as well as well with around 24 million in the first year
so that's the context and I'm sorry it's as gloomy as it is in terms of noting the urgent in focus encouraged her from the scrutiny discussions before bringing this report to this evening and it has been to all the scrutiny committees culminating with a referral from public accounts is the timetable to bring this forward so we're looking to bring forward detailed proposals in November were hoping to get more clarity from government by December which will enable us in January to bring a draft Budget forward to Council for agreement in February so that's the time line that we're on with Rackham's to the the budget needing to follow that time table because we have to set a balanced budget for next February and very happy to take any questions
thank you very much David thank you very much Councillor ryokan and so both of you in and David Shaw team for for for the efforts that you're making I know it's a considerable amount of work already and much more much more ahead any questions or comments that's we've had extensive concessions already about the budget so I am going to ask if we can agree the reports
agreed The Green Valleys to it thank you very much OK that moves us on to item 9 which is the apprenticeship training provision Councillor Dronley
thanks timing so we are committed to building an economy that works for the money
and that means providing opportunities for all of our residents to access decent work
the the coronavirus crisis in to see me the pandemic that we've seen emergent recent months has has triggered a labour market crisis and we've seen the impacts are very significantly locally already at the claimant counts in illusion at has already doubled since February and we see the fastest risers among young people in not community we know that in addition to the poverty that this can cause we know that long-term unemployment can have corrosive impact on on health on
at mental health and wellbeing at particularly for for young people that can scar them throughout their lives and that is why we are so committed to offering more high-quality apprenticeships and apprenticeships are fantastic opportunities to earn while you learn and they provide both opportunities for for young people entering the labour market but also for not so young people to retrain or to upskill we yet she created the mess apprenticeship programme just over a decade ago in the wake of the last recession to provide high quality employment and training opportunities for for our residents and that's why it's more important than than ever now despite the coronavirus crisis and the crippling cuts that have been forced on us by the government with determined to expand the programme so we recently launched the 100 in 100 campaign and which will involve us advertising 100 high-quality apprenticeship opportunities for our residents in 100 days this will include loads of apprenticeships at the council as well as apprenticeships with our local partners and with local businesses to and all of these apprenticeships will be paid well above the apprentice minimum wage which we believe is too low and the apprentices at Council and and Priester say will be paid at least the real living wage have given a commitment to fair pay this report recommends that the following of procurement exercise we award a contract to white-hat Group limited worth 510 thousand pounds for the training of three court cohorts of princes after Council the training will be in 3 apprenticeship standards are data analysts Neville for project management level 4 and leadership and management level 3 which shows just this or variety of opportunities available at the Council with many more besides our partners and local businesses training will start this autumn and will run for a period of 18 months and the funding will come from our apprenticeship levy funds and in terms of the hundred in 100 campaign we were about halfway there in terms of days and halfway there in terms of of numbers for the making really good progress by really wanted to call on local employers to help us in a reckless effort and provide opportunities for young people likely so employers who hire an apprentice before the end of January can be eligible for an incentive or hiring incentive of up to 2 thousand pounds at the Council can cover the costs of apprenticeship training from our levy funds and we can also help at with recruitment so it's worthwhile for employers we can make it easy for them and it also makes a fantastic difference to people in our community and funded as one or two thank Kwabena Kimathi for his fantastic work on this campaign and I also wanted to thank Charlotte rarely and sent her my congratulations given she is aware following the recent birth of her son
add my congratulations to I didn't know that very goodness and Councillor Bonham
thanks very much may I very much welcome this Councillor Dromey an I have had discussions in the past about a particular group for whom the friendships could be really helpful witches our care leavers who are care leavers here as nationally struggle to make their way in the world of employment so I'm sure the answer to this is yes job but can I just seek seek your confirmation that we will do everything we can to make sure these opportunities are available to care leavers I we know project the difficulties in getting high numbers onto them but I hope we can have a good girl of that
yes absolutely citing an given we're got kind of corporate responsibility for for our for our care leavers as a as a corporate parent and give them all so providing these opportunities and I'm really hopeful that that there can be open to Kelly this as well as young people across our community say yet definitely going on that
Councillor daggers
thank you my I really want to thank Councillor Dromey's officers for and bring this forward because at this moment time young people that I've spoken to are finding it really hard they are not seeing the world in its Preston not feeling hopeful about future so having apprenticeships like this available is really key at this moment in time because it is seriously affecting them their mental health and their views of their prospects and future especially with unemployment rising and they are in become more competitive with a few jobs that are out there so I really wanted just to arts you've made a rallying cry for other employers to come in and get them forward and how the Council can help them to crate apprenticeship shaped apprenticeship schemes within their companies and has won drain is there like a key place that employs can go to where they can get the information from the Council
but there is in thank you very much depends on various indeed and how negligent of me not to not to mention it so you just give legal Lewisham apprenticeships there's a really good series of pages on our website by for employers who are interested in taking on apprentices which takes you through all of the support that's available from from cabana and officers at the Council all of the funding that people can access it when if they take on an apprentice as I mentioned as this 2 thousand pound hiring incentive that's in place at the moment and there's also a page 4 people young people and others who are interested in taking on apprenticeships are all of our apprenticeship so vacancies are listed there and you can sign up for e-mail notification of our pension vacancies at we want as many people as possible can of aware of these opportunities and we want to drive up the number of opportunities because as you say it is young people and who are at the sharp end of this or economic crisis and we want to do as much as we can to to help them out and make sure that there is no impact on their long-term opportunities
they'll meet community demand
I'm so sorry I know it my own hands and then forgot from my county says not my night I was to saying I completely AQO Brenda's and Brenda's concerned about and concern about young people with a young person myself and whose suggest in university and facing eat so much insecurity in terms of her future I can see how for for so many of so many of her local friends as well it hasn't been possible for them to go to university and it hasn't been possible for them to to find jobs either even though they are you know
really you know well educated and skilled and and either so I really echo the the hopes for the scheme I also would would really like to talk about about returned ships because I'm also conscious that there are others who may need to come back into the workforce who may have been
you know forcibly ejected out of it and he will need to reskill and will want to know that there are programmes where they can retrain and rethink their their careers and so I hope that would be able to talk more about that in the in the coming months
yes absolutely I think m x highlight this of the real challenge that faces are young people and I think it's a generation it's been let down by this government and we're keen to do I'm sure we all our consequences up many of our Pelaez all that we can to support young people and we've got and or bids which is going to be going in very soon after some funding to develop a new pubs in in Lewisham to expand employment skills support for young people at this difficult time so we want to do as much as we can of an apparent employer providing apprenticeships and as much as we can with the job centre locally and with Lewisham College and others at price carried skills and employment advice locally and you're absolutely right that these at need apprenticeships are open to all of our all of our residents and many of the most inspiring apprentices that I've met them at the Mayor's matters as well and have been people have taken a return to work maybe after having kids or taken out a different direction in their career and had the opportunity to retrain and build a new career and I think their dedication is absolutely fantastic in his firing so they are open to all our residents next very very important to highlight is
but thank you very much excellent work all round and but her on her for all of us and thank you Councillor Dromey and to to all the team I am now going to invite you to agree the recommendations and I'll ask Kevin to conduct a roll call but let you Kevin thank you Mr. Mayor take cultural alphabetical order
would Councillor Parnham for Councillor Bell full council the best Full Council of Olivier for the Dakers full Councillor Derek full Mary can for Councillor McGeever all Councillor Slater for Lyon faintness the men on against them thank you very much OK I'm going to move us on to Oak like now confirm that recommendations have been agreed as shown in section 2 of the report now gone to Item 10 which is school meal provision Councillor Bolam
thanks very much this item is about delivery of school meals and colleagues will remember the providing school meals is a school responsibility it's up to governors to decide how it should best be done but for a number of years the Council has organised the centrally contracted service on behalf of over 60 of our schools run by the company Chartwell
that contract not at a direct cost to the Authority all funding are selected from schools to meet the expenditure now last year we reviewed arrangements and we looked at options for Beth service and in November last year we agreed to pursue a model for delivery which essentially involved schools taking responsibility for kitchen staff and the local authority maintaining a central team and that decision though was always subject to sufficient numbers of schools choosing to sign up to that proposed model after extensive consultation I'm afraid it's clear that there is insufficient support for from schools for the proposed model and accordingly it can't go ahead so we're left really with two realistic choices and the paper explains that we could decide not to offer a centralised contract and leave it to schools individually or in groups to procure school meals or provide them directly but the majority of our schools currently buy into the central contract and they expressive continue to express a preference for continuing with a centralised arrangement so I think an officer think a centralised service continued to have some important advantages economies of scale in terms of cost in time it's more financially supported for smaller schools it spreads the cost and it gives greater scope
the to influence positively food quality and health and and promoting vegetarian and vegan offers so although this is something that schools can decide for themselves I think there are good reasons for us as a Local Authority on behalf of the community to continue to play a part in ensuring the services as good as it can be and I think recent events the Covid 19 pandemic have only strengthened that case because they've underlined the importance of school meals for some of our families and this is a sad fact for some of our families at a time of growing economic hardship they really are a lifeline for some families so I think it's worth trying to maintain a centrally co-ordinated service and not to leave schools to fend for themselves and also seems likely that if we take that approach that could attract back some schools that have already voted with their feet and opted out so I recommend that we pursue a new central contract for school catering as recommended in the paper at paragraph 2 page 1 6 7 on my papers people need refer to that if colleagues have particular questions I think Fiona Gavin who's done a lot of work on on this is on the core as is Penycae go shell our Executive director
thank you very much Councillor Parnham and question from Councillor Bell thank you most other two questions the first one I can be stereotyped into which is the vegan pram provision of meals so are obviously declared a climate emergency so I'm quite keen that we look at all options to remove meat and dairy from the menu where possible in order to meet our targets by 20 30 the other question relates to occupational sick pay schemes so it's always been a concern of mine where the workers themselves do not get an occupational sick pay scheme so are we looking at that as part of the future appraisal in terms of procuring a new centralised service
I will leave the second question to Fiona if I may and the on the first question I very much share your views on the need to promote NI pre options we already do in the Prix de we should do more of that alone very keen to promote that there are actually legal requirements for us to make meat available for a certain number of days a week and that so there's a limit to how far we can go but I think we should push that as far as we can I think it's very much something we want to proceed
net on the second question Fiona Pinnock and and you'll pick out
the Secret laughing plan after sunset and the Merabet irresistibly scheme run by Compass at the moment we could put that in the specification Weekender and there's no reason why not I'll certainly no to this end explore what we can cannot put in our tender and at Concacaf forward
excellent Councillor Dromey
I'm just to follow up poles point shout and meat and the climate impacts and obviously as he said is a busy legal requirement for it for a minimum number of meals including me by ones of if we kids consider the kind of differences between meets kids as understand it beef in particular for by land is very much more Cob a carbon-intensive then meat such as chicken and other poultry
I am certainly happy to take that on board I can't say right now in detail how much of that we can do but I think you're right we should certainly take that on board
excellent OK thank you very much and thank you to everyone for the hard working in pulling us together I am now going some vibe members to agreed recommendations will ask Kevin to conduct the roll call votes Kevin over to you
the Minister may Councillor Parnham
Councillor BELL for Councillor best for answered on here for Councillor takers thaw answered dreich for Mary them for cancer McGeever so Councillor Slater fall nine votes in favour none against Mr. Mayor then thanking his I can Tier 4 confirm the recommendations have been agreed as shown in section 2 of the reports the case staying with Councillor born and got item 11 Green veils school expansion projects
I just telling myself back on again that how we we were let elected in 20 18 on a manifesto that included a commitment to increase provision for children with special educational needs and that's important for several reasons I think we can be proud of the support we give to children with special needs in the Borough and we want to continue to meet the full range of needs of children it's also important to ensure as far as possible that we can meet those needs within Lewes and rather than having to send children out of the borough which obviously can be inconvenient for families and it's expensive for the Council's hard-pressed budget so for all those reasons we've been expanding provision and this report provides an update on the on the project to expand green Vale School and seeks approval to award the contract for the construction phase to Jeffrey Osborne limited and it also request delegated authority to negotiate the final contract terms I also know as the as the paper points out since we last had a report on this project the forecast cost has increased as a number of reasons for that the COVID-19 situation and Brexit uncertainties of certainly had an impact and delayed the project because of delays we've had to install temporary units of the existing site to enable the school to function and since the design phase there's been an increase in the floor area of the new building and that's because the initial estimates the generally based on on generic government guidance but the detailed design needs to reflect the specific requirements of the school and is an excellent school and we really want to make sure they have the right building for their needs that's unfortunately required an increasing cost but officers have market tested the revised design and had a value for money assessment from quantity surveyor on the project and both of those exercises indicate that the proposed cost is in line with current market rates despite the increased cost of this extra capacity will help reduce pressures for the High Needs budget for years to come which is really important the contract negotiations are near completion that they've not yet conclude concluded therefore officers are seeking delegated authority to negotiate the final terms I recommend we're agree this award
excellent thank you very much Councillor Boland so can fast kaput please note that there is a further report on this item in part 2 of the agenda
where members will be asked to consider commercially sensitive information and but now invite Members to agree the recommendations and as set out here and I will ask the Clerk to conduct the rollcall votes over to Kevin thank you Councillor Bonham I'm for Councillor Bell for Councillor best full Councillor Bonavena for answered daters for Councillor dreich for Marian for Councillor McGeever for Councillor Slater for
9 votes in favour none against Mr. Mayor I excellent so thank you I can confirm the recommendations have been agreed as shown in section 2 of the report can take us on to Item 12 which is lever leather leisure management arrangements I will move the report on behalf of Councillor born I'm so as cabinet will recall at the last Mary Cabinet Meeting October it was agreed to end the current leisure management arrangement of fusion and this report details progress in negotiations with fusion to end the logical leisure management agreements and there's a further report on this item in part 2 of the agenda where members will be asked to confirm the details of the settlement I will hand over to James Lee cancer any questions about the reports and see if there any questions or any comments as the war
gain on their discuss this one in another place St an invites members to agree the recommendations and our ask the Clerk to conduct the roll call votes Kevin over to you
thank you Councillor Bonhams for Councillor Bill for Councillor best for Councillor Bahnhof here for Councillor Dakers fall Councillor dreich for Aryan for Councillor given the for Slater
4 thousand votes in favour none against Mr. Mayor thank you I can confirm the recommendations have been agreed as shown in sections 2 of the report K item 13 the article 4 direction in Deptford High Street conservation area Councillor Bell thank you ma so I report was brought to man Cabinet on the 8th of May 20 19 seeking authorisation for public consultation on proposals for a non-meat it article 4 direction on 13 single family dwelling houses and Watson Street and Turners Hill
along with proposals to amend the boundary of Deptford High Street and St Paul's conservation areas and to adopt the new draft Conservation Area Appraisal Supplementary Planning document public consultations untaken in June to August 20 19 the results of the consultation brought back to Mayor and Cabinet on the 11th of December by me agreed the recommendation to make a non immediate article 4 direction and then the boundary in adopted Conservation Area Appraisal SPD on proceeding to make direction officers saw the draft are direction appended birth man cabinet reports on the online consultation did not include as intended the class of development which includes alterations to windows and the second report that meant went to Mayor and Cabinet in December did not include reference in the tax to the class of permitted development rights as being removed therefore Marin cabinet is asked to agree the recommendations as set out in section 3 of the report thank you
there me your mute
thankful okay straightforward one I ask last the clerk to conduct the roll call votes over to Kevin thank you Councillor Bonham or answerable for Councillor best full council on a rear for status quo have the chronic for married him for Councillor McGeever fall as the slated for
9 in favour none against Mr. Mann so thank you so I can confirm the recommendations have been agreed as shown in section 2 of the report Item 14 is the response to questions raised by your views scrutiny at Committee I move that the proposed response to questions raised by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee in January and March be approved and reported that committee is that agreed
thank you and now we'll go on to Item 15 which is the exclusion of Press and public so I'd like to thank everybody
who is who has joined us today on this webcast and will moving recommendation to exclude the press and public from the remainder of meeting and which will end the webcast and that's because the remaining items concern decisions that are commercially sensitive and were not able to discuss them in public is that agreed
we agreed thank you