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Strategic Planning Committee
Thursday, 3rd September 2020 at 7:30pm 









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1 Declarations of Interests
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2 Minutes
4 Land and Property Comprising Silwood Street, London, SE16

right okay how good evening everybody and welcome so this virtual meeting of Lucian Council's planning committee
strategic Planning Committee I'm Councillor John Pashtu and Chair of the Committee and as you'll know these run your circumstances we are meeting in this way so please bear with us if we experience and to send a bit of exercise overcoming any technical difficulties due to the way we are meeting
I haven't had time to ask all of the other councillors or committee members to introduce themselves confirm they are present

1 Declarations of Interests

and what are also going to do is ask them as they confirm their presence to confirm whether or not they have any declarable interests in the Foo of items for decision on our agenda tonight because I think that will be slightly more efficient are and then when that happened so we know who use air of voting members tonight I'm going to go round the Council officers who are here to give us technical advice
On the two items we've got to decide on and then there a couple of other administrative details the really substantive item we've got and I hastily decide on the planning applications or CIL would shriek and I'm aware that there are representatives of the Africa and representatives of plaiting her her
objectors so that funny application at waiting in the lobby of the meeting in Los Weeble you're able to watch the webcast until we get to discussion of that item when you'll be admitted to the meeting and will confirm the year in the meeting an appalling it by the zone in the west against
so a few housekeeping matters for all of us her participating the height by just like to remind you of so please ensure you might phoney septum you in this year actually speaking because that helps to reduce the background noise
if you wish to indicate that you won't meet her let you speak at any point during the meeting to ask a question make a comment or anything else that you're supposed to their these these occasions then please indicate in the chat window which shall be keeping an eye on and officers who can remind me will be keeping an eye on to
access to indicate that you wish to speak in the shop window rather than using the other methods such as waving a real hand about or using the virtual hand that's available to some of us
for all of us depending on the device for using
if any Members are particularly or officers are key to the meeting lose their internet connection please inform the Clerk using the WhatsApp group we got set up for everybody participating as soon as you can and that will enable us to adjourn the meeting so you don't miss anything crucial and CIL officers that helps restore your connection
please make sure that if you're cameras switched plead while please if you are one of the Member's party's 80 in the Meeting or officers actively participating in any portion of the meeting that you keep your cameras switched on
so that we can see you as well as here you if at all possible and please remain in shock at all times because seeing the background of your kitchen or whatever is probably not quite so amusing to the general public are watching a son the webcast
as I said were being webcast live so please otherwise conduct yourself in the preferred manner as you would him a physical meeting
I will do my best to ensure that only one individual he speaking at any time please do not interrupt then please do not switch on your mind until I invite you to speak
and if I ask you to stop speaking for any reason please do so because you can
members of the public who are participating in the meeting are reminded when we let them in that the chap Hanley's only for our administration of the meeting and members of the committee will be asked to disregard any kind of argument he triumphed in their or inflation and similarly Members if you want to speak you don't have to say in the Chair and or what he's you want to ask about or speak about just put something in there to indicate your your raising over to Han if members of the public are disconnected then they should try and use the darling or link instructions they were initially sent to recommence the we host of officers on standby to help them as far as we possibly can we have other provisions if Members the public are disconnected alchemy Astaire presentation so we have copies of those things
right I'm not going to go into how will deal with the application I I will ask the Clerk now to read out the members of the Committee in alphabetical order and I'll ask you to switch on your Mike at that point confirm your present and also could I ask you at that point to confirm whether or not you have any declarable interest in the items for decision at this meeting and we will we will dispose of that item that way OK Jasmine over to you face
Councillor Booth now there are present and I have no declarations of interest to declare Councillor Byrne
present and I have no decorations in ominous good evening Andrae education white cladding divide it as a local I can call him apologies for absence saw goods or Council of Gallaher
at present and no interest to declare thank you Councillor Gettings presence and I have no interest to declare
Councillor Ogilvie where
present now
declaration of interest to declare Councillor the shirt I thought I'm present when I have no interest in that I take them
Councillor Shepherd
Councillor Sheard
Councillor Walsh
Brennan decorating contract she added some clues the goal call for the siting OK thank you if we can do so I know Councillor shake is making attempts to get in using a different device from normal so we just need to make a note of whether she makes it before we start the discussion of any item so we know whether she can participate in the decision on that item right and the Officers' we cheer can I just say the ambitious in e-mails from objectors and and I think the applicants a swell saying that they cannot get enough told them that you announced at the beginning of the meeting that's what they and the let them in from the lobby when we get to ITN for can you clarify that for me please because they could send me e-mails Iguala other African stop them send you e-mails Yasmine died
my my my employers not to read my e-mails while on trying to chair a meeting about I realise why you might need to yes I as I have already said what we will do his people any external participants who have an interest in a particular item we will invite them into the online meeting when we get to the start of discussion of that item for the whole of that not yes for their completion meanwhile of course they're welcome to watch the public webcast as anybody else's
right OK
the officers we have advising us tonight are
for various parts of meeting our fiscal crystal could I just ask you Christian introduce yourself and tell people you're jumped cycle get even chair I'm Crystal I'm the Development Manager at Lewisham thank you very much we also from the playing department have Michael Forrester Michael could you do the same please
their mother Forston and on and on the plank service mouth
happening service Major projects Manager
here we have the planning case officer for lightness Patricia Tricia could you introduce yourself face good eating chair and other Councillors my name's Patricia plot and I'm seeing a planning officer knows team thank you also possibly in her here in a backroom role but we have killing Flaherty from our Committee service telling could you just introduce yourself briefly to the meeting it's thank you Chair him my name's Kevin flow the have from Committee Services and acting as moderator Tim
and last but not least we have just doing the same
are you servants yourself or introduce yourself any lie yes I'm Jasmine customer and the Clerk to the slating thank you Chair I OK right everybody else parties facing ISI's kind of in the back room so

2 Minutes

that their backstage right so we fund Declaration of interests are we need to agree the minutes of our meetings of the 9th of June
that was certainly memorable and 30th of July I pointed out a couple of minor drafting amendments on the IFA June minutes which the clock is noted I don't make any make any substantial difference to the accounts of the meeting so Members whether or not used for the basis well can we with that addition agree the minutes of the 9th June meeting I'm not going to take a roll call on this I'll take lack of dissent as as your essence so shout or in the chat or or have CYP you if you don't agree OK nobody dissenting to that so those are agreed nem con
and similarly the meeting are the minutes of the meeting of the 30th of July a game speak now for the whole your piece if you disagree with those being agreed as a true record of that meeting

3 Temporary changes to the Scheme of Delegation - update

again those seem to be agreed nem con so we've done that let's move on the next item we have an a substantial but also fairly Ministry of item is the temporary changes to the Council's scheme of Delegation for deciding planning applications
and Chris I think you're going to introduce this on you
sorry Councillor Walshaw here raising your hand
get your authority a note to the backroom him Councillor shaken now the king the king of Ireland and the boy
present affiliate al-Qaida I assure the in in in the back of backroom IT role will sort out getting their into the meeting so let's assume that she is here for for this item as well and if Jasmine you could add Councillor shake to roll call the Councillors present for the substance of the leaping right
Chris Cook Mr. dial over to you to introduce the year out a number 3 please
thank you Chair in response to the COVID-19 pandemic emergency temporary modifications to the council scheme of Delegation HRA agreed by the Strategic Planning Committee on 9th June it was agreed that these changes to working practices would be reviewed by the Committee after three month period following introduction the temporary changes to the scheme of Delegation were accompanied by parallel temporary changes to the Council Statement of Community involvement agreed by Mayor and Cabinet on 10th June
the temporary changes to the scheme of Delegation have been in operation since 24th June and were originally agreed to enable the Council to deal with the growing backlog of planning applications requiring referral to planning committee that it had not been possible to determine due to the cancellation of committees following the public Health locked down in the interest of public safety and given the need to ensure social distancing it remains the case that it is not reasonably practicable to hold him person meetings in public however it's vitally important that the Council is able to continue to efficiently to turn the full range of planning applications in order to fulfil its statutory duties officers of notified amenity site societies by e-mail and notice has been published on the Council's website about the proposed extension of the temporary changes
a number of representations have been received which are produced in the Committee addendum report
officers acknowledged the concerns raised and considered that the time limit to proposals being made have the appropriate safeguards built in to ensure continued transparency and democratic accountability and decision making
the representations also refer to concerns raised in relation to specific planning applications which will be reviewed and responses will be sent direct to the relevant amenity societies the temporary measures have enabled the Planning Service to continue to issue decisions engage with the public and reduce the Committee backlog that had grown at the beginning of the lockdown given the additional resourcing virtual meetings require plus the increasing cases being received it's proposed that the temporary measures are retained for a further period of six months this would enable the Planning Service to continue to operate efficiently and ensure that it remains able to meet its statutory responsibility to determine the full range of planning applications in a timely fashion it remains the case that local residents amenity societies community groups and other stakeholders will continue to be consulted in relation to development proposals and individual objections will be carefully considered and taken into account in the decision making process
it to be noted that a number of the provisions of the Council's scheme of delegation or replicated within the council statement of community involvement and a separate paper recommending corresponding time limit or changes to the SCI is currently programmed to be taken the Mayor and Cabinet for consideration on 16 September
the proposed changes to the Committee referral thresholds will require the support of both the Strategic Planning Committee and may encounter if approved all of the agreed changes will be reviewed after a period of six months and for the avoidance of doubt is proposed at the 6 month temporary period will expire on 10th March 20 21
so to conclude it's recommended that Strategic Planning Committee authorise the continuation of the temporary amendments of the list of matters that reserved the planning committees A B C answer the Strategic Planning Committee in the Council scheme of delegation as set out on page 24 of the agenda
OK thank you very much grace I've seen a question indicated from health of Olivier early thank you Chair and thank you Chris for the report now there's been some movement obviously we can see that there have been cases where the painting of decided whether to
go for case review and some have gone to commit in some heaven
at this stage would be I've got one question and sought an also once of general plea to Members and officers with my question really is we're not obviously the only council facing the precious of COVID how how do we fit with other London boroughs in terms of the threshold at the moment you any intelligence is to how things might have changed or across London that's my question my plea to members and officers really is that and it's very my democracy review her and were looking at this in the remarks review about how do we engage people applicants and residents and objectors at the very start of the process so my plea really would be to use it the facilties we've got up as soon as councillors to engage with residents I see that the Blackheath Society No objection is really an keen that you know we trying despite the problems of covert that we try and and find new ways to to you surgeries and engages something I certainly will do as a black he's Councillor Ralph my fellow councillors of the same so really want to reiterate this is obviously something
it is under review it whatever whichever system we have we've got to remain accountable are all steps and Surrey encouraged people to engage at the outset by the time any decision is made there's been proper engagement and people have been able to help improve applications before they come to us so that's my question my comment
OK thank you respond to any of the bits of that question Chris or Chair what I would say is that's in it obviously arrangements vary across London different boroughs have their own thresholds for referring applications to Planning Committee Lewisham is actually one of the authorities that has one of the lower levels of threshold for referral to planning committee so in in raising the threshold as suggested and if anything I think that probably brings the Borough more into line with the general picture across London but that sort of course these proposals are only being suggested on on a temporary basis in order to deal with the current situation which has proved challenging for the reasons set out in the report
so as I say it's it's it's a 6 month period that this has been been sought for and hopefully you know the public health situation will have improved by them
absolutely thank you Councillor will have got your your virtual little yellow hand raised is that OK fair enough
I yeah I kept Councillor Olivier yes I are Lotus the same comments and we have looked at the comments that had backed remain decided is on this that there were some very well thought through arguments about the process I noticed also the one of the commenters make a point about Councillor surgeries of course face to face advice surgeries by ward councillors or something else that we've had suspend for all the same reasons although I I think it's perfectly possible to replicate I was talking in some councillors in Bromley very recently actually who started having public on line zoo meetings with opens all of their ward residents and that's had mixed but generally success but I don't see why anybody including those who wants to lobbyists about planning applications Khan accesses by e-mail or by telephone and if necessary have an online meeting with ward councillors without us how the doing something prevents the formal surgery Greasley be used to have when we could
so I I think it's perfectly possible for us to make keep ourselves that excessive
bright as anybody else however as Aquila welcomes the meeting I'm black you finally got in Councillor shake I mean
and you you didn't miss anything of this item that wasn't already in though the written report Jonjo you had chance to read so our I been that you are perfectly eligible to vote on it and not a planning application it's a decision item a bit more like some of the ones near cabinet me was it do any other Members want to make any comment or ask any other question about this or shall we move to a vote on it
indicate now in the chaff if you do no OK well then I propose we agreed recommendations
set out in item 3 of the report to us exactly as printed Jasmine can you take a roll call vote on this please were supposed to
Councillor Booth
approve Councillor bar agree Cancelo Gallaher yes in favour
Councillor given yes absolutely approved Councillor Ogilvie day one
a dream
Councillor Sheard yes I agree Councillor shack approve and Councillor Walsh approve

4 Land and Property Comprising Silwood Street, London, SE16

unanimously agreed thank you very much that's been agreed unanimously right now we can move on to item 4 first of all will make sure that the external parties have been seen that item role admitted to the meeting and for every few could if you could let them all in now please
when will the ruling and it for hefty even Jasmine could just make sure they are all here
I can see the objects shall is here and KV in and
miss miss Mr. Mark so I think as representing the applicant is in the lobby that may be him in the in the nice office
if you gesture if you're external participants suggest joined the meeting for the item on CIL would Street you're very welcome to our planning committee meeting
I am cross you are just in case you didn't hear in the ninth use the meeting if you could keep your microphone muted until an you're asked to speak at the appropriate time and if you could also leave your cameras switch shot Yorkie welcome to follow the meeting and basically your cameras switched off when you're not actively participating in the meeting
when I invite you to make your your presentation and that will help to maximise the public's view of the councillors who are supposed to be paying attention soon everything thank you very much RHI we're going to start the consideration of this item with a report from the Planning Case Officer so that you Patricia and I think you'll need to share your screen so you can show us the pictures that go with it
Soviet Union and then received members will come in with questions on that and then we will hear from the African and then the objector
thank you Chair
OK idea were to screen sharing
members obviously has asked questions occur to you if you want to indicate him the chap column I will indicate that I've noticed you you bring over to hand up there and then I will call you in turn when the officers finished her presentation
Patricia off you go
thank you Chair
good evening everyone members Patricia Field and the case officer for this application the application is brought to the Strategic Planning Committee as more than five objections have been received and the recognise residential residence Association has objected
the planning application is sought for the construction of a mixed use development comprising of four blocks with building heights of 5 to 9 storeys to provide 1 thousand 600 and 16 square metres of flexible light industrial office retail café and community floorspace at ground and first floor
we've 61 residential units on the upper floors together with car and cycle parking service facilities hard and soft landscaping and other associated work at Silver Street
the application site is located on the south side of South Street and comprises Eleanor strip of land that is currently undeveloped and vacant
there are kept behind the sofa fight it's about their offering lies a railway arches opposite decide to know if there is a soul to state the status of the State broadly ranges from 6 to from preparing from a three to six storeys in height to the south east the application site borders and access road to Network Rail land located to the south of the site beyond the south-western boundary decide or borders a walkway under the arches would provide access for to Millwall Football the gym and wider South earned Surrey Canal triangle strategic site allocation
this image shows the view of the application site looking at or towards East
this image shows the site from Silver Street looking to itself East
this amateurs the application side looking as on this imitators the Silverwoods estate located opposite that the key insight
and the text image sized up to looking from the north-west and this image shows the application site looking from the Recuva Road from the south and east
there's next image is prepared CGI would shows the proposed side and a side and front elevation of proposed block A which I has a cafe and shop use of the ground floor facing pulling away I'd like to know that the contribution towards lighting to the tunnel on Berlin await would be secured by legal Agreement
they suggest are also shows block A from the front elevation when his approach fall of recruiter roads
this SIGIR image shows the proposed front elevation of block B to D from this blog has commercial units at ground and first floor with residential above
the next light and said the proposed
please all
there's a range of employment generating uses at ground and first floor there will be located through block B to D the commercial units would have floor to ceiling height of frequent 4 metres at ground floor and 2 point 5 metres at first floor this will be carried for two residential units the commercial uses would taxes from front of the building as well as there will be two parking bays created that will be appropriately marked and to prevent a lawful marking parking Surrey at the next drawing is the section drawing which shows how its development would fit with the wider site context
this image shows a close-up of the front elevation
you can see out the rest of the entrances and I will be created and how are the metals will be split to create differences between the uses are proposed
this image is demonstration demonstrating design of the real evasion and the renovation will have serious of walk for use with external access as shown on a picture to the left's
this next flight it is showing the proposal to your palate block A is proposed to be built use in Bath a brick mixer red brick look beat and today would have a dark coloured brick at ground floor with a lighter brickies and for the residential part of the building the difference in breaks and is of a proposed to help to create visual interest along Silver Street
and to separate the commercial uses at ground and first floor from the roads or residential uses above Members should note that the same break will be applied across each tenure with no difference in quality
now to provide an overview of the proposed residential units the proposal to proposed development will provide 61 new residential unit it's this slides shows a typical flat lay off a one bedroom two person flats due to earlier nature of the application site the applicant was able to provide all units of Joe aspect I would like to also note that all units that that that provided then I'll be 1 1 per yr bedroom 2 person will have access to a private amenity space
but this next lifestyle is typical flatly offer a two bedroom flats again or propose units will be co aspect with access to private amenity space
this is a typical layout for free bedroom flat all three bedroom flats would be provided for social rents these units will be true for aspect
and and I will have access to private amenity space affordable homes will be located predominantly in block B and C
On the second to sixth floor the affordable units will be access we are still with street and whilst the units will be located in separate residential core the entrances to two years will be in in distinguished I see a difference from the entrances to the private girl
the next slide is starting to Calais' for the Wiltshire units that would be provided by the development we'll two units will form than percent of the whole development
this next slide shows the proposed soft and hard landscaping at the ground floor the scheme will provide 3 trees and and sometimes around aside I'm resulting in an urban greening this slight shows there are proposed and rooftop level and will provide seating area and play area for the younger residents all residents will have equal access to the Camino Outer space on the roof block B and the would have a larger outer out though play area this is where most of the vote by the affordable unit allocated
are and this is a close-up of another roof I play area between blocks C and D.
as outlined in a Commons committee report the principle of development is supported the proposal would develop a vacant site which is considered to and is considered to be employment led scheme with housing supporting it the proposed commercial unit so it will be designed to be flexible and adaptable for future ensuring the protection the paPent is housing would provide appropriate dwelling mix and tenures met with a high quality standard of residential accommodation provided for all potential future occupiers this is a public benefit which is afforded substantial weight by officer
the applicant has provided a provided affordable housing including good provision of family size Enid's this will be secured by a legal agreement and an early stage by the two reviews the overall design approach
would result in the form of development which would not detract or appear at odds with the wider character and appearance of the immediate locality and the character of the area the proposal would not result in harm to the let them to the local highway network of pedestrian or her way safety subject to imposition of conditions and an national contributions officers that a proposed development would result in an acceptable impact on neighbouring amenity of surrounding properties and amenities of the future occupiers the brace of element would unbalance current contributes to sustainable development subject to the imposition of conditions and the sick and the securing of the relevant planning obligations including financial contributions the development is judged acceptable and in accordance of the the moment plan officers therefore recommend that the pros development is approved by the Committee
thank you Chair OK thank you
On going I suspect somebody who joined the meeting has still got the microphone switched on on here and feedback
that he's gone OK I haven't seen any Members indicating questions in the chat window yet I've now seen Councillor Walsh now so you go first go and fair enough and I don't like this there all the meeting the same what the teenage plain trapping here having only providing for though that are over the age 13 and Dhoni day pay children face
the applicant is proposing a table tennis there are also a number of other parks as it was detailed in the committee report which will help provide access to various other play at hangs basis for teenagers and people in that age group
and all they provided funding toward a whole thing both papers can fit enough to bring more children to them we are not seeking any financial contribution to wards additional playspace
but I have read mine
when we reviewed that the provision that was provided a we felt that there will for that particular age group we didn't feel that there is a need for any further contribution to that
thank you
that's the bar a bit of extra information for your councillor on that play space
be the paper's calculator through the as GLA if you are contemplate group and this application provides in excess of that therefore I financial contribution is not required leafy
I think I get you think however budgets day that we is be way providing the teenagers off site and then no longer to make any provision for those and I know that the barrier of Lewisham and local ward councillors and local community groups are very keen to see an argument to failure to keep a key gateway route and going forward I Ofsted made the how that can be provided to the appropriate CIL actually
OK thank you to all
sorry my access to the meeting was was partially interrupted by our wonderful IT infrastructure and Microsoft reminding either I'll Sir logging with my password and a code texted to my own again just to make sure I was who I said I was at the beginning of the meeting and I'm still though I am by I'm sure I didn't miss anything of your question or the officers answer for ages and 40 reinforces my views about our IT infrastructure Councillor Barnard here
no one is required
the moment workers' rights or have any other Members got questions for the officer on the presentation I thought I just got one if there are no nobody else gay indicating check one curse you I just wanted to ask Patricia the when I it before I saw your saw and heard your presentation actually I thought that this development would clued the use of the railway of cheese that irks immediately in front of and I see now from the views your presentation that actually those are still available forward of them of some of the either traditional businesses or patio businesses that might be accommodated in railway arches but that been maybe wonder
how the impact of fees quite tall buildings as her acquittal in front of some of that row of away arches he is is going to affect their usability but there they are going to be Overthorpe coy for heavily overshadowed and they get that they will be in a more oppressive situation they were when it was thoroughly land in front of them and how has the insult through and have you got in a thing the ETI use you can show us that Skride
how they will actually be usable
I say we want quicker see where the applicant to I ensure that I the future of the and the space along the arches that something could come forward and we are a view that businesses are likely to come and use that space will still be able to use it and the applicant has designed the rear of the building to be quite exit accessible and iPad and and to allow enough space for people to move around so we believe that the development is not going to prevent or stop any future businesses going and taking that that space for it
it's also not unusual in London to a have higher buildings next door arches and it has been proven that those spaces are attractive and they can listen and contribute to economy in the local area
My pursue that with the applicant perhaps RHI I a whole Erskine Councillor shake you you have a question that the Tricia before the Lance and thank you to the members of the Committee help me get into the meeting your I saw I felt that the carpet I saw that fervent beer chat going on the legislator that
I support mai possible thank you for the help and the support our colleagues
about their sort of car-free nature of the application and I note that in the last calendar we had a strict Committee also had a similar situation of over having a kind of other than other see that disabled Blue badge parking slots and obviously to compensate the kind of car-free nature yet leave encouraged
it was the applicant's new occupant have a membership of a car club
I don't want to raise a point about practicality because my day job is very much campaigning on climate change I appreciate that we should be encouraging if she London to decrease their use of Oz by also justified
practical to happen and the media can of some providing no car spaces when you'll have families moving into a dwelling like this and and I don't think a 3 year membership to a car club is actually the
leave yet there I think a practical burdens that Ganor who produce from having a lack of parking spaces especially for the current existing visit the area so I just having officers could help me reconcile what I see right now is a square square the circle around
yes so what we are proposing today the scheme is not providing any car-parking other than from for people who have blue badge this is in line with the London policy and the Irish nuts and LondonHanif moving as well as the erection that's I'll local policies 1 to move in
the applicant is providing quiet and a large number of car cycle parking spaces will be available to all and I also think that I'm this side will be well service so if I'm people who have families want to you services such as deliveries those will be available to them and I think this is not unusual and this is something that's we are supporting because
across all schemes of this size and larger in the bar and I'm as officer we believe that at the is no objection to non provision of no parking for the for this for this proposal if you're just the followed I thought for sure could you remind us what the that he tell the public transport accessibility they sure there and would it would it be substantially increase when eventually the her new overground station gets built that we're we're hoping then and we have provided for
yes so the Peter will definitely go up in the future when the nation comes and currently at the application site is between people 2 and 3 so it it's not the highest IBA we believe that there there will be changes that will be coming in the area and this is an appropriate direction to to travel
where other
0sorry sorry yes Aquino you you go for our first and then I think Councillor Walsh has got to follow your question so I just I just really wanted to flag to officers but I do think that there is a danger of a cumulative effect of kind of if we suddenly all consistently move towards a trend of sort of car free developments and that the existing infrastructure for parking whereas of currently live there will be a strain on that cumulatively and I think we can aspire to people not have cause but I think we also need to make provisions for young families I didn't get to but a very practical point I would hope that yet some some thought was being put into the kind of Kim's of effective early years as
consistently seeing development for a car free and not making practical provisions for young families thank you
OK I don't think it was a question to answer in that BA x well I think the point that we should know Councillor Walsh she wanted to follow here you don't go off for shape point though I barely tracked out being a member of the car park and I am the carbon but
why have noticed is it we are are proving development with Karpov membership during over how much capacity being added into the fifth how do it but I have now and what are you the only facility that the amount call even going up and actually be after to card of it becoming a lot harder to achieve and what guaranteed we get the planning authority law who are the green because we got the being a game without that to come about that actually
a decent amount of of vehicles or all the providers in a calm and a champagne
and for that I thank to understand that the Council the Common so with all applications such as this we worked closely with the Council's Highways Authority and TEFL and now some schemes which are much larger than the kind of this one to be fair and will provide Spence and and the cause and that is quite common
now that they saw primary operator in Lewisham is it call and surprise have a kind of smaller and group and in NYC and New Cross area but that part of the kind of climate one and we know that our Highways Authority do work with them about about provision where need more where has enough and so that the kind of ongoing conversation that is something that we can definitely be flag at our highways team and to so that you know it is something that doesn't seem to be takes us on this application and the Highway Authority had not requested and the actual space to be necessary selected development acceptable but they do request the 3 year membership which is the standard request
think it just bag
over the weekend when most people would probably want to do this kind of nudity close one to me on day after day in day Sunday with more than three miles away and act accomplices their thumbs and perhaps take kicked out to go to that no blue was go by the new shoots alone we want to do Her I'd actually you can't get there
for that we need to be mindful of that
I I I totally agree and which we should note that where we are making people less dependent on cars and therefore more dipping on public transport we are not always accounting for the way that public transport operators seem to run services well at least in the past they did and to change now they run services mainly for commuters and they choose we can sometimes how weekends or suspend them and that is of course when Carfrae families who are doing all the right things will want to use public transport to access things if that means they decide they have to own a car kind of defeats the direction we're trying to go with development Kevin Olivier you you had a follow up to this as well I think yeah thank you Chair I mean I didn't push it we get into car clubs but actually although it's it's some you know it's relevant to this application it's a broader point it's Council says brought up and given that actually the way we're going societies is you know owning cars less in Londoners' only true but there will always be certain times some people will need access to that kind of motor transport
the one thing I just wanted to add to the mix as it were is that Lewisham for the last year or so as long another other sort some other London boroughs partners as joined up so that that saw the flex system zip car so actually it's not just not fixed places it's about you know being able to to access and find cause across the whole Borough and I think that's where we're I think probably we are going London generally as as I think some to be welcome but we've got to think about how we manage that so something's be Baron might not just specific this application but generally when we're thinking about
in large applications going forward OK I'm going to wrap up with discussion now because I think that actually this whole this LGC cabinet a wider issue not a specific consideration for this application so we should put it out of our minds in making a decision on this epic nations the night I term a member as it car but I'm also moue a proudly smug driver of an all electric vehicles are going to start this thing that the every single parking space in the one you development is provided with them one of the best and free electricity sort of charging points for that's I probably will have interesting bats are looking to do tonight right so
we're going to close down discussion on land suggest we batted to Councillor Karon as something to take up in our Sustainable Development Select Committee in the near future because it will be an ongoing issue for a long time and I'm going to move on to ask if we can now hear from the applicant's who's having five minutes to present to us and then across questions if Members feel they need to and
if you are you all Mr. Marks I think you just put your you're here is that right Mr. Mark welcome to the meeting thank you the agent represent year the planning agent representing the applicant tonight if that right as correct OK and what I'm going to do is give you five minutes to address the meeting I'll start timing when you start and I'll indicates a in some way I hope you all your sparks because I think I'm on the screen and graph when you go when you've got 30 seconds of that let you can take less than five minutes ago 51 and then I'll stop you when you reach five minutes and after that you could say on screen because members of the Committee might want to ask you questions about what you said in the presentation
and then pilgrimages expostulating so the flourishes
thank you
chair and members of the Committee my name Simon Marks and I'm a partner at Montague having speaking on behalf of the applicant this is a long term vacant sites suitable for mixed use development it is previously developed land in a sustainable location within walking distance of the Surrey Kazan self oversee the proposals will deliver 61 flats including 34 percent affordable housing by unit 42 per cent by habitable room weighted towards London affordable rents and providing family sized homes the commercial floor space on the ground and first floors has been designed to accommodate a range of uses allowing flexibility for market demand to dictate the occupies the significantly increases the employment floorspace and job density from that as existing the development will provide opportunities for employment through both both construction and end use phases alongside the employment floorspace all a café retail unit and I can unity space providing local amenities for the new and existing residential community
these active ground floor uses will dramatically enhance the attractiveness of the sites and improve security landscaped public open space will sit on the corner of Ballina Road alongside enhance public realm along silvered streets a financial contribution is also being secured tools lighting under the railway arch at Ballina Road further improving the security of the area
the development is of high quality architecture that has been developed in close consultation with the Council's Planning and Design officers that his own review panel and the local community the density of the site is appropriate given its sustainable location to amenities combined with the fact that impacts arising from the proposed development are limited the site is well separated from residential properties of between 16 and 18 metres following the distances of that in the adjacent housing estate
the massing of the blocks have been arranged in response to the site's context and to minimise impact to existing blocks of the sit on Seward Street a daylight sunlight analysis shows results which are similar to those found in other developments in urban locations
the high quality residential accommodation meets or exceeds the mayors minimum space standards with private and communal amenity space including dedicated place face
in respect of parking due to the accessibility of the site the scheme is proposed to be car-free except for wheelchair parking and this accords with Policy reliance on cars is reducing and we must look to how we can support sustainable travel considering the climate change emergency this is why we will also provide a hundred 48 cycle spaces as well as electric vehicle charging points and car club membership
Carfrae and promotion of sustainable modes has been supported by both the AFL and L B L highways we do understand that some local residents have concerns about the proposed development however on balance we believe the benefits of the scheme significantly outweigh any harm
these benefits include sustainable development of brownfield land housing delivery to meet London Lucian's pressing housing need delivery of affordable homes including family housing new employment floorspace which could generate up to 60 jobs in the local economy the new community space accessible to existing and new residents and public realm improvements we therefore trust that you will be able to support your officer's recommendation by granting planning permission tonight and should you have any questions myself and colleagues are enhance onsen thank you
OK that was timely indeed right I've got a question indicated from Council upon of fear and another one from Councillor Gallaher so Kevin you go first please thank you some answers very succinct which unusual that's good
My question is do with potential overheating and look in the report at paragraphs 3 3 5 which deals with the overheating risk assessment and I just want to check something he because this reminds me of a survey of a different ethnic valid but but similar in in that the issue is about a development in Blackley for many years ago and there was an overheating problem and the way to resolve that in many device was well yeah we can find reject that actually in the summer when it's gone over you have to open your window problem was was there you open your windows into one of the most polluted roads in the Borough here you open your windows and you know it's not just about the roads but you're on major train tracks I just wanna check whether you know the the measures in place will not mean that people can be having to open windows and get pollution noise or otherwise
thank you Councillor and yesterday the overheating assessment and has considered
the duality of all of those issues air quality noise clearly as well as also consideration and the scheme has been designed such that there's the ability for mechanical ventilation to to both the residential and commercial units as well so that has been factored in
into that suggestion
to at and hence therefore that there's not a reliance on the opening windows in order to to cool yet which was a keep on
OK are battling Councillor Gallaher are you yet a mere thank you the got a couple of questions first off I'm glad that that's car-free development as most of these developments are that's the way the wind is going and I think it's very important that we do that I would like to ask two questions and which will witter interlinked and one is a boy there and communal amenity space well that flip the playspace just to clarify there is some place base in block A which will be that the block that is private seal and that is that is for residence in block A and then there will be a place area for block B C and D that is shared and it's in primarily block B and C with the affordable housing will be located is that correct
yes yes but for your OK and and at can I check it mentioned apart apologies if I haven't read it properly but it mentioned that the affordable housing would be at between the second and sixth floor does that mean that it will be pepper-potted or it will be all in one block
after that visit visit mix of affordable units and promptly blocked the comprised his the run that affordable rent units within block B we have for our Intermediate youths sorry boxy we have an intermediate units OK am
rights it's it's quite a big problem for me and I am I imagine I imagine many of my colleagues on the Committee as well the and there are segregated places at what what
whilst the whole development is tenure blind and people won't be able to tell the fact is that there's a a private place area for block A and then a shared place your Surrey for block B C and D which very much it makes it more it it makes it more difficult particularly considering his very good the amount of affordable housing compared to compose affordable housing that usually comes to these committees it's very good and that's something we definitely welcome but but there are there are thirsty crucial issues with it and high high can we build next communities if we are segregating hiding in different ways that are not acceptable but maybe will be acceptable in policy terms in future
this once were point and the amenity space at the largest me and see space which is sorry the largest play space which is about 205 square metres and says blocks B C and D and so those marks including the former box actually get the better better quality can be argued both amenity space in terms of scale and place space which is obviously the right thing to do because he got family units there as well so they're more likely to want to and need to use those play spaces so I don't I don't think is segregation as was put to the detriment of the overall development would would be my response to that
Councillor Guy about place jacket approach again yellow and I I do I do I do understand that the bigger space is with a beggar blocks and not as obviously makes sense but the fact is that the residents living in the private block the block for private sale and block A have one space and the residents living in the affordable housing and some private housing all share another space I undershot we might agree disagree about this but but that is Councillor galah yes I think you put it very well I am Trapster to put it even more succinctly Longley and perhaps slightly politically incorrectly we our aim is that we want to put no barriers in the way of the rich kids being able to play with the ball kids and vice versa in the same spaces and there to be no being that the development to be blind to that the Upper Kirby for if I can reassure you and Councillor Spence as well that the larger amenity space is is not just for use by the affordable residents it is for use by private you know and and affordable residents as well so you know back to this point segregation you know don't believe we're unduly doing that as far as the question is what would a resident from blocks B C or D want to go into block A up to the roof to use that amenity space so you that that recognition I mean that might be difficult if a residence in block A can access the play space in CNBC one-day but residence and B C and D can access the PlayStation block A that's even worse than I thought
welcome but I suppose another way and other way putting this the question is will there be any physical barriers or barriers of security Stop residence of the other blocks accessing residents each block accessing the amenity spaces in the other blocks in either direction
I mean that could build could well be secure by design issues which which many preclude that I think and the residence of be seen deal would be able to use that amenity space block A we would obviously be able to use their amenity space
suddenly items Woodward would you are I'd dispose or via another way we could put it as a question is what your client subjects if we were able to draft a condition which required the the residents of all parts of the development were able to access all amenities at spaces
obviously in in a way that didn't provide security by Design to people outside the development
I bet I know that I know that your clients are on the koala's way out any if you want to dodge that by asking one of them to come in and are happy for that too but I think I think what what we're talking about here boils down to that question the only as I'm sure our officers can be by such a condition if we offered them so I mean so I suppose subject to there not being secured by Design issues you know that that we will end up you know running into an invitation management issues as well
yeah I mean if that is what I said I suppose the problem we be posing you but you're property developers you good at this and the problem we be posing use to address all of the secure by Design issues so it was private amenity space to all residents of the development but not public amenity space we get there
and also solve the problem of making all of the amenity spaces all of a shared private amenity spaces accessible in in all possible ways to all of the residents of the development regardless of their tenure we we be giving you that problem to solve but your property developers you should be good at doing that
I'm sure we shall we move to the other shop I said if it if you don't know the answer camp can I ask one of the one of your colleagues and from the applicants are coming and give us an answer question of whether they be happy for us to draft a condition with that aim was out an EIA on on the applicant thank you for giving up ginger to speak
I don't think any objective to identify which which one you are because I'd never judge James Thompson I am the applicant for another thank you some not so it I don't think we would have a an objection in the sense that it's a a deliberate act along parts of trying to cause any segregation I think the there might be slightly understand in I don't think block A have necessarily but access to Blocks B C and D that's not what we are suggesting block A of access to block A B C and D because of the survey of space in the same levels would share that space
we're at the mercy really of as opposed to the police since have secured by Design and also the housing associations in terms of the Section 1 of 6 provision as to to what their feelings in a be about contributions to Service charges on some of the private blocks if if the conditions are worded in a way that don't prohibit us from been able to satisfy all of those parties we don't have an objection to that but we don't have to blight the ability to take the scheme forward because the police or the housing associations don't like it but but we're
were willing to work with you okay well I bet my my intention would be then if we get their car I we don't who ask officers to or delegate to officers to draw the precise and carefully crafted wording of an additional condition that I don't think there is one in their proposals at the moment to us we we've that aim I am sure they understand the the aim we have which is is is very much too liberal so try and tackle those sorts of segregation and yes obviously the police would need to be involved in
devising that solution to it but bat for that are aimed so I'm I'm glad to hear you don't object to that I think we should probably move on are Councillor shape I think you'd indicates to question or have we now cannot discuss the or is it an additional question or additional or different issues that he'd like to raise it's a different area and this would say really supportive of the resolution and an and support of the the point dashing raised Ann Castle Gallagher in the way that and the resolution going forward on that and my point was on the an excuse me 5 Mr. in the papers it's just on the community as space and just wanting a little bit more information on it such as
is it just for the new incoming residents or will it be open to wide residence in the area how can they use an access the space what provisions will be there will it cost just a more information on that please because I think it could be a really fantastic utility for the community present and incoming but sometimes I think some of the details of committee spaces has meant but it that they're Barry's aren't necessary such as wanting some more if way on that please thank you pose fine young so the the community space with actually included as results for cleaning the consultation we were made aware that a couple of local spaces were actually closing down so there there would definitely be need for this talk space within the local area in terms of access to the unit it's not just for the residents of this block all the development of certainly be open to use for the wider local community that that can clear intention with regards to how that might be operated I think it's kind of early days at the moment with regards that I think there have been some initial discussions with with potential operators but as I say that their early days at this point in time so there's there's not much more information that we can give you on that again James I don't know whether there's anything else
we can add on that point thank so that we we have had initial discussions with a couple of the so that the local housing associations registered providers and as a thought that potentially it might go to whichever registered it if we're fortunate enough to be granted permission or resolution it might go to be a registered provider fully affordable housing for them to to management to
to to deal with and can I get Tosca I review have you have you already got a specific registered social housing providers signed up articulating this scheme if it goes ahead night we haven't got anyone signed up but we're in reasonably advanced talks with Lewisham homes OK that's by that that that's good to hear we will kind of have an interest in that that there again is not one we have to be clear right
yes yes yes you can yet you can tequila and Councillor was shown as indicated that he's got a question we Africans as well then after that I think I'm going to urge us to move on to the objective so Sakina go ahead thank you and I'm added if it would be helpful to defer to the expertly expertise of other Members on the Committee but I just done James thank you for the answer I guess and I just want to be conscious that which and provide a you use and that I can be obviously quite a conscious and deliberate kind of intention way of thinking about how it's as accessible as possible so I do the space would be free or deeply reduce costs making sure that the booking systems on on on lying as that can be quite an accessible but also just so that a timings make it sort of open and end usable for a wide range of diverse spectrum of people in the community I don't know if that's something that we want to put any kind of conditions on identified as appropriate
or if it could just be sort of like strongly noted and whether you are in agreement with the the turnover so that we can have some rare shots that'll be the case thank you
I don't think we could Oscar officer advice slightly later on whether it's appropriate conditions that level of detail or locks
Mr. Thompson dirty one-third with ormiston park new heights it sorry garden meant to sort of job
it was I was only signed off I I don't think we ever intended to design it with a view to it not being used I think that the aim Mr. to fritter to have as much benefit as possible for the community so I whoever ends up managing it and that's something that we are as I said we're we're progressing I think the intention would be to try and make it as usable as possible
I protect I kept Councillor Walsh I think the last lot kitchen for the African Mayor
I am very much my preference with regard to you and the new healthy broad ban I'd be very quick check of deal with three is not current broadband fee 19 with then lower the rent or the London and wanted to make sure that you have gum that an element of self and you were going through
I work with provided because you're putting a number of hours and in the area
James at a printer with that one you can answer listen I I'm not sure that's one necessarily for Arun or
it's a technical question so it's not one I have an immediate answer to our as I know just just kids that's not it's not something the their arm comfortably with or sense of besides specifically I can there I can if he could refer to the application have a look through thieve thus of the Irish guys dealt with bomb I'm not I'm not than the surly and upset sure that is so he bear with me are Aquila I don't emosh Alison Thorpe to Natalie how with this list are we're we're we're reminded by Mr. Forrester our office over the provision of broadband is he's a Building Regulations issue not a planning issue so not not something we considered but but thank you anyway for raising a Council show some of us and and me certainly think he almost goes without saying that every every residents of every business should be provided with massive massive massive fibre-optic festival the waiter a place where people want to use it but I suppose were a bit privilege do let respect and we we sometimes think it goes without saying but clearly does need saying but our officers say this is not something of planning it something for building regulations just like the plumbing in the
the electric wires being of the right capacity and so on to Councillor my architects dissent immersive same that he would here's an answer for it or how else exact information if you feel guilty on the Col law yes Peter Smith as outright OK Mr. Smith you want to just come in and tell us
Palin and can you see me Chair are yes yes we can we can you know I checked change of mind my answers actually and beaten by your own officer it's covered in Park you the building ranks so its necessity now to ensure that homes have the facility whether or not that facilities as fast as we would like well actually depend on infrastructure that the providers have in the street but one of the problems you might expect silvered is that theory quite an odd daring land particularly our side himself so none ones at the moment is going to invest in improving that because there isn't the lead on that side of the road as the dwellings come on stream there is more likely could that providers will then be trying to sell their ice failing internet and the system gets up gravy you they're not going to outcry that the wiring on the cabling fibre-optics for a vacant site which they don't know what's done happen with
the affected area I hope it's a sticky like thing just like just like public transport infrastructure isn't it I again I think I think point well noted back we we ought to move on I'm go suggests now we hear from the objector
so could we is sure that they are still properly connected to the meeting and have turned their camera Horne
this month
goody Pyramid Mr. Howe
inhibiting yeah I can I can hear you OK I'm seeing nobody who suggested they can't hear you and see you sufficiently I take as with the applicant what I'm going to do is give you up to 5 minutes to present what he wants to say to us if you do get cut off and I think they're transcripts of what you're intending say is is we've one about one or more of our officers so that we can be aware of what it was just in case that happens over a dozen obviously we're getting better at this so you seem to be able to work it so I'm going to be five minutes which will start when you when you start a rep brilliant and if you can start 5 clearly introducing yourself and saying what organisation or other people that you you are representing in what you're saying and in OK you've had that time members the Committee might want to ask questions of you as well not so are the floor is yours grieving Jenny them that the Committee and Kevin houses and as Chair of the Bermondsey South Oman as Association I am speaking on behalf of 64 local homes and over 100 local homeowners so in preface to this day we do not know who the members of the Design Panel were whether there was any local input on what grounds changes were proposed and how decisions were taken all we know is that the decisions are not responding positively to the local area which could have been prevented if we had been allowed to have some input at the early stage and it is not for the lack of trying in the seven years counting since we have all lived here we have had a good relationship with Network Rail we have discussed the future of this site on many occasions we've had numerous site walk about some of which involved local councillors and arch-foe limited so parties were aware that we were showing an active interest in the area that we were welcoming a development of the site and that we have an intricate understanding of the CIL would estate we would have wanted to contribute constructively pre-application as recommended earlier by Councillor Bernard via with a view to reaching a compromise that all sides can live with but the applicant chose to limit our involvement the bare legal necessities we were ready to compromise but this particular application one-sidedly asked for existing residents to bear a litany of negative consequences with no indication of what can be gained so from this background we would like to stress that the design is grossly negligent in that it prioritises arbitrary aesthetics massing height lay out outlook etc over issues that have a direct impact on physical and mental wellbeing such as privacy overshadowing sunlight and daylight access this is not at all in the spirit of the design led aspirations of the new London Plan with its aims to ensure quality housing for the widest possible range of citizens this development is also a landmark as a landmark character and the enormous massive it would be visible from afar and that alone is an indicated that it is out of place in still with estate and it is based on incorrect assumptions for example the density in this area the proposed density is that city centre or podium level while the Lewisham characterisation study does not identify the silt estate as such it is therefore a radical material change of character for the estate
where access to sunlight and daylight the assessment makes erroneous assumptions about the use of rooms facing so would Street and classifies living dining rooms as kitchens the applicant is attempting to play down the true composition of existing residents actual living rooms that face directly onto still Wood Street right opposite this proposed development they've conveniently worded their assessment to make it appear as if it's just bedrooms and kitchens and this is misleading I'm sure everyone here will agree that the majority of new build apartments have a built in open plan living style whereby the living room and kitchen are invariably one room which is what all us Oman as here hat I'm also sure that everyone here would agree that the very rules that people spend most of their daylight hours in when at home is the living room and kitchen loss of light and loss of privacy into these living spaces would have a detrimental impact on people's physical and mental well being and normal hung base living would become intolerable this surely cannot stand as for the transport assessment is all this is also based on incorrect assumptions and artificially leverages the PTA L to a level that does not represent lived reality which calls into question the overall density at this location and we who live here cannot comprehend how the connectivity can be classed as excellent in the briefing document there already major stresses with parking in this area because there is no CPS had in place we agree with Councillor shake that it is it unrealistic to think not just found this but frankly anyone moving in will turn up without a car this needs to be resolved and like transport the Health impact Assessment which for example make specious assumptions on safety and social cohesion the proposed business units would downgrade both aspects because shutters at ground level in a cul-de-sac would reduce the reintroduce the feeling of industrial abandonment there if we are going to regenerate areas would have surely been eliminated and that will just bring more negative social consequences as a result as for the business prospects in this location while they are worse than in comparable locations and we have good reasons to fear a repeat of the Chilterns Street disaster which is just down the road from here where all of the very similar business units are still empty after six years despite being blessed with a dedicated service road and the existence of thriving businesses next door which we don't have moreover even the applicants themselves have expressed doubts about the viability of its proposed café next to the entrance of Ballina Road there is a real danger that this development will end up with empty units again contributing to an abandoned streetscape and inviting so for decline in conclusion local homeowners believed that through a combination of non constructive and minimal engagement the very people who already live here have been left out of the loop
we believe that this development skates uncomfortably close to and invariably process the lines of planning policies and regulations we want to stress again that we are not against this area being developed for the better and we are not against this particular strip of land being developed for the better but if the applicants plans remain unchanged several aspects of this development will have the serious potential to create long-term damage to the local environment and to the detriment of existing and future residents overall we have no choice but to uphold our objections and we urged the Committee to at least a further proposal so that we can work out a compromise I close OK thank you very much that the very clear I I'm I'm going to ask officals thanking officers from the Council of the moment to comment on the point you raised I think I had bike with categorising them into been packed on the your that the current housing mainly on the opposite side of the road and as I understand it in terms of overlooking overshadowing the density of that development on the overall density at brings to the area and also the question you raise about the that the the CPS 8 which is the obviously not something we can bring in as part of this application but we can ask about
requiring this application to help fund the investigation of the CPS Ed be appropriate see the area becomes a problem and but first of all I'm just going to check if other Members Guney questions they want to ask of you to clarify anything you've said and I can't see anybody indicating in the chat window with Oman any other members
County Council of Olivier your your your wellbeing something but your neutered
sorry not yet I just wanted to hear what officers have got to say OK well in that case shall I asked one of the officers if they can respond on on those issues and say the high classified and those four headings first who who is going to do that Patricia or or Michael or somebody else
I'll I'll take it so maybe I will start with dense tree
we've looked at at a density matrix and we believe that the proposed density is appropriate for this location I the Dolev Oby slightly above what is expected for the site and a but we think that given that is a mixture of different uses and this is something that we are comfortable with it's not going significant over and side can comfortably accommodate the number of proposed Hena's commercial and residential so that is what we feel in terms of density and we don't really see as a reason to refuse an application
On the other points such as distances at from the application site to the neighbouring properties there are similar to some of this is on the Stillwater states I the the the proposed blocks had especially block B to D have been designed or they have stepped elevations to assure that there are larger distances so I'd listen to between the buildings will be 16 to 80 metres that is not unusual in this stuff urban location that'll be feigned that that's not really a reason to refuse the development and on on daylight and sunlight it unavoidable that is going to be an impact to you I'm properties are on the other side of the road currently decide to has nothing there other than the fencing around it said is always going to be an impact we have looked at the the they loosen report had been submitted and we agree with the findings of it and we believe that is not going to be an acceptable impact that a war I weren't application to be refused the details of and the findings of the reports and are in the report the squalor of different properties they it's unless you guys won't be to go into detail that I could but I think that has been covered in an officer reports and was the other point term
very badly
the issue about the parking pressure in the local area how that will be increased by an and that there is no CPS Ed controlling it at the moment whether she agreed to ask the developer of this application the make a section 1 0 6 contribution or in some other way to facilitate investigating the feasibility of a controlled Parking Zone yes say the developer will be providing contribution towards the creation and implementation of a controlled parking zone
and all future residents will be asked of the will be prevented from obtaining permits to park in their patrol parking that will be created
thank you I think I think that covers certainly there but the big sire line I can see Councillor Olivier is indicating that he does like to ask a question of the objector can
well for the occupants raised by the objector so it may even if it's something they were lifted the objector here while you do yet exactly as if it's some some Patrice could answer of properties on the applicant and it's not it's not just this that site but he did raise a concern about well you know the ground floor use for businesses cafe all that dust nearby sites where it's taking in and that's always something we're worried about that were lurk you know it would be nice to have you know nice mixed use rather than all that but what can assurances we got and I know you can't guarantee everything but what what assurances to we have maybe from the applicant that that you know you've got something in place and and what you know is as things been signed up as a conditional where are we on that
I'm happy to answer Councillor review
if you'd you'd like me to that though
so again we haven't had any sign terms with anyone but are like we've had fairly advanced talks with Lewisham homes we've also had talks with the community land trusts who are expressing interest in taking the all of the commercial space and a cafe for artists for LA a
I think it's a as supported rent artists to support of rent atá studios so that the conversations have been advanced I can't promise you that lowest that that's going to happen but we we are thinking ahead and we tried to to deal with and tackle these issues I think that is something we just caliphate an appropriate level of risk or virement there is there is always a risk in this at the moment there are bigger risk than bigger uncertainties about what going what gave that and all sorts of commercial properties for actually a prospect for erection of better than the prospect that some other parts of London
arm OK I don't see anybody else indicating they got questions either for the objector relating to the issue of the objectors raise so I'm housing now that we move on to hear from one of the Ward Councillors for the area Councillor Keller her his is in the meeting I think and what we're very prefer good record simple you've got Councillor Keller happy to start quite representing the party you represent but are not quite sure that represents right
did you have had your statements made to the Committee or or have how do you want to empower you on to help us with our how decisions tonight Councillor Keller and I didn't prepare a statement in writing and try but I do have a statement to make an I met with Mr. Howarth last year and when he expressed concerns an about the that particular area
being neglected
On and the fact each being used by some rather unsavoury elements shall we say for spurious activities what I'm and actually quite supportive of distress moment I hear all of the issues I hid concerns of my community
however I'd like my reasoning to be to be heard one is uneven and had quite extensive discussions with the applicant
I explained it to our social housing pressures
this issue with the alleyway being used inappropriately and also other developers that shall remain nameless who have I've built spaces and then not marketed them appropriately and allowed them to remain empty deliberately as we know
the applicants were actually stringy responsive when I explained the housing pressures they came back and they said well we got we will put all of our larger units or for the social housing element which I found as very generous and I gave me a promise which I believe they've shown no followed through on that they were going to actively ensure that the business faces would be occupied please excuse my cat e he's Fring social the safely
in terms of the the CPS 8 I believe that alone is to learn go through swirl strengthen the case and therefore make the tiny of the CPS said more likely and one is desperately needed in that area I've had quite a bit of casework from tenants and other residents who really struggle to park and also have other people using his basis but basically commuters so
I am in favour of this because the developer has been summoned compared to others that we've we previously discussed they actually been a joy to work with in terms of responding to the needs of the local community and really caring that the development becomes part of that community and enhances it
An undone Chair thank you
OK thank you very much thanks to cover her own I think we we get the meaning of that and it's good to know the here in the contact with both the people who get it's night and with the the Africans for this development prior I think I think we need to move towards a arriving in decision now Mr. Howarth I can see you're you're indicating with the little yellow hand things
I am not going to invite you to participate further in the meeting on the phrase and similarly I'm not going to invite the applicants in this as a point of fact that we're we're missing that they can supply
because now we need to move on to the part of the meeting where Members are committee argue amongst ourselves to liberate seek further advice from our own officers if necessary
and reached some sort of a conclusion on the proposal that Sentinus I did what I want to deal with first is I did suggest when we were talking to the African the we'll to add a condition to ensure equality of access to all of the communal private amenity space open to the Darkman and obviously that would need to work with security of the premises to non-residents by by design and and the agencies that need to be involved in that namely the Metropolitan police and can I ask one of the officers he say are comfortable with a stellar gating to them drafting me exact words of conditions were minded to agree that proposal will the other conditions it has attached to it
January can I can confirm that some officers can control of the condition along those lines and I've attempted to to do a first draft set to to see from capturing what the can are not exactly what I was hoping you might have been working on Crace OK so so I'd emphasise this is a first draft of me we'd need to check a run it by by the lawyers and make sure that it's it watertight and so I would I would still ask for officers to be delegated the detailed wording but but what Overton's it as a first draft is all of the external amenity spaces within the proposed development including the roof top amenity space on block A shall be made accessible to all residents of the entire development at all times for the duration of the development unless a report has been submitted to and approved by the Council prior to first occupation of the development detailing how such a requirement would prevent the development from achieving secured by Design certification
I hope that's that
covers the are achievable
I I think it covers what what I thought I thought I was after obviously if other Members want to come in on on that horse suggests any amendments to that
I would be if it were minded to approve recommendation I'm then went on to suggest that as an amendment to the current conditions can any I met with the prestigious expeditiously and said I will more time please
yes certainly and all the external amenity spaces within the proposed development including the roof top amenity space and block A shall be made accessible to all residents of the entire development at all times for the duration of the development unless a report has been submitted to and approved by the Council prior to first occupation of the development detailing how such a requirement would prevent the development from achieving secured by Design certification OK that's great thank you that's the that's why was after the above Acts
K and I can't I can't see any indication that any other members of the Committee of dissenting from that for elective and I am just going to remind Mr. Howe and to be the other guests we have in the meeting in his name as Lucette I think members are instructed not so
recognises as material considerations in the arguments that you contribute in the tackle on them we are asking you these not so trying use the Jackal and for that purpose because this is this not a public meeting to meeting this held in public to the extent are able to do so using the current technology under the current circumstances
there any other Members want to seek any further information from officers on any aspects of this do any Members want so make Posel the weekend we can and vote on decide on Councillor Walsh and at
however I am very happy to tell you tonight items both for and against the application with the condition that and have been agreed and however I feel that we are at the point where the two to move forward on the back for me propose accept the officer recommendation as amended OK cat councillor Councillor gun put to me where I I see I saw you indicating with the with the yellow hand things as well and Councillor Shaker Signor indication so
yesterday I agree with Councillor was to agree with the with the officers recommendation with all the condition OK and had had with the men the amended the amended condition Barise proposed yesteryear as a regime there year your seconding Council his proposal younger carry out price don't say what Councillor shake your indicating as well so let unless you were competing to second it as well where additional point you wanted to make before we motor votes
at yet it was just a small point I mean I'm I'm happy for us to broaden move to the vote I just I do want to recognise an acknowledged the comments made by the objectors both in the speech and and and otherwise of feeling like they weren't heard in the consultation and I think you know hopefully residents want you know we always welcome objectors to the committee and will was grateful to hear views of the local residents and I hope residents are hopefully aware of it we are aspiring especially now Planning Committees to ensure as much infrastructure and community engagement as possible to ensure those voices are heard and I I think from from all the information from officers from the objectors and the applicant that I saw like the Committee's moving to pay CIL we do for like this is an application that we already to vote on but that we acknowledge and recognise what's been Xherdan and thank you for coming to the Committee to contribute that
yes I mean that you have my thanks so an open fair vary but I still had to tell you off for using Jacqueline because that's the way we decided to proceed but yes we do appreciate your contributions I'm I'm sorry you don't feel you involved fully as we reminded earlier on tonight when we discussed our first item which was about how we cope with continuing surfer sue the maximum community involvement we can wait Lewisham Council as a whole values that very much indeed and sewed all of the surface involved in insisting on all of our planning committees OK are we with with that said we have a prose on the table it's been moved by Councillor Walsh to agree the officer recommendations with amended by the additional condition that I posed in draft form to which we delegate to officers the drafting a precise wording I'm happy obviously prophecies certainly that's a member of the Committee on when the Committee wants to trust me to over city that process with officers that proposal has been seconded by Councillor G earned the Dewar so we need to have a vote on it and Jasmine if you could conduct a roll call vote on LAC proposal and I'm going to ask members of the Committee to confirm first of all that they have been in contact with all of the proceedings while we were discussing this item and hearing from all the points of your next insufferably connectivity problems that stop them doing that and then say whether they agree with the proposal on the table whether they not agree with it or when they are abstaining from voting so Jasmine Figo
Councillor Bernard via How'd everts a great and had could could you just confirm first that you came sorry I didn't I didn't breach Azmi advance I was going to try to combine down to trying to had been commissioned sees so confirm that you been in contact with the main how you vote
I confirm that I have been in contact throughout the meeting and I agree with the proposal with a condition thank you Councillor born can you confirm a place and how to you vote I confirm I've been present for the whole meeting and I agree with the application with the conditions thank you Councillor Keller her can you confirm please and how do you vote I've been here for the whole and application on in favour Councillor Gibbons can you confirm please and how do you vote
yes I can confirm that the being present the entire meeting and I am voting in favour of capital shoes proposal thank you Councillor Okoh but they were held Caetani please confirm and how do you vote
kimiyo muted
under you might get hadn't confirmed and present the whole meeting and I'm voting for the application thank you can't Cilip assure can you please confirm and how do you vote yes I've been I've been here all the time and I by through Councillor shake can you please confirm and how do you vote
I can confirm by being present for this entire agenda item and had all the information and no loss of connection and I vote in favour of the proposal with the amendment thank you thank you Councillor was can you please confirm and how do you vote I overheard of dinner tonight and are that in favour of purple light payment
shared the result is the proposal with recommendations unanimously agreed for 30 thank you OK well 5 permission has been granted with the amendment of the addition of that condition to all the other conditions recommended in the principal fire officers you have your planning permission I hope it he turns out to be as neighbourly as you hope it is and out funding offers hope it is that concludes tonight's meeting thank you all very much thank you members thank you officers thank you back room officers who been supporting us and thank you in particular pull the external participants who had been helping us to reach that decision I know they're not always the decisions that everybody wants that's why somebody has to make them
but that's what we do for local son forbade OK are so thank you that that concludes the meeting shallow is EeePad turn off the webcast please then we