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Local Democracy Working Group
Wednesday, 23rd September 2020 at 7:30pm 









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1 Minutes Of The Meeting Held On 12 February 2020
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2 Declarations Of Interest
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4 Theme 1: Openness & Transparency
5 Theme 2: Public Involvement In Decisions
6 Theme 3: Effective Decision-Making

great thank you and good evening everyone and welcome to the first of virtual meeting of the local democracy working Group are first meeting since the pandemic occurred in March just to confirmed that there's Moxey working group was are asked by the full Council to continue its work which was interrupted by the pandemic and we have new terms of reference which will come to shortly
want to welcome everybody who's after the meeting members officers and Ebadi's attending virtually and also to say hello to everybody who's watching and I hope there's a record for people who can always feed back to us with their comments in and time bomb OK in terms of the the meeting going ahead I just want to make sure that everyone has access to the agenda and people in the meeting can let me know in the chat function to I can see if there are any issues either with comments on that document so assume everything is fine and go forward into the agenda itself
OK I see in terms of to the grander the virtual table in terms of members of tonight pits cabana via Chair of the the working group and going round the table can I just if I go round the table and then each Member can just confirmed their attendance here so I I can see Patrick card
yeah yeah thank you Colin earlier
Chris best
I present and law of Fermanagh means list as Ivana Keller
he added
thank you Silvana I also have in the virtual audience as it were Councillor Bill Brown and officers rather than Jeffrey symbol hair and so keep in jail and James with feel this kindly doing the webcast for a so thank you already fear fear attendance this evening in terms of bit of housekeeping for virtual meeting if for whatever reason the connection has lost and webcast is not available then we will endeavour to reconvene his meeting within 15 minutes if that is not possible then a please everybody considers meeting adjourned and a new date will be convened so that we can continue with the meeting just want to check that's Gribble and moving onto the agenda itself so I've now got rods Jeffrey is now into the meeting so Ross can you confirm that do we have any apologies for this evening

1 Minutes Of The Meeting Held On 12 February 2020

anthologies and Councillor Campbell and I also understand from Councillor Sophie Davis that she's running late but it's hoping to join us otherwise I believe all other Members are present moving on to minutes of the meeting held on the 12th February while ago now hope all members of the chance to look at those minutes reviewed them and if you have please confirm your agreement
thank you grieve thank you

2 Declarations Of Interest

3 Delivering The Recommendations Of The Local Democracy Review - Current Position & Next Steps

and and do any Members have any person interests at which they need to declare on any items on the agenda and I will take this if I don't see anything then I'll assume that there are none OK on that basis let's get to stand out of business on the agenda and Ross if you could to item 3 delivering the recommendations of the Local democracy review where we are and the proposed next steps Ross
and I understand that a copy of the report would you like me to share my screen with the PowerPoint thick thick showing scream not be would be quite helpful actually be helpful so anybody who's watching this so yet that would be great thanks once again
punishes not let me share my screen at the moment OK
but he on
can if we want to see that yeah yeah
and I guess the ABS's deploys really just to summarise the work that was undertaken to the Leader recommendations up until March 20 20 and fired South Awarey where the composition is and face next steps the waking up until January 20 21 so this slide sets out the review timeline so Froome their initiation review in July 2 thousand 18 through the evidence gathering in the development of report and recommendations 20 which the report and recommendations were agreed by marrying have an Full Council in April 2 thousand 19 I just highlighted the terms of reference here of the three are overarching themes of the Review so Bettison transparency public involved in decisions and effective decision making
and the first recommendation of the working group was there the waggishly retained to deliver the recommendations oversee the delivery of the recommendations six Members who be part of the review previously were joined by two new councillors
in terms of the delivery approach that was agreed in May 2 thousand 19 the first meeting of the retained grave are just highlight up to key point so the VSO recommendations were categorised and aid the Metoc areas which she can see in the boxes on the screen now am each member of the working group matches as their L D W G champion for one of those thematic areas and led a wet of the recommendations to meetings and officers across the Council support them on that work and the next next I 2 sets out the governance structure for the delivered recommendations so regular public meetings wherever for updates reports were presented and oxi offices once a progress through a work programme in a programme plan and just to quickly go through some of the key achievements up until March 20 20 across each of the three over arching things so the first the ran over his transparencies so the was some in-depth research and editor report which outlined options for cancer wide open day to approach his previous made to these of online communications which is in the next agenda items own goal and then too much detail and instruct a webcast to full Council meetings and the instruction of the advent of any report in play and Pratchett guidance around report writing terms of public involvement so his improvements made to the process for constant presence rank on Station so closing the loop residents who had participated consultations and reviewing the pressure on communication and broader communication with younger and older residents in the borough which is on the agenda as items are we going to that too much detail the valuation of the various new models of existing models that we could potentially explore so people's penances this Assembly's in place down to tool a desktop research piece of work and it appreciative inquiry around are seldom heard groups individuals in the bar in how we could better engage with them and vetted decision making so again into in-depth research and in intro pour into options to improve their Quentin transparency decision-making in planning development of role profiles full-beam positions and reviewing of Avenue scrutiny structure as well as their changed the type of the Council to speak as Chair of Council to Speaker just quickly here that some of the whether officers do around Paret in the work the review and changes of happening across the organisation so fair 3 to the emptying the Directorate Management Teams presentation to Cabinet Brefi leadership events another all staff events and say the current position so the final meeting of the working group's due to take place in March 20 20 of which there was cancelled due to the cave in 19 pandemic so the workers the work that MGS NAB extended to Jenny trenched into one so the remit is to compete as us anywhere but also to review the impact Cave 19 on three overarching themes of the Review in appendix A which had I know she shall we are to have in your pack it sets out the current status each the recommendations and these have been categorised as he the complete ongoing implementation own your outstanding work I won't go through the entire appendix unless you want me to but I can just tens of ongoing where there's things on the the as finalisation of the changes proposed for planning and in terms of implementation any there's things like the scrutiny structure changes new report 10 play
in terms of proposed next steps so it's as to the each Rumbek a at is no WG MDG champion for each death
a stepped down to this opportunity to I think that how that work is taken forward in terms of two areas the two strands of work until January 21 for the Commission outstanding work so this gestures all projects activities cut crisis anywhere compensation only had progressed you not table 8 December
following a consideration of potential impact of COVID-19 on each of the recommendations and terms of an impact Cave 19 to potential areas to explore my be public involved in decisions around creating Gatewen involvement take because of the weather so do ongoing around southern had voice says and of changes development into hybrid meeting model riches on the agenda as well so this questions posed here is the group might want to consider now
OK OK thank you rather can I just say thank dirty you and and dumb but not just governance officers but officers throughout the organisation of helped no progress implementation of agreed with 57 recommendations some more substantial others and some as we know are about cultural changes and really big pieces of exercises are going to go
long beyond this this particular task of the working group so so thank you for everything to date so there are two some issues I would be useful for us to feed back on at night no one is on completion about standing work and effort members you've heard roars and suggests that each of us as champions for a number of recommendations carry on and and and review what still needs doing there and an incomplete that that that off but in that completion how my how much we do that and thoughts about how we a lot of ordering before was actually in a meeting people in in their places of of life work other activity we can't do that for easy now how do we do that going forward and one that Kanye links into the new recommendation at Council of arses to to work on which is the impact of COVID-19 and sad to say we're still very much in it so the still a lot more
that we're going to have to go through but are there any sort of areas now that in terms of engagement with the people we represent how how do we do that a better given the constraints that were under a anything's anything using technology going forward that may help postcode as well
so a bit of an open to open to be open questions there you know completion forts outstanding there and also the impacts of covert so just want to see the or have any it's anybody want to coming up any of those two points Councillor best thanks very much Kevin it's just picking up on the impact of COVID in the digital divide because you set thinking about how we move forward and with technology and it's great if people are online like we are and we have access to on this occasion teams we got to the course some members of our community particularly some of our older members aren't online and one of the areas I thought we could look at is mapping one you know the accessing care homes in residential settings just making sure that at where we want to give a message the care homes are ready to receive it because I think particularly the messages overcoat of that they'll be other general messages just making sure we can reach out and also thinking about people who may be can't afford some of the costs which is why they haven't got broadband at home but they may have a device they could use whether we could map where there are hotspots where there is free access to Wi-Fi and that's particularly as our libraries are only click and collect at the minute
we're not quite sure how that's going forward but we do have other areas that may be we could do a bit of a mapping exercise for example I know Adult Learning Lewisham's open this week so again we've got free Wi-Fi there and is just starting to think whether we you know the areas that we can promote having access to Wi-Fi for those that can and to think about those that can't how we can reach them in their own home settings
yes thank you some some good practical issues efforts to to consider going forward I count slur Savana Kelleher
thank you Chair obviously reporting comes under my remit and given the lockdown circumstances
I have to admit I haven't gone very far with this beats it has occurred to me that we need to be more creative about the ways that we report
at the moment we put reports upon website and we think people will wait them out of the 330 thousand I think it's about 20 that bother so but we still need to communicate and as discussed with future we've been thinking about nation life how we use that and also the Myers report we could have something similar fruit from Ward Councillors the has a digest with links to relevant places where we put information that people need to NI but that's just online
the biggest issue is how do we reach those as Chris said who are not online
because some some of us as Councillors and even to shield so we can't go out in our communities any more how do we might start staying contact how do we maintain all our links so yeah it eats quite big issue and we need to be think thinking about it what we can do laden what we can't do I know seen it listened to our Committee because they may have ideas that we haven't even considered yet
yeah and and on that point service that's that's a good point and I know that the organisations the whole especially as part of the the critical services being provided the last few months or taking in feedback from the people the helping and actually a lot of these p these people who need extra support are the ones who aren't often Noreen contact with the council can't contact the Council easily so it's really important that we gather people's experiences so that will help us in the way we engage going forward particularly
you know when we we've tightened resources because we're going to have no real know about cut from central government so so we'll have to think about how we do that going forward so that is a really important points of honour
I'm gonna that I see to I'm gonna go to Colin and then Pat and I notice that Councillor Sophie Davis's joined us a welcome so were all brought here 0 Quay so Colin they are very fair about the impact of climate that's it mildly met in terms of close both engagement quite hard because hardly anybody's going anywhere now entered in transport and locations is very difficult a lot of meetings over having today it is switched on line and how we continue to engage with our residents is gonna be crucial that we could meet a situation for another six months to a possible a year so I do think that there are some valuable lessons that Coppola from what's been done at the moment particularly with the UN climate Assembly
there were having some meetings face to face from January to March and they got hit with covert and they had some very good set-up in terms of place-based engagement initially but then they had to switch to go on line and a lot of things they did was support the people on line in terms of having technical support phone contacts how when they switched I didn't sleep able to figure out for themselves they provided that back-up technical support for those who weren't used to using technology so that they could engage there was flexible in around people who had childcare issues and they really did at that from a fixed venue to an online than you superbly an ongoing to include this in my report is quite a lot of what's been done by I think they'd done it superbly and the outcome was an excellent report which was managed in a very difficult times it as a real time example of how it can work from a play space to online and they've got those both issue set up Amberley clued in her an update report because I think that was a perfect example of how we can continue to engage with our residents with those who do have technologies and those who don't and they looked at things in terms of cost and everything else it really was a comprehensive review and how to continue engaging and getting that information across so can be done
OK yeah well and earn itself a clan and all this were taking on board now and in the months ahead each of us in our own remit will be feeding in to the officers who are to put together our recommendations so you know that's some helpful examples thank you Colin and then Councillor Packard
our thanks Kevin and it following on from some of the Christmas sighing and I was thinking at the same time are and it's relates to play space engagement of it at the moment in the Lewisham sensual the green areas are a healthy chaff of my sorry a load Shafiq neighbourhood being implemented these to be called healthy neighbourhoods and we've used the tool commonplace for that
and actually it's gone it's got a number of problems which I can which also which I'll mention but it is also very effective at helping people focus on the place where they live because it's map-based so worshipping pool do have access to the web and use our commonplace the commonplace tool we get a lot of feedback you know I mean far more and it's a very live issue but we get a lot of feedback and it is useful
and people are able to do it quite easily and sometimes they can just like something that someone else's said Satan quickly in Yrs Warners' there's one in my ward that skull sort of 500 likes you know that to me is is showing something more quite quite clearly the problem with it being of course that those people who as Chris said aren't on the web they they find it hard to engage secondly some people get confused because
you can't comment on the overall policy you can only comment on particular aspects of it the place that they're involved the place that they're talking about and some people find that confusing so there's a number of issues with it
but I think there's some there's some good very good points to it as well so I wondered half we in any I can't remember going into any detail about commonplace in all the work that we've done as anybody gone into them
thick we I think we have we have the discuss common place our I certainly have myself in terms of him or the one of air as I'm I'm leading on is sort of the the online sort of engagement consultation so so not some commonplaces as been a tool of there's been there from the outset and I think particularly used in in the Catholic plans yeah and it's something that we want to use more of but it cut my own take on it is it cannot be the only tool is gonna be
as comprehensive as possible yes but but and we've got to improve it but we've got to find other ways as well now Colin I did see Savalas and of again colonise but it's gone down now I think another of for Colin I can I see your hand up and then and then as or any other comments but up thanks to my right Colin just before lockdown we were looking at commonplace regarding the so funding and Surrey with lots of comments coming through on their so we've still got information to process what's going on with that area as well forget was a key reason we were using commonplace in terms of the redistribution and help people would like to seize the CIL funding being allocated and about the new arrangements regarding CIL funding so that some work to be done which I know officers are compiling the data now to look into so there is some work ongoing but once again cope with a sort of all to that
OK that's yet this trend Koeverden unfortunately as halted a lot was going on but there are you know it's it's forced us in many ways to actually try out new things and sometimes uncomfortably and I think though hopefully we'll we his legacy from that will come some of that later tonight's meeting just the yeah in terms of tools at draws in in terms of the to it might be for the record just to remind people where we're at on this are you able to convey our I think it was Stewart as into among the officers did some work on what are the tools concessions anything you can add add to that because we've done so March and as such a while ago he did yes as it was Iranian so work and it was as start I believe when after starting keys as a prioritisation to the like assemblies before that she got enter and interspecies money was to wear with the community to see what they were priorities were intends that the spending I know as mentioned in an earlier report think it might have been the same for 2 thousand 19 meeting the Kazak pride offices officers warn that if he feed like right okay well that's that that's fine as it is for the record I know we've we've we've looked at a things have moved on a bit actually concerned so but that commonplace for something we were trialling out back then that's that's helpful OK I see well Silvana and then pats of honour
thank you Chair and for some strange reason much more resistant like commonplace very much I'm and also many gun have online access
one of the things that I I thought about was that by Councillors and Assembly staff whilst we still have done could become hubs
using our hotspots like we take our laptop trip to replace and say that we're going to be in the library from X time to why time if you want to come and put in your comments and allow people to to make video Commins we have people who have literacy problems language problems so take feedback that way
I'm away you can connect up weight devices and yet we can also help them to recall their comments on commonplace for those who aren't that computer-literate so when I say being creative it's it's things like this that we can do obviously it's not ideal when it's not for everyone but for those of that that can I think we should I am and it will help now and I thinks of honour I think for those who can should help those who can't rather than say we can't try something new because not everyone can do it so we can try and help those yet as many as possible to get over that defied that chrissake about earlier
but we should use use efficiencies you get from doing things online and save some of that efforts that to help those who can't and so you know commonplace that's working well Kevin to feed in the either directly and if not directly that indirect everything is fed to animals treated equally as it were as all point your your contribution can come through a different means but we all keep it in the same same repository than you are treated fairly and equally so so that's something I certainly think you know the commonplace expensive we've had is a lot more during the covert to return and it's not a bad thing and and we should I think look at our experience of that Emma may come to frame our recommendations on Nico had experienced a that's that's been very helpful discussion am was very one Elsom will come back on the site and cause if not yes of course Pat
when you took the words out my mouth Kevin because I was going to say that yes the RES are raised it was because I think it is relevant for the covert world but we need to recognise its limitations and I also just wanted to say on this item
we have achieved quite a lot actually goes when when Ross when through all of the things that we've done I think it's worth reflecting that the a lot has got done and as a bit more to come as well so I just want to recall that for the record thank you yeah like you thank you pat on so looking at the too that the two points just wants to go back on on this item a so we've got first in terms of the outstanding work well we we all know and it's a which areas were we've been covering some of it's been
completed cause it's a matter of you know perhaps changing a a reporting process or a title here there that's done others so for example savant work I'm thinking of this essential works being done but now it's looking at you know looking how that has reporting changing weather there at some tweaks made to that and as others it's not really long term staff like Andy seldom heard voices and that's really tricky during Kober and so am looking I know Juliet's not with us tonight but looking at that through the prison of Kobe you know what what other challenges and are there and how have then how can they be overcome so so on that one I'm going to encourage each of us as individual Members to reflect on each of those areas when we come back for our next for meeting we can report back respectively on that path I see
you've got a comment that gone just just a quick comment I mean armed covert
babies coming up in a later report but we are particular we've set up new structures with with the voluntary sector because of covert yap on this may actually be leading us to to more contact indirectly through voluntary sector with particular groups of equal and that is something as else the perhaps we can build on the flat of upping our services definitely at this particular seldom heard voices touched on earlier where reaching people who have not had to contact the Council but now you know do need to do that and they should have their say on you know on the service they're getting and things that could be improved so so yeah absolutely take on board
and so that's an outstanding British and then we all each need to feed into the general recommended so by looking through the prism of our own respected recommendations I think we can help feed in to any recommendations on an engagement as a result the covert experience so on that now that's I I

4 Theme 1: Openness & Transparency

proposed that we note the work that's been undertaken and also note the current status and and hope that that Ross has got a good record there of some of the guidance that we we want officers and ourselves to follow in the months ahead okay so now moving on to the three themes it across a hold boxer review we've got some that eating some some similar specific reports is going through some unfinished reports so we can try and get through those tonight so the first one in the first theme and right for is under open transparency and we have a report on improving online communications as recommendations number 6 and 8 and so roars could you and please provide brief presentation on how this report was developed
thank you and yet this report was written due to presented in March air of said the meat was cancer say it's been presented now I've pheasant they on the deliver improvements the Council's online communications officer this covers recommendation 6 and a the report covers three key areas which is e-mail marketing social media and the Council website can I just quickly go over Fitch those three areas some of the key achievements and the plan next steps St has Vima marketing so previous made include target in Tajik Lish life in use that as an alert and a great use as one or single issue e-mails so they be used for things out the to Bell Bakerloo line extension consultation and bar of culture bid it has the next ETS's proposed to start using analytics software more effectively so that we can stand the audience what their needs are what what they're interested in and improve the way that contain his targeted and tailored at residents a it has essentially dear so prefers include instructions linked in as a new platform for residents to use engaging with the Council of the famine of online videos re events that use the saw busy Saturday and uses ocean media advertising for high-priority campaigns that was also used the Bakerloo line extension again its proposed use analytics software more effectively so again stand which isn't Parish different social media platforms and also wet school officers members in their use of social media set becomes more rolled out across the organisation in terms the council web site so improve its include her refresh the Web Science spring 2 thousand 19 or development over address specific technology so or find my new services page which that was fine target information things like being collections in their local Councillors and increase use of mapping tools their issues on websites around the Buena put evolution programme I am it as an extent so review of the contentious sustainability standards as white advent of digital strategy respects and some of the issues raised previously round she should exclusion so those are the three key areas and obviously they the I'd detentions regulations 6 and they worked for words alongside some white recommendation still to come around the website and online communications
thanks Ross audits those helpful arm something that's been in my area and an economy fits in with mice for cabinet role on on on on communications during the website so I would say yes I from my own experience I think the website has definitely improved by figures more that we can do to make it more sort of user friendly and I'm very pleased that we're trying to make sure that fits with the latest standards on accessibility but certainly we could make it more versatile up that is for sure and we will be looking that in the months ahead I see as a couple of comments or questions around so coroner you're going for the finger up our approach so that's fine
so I'll start I think I saw you first so I'll the people coming in different ways and I've also got Patrick in in the in the comment section and I've got Silvano the hand up so all different ways of sharing my facial so I'll do I start with you Colin OK curving I hope Bill is still listening to our conversation because I have said this on several occasions regarding digital communication I think that we could really do with a digital notice on the front of the Town Hall is a prime location with people passing by we could make announcements from it we could overtime some of our meeting people open meetings
digital notebook noticeboard will be inexpensive to run easy to update any set we're at we're in a prime location to promote what we're doing in the Council so I put his forward on several occasions so given us your room is it possible to look into the feasibility of their even just the feasibility because I've mentioned on a number occasions and I think it's so simple to set up a digital electronic noticeboard advertising what we do our meetings and somebody issues that people can get involved we got glasses and everything then pass is so central spot to publicise what we do in the Council OK I will I will come back on that but by see the Capital brand will have come in I probably on Isis you on this issue so I will well and let them virtually very quickly just as importantly my computer went dead a few minutes ago and I came immediately back on just at the point where Coniston Old Bailey stood on so anything before that fight that didn't he unfortunate over could be repeated for the last budget her Diamond but we have to split it outside of the Civic Suite looking at us through the war attention where it would be and Albro our Cerny chased up and am certain I would have passed it on at the time but when a public meeting and we've got the cabinet member for communications etc. and sure we'll we'll we'll see where we get with it but anything before that comment and missed its afterwards anything for me the here please repeat now I just most new because I've did disgusted with you was at the front of building so I'm glad to remember and I think of something even if we could just explore the feasibility of it I think it's something which we could look into but that's all I said before I was just rehearsing really mentioning what we discussed earlier on about everyone knows it may say and I didn't come yet to contemplate just to the Trinity no Chaddy air but your what that the bottom of this is looking outside the box thinking outside the box and trying to find ways or whatever we can come up with to communicate with residents I think that's that's the bottom line thank you thank God knows there's a song as part of a much broader point about going to you know basically going to people on in that case people are parts where people passing by and seeing another prime part I take point on the same with were doing are Arsenal are tables and at the Lucian shopping centre and just going people are and and have conversations with them now and that's even better now on that specific point I do recall that being considered and when there was a very light refurb the Civic Suite a couple of years ago and and thought I was certainly involved in that and that's that's been very gradual process so as part of that you you now see we've got sort of large screens in
webcasting rooms 1 and 2 and the noticeboards you have seen or been cut back when a route they cleaned up the front of Civic Service for a couple of years ago to the very minimal noticeboards now certainly the feasibility of it and just the moment and I'd end and principal absolute yes but we want to see what's what's what's feasible and was also currently after say affordable so I will I will look into that and I think that the best place to report back on his probably here like some reporting but back on hybrid meetings here tonight as well so so an it makes sense to do it here so we'll report back here and I know that members in other places such as business Panel Mayor and Cabinet even would be interested in in things like that so we will do that 0 Quay I've got I've got Silvana and Patrick so and Savannah thank you Chair and
I hadn't spent on addressing this and point but following from Colleen I know that those who don't go to cap very often are going to complain about being left out
so if we are going to go for that idea which I think is a really good one and I as Collini city eat something it's in theory quite simple today but I think we need tweaks their nights in the towns in the borough town centres because otherwise we just gonna get CCAT forgets everything from everywhere
that's not Catford but pick up on on point regarding social media in you and I discussed this before and this feeds into going to where we might that promise of being where our residents are and we can do that online as well as offline are welcome I am adding in linked in but there's a lot of other social media platforms as Yew Tree that there's Instagram Snapchat wheech at Watsa and I think that we can
if there isn't an actor the instantly post to all all I take apartment guys are quite clever if not we know John parachute and John Muldoon are and they can create an app for us that will pose to all platform so we are instantly where are residents are for those who use social media which is I think a lot of them do and we just for whatever reason we not reaching them
and and
they are becoming more sophisticated so Instagram for example and tick-tock we can actually put videos
we'd links weaselly and again it's instant information so again updated very quickly and that's especially important with old orange Covey changes because the government are saying one thing that I an internal Winograd that we not gonna go off on a tangent somewhere else and everybody I'm I'm is really confused
An but we can keep in touch and make sure people are updated as quickly as possible
On this Zavalloni makes a good point well a few of us point about you saw in Catford every also wanted to that that's inevitable your style somewhere and I think you can start Summary ought to be you know or at the at the Town Hall and and take it from there but yeah but you know we can do with over the the broader point you may concession media is very apt you've got to keep it very simple messages can translate across many platforms very easily
one thing again as part of the covert journey we've been on a mean I think in terms of the the cons of come through the weaker e-mail that now comes out every Friday much clearer and sharper your message from the Mayor each time and then you also got very clear delineation between very clear message particularly around covert and support that's out there
and I've seen the council comes and proof in terms of getting messages out both on Facebook and Twitter any many platforms and we have to be ready for them to change so versatility is key and again cost and effort has got to be taken into account Pat are you yet a common or a question
yeah it was the same as actually sort of related to what's of our sad and them
I've noticed recently that again through the low traffic neighbourhood with the council is needing to improve its communications hand there's been some really good ideas as as a regular meeting of the local Councillors with the communications team and it's about versatility and flexibility to say Kevin are being ready for the next thing and one of the next things is it is something called next door which is good not a comments and it's the way it works is different to other social media things and we're looking at that now so that isn't even in the report because the report was written in January February so that they never seriously looking at how we can interact with it the moment so an and this ways we can use our Facebook page much better which I won't explain now but you know you can effectively
Councillor Gallaher and I issued a statement about the local traffic enabled recently which which she just posted on Twitter I know councillors of different to the Council that 10 because a lot arrested in like what we said they immediately posted it onto every Facebook group locally so and that was thousands of people saw it and we got a lot of
good feedback as a result so it it's clear that
it's clear that that there are ways be too complex for people to visit the Council Facebook page of a civil Turbin you've got to find a way of getting that copied onto all the residents Facebook page they're out there and them in in Rushey Green Ward the councillors of of doner a map of what Facebook pages operating their locality and it's it's amazing really how many and how many people actually covers and of course a lot of these things are grown on WhatsApp groups have grown because of covert against I think it's related to that question that was asked in or last agenda item and Hannah and I think our communications of clearly understood that now and and I think work is being done on it so I would just urge
if it's you Kevin or whoever they are whoever the the cabinet member is to to take this on board and the help promoted through the Communications Team yeah thank you I'm yet we're is me both as the democracy group lead and in this recommendation and as an fitter like my my cabinet role it's often people want to know what the Council think of things and and they yell what's more what's the MIRS view on something that it that in the absence of enter of any simple brief message yet for will people say what they think it I agree I go nothing the brief message every Fridays is helpful but but also an is not just yes the HMO speaks is a leader's organisation so that's about but also very much more local level finding out in a people on the ground councillors were much closer to what is going on street by street and you know and as there was a very good example forget that where you can say something one platform but it will be taken elsewhere so it comes back to that original point of principle going to our people are where it's physically or virtually and an and adapting so so I think we do need to do that and we started to do that and we get we're getting I say we the Council corporately is getting better at it but it's an ongoing process I think on this until we've we've had the report we've had a bit of a discussion now I've heard it I see Rusby taking notes in it so we'll take that forward and then because it's an ongoing aerial report back on any changes in the months ahead so that's a legacy and thank you for that feedback so

5 Theme 2: Public Involvement In Decisions

moving on so that's that reports covered moving on to Item 5 in that when an moving on to the second general themes the public involvement in our decisions and there is report here but infective engagements young young people and older people so it's recommendations number 7 15 14 41 are and of our gets ask was to introduce report and then I know we've got a Leeds are here tonight so if you want to come back in on that that would be helpful so Ross
thank you say yeah report cover tenacious in 15 14 41 a cause for key areas to the kind approached on our communications with young people whose and snow 9 survey young people to understand their needs are the party of Councillor question Time sessions in schools the mapping of kite-makers engaging with older people are just bravery features counties of the key Kellerman speech those areas so the kind approaches facing on general kind of Council wide communications and engage with young people rather than work and take by specific services has a key findings around the 82 4 age groups they have the smallest number of users of the Council website so any 5 point him set of users of the council website are under 24
popularity different social media platforms various by age groups so for the younger age group snapshot was the most popular app on his face it was more positive for the older age group ever Sixteen's there was a low level interaction with the Council social media platforms Lucian life and consultations so the just under 2 percent of the over responses over a whole year were from the 18 to 24 age group to our consultations said has the online survey this developed with cons and Young Mayor's team and some of the key findings were around the vast majority of people didn't automatically go online to find information they require happy to look for offline information about their local area and they were interested quite a broad range of activities so supports whereas activities they could do and also council policies to cure on climate change and how the caps makes decisions said terms the cat squished I'm pilots the these the aim of these was to give young people an opportunity to raises restrictive Councillors and help them to go crazy but and standing of the Rowlands Logue cancers paid and how decisions were made at a local level so a prototypes do it with Young Mayor's team and education and this successive high to her bonus Paston Addey and Stanhope so the recommendation is this programme be rolled out more widely across schools of see when the covert recoveries and when schools in a position to do this I am it as the final area so the mapping of older People's engagement so officers worked with illusion pensions for I represented the Lucia positive puts debating Council to map all the different engagement methods of this was about he she in officers when they went to undertake consultation engagement that people understand with defer way they can do this and make sure their existing mechanisms networks are utilised effectively so that they can a summary of the areas and overseas with his pledge to take forward the work around cancer question Time sessions in schools
OK thank figures alike I particularly remember the were trying his outgoing to bonus Pastor with Sophie Davis and John Slater and that was on its covering report that was actually I thought really helpful that that that suggestion she came from the previous Young Mayor just again going to other people aren't so and and that's really helpful so before we come to to out it report foreword can I C comments questions so Feiyu arms hang on to his pious sorry Patzes your area I think as well so to get us out with you and I'll move on to Sophie Piper
thanks Chair it is sort of related to all the other reports we've added that hasn't it been again we've got the out a couple of things I wanted to highlight where about the report that we've done on young people the survey and what it told us and how that should now be one of the recommendations is that that should the results of that survey on the learning from the work should be shared particularly with the communications team and other relevant teams and and also our when it comes to older people what we've done is with well not me but council staff have have created some pages to help in in with engagement in the future
with older people and so you know it to go into the guide for how to engage with people so I think the quite useful practical things that were proposing to do and I support them and I should have given Ross notice to this cause we discussed this report last week but sorry Hulse in while I was waiting for the meeting to stars I just thought I check
how how will they be implement those recommendations be implemented here goes into the the engagement guide but presumably more than that because if it just slotted into a guide that no one picks a guided no Eleven though you know that I'm sad thing that really just practically what what happens with these these proposals how they implemented so in so we know that
the appropriate people realise something's happened than and they've got a bit more of a resource than they have before
rules due to come back and on yeah I see I think it's about the insights is not just about saying we want to use the decks platformer different platforms expert understanding the needs of young people and how they chose to exit yeah sorry I should have said it is also again
they it's a snapshot as opposed to snapshot it's a snapshot of what a group of young people were using when we did the work but it obviously that again changes over time so but I think the principles you ride the principles really behind it the report so I interrupted go ahead known as I think it looks at some of the she trained in the previous report or anything analytics I think at the moment we have some insight into the preferences young people and around how they want to engage with this the moment they don't choose to engage with the sensation is things understanding during term outreach work from going to talk over think you were what platforms could we use them as we took as you talked about thinking outside the box if young people don't use Twitter that don't use they they use Facebook as much as Oldham older age groups do thinking about what different levels reduce what new plaque with rather how we use our branded become less Council focused actually engaged on a different level and I think it's about having some kind of ongoing monitoring in place as well to understand at she are we reaching these groups I'll be checking in FE every couple of weeks if a month or so what's our profile to people who ring gauge with his leave is not meeting Denise younger people then are actively reviewing and doing something about it but I think it's that constant monitoring rather than just as she say kind of assume began stand with the position is now and he's there to for migration going forwards
I care for him not any Mac Moroccan having Aireville like decorated am it was say I did the first two pilots fackin Hebron precluded well I am and I found him really useful and made it interesting as I'll be like basically really in favour of and this proposal going going head the one kind of more fully promenade is I think there's something we mentioned at the time but any really helpful as we continue courtesy to cut a pilot this in a way to collect him Councils cause feedback as I know something were better than others in terms of engaging the young people to so it in one of them we had like questions in advance for any of your and we didn't and some some things worked worked better said the great to kind of keep trying to improve the format L asking young people what they thought worked and Council as well
yeah so a sensible point and and also that schools are meeting again we think about how we as and all councillors and other Brexiters the council so interact now ideally yet we would do it read go physically to where they are we have to think before mindful about during this strange period how we best do so it might be worth have a conversation schools to to work out and and they know there they know their assiduously best how you know how we can
yeah rather than I think totally pausing this think think about you know how we can do that in a safe way but also bearing in mind the resources because again councillors also be stretched schools resourcing be stretched soak but it might be worth I think it's on reaching out to two schools during this period and just the very least as you said Sophie is is
however Congress a discussion about how how we how at your how we have those questions those conversations anyway but also to explore the possibility of of having that that connection during us the strange times while Sir thick that that something we should sort be thinking of taking forward just looking at the report and are seeing the anything else at this stage you won't be saying so obviously noting the contents and the regimes discussed at the at the findings
and at the moment and pilot stage but once one for going through coal recovery that's my report is a full launch an invite all schools but I think it's still worth having conversations schools and in in in this current period that were in and yes we agree to append the methods of engagement the old the older people guide to the corporate gauging guidance I think I that will be helpful going forward plus if we agree all these the oils activities are taking forward by officers and with our own oversight and reporting back to his as when appropriate so if
I'm assuming if I don't I see a hand up Sophie that's that
is due to come in on on that so few or no free no right night handsome still had file following or otherwise I don't see any any comments or hands up then us units agreed or move on

6 Theme 3: Effective Decision-Making

OK so items 6 we've actually got on two reports here and this is the third theme of effective decision making and so one is on the recommendations of the Barrass politics of you know this proceeds the added that the the existence of the the Local democracy review and a lot of work was done led by Stannah Clarkson and a working group of councillors there to look at the barriers that prevented properly effective and participation by people who want to get involved in imperfect particular local politics so on this one we we we said we would look at this as part of our overall work and so roads can you introduces report and animal with the recommendations
thank you and says she said there were fettering recommendations made by the various parties working group back in 2 thousand 17 and it was intended these would be implemented as part of normal business practice for that she wants to do up survey's recommendations decided to take shape is clearly a significant crossover with their with the luxury recommendations particular relation to Councillor roles responsibilities in the public understanding of those so as agreed that the delivery of those projects recommendations would be aligned with the democracy review recommendations that recommendation 46 so and have the delivery the benefit regulations maps against the eight thematic areas where the requisite surfers in Councillor Best's arithmetic area and included near-site responsibilities of all the relevant Champions so Appendix A sets out how each of those Satwa recommendations have been delivered I won't go through every single one budget will steer attention to to ongoing recommendations so the first one is that the council should conduct qualities one tree of all councillors following local elections so this things into review that's underway around how one of his data monitoring isn't undertaken with officers so there's a potentially there to expand that to Councillors and I see there's some wider work have you read them Safer stronger Communities Select Committees in-depth review qualities here which links across a number of recommendations made by the bed politics working group and the second one is that the Council should offer an easy accessible and confidential counselling service to members and I've said this is something that with term perhaps more pertinent through the covert experience of those are to that it recommend the officers take forwards bear obviously there's what considerations there which might want to be explored
OK to we have any comments questions from members on this as OJEU or got to hand bomb
I mean there are you are yet Kress thanks go it
it has earned discussing it with roads I thought particularly the support some councillors might need over this difficult period because I know we've also had some tricky case work and I was particularly interested me maybe from you or Councillors who like some support it was we offer it to employees and just thinking about whether that offer of accessible and confidential counselling where we're managing some difficult cases that might help us through what are very difficult times as you know many of our residents are anxious that whole uncertain future pressures if you're not working or you've been furloughed and you you're worried about losing a job so just some extra a few like come issues we could manage in our kit bag you know Bishop's support so I thought that was really helpful just to explore widening that opportunity for members and are on the first one on the equalities work we know that we want to represent our local community in the widest sense of that so I think what we've had that equalities review at Safer and stronger we've adopted some items going forward and I just think part of our conversation has been about being representative and making sure out when as we know outside of this process when people stand to be a councillor you know they are representative and they're fully aware of the commitment in doing that so I think there really important areas that turn and some politically we will take forward in terms of representation
yeah and yet the some lessons for forces individuals as the Council's when as you say those of us in our political groups yeah can could do to try and encourage you know what would come forward but also to give that support as you rightly say Kristen people just come into an organisation something I've always notice happened to me when I was first elected it is that kind of that kind of fitting we're not fitting in but does understanding how things work and some and then you know and sometimes you know asking the basic questions you know why Wyre things done this way and Aron to do that but after a while what tends to happen is you know Members get used to it and and and then they are in the right way he saw OK how can we despaired why do we have to do it this way are not part of what this reviews about what the barrister politics with you is about as well
I see Silvana and then Colin Savana thank you Chair yeah and very much in support of this and I think we can actually come up with a minute for for candidates we can come up with our own tiny mind mentoring programmes out of those coming in do so with their eyes wide open they they understand the commitment they know what they're going to have to do it makes its that that Greece that oils the machine I am and I know certainly although I was aware of what I would have today
there were still a culture shock in terms of how he actually operates how you deal with officers what do restrictions are now one of my big things was I wanted to do that around planning and in undiscovered the law prevents me and I know Alex felt design so preparing people what they can and can't do is you know I think that's actually really important and people's circumstances change as well and he could say all young going to stand for the next election
but it's Tommy comes round about like they had tricked it so there's no why they can be any more just on a tiny she so we need to you know and obviously the biggest barrier is poverty and we need to see what we can do to address that
but yeah and I'm really supportive of of Chris's recommendations thank you Chair
thank you smaller and
thank you got us really wanted just to add to resume their barriers to politics committee and we're from the something that we could promote which are to it worked quite well for us and one of the issues that came up was the supporting people who had care and family responsibilities during half term in the school holidays this is a big bonus to promote for people who want to become involved in politics but have those responsibilities but have a lot of experience at the same time there could help are so these things are working well and I just just a note so we could maybe publicise of these a bit more to read a broader range of people who want to participate they've got a lot of experience to contribute to the council that's really us
committed to but that's a ticket 1 comma and and also I mean it's that's made me things of its referred to in the in the appendix there and it's something that Chris basis leading on is a clearer understanding of what is expected of a Councillor Noorul for themselves for officers who work with them in the Council and of course just as importantly the wider public whether or not you know they can they are thinking about going to put themselves or simply they get they have an understanding of what to expect from a councillor that you know we're not you know yes we build up expertise over the years and particularly local knowledge but you know unless an Isle de jobs we have professional expertise were not professionals in that sense you know we are we are building up our expertise by by actually you communicate again working with be communicating with people and bring those experiences and be advocates in the council and so there's a lot there but tying altogether nothing has been progress absolutely
and you know you you mentioned Colin about the time it was prone to make sure that the Council business doesn't conflict as much as possible with other people's bring empty if they got families and technology you know we were doing it for covert but intercepts cocotte force us to move at much faster than this and the at whole idea is that you should be able to sort of participate in Council actively Wirral Town Hall or in your own community and at the same time not you know because a physical place will travel let that stop you doing your other responsible to so would you know we are but we are still a way to go cause me you know we are were more sensitive were clearly still not as representative of the wider committed the way we would like to be so would still on a journey but were we can see the way ahead and and I take up a all the the points that you Absalon Chris have made tonight and and that's on board for the record and will feed into that going forward on this one as so Christophe got another comments just to come back on what Colin was saying about publicising if you like the role of counsellors and with it to a bit more clarity and it occurred to me we could put and perhaps a web page up about what your council or does because I think some of it people aren't always clear over the areas we cover and I don't know that we've got a page on the website that is really focus on what we do and a bit more about the fact you know we have other jobs day jobs whatever but as he was saying Colin you know the accommodation we've made through not having meetings over school holidays and half term and and maybe a little bit about the and Allowance situation to give supportive firm you've got caring responsibilities and we are going to take the next report on hybrid beatings which I think again be quite useful so you know just maybe think about whether we want term a bit more clarity as we go forward and we certainly we'll we'll be see have a timetable for the and selections in elections will be it just might lead a sin to that Jaeger that and Klum Chris on the point about Hannah paid there does have a quick look through my mice of there there is a page on the when use of the Mayor and Cabinet sort of mayor and Council section of the but the Council website the first things role of councillors find out bowel cancers do but it's very very short and nothing needs to be a whole essay but but it it says in a we represent but well what does that mean
manner in practical terms with the Member Code of Conduct that in itself you know that's a card of a sort of you are are almost a legal statement of you know how we are expected to behave rather than now what we actually do so there's deftly scope for for putting up with that you've done Chris in particular out there I think and and summarised as well so that's something we can take forward go then I think that'd be really help other any any other comments
fine OK we'll move will build so on this report then so so noting the borough delivery recommendations that were made Caprice go by the barrister positive working Group and we are discussing the Further work there again I'm asking officers to to take that forward with with our oversight so unless I hear from anyone else will take that as agreed and moving on to the final report here this is a report and update proposals to introduce a hybrid public meetings now this is the sort of an issue that's the sort of developed on from pre COVID at we were very keen on on land bringing webcast and we did that and of course you know everything now is webcast but going forward as you know the this crisis develops but beyond this crisis is how do we have hybrids public meetings where you got some people physically meeting together others are joining remotely there's a definition in this report which I will let are relatively new Head of Law so key at been jail at take us through so Sookie if you're present and it was asked report please take away
I am very much I'm hoping apology for members that this report was at late and it was heckled ated by was just earlier on today you will note that a report actually sets out a definition of what it hybrid meetings in in the sense of a working definition through an at the flexibility which is that at the meeting which it open to public account through to attend either at that Shirley all physically present in a Council building
the report sets out that the liquid amongst the group at thing to be the most sense of place for the council to consider moving into hybrid meetings as the new business as usual particularly form March onwards although the flexibilities are only until March and May 20 21 I am aware through networking colleagues add through missions with MH the algae that there is a lobbying going on at the moment to actually extend the flexibility that we can actually have this is the new way forward and will encourage some of the things that you were talking about earlier encourage Councillors at that I have other commitments to actually come forward and be engaged in politics but also in as part of the lucrative Moxon view for the public be able to engage in our decision making where they need to come to accountability akin to that from their own home it is suggested that we work now if you're minded to indicate for us to move entire big meeting of the new business as usual to have a timetable that we bring back in December a a work that logistical costing with all says ha are we can actually do this when the Civic opened in March hopefully and I will take any questions so if any yeah so thank you Sir John Silvia it's here are on on this now certainly Ince's with a bit of background from members' perspective and what we want the way we've been working obviously is that there's an effective shutdown of effective all ill or business when lockdown happened and we them gradually being trying to bring back her it's of s of all ordinary a course of business we can and we're currently we've got a slightly so slightly truncated calendar of meetings they're all happening virtually and as part of that you know we I think there is a sense that we won't be able to hold an Highburton the certainly that fits in with what is democracy working group looking at that in the long term something we won't do and the report helpful in that it's it's up to know what we can legally do and be interested to see what happens next year on that it's a question of I think logistics and then in what is possible and then set linked to then you know when and how given how covert is still very much sadly with us how we can numb go on that journey and knowing what around us at the moment so that's that's unless of the that the background of gonna can see a couple of comments and questions so I can see Savana Keller her I can see Pat card as anyone else want to come in on this one and Colin and right OK so I'll start with Silvana
thank you Chair and
one of the things I see with this is the opportunity to read of the central government very very hard for
I stopped at an end to the cuts I extension of our funding because we need to do the things we know they think that we go but when none was society doing nothing
and so in order for us to enact these things some of which they requiring like the the low traffic neighbourhoods that's policy that has come down from central government so in order for us to do our jobs we need a certain amount of money if they are not providing it
so I do I do think we've got opportunities here is as well as you know the difficulties and challenges of revising
successful underground table pop
thank you this is a sort of question on procedure I'm sort of unclear as whose being asked to agree to walk and we're being asked to agree to something in this report but I don't think where a decision making body of the Council so many get off you but young people were not housing overview and scrutiny were not mayor and cabinet system I'm to slightly confused as to what's happening her cake current can I can I come back on that first and Sookie please supplement will attend the so so so on that I think from the report itself it's it's that the recommendation is is that actually the it it's a spirit sensible forum to actually give feedback comment on and see progress on on the ability of the Council to to facilitate hybrid meetings and so it's a place where it can be reported to and taken elsewhere so so this report can go to other other bodies whether it's too the business Panel and overview scrutiny that the are getting reports on Corbett and the response in that it's obviously it's as you say this is not I repeat it is not necessary so it's not a a full council decision or a Mayor and Cabinet decision you know it's it's a delegated decision it's dealt with about when the Council bought given its nature is right that the the you know members are fully consulted on it and this is an obvious for him to do that as this is a kind of you know do we take this out and discuss it I think we should because we in a week we can give our feedback on you know our experiences the experiences of residents we now have tried to take part in in some of our meeting particular planning and licensing for example where you know their contributions are really often often re really important in to help us in our deliberations so it's it's week although this this this is the kind of thing could just be done you know by one officer in a room and the councillors making sure the equipment I think it's something that's that's help for us to to Sophie back on in the in that regard to your right we're not make a decision but what we're saying tonight is it we are happy to take this on board and feedback on and report and as it progresses through back in December OK I've got Tsvangirai survival has to up our come back to you speak and I'll give Colin and then Chris
Colin thank you yes I just really I haven't seen reports I really was for one it asks a question about the Harvard meetings
are we also going to be looking at things like Councillor Ward surgeries and how we communicate and not just group meetings because what came up as a key part of democracy review and I'm going to refer to the Kirklees report is that councillors communication with residents was actually central to getting out information so we're talking about hybrid meetings are we going to include how Councillors engage especially in terms of the surgeries that's my first point and a second point I want to make is a lot of people said there had trouble getting thrown a phone
to the Council so what these hybrid meetings look at some way where it's not this on the screen that people can actually phone in and speak and still take part in anything other than on screen or online so those my two questions really and I think you Suki alright McKnight are on the first point contact Iitate about the surgery so we've not enough in terms of and I say it as my case because it's it's something that it in my room in the cabinet so you know it hybrid meeting to something that in terms of Council meetings have been progressing at you raise a very good point about counter-surge ESCC's I know that some Members are you know trying out virtual meetings that's themselves others are trying to do so she this is not in their many but you know one to one basis very difficult so so it's been very very ad hoc and I think it's probably worth gathering that and I think I'm not something I would ask as part of our COVID experienced review I think we should look at that and you know something we might want to to recommend councillors take action on and see how the council can help that going forward in a safe way while covert still happening so take that point now aren't you are about logistics and actually I was going to ask the Key myself this in terms of a quick outline of of how we're dealing with logistical issues I and I think Sookie you got some officers looking into that interview and come back on that
and Councillor Elliott yes we have got MRP 30 IP colleague looking at logistic of what systems to you whether we you all detail whether the EU I public or whether we you doom an event
whatever we do you they will be collected and they will need to be secure and pure information be are talking actually at the moment of hybrid public meetings where the public income and attend and participate where we make decisions and said they are our an outward facing our governance framework that we're looking at that you know yet if they work really well that's not to say that they aren't be taken up anywhere I mean when we started the meeting I was on my phone's within in a so either I could walk around and talking to you at the same time he knows what more mobile and
I think it if if if we really look at the logistics old the Civic being the building that the public can attend meetings and that's the blooms that we've the Chamber and the two rooms bear is our option first what you look at those two people work
sent to the town because its rail Sophie
and then I've got the best
Thanksgiving to it it was really following on from that that term obviously the report come back with a question mark on resource because I'm thinking we have got the big screens at the moment in our committee rooms so as I was reading the report it talks about Council meetings and we do tend to have them in the Civic so it's just when thinking about the report that's coming back it really really outlining what we can do in the Civic making sure of the IT connections really work so that brings us to the security and we've been using max of teams which has worked for us because it's also about putting images on the screen
so I'm I'm interested that we come back with a system that does work where you want to upload mean thinking about planning meetings you have many presentations so you would want a system that's compatible with the presentations that members of the public who are viewing and participating online you know get good images of so it's some of the practicalities that interests me when we come back or knowing we got some of the infrastructure it's just and having gone through those some technical difficulties of webcasting I think we're getting on top of it now and of course the technologies constantly developing so I think this is a really exciting future and I think as I was saying earlier it's also about reaching out where we've got those facilities in the community so it could be for example if we do something for older people and so positive ageing council which may not be I'm a sort of formal Council meeting but it is an organisation we host that has causally meetings in the Civic as part of our framework it's in our constitution that we could then have those meetings been doubt at to care homes to residential settings where again folks on the other end could comment so I am really excited about the connections that we can make at providing me you know we can build on what we've got and we know it will be compatible with many other venues so YOMB really endorsing
well I've read it as recommendations that we agree it part of the work programme and at reports formally presented at Annex meeting in December
a spokesman Chris Anderson achievers some some how exciting this can be actually going forward and you know it's and one out angles thinking about how Members you know who got other commitments and I was thinking about this a little while a guide to come and present to a committee meeting I was only 15 minutes but of course you never know along a previous item could have been and so so but I I had another meeting in my own ward now going forward I could go to a meeting on ward when I could be then called to give you know my evidence for 50 minutes and then go back my meeting again so and that's that's that's not even thinking about any personal commitments I've got that's just juggling Council equipment's so that's for a Members' perspective but absolutelys thinking about people who can't attend meetings out and care and that's fantastic so that's something recently won a do going forward other is anyone I've missed that wanted to ask a question because if not I am certainly under propose that we we Paula the recommendation that we made as part of our work programme and we and is reported back to us now in terms of timing searches would be helpful to stir sewer at the moment on this so as I think there are two things one is the logistical what what you know what can we do and how it will that take and I I think on that one as soon that's that work in hand as you prefer society but also even less a hypothetically you know all everything we need the equipment that's in place in the Bertrams in the Civic Suite yeah if we were available next month you know obviously the stalk overt out there I know the Civic Suite is still closed
at this stage could you just give us a sense of timing on on on both those things so the first thing is where on the terms of logistics and and how that's going in and will we accept that and secondly at the moment I mean my Sumption is that you know I can't see hybrid meetings at Selly haven't you described happening for the foreseeable future but but and how that fits in with what's happening elsewhere that you were aware of I get say with regard to the fact that she would that timing and logistic and if it could close if they get go full the IP Carney at the thought thinking about packing if not think about what they actually they they started to work on the paper
because they know what they now because the webcasting and I know what quit mended needed in that and they have been benchmarking with some authority receive what they be using in that we know some of the the information and the algae ailed as a website and 8 which has a whole host of information for us to be able to pick up on and Stead's that the IT logistics there is the logistics of source we are
I have started to map out with planning and licensing particularly require additional Committee actually how much yours will be needed if we move into the business as usual said those kind of my and Head of arson thoughts on paper we have started think they by December I'm pretty sure we'll be able to map out costings and the options for the IP and also let me know perhaps and some idea of lifted out of resourcing it'll be to do that and the timing your absolutely might realistically aesthetic is closed or at least to the end of March and equally the moving to a hybrid me think it would be other civic and it would be at the March onwards hopefully in a longer than a March today given the fact that enable as you said that you know it is a fantastic way of communicating and engaging was murdered he the modern way forward of doing committees and the there is some space if Members want at Laurence House between now and March so we had said you to come officers if they feel safe they can come into the office but we only have a capacity of C of 9 I take up will be to check on that there was a places that need to be followed but it fell members the land while being on it they feel they want to come back in to a building and be on the laptop and you know Chair meeting a we've got more space for other than their living room walks never kitchen table said in a we have some spaces and we will make that available for members be able to do that between now and March and that will be at Nolan's house with no other buildings that I think and it it won't be supported unfortunately officers as we have actually set 12 visits that all staff in a safe still like that they know what to come into the office of their own wellbeing at mosque work from home particularly given the circumstances of the second wave that is imminent
in fact helpful as it is very helpful I've got other America but actually let's Patrick come in first that aren't just want to say thanks as OK that was very helpful very clear just for the the Chair's inferno Tasered hasn't noticed when we first started talking about hybrid meetings I noticed some councils were getting excited because it meant that they may be able to do what you are saying Kevin you can you can be in a meeting and be somewhere else on Council business but that was group accounts as it definitely seemed to want couldn't wait to get back into the Civic Suite and that's what they were they seem to think that we'd be starting meetings again but I think with the second wave a circus just sadder it does look unrealistic to me but I just thought you should be aware of that that million way yeah that's true and I think you know I think and people's expectations views changes experiences are changing through our scarce us I mean in my an effort and work with my comment which which is the yes I mean you starting the beginning of this how exciting hybrid meetings could be in in in the in the in the long-term post Kobe's where we can really Members people can't come to meetings but can juggle with other things are doing in their lives it'd be fantastic and also there is also there there's also yes that human that natural human stick that you know that being seen he'll face to face there is something that you can never be if your Lyon that's absolutely true and that's something we need to acknowledge but but that same time you know where we are with this pandemic is still very much with us and you know who knows how Moores it's it's going to get and you know the current strong advice from the government it's that you know if you can work from home you should work from home and that would be my my advice to my fellow members and the moment that said there may be if there's a pressing or very good reason to to to actually have to come into the buildings Laurence House or elsewhere then of course that should be should be helped to should be enabled at but one of the things I think we can start thinking about its part of logistical exercise
getting ready for a postcode at the right time in I think staff will be looking at IT staff and others looking at experimenting in those rooms we've got Laurence House so maybe and with Nasa at the time but maybe as we get too close to when there is an amenity again during that period a few Members and officers can experiment with that and that's something we should do that but should we should do that I think in in a careful and measured measures way so that's my common on that but obviously there's progress and work would be going on behind the scenes and I'm sure it this report will be taken to as part of the the covert experienced report for an that the business Panel I think next week and so Members' experiences and feedback is always welcome and certainly we will consider that when it comes back to us and formally in December so so on that basis I would propose that we
we follow the recommendation of of having reports back here and and and we we feed back as part of our recommendations for the long-term of hybrid meetings is I assume that's agreed unless anybody has any comments or that's fine OK so thank you very much of the report was very helpful and and a lot clarity in where we are now on on hybrid meetings
so coming back to I think that's of the final item on the agenda I'm not aware of anything else that we should have covered so I'm looking to either members or roars of anything else that needs to be sorted at night because if not in science rose I wanna thank roars I wanna thank James Woodfields and all members have taken part tonight it's very helpful very productive we've got some work to do between now and next meeting so good luck in all your endeavors sure we'll be in touch up individually about that and forts remaining evening I hope you are very good night thank you and that's will close webcast thank you