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2 Declarations of Interest
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3 COVID-19: Healthwatch Survey Results
4 COVID-19: Local Outbreak and Control Plan and Outbreak Engagement Board
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5 BAME Health Inequalities Update
6 Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) Update
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7 COVID-19: Lewisham System Recovery Plan
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have any declarations of interest to make

2 Declarations of Interest

I don't see any apace we will move on a case that takes us to the first attack device in which is Item 3

3 COVID-19: Healthwatch Survey Results

which is the COVID-19 Healthwatch survey results your Cedars be over a thousand response I think it's very insightful report that we've had come through I am going over to Michael Carrick and Michael G like to test the findings and and also an onus on next steps proposed in the report as well struggle to price OK thank you gaming and everyone here me
this was looking good yes well I think all credit to the staff of health walk for arm during the work and I'm getting over a thousand responses
and clearly gives an important picture of how people feel that I've see I'm pleased to see has been used extensively it later item some beer the agenda
I suppose for a couple of health warnings are worth giving about it one is that it was a snap thought through till July and I guess we're all a bit in the dark as to how feelings might evolve I'm I think for but book The survey showed there was a lot of anxiety amongst people about using services without fearing to be a burden about the implications are conveyed and clearly on both the still a lot about through on that as the second caveat is that it wasn't a scientific sample are and indeed was largely of a digital survey 95 percent of the responses came on line 0 and therefore I suppose we should be slightly arm concerned about the of the records anti represented nature of it and saw the follow up work I Decis is design took to try and help with that but alone obviously a largely digital response you've got to be careful about the questions about people's willingness to use digital we were getting the convert and and and the people and
from the Healthwatch position where obviously concerned but digital by default and and anything like bat clearly have benefits that should be supported and many people could see the benefits of though but clearly barrage of risks both for those who are digitally savvy a number of them flagged up but they wouldn't want rely on digital and obviously there are a large number of people in the borough for whom digital is a challenge for one reason or another so
with that in mind that I think again when we come to the and the recovery report
to date might need a slight amendment in the detail to flag up that this issue about our survey the largely digital
and similarly there was very little of from iv of people in care homes or relatives people in care homes or people with disability in etc. I'm tricky 4 percent of responses were from a BME EMI Brown responses and clearly bat did show home that that they felt they had a higher risk from illness and from the consequences of Cove including calculus but again that something I think we need to follow up and we'd be very happy to be involved in in the word was proposed so the key findings are in 5 2 and 5 3 of the covering paper
and I suppose one positive that came out very strongly with the work of pharmacies are in terms of access and people being willing to go there as I said but the was I think PFI considerable reluctance of people to use services in that period 2 July either because they were afraid of getting and coronavirus by using them or they didn't want to be a burden and I think at we see now in the press with extension of waiting listen and the implications recovery Faouzi significant issues that we all have to get salting
but of the same way even with armed interval
responses many people did see the continued need for face to face an alternative provision there were significant number of people at that stage were unaware of the keeping services were still functioning and I think one of the things that came out is that are in a tape he services adapted to look to cave it in different ways and if that's going to continue I think and communication is going to have to be far more localised arm in a national messages or all CC Key messages may not actually give good the detail of the way services are being delivered in particular surgery some about needs care
and the as I said there was already strong emotional impact from COVID not just in terms of formal mental health services which clearly that was a matter significant impact but also in Inverclyde Royal population about the implications Akko veered whether they'll be a second surge whether their jobs are secure and it'll be interesting to see
carried out evolves whether or not but an early vaccine or how that that it and come through so in terms of follow up a name but the clearly are significant implications third for people from BME communities and we would want to follow up both our research and being involved in the wider researcher seems to be proposed and other parts of the agenda
0we're obviously keen to continue engaging or with the of statutory authorities novel so recovery plans to develop but it's important that the they to and will it will be interesting to see how badly the issues around engagement move forward are and am as I said to ag Healthwatch Lewisham 3 keen to be involved in the process are we discussed
in August with various people how we might be involved and that would certainly be something we be keen to do and as you've been so kind about the and the report out I'll finish by saying that a little bit of resource to help us do us do it wouldn't wouldn't wouldn't go of their cyber Patel are leave after the discussion
it is thank you very much OK so he thumb put like to raise the hand a have any questions 1 1 questions 3 due out there that I was thinking was looking at a point and to get very excited less sorbet young over supplied 92 percent of respondents I think it was accepted that they were happy using digital channels and Team Ireland did survey they are things I think for all of our organisations those issues that have been being there anyway records which fusion now with been every with the kind of the fast pace of cut and decade worth of movement to to online services and space just a few months after every race that into one into importance significant importance today when we start the Kinnock granularity of the data Michael I wonder if there's been what findings of his possible fire findings for future meetings from other boroughs as well because I'm conscious when we look at the BAME groups in anyone's Co locate the cap of different being groups in their and their responses but also with because older residences a larger date had said
but some of it when you get really down into the data data sets will be quite small and limit any additional learning that you feel that as as that Healthwatch is in in in other parts of the capital and whether similar work being undertaken with his any learning from that yeah why thing I think everyone's done their own thing so so I think inside east London ours is probably
the largest number of responses
I think Healthwatch snack nationally are starting to set to get a said and serve or people have done but it's too early to say and I mean you're right that I made as a as I said it's not scientific survey so you're getting impressions rather than than firm sort of data that I think are you know the key messages of their errand own get get good enough for people to to engage with and particularly about public anxiety about services and other I suppose for axiomatically so there's clearly an appetite there from many people for many services to to be done more online are but equally those and anxiety about from about many people back any services being online and from those people about some services people are still keen to have that face to face contact up where they needed and while they are happy to have phone calls and they're not so happy if they happen to be at work or travelling to discuss their at their private health as it were in a public arena so I think we've we've we've we've got to find ways of replicating the safe place of the surgery even even affirmed that as greater use of digital excellent care can see and Tom Brown's raise his hand Tom
David and Michael just I note the the report talks about mental health until mental wellbeing but one of the things that have become acutely aware of from conversations with with colleagues is the impact that endless prolonged periods had on people with severe and enduring mental health problems
the only extended
somebody told me yesterday that a week before last there was only three mental health beds left in England end in which it being the people are in crisis and people are sitting round the Departments for days potentially waiting for appropriate services as wondered if if the sample actually picked out anything from that cohort and people you are with with long Severian element had severe and enduring mental health problems and the impact that M covert having on their lives their ability to manage their illness
I'm not sure it does come because in in the Texas a survey of where in effect people chose for complete utter and complete it on line that this is probably not the group of people that that would take up that opportunity so I think 0 and I'm not my thing said they build the overview of the responses if it's about people sense their own welding so not even to sure that we would have got any sort or relatives of carers or of of people in that situation either
OK any other questions raised points that people like to make it's going to ask Tom if you've
big as the work being undertaken to get download from GPs about their
their responses and taking misconduct would be quite another that read an interesting picture to to answer this
but I would have thought don't game in Farouk is on the course I think Farouk's probably earn but a better exam and not specifically aware of anything Damian but every would probably be alien to that
the emphasis Sam obviously an area and that people struggling with because at the moment them we've got reports from various different time and patience to say they've had difficulties in accessing one way or another her and some people are quite happy with with the situation I don't know where this all all sort of settled down in the end I think it will be by different demographic and then younger people and choosing a different way of accessing healthcare whereas the and particularly the elderly and the housebound may choose sent to the different way that no more of the reports we had back in the past was that some certainly from the from the older group are pensioners group was that
there are quite annoyed with the suggestion that there weren't able to access digitally and then many of them felt that they were just as savvy I think it's the proportion and the people in different age groups but also different category so and different sorts of illness so particularly so people with learning disabilities and mental health that that's been mentioned some of them do really need to be seen face to face him we were trying make provision for that I think camp well when Chris sound motion and denser I met earlier and last week and there's a conversation about again how services are best delivered in respect to flu immunisation and how that can be done whilst keeping people safe and social distancing sat in this is an ongoing conversation and that they want at that to them over the next the next months and weeks
I'm something done and thank you at Diamond at Desert comment time representing Val today from Lewisham and Greenwich Hospital I was gonna make a comment in relation to items 7 on the recovery but it might be worth mentioning at this point which is to do with the backlog of patients who require treatment and haven't been getting it and we have are quite challenging target set by region to try to get as many of those patients through air elective daycare diagnostics and outpatients and we haven't done or an inequality assessment or an equality assessment to understand whether or how high the the disproportion of the ethnic minority proportion is in the backlog but I suppose my question is about what can we are system partners do to help encourage more of the people who are waiting to make sure that they come through for the treatment that they need an and also to work with the hospital in terms of making sure that we in a week were able to to serve as as many people as possible
just as one for all for Tom initially
have you take the tip technological challenges pressing different different buttons
them to surrender could just repeat the question yes I'm I'm sorry if I wasn't clear Tom Billy so it's my technology's challenges be thank so
at the hospital we've been said quite challenging targets to make sure that people who are waiting for surgery are for diagnostics for treatment are actually able to access at that I get the treatment they need as quickly as possible and hopefully before the winter pressures
set in I am particularly concerned about the health inequalities of people who are waiting for treatment and in the context of the report that we've just had I'm just wondering what we can do as system partners to try and get as many of those patients through to treatment as possible
years old it's I think he did the things that strike me on
leading to know what what the clinical risks are because in the end I think I had a conversation with with with Councillor bested and Martin yesterday talking about the peep people who clinically urgently need to have some of those and interventions yet especially things like the cancer treatments versus some of the the necessary but less time critical treatments which may be pain related and things like that I think we need to make sure that we've got a good understanding of who's on the waiting list so that we can move the people through both but be very clear of its fluid
and that we are also not we that we we we were keeping we get into as many people at home as possible both stopping them coming if they don't need to be in his emergency admissions and getting them out the other end as back to their own homes as quickly as possible so we don't build inequalities into the system in the way that we work and and that includes an age-related discrimination as well by not sending people in appropriately into long-term care and things are but it's it's a really challenging one and it has to be clinically led all the time around who is the most who are the people that need to be prioritised and infect Martin I don't have sending you would want to add on that
Martin I understand thanks are out to start good so I think they are a bit is confidence around infection control because I've heard that people I'm being coming in are declining for operations which are planned because the the infection or self-isolation other being changes as an around the guidance is clear information so we can help in providing that reassurance across the Parish it really something any any support that we can offer around that be would we I'm sure we could do that or from a Council of NHS side just in terms of that assurance and also part of this is also working across the whole of south-east London so through the integrated care system so acute to work together on this and you as well to to sort provide that confidence really as well as capacities and drawing on independent sector to provide some lack capacity at but I do agree with Tom Rees something for us in terms of that emergency admissions and protecting the capacity for collectives and getting the balance right between emergency electives particularly approach to winter and that's something that we are we are focused on a that's covered in the recovery plan
at silly is that an action point in the recovery plan that we can pick up late trance so the elected isn't particularly I think the comes be could pick that up with the elective because we're doing an ICS recovery plan increased care system could be planted or the south-east London that acute action would probably sit within the hall it wouldn't sit in Lewisham examples is not to Lewisham action because I recovery plan for later item of his filly the Queen Tebay Services that selling a bit about communication to our local population and give those clear messages I think that could be something we can definitely out and we have got a plan care section in there's we can pick that up perfect that of the view outside here
thank you
OK thank you rather see any more questions on this item so if we they've there were recommendations they we not sorry I think fruits trying to come in at sorry
furyk yeah just just a few quick points in some of these I think we might be able to take outside with her as a whinger particularly in the way that the planned Care Group birds from the CCG and with with the Local Trust is such a complicated areas and for instance son that we've got some to get out to target on on cancer care we've got to get out to target on many other elective their operations and attendances and that have been postponed they're they're a whole load of people who haven't been to their GPs who actually need to be referred and that backlog of patients will will feed through at some stage and yet at the same time we got to make sure that proper infection control procedures operate and so
again with technology I think that that there is a role to play here for instance some dermatology routine appointments that some lotion hospital there isn't any till next April and are not really is a long time if you got so someone with moderately severe eczema even though it's not life-threatening is very debilitating and think we've got to find ways of dealing with these people and that these going to be conversations with different departments of the hospital with the GPs had but there's also the social care aspect of it's important because people who are going in for hospitals need to be an isolated need to pit themselves at home and healthy in preparation for going into hospital and that again is a collective messaging that we can do banding as quite a lot of things that we can take up outside
I can't just just on the infection control control it might be worth saying that I walked the Green and Blue pathways at the hospital's last week and they have changed things around the night I wasn't in any special protective clothing so areas it is safe but if you know I just wonder whether it might be worth having a more
in-depth discussion to look at the different aspects here including the waiting lists including discharges including confidence levels and the emergencies I just wonder whether it might be worth either offline or at her a further meeting to to have a more detailed discussion
definitely be worth having a conversation with the clinical leads and we could invite you to round meeting its every Thursday morning at 8 yourself for other staff from the from LGT firm if that would be helpful
thank you
anyone else wanting to come in

4 COVID-19: Local Outbreak and Control Plan and Outbreak Engagement Board

not that I can say OK so can we agree to know any recommendations and we'll move on to the to the next item item 4 to item 4 we've got the COVID-19 local outbreak and control plan and outbreak engagement Board so Catherine is Hinchliffe instance hawkers through the report and our role as a board as the local outbreaks engagement Board then were also going to hear some insights from
Barbara Gray and ruin porn I think his care as well and seemed wrong that knows not so different book barred representing the Lewisham BME Forum and are still to formally put on record my thanks to the Lucian BME Network 4 4 4 4 that their work with us and also Keef Cohen from the youth offending service as well the I'll hand over to to Catherine first
the them in the
Seoul starchiness by outlining the local outbreak Vention from tall plans being a bit about the role of the board and then I'll bring in bod Bryncae with a spot so apologies many of you on this board may have heard me speak about this plan before I'll just speaker that briefly and then talk about eye on how the Board fits into that so most all be aware that
during the COVID-19 pandemic contact tracing was paused at some parts own of the peak AM was we introduced late in Maine and NHS tested place service became the national service that was performing concentrating all COVID-19 and as part of the launch of that service local areas were asked to develop local outbreak trenchant and floor plans over 19 and that was referred to particulate hello Claire as we support and it has tested trays but also how we work together to both prevent and control any outbreaks that were occurring in our local areas zone and those plans were asked to be finalised and published and an uncle 30 by the sites by the end of June AGM solutions I'm plan was published on our website and by that deadline and so within the report you will find a link that goes straight through to a that plan has been published and just a bit about the plan I am what it does it articulate how we are trying to prevent and control outbreaks picking complex settings and early care homes schools but other complex settings relevant for Lewisham so that includes with got University owner in the borough we have numerous homes of multiple occupancy we have a bus depot etc so places way outbreaks are likely to occur we are working with partners quite closely to how plans to both prevent and also respond to outbreaks by effectively so that's included in the pan also got section of the plan so 3 on testing so how we're managing our local testing capacity and how we're trying to increase that over the coming months we talk about contact tracing how we support the national system to do that complex settings we speak about all the data sources so we have you Marie streets of data coming into us now about COVID-19 cases contact tracing etc. So they speak about how we're intimating that data and how we're trying to provide that both served system partners but also to members of the public
to keep people informed about what's happening with the pandemic was talk about how we will support vulnerable people particularly those who have been asked to self-isolate how we can link in with what was or was still as our community hub to do that and then lost me speak about the governance so the governance structures that I am already in place that we have to put in place around eventual control of out and COVID-19 so I just feel a bit I am about the impact that COVID-19 as have on Lewisham and since the start of the pandemic they've been well over a thousand confirmed case of post 19 in Lewisham residents in the report you see that's 1 1 thousand 190 that was as of July and most recent numbers are now up to 1 thousand 345 so significant impact in terms of case numbers and unfortunate number of 260 death associated the Pope 19 for Lewisham lessons on that was up until the 28th of June so has had a significant impact on us locally and
that speaks to why this plan is so important to make sure that we do as much as we can to prevent control local outbreaks going forward so I am if I speak a bit about the governance structures I mentioned that being put in place around this plan and that is actually 4 point 5 of the paper you will see that there are four levels of and governance I'll start from
this of empty point if you like and so there is a single point of contact and that's myself as Director of public Health were received all the information about local outbreaks and cases and will report by interval Kobe 19 Health Protection Board which has been set up specifically to monitor what's happening with the outbreak and Lewisham and with the pandemic and to make sure that responding appropriately Sweney outbreaks we then report into Local Authority Gold and and that's what we make operational decisions about how we're deploying sources to respond to outbreaks and then report into both Mayor and Cabinet for Lewisham but also the local outbreak engagement Board and the Lewisham of chosen that outbreak engagement Board to be the health and wellbeing board and the main role of the outbreak engagement Board is to make sure that we're providing timely communications and terms of the public about Pope in 19 where providing a public face and for oversight of NHS testing phase and we will act as the years or when any ministers if and when we collected ministers about any outbreak going forward so both marrying cabinet and help the Health and Wellbeing Board are gonna be those charges who will be performing
that function and so the recommendation of this report is that the Health and Wellbeing Board agreed to take on that function and that's them members and support our role in making sure that we're engaging as as best as we can with must have public around open 19 and and oppose the first meeting of the Board in that role and we've invited and Barbara and key to offer some insights around and their particular experiences for them
groups that they represent but also by way in hearing those experiences and starting that engagement role in starting that aim to make conversation with members of the public about their sense of hope in 19 and how we can best support them in terms of our communications coming forward and so stop there and may be hand
over to Barbara and just to he and from the BME network and
the impact of COVID-19 for Malcolm are being respected the all members and cute are hello everyone yes just not had much time to prepare for their site at Carter for my fault together quite quickly and I had a quick read of the Health and Wellbeing Board report because I answered this morning that it was to fill the gaps of that report was quite interesting to speak to that 40 born is on leave I was only last week and he's on leave this week so I will do what I can for heat and have a better overview of the beaming that work in terms of his ears relationship with individual lenders so
the experience I think mine the context of the information I will give will be from grassroots level says going to be about people contacting me organisations contacting myself or or other members of the baby that was to lease a direct contacts in terms of conversations of people have had and they will be amongst the African and Caribbean community mainly and through our contact our leftwards with faith groups and I worked quite closely with the diamond pub witches is now arrived based at get access to all of that as well as being a member of the post-invasion Council set quite wide and far rating but through various WhatsApp groups and Zune things and immediately it was just Latin on stock in my house in terms of the constant contact
so and to help me with all the facts I knew that everybody was very busy in trying to respond and that Sinn statue organisations and I was conscious that I was being asked all kinds of of information and questions and I couldn't get any answers and amongst other network members they were looking to me for answers so my networks tended to be across boroughs so I was looking and what was happening in Birmingham because they are kind of an ally to us and hear what was going on in Croydon ranks Hackney Southwark and I was looking at all the barriers that are in the south south-east London CCG justify that what was going on and trying to find them reliable sources of information so I was kind of locked into there was a system that the setting up that was getting live reports of incidences and deaths around Kofi and then calculating it and reporting it by boroughs I was watching that and that was updated on your twice today says keeping an eye on that and also the can are ones going on in Europe because they were kind of ahead of us so I was working really really hard to find been formed so at least I could be a bit kind of private in thinking will what might be coming our way and seeing what was going on in other places to have an overview of well I know what's possible and within our own CCG and get a scatter what was actually happening basal lucky per asking for so I did that entire by myself I've got to say but I just above the point of the of contactable many individuals and organisations so in terms of infection as social distance in I think the initial I could see that it was gonna be impacting on African Caribbean communities and Asian communities from the point of which they said it was people with co-morbid does national drive McKay said this is something we need to take seriously so from the very very outset that's why are sited to the more widely and terms of what was going on and trying to tell people about it but because of lack of information that was loads of information is coming through a WhatsApp messages all sorts of theories coming from all over the world that people were actually taking seriously and thinking that actually this this covert thing is a hopes and especially as it was impacting most of those communities who are waiting to be the communities where things go wrong for here we are again be don't actually believe it and for some people who thought Well let's let me just try and look at some or us resources those daily reports by a prime minister and his advisers was so confusing
am I heard people saying Well
they say this but what actually does it mean you know to the thing this or does it mean that and then when those leaders but Povey themselves will people to swap their hand in Horizon of this is of total way to time so they really totally disengaged from the Albaicin didn't take it seriously so mar a lot of time was actually spent just looking around and trying to her information and
there were invited to myself and the number of people in the network members were invited to lots of zoomed sessions so many it was a slight one after the other skive 16 days or weeks but my receptor say start they the staff groups there were communities that had come together and the issues that they were concerned was about source of information so I had to produce a little brief and I talk to the people ask me for copies of it so I'm sentencing but this is where you need to look this is what the messages are this is where you get your information from so that that that that was helpful it as a social distancing I went out into my I living CAF itself and as I went into my local park and I'm high risk in the sense that you know I'm borderline for everything I don't actually have any of the issues I've got a should one things over the Gatilov but I wasn't taking any chances of the I went metal about three times never went back from their that is just too small so many people Papiss up I think has got the goddess population south of the borough and we have mounted a path and foster park just to many people it was impossible to social distance in the park
so again that was an issue and I was leading a healthy walk on people's angle what can we do time to do the Xoom walk but the phone broke within the second week in there was no way to get it repaired so that to through that the windows were so social distance in difficult really really difficult as it progressed and people are more able to go out those people who had other places to go to put go to other places or had caused him get in the car and go somewhere else is' go to Elsted boots but there were people and others doing a any emergency Mill delivery service as part of that Hanford endemic period and and there were people who just left where they were and had nowhere else to go
and it felt like her at the North South divide intensive care facades as a lovely bottle and can the cycling and it's all very nice and I went down to Deptford and it's a completely different experience haring about people terrified and not going to let GP having to from their flats may be on another floor you come out of your door you have to yet another final to get to the stairs get into the Liberace of button then down after another and all those points of contact for those people they were terrified command of as my heard about it I went to New Cross to get some face Mars littered argued that was taken deafness was going down there anyway as part of the one on the stirring and Bader said people to start by about their flats and so it was really kind of eerie and I think in after having two different well tear and on top of fats the main area where the shops were so Powell highly rubbish I too saw on top of everything else they don't really need to be more can passes to get to their shops so so access to services at the general feeling was that do not get a little under any circumstances if you are not feeling well let's go back to our traditional remedies appeal certainly soon meeting where we were looking at the kind of it's my parents my grandparents looked at for remedies in terms of helping after ourselves how do we keep our mental wealth showing what we should be eating all those kind of things because they were not going to go to hospital under any circumstances and there and accessing the GPs I've just got to experiences of assets in the GPs and one was somebody who got ill and that the stirring up what's the point where they were displaying signs of dehydration couldn't get to the GP and was told that they get an appointment three days later and in the end bang NHS 1 1 1 who had to there were very thorough there was no assumption they as very detailed questions and rebel and said that this is what I would describe they contacted the local pharmacy and were able to get their medication so they can have its advice at the time the GP managed to get round to speaking to them trying to ring that ill person on their own mobile phone of course which they couldn't answer they'd already sorted things out and and the NHS will one one I have got to say is amazing was absolutely amazing and that person's GP to the stay have never been accessed and they've never contacted to find out what the fall of was for a situation like that pharmacy services they were brilliant there were long queues outside in very hot weather
not everybody was doing social distancing in the pharmacies I went into a couple and looked at the door of wonderful undergoing then the other one I was to so agitated the whole time and that's before the face masks came in so that again was a bit of her are worried terms of a surge of people going at the same time the hospital services are say under no circumstances but people go to the hospitals and don't know the extent to which that has changed the it was not facing people they could go to mental health and wellbeing well I think
so many different things if personally you lived it depends on what he had been open space and access to open space people with dementia tough really tough I came across three people with dementia in this Mill delivery service two of them were actually referred by the Leisure mental health hop and it was just if people just reliable neighbours and it was one woman particularly worthy for sure if he'd been picked up by the and there shall dementia help and because she was assigned wandering around the streets had Mill Hetman deliver to the Neighbourhood Bank of his or her they rang me as they were concerned that some builders walking are coming around them
asking if she wanted to guttering fixed and they saw them coming out of their house and says that where do I go where do who do become fat and it's that kind of thing that dementia people with dementia will rule and sand their information and guidance like the same really difficult to know whether the information was and a couple of time I've had to produce inflation myself in the latest one was them for the MEP for the people who are getting the meal service nothing to improve and it's a group of
organisations in the BME Network that formed the funding group because we do so well you know we've got all of this we have no money we don't know what to do we just saw defunding group and through our networks through what was going on regionally we were able to get some funding from a local developer actually and to be part of the emergency response in notion but apart from that thing anyone all the migration was and because we got that money dear able to put on a telephone befriending we tried to do the virtual zoo more than that it was impossible and the there was a group Wellbeing session the virtual one but that's Ltd based on the number of people with asset and the mills of every surface as everything was totally as described the numbers of phone calls and we has annexe a group of six members of the BME Network who provided volunteers spaces will be into the work getting people DBS checks or the whole thing was done by the small group people and have been that had attracted phone calls for this virus Northampton and had a text message and suffered in Texas for resident in Deptford of any and all the statutory organisations actually contacted Babu for people to refer people to that service
because they serve the people were eating because they didn't mind what's the buses and other stuff
so the experience that there really there was a gap a huge gap in terms of proficient for African Caribbean and Asian communities and the nothing about dementia was that were served a couple who went so hands they looked what you boaters really but well-off looking Road and sit them that the poor guy was really struggling his wife has had very serious dementia and Heads to know whether he's coming or going so he had to learn his neighbours to help him so
in terms of where you have the cut-off point for people it was quite easy to disregard some people and not everybody was over the age of 60 which meant that you know it was keen to cook one person's homeless or the just thing given the flattened had just a bed and he was 55 so yeah so in terms of the bonus beers and a gap look up at that was said of his all the statutory organisations in notion seem to be having to this one project and I said war in either anybody else providing disband focused surfaces this all year yet there is one other but there they quite oversubscribed them into that it it's it's the same projects that you're you're part of so straight away just new them what we were trying to do this really the tip of the iceberg and to think about how we can take the learning from that to back into mainstream funerals was of issue in fact one hasn't had to leave person any and was told that neither her had been nobody could though to her husband's funeral
and she'd seen him going through the door to the hospital never saw him again and actually Beban's southern where they serve pulse you can vary your loved one here and have 10 p been that's what she did I don't have that incur she had to pay for that but that's what happens instances of people who was she'll this they got the letter and they were in their homes but there were three people who had at the symptoms of comfort they were now shielded in their homes by themselves as but more what do they do their seventies what women so is about how they got round that so and staff staff and staff groups the amount the staff and things that were going on and people were invited to in the concerns about themselves the risks they were in extent which they felt the employer was taken the harm board what changes might happen so I'm sorry that's really long but that just the inside in terms of the experience of what was going on on the ground amongst African Caribbean and Asian communities because that's where the focus was for doing that scientists of recommendations of poorly I think Whoa defined from the very very beginning and I still a bit of a focus of the top people getting together having that conversation with the Regional
luck and focus and people just delivering but there's no think between save that had begun a B grade what mitigations being done around the lack of trust of the system particularly and trays and see that that's going to be an issue but and budget and Co with Education funding when that comes in if that could be looked at again intensive to see where all of that money goes and if there's somebody that can be given to BAME organisations because they do are able to be put and get things down
yeah evidence base work and good practice I think they've been you made that point Bafokeng across of what's happening in other boroughs and there's lots of really good stuff that we could link into and be able to to do those things and I think the systems partners is really important so no Department of Work and Pensions' if expressed an interest to get involved here and one of the things that's come up knows about employment and the mental impact having you've got a mortgage and you've got no job and no prospect of a job and you are vain and gay so where does that these few
and and employees are not very good at dealing with these kinds of things so they do in such a way that they are the people have quite wrecked and to add to to add to the problem so there's so that has left they looked to try and find work in the not really in any position even if it got the job to hold onto it and there's that mortgage they and all the other bills that are coming where they only get unemployment benefit people or therefore is so I think you know the systems answered really important and so widely our and include Hermes and lateral Quadrant the main housing providers to see what it is they're doing with their residents and the environment so that they provide to wear a bit extra harder to make it even nicer than the people who live in the nice areas because they're having the toughest time at all and that's we find a lot of African Caribbean and Asian and Latin American people now coming over to be
offers excellent thank you very much is interesting because this I think more so useful about that the bank you sharing that test to me almost as it there's probably bits of it that all of us recognise that actually the things in there I've learned that I'm sure everybody's learn on that cool as well and one of the things it raises to me is that I was on a cool Weir Farm with the secretary of state full of governance in March where we were being told to do whatever it takes to cover the cost of of Cove in that as a whole heap of learning that we have to do more aware of for for arm to mitigate some of the disproportionality I'm for and enters a second wave that will expect but we're also to not going to to council they've let they've left us 40 million pounds short so that the reality will be is that the Council is can or have significantly significantly less money we're talking about 24 million has a savings from additions 40 million over a case of of 3 years you've heard me say before we can from 420 to 240 million
I just think that responses is absolutely staggering yellow ever did this this marching that I Urca common on but the other thing is about and I think this is for all organisation but something that I challenged with our communications were going through the process and I'm in Lewisham recruiting a new head of communications has just to know whether it's public health or anything like how do we talk to people so we have
25 thousand residents on Twitter and I'm really guilty politicians tend to be more guilty this or we think we've got to put stuff out to tell people before free hundred thousand residents in in Lewisham's as interesting bark but here we set about use of WhatsApp groups that's something
coming more evident and it's almost where the kind of the the state the police it was what
out of kilter with has some groups are getting information is a real challenge to us about how do we how do we get through that I think be the efforts that we need to make to make sure we are really reaching out into the community since it comes back in a way to that digital divide question and and it's something we've got to get to grips with and I'm
handover to keep up with you'll take questions at the end I'm if it was coming in but alarm but Barbara's fantastic thank you Keith yeah thank you Chair and term what what you do is give you some feedback on the experience of the offending service and the young people that we work with and their families just to say that some EU funding services a statutory
a critical service
so we were left with the challenge of how to deliver this in the changing environment resulted from the the lockdown the Youth offending Service deal with young people have a higher higher than average levels of poverty and family stressors and high numbers with emotional health and education needs there's a significant over representation for black and ethnic minority fad children of families were at 70 percent so we responded quickly and in line with national guidance we maintain the business essential provision which which we delivered remotely
contact with the children and young people has been managed throughout by telephone video media and in some cases face to face home visits walks and talks
and increasingly now as we are able to work to reduce some of the restrictions or visit the office but an an office wrote has been maintained throughout which means there's always been a staff presence
and an open reception to respond to office space needs of the service and as as well as you yacht you Fenni service officers supporting coats at weekend attending the Crown Court
I wanted to ensure that during this c. 19 period consultation with staff and young people across the partnership and the council and that learning could be a similar in use for for future planning and things started to settle a bit why I asked the team to undertake a COVID-19 impact assessment so the team surveyed in case studied right across the the service I interned I think what what we what we did was we want to that and we wanted to hear their experience so that you know that the wheat we surveyed 44 young people the average age was 16

5 BAME Health Inequalities Update

and the 50 of 52 percent were were black 11 were mixed and there were urged to 23 percent of white young people but what we wanted to hear as the direct experience
not not not just of what was going on for them personally in their home but also their experience of receiving this new or this different service for in the offending her team remotely
and the they provided him from informative and detailed responses several questions that we asked about these individual circumstances the majority were positive about the work of the Yasir Aghayan with EOS officers some of the comments ran contrary to some of the established on the media accounts of families in stress so it's a particularly relate to mental health concerns in domestic violence there was a mixed bag and a one one
one young person who was white 16 year old now come into the I worried less because I know my family are safe at home another young person are black 18 year old mouse stated there had been not much conflict the issues previously prior to lock down if me and my siblings had to be in a house for most of the day together it would have been arguments he said especially as mum is out working but during this time we've been good very few raised voices or arguments between us and we've pulled together a mere my older brother have helps look after our younger brother so censored sort of family cohesion that perhaps isn't there when some of the stresses and strains of normal life the impact on families
I think it was important for me to understand the experience of staff as well as the children young people and obviously the to a very much interrelated in terms of delivering a relation based service relationship by service
and we we developed an easing of lockdown personal action plan with each member of staff to cover their needs and circumstances and I think this is included sort of open and clear conversations are about the understandable fears and anxieties that staff had been in assisting with the plans for their young people themselves
and the in relation to start wellbeing support Lewisham yours' help set up the staff and support hub staff well being a priority for the Council and no more so than during the pandemic and I think it's realised that was everyone's experiences will be different
set certainly managing your own care looking after your own and others' mental health is more of a challenge and has been more of a challenges them as colleagues have alluded to earlier or explained earlier and to the staff support hobbies available for all Council employees and partners directing them towards helping resources
so what did no young people say is as mentioned the of the yet the young people survey gave me next responses was with some clearly valuing the benefits of the lockdown so black 17 year old Mount commented how relationships got better my aggression chord
I find new methods to deal with it another 16 year old white mouse said I become slightly closer to my mum and and have told her things I would not have before another set 70 year old now Policy spoke of doing things together with my family that my the I might have done if it was not I may not have done had it not been for lockdown linen contrast the black 16 year old female spoke about weight loss headaches increase stress anger flushes depression etc.
so for staff working on line I think mainly I set up a staff tech group and made the younger staff of course for some I wouldn't be able to understand is that all as we all started to account a new new ways of engaging
and they did develop sort of new report wiser communicate in for staff young people have families including online safe media and resources are an that's that's help to think to enhance our trauma responsive restorative approaches and to fulfil the statutory functions of the service we wanted to get a risk assessment around you know what what was the safety for the young people in the family and what was there what was the the challenges in adapting to the to the to to lock down particularly around IT equipment and a capacity within families because if we were using an online approach though near the family's needs to be able to have the capacity to respond
and that the online world was generally appreciated by the young people in the families in the feedback and another quote earned throughout the quarrel currency he thought the currency would make it difficult to engage with the Youth offending Service and to do my older but I was wrong as I've been sent worksheet packs our complete sessions over the phone by assume another one said that Yass's flexible even our having come into the office might make my case manager in person this is a new case or who as an experience in the service in any other way even so we've been able to start to complete sessions and I've managed to start my order so as restrictions reduce the need for increased face to face contact his increases and the team is continuing to explore new ways of engaging and we're calling it a blended approach there's lots of benefits I think for maintaining the contact virtually but we also know we miss so much by not having the personal contact that the service is so much Bilton
but there's certainly scope for continuing contact with a virtual world am and I think as well as recognising issues around GDPR and confidentiality so I think there are certain things we need to think about in terms of some of those new ways of working some years some young people do prefer face-to-face contacts and others prefer not to attend the office or that's nothing new now but certainly some you know really emphasised concerns around safety some young people in appearance are without sufficient I T capacity for online tasks
and they're already been sharing this equipment for homework so having a contact and the work in full solemnly YOT officer ink area of added some of those challenges are around them our IT in technical poverty
the US officer at the US are our yours information Officer Health has developed a highly beneficial c. 19 risk assessment tool which which with them communicate with the rest of London and has been adopted and it is with all young people subject to orders to determine their their personal in their home health risks and variety needs for contacted schooling so where high risk is identified young people be seen in have always in seen in the office here using PP and balsa walk-on top session so we don't visit the home and we maintain social distances through one and also adds to the potential for the young people to do to exercise where they might be missing out on that by not attending school
our family team of continued to work through family assessments with physical or mental health issues explored as well as with a family coping with adapting to see 9 seen some some families struggle to adapt again mixed bag preferring telephone conversations and again there was incidents where there was only one tablet available on occasions and this was used being used by and other children for homework
we sent results packages out to provide families with work to do which we would have normally done in face-to-face meetings
and support that some some concerns were raised about how vigilant yours case officers been about understanding interest in family dynamics during the local lockdown but there was more there was evidence of more in-depth engagement with parents in lots lots of ways and I think that parents found out a lot more about what the Youth offending Service does then than they had known previously
yes newsletters been sent out in early August the parents and a foreign plant of particularly repairing October which I'm going to attend to represent the team and answer any questions so as they are six extends its reach into community were growing these relationships
there was a mixed response to education some some were taken advantage of what was up with what was been offered but others were really struggling I think without effective support
a young 15 year-old commented that at first I was sent through the post which was OK by wasn't made motivated to finish it at all now go to school in a reduced timetable which I like in response to a question about how you can support best practice in the future one parent saw education as a main thing sounds and commented about how it be nice a few Children's be prepared with computers etc
feedback from to young black mouths around the block down experience related to been stopped and arrested by place or what 1 1 3 occasion so I think there was what for those children who were out there were more visible and the I think that there there was also comment and articulation about how the police were not sought modelling the social distancing themselves bowl and wary masked by in discussion we YOS managers many many felt the police Rauceby another overzealous
and whilst you're using their downtime periods TRO records and bring forward so rather date offences for charge
so a mixed or mixed view but certainly once informed our practice and gave a for a really good feedback about how we move forward I just want to share some really nice final quotes because I think they're very rich in there and and raw and direct from the young people themselves we asked has there been any relationship changes between the child and parent or in lockdown and what were the three-day she felt were better or worse one young persons said I'm I'm keeping out of trouble I'd not really left the House over the last so months I'm an attack anyway so that no quite know what currency means
another way never asked if relationships improved or worsened once said we can get frustrated nothing we can all relate to some of these I certainly care like Mamma Luckman will call me down three flights of stairs to get her something from the kitchen which is right next to it anyway
what we learn about the your services are in lockdown one said that they they were worried about travelling to appointments during Coburn was happy to learn they can complete the order virtually do you have any suggestions and how we continue to develop our your service spool you best in the future
one response was from a 15 year old
black female are like online and phone contact as I don't like going into Catford another said I don't like face time because I think I should be able to see my your suffers a face to face and me
please tell us about your experience relating to education training or employment during lockdown a 13 year old black now said I like it by miss school because I may say my friends I'm learning more like compound fractures I think he meant compound fractures if I remember rightly which I never understood before but now I do on my mum is helping me
what things feel different for your family during lot down one said I I am I've worried less because I know my family are safe at home
and then finally a a question about health and wellbeing for that changed during lockdown
13 year old blackmail said yes I feel healthy I wasn't doing exercise before benign now I am and I'm being more careful what I eat
and another suggests health you're not eating as much and Stop smoking cannabis but I did this really just for Ramadan
is is is there anything else you would like to know about your lockdown experience a one one 18 year old white female even I didn't want come back into hospice I was low I'm glad I came in to see the Officer and CAMHS thank you for organising a taxi there and back Mark mum is really grateful
another said I got arrested for breaking social distancing rules this was annoying there was over 10 police officers and they were not where in masked not socially distancing themselves what did you learn about the Youth Service to in lockdown via remote concept with a yours' officer a mother said for me it's that the Vienna is there to support my daughter to get her to the best outcome the Vina's been open and understanding and her clear and matter of fact manner it's not been sugar-coated which is a trait I appreciate it
so I'm I'm I conclude there I think this this has given us a very kind of rich response from the young people but I'm also been keen to be in touch with you know staffs feelings about and the changes in working the period is reminded as if we needed it about the importance of
the use of feedback and participation but I think definitely reinforce the value of the public health approach that were and where we're were were applying and putting trauma recovery in restorative practice at the heart of everything we do
sort conclude there I can I can I can I can share the report but I didn't want to so put it out the public's is still some some confidentiality associate with the
that sliver of very marching south Takeley useful and get their feedback has that I think
I'm I'm is particularly useful because I was we could see it as an older people's responses during lockdown are that younger people's responses are this and just the kind of complexity in that for those responses and how their and other different and his give you some really critical insights in terms of preparing for a second wave of before last gum Catherine's who to comment on anything in relations Weaver for ever these testimonies in terms of how that helps us in preparation for a second My future safe as anybody's got any questions or anything that they'd like to to ask further appreciator of their very very thorough and very helpful useful reports but if anyone does have any questions on a shooter set for starred Keith said the Youth offending Service have also been nominated for a national ward national local government ward I think is a huge testament to the work of you and Angel teamer real credit to the bar so leg day for mention at the to the first meeting I've been in well either mention it myself yet
OK any questions or any further thoughts
Catherine yet so I'll just add some comments about that it probably takes us into the next report actually about tackling being health inequalities as well that I think I'm hearing those direct experiences really really really helpful in addition to own the Healthwatch report and I think particularly their points and raised by Barbara about information sharing in the best ways to do that particularly with COVID-19 information where guidance
come thick and fast maybe confusing and other professionals of most of the public's digest I think that is really and something really useful and something that you raised Damien about the methods or the channels of communication that we first of all consolidate that for two helpings of puppet but then how would put that back out and then link into keys and feedback I'm specifically around some of the experiences of younger people that we may we may even though imagine actually mean have said presuppositions about how they may explain stock down how they experience
being a home etc. I think that's very useful and actually challenges some of them what's tender somewhat conventional balls about how we communicate and engage young people so I think both really helpful to take into our communications and engagement plan which is embedded within our local outbreak Prevention control plan for communications going forward so thank you both for those in finance slim OK thank you all go into item 5 but item 4 just if required recommendations they are a maximum I say this because it's all my conscious life on US paper in front of them so you'll see them on paragraph 2 on page 20
3 note and agree the recommendations and then conferencing review item 5 the Bain health inequalities uptight
thank you so I can see times running some old baby time just pick out some highlights from their support so it's an update report on the work that we've been doing since 2 thousand 18 and 2 addressed them inequalities in Black Asian White ethnic groups in Lewisham am the board members will remember that we have I'm decides prioritise looking at mental health cancer and obesity in equalities for BAME groups and Lucious specifically
we brought an updated action plan to the last Board meeting back in March
and the action plan had seen an Aussie actions some timescales bought we committed to do and by the following meeting was to put some measures of impact alongside each of those actions just that we can be sure and clear that we have clear aims we have clear measures that the contract our progress going forward so you'll see in the appended action plan that we've now have impact measures for most actions that we've outline and obviously since that plan was published we've had and the pandemic and so what we've done with the action plan included a specific I'm serve actions around Code in 19 and that will see the reports directly linked to the disproportionate impact
19 as hadn't BAME groups and only one UK internationally so we've included specific actions about that and say you see the Mr. little former US mention them and very quickly specifically rung COVID-19 we have a sexual communication engagement and again this links in with some of the points raised by Barbara around making sure that any national communications coming out around COVID-19 test and trace etc are culturally appropriate and relevant Robin communities particularly because they acted partially impacted by Covid 19 we also have actions in their around data and data were collecting and specifically around the disproportionate impact and how we watch back that them during the course of the pandemic and also some actions around workforce again raised by both Keith and Barbara around how we can make sure that our workforce is feel and safe including things there and assessment the COVID-19 and banged staff so o hopefully bought them as an opportunity to have a look through the action plan have a look through the extra and section around COVID-19
and there's also an additional action around there
outlining our work with Birmingham looking specifically at Black African and black Caribbean health inequalities and that is an 18 month programme of work that will be overseen by the working group that's overseeing them
they have not been what action plan so again this Vadim information in the report around that specific drinkers while the Birmingham and those are the key points I think in addition to the action plan and we again we bringing back the action plan with those impact wishes to each more to the Health and Wellbeing Board as I mentioned to track our progress and to make sure that we are impacting as much as we can on the Health and apologies for those specific areas some gum stop there was any comments or questions of snow had fallen just one of the things he is the work that we've been doing us the border and all organisations in the community around bail being
health inequalities one of the if you can call it one of the Compulsory some to come from Kohver is is that there can be no doubt about disproportionality and that is when I'm having to it on the Council for the GLA like that that knowledge is is in its effect accepted across the political spectrum in a way that that definitely was not before just hearing the that fluidity at which and political leaders are talking uprating equality generally nothing had the Black lives matters movements well but I think it's it's it's good I'm glad that we're in a bar where she worked for some way ahead of of where those will be
the action plan will seize on page 32 and recommendations paragraph on page 20 line any questions or comments that people like to to race
as the vast and thank you don't mean I I just really want to thank Catherine because we had her own a good number of meetings and I feel that action countered really evolved or by bringing in a number of participant so we're really listening to what our partners are saying and we certainly developing the data we bring that back to the next meeting the health inequalities we've been gathering you know and particularly through Robbie giving some support working with public Health and Paul we're now going to have a comprehensive report at the next meeting so we can make sure we've captured OK data as far as we've got but then we really want to share it and particularly it'll be useful for the Birmingham work and we now progressing the interviews so I think we're making good progress it's just that the so much to be done and I know the officers swamped with lots of other areas and constant update so I just wanted to really give thanks to Catherine in the team who are working flat out on bringing this action plan to life and making sure we deliver so you know thanks Catherine items in their checkbox I've got a question from Barbara
I will let Mr. J Meyer Cameron yeah I'm I think that it's great the work that's going on with the plan and and like Damian you say that about people really thinking about race disparity and the new public sector equality duty their advising that and and talking about everything being evidence base that leads people have a picture from which they can work but I just wonder new near you mentioned the fact that there's just this money around
I'm for pace that nurture when you've got such a large Beckham minority ethnic community who are impacted by most things and how that would work
so I think that that was just to the the question and the member not be an answer now because there's a lot of consideration that I know it's at the last ever Wellbeing Board meeting other Councillor best was one of the one of the ideas was around looking at budget headings and an allocation and you're going in a different world now so I don't know you know whether this scoped hundreds of that all of that again considering there is so much less money and besides about Code cone Design Code delivery whether options his for joint funding applications to go in and get some money into kind of meet the shortfall and deliver some of these things on the grounds the Committee are quite quick and responsive get right to the point
encroaching on and just generally like Catherine come back from the LEP health perspective just drugged-out skivvy critical now working with others
maybe we will be able to allow for embedded in the borough and going without me to take them further and also impacts that the always seen as a as a Council of the varies about protecting the most vulnerable about my where we can we cannot pretend that this level of cuts that we can continue to protect the most vulnerable so mean some incredibly difficult choices but also thinking about
the people who are most impact impacted and and really as a bar reminding ourselves about our diverse community and actor further looking at how that intersects against different equalities groups so for examples on a cool last week of MetroCentre well talking about funding around on provision ran LGBT activities but actually the the kind of the days of being able to provide the do provide some blank a universal access but actually will need to be thinking about what actually BAME plus LGBT fully what where is that the most the most vulnerable any service is going to be extremely extremely difficult and Tom and I'll come back to Catherine
yet thanks Damien I think it is really to own two things I think is
Chris has already alluded to I think all credit to the team for doing this work which is complicated at the best of times but with the demands of kerb enough I think on on the team I think that isn't it code of course underlines the need to understand this inequalities and the impact spend but I think it's to do this in itself with with them would be a tasked with but with labouring with covert taking over most of the day job as well as the suggested a formal thanks to Catherine the team for pulling this together
I think building on your point Damien about the that the challenge of
meeting the needs of a especially of marginalised groups in in a time of ever reducing or Stepney of budget austerity getting getting worse I think it it almost underlines some of the narrative that camel from the Barbara's commentary and and cases where the community response the and the work that Philae bins and Lewisham local have been doings over the past months gives the chance outing for us to am really value and demonstrate the impact of the of the community and says the selfless tasks that people are doing day in day out for their neighbours for their local groups for their communities that will help us get through all of this and actually give people the quality of life the when the statutory services out there and increasingly unable to provide as the cuts am get ever deeper so in its it's an expression of thanks to Catherine for the the former were grass I think be that the Committee's the teams and the individuals for their contribution to keeping people's quality of life going through all of this
thank you and Catherine and can you'd like to back just to add to and on on from Barbara's comments I am specifically around us haven't join applications for Partnership beans thou made available I am deaf is somebody who is very keen to do that where possible and and time allowances Tom's points out with a lot of in an appendix on we see there is limited time with everything but I think the importance of this work and I think the reason why we continued as come said to do this work in addition to the Covic WYCA's because they are intertwined agreement and the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 is in some part because of the underlying long-standing inequalities exist before so it's very important that we can to try and do this where we can and because of the lack of war the reduction in resources and some members of our culture communities team are specifically looking out for Gran opportunities we can work with community members to deliver various aspects of the action plan war and new initiatives to make sure that we're tackling these health inequalities so just to respond to that and Barbara that we we do tend to look out for these things and war to when we can to work with you and to make sure that we can resource and the action plan specifies become
OK so that's going to if we hear move-on agree the recommendations and will take us onto state of Catherine item 6 it is a jewel should he did needs assessment for the headline is that we are

6 Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) Update

not but we are proposing to move review until March 20 21 as a result of of of covert making trips resourced but Katherine want and walking into that yet so that he so from this just a brief update and at the last Health and Wellbeing Board the proposed to Bestival conduct overview of existing and they say first best so you'll are meant to be and had a new health and wellbeing board and J Cerny topic and selection process as a femme 20 17 and that was there would nominate with a group of stakeholders as Pacific topics to look at in depth as part of those may process
we've now had that process for three years and we wanted to just take a stock take us to where we got to which they say topics have been completed and how we might want term Sedgley changed the process of buying that for them and that work was due to start and after that meeting in March and were going to come back
I am in September
to formally so that process up until March 20 21 I am and were proposing to move that further for wind and to not start until March 20 21 owing to the pandemic and so it's just that that back to Board members to agree and those vice timescales and but also to make sure that we're keeping track of you know it's not forgotten we will still try to make sure that we are keeping an eye on whether Jay-Z names are but will not do that formal review until early next year so all Members are happy with that time scale and will move that forward and then come back to that into badminton's time OK any questions of the comments

7 COVID-19: Lewisham System Recovery Plan

I shall take it that that is agreed and we will now move on to thank you very much Katherine move on to item 7 which is the COVID-19 local sister recovery plan is pleasant summary and the full plan is I'm still in draft but and this is an opportunity for further Councillor board I missed that has been signed off 22nd September as that right Martin 0 yes going to a Lewisham healthcare partners for those born on 22nd September Athey's also carried the Mayor and Cabinet as well in September and discoloured going through the healthy Communities Select Committee
so yeah thanks very much to the Minister is very much draft is work in progress at this point parts of is stopped Health and Wellbeing aspects if you like of at the wider Council recovery plans and it also phoned will form a part of the integrated care system for Southee's London batting to go through the places in south-east London plus acute and mental Health Primary Care's or recovery plans as well so settings specific and then play specific feet looked looked at together across the whole ICS
very importantly forms a big part of are an important part of the Council's overall plans and are not even you've got a process and system to to lead on that then the next area yet going to these number of groups and and getting comments back so it's very much iterative and we retreating as well also feedback from our engagement
as as Michel said where we've taken accounts thing thankfully of the the Healthwatch report and we are also been talking to disability disability group more recently the commissioned for focus group and we got a speaking up meeting coming up as well so we are open to soft talk to key groups of the next few weeks we have got a number of the things are lined up are to be confirmed in a nurse of timeline but we will
evolve this as we go that the aim is to get something bite of the into September and 22nd September side offered public birth-based board and so the plans underpinned by data recovery plans and timelines and outputs and milestones they're not included in the detail planners so work going on around those reserves Summary timeline at the end of the detail pack of those it will have a look at we are also trying to align it to the Merchant winter plans those work going on through the Local urged Mersey Care Board thinking about winter an Aussie the linked to that is flew flu campaign and the flue work and and links as well to the outbreak plan that Catherine talked about and indeed the inequalities hence wires key that was at the end of this agenda because actually all the things we have talked about should be leading in to the recovery plan but I'm sure we probably missed them things would be good to get people's comments at the the bit will be this as an 18 month plan and so I am keen to make sure that we do things in bite-size chunks are very clear about what we try to do for between now and Christmas were also very clear there after what we're going to do for the next 18 months because we will have a challenge our resources with people have taught that Barossa sorry capacity to deliver some these things then so I wasn't going to go through the plan you be glad here given time but just to its devout internal section so does take account of the salt population health and an impact from covert
and how we've been working as a system thinking about the lessons learned in Iraq of a good case studies in their at at that so shine a light on some of the work that we been doing locally which is really good and Barroso be thinking about how we continue to protect a local people how we restarts of our services obviously picked up some of that in narrowly conversation about planned care but also how we build back better so how we get back to what people are calling a new normals I'm not sure why that is really but it takes account of different ways of working doesn't lose things that have worked well brass I think there's something about getting back to some of the other words of working where we need to so more face to face I think that's a or challenged those been picked up in primary care for example
and also we fully reflect on other people's plan so clearly this sits alongside Organisation Plan solution Groucho's southland morsel other on organisational plan that plans for their services at likewise primary care working through primary care networks thing if it on Praxis and the local federation also developing their plans and thinking so again this is trying to align and pull that together and draw out the key themes that the plan also covers infrastructure so things like work force digital IT finance very important of see that's a moving thing at the moment not see I am aware of the Council's considerations about your budget and also the end the high-level delivery plan as I say there will be we do need to make sure we got crisp delivery plans set our we're trying to work through some key delivery groups so for example CYP and through the work that Peterkin others are leading in terms of early help an early intervention or the work around children mental health this we schools as also the work around her adult mental health and working in partnership with Safin Mosley in mind around those and then care home the widest document to bear services care home work which is supporting both admission avoidance that boy people that don't need to be in hospital but Ross's for people to come out and to be in the most progress setting it's all those things are we woven into the Plan I think there has been a quite a lot of focus on the inequalities and again we need to make the link between the inequalities action plan here and the recovery plan so again that bit form part of one about delivery plans then make sure her that's embedded in there so I was going to stop there and I've said lots of people on this core on this car are being involved in some aspects of this plans or there's my on to add a browser and start then happy to answer any questions are fast Amanda Lloyd who's been supporting myself and Sarah winner is on the line as well so I might bring you in Amanda if there's some very detailed questions
but happy to answer any questions about may have OK so any questions for naval so got one has been girl through reporting signed off on the 20 seconds
if people have questions that they want to take off live with you or comments Martin and look at last point that he get that to you I'm coming it be probably the week before so Amanda is probably the something like the 16th as it 17th
she said
sorry yeah yeah fleet would be the young fictionally 15th year the unearthing space would be quite flexible system in I'd want to make sure there are cabinet comments were definitely included so we have to find a word to verbally report them on the 22nd if we do actually get them in the document so I think to be honest it's probably October the 20th we could probably take comments and I would make sure that even if it isn't inversion scan out publicly we can you can reflect on them as part of this session on the 22nd
OK pointed comments that people would like to make now
thanks for doing it
I mean first always helpful certainly welcome the opportunity to offer commitment working are for the future I guess one of the the issues about all of this is it's a moving target so for example we will be continuing with our programme of own engagement so but the maybe more coming through but I'm careful to flag up the about the bit on digital because if if we look at the papers our unpaid 53 about papers which ensure executive summary it's coin may heard about digital I its way to go but there are clearly issues that need to be addressed and it mustn't increase
disadvantage but in the detail and it may just be the things had got out of sync on page 89 about papers page 35 and 36 father of the plan and it rolled the ball gung-ho about digital by default there's no reference to the that the issues of potential disadvantage or marginalisation and I think you know from what we've been saying today in and what we're picking up
you need to acknowledge that but that there is a really Hugh in there that that needs to be addressed and you know one can't just follow Matt Hancock into they are that the brave new world the turbot that there are things that need to be addressed and I think all say that one about anxiety that we were talking about and I mean perhaps come back to the communication plan are Harrow 1 ensures that there is a recognition and an action that if it can be taken is been taken to me people more confident in in using the services and any other thing I wanted to to ask really I was I was looking at but that the reference to account walk and was a reference to a thing called the Lewisham public reference Group 0 wait doesn't seem to be explained in the Glossary are or an on any the maths and I get my sort of search function on the page it wasn't explain for it actually was so if it's important bit of the of the apparatuses that you eat you date reflect on on where it's described
thank you actually are trying to answer those had Michael year that's important points about discipline collusion and then sort of and mine standing is we are working with Matthew to think about some work condition exclusion Mary's part of your novel workplan anyway it November so quite yes we need to make sure that narrative in the full Raploch which I thought did include that that aspect but may not be an that's precise sentence it may be elsewhere in buried in the plan we need to bring that together so I think emit really great points on that an absolutely we want to make sure we are very clear on the actions were going to take their I think that's a Parish attraction is not Distin Telford search of thing we need to do together some and we think about the role of you know that though the partners in in this as well
the the point about patient reference group working describe what they are that the picture of his group as a city G mechanism shrike where we've recruited about 15 lay members to sit on a patient reference group to work with as on specific aspects and we we go and talk to them about this different things and so engaging them along with other groups on the road for three recovery plan and people have a tenure for will normally 2 years but couldn't call it and where we are with the saltmarsh at CCG will be reading that into next year but it's part of our Lucian CCG actually fruit carried on for now under selfies on this issue and that the solution Borough Patient reference Group Matthew is aware of the group of about belief and nothing has come along some of those
get Yes 9 neither is it either you you've meant
no you cannot not event of of the is I realised that I think that for you readers you I want to put it in the glossary and and say that more about her
crispest things I mean I was just going to say the reference I was reading was page 82 Michael where we want to build on the work of Healthwatch and engage patients to establish tight for digital interactions etc. and I like you and very worried about digital exclusion and one of the things so you know I've been talking about his getting if you like come a mapping of where we've got hubs for people who can't afford to have digital at home so you know thinking about all those public spaces we could go to making sure the libraries in any health practice that they in a way you've got term broadband it can be accessed by people in the surgery so it's just trying to think about the fact it does cost to have broadband at home but where we know there's lots of other spaces that have it was really looking for some kind of branding I think enough but not thought more about this because there are lots of venues we know people can go into cafes but there may be a price point there when you have to have a drink so I think it would be really good to think about that digital by obviously of course have faced face where we can but recognised that even those want to keep their social distance that nervousness so we really have to work hard at this have engaging and really making sure people don't feel isolated lonely you know and and then just feeling none quite anxious so Martynov also been working with slam on the mental health recovery so working with other partners on how we can bring this together I think there's an awful lot in this recovery plan as Martin said its fluid but I'm really welcoming it and hopefully we can pick up any other points to make sure it keeps moving forward and course some
where necessary appropriately resourced thank you
and so on
thanks during the Arab and Muslim it's a common and its other pointed probably it myself because I think are seen so many versions of this that it Ewan becomes a little bit Blanchett it was a comment that somebody else made the other day and about possibly we need to
bringing more explicitly in more substantially something on some those wider determinants of health specific and am thinking particularly of the issue of housing for Lewisham you're the the impact of good quality housing on well being and and and long term health and an impossibly employment and as well
substance Surrey Amanda for bringing this up now but it is it just a distracted is we reference at several points for things like supported housing housing for people with mental health is production if this is about good population health as well it's N making sure that we've got something about what we are trying to do to get RUC real good quality housing for the residents of the Borough I think would probably be an important element

8 Information Item(s)

thank facts here and have agreed these cost the Council doing to wider welcome the recovery plan the wider council in the south of the wider engagement work as well the Big conversation that's going on and it's just making sure our timings probably at quite perfectly aligned so that there is probably agreeing with you and when colleagues within the Council they're how to strengthen in some of those areas now and probably to make reference to further work to come as the wider council plan develops as something that to maybe with the poll's helping others we committee work on something and the next week or two and to as I do to the point there is something about the wider to turn his partly with just linked it will cost the Council Plan which isn't a still forming isn't it so as bad as Harry capture the the said in bits now and we are doing sort of mentality are doing work on housing and employment support for example Smith referencing bits we are doing in certain services my explicitly maybe two that you know that thinks about next-but-one and cutting I don't see any other questions or any other point so you are but remembering still time to to contribute so can move us on to the final of the final items at an information item that's the Healthwatch Annual report so on so I hope you have had sight of that and just if we can fully recorder I thanks to Healthwatch and everyone involved in and putting that reports that that brings us to the to the end of the meeting if I thank again bod toget grey Keith Cohen for for the looking very powerful testaments and provided thank you to everyone for the wider cultural conversations Catherine on behalf of the Councils public Health team and also I'm sure in the Council thing for very well put together agenda reports never thing which is a significant piece of work going through each of these meeting so thank you all and look forward due to seeing you all again aka Farouk is in the lobbyist or that through Campbell just coming to the end for ESCC wish you all a
Thursday good a good weekend coming up and the Brexit next Health Wellbeing report I'll see before thank you