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Overview and Scrutiny Business Panel
Tuesday, 13th October 2020 at 7:05pm 









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2 Declarations of Interests
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6 Decisions Made by Mayor on 7 October 2020 - open session
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6 Decisions Made by Mayor on 7 October 2020 - open session
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4 Update on temporary measures to support safer walking and cycling in response to the COVID 19 pandemic [Report to Follow]
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2 Declarations of Interests
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3 Scrutiny of the Council's Covid-19 Response - Update Report
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6 Decisions Made by Mayor on 7 October 2020 - open session
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7 Scrutiny Update Report
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go to all listeners and viewers and hopefully hundreds of building up visits committee meeting goes forth are joining us this is the overview and scrutiny education business Panel my name is Bill Brown I'm chaired of the overview and scrutiny education business on behalf yet tonight with us Councillor members of the Panel and also co-opted members are parent governors and Iestyn representative for the Catholic Diocese as a welcome everyone we ha there's some apologies at first if I can just stay it from Councillor current and we have some apologies for lateness from Councillor Muldoon
what I'd like to do at this point
as to formally closed that session of the Education business Panel Judah constitution and procedures what we need to do is to close this one down quickly Auburn business Panel which is Juncker started five or seven and close that down and we start with the full business of the Education business below
so when officers will correct me if I'm wrong please John joined in in any point so would like those formally closed education business Panel adjourn it sorry form your journey to the main business panel which I'm going now I'm opening the main business panel
for them quickly adjourning it
and we will go back into the Education business Panel so unless I get a message from an officer that ended assuming further on that then I'll take that that that's what we've done OK I see no indication so welcome back to the Education business panel at first item is minutes or do any members of the Panel have any items 1 to raise with regards to the minutes of the previous Education business panel

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there are also way colleagues are reading those ministers to deliberate housekeeping so when you contracts for the first time this can be true yourself please so residents under this no who be all on if you do want to ask a question if we use the chat facility rather than the hands up for some Penge about because everybody on the camera so if that clear do we have any matters arising from the minutes

2 Declarations of Interests

and we have no that's the message from peppered as cool so there's nothing up arising from the minutes but fine next item declaration of interest of any members of the committee have any interest to declare with regards to tonight's business
I'm not seeing any messages or take that as no excellent when I come to item 3 which is the decisions made by Mayor and Cabinet on the 7th October 2 thousand this will fall into two sessions this evening the first would be an open session and then we will close the webcast and go into a closed session

6 Decisions Made by Mayor on 7 October 2020 - open session

so the two items in open session a school being provision and green-veined school expansion project following office as we half Pinnock a go-shop those Executive Director of children young people we have Matthew Honeyghan I believe correct me if I'm wrong when you come on Matthew of Apollo second correctly had of business infrastructure compliance in education operations Fiona garden estate management and contract Manager in from the continent we have Councillor Chris Bonello's the cabinet member responsible for schools performance and children services the first item pursuing meanings provision as ever at this point I would ask officers if you have any comments or clarifications to say before would open it up to members of the Panel to ask questions so if I go to Pilic you first of some of the officers could indicate to me that do want to open up the conversation first
we will pause to give them time to indicate
it doesn't look like that LO sorry
I missed that could you say that again I do thank you card and I was reading my papers no problem look I was lucky it wasn't even standard or some such paper I'm giving the opportunity for officers were only item a school meal provision if those of the open ATMs and given the option to officers if they wish to open this item with any points or comments to make officers have not indicated that I can see so what alter what this point is as Councillor sober was the caddie the going to say cabinet member for slip promoted yet look is the panel member who asked for this data to be put on our don't milk Councillor sober to start off this discussion and ask questions thank you
thank you Chair
in order to
explain the reasons I've requested this item I will need to comment on the current performance of Chartwells in delivering school meals and I wish to know if I may be candid in open session chair
thank you know I'm always for candour openness and transparency what I would ask is it's the any comment or advice that would like to be put forth by the legal officer who is with us tonight
On the question the Chair I think any common this is fair comment is is is is good enough and but one cannot go in to issues concerning contractual matters as you know but feedback for example from members of the community from users of the service all of those sorts of issues can be aired as long as it's fair comment and maybe taken forward elsewhere to be looked at separately
Boucher Gina before you come in accordion look there what I would say is I mean that's helpful but it gets basically judgement call from what what they enthralled isn't it as we know so you have the right to ask any question you want and it's down to officers to decide out answer it and we can judge it on each one if we're happy or are satisfied with the situation if that's not nothing to church with all the comments and an refer to with those that were written in in answers to my questions and in a report that came to this very Panel a few months ago so
but they do
they do evaluate the performance of our current contract holder so I'll start and then you know I got a guide me so this is a 48 million pound contract of very very large one and and although the paper refers to the fact that the cost of the contract is fully met by the schools of course the the dedicated schools Grant is actually paid
5 defeat to the council and then allocate the schools via a formula agreed schools forum and of course regardless of the technicalities it's it's public money which is why I I feel obliged to bring it turned to bring it here
the existing contract has had sort of well reported
criticisms the there have been several months of failure to deliver which have resulted in maximum penalties that are included in the contract and indeed 38 percent of schools so that didn't want the contract extended and the price per meal has gone up 15 percent so that's the background and my I do understand why the in house model was rejected in order to have an in-house model that managed by the Council would have to create an active management which is expensive
and the schools are understandably reluctant to take on management themselves because they are incredibly busy with a great number of responsibilities
My question is when we do find a a provider for this very very important contract in a year in which
free schools meals
and food poverty has been highlighted you know nationally
how can we ensure that the the quality and value for money of the contract when it is awarded how can we ensure that it is maintained over is quite a long period do we have the monitoring facility do we have the skills do we have the powers to make sure that whoever wins his contract given that we're not going to deliver it
it's not only giving value for money to Lucian residents whose money we hold in trust for also the best possible service to Lewisham children
thank you I haven't seen a indicator there are indications them from colleagues and just double check if not it will put it to go she by the way it remained the colleagues about reductions that was Costa looks over chair of the children and Young people select committee thank you go she beds panicky please
thank you Chair I do have to colleagues who can provide more specific responses but just in terms of the general point I've also heard some concerns around the previous arrangements we would want to ensure that the specifications very very clear in terms of quality and and particularly keen to ensure that we have a good close working relationship with our public Health colleagues in terms of the nutritional quality of the food that's being provided and would want schools to be engaged throughout the process both in terms of Our distant making decisions around the contract specification but also in terms of monitoring the quality of to delivery of the service going going forward it gives me to comment on kind of what happened previously but of going forward
I absolutely agree that we need to very very clear can mechanisms in place to monitor quality of delivery and if that is not good enough and we need to have mechanisms for breaking the contract or ceasing the contract with whoever the provider should be but I think the key point is going to be the procurement process and the quality indicators that we developed as part of the procurement process
thanks Pilecki go any other officers wish to comment at this point
it looked you wonder heavily response any further comment though if you want to hang on a moment Councillor Millbank you ask your question first may look at that thank you Chair I was going ask my question it's to do on point 3 point 5 which is about making Lewisham greener and it implies that more could be done with the new contract in terms of improving food Providence and efficient transport things like that I just wondered if officers have indeed put extra F for in terms of the new contract going forward into the whole stuff that helps us make Lewisham greener and actually provides better locally sourced food for our young people thank you thank John well let office that come in an answer that question first that'll be Fiona
estate management and contract manager you'll know Gavin will give Juno Mormon come on screen etc. I'm here and I feel that we are waiting for man can the to approve before we go forward with any procurement but it is our intention that we will set up focused through the am any Members of course are welcome to join that growth if they have an interest in and seeing the service develop and go forward in an improved way but we'll certainly looking for school governors and school leaders take part in that focused growth and the we that an of contact of there's not Trinity to review the cut the current specification and put right some of the things that we think me don't work so well and and was the ENO there is some negative feedback on the current performance I will just say that that does very much there from school to school in their articles of course who are in his contract at the moment you are extremely happy with the level of service and I think sometimes that does come down to the unit manager
as each individual school but it's long been recognised that the management structure above those senior managers has been a little thin on the ground and that's something that we would look to rectify with an improved education and added to that of course you're right Councillor mill back we would be looking to fit in or improve the provenance and we currently have neat clean Mondays food standards doing this that we have three or more day where we provided protein sure meal and of course we will we will look therefore to move to me to meat free days and they'll deliver it you know an advertising an attractive service to parents to buy into again we've been doing little research on how food providers can provide contact with more locally sourced and projects and I think it's entirely possible to put that into the specification and certainly something that we'll be looking favourably on we evaluate tenders of the no that'll be transparent obviously that an
we would like to see the local economy around here boosted and we would like to see good quality food brought in as low as possible meeting the councils and corporate priorities when it comes to the agreeing objectives and again there is some improvement that can be made in the type of transport there's not an awful of transport in the catering contract could obviously most things are based on site but there's a little bit and I think we could look at how we transport projects around
well it's required and how I thought of area managers get from site to site and I think there's definitely some improvements could be made there and but as I say it's an opportunity to compete the rewrite the specification and and I think we're not interest in that focused group will be able to answer all of those concerns and queries and definitely onwards and upwards where they're going forward it's impossible to say exactly how and cheaper expensive tenders will come in that that's depends on the effect of course and of course the market is a little uncertain going back to Councillor solders question and you know I have faith in my team I've got very experienced team below me you are who you know do the monitoring and and do the visits and adviser on on menus etc and and those obviously be retained it's a small team but still the those a great deal of expertise there that I have I have active fading and as I said I'm hoping that we will be able to deliver a much improved contract going forward
hence Fiona a gay college showbags Millbank or any other colleagues on ask me questions would like to don't saw before the college's welcome Clive Casey one of the co-operative members who joined us welcome Clive sank you notice not it all thanks for joining us occultist overcomes the look of the Act concerning become nothing any indications
just a couple of from Meghalaya please yeah I welcome fairness comments first that the the hard worker team delivers on I have no doubt that is correct and also how important the specification is I just want to share with decision makers officers I know the Cabinet Members here that term some concerns that have risen and partly because of our history with our leisure services contract so presumably when that contract was made things looked great at the procurement stage but over the period of time if a contract is not adequately manage this possible for things to fall now
I'm if you want to make the punches a very good team are quite small team but one of the way one of the reasons we find ourselves out sourcing is because we don't have
in this particular case we wouldn't have the capacity without buying attain to manage the service ourselves
but some of the providers what they do is in order to compete on price they don't have their own internal they don't have sufficient internal management themselves to check on all the outlets that deliver their service so when you talk to the Regional Director and they saw really sorry this is happening I had no idea and they go down the line there isn't someone there to make that quality control and so we were it's a bit of a dilemma we can't afford to do it ourselves we have to in the way we have the Trust who we procure to to do it for us and I just wanted to raise that so that when Procurement when the tenders are examined that we're looking at what's is likely to look like not just next term but 5 years from now and and that's that's really I just wanted to I'm asking for refer anything I just wanted to put those thoughts you know in front of the Committee and those who are attending our Committee Chair
thanks look to any officers that feel able to say the career Scheuer Councillor so about and other colleagues on the points that is raised I want to say I agree with you entirely councillors or that and and this is one of the towns of the contact management and of course are trying to balance pride and affordability with a sufficient structure to make sure that things Runwell and run smoothly my team is small and
you know the client and function shouldn't require as much resources as I feel it does currently at I think we get very very involved sometimes in the day-to-day running and especially in this current Code that situation and not understand or you know I've had mighty mouse trying to make arrangements for delivering to Clapham it's been very challenging and tried to now deliver food parcels and co-ordinate bat responses well for free school meal eligible children you are who are self-isolating so you know we do have these challenges but I do agree with you you know I I make no secret with the Contractor that I have been a little disappointed at the robustness of that that kind of middle management team and certainly something I will be looking to rectify of if they are compare with colleagues and Jonatan Beagle to see exactly what we can put in place to make that more vast but an it's certainly something I will be hoping to address and going forward
Exe Fiona thanks look clearly it's an issue that Wall looking at and I know obviously be copies into that and they will do the best job the can't we want to do everything we can to help them achieve that I'll close this item on the super school meals provision and not mean to go to the next item which is the Green View Greenvale school expansion projects which again is from being cabinet decisions
again I'll give the option to any officers who are here tonight for the Satan will wish to make any comment or points before open it up to members of the Panel you know how to respond in the message section it doesn't seem to be so again what we'll do here is this 8 m was asked to be put on the agenda by Councillor sober so we let their look start off the question and answers look or thank teacher for you you would have noticed a theme running through the two items I've I've asked to come here and the theme is financial management and
I make no apologies for making that the the focus of my reason thinking given the financial stabilisation report and the extra diligence that we have to place a chair the comments I would like to make because the report is in two parts
they they refer to Part 2 which is it is contractual and normally heard in closed sessions so I'll wait until that session in order to make her contribution Chair
thanks look to any other members of the Panel have any questions or comments punch of LAC wanted clarification this will be the opportunity if not and I don't see any indications what we will do now is that what I will do as referred to legal officer I had to explain item 4 which is exclusion of Press and public and Georgina please
I'm sorry Chair
understood there wasn't any exclusion tonight are right well there just for for all our listeners and viewers and members of the Panel there is there will now be a date and for which his the call for exclusion of present public and item 5 as the closed part of the Greenville school expansion project and I can explain that briefly is that it's a if it is a matter which falls within
confidential issues relating to contractual and other matters which should not be discussing public then clearly it is within the close Panel but I'm I do apologise I understood that I had did inquire earlier and I was told there weren't any issues that they
what is that's been explained to any viewers and listeners the reason why saw what we will now go in a moment is go into closed session which means you will stop the webcast but if I can point out to any residents except for listing in once we have completed this item which is the final item of the education business Panel we will then go public again with opening and carrying out the full meeting of the Full business panel
I can't give an exact time but the webcast will be open and tell you that if you're patient the full business Panel will come back on so Kevin on OK technician if you let me know when the webcast as ended will do the closed session thank you

6 Decisions Made by Mayor on 7 October 2020 - open session

thank you welcome back for those who tuned in earlier to the for Overview and Scrutiny business Panel of Lewisham council I'm Bill Brown chair of the panel we have interesting meeting tonight and apologies for those who have been waiting first return what we have if colleagues will bear with me
as for the agenda for tonight

1 Minutes

is minutes Declaration of interests scrutiny of the Council's report encored to cook uncovered response update on the traffic air changes currently within the Borough Key decision plan and then decision speed by Mayor and Cabinet were proposed to do is to before we begin the meeting just make a quick a quick statement on the item 4 update on temporary measures to support the if I walking and cycling in response to the corvid Naveen pandemic if residents have join does to hear that report this report is now going to be taken at the next meeting of the business panel which is on the 11th of November those eagle eye to be following the key decision plan 8 and will see that it is in there
to be presented to us then

4 Update on temporary measures to support safer walking and cycling in response to the COVID 19 pandemic [Report to Follow]

residents will know that the been statements in the media from the man with regards to this issue and things are still been organised and so we accepted that we will wait until November in that report which will be getting in November that update we will expect to see the changes that would have been decided by that time and the rationale

1 Minutes

and the data that these decisions are being made with and also some details of the consultation process I will take the Council will be consulting with residents on these issues going forward so again apologies to residents and anyone else listening in watching for that item but we will be expecting a comprehensive report at the next meeting with all the details of the opiate with but without Papillote allowance aside what I'd like to do now is to build 8 and one which is the minutes fill any colleagues have any items or pounds to raise from the minutes please indicate in the normal way which is in the chat function

2 Declarations of Interests

and please introduce yourself as ever when you first addressed the meeting I see no indications for good item 2 which is declarations of interest to any members of the Panel have any declarations to declare with regards to night tonight items
I say an indication I have Councillor Millbank
well as ever chair I'm not sure if it's going to come up in the next item I just like to declare that I am a member of the Lewisham local collaborative which is part solutions community response thank you the thank U Jul
failure to meet

3 Scrutiny of the Council's Covid-19 Response - Update Report

thank you Vice Chair quick very quick to the drill thank you very much her as just saying to myself as it turned out that before we go on to the next item and I just want to say again we have Council occurrence apologies are recorded in the education business Panel or for this meeting to so item 3 is the scrutiny of the Council's COVID-19 response update report we have route Wilkinson Director public services here to address that report as ever route I give you an opportunity as any pounds anyone a highlight on anything has changed since the last report that you want to put your debtors with before open the report to members for questions so all and weightlessly Brown indicates that he wants to say anything if he doesn't that's fine we just give adamant I'll yet
over to you rather thank you and so just stingy support and then take questions the report and provides a further update on the current position and and provide some more information in response to the previous request for data at the last meeting is quite a brief update this time as it was only a couple of weeks since we last comb and updated your response arrangement which as you can you action now or up and running I just draw your attention to a few key points in this report last on my brief due that we just updated are response strategy and objectives and the latest version of that is now in the reporting in section 5 and then moving on to section 6 of the report this provides some of those very specific monthly information I was talking about last time
one of the key figures to highlight is the 17 fiction rate per 100 thousand people there in early September you see this was below 10 today it's at 73 and some of London is actually now over a hundred that's mainly North East London boroughs and that graph at 6 point 5 2 shows the rate of increase so this is the second wave now taking place as moving on to some of the other data in the report over the last six weeks the majority of cases of Benin people between the ages of 18 and 64 but what we are starting to see now is some of the older age groups proportion of cases growing looking at the ethnic origin of those affected again over the last six eats the the number of
those of Black ethnic origin appear to be decreasing in terms of cases and increasing in those of Wyre origin but six weeks is quite short periods be looking at so it's really too early to draw any conclusions from that
the report does show the number of deaths in Lewisham as result of covert Cyfartha update on ones we provided before and it's that ONS data and that shows we are the levels piste in London as regards deaths at then report just gives a breakdown of some information into when those deaths curd and also those in care homes the graph below shows that vision of the 7th lowest rate of care home deaths in London
when you compare on a like-for-like basis last time there were some questions around the discharge of positive cases into care homes
I'm so and today I just mentioned this we got a letter from the Department of Health and social Care regarding the discharge of positive cases in 2 from hospitals into care homes and a way now required to designate care homes and they need to be checked by the Care Quality Commission to ensure that those care homes that we designate about the right infection control measures in place and will he tell at least warn of those by the end of this month so Catherine there directory public health and her team are working on this as the policy develops and say That's hot off the press that came into day so I hope that quick run-throughs helpful having to take questions on that
thanks route I have got comfortable back and brought before them about current calling your patience customers' bank first adversely to make a couple of comments on the report and thanks for the report Ralph I just like to note the worrying increase what you fly like it which all aware of and it worrying and the financial knock on effect to the CofE so further on the work that we'll be doing rightly sought to protect vulnerable residents
I just wanted to on behalf of the business panel make sure that thanks go back to as staff at all levels dealing with critical services and beyond because that's they're the people we're Duerden FILLIN it a sort to speak so it is what it had to know that and then my question is
around enforcement we've seen the media in the major air with parking Dagnam Council taking enforcement notices to supermarkets etc and the response of the relevant government department to the council as far as media rare reporting goals and SNC back off I had comments and concerns from local residents with regards to things like
the shopping centre beggars supermarkets staff skewed gods not following social distancing not wearing a mask now if you'll indulge me that Barking Dagenham aspect that is to clarify was trying to get supermarkets to say the customers where your mask does social distancing etc if we put that aside the comments around getting from Lewisham residents is not even to that extent but if the cute gods in shopping centres aren't wearing masks or one mostly it's wearing masks under the chin and fully wearing them if staff members are wearing masks but not actually wearing them etc then you know that's an important example that's not been set by people in EMI questionnaires without background is where do we sit with enforcement was Lucian Council do we know what you're comment on on that kind of issue a poor level and that an extended to a London level if there's any plans to do anything a knocking division and on not I will now ask Councillors Millbank and Councillor Davies to ask further questions jaunt please thank you Chair I just want us I should point that isn't in here I think it's mentioned in the last report because as you say it wasn't that known sense we had the report if just around dump the Community Champions I don't know if you got detail if you haven't got it to hand it that could be so I just wondered how many we've managed to recruit I think if I recall correctly was part of our strategy so that we could in short the infamous accurate information get round various community I just be interested to know thank you very much thanks John Councillor David please
thanks Chair and I just wanted to clarify a point around the number of deaths and because when I was reading the report I think paragraph 6 point 16 this since the 14th August until the 25th September there were no desperate COVID-19 in the borough but I seem to remember from the previous meeting we had being told of two recent deaths being reported so are checked the minutes and the minutes of the last meeting say that they were no Decis July until last Friday of the previous Meeting so that's the end of September when two were reported so I just wanted to check a couple of things is it a lags basically they they were own reported at that point they occurred at the start of August and that's kind of how that's where the just crap discrepancy or apparent discrepancy seems to be and then just another point it might be my misreading but in so in that in the minutes of the previous report we say that the total is now so the two deaths bring the total to 264 since the start of the outbreak
and in this current report its 293 from the start of the outbreak so I just wanted to kind of reconcile those figures that was my first question and in the second question was on test and trace and just wanting an update on how that's going particularly I don't know whether we have figures because of the number of people who have downloaded the app locally and also an update on I know this they were concerned previously in terms of the low number of people who are providing their contacts when they were contacted by Estyn trace and whether that's we've maestro increase that or thank you
thanks Dorothy round before you answer that I have only got Council accord waiting so I know you can't be with their shall as Councillor cards asked his question first then L B over to you thank you very much
thank you Chair remains very simple because I was going to ask about test and trace but Sophie's us that but can it was me who asked the question by care homes last time Ralph than you said then that said we were good after designate occur her we didn't quite say to do what I think you meant we will designate a care home that is capable of taking at taking gum covert positive cases
so I just wanted to check that's what you meant thank you
thank Pat thank you Ralph so I come back on all that OK impairment of enforcement so we have teams of officers working with the police jointly to carry out enforcement activity across the Borough most recently they've been focused on the telecast curfew which is where we've had to target a lot of our efforts and to their working till two o'clock in the morning to make sure that those businesses comply and what we've seen is good compliance there have been some premises that have gone past 10 o'clock but when it's been raised with them they have stood to things out and there's also need a bit of misunderstanding around the rules and the fact that only a takeaway can go on beyond and issues like that so they've that sort of enforcement has been very much in education first and force last time approach and the police have taken that approach as well so that's been going well I think you highlight an issue which is are common across the country really in that
people are taking the seriousness of this in different ways some people are wearing their face masks keeping their distance when they're queueing it a neat orderly in their respecting all of the requests the be made of them by the government in terms of the rules and by premises like shops in that when they're in them unfortunately not everybody is one of the issues we've got is we just simply do not have enough people to go around and do this enforcement
are we have looked at this issue of covert Marshall's now we have got an equivalent of covert Marshall's that operate in the parks and open spaces and have been since the start of the pandemic and that's worked really well we are nervous about
looking for people to do that in great numbers and in the sorts of venues where as she could be quite difficult and quite confrontational so the approach we are taking is where we hear of issues and non-compliance we will work with the police to try and deal with those and there is a police presence in the shopping centre and in some of these hot spot areas the reality is there as soon as their police person goes round the corner and that face mask is off again or the curious disorderly so with we doing our best there nothing is going to be a best endeavours approach we are trying our utmost to communicate this out and that's what to leads me on to the next part which is around the Community Champions so the idea of the Community Champions is too it's really come from lessons learnt elsewhere in the country that the best way to get messages across the public health measures across his to communicate in language people understand and particularly in Ibarra like ours
we need to tried and communicate in ways people will understand with our communities so we got the Community Champions that's up and running there are 58 Community Champions so far and that recruitment is ongoing their aim is to sort of be trusted spokespeople in McKinty relaying those health messages in a language people understand and will hopefully follow those Committee Champions being kept up to day by webinars there's been more webinar so far and weekly e-mails of key information we need to share with the communities in those e-mails got if the Tuesday in the second one went to day so that that's the can into Champions in terms of the death figures so firstly on the the the to and so what's happening is occasionally a death registration will get recorded that should have happened some time ago so it's a it's an update of the death that happened some time ago to that's those two so
what we have seen is over the summer the number of deaths reduce right down and at the end of July I think it's Ng lie right the way through accept any went through a period with with no desk sadly the beginning to pick up again at this big difference between the 2 6 4 and the to 90 is the difference mentioned in the report of the ONS figures which are the public figures that are the ones that absolutelys everybody verses are local registration office figures now the reason for the difference between the two is that the ONS figures are picking up the deaths of all our residents wherever they are
where was our Registration Office figures are picking up the ones of the was at dying Novarra so there's a difference there in that data the ONS figures of the public figures and the ones that we will go by they have a lag in time those a couple of weeks' time like on those so sometimes are update of registration of his figures just so people are aware of the update position as we know it from our registration office
and then that's the final point on the so not Fine Point actually on the test and trace so I don't have the number of downloads for people in the Borough where promoting it heavily across all of our communication channels in terms of test and trace we are running at the moment about an 83 percent success rate that's the national tested trace the National Health Service to trace what we have chosen to do locally it's supplement that with a local test and trace programme so you may remember at the last meeting I talked about our covert action Team we are deploying staff into that Kobe action Team we're looking still a total of 35 that will cover this test and trace locally I think word about 20 at the moment and they're going through training and then they will be doing that local test and trace where the national scheme hasn't been able to achieve a full hundred percent as they'll pick up those hard cases and they will follow through on those Hokayem years so I when they go live which would be the next week or so will start see that 83 percent increase and they want in that very closely
and then that the final point yes sorry I'd perhaps didn't explain very clearly we will need to designate a care home that the Care Quality Commission will have checks that is in a fit state to manage positive cases and key kick them say Kate the staff safe and anybody else saved that my be at that care home at that time no easy ask and our challenge is to to get at least one in place by the end of the month and this obviously follows on from the Learning in the first wave and some of the trudged tragic desolate that we heard about there
thanks route unless colleagues come back I think those questions one said by Ralph I don't see any other indications from any colleagues with any questions or comments etc so I'll close the sighter they thanks to route and until next time

5 Key Decision Plan

and they're taking thanks route so we are not an item 4 as previously pointed out become back to 5 which is a key decision plan this is the opportunity for colleagues in business Panel and elsewhere to see what Pietersen's are coming up in use it is enough or add awaited him pre decision scrutiny and engage before decision is made Kevin fly the census out to all Councillors and we now have as we know the brief summary of the more slams the closest that line we half a-knocking decision plan out point out as I mentioned earlier the Overview and Scrutiny business Panel which is very rare and it's relates to the fact of the confirmation of the traffic of it coming to us on that meeting as part of the key decision plan and personally and I'm looking at Councillor Katja and Bill that colleagues will bear no Ladywell counselling be interested in the items about Neil place and the Ladywell leisure center site what's going to be happening there in and or Councillor Carden others will be as an example
do any colleagues have any questions on this item for Committee Clerk House Councillor Italy Kevin Kevin flighty I don't see any indications have been ready but it comes to Millbank John please
thank you Chair and well an observation some of our cabinet colleagues will be very busy at the next meeting I just wanted to pick up the one on the adoption of homelessness and rough sleeping strategy my I think and White Sign well I suppose what I wanted to know is this going to be tempted to take in the current situation in which we find ourselves because it talks about being the strategy for 20 22 which I understand and I know we've done this before but given the particular circumstance which we find ourselves in is that going to form part of that
chess farmers are now the let's commission had from Housing officers was it was their intention to combine the two reports into one overarching report alone and the Housing Strategy OK we give me an assurance that it will be seen as soon as much as services to homeless people wouldn't be withdrawn while the strategy was being considered

6 Decisions Made by Mayor on 7 October 2020 - open session

thanks Kevin John if there are any specific policy questions then you know let us know and as business patently a cabins good offices we will pass that on to the relevant Housing officers and get get answers you know a in between meetings so ill-equipped for colleagues obviously for all issues every copy with an answer and is no other questions we will go on to the next item thank heaven Claire the next item is 16th May by men covenants on the October often well there are no items that have been asked to be discussed so that's that item batting is onto item 7 NI update report where we would normally half the at Work Programme is the work programme item

7 Scrutiny Update Report

only option for the site of the shoulders and often in very well at the moment so when I'm sure her colleagues will pass on our good wishes air to Charlotte and got Selina Mulhern whose covering a chance at any questions but I can just clarify slightly on unveiling will be clearer as as we go forward and this is as traditionally the work programme item as any issue to discuss with regards to work programme and commit that of the scrutiny committees but it's also as we know and opportunity for Chairs of Committees if they so wish that they haven't 8 m where they can raise issues pound out things of interest or one of it may be that the thing they should raise the full business Panel so that's what that 8 m will be going forward
On that basis I will give any air of opportunity of any chair of committee if they do so so wish I have an indication from Councillor Muldoon and if it's clear that change if they would wish to indicate now and I'll call on John in the meantime John please thank you Chair and the Committee had not met since the last meeting of this are visible however we did make a referral to Mayor and Cabinet last to Whedon's day I'm essentially saying that the Committee believed at the to test and trace would better our conducted locally by look properly resourced local government rather than by central and low on Sunday on The Andrew Marr Show the other secretary of State for itself G Székely much the same that local government was best place his Pursley to track and face hard to reach communities so our members all of hers it's are here first and other week
we are having on our agenda planning meeting on Friday if Members are business Panel or arm arm members of public have any items any suggestions of the Committee could incorporating a work programme pleased in his data contact either myself or discreetly manage John pardons and as I said the last time at I'm November meeting of the Committee we will be looking at the actually sat his lung applicable commissioning groups at re-letting of the pathology contract would be having a report on that although our powers are to overturn that decision are are some are constrained by legislation that I conclude my report thank each and end and what you said at the end that sadly it can be used in so many situations in local government we are constrained by the legislation of what we want to do here but I'll also as to pathological brothers gonna say we always know the post of Lewisham bareheaded communities select committee goes PFI's heard far and wide even as the last of dormant level I don't see any of requests by chairs so what I'd like to do is to Fanck Jasmine Kevin Shamil and all officers of taking part tonight thank you to all members of the business Panel all Councillors guest Councillors and anyone still watching from the Education business panel at those members to I'd like the fact any members of the public the press of listened en and see if they can this four-horse race I can see everyone is just waiting for me so the fire the starting gun so to speak so on that basis I'd like to end the meeting can I thank you for coming and the night thank you