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problems caused by the Clerk to the Council prior to the official start of the council will have a roll call for attendance purposes so that members can show their constituents that the actually are attending the meeting when that's finished our handed with the Speaker and we're will cost meeting so all your names please same call out treasured
Young you get cabin
apologies Stop the attendance list of cancer farrar present good man cancer Anwar there then Councillor Bonner
Councillor BELL present
Councillor Bernard's
Councillor best present Councillor one of here
Councillor bone present Councillor Brown
can resemble thank you Councillor Brown
Councillor Campbell
given your new kid again sorry automatic switched off Parliament Councillor K Clarke
no for Council stock Councillor card
present caffeine and Councillor Clarke was here a moment ago
thank you Councillor current president
Councillor Dakers
present and I note that Councillor Bernard is presence to thank you for image considers Councillor Davis
present Councillor Ryk present Councillor Dromey present
Mayor Egan
Councillor Elliott
present Councillor Gallaher present Councillor Evans present Councillor Hall present
Councillor Hanley
Councillor Hanley
Councillor Holland
Councillor harmed
councillor Doughty ankle yes out thank you Councillor Harland yes great Councillor Hardy enko
and how it present Kevin and coup current Catling will be submitted apologies Councillors Johnston Franklin present Councillor clue Ferzat often feel Councillor Callahan present Councillor Chris Sky hasn't Councillor Mary
Councillor Paul Masterman submitted on his lateness Councillor McGeever hasn't
Councillor Millbank pleasant Councillor Moore present Councillor Morrison present Councillor Muldoon present Councillor Elkin bad the were present
Councillor Openshaw
he's struggling to get in Kevin home as Openshaw is waiting in the lobby and a private account so if I can ask the moderators to admit Openshaw line up
he is present Councillor Jack pursue present it's the John pursue them
Councillor Stephen Penfold frazzled
Councillor Colin Powell present Councillor Rathbone
Councillor Reid sit on the
Councillor shake
present good cancer Slater
Councillor Smith is sent apologies Councillor Sauber
in attendance and could that be different Councillor stammerers it hasn't Councillor Welsh
and finally Councillor wise Feisal
however given the close of the present on this meeting ClinPsyc that it took me a club we will have Councillor Bernard's and Councillor Clarke as well at the same much thank you both now turn of its speaker unwell
thank you go on the evening everyone cannot begin with welcoming everyone to the veteran meeting about a further Council tonight I asked Councillor to have their cameras on at all time if it's convenient but stay muted until garden to speak on this to ensure that inpatient to agree an item in agenda are abstention
An initial keep their cameras and microphones switched off until called upon to speak
I have received apologies for absence impossible Ingleby Councillor Smith and lateness or Councillor messin are there any other apologies for absence
thank you

1 Declaration of Interests

agenda Item 1 is declarations of interest are there any declarations of interest relating to any item on the agenda if so could Members please declare them now indicating which item they relates to and the nature of the interest I believe Komsomol do have an interest and I can NI
animal cruelty
yes Mr. Speaker I have a personal interest non-pecuniary and non-prejudicial I believe and in item 9 on I volunteer for three and a half hours per week at the wild cat wilderness which is a Rushey Green Timebank project where I shot decades of gardening wisdom built late about houses and endeavour to provide a welcoming habitat for hedgehogs
thank you for submitting the hackney carriage Councillor John pursued have an interest to declare insufficient please yes Chair I picked up a personal interesting and I can say one a phase than the questions to cabinet members in the I am a member of the British computer Society which is the royal charter body awarding chastising for the patient
thank you for surface of that happening the cottage and Councillor Colin thank you Chair I'm are a blight to declare also under Item number 6 an interest as I am a member of the bearing trusts local environmental and heritage organisation thank you as McCullum that has mitigated on so
agenda item 2

2 Minutes

that the minutes of the previous meeting I move that the minutes of the meeting held on 15 July 20 20 be agreed as a correct record is that was adamant second Mr. Speaker thank you have to Speaker are the minute aggregates
thank you
there is a Grade I declared that a minute 7 aggregates move on to add an agenda item 3 is a petition

3 Petitions

from the concert I understand there is no petition have been received so we move state replied agenda item 4

7 Scrutiny Mid Term Review

4 Announcements or Communications

about announcements and Communications
our trust announcement tonight too late to our response to the over 19 pandemic and I want them here to pray that his announcement we're pleased thank you very much Theaker on I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everybody across our borough who's been involved in our response trying to cope with pandemic and Council officers Councillors and of course the thousands of volunteers who've helped us and I hope that everybody is proud of how Lewisham and I mean that is offers of Bara how we've responded so well by working together and what led by the Council's genuinely been a collaborative response with residents and with our voluntary and charity sector and also like to place on record my thanks to the hundreds of council officers who volunteered to be moved from their usual role to ensure that we delivered for residents at the time that they needed us mouth we know that over the coming months we going through lots of difficulty
I believe this will be made all the more difficult because the lack of government support for local councils and other government pushes councils to take on more and more responsibility for this pandemic
we've learned their borrowing to receive 3 pounds a head to support services as Ringu from Tier 1 2 tier free tickets from say 1 2 2 of 2
after the first wave of covert the government is already left this Council almost 20 million pounds sure that will have a considerable impact on how quickly we can recover what support we can give to the most vulnerable in our community and what level of universal services be can continue to provide was set for some very difficult months ahead but set gangs that challenging FATdrop we mustn't forget incredible OK of people from across our Council and volunteers from across our community and against our back it makes their work or the more reporting remarkable going to make a special plea for support for the Lewisham Maris's and are packed lunch appeal but the government still refusing to extend free school meals and school holidays and wait to see what happens in parliament for our incredible masses of already raised Aigner thousand pounds of the 10 thousand pounds that they need to provide packed lunches to children over the holidays and any support that they can receive I know will be hugely appreciated and their details are on JustGiving if you search for Lewisham Aires's we search for the Lewisham packed lunch appeal on the JustGiving website and you'll find a link to their page my no I know they appreciate any help so please do consider making a donation thank you Speaker
thank you Mr. Mayor
there before I go to next announcement councillor Declan pursued would like to declare their interest which Councillor Juniper shoot has already declared I will request electric love to record that interest thank you forced ejection
our second announcement outlined some of the areas we are taking forward into sport Black history month I'm particularly pleased to be able to welcome rose in clear Goldsmith lecture and design to our meeting she the driving force behind the Caribbean living room exhibition which can be seen at the Broadway theatre I in White Rose to make her presentation Rosen Cleverley's
what's your camera and with
I knew on yes I'm on thank you very much
2 The Lord Mayor and Speaker and far and accountable
for presentation but I'm not sure I can share it but I hope that you'll be able to and
with the sense that somehow because I don't have as in all the right tools to our to share the presentation you can do on your screen but if not then you can read out to us
no it won't allow me to share OK I'll just I'd speak I'll just other speak about it and Iran
the Caribbean could be met seditious co-operation between Goldsmiths University of London Lewisham council and the 20 20 Windrush Day Foundation grant I'm what's are represented in the exhibition is both the important some migration who the landing cards and the process of settlements that submitted and installation of the front room at the Broadway 13 Catford
the exhibition extends beyond the bridge Black history month
to some extent the understanding that the history of our presence can be celebrated outside the month of October the work of the front room seeks to celebrate the crafting patches of black women throughout the textiles and tells the stories of hundreds of black women less dressmakers and who use their skills not only to decorate their homes but through their creditors in textiles met work such as Dorcas clubs although we go continued and
raising money for their textile skills filigree part show us for instance that there were over 200 crafters artist makers on the Windrush
blighting the value of Crescent are part of our own heritage but also highlights the importance of crashing Arts in this day Prokoviev it
the importance of the installations such as this is that the value of sharing stories of the past with the Young and of the present at dental to new words and stories of the future and essential part of understanding the future and this work becomes essential for a stall he stones explain what it means to have heritage installation is up for three months and mean courage every putty 2 am pleased visits the website share with friends and family and share your stories so as you can see here and the what you can see is the installation that's actually in Broadway theatre
and you can actually see and the but the actual set-up as expands and we can ask them individuals to share to share their stories by the clicking on that there's a QR code in the window and this one shows some of the exhibits ever in the winter and avoid have people come in turn on the memories late starting to bring back and we highlight the crafting that women have done this I rights some of the stories to the next slide highlights just the notion of the story's been invited to come here to the motherland the landing cards some of the literature the actually tough talk to us about the stories of coming from one small islands to another small island next slide and this this and slide just highlights that the stories that that inspired this whole research and this was a an embroidered sampler and made by my grandmother who was a member of her Dorcas pub in Jamaica but also how the Dorcas club memberships played when they came here and came to England and my mother was a dog of club member and how the women use that can you earn an nature the dogs club to make textiles for charity and Raisman in their local communities next light and what we're doing their wooden underlying workshops to encourage participants to share their migration stories but we asked them not as it does to share their migration store through weaving workshops but we also ask them to actually share their story both online and send our weavings into us and will be hoping to makes another and series of artworks actually represent what it means to be a a a new migration and process and to think about what it needs to recruit yourself in this age-appropriate
next slide
and we ask that people share through the UN websites become New historians and be part of this and projects to explore the landing card share their stories and this means that the by having the products of for three months it means that we can extend notion of what it means to be that Black history month isn't just for one month it gives people an understanding that there are there are stories extends we would love it to be a thing that goes on for 12 months but this 3 months allows us to also and quite what we hope to create this a Christmas Christmas front room
and to show how we celebrated Christmas in the front room so you got a story to tell thank you for allowing me to have this time to start back at the importer and all the front room as a form of settlement had knows of story shared from lots of other communities that talk about what it means have a space to talk about what it means to come from other places and to use textiles are routes and practice a route to talk about the shared experience thank you very much Council
they are safe YOT muting thank you very much indeed rose by speaking to us tonight you are welcome to stay with us for the rest of the meeting if you wish to
I am no further police to welcome a second presenter Etienne yosef who will talk about that as with gifts archives commission and explained what the researched an archives will entail and his involvement with decolonising the archive
I now invite him to speak I thank you very much and good even in everybody so yet when it docked at in Joseph and I'm an archivist and the founder of a project called the colonising the archive and the project really seeks to research document and share the histories of people of African and African Caribbean heritage both in the UK and internationally and so the project I'm going to talk about tonight a kind of comes about from US exposes a general issue in the UK I think especially amongst some of the younger generations of understanding the history of race would justice within a British context so we're often sorts quite a lot about the American story and although this thing to change I think there's still a lot more work to do and so this projects is focusing on on that the interview specific kind of Lewisham way so early this year were engaged in a piece of work around our book which was called the Windrush tank capsule and that was with Nancy Stridgeon whose part the cultural cultural Development Team at Lewisham and as part of looking into the histories around that and looking into the histories of the Equalities Act and we learnt some of the foundational work that our general named Asquith Gibbs had done around and police relations with African Caribbean young people and anti-racist and in general actually and so as we Asquith Gibbs was liking some people or on this core now he has any when I am I just in case you don't end he's a Grenadian born organiser and anti-racism campaigner Andalusian resident who made a really a massive contribution to social justice in the time it was alive and he came into the UK in the Fifties and who sadly passed away in 20 13 and some I'm in Hollis all his achievements because there are a lot of them but some key ones include and advising the Home Office on racing equality issues
acting as a principle racing equality officer for Lewisham founding Stop and search group and the Lewisham police Independent Advisory Group he was the Chair of the Lewisham Community police Consultative Group for about 18 years and he gained an MBE in recognition of his services to the police and the community in December of 2 thousand and 9
and and I suppose one of the reasons that of the project are about to explain this come about as thinking about what's happened this year both I get around George Floyd in the kind of events that have been triggered in this country as a result of that and we'll kind of thinking about the saw a Lewisham context for some of that some of those things so although Asquith contributions are known to some degree we thought it was really important to be able to evidence in quite robust way the contributions that he's made and in doing so under enrich the understanding around Lewisham's unique contributions to the national and indeed the global fight for racial justice because I mean Asquith NI loan there's there's been a lot of activity Lewisham over the years if you
do the history and so really what we're looking up the project is beginning by recording a series of oral histories and with a Asquith's wife which is normal gifts
and alongside some of his former colleagues and friends and saw that the content of those interviews combined with some of the research that we're engaging the moment am archive Burley and the research is generally available as well we're going to be putting together a resource pack which will hope to educate and inspire both young people and really the community in general on the impact that working Lewisham at has made to making Britain a fairer place to live so the project is starting and the civil theme from the last speaker actually and we don't believe that black history is about one month they think it's of is it's all of our history and so therefore we are quite happy to say that although starting in now the project is continuing and ill continuing into 20 21 so that's that's it for now but thank you very much for allowing me to speak and hope to be able to update you in the future
thank you very much
I am also pleased to welcome our young mayor for me who were read a poem by Maya Anglia to mark Black history month for me
thank you Speaker
good evening everyone I hope everyone's doing well I'm going to read a poem by Maya Angelou called human family
I note though is differences in the human family some of us are serious some thrive on comedy some declared the ill the lived us true profundity and others claim they really live the real reality the variety of our skin tunes can confuse Burmese delight brown and pink and beige and purple Tyne and blue and white I've stilled upon the seven seas and stopped in every land I've seen the wonders of the world not yet one common man and new tell thousand women called Jane Mary Jane but have not seen any to who really well the thing mirror turns a difference over the features jibe and lovers think quite different thoughts was lying side by side we love and losing China me weep on England's moons and laugh and mooning Guiana and thrive on Spanish shores he seek successive filling are born and die in me in many ways we differ in major with the same I note the offers differences between each sword and type but we are more alike my friends than we are unalike we are more like my friends than you are and alike we are more alike my friends than we are unalike thank you
thank you for me really fantastic I would like to add personally and a supporter of black Crookham initiative and welcome the work Lewisham is doing and decolonising the curriculum teaching black history colonialism and slavery as well as working with schools on anti resources for anti-racist practice
our third announcement tonight less to the Mayor about for 20 20 and invite Councillor John Milbank to present the announcement Councillor Mick eventless thank you very much Speaker I have pleasure in drawing the Council's attention to the mass of ward 20 20
the awards now in the fourth year are an initiative of the Lewisham local collaborative across Sector Network working to encourage those of us who live work or study in in our borough to help make Lewisham a better and fairer place for all through the giving of their time scales money and other resources this year the massive wards will be recognised in the phenomenal contribution of those who are played a critical role in the borough's response to COVID-19
essential contributions have been made to so many different wise bit through formal volunteer with established groups neighbors helping neighbors are setting up an participating in mutilate groups donate money and food and leading businesses redirecting their services and goods to help
so just let you use the car Members here and others Observer this nation and the community at large if you know of an individual young person humidity or faith group voluntary organisation local charity or business indeed anyone who has made a difference during the Corona pandemic please take a few minutes to nominate those for a massive Ward 20 20 nominations close at midnight on Sunday the site's of December
details of how to make a nomination online or on paper can be found on the Council's website
thank you very much because of through any much Osterman bank our fourth announcement reports solution resident of the MV Trevor Elliott as customary I would request that our congratulations to him or recorded in the minutes
our fifth announcements nor success at the national level and I invite Councillor backlist present the announcement
good evening everyone I'm really pleased to announce that Lewisham's Council's Youth offending Service has won a prestigious national ward for workforce Austrac Iestyn country's biggest local authority magazines the Minister Paul journal
for the transformation of the borough's Youth offending Service the Service be other fine list for example Lincolnshire South Norfolk and Westminster Lewisham has completely remodelled youth offending service taken an innovative and unique what new ways of working which is based on a trauma of formed approach repetitive justice and unconscious bias a key feature of the Council's new way of working is about the focus on the way the surface is offered this means safety through creating spaces where young people feel culturally emotionally and physically safe
transparency and trustworthiness
where full and accurate information about what's happening what's likely to happen next is explained to choice
by providing an approach that honours an individual's dignity voice where we create the opportunity where individuals views opinions and feelings are heard and acknowledged collaboration neutrality providing shared decision making and empowerment where we recognise an interval strengths and help them to build upon them to make this happen the Council embarked on a comprehensive programme of learning development and change across the whole of the Youth offending Service the Youth Justice Management Board have also undertaken training on the trauma informed approach and there have been a series of workshops delivered to partners to highlight and and address unconscious bias with that said on behalf of the mayor and all councillors I would like to say a huge thank you to all that have worked so hard and the dedication of Keith Cohen and his colleagues they have worked tirelessly with great dedication and care to support and assist our young people there have adapted the way that they've been working to engage and and and continue to work with our young people even during the Covid pandemic so well done and congratulations to all thank you
thank you Councillor decorous
I would find an announcement brings news of further awards and I invite Councillor Bell to present the announcement Councillor Vale place I gave Mr. Speaker so our planning or was 20 20 the Planning Department of Lucian council are hard-working dedicated team of talented individuals who put their heart and soul into this bar as part of their commitment to Lucian I am pleased to announce that Lewisham has won three awards at the 20 20 Planning awards which celebrate the diverse talent working in the built environment sector team Catford the locally based team which leads on community engagement on the regeneration of the Catford Town Centre on behalf of Lucian council won the ward's Community Led place-making the proposals for the Bakerloo line extension coordinated by Lucian cows other key partners won the award for infrastructure planning and developers the real local group on the ward for fostering a high a healthy High Street for the Kathryn Mewes cinema and community space so I just like to pay tribute to those when as those words and thank our own Department for the work they do
I thank you very much Councillor been

5 Public Questions

we move to agenda Item 5 now is the public questions a copy of the question to see and that isn't getting responses have been published on our website I understand that some are members of the public have submitted their interest for a supplementary questions and we should try and take as many of these question as possible in 30 minutes permitted under our constitution I would like to remind all members of the public that your supplementary questions should be based on the written answer that you have been sent please know that you should not make speeches are interrupt the proceedings
question 4 and Mary Helen
and many are you meeting
residents should answer
the next Thursday I put ahead of work
someone have a microphone on can switch off their Michael Cole either guest our comfort I thought my microphone on should I not have my name's Mary McKernan I marked asking questions supplementary to question I nt ride and I thought you would be called on your term I'll I thought you were calling me are going to get you can you can mute your sadly I shall sorry about that and you are question 8 Ellis climbing
Alex there of
question 9 Jean less risky
not there
Western 16 Clive standard
question 17
not there
Western 18
they were their own
I was you on it
3 darkness on dated you can help your there OK
we are committed to
broadcasts so can the switch off deliberate costs wherever existing yes when the one below
can he has not new to us by gone with your question please
so can switch off the light bright costs wherever this thing
Clybourne your question supplementary question we can hear you OK you can any good
you've obviously got the question in the other answer the first answer and you stay the local authority has no power to intervene if a landowner miss managers lawfully degrades the ecological value of their land and you do however have the power to take legal action against a landowner who contravenes planning regulations by using planning laws this could help to ensure that the owner operates in a way that can support wildlife habitats more the Council therefore be taking legal action against the owner for changing the use of the scout hut building in 20 18 without planning permission from a D one community building it was used as a compound for steel beams and other materials and or spin use for this purpose since 20 18 despite being refused a retrospective change of use application
thank you right Acaster Badham would you like to respond yes so thank you for that question I've we are currently preparing a briefing which we are going to give to the your ward councillors Crofton Park ward councillors
and we'll put into that briefing what we can and can't do in terms of enforcement action the I have had with the site today myself and in terms of any planning breaches which required forcemeat then they will be they'll be undertaken so I can't really see what this picture refers to as this is outside the old scala's that we are saying it is yes
that's the seen outside their and this week I believe OK so I've this been various public questions about the old scout hut today and obviously that's the Oscar I building so we will see what we can do I mean basically this is not any kind of excuse but the the planning department of the Council budget is very severely restricted so we have to look at what we can and cannot do so our work with your ward councillors and and yourselves the people that ask questions if he could just e-mail me to say that you're willing for me to contact you then we'll look at what as a council we can do to support the local community on this piece of land because obviously
terms of wildlife habitats and green spaces revalued those greatly we are somewhat limited in terms of some of the enforcement action can take on the inside of the building but we will endeavour to see what we can and cannot do and the A's review if you're OK with me contacting you and that briefing should be available are by next week and that will be distributed to all Councillors which will also provide a copy of to people the sentence the questions thank you OK thank just bear
we move on to the next question I repeat again I chatted MacLeod's is there
Diana wrote when
no question 20 Julia web
question 23 Sarah McMichael
yes OK lay Sarah one with your Saleemul services hello thank you disappear to Kosovo thank you for your answer
I just wanted to clarify it was about this time to community and involvement and how representations can be seen currently it states that they should be can be seen in the council offices and I I was the answer given was that they could be e-mailed redacted versions could be e-mail to me which is fine but I wonder if that could be put into the Staten community involvement because obviously I now know that but nobody else knows that
so if anybody wants to see those I'm going to want to know is it not anyone else think they still have to go into the council offices
she also asked that we take that away and will look at how we can feed into the policy in terms of the e-mails themselves obviously the HSE to be us they have to be redacted that obviously be also do what people tracking into the Town Hall specifically that COVID-19 second wave as situation so we'll look at how we can make those more accessible problem again for us is the resources some other planet partners very small and the the statements community involvement is just a temporary measure in order for us to get over covert 19 asked of our planning seen previously were sent into different roles to help with the COVID-19 response so well let's look at how we can find a better way of dealing with it that doesn't am make about make Tim demands on resources but I take your point that people shouldn't be coming into the Town Hall to look it redacted e-mails that doesn't seem a particularly efficient
thank you very much Minister Bell Acosta cuddle yours dream of being shared can you stop shaking your sleepless suddenly I'll try to cover
are carried out to just try and get signature thanks
thank you I tried to come in at number 20 I didn't get heard
that Julia what are you going to if I'm going to follow on with you pressed him if follows on nicely from the previous question the basically the statement that's put out is
in answer to my question is that we never refused to provide redacted copies when requested in fact this isn't true of censure evidence this afternoon and several amenity societies have given evidence to the sparks and the only way I got comments was far afield bid from for nation the question 20 18 since then they've been Toki refused so and an until we've now got to say if going to the Planning Inspectorate had forced Lewisham's the produce them so could you tell me why there is some Council believes that they're not allowed to make these and other documents of billable as every other Council Das redacted every other Council dot so does Lucian as some shall Law
OK that's Juliusson slightly for a couple of my screen at an Isis sad my at Wi-Fi
listen to operate in different laws in terms of the cars themselves the as I think this be required but conversation about this right now today so we endeavoured to be open and transparent in everything possible but unfortunately with the e-mails it takes a lot of work to put them online so easy to find a way of making sure that our that we do that successfully so people can access them but at the moment we stuff resources do it in answer to the previous question around people come into the town hall obviously we need to try to write that and so are
we our pick this up via e-mail with you some for officers of being contacted a about it so it's not that we're trying to withhold information is purely that where we do not have the resources to do everything Rima as you can appreciate in certain planning applications you get hundreds of different e-mails so it's quite an arduous task and because of GDP are things have to be redacted out so it's a bit of a it takes time and resources to do but I make you a commitment that will look into it obviously I've seen a few of the e-mails today so any to go through those and are respond to in due course but thank you and I know your uni trying to do your best for your community and I appreciate that just give me some time and I'll come back to you thank across their bare
question 28 Mark Morris I can see here
I may I question 8 Alex came key I you will be you will be Khan after the question in our who were contact your time but once I have to go through them at the time left our call you thank you Mark Gordon please thank you Councillor Bell for your answer are grateful and it's quite detailed appreciate that does have a couple of points though
Law the explanation seems to be that suddenly realised that a bid should be accessible for disabled people and disabled people get exist in Lewisham in 2 thousand 9 why was such oversight given back then it does seem just a bit poor just to blame the fact that now need to have an accessible Bridge as explanation for 11 years for absolutely nothing happening and can you also state how much of the 2 million pounds now exists and will developers have to provide that full index linked back to 2 thousand 9 or have we got wasted 11 years and that moneys been devalued because of inflation thank you Mr. Bandt Leeson so the session one are 6 agreement with fast took a long time to reach and our options were explored obviously that would assert that will people in our people live in disabilities nutrition after that time I myself am a disabled person so in terms of when it was scrutinised in terms of whether we could deliver that breached a number of issues surrounding it's a first of all the sheer length of it in terms of access ability and the second aspect would be the best way to do with its have a lift on either side and in terms of Barrett Green development there would be service chargeable for that particular left plastic will be open to everyone using it and the other side as well in terms of the cost to do that so all the money that was made available for that will be redistributed and we welcome to make improvements between the stations I do understand that people cause from Catford Green itself getting access across into capital without coming all the way round as an inconvenience but it just wasn't feasible to do that bridge when we looked at it
decisions taken a long time ago when they get to the point to which they're going to be implemented sometimes they have to be reviewed so I do take your point and in terms of the money that will be re-used for the station improvements but we are committed to delivering a new cap for the new captain master plan in this bridge unfortunately is not part of that bursts any more and happy to chat with you offline but that's the position the Council has reached
record yet aggressive Becky salmon record web Letterkenny unused yourself
you are Muker Rachel anything now yes we can as you know I got a question in response to North PN question first of all I wanted to explain I asked for the site success criteria against which the scheme was measured and I acted to receive exact thresholds or banding rather than just the category headings that were provided and which I could have access to myself in the monitoring report that was already available
please can more detail be provided about the success criteria in terms of what is expected and are these being adjusted as the scheme is being amended it would make sense for the traffic counts on impacted roads for example to continue to be monitored however these strips have just been taken up and in addition to that I'd like to ask if the scheme if there could be a criteria added which is the if the scheme levels on impacted roads if the pollution exceeds legal limits can a success criteria be that the scheme be pulled immediately if levels of pollution consistently exceed legal limits
Councillor Macniven please
thank you for your question Rachel so my understanding is is that we're not using exact thresholds in each of those areas because we need to consider all of those different factors in the round and just for the benefit of reburials here are going to try and find the questions they the factors that we are considering our traffic counts traffic speeds air quality and compliance levels and through the automatic number plate recognition bus journey times emergency service response times feedback from residents businesses and Ward Councillors and those are inside and outside the area and I think he I hope you can appreciate that it it is quite difficult to look at exact thresholds for each of those areas and then discount the other ones but I think what we have demonstrated already is that when we do see a negative impact we want to react to it we don't want to leave a scheme in place that are significantly impacting on people in a negative way and in a we've already demonstrated that when when we're seeing those those changes we are going to make changes and we were particularly we we saw changes to bus journey times and we responded to those and that's why May changes to the LTE N
I can I mai r YouTube wrong going from around just on the point about leaving the monitors down for longer I think in a we've got to balance this costs attached all of these things in we've got to balance fable get meaningful data and also the costs of getting at data and will continue to monitor if if and when we need to going along
on the question of the League of would we would we withdraw the scheme those illegal levels of air quality outside and some of those roads before before the scheme went in before covert there were illegal levels of air quality I think we've got to recognise that but what we saw with the and reduction in vehicle movements and the onset of quavered and lockdown was a huge decrease in air pollution what that showing us obviously is in order to tackle air pollution across the Borough we need to address and vehicle movements and this is one of the schemes that attempts to begin to do that really big piece of work that needs to happen across London thank you roster McGeever Candyman member of public to make their supplementary question as brief as possible so we can take everyone who has shown interest to our supplementary question next question is question 39 which you not Peters face in your reply to my question the council conceded that the Lewisham and Leagreen low traffic neighbourhood if not working as expected and has created issues that need to be addressed you so you have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the emergency services are aware of the modal filters but you totally ignore the fact that every day ambulances and police cars are stuck in diverted traffic on heavily congested main roads 0 2 0 5 0 to for example Molesworth Street turned into a nonsensical one Carr Lane
My friend is a consultant oncologist a surgeon stuck in traffic in Lewisham
in response to well over 13 thousand complaints and petitioners the short term changes which you claim have the potential to alleviate the immediate pressures are impossible hot
they should not ignore
European and police quickly also
I think there is an internet problem I think I take a tiered constant McGeever would you like to answer the question whatever we had
yes I will do my best only had the first part the question yet I'd never there's internet does shall we can't hear any more
to me and to book ahead you yet so I think it's important to reiterate that the London ambulance service have stated and meeting on the 29th of September there have been no adverse events resulting from low traffic neighbourhoods London and their monitoring yet I can assure you that if the London ambulance service were concerned about response times they would raise it with us when and key workers and doctors have raised issues with us in the Borough about the low traffic Neighbourhood we've sought to work with them to make exemptions and will continue to do that
thank you was Magee but our next question his question 79 Cannon threat is there can I can see the appeal building good evening
in your answer to my public question 79 you state that as a result of these discussions with the emergency services we chose to install camera enforced modal filters on priority emergency service routes to give them unimpeded access unquote so does this mean that the key operated barrier on Lea Hurst Road is not on a priority route despite the fact that it's on the way to the hospital for many residents your proposed changes do not seem to remedy this situation since you state that and I quote on Lea Hurst Road a physical barrier will be moved to allow vehicles to travel west to east from Hither Green towards Leagreen and you can row will enforce this a physical barrier will remain in place that will prevent their calls travelling east to west from Leagreen towards Hither Green in this muddled explanation nothing is said about the key operated gate in the middle or what exactly the new camera will enforce the implication is that those travelling in an ambulance from Leagreen to the hospital will still have to wait while ambulance crew unlock the barrier if this is not the case why do you all new plans not our residents of lead green unimpeded access to Lewisham hospital in taxes or in their own cars because this is a vital rapporteur please because I got a few more people as this is the last centres because this is a vital journey for many made more stressful by the road closures and I know because I read all the responses to the questionnaire put out by what you refer to as the other political party the Liberal Democrats thank you
Councillor McKeever believes again
OK that's quite the quite a lot in that supplementary question and just trying to work to the the key point
I agree with the aim of repeat it again if of the LTA's is to is to reduce traffic on our roads these are measures that we know we've got to take
in regards to opening up the LTA in in the Inner for frivolity the people can drive to the hospital that means we have to open up the whole scheme and then we lose the benefits of the whole scheme and what we're trying to do with these changes to find a compromise that addresses some of the concerns raised raised but also retains some of the benefits because there are there other voices and it you know that that really 1 L T ends that really want them for the reasons that have been created by Kobe but also for the medium and long term needs to shift to sustainable travel to address climate the climate emergency and I appreciate appreciate that in it for some people they will they will never be happy with the L T N and they did they want unrestricted access but what we've tried to do is to address the needs of key workers to address the needs of people who have disabilities and expanded exemption lists and to address the needs of an to and to respond wherever appropriate when emergency services have raised concerns with us and as I said that the the London Ambulance Service have has heard that local neighbours have not been implemented in any in any adverse events and we've been working with them collaboratively the whole of the whole time
thank you for coming here
next as question mine key marry McKernan these are nude yourself
yes sorry thank you on the slide I'd like to thank Councillor Bell and to Egham for their responses are I actually before lodging this question for the council meeting I had actually written twice to the Mayor of Lewisham asking that are he intervene to hold a Lewisham mayor of ballot for the citizens who the Lewisham citizens who live on the Sydenham Hill estate or who worded the L and the elderly citizens who were decanted from these house in order to make way for the the housing development by the City of London as late as September 20 18 the City of London were talking of building 100 40 8 at sorry 100 58 you units on the estate which would at that time have required a GLA narrow ballot unfortunately we've been able to have unable to get some of the documents relating to that but we do have minutes that refer to a hundred foot 58 new units now
third that the City of London absolutely refused to hold the ballot so therefore I approached the man because I feel that under the mayor's very good charter for Lewisham residents that it is it can't be right that Lewisham citizens some tart some of whom have lived here for over 60 years
however it can you please wrap up your gas reflecting not feel right that they've been disenfranchised twice from voting on the future of their homes once by the CEO L and now by by Lewisham and I would ask Cleese for the Mayor to hold a ballot
thank you Councillor Bentley's
Mary thank you for your question I really do understand business feeling about this scheme it is a sacrifice and it's a change in the local area which is extremely beautiful area in terms of the ballot that's assertive London decision but if you ask me whether we will pressure told ballot and the answer is no and the reason that it's now is because first of all I don't want to mislead you or tell you something that we've tried but unfortunately city of London refused the reduction in the number of proposed homes went 200 from 100 50 210
the reduction stories three blocks reduced from six to four storeys and the toilet block is now 7 storeys rather than 12 I complete the as I say a complete understand residence feeling about this we are investing in it as well to get 55 of the nominations of those tears because were absolutely desperate for the social housing we each local authority's given targets in terms of social housing and the City of London spend a lot of money getting to this point
I know that the ward Councillors have tried their best and done everything possible and let's pay tribute to them in the local community but ultimately we cannot get pressure elicits evil and untold about because we need the social housing and for City of London they have been quite reasonable in terms of what their and took to the change in the scheme and every scheme has to be financed on an individual site basis so that that the cost of them are quite significant so but I do appreciate the local community are not happy it must summon the NEMS looking into not happy our help you feel that you've been listened to because that's what we're trying to do in terms of the ballot as I say it's not necessary to do about that scheme and we're not going to push City of London to do that because we Jack we're just absolutely desperate for the social housing but we will make sure that the development is best for local communities would be for the sacrifice rifts to funding asking you to make her night or say I'm not asking for a city of London ballot my question with about and Lewisham narrow ballot and as far as the number of properties go Lewisham are getting 55 units you have decanted terrible were America your cannot answer other than Armley for you have to cut your Hari I brother people waiting around the three-minute lie Mr. Speaker can I just say that lowish assertive Linda Burney to hold the ballot because of their at the funding arrangements but that doesn't qualify but also we wouldn't hold about either because it wouldn't make any any difference to our view into the Cetin this view so as to be clear on that thank you
thank you thank you yeah OK stay static serve cocaine as Alex clean Irish and I kept Jaime a part you were card that your number by you miss that an appearance deserved 15 74 burden upon 16 50 hot contend the archive of the council meeting your called next question is 92 as but Ewing are you there now I'm here OK
OK for question 1 26 Mary if you have any supplementary I've got only two minutes left
question 1 42 married I think many had left and then he I'm happy and here and here
that you are here but I have no one else to say
I am therefore
Sarah make Michael have you got any supplementary no OK
Murphy 7 pound Lomax
or questions on phone these which first sorry 1 63
1 47
1 47
to my son on a so segment was that have funding within a Tittleshall Neighbourhood still streets and public cycle lanes but the guidance states that other measures to be funded including cycle parking payment wiping widening our current barriers and also the ability to bring forward schemes already funded to local cycling walking if such plans was falling apart any the measures and how we pop up cycling have been installed on those should manage roads and also condemn the 1 point 5 million pounds of fishermen's allocates a further things these complimentary measures thank so so McGeever again
I didn't get that I got the a proper army pop up cycle lanes to try again Ostermeier applying some 8 so how was was funding applied for any measures that just listed such as bringing forward existing schemes having how we pop up cycle lanes of installed on those managed roads and can use some of the 1 point 5 million apiece him of a new fundings these measures 1 point 5
what do you want to go to
OK so
the funding was restricted to the areas that we've outlined wasn't funding available for those additional measures originally proposed and a healthy neighbourhoods programme we we haven't Ince we haven't put up any pop-up cycle lanes we've been working with tier fell to you on on Lewisham manic roads we've got one on a on tier fell managed roads was still was still looking at different options they're locked calendars particularly to do with roads with width about putting up for pop cycle lanes but something we continue to work on on the on the yes on the on the fines that have come through on the
the fines further on the the camera operated modal filters the principal parks of those those fines is to ensure and compliance we don't want cars going through those filters but under the legislation we can use those fines to to to introduce road improvements walking walking cycling infrastructure and that's something I'm very keen to do considering the and very limited funds we have available and it's important to state that we've had all of our Local implementation funding withdrawn so in terms of funding for cycling walking infrastructure with very very limited at the moment so will absolutely be seeking cheese every every bit funding we can use for these kind of measures because we know how important they are
I want to go to drink-driving below
thank you for Palestinian supplementary and that is the end of our public questions the time which is permitted under the constitution we have used it all members of the public can always engaged with their local councillor to get a further information and give so we are moving to agenda item 6 now I believe concert Susan Weiss has shown interest

6 Member Questions

to declare interests in the item 6 Councillor by that they're well thank you I'm not sure Mr. Speaker yeah so I didn't get it in on time earlier early this evening and I have to declare an interesting question 1 as a Councillor for Perry Vale Ward with the questions that came to us for the LTE and was created Sydenham and under question 12 or that I am an allotment holder on an L B L self manage site thank you thank you she over her
and they have because Councillor wise Councillor Deputies has interest also declared of Siddiqui's
in light of Councillor pursuits and the creation regarding the British computer starting I'm also member and kit thank you there has been recorded are so the 14 question from a member of the Council were received responses to the question had been provided and published on our website with tonight's meeting papers are like to remind Members that we have up to 30 minutes for this item
question from Councillor John pursue do you have a supplementary question to ask Councillor McKeever yes sir speaker I don't please least yes Councillor gave a my question wasn't about the low traffic neighbourhoods
but about the about the commonplace web platform which we been telling residents they should direct all of their their feedback and comments to eat he it's quite clear partly from the many of the hundreds 64 public questions that was submitted just before this on the agenda for some people satisfied with that and are grateful for the the rather long answer you given me but what I'm concerned about his whether or not we can actually get some sense out of the material that residents are contributing to commonplace and are grateful also to the work that officers has done in producing some tangible information from the particular scheme I asked you about which is affecting roads in my ward very Vale but it is just to pie charts quantified to yes no answers about the Silverdale and bishops or Road filter so for supplementary questions you is how confident are you that we are going to extract some some sensible feedback that we can use to guide whatever we decide to do next out of the complex web of flood platform or should we reconsider using other means of collecting in his feedback from people
thank you
thank you for your question Councillor sheet I think
there's a broader question here which is about how do we engage with the most people in the most efficient way in a way that doesn't exclude as many people as possible and I think you know traditional public consultations in that one of the meeting rooms don't don't provide the full solution and are quite limited and we know the number of people who generally attend these obviously just during online consultations is something that excludes people that don't have access to the internet that find it difficult to navigate around compost Pat for NI recognise it's not the most easy platform at times to to navigate and I'm I'm hopefully we can make some changes to improve the design of that so we've got to get that balance right at the moment we don't have the option of having public meetings I think asking people to send in e-mails is having that as the only form of of correspondence also doesn't work that excludes people said that a balance that we have to strike and I think it's important to say that we're not using the commonplace platform as a referendum on whether we bring things forward or not in a the information that we've got from that commonplace has been incredibly useful in understanding where issues have arisen and we've made changes in response to those issues as they've arisen
and it gives a snapshot it's not perfect and extension be used and use as a sole earner form of engagement and going forward you know if we make decision to make some of these changes to convert them from temporary traffic orders to experimental traffic orders which will start the process of statutory consultation will be engaging and seeking feedback in a different way we won't just be using the commonplace platform I recognise that there are limitations thereby also think that there are some big benefits in using commonplace
thank you Councillor McKeever a question to Councillor Cohen you have a supplementary question
you're please and new yourself Constable Kerr
I do thank you very much
first of all as you will be aware Councillor gave a this ism part of what is going to be a new 38 Car Park for Lewisham something that hasn't happened since Victorian times and it's as a result of the work being done by Councillors lots of the community groups and others in the area and what this particular patch of land the landowner has deprived children and adults from taking part in the adventure Learning programme and NHS healthy walks initiative which is be run by bearing trust Kings and GP served surgeries there so the legal my question is the legal team I've only got one line at the end of the question of the answer on the legal team and knowing how excellent they are when they forced the ladder to rebuild the grey and pub in Sydenham I would like to see them unleashed on this land owner to make sure that he opens up public access to this land for children and adults who need it for their recreation wellbeing
thank you Councillor gave at this
thank you
here he jam and an appreciation for the work that you and other local councillors and resident and community groups have done to protect this space could I just ask for point clarification do you mean she meter to the the the gates been chained by the landowner yes and do me to get that that chain removed my understanding was that it's been removed and wallets to I don't know if it has but I'm I was speaking to a residence there earlier today and they didn't indicate that that happened bottom all I can say is it we want to they have public rights and access to that loan reverse wanted to be restored and also they unlawfully cut the council owned gates to the Ringway Centre and so like to see that make sure that they don't do that again and some notices served on
I think the officers have demonstrated that when landowners behaved responsibly we do follow up with them through planning or through law and will seek to do that in this case as well
thank you concert was the her supplementary question
David thank you Chair
thank you for your reply Councillor McGee but I know you've had a busy evening start taking questions can I first of all state my thanks to play Evelyn Dawn Atkinson and are one of our Maris's Defford Fokine even parents for the work they've done to make sure their children's playgrounds her are reopened across our borough I think they've done a great piece of community work in the great service for the children of Lewisham and in your reply you said you mentioned about half ourselves and we don't have we can't make a comment on them can I ask that may be true you or via were cabinet member for regeneration we talked the RSL's the horror major players in the borough and ask if they have open up all their playgrounds are two because I think I would be very useful
he has just to say I care thanks to those campaigners it an amazing piece of work I
I'm I'm not aware through my casework of any other playgrounds that close I don't think that that is an issue and if you were aware something and country than will follow that up but that's not something that that I that's been where and I'm aware of
thank you across member gave it a question for concert hardly have a supplementary question to ask yes thank you Chair firstly can I pay tribute to all other public health professionals there's working for the Council and in the NHS who are dealing with the threat of COVID-19 late a locally and my question relates to other effects nations in immunisations and the Cabinet Member will be aware that for herd immunity in for measles a should be at least 90 to 95 percent of the population who requires vaccination in 19 March 2 thousand and 19 it was stated that Lewisham I quote had a way to go and so will the Cabinet Member ensure that there's a public awareness campaign on the importance of maintaining all these vaccinations and to promote the influenza vaccine in Lewisham for both children and vulnerable adults thank you Chair
thank you Councillor Harker Deputy Mayor to respond Councillor best thank you very much speaker and thank you Councillor Hall for once again highlighting this issue as you know from previous correspondence are performance is better than the London average but of course it's still not good enough on childhood immunisation so we got an immunisation partnership group that we're working very closely with particularly the stakeholder providers to make sure that we can improve that overall uptake and I think we are trying to give that another push and I agree with you we we still need to have that campaign we are working closely with the CCG at we are improving the call and recall a of the parents for childhood immunisation by the GPs
I think there's also a gap with the data-collection from GPs and I think that that was partly to do with the change of systems but we have got a new Child Health information Service that her that's been provided by Sal and it's working with GPs to help identify ways that we can improve the uptake so I agree with you it we have to do better but we are determined to work with GPs that it's a very difficult time notwithstanding that I can assure you I'm doing my level best and on the immunisation now on the flu vaccinations I really do want to push this because
I think it is so important this year that are over 65 particularly make sure that we've we improve that uptake we have got a flue task and finish group of Members will be familiar with those and there is room for improvement but until the latest figures are aware at nearly 50 percent and 65 class have already been vaccinated I'm one of those so I would encourage all Members to promote the over 65 s and then in November where really going to promote the under 65 so once again it's an opportunity I would ask all colleagues wherever we can and I am promoting this campaign to make sure we really do it's gonna be a trial run for the covert vaccine so it's really important more than ever that we promote vaccinations and thank you for your question Council
thank you Councillor best next his question 5 Councillor poet do you have a supplementary question
thank you thank you Chair I do I do have a supplementary I'm I'd like to thank you for your answer as it's a positive move in the right direction but in the light of the emergence of Black lives matters here and abroad there's a feeling sometimes among black people that they are unaware of their history and the contributions to politics culture science and building the United Kingdom Black history month seems to be the only tie where a spotlight as part on the lives and the contributions of black people have made it is important to know that our pass help us to understand our present place in the world are no black history is that she knowing British history how can this be highlighted in our schools in Lucian
thank you Councillor Parnham
thank you broaden yet thank you very much Councillor but you can hear McKay around to where we can and on my Mac thanks very much thanks for asking this question as well it's important not just in Black history month for as you say all the time I think you know that a long time ago when I was a teacher I was lucky enough to teach at a school in Lambeth called telltale school the history staff there develop their own course based around the history of black settlers in Britain especially London from Tudor times to now and it was an excellent course so good in fact they published it as a book I enjoy teaching that and I need no persuading that black history is a fundamental part of British history undeniably so in a city with a diva a diverse history like London and as Rose Sinclair Etienne Joseph and our young there for me were reminding us earlier in the meeting of course local councils don't control what's taught in schools and central government controls the national curriculum and I think unfortunately as my original written answer said a thing unfortunately in recent times the national curriculum has narrowed in some unhelpful ways but schools do have flexibility and I think we should be encouraging our schools to use that flexibility to ensure the curriculum reflects the reality that our modern Lord is built upon a rich and complex heritage as you say Kim and that's an important part the written answer refers to Lewisham Learning Race Equality Project and that's that curriculum part is a very important part of that project one other thing I've mentioned as well we've got an opportunity with our year as Borough of culture coming up in 20 22 to really fire up some enthusiasm and we're starting to think with Councillor born about how we seize that opportunity I think in any case a lot of our schools would want to think of creative ideas drawing on local history and culture we need to build on that so that it's not just for the year are buried culture but it's actually building something and improving something in schools with a longer terms I think it's a really good opportunity to put rocket boosters under what we we are and should be doing anyway which is encouraging schools to reflect the reality that London's a world city people come here from all over the world that that won't change in the future and our children need to understand the city their living in and the opportunities that flow from its rich heritage
thank you Councillor Parnham next question 6 Councillor John or should do you have a supplementary question for constable area
briefly Speaker thank you yes Councillor Olivier thank you your your answer and it's very detailed I think the supplementary that suggests to me is is do you think there is a risk if we concentrate on those Brother shallower more immediate skills in staff or supporting the IT we use such as
their expertise in managing Microsoft Teams for this meeting and others like it that we might lose the opportunity for the Council to recognise and be supported in recognising
more imaginative opportunities for exploiting digital media and improving and modernising the way we do things if we perhaps efforts ourselves with the mighty staff who had wider deeper Bar dare I say more academic qualifications in in the subjects
thank you Councillor Sue that is something worth bearing in mind are so I think we as Members on Shaw and staff across the Council had experience particularly as which we've had to transfer of online to online meetings and of some of the real support the IT staff of of given us and sometimes I've I've noticed aid may never not not known the answers themselves but I've appreciated how had gone
gone beyond the call to actually get to get the answers they needed now I do agree we do need people in the organisation to be thinking broadly about how we can do things more matches fleet more creatively try new things although we have always bear in mind that to certain extent we have to be a a risk averse organisation because we do have a public service to meet so try new things but now what risks we are taking and I I would certain encouraged that certainly amongst the the senior levels in our staff and but throughout the organisation if people got got got ideas not just 90 but across the whole of the Council if you've got an idea working at the Council and you come across something that could do things differently we all need to hear about it so so I would say encourage that any IT service and beyond
thank you monster behaviour question salmon consequently you have a supplementary for possible or OJEU thank you Chair I'm
you will be aware of course Castle that this again is up the land we're talking about is part of the new proposed 32 year-old children park that has been campaigned for by the Grove Park Neighbourhood Forum and very many other community groups and local councillors and a it's under threat in such a way as why keep raising this and I think sometimes the Council does catch up but it should be leading the charge on times and I'm on this particular point this site was where a land owner evicted the disabled Children's riding school where they cut down about 50 trees unlawfully and the attempt is to degrade this land so it can no longer remain viable with early environmental protections so my question is will he ensure that the Council acknowledges that a wet woodland priority habitat exists in the sights of because we haven't updated our 20 15 sites importance for nature Conservation review since where the Council in my view needs to ensure that it is included in time for the update of the a local plan earn so
if it needs to acknowledge that this is a priority habitat if the Council fails to acknowledge that its priority habitats I'm concerned the local residents might take legal action to make sure that the council does carry out its duties thank you
thank you Councillor Khan
thank you
also I'd like to pay tribute to you to Councillor Clarke Councillor more Councillor Elliott council Ingleby for the work they put into this national we had a meeting a couple of weeks ago around this very piece of land it doesn't surprise me that developers is me are do this kind of activity in order to do so in order to get what they want so as you are aware we see information sheets spreadsheet that I've sent around into capture to capture everything that you would like from the local amenity and then were assessed that on with available resources that we have so I completely support what you're trying to do we will work with officers as we have done and the beating we had a couple of weeks ago with lend devours well the Assembly Member and the local community and yourselves we will see what else we can do with a limited envelope resource that we got Basle to make it clear that we as a council value the green open spaces we welcome the workflow community in trying to create this new park and Councillor McGee has also been heavily involved in this I believe and from that spreadsheet they sent you in terms of the information he needs to capture that we can identify what is needed what we can do and also what we can ask the local community and ward councillors to do on our behalf the resources not there but you're not my assurance that we will try everything possible within the resources that we have to make sure that the aspirations for local air in the protection of the breed spaces is maintained thank you Brother Bear and next question 8 concert Harding a supplementary question and thank you Chair and Bellingham has historically had a swimming pool some people all remember the Bellingham light out of probably Road M and with both our leisure centres are closed and bet their the depending on leisure centre and the breach and I'm just concerned it firstly the a breach leisure centre is properly secured because then residents are writing to me to say that gates had been left open and people have been trespassing around there so are we don't want her any of the environment air to get any worse am and finally as as the mess head at the end of his answer that he or need to balance our ambition to provide accessible leisure for older should residents if he will include that historical point that we've always had a leisure we've always at a swimming pool thank you
thank you pointed out that Councillor Bernard
models for for me on speaker so
thank you very much Councillor Hall at Duffy looking to the these curing of the building and I'm in light yes of course of your with your comments and and I know that your new more than aware of the the budget pressures facing us but looking it for of course all of all of the services that we we provide an and we want to ensure that Lewisham residents right across the Borough including Bellingham have access to to leisure facilities as well thank you
thank you Mr. Mayor at the next question 9 has reportedly have a supplementary question
thank you Chair I'm I'm happy with the answer that's been given I look forward to seeing it been implemented thank you question 10 cancer heart do you have any other supplementary that this question 10
Councillor Harker
the move to Councillor hardly ever question supplementary question I can see usage sorry about that chair yes very quick just to say that the Council remains the freeholder of The Mansion and we do need to have a long-term plan or for it I am are concerned that the number of uses and sub-leases now they exist and for the mentioned that it's time for us as it local ward councillors to meet with the Cabinet Member and officers as soon as possible to discuss this her can have a commitment that this can happen
thank you
it's safe transfer McGeever I believe are unsafe and of course Councillor Hall of always been happy to meet with local Ward Councillors I'm on the ship Beckenham Place Park I think it's important to say that there's quite thriving community this that's developed around The Mansion and we really welcome that but it is the Council's long term ambition and gold to attract grant funding to secure and their much-needed worked at the that's needed at The Mansion and that's that's our long term aim and goal but yet have to me
thank you Councillor McGeary
question 11 Councillor Curley her supplementary question you're sorry to chair it's all about railway lines tonight and I am going to just let you know that so I was contacted by local residents about the land between New Cross and Forest Hill about which were is question is about and it seems to me that it's in a similar situation to the Grove Park land and it spread of it behind and I I would like to ask if you would consider doing a similar action on this land as what we've done in Grove Park with perhaps an action sheet that to the Ward Councillors who are never interested in this hands and myself came fill out to see what can be done because it's the same it's all the same issues and all these trees are so vital to not only our climate change policies but they do everything from keep our homes warm in winter and cool in the summer they sustain wildlife as endless things about what they do we really there's only one Charter understand what we're saying about resources but if we missed our chance for those trees a garden than their gone and we and we're not carrying out what we should be doing so could we could I ask him refer we can have a similar approach to what we've had in Grove Park thank you
thank you Councillor bad faith
thank you Councillor current I will consider anything well in terms of green spaces and trees we obviously have the fact that net worth the power to do whatever they want effectively and also we only have one tree officer who I would like to pay tribute to because she's unbelievably amazing 1 Tree Officer from Lewisham with all the green spaces and trees that we fortunately have is she's just incredible so instances your your your question yes I'll consider it yes me I can provide you with a new spreadsheet in terms of what you asking for go through the same process as Grove Park and I do take the point that once it's gone it's gone and it's very difficult to re-establish something once it's been taken away but just with the caveat that we have limited resources we have limited power over this but we will try our best and do the same old carrot the same process as we had over the Grove Park Inn inhabit too late a borough councils and yourself
and make it must have been a Councillor hardly her supplementary question and answer McGeever regard to question well thank you Chair Bellingham is the home of the allotment by the looks of it going down that this we do have quite a few and I would be very grateful if we could consider how these lot allotments are managed because they are extremely popular and the waiting list of over 2 thousand 500 shows that there are great resource to our residents there also as you know as you know chair a great resource in terms of the Green climate change them changes that we need to make so Mike my question is is can we have a look at the governance and can we come we will explore whether so many disused allotment spaces in Lewisham thank you thank you conserve McGeever Leith
and I am not aware of a great many issues allotments faces and that I think you know we can have a look at the governance if he think that things are not being gung correctly but are not going to enormously popular and we carry them in and take care of themselves their if you've got particular concerns please raised with me
thank you Councillor Reggie work Weston 13 also hardly have any supplementary I just one very quick question and that is in on the 3rd March 2 thousand and 20 Emily's not included in the reply I believe the Mayor of London signed off change the Lucian Gateway scheme and in a quote at the digit the decision forms outline changes to the scheme when proposed proposes the introduction of get living Ltd to the project and that I think I think I'm correct in saying that that is dated in March 2 thousand and 20 and they were consequential changes because of course Lucian Council remains the freeholder of the whole scheme and can the Cabinet Member tell us that the why this is a significant thank you
thank you Councillor badly sorry Councillor who could the last bit I missed can you was it can you tell us why it's significant that were the freeholder
is that your question can you can you explain why these changes necessary white significant
so not right now I will go and ask the director of planning for an answer to that question and I will respond to you via e-mail thank you thank you possible and now with it to the last final question I consider how do you have any supplementary from constant best after me

7 Scrutiny Mid Term Review

thank you and that is and of this item agenda item 6 now move to Item 7 which at the scrutiny mid-term review I call upon Councillor Bill Brown to move the recommendation in this report Councillor Brown place
thank Speaker
as a Council to receive this mid-term report and what you will have read the summary of the work of all viewed scrutiny for 20 18 to 20 20 or kill roughly the start of the corvid pandemic and considered future challenges at a time when predicting things six months from now has never been so difficult in the in these difficult times we are all experiencing across the borough and within the council I want to highlight the time and commitment of scrutiny councillors and staff and thank them for their dedication and hard work which goes on not just in formal committee but is a constant is it as a constant within their duties
I'd also like to thank those in the community individuals groups and organisations that work with us to help carry out our roar the report highlights the work of the six scrutiny committees include in-depth reviews and other activities plans include a scrutiny Executive protocol tout Foster are Kinshasa where they are is early regular and effective engagement between the executive and scrutiny and a communications protocol to ensure that scrutiny's role purpose and findings are clearly communicated to the wider or foreign to the wider community
the covert pandemic means beyond the fast moving an unprecedented situation within which scrutiny must continue to hold decision makers to account and ensure parity of esteem between executive and scrutiny
scrutiny is a whole affair a whole Council affair and it's worth must only be recognised by senior officers and Cabinet Members scrutiny leads to better decisions and better outcomes
they have coped with the first wave we suspended our six committees and channelled activity through the business panel of thank you to those Members we are now back to a more normal situation
under present conditions we adhering to hold public health measures including remote working but we recognise this isn't always easy especially and particularly when trying to engage with residents and groups and we are doing the work to hopefully ensure we can facilitate more hybrid Tate meetings when health guidance allows effective overview and scrutiny of the Executive is essential to effective decision making
executive and non-executive councillors and council officers working together engaging with residents is the way we make the best decisions transparency and openness within the council and without are the essential values we must follow to achieve this I propose acceptance of this report thank you Speaker thank you Councillor Brown
I call upon Councillor Sophie diverse to second the recommendation second it thank you Councillor Davis does anyone wish to speak on this item
no recognition is that this report be received can I ask all those in favour to agree a great great
average rent arrears
Red agreed are there any abstention are against
no thank you I declared that the report has been received

8 Constitutional Changes

agenda item 8 constitutional changes I call upon Councillor Susan wise to move the recommendation in this report Conservators place her thanks Mr. Speaker let was a very interesting mound of agrees there hadn't her and bring this report to Council this evening
the reason it has been delayed is because of COVID-19 and we were unable to have a Constitution working party until erm 2 weeks ago when it should have happened in March
what's coming to you this evening are recommendations to amend their constitution which reflect changes to create task and finish groups within the overview and scrutiny
and this comes out of long discussions by the Local democracy review and I'd like to thank everybody that was involved in that consultation and took part in coming to an end with lots of recommendations you'll remember that I Constitution is a living document and we have to make sure that it's up to date to reflect legal and constitutional requirements and this evening I bring to you proposed amendments that will enable us to create a task and finish group and
once that is agreed than that will be an publicly available to everybody I'm also asked to a draw your attention to them and amendment excuse me to the health and wellbeing board constant ERM membership and that is the changes in CCG and that will be in the report that follows this item can I ask colleagues then to agree the recommendations though under paragraph 3 point 1 3 point 2 and 3 point 4
thank you very much cross-party wise for moving the recommendation I now call upon Councillor Kevin whenever to sack him the recommendation and thank you Mr. Speaker and in seconding this motion I simply want to thank members of the democracy working Group and indeed all Members who spent on suitable thought and consideration in coming up with this revised model so thank you to all of them and I formally second
thank you Councillor behaviour that anyone wish to Speaker to this item
no other recommendation agreed agree the Hastings group agreed it thank you
thank you any other section of anyone wishing to vote against which no thank you I declare that the recommendation had been agreed agenda item 9

9 Revisions to Health and Wellbeing Board

it deals with a revision to the health and wellbeing board I call upon near to move the recommendation or to you please thank you very much speaker so this is arm some minor changes to the make-up of the board so the the change from solution cynical commissioning groups the south-east London Clinical Commissioning Group and which has been in effect from the beginning of April this year and the chief executive of the Rushey Green time bank before me approved and by councils upon a member of the board representing the voluntary and community sector and also just to note that Health and Wellbeing Board has been performing the function of local outbreak engaging it went forward since September and to formally agree that this responsibility should continue
I call upon the Deputy Mayor to second recommendations formally seconding Speaker thank you very much Councillor best that anyone wish to speak on the sytem no other recommendation agreed a growing agree agree
are there any of sheds and are vote against no thank you I declare that the recommendation had been agreed
agenda Item 10
this is

10 Scheme of Delegation Amendment

agenda Item 11
just for the Minister to move the minutes
it again you to forget yeah OK this agenda item 10 is also an amendment to miss of delegation I call on the Mayor to move the report as set out
I'd like to move the move the report Speaker I'm just to for members to note that we will be continuing to monitor the increasing numbers of occasional multi ethnic school governors and that you'll see in the report I requested that totally progress reports are now presented to Mayor and Cabinet during a meeting of councillors yesterday we heard that the number of vacant governors has increased in Lewisham from 21 to 29 per cent over over the last two years against a national average of 4 per cent or good and very commendable progress I think we do accept that we still need to go further and so we've got these totally reports to ensure that Mayor and Cabinet and Council can continue to monitor increases
thank you very much now I call upon Councillor Bernard to second the recommendation place
a second almost formally all I'll add to what the Mayor has said as that of course this is about the nomination of local authority nominated governors which is actually a very small proportion of those governing bodies and the work that the mayor's talked about to encourage school governing bodies to reflect better our community we want to make sure that all of the governors and the whole of the governing body takes that on board and it's something they need to take seriously
governing bodies are really important to schools and we need them to be both at both to have very able people on them but also to reflect our community in all its aspects and will continue to push forward on that side recommend that we know this thank you very much
can I remember agree to note this report
thank you are there any abstention are vote against it
no thank you I declared that the report has been noted
the last item in agenda

11 Action by the Speaker of Council

this is an item to note my decision to exempt to item from the scrutiny process I call upon the Deputy Speaker to second the recommendation to note only saddened Saker thank you Deputy Speaker can I can't all members to agree to note this report
he noted
I say is fantastic thank you is that any abstention are vote against it
no thank you I declared the recommendation to note has been agreed
I conclude our meeting and it only remains for me to thank you all council member and views on the internet for joining us tonight
enjoy the rest of the evening thank you very much