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Mayor and Cabinet
Wednesday, 11th November 2020 at 6:00pm 









An agenda has not been published for this meeting.

you tonight's meeting of Mayor and Cabinet look from cabinet colleagues officers and any members of the public who may be what chain online before we begin I need to point out that where a Cabinet portfolio our cabinet member appraised of portfolio on a jobshare basis both job showers can attend the meeting contribute to debates that only one Member will take part in roll-call votes and as this meeting is being held virtually voting will be done by Rockall rather than a show of hands were getting quite used to that now I'll also advise everyone that this meeting is being webcast live and is available on the Council website they'll be available from tomorrow
now since the last man cabinet meeting we will all be aware that the country's back in a second national lockdown that lockdown is set to continue until the 2nd of December which points regional arrangements will be proposed to resume we don't know and what here we will be in the we do know is that the government was slow to react to sages cause for a lot around early in September and as a result this lockdown will be longer than it needed to be
that said locally the number of people testing positive for COVID 19 does appear to to becoming more stable and hovering at around 100 cases per 1 hundred thousand and and although you may have seen that Lewisham is towards the bottom terms at the bottom of the London league table I would really urge everyone not to and not to gain a false sense of security from that thank you to everyone who's following the rules as they are at the moment but also just remember how fast covert can spread we could very quickly find ourselves at the top of that list and again as in my last meeting and continued to put on record my thanks to council staff have been working tirelessly to support our emergency response and a number of whom had been report redeployed to support a critical Council services we do have at this time a dual challenge of responding to the covert pandemic but also working towards and a budget and we have seen that because of the
the cost of Covid in Lewisham not being fully met by this government plus cuts at already been inflicted on this Council were now expected to the cuts our budget by 40 million pounds over the next four years it will be extremely difficult to do this we will do this because legally we need to set a balanced budget by no later than the 11th of March otherwise the government will decide on their priorities but despite these challenges ahead there are still reasons to be positive we will see today during his Maryann's varying cabinet meeting a number of ways in which we are still making a difference making differences that Labour Council I also welcome it gets today will be speaking on the Sanctuary borrow reports a programme that you're hugely proud of in this borough and am Castle Bonneville elaborating on that shortly OK I'm going to take us now to the first item which has declaration of interests and CASC if any Cabinet Member of job-share Cabinet Member has a declaration of interest to make

1 Declaration of Interests

2 Minutes

I don't see any OK item 2 is the minutes I move that the minutes of the Mayor and Cabinet meeting which took place on 7 October be agreed as a correct record is that agreed agreed re re

3 Matters Raised by Scrutiny and other Constitutional Bodies and responses to Select Committee referrals

the Great Britain it a great item 3 is the matters raised by scrutiny and responses to their previous referrals I can confirm that Noni matters have been raised by the Overview and Scrutiny business Panel we do have three responses to previous referrals from Select Committees so the first as a response to the housing Select Committee on statutory overcrowding I invite Councillor pull bow to present this report Councillor Bell
thank you for that
so I'd like to thank the houses are committed for the report and the referral we as a council via the work of their health or so the House select committee in their passion for housing and our residents I note the report and the recommendations later on in the Mayor and Cabinet's agenda and presenting a report on a consultation about potential new allocations policy the HSC will be kept informed and have the opportunity to comment through a public consultation and through Council processes I also believe the Chair and Vice Chair been briefed and consulted as Members that Housing Select Committee no some London boroughs adapts or adopts statutory overcrowding and others including Lewisham do not we concentrate on homelessness when we get to item 6 on the agenda this evening the report looks at how we can address both severe overcrowding and homelessness therefore I note the recommendations from the housing Select Committee
Raymond Cade thank you thank you very much Councillor bouts I now call upon our Clerk to conduct a roll call vote Kevin over to you thank you Mr. Mayor and acquired the names and ask you to vote for or against or abstain Councillor Barnham for Councillor Bell for Councillor best full answer the one of here for Councillor born
Councillor takers for variation for Councillor McGeever for Councillor Ryk for Councillor Slater for 10 votes in favour none against Mr. Mayor
thank you very much OK the second responses to the Safer stronger Communities Select Committee on their Equalities Review Equalities and by Councillor slate at present this report I came back
this report sets out the Mayor and Cabinet response to the Safer stronger Communities Select Committees in-depth review of equalities Lewisham which was received are welcomed by very cabinet back in September the response addresses each of the five recommendations of the review highlights areas where work to address the recommendations is ongoing as well as where additional action is needed to ensure follow-through in particular the response commit to the following
first exploring how a fair Lewisham duty varying the fairer Scotland's can be adopted the duty focuses on paying due regard to how best to reduce inequalities of outcome caused by socio economic disadvantage when making strategic decisions second ensuring that the approach to identifying overlapping inequality commonly known as intersectionality
is an embedded into the rhythm and routine of service design delivery and decision-making third reviewing the support an approach to star fora and assessing how strengthen the existing arrangements so that is mutually supportive fourth building on learning from the COVID-19 pandemic experience ensuring that equality objectives are informed by maturing understanding of the vulnerability and risk to which Lewisham residents are exposed and finally ensuring greater transparency through the publication of equality data and analysis a pool of Anneka the service group manager of policy development is intended is in attendance to answer any further questions
OK thank you very much Councillor Sleigh Trammell called on the clock to conduct a roll call vote Kevin overdue Kate thank you Councillor Barn them for cut the Bill
for Councillor best full answer the one of you for Councillor born 4 as the takers
all Mary them for has to be given full council dreich full Councillor Slater for talent favour none against Mr. Milne
thank you so I can confirm the recommendations for this response to the select committee is confirmed now the final I'm suggested responses for the Sustainable Development Select Committee on the local plan and I invite Council of poor balance present this report Councillor about thank you ma am I think what sustainable development so that Committee for their comments and views on the local plan which is going to be presented to full Council later this month the responses in relation to the commerce raised by the Committee on the 21st January
have been delayed due to the Covid pandemic so the the recommendations they provide are excellent and will feed into the the development and the presentation that local plan to full Council it's worth stressing that the Executive of the Council and the Sustainable Dermot committee are absolutely concerned about climate change and the value of open green spaces available to all in our borough so the Local Plan will up absolutely addressed the issues relating to our climate change and also to the amazing parks and green spaces that we have in Lewisham and how we intend to protect them from developers who are less inclined to protect our natural environment and therefore asked my Cabinet to approve the officers' response and report back to the sustainable development select committee thank you met parent thank you very much Councillor Bell I will now call on our Clerk to conduct rococo Kevin over to you thank you Councillor Barnham for Councillor Bell for Councillor best for answered upon of here or Councillor born for Councillor takers
4 Mary Fagan for can't even for as the dreich for as the Slater for 10 in favour none against Mr. Mayor

4 Sanctuary Strategy

thank you I can confirm that recommendations and prove the response reporting to Select Committee is confirmed that takes us on to item 4 which is the Sanctuary strategy and Councillor Olivier thank you Mayor and as we all know Lewisham has a long tradition of welcoming those fleeing violence or persecution and is a bar that celebrates diversity and is stronger for it in line with that tradition we were elected as a Labour Mayor and Council in 20 18 with a pledge to make Lewisham the bar of sanctuary for migrants asylum seekers and refugees
tonight's Sanctuary strategy is an important milestone in our journey to become a true bar of sanctuary and act as this Council specific commitment to the community wide effort across our borough co-ordinated by the Lewisham migration forum on which the council is a founding member
I motivation to act is in rejection of this government's cruel concept of a hostile environment where people and organisations are encouraged and compelled to charge anyone coming from elsewhere as to their right to be here the principle of Sanctuary turns out concept on its head by offering welcome listening and support we are not only being fair to those of come to us but were also building a more integrated community for everyone
this Council has already taken action in several respects including resettling refugee families for Syrian other areas of conflict with a commitment to be long as leading borrow for resettlement with a target of welcoming 100 families and we have already had 30 arrivals prior to the covert suspension we've joined with safe passage and committing to welcome an additional 100 child refugees over the 10 next 10 years we are ensuring that all children from households have no recourse to public funds receive full school free school meals
we have removed the Home Office official from the Council's and RPF service and are now using those funds saved to support independent legal advice to those seeking mergers sport and we've appointed the UK's first sanitary officer Phil Baker's with us here this evening to implement sanitary principles in council services and to work with the wider community to promote sanction principles across our borough and we have used our platform as a council to campaign for change where we are restricted by law or national government policy we have called on the government to keep the legal right of entry into the UK of refugee children seeking family reunification after the end of the EU case post-Brexit transition period
we have demanded the suspension of all an RPF restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic and with families now drowning the English Channel Lewisham led London wide request from councils to the government for an immediate restart of the route baguette you you case refugee resettlement scheme in order to save lives being lost in dangerous crossing to the UK
yes they that pressure paid off with the Home Office finally confirming that recent will start again in the New Year all this action to date will now be supported by comprehensive new policy and our sanctuary strategy this sets out how the Council will apply the principles of Sanctuary across all of its services it's engagement refugees asylum seekers and migrants includes a requirement for an action plan that tackles specific challenges faced by residents for such backgrounds including language barriers limited legal rights and general prejudice or ignorance the aim is to develop an entrenched culture of welcome and support for anyone with a migrant background who needs a council service I'm very grateful to the many individuals and organisations that have helped shape the strategy we will be working with them and others to create and adhere to a living action plan for specific issues and services
so whilst we have already done much as a Labour Council in enacting the principles of Sanctuary we now also have a clear policy they can act as the starting point for all that we do that affects refugees asylum seekers and migrants I want to thank officers particularly Phil Baker and attach of Allardyce for all their work on strategy fearless here and can add any comments and help answer questions you may have and we also have to get speakers who I liked introduce first Wade who arrived in Lewisham in October 20 19 with a husband and children having fled Syrian 20 13 wide lived in Satoshi camp in Jordan for seven years which she taught primary school age children
and we also have Rosario given the Stuart the chief executive Lewisham refugee and migrant Network which is a partner alongside the Council and the Lewisham migration forum and among other things I'm particularly grateful that this provides support to this Council's refugee resettlement programme
don't know if anyone has any questions fulfil or Sri pass on to why should we hear from the these are guests fast and then we can take questions
as to why it would you like to arm say a few words
I know everyone
My name is the way I arrived that to Lewisham with my family and my husband were a year ago I used to be an Jourdan for seven years before I came here I'm I thought there as a primary schoolteacher for and Jordan and I also as well volunteer I am with unity are and now and protection sector I'm I feel so lucky because I was resettled in Lewisham thank you so much for giving us this a great opportunity to feel safe again thanks to the Council of for their help and support especially during the lockdown they are keeping or communicating with us as checking for things that we need and listen to our problems and to try to fix everything out from the appraisals air principles that Lewisham council the Leafs arm I have learned how Lewisham works as one family and everyone here is supported and will come
I also I'm happy to talk about the my children and my husband experience here at the began it was really her for my children to settle down and make a friends about through the support that we have received from the school and from the Council now they can speak very well English and communicate with their teachers and they made a loss of a friend's already I'm also proud of my husband Ed because he was able to best the and the driving theory test and he is now seen as studying hard to improve his language he would like to be at teacher Adam as he was Arabic teacher in Jourdan and I hope all his dreams will come true and I hope I can achieve my dreams here as well and be interpreter and support the community and refugees in the vision and my final wish as set for peace and security to prevail and all of the work thank you so much for inviting me today arm for this meeting it's really great honour for me to be here with you tonight
void thank you very much think that the service could take our phones off me off and so the round of applause thank you take me
it's wonderful just the hero a bit of your story and we shall is as much more there there can be said in much more than we can we can learn from you in your experience to help others is we now look to welcoming welcoming more families I'm still next guest we have Rosario as well
yes hello thank you for inviting me here are when Ella men set up the Lewisham migration Forum in 2 thousand 18 one of the objectives I pushed forward was to campaign to make Lewisham a bar of sanctuary for refugees asylum seekers and migrants I must say I didn't have to push hard as I realised that Lewisham council have the same agenda getting the Council's commitment to create a bar of Sanctuary is crucial in tackling the many challenges many refugees asylum seekers and migrants face not only in Lewisham but in the whole country
we are currently living in a very precarious time COVID-19 virus killing many people Brexit is looming and the hostile environment is continuing to grow 8 and imaginable suffering for refugees asylum seekers and migrants tonight the Borough of Sanctuary strategies being put forward for your approval
I strongly believe that this strategy is not just a piece of paper that you will approve and then locked in a filing cabinet and forget about it I have absolute trust that you will do everything in your power to implement the strategy including its action plans
as many as Kevin mentioned earlier you have already done many things you welcome refugees from Syria and Mena countries you publicly endorsed lift the ban campaign you remove the Home Office embedded officer from the Anna P F team you provided school meals children of ener peer families and more
however we are fully aware that there are more complex and controversial issues we need to face discuss and make a stand on for example on the creation of safe and legal routes for refugees and migrants the NHS charging the homelessness and destitution amongst refugees and migrants and more here in Lewisham the Home Office recently recently opened a hostel for asylum seekers over a hundred people are currently being housed at the hostel and we are gathering reports that they are not being treated well
I don't have any illusions that we will be able to solve all these problems by becoming a bar of Sanctuary as many of these are national policies and systemic issues but that doesn't mean we will remain quiet in the in the face of injustice the Lewisham migration four-room and the Lewisham refugee and migrant network will continue to campaign against the hostile environment we will engage people with lived experience so they themselves can tell their own stories and because we have direct contact with them we will let you know the problems they encounter when they access various Council services so this can be addressed we will be your partner in the implementation of the Sanctuary plans and most importantly we will act as your critical friend and remind you just in case just in case you have forgotten that we have a common goal becoming a bar of sanctuary for refugees asylum seekers and migrants is a deep commitment which requires cultural chains political will
community engagement resources and great respect for human rights
it is long and difficult journey but I believe that by working together we will get there one day
thank you
the Dorrian family dialogue
since since since March promising you've got that the Jewish you Nimal seabird the pandemic move and with the budget and it means for us as a Council they're increasingly difficult decisions having to be taken sometimes it feels that there is little by way of of good news this genuinely is and the impact it's having in our Borough for for families who who part the resettlement scheme in the many more able comics it's life-changing we generally could not do that without the support of the community without the support of the of the voluntary sector and Rosario both review and our Amen had been absolutely fantastic in
this really journey I think we're all coming on together and we've seen significant change that you've listed out and and we'll have more to do in more and more campaigning of national government and more things that we can do locally as well thank you for for all your support your ongoing working and commitment with us
I'm going to move to questions of a question from Councillor Slater Torfaen
thank you event just to echo what you said as the calibre of the CUNY sector this is a really good example of how partnership working
how we do partnership work in Lewisham between the Council and the voluntary set general also very proud of the fact though you know through our main grants programme we actually fund the incredible work of the Lewisham migrants and refugees network and reduce the question for cabin though is not like a pub quiz question but just to really through the work of the Lucia Magor poor and could you maybe mentioned a bit more of the other voluntary sector organisations that you weren't with which I think really shows you how how powerful and effective our partnership working is between the Council and the sector
Shaw of comebacks on Jonathan absolutely take the point as you and the Mayor of said we couldn't do this the Council our own I'm only works if you're lucky enough to other a strong voluntary sector which we do in Lewisham
so we helped set up the Lewisham migration for a couple of years ago as a as a sort forum for organisers of can share issues at were that we're facing in providing services to to to Marcus refugees in Swansea because you've got an I am I can't refer them all off in one go but you've got an IRA man you've got action for refugees of Lewisham you've got a greater base in Lee Green you've also got an Goldsmiths sent representative suit censored along you've got the safe Lewisham hospital campaign or campaign for Lewisham so that they're involved for a hospital charging
and and various individuals as well people who teach the soul and of course many of them are actually with people Mar with migrant Bakr's themselves lived experiences have gone through quite a lot of former in coming to this country so so its board but what we're trying to the Lomas expand that because we know there are people out that you who have no access no contact so we need to constantly be reaching out to two new people are coming to Lewisham
excellent thank you very much fall Kevin I'd like to to formally record my thanks to you and to all the team who have been working so hard bring this together am I will now call upon the clock to conduct the roll call vote Kevin over to you thank you Councillor Bonham
Boards forgive me my Microsoft kit council about four and the best full Councillor Bonavena for Councillor born for cancer daters for Mary vision for had McGeever

5 Housing Strategy and Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy

Councillor Ryk full Councillor Slater for happy to report tenant favour none against Mr. Mayor excellence thank you I can confirm that the recommendations have been agreed as shown in section 2 of the reports came makes items item 5 which is the Housing Strategy and homelessness and rough sleeping strategy Councillor Bell
thank you for so I'm presenting to stretches tonight for publication at subject to very Kaboul Marie cabinet approval then business Panel both the supports for delayed coming back to Mayor and Cabinet due to again the curvy of pandemic on page 2 of the report Mary cabinet will note the timeline of engagement and decision-making including when the documents went the housing Select Committee for their views the housing strategy is from 20 20 20 26 and details the main pirate is that Council will action until then this document is substantially reduced in length and can compared to the outgoing strategy to make our strategy clearer and more inviting the key parts of the strategy are one delivering the homes Lucian needs to preventing homelessness and meeting housing need three improving quality standard and safety of housing for supporting our residents to live safe independent and active lives and 5 strengthening communities and embracing the diversity that were all very proud of in Lewisham the strategy is not just a paper report that sits on a virtual shelf as a living and breathing document that shows Lucian play its part in dealing with an unprecedented housing crisis and now the COVID-19 pandemic there are not enough genuinely affordable homes for those that need them the cost of housing is too much to devastating for too many people are staff are working tirelessly to deliver and support as many of our residents as they can housing is one of the key foundations to a successful society it is the right not a privilege to be commodified at the expense of others it along with our NHS education employment are key pillars to enable social mobility and safety the other strategy is the homeless and rough sleeping strategy which is for shorter period up to 20 22 and again the details the main pirate is for action the key priorities for tackling homelessness bar prevent homelessness at the earliest opportunity with the most appropriate level of support to support people to access a stable and secure home three support rough sleepers to enable access to services and accommodation for adapt and be agile in our service delivery to support residents impacted by COVID-19 and 5 strengthen partnership working alongside our key priorities we have developed the five core principles these principles will guide the direction of the service and support the actions we take to achieve our vision firstly homelessness cannot be prevented through housing alone or of our partner agencies and the community and voluntary sectors have a role to play to successfully prevent homelessness secondly the earliest preventions are the most effective thirdly we will prioritise supporting residents into secure and sustainable accommodation over the use of insecure temporary accommodation for fully all services should be a should place the individual at the centre and work together to support and resolve homelessness finally Policy service delivery in practice should be informed and shaped in a corporate active manner developed with those with lived experience these two documents represent the work of our housing team at the council and very big thank you to them officers are here to comment further and answer any questions you may have of them and so Malan cabinet is asked to agree both those questions the recommendations as set out in section 2 of the report for immediate publication these strategist subject again to business park thank you Mayor
thank you very much and Councillor Bell and we have had discussion on this item in in our meetings with cabinet as anybody have any additional questions that the like to to ask
I will now ask our Clerk to conduct the roll call vote Kevin over to thank you Councillor Bonham or Councillor Bell for has the best all of the bung beer for hence the Bourne for cancer Dakers pull berrigan for health McGahan for Council Ryk full hence the Slater
for hadn't favouring and against Mr. Mayor thank you very much so I can therefore confirm recommendations have been agreed as shown in section 2 of the reports and just to also add our thanks pool to you and to the the housing team have not just had to work hard this year bringing together this this strategy but also and dealing in responding to the pandemic during covert and then just this weekend and being there for residents and there was low on the fire at the Bird's Nest and be on hands and if people needed emergency housing and just that very quick responsive are able to provide so so

6 Lewisham Housing Allocations Policy Review

gratitude from from our side to to to that thing thank you OK item 6 staying with housing is delusion Housing Allocations Policy Review Councillor about thank you last so the and kick the allocation policy sets out the Council's priorities relating to the allocation of social housing and the procedures and processes used by our officers to implement those policies in section 1 6 1 6 6 8 of the Housing Act 19 9 6 requires local housing authorities to have a policy in place we are now consulting on our new allocations policy
I last Allocations Policy was issued in 20 17 to amongst other things addressed the rise in homelessness in Lewisham until recently the allocations policy was supplemented by an annual lettings plan which has in particular given a significant priority 2 rehousing homeless households on the basis that there was an urgent and temporary need to prioritise his group over time these kinds of policies need to be updated as they used by officers on a day-to-day basis and an our residents to scrutinise how as a council we make decisions the review of the allocations policy we ensure that the priority banding seem reflects the current and continuing high demand for social housing and placements in temporary accommodation section 9 of the report summarises the proposed changes my also draw Mancat's attention to Appendix A that he tells Najar Policy revisions including are revising a revised banding structure renaming of bands in the introduction of and Thor
table 2 and Appendix A shows the potential group Rio Alec reallocations of bands 1 to 4 table 3 summarises the major changes for consultation Appendix piece Amises the changes to the allocation scheme in a grid structure Appendix C shows the number of households affected from the current position to the proposed position Appendix D is the Equality impact Assessment Appendix E are the proposed consultation questions
appendix F is how we determine location priority and Appendix F to is the private rented sector policy there is a chronic shortage of supply of new homes that are increasing numbers of households in need of larger family homes that the availability of three bedroom plus I'm homes is finite and examples that in 20 19 20 there are 300 63 families in need were 5 bed home but only one of its size was let section 7 point 3 of the report gives a breakdown of the number of less by bedroom size in 20 19 20 and the number of households in need to each bedroom size property the crisis that we keep talking about still weather's despite our best efforts at building and enabling more social homes finally officers are worked very own Alice to get this consultation ready as we need to make changes the allocations policy I thank them for all their work and dedication are Director of Housing has been amazing and her team has been quite standing in terms of the work live produced to get us to this point this evening and the Director of Housing is here in case you have any questions of officers subject to any questions asked marine camera to agree the recommendations as set out in section 2 of the report thank you man yeah thank you very much Councillor Bell on Council me back
thank you thank you thank you and Councillor Bell
what is the plan to communicate the strategy to to residents that are on the housing list and to get their views on the changes and allocations in key so I don't if you want to take that but there is a communication strategy that 6 alongside our decision so once we've agreed the recommendations and subject to business panel that communications plan will start and the way that we are consulting with residents and we social tenants and people in temperate combination will then kick in and further information will be produced on the website feather if you've got anything you want to add to that
so I just to say that early communication strategy also covers and he stakeholders partners partner organisations across Lewisham and other boroughs as well sillier so it's it's a comprehensive strategy
excellent thank you OK I shall now ask are cocked conduct the row convert Kevin over to you thank you Councillor Bonham or Councillor Bill for as the best pool and upon of here for as the Bourne for takers
4 Merrigan for handsomely for four after Ryk for Councillor Slater for 10 in favour none against Mr. Brown thank you very much I can confirm the recommendations have been agreed as shown in sections 2 of the report thank you

7 Treasury Management Mid-Year Review 2020-21

item 7 is the Treasury Management mid-year Review Councillor Dirac thank you this paper forms part of the financial management suite of information updates and decision making that underpins our budget setting and financial management process it sets out the economic conditions that the Council is operating within and reviews the performance of the Council's treasury management strategy which is the management of the Council's capital reserves and borrowing this is in line with requirements of the Chartered Institute of public Finance and Accountancy more commonly known as CIPFA the first part of the report outlines the global financial context post first post first wave of Covid 19
I makes very sobering reading as you might imagine that pandemic lockdowns in economic support packages have created as the report states an unprecedented and prolonged period of economic and fiscal uncertainty the impact of which is likely to be felt for many years to come it goes on to outline the economic risks that could affect the short and medium term financial outlook which include changes to the UK Bank Rate resurgence of the Eurozone debt crisis and a breakdown in the EU UK trade agreements that might lead to a further downturn in growth
the pandemic has affected the Council's own capital programme of major works causing delays to work programmes with the total lightly spend down from 194 million to 164 million this is obvious obviously a shame in terms of our long term aims but does also decrease the amount that we would otherwise need to borrow this year unsurprisingly are we report no breaches to our borrowing borrowing limits this year and none anticipated moving forwards
interest on the reserves that are invested has fallen and are likely to continue to fall but overall the portfolio is likely to achieve yields above what was modelled almost 70 percent of the Council's portfolio is invested in UK institutions and with the current credit agency rating of a miners' predicted to fall we would be breaching our own guidelines if we continued to invest in UK plc so it is proposed that we temporarily removed the ratings limit for the UK only but continued to apply the normal credit worthiness checks as per the 20 21 investment strategy we will continue to monitor the ratings and come back to members if the situation changes are there's lots of detail in the report and I'd like to thank officers for their continued diligence in managing and this aspect of the Council's finance and asked Members to note the report and agree the recommendations
thank you very much Councillor Ryk in very very sobering and they'd any questions of clarifications from members
all asked all Clarke to move to a roll call vote Kevin over teeth
thank you Councillor Parnham for Councillor Bell for Councillor best for how to the bond of here for has the Bourne for half the Dakers before area going for and the MacGyver

8 Financial Monitoring

for Councillor Drake 4 Councillor Slater for 10 favourite on against Mr. there thank you I can confirm the recommendations have been agreed as shown in section 2 of the report and saying of Councillor Ryk item 8 is find the financial monitoring report Catterick thank you tell me
this report continues the theme of assessing the impact of covert and the financial implications of the Council's response to the pandemic are overspending pitot position continues in spite of the application of the first tranches of funding from the government the overspend is currently tracking at 6 point 7 million and as previously reported this is mainly due to a persistent overspend in Children's social Care work is underway with officers to apply new financial controls to manage the overspend down in year cuts totalling 5 point 4 million spending controls and a freeze on recruitment are three of the measures that are being used to exert grip on spending in addition specific measures are being taken by the Executive Director for children and young people
and it's important to note that this report does not include the potential costs of the second wave of coronavirus all the current knocked down and the impact that it will have on residents and our local and national economy and in turn the impact that that will have on residents and the council services are the detail of the spending position across all direct at directorates is contained within the report but to briefly highlight that the DSG is provided projected to overspend by to point 6 2 FULL million pounds the H or rate is forecasting a balanced budget cut it and the capital programme has been affected by delays as we noted in the last report there has been also an impact on the amount of council tax and business rates collected with both figures down on last year's rate this is obviously a sign of the negative impact of covert on people's incomes and businesses
fees and charges collection income was also significantly down on last year and this loss materially affects the Council's financial position it's worth restating that the cost of covert to the council is predicted to be over 60 million pounds that figure will rise with a second wave given the government's refusal to fund local authorities in a full and timely way and are I will leave it there just to say that after a decade of cuts are services are under resourced at the very time when we need them most are Cathy and so in our here to answer any questions but otherwise I thank officers for their work and formally move the recommendations contained in the report
thank you very much Councillor that the RHI for all of us would like to add my thanks to to better yourself Cathy David and so in and all the team working so hard and will continue to our common coming months and as we felt the news from Croydon today when I have had to issue a section 1 1 4 notice I have seen some very disappointing
responses from from people within governments and to that just shows the lack of support and the fact that local authorities really are out now on their own just how difficult and critical the situation it were or and there is is now Councillor best
thank you very much and I too wish to add my thanks and thought they were very challenging times we find ourselves in and this is a very comprehensive a very detailed report and echoes an enormous amount of work and grip that our officers have own opposition financially
I very much welcome seeing the tables in report I think that gives some transparency where we're facing the challenges I think I welcome the appendix on looked after children it would be good looking forward if we could have some costing so that we've got the comparisons of the different areas I think it's partly how the directorates of responded in adults showing a one set and children's another but to see them married in terms of numbers and spend would be helpful going forward I particularly wanted to ask erm about the disabled facilities Grant because this is one where we are on the spending it's a capital sum and it's one we're traditionally we'd never spent on the money it's a grant and its incorporated in the body of the report in the capital programme are as part of the Private Sector Grants and others in the Appendix I think we're showing 20 21 a spend of 400 K and I just wanted to ask because there is demand out there for disabled facilities Grant it particularly helps on hospital discharges where we can do aids and adaptations and major works to people's home when they come out so I'm just asking whether there's any thoughts on what resource we could bring to that to support the pressures that we're facing on discharges from the hospital and of course there's unmet need we know it's been a difficult time for our residents but this is one I always feel makes a difference to the quality of life are residents experience and therefore I'm asking officers if there's any you know the view really on the spend on the DFG and what more we can do in you know the last few months of the year thank you
thank you Councillor Bass for your question and update your comments regarding having spend data against the trend analysis for children's and young people's services or going forward
yes we can absolutely explore what we can do regarding the use of and and the spend of the disabled facilities grant going forward the underspend this year is significant because of the impact of Cave it has meant that we have not been able to mobilise quite so much of the Capital Programme expenditure as we'd like to
in terms of practicalities certainly can touch base with the cut my colleagues at the CCG as well to look at how we can better facilitate and the hospital discharge process we've done what we can to date to make sure that we are very efficient and working closely with them to discharge patients as quickly as possible at to free up beds but certainly go forward there's a bit of work to do in terms of picking up with CCG colleagues in terms of how we can align our processes the other thing that I would also suggest as that need to work with closely with Lewisham homes as well in the last few months to see what adaptations we can do and there especially in the communal areas to so I think those two things and could test me help in terms of and further spend on the disabled facilities Grant but noting that covert has had a big impact this year in terms of all of our capital programmes
thank you cabinet levels and contention is indicated
I just to come in on the Babylon's as well so I know that we're working very closely with the executive director in your service are Councillor best and the housing team to see if we can reshape our own support to make sure that that Granta's Best of spent and spent quicker as the as the days go forward so we are doing work joint work to ensure that we do better in terms of getting that Granta
thank you OK I don't see any other questions so I will ask the Clerk to move us to the roll call vote call-in over to you
forget Councillor Parnham for Councillor Bell before Councillor best floor as the Olivier fall as the Bourne for the takers
for every occasion
for Hassan given full council to Ryk full Councillor Slater for hadn't favour none against Mr. Mayor

9 Amending Lewisham Homes Articles of Association

thank you very much I can that confirm the recommendations have been agreed as shown in sections who offie report K item mine amending the Lucian homes articles of Association Councillor Bell
thanking men so
the Lewisham homes has undertaken a review of its governance with the support of the Council this report outlines the proposed changes to the Lewisham homes memorandum of association and the articles of association the changes proposed modernise the governance arrangements and fully reflect the range of activity that Lewisham homes now conduct the Emery and Airey are legal documents that defied the powers objects and governance framework for Lewisham hands section 5 of the report along with Appendix 1 detail the proposed changes to the articles the key wanted notes are reduction of Board composition from 50 members to 12 members
which includes a reduction from three Councillor board directors to to those directors are appointed by the Mayor annually the payment of non Council of board members retirement and election of tenant and independent directors disqualification and remove a board members Coram reduction ought to reflect the change 15 12 or directors electronic meetings co-option updating of legal language the objects and powers including the amendment that Lewisham homes would get consent from notion council prior to carrying out any other business not otherwise defined
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the vision and staff for their hard work along with the Council's Housing Team the board of Lewisham homes have also shown commitment to ascertain the aims and of worked in a spirit of cooperation and responsiveness with the Council thank you to each board director for their work in enabling this Margaret Dodwell who is not standing chief executive Lucian homes is here along with the housing team case Mayor and Cabinet have any questions to ask them otherwise I propose that Mayor and Cabinet agree the recommendations as set out in section 2 of the report thank you present thank you very much Councillor about I shall now invite our Clerk to conduct the road culvert Kevin OT thank you Councillor Barnham for how LaBelle for as the best for as the bond of ear for Councillor born

10 Revised Statement of Licensing Policy

4 has the Dakers fall Mary again for Hassan the Gala far had the dreich for Councillor Slater for 10 in favour none against Mr. Mayor thank you very much I can therefore confirm the recommendations have been agreed as shown section 2 of the report item 10 is the revised statement on licensing policy and Makar to Councillor takers thank you Mayor I would like to introduce the revised Statement of Licensing Policy for 20 20 20 25 the policy has to be reviewed at least every five years and it was last reviewed in 20 15 it was due to come before you earlier this year but due to the pandemic it is before us today
the revision to the policy are particularly important this year as businesses have had to adapt to new and changing restrictions and we therefore have endeavoured to make it as clear as possible you will find that their vision to the Statement of Licensing Policy provides a clear set of defined policies that we as the Licensing Authority will consider when making decisions around licensing applications for alcohol and entertainment premises it outlines expectations we have of what applicants for licences and existing premises licence holders in promoting the licensing objectives these objectives which refocus on on at all times are Prevention of Crime and Disorder Prevention of public nuisance protection of children from harm and promoting public safety the policy also makes links to related national and local strategies including the women's safety charter modern day slavery and human trafficking and public health
the Policy is drafted to reflect the ways in which we are working in the licensed services we work in a proactive way in scrutinising application and putting measures in place to mitigate against problems through conditions objecting to concerns and taking effective enforcement action the changes to the Meissen policy licensing policy has can fit considered feedback given during the public consultation with the Met place Lucian's public health residents members and amenity societies including the Blackheath Society and the Deptford society one of the key change of his is the removal of the complete cumulative impact Zone in New Cross and implicate
it should be noted that it has been a significant period of time since the need for the convenient Koons's impact policy to be looked at and it now has to be reviewed every three years recent evidence assessed by are officers shows that we do not need to retain these that being said we believe that Obaro bus proactive and preventative approach which we now work by enables us to work with licensees and with a clear policy allows all seeking licences to be able to see what our expectations are so that we can be as helpful yet strong and work so that appropriate conditions can be put in place additionally whether our problem premises air is identified officers will take effective enforcement actions working in partnership with the police
this is a living document and we can bring the conservative in purposes spent forward if need be within five years
this policy also supports businesses as it aims to says applicants and licensees to sure that they're running their businesses responsibly and to protect their licences and be successful it will help ensure license premises plaything play a key part in her a healthy local economy operation in a responsible and safe way that benefits are residents
I therefore ask the Mayor and Cabinet to note the Statement of licence policy and agreed that it be presented to full Council also like to take this opportunity to thank in particular Lisa hoop or hard work on this review as well as Gary Connors and artifice any salient points that I've missed that they please add and we're open to it any questions regarding this thank you
as excellent thank you very much thank you and that's my thanks to to Lisa and Gary and to yourself on Councillor Dykers I'm question from cattle born here
thank you Chair and thank you Brenda I'd also like to pre express my gratitude to Leeson Gary because I know the my effort they've done and going round look assemblies and as part of this meeting to the Blackheath Society obviously you can imagine on the face of it a simple policy see A-Z it's it's a blunt instrument and in some ways you could argue it's been it's achieved success in areas like blackheath because rates of complaints anti-social behaviour of being down and on licensed premises many many years but obviously the Warriors you take away something as simple as a sea ice Ed and what you replace it with an I hear you say a robust
approach a fair and robust approach but I don't know if Gary or Leith are able to give an example of how this approach I think an already trying it may actually help bring more sophisticated approach rather than see A-Z to areas like black ancillaries like like he's going forward
OK I see Gary's put his camera on and at least for thorough either of you I'll al-Ali's go first thank you to it
thank you Gary good evening everyone thank you Councillor Barnier the question so again just sort of reflecting back to the policy which I'm hoping is a more so a true account of our general approach to how we approach licences and and indeed be we weren't very differently to how we did sort of 5 years ago I have 10 years ago when the the whole sort of approach to managing licensing applications has changed as we as of lasting authorities in an officer's enforcement officers of learn lessons and best practice around how to ensure responsible business business operating and managing those Licensing objectives which is always key to us when we approaching a consideration of licence application or any problems that potentially are when caused by licensed premises and we weren't really closely with the police and that something that is developed and significantly over the last couple of years we have a law licensing police officer that she working in our office in Holbeach and we're in communication every day and we are work side by side reviewing and scrutinising every application that comes in for licensed premises and we make a judgement on whether that we need to objects we always ensure that there is a clear set of conditions that goes on every licence in line with our policy and are objectives around promoting those licensing objectives and that seemed to have it certainly embedded some real core values amongst our license premises they're working with us on issues to tackle local issues such a street drinking and in its of noise noise issues and that approach seems to be its own negating the need for any cumulative impact Zones am certainly saying as as as it's already been highlighted the at the evidence around any concerns or strong concerns around crime or and social haven in particular areas there is an any of the are are concerned we can identify that specifically linked or cause by particular lasses premises so with we're very positive that the approaches working and that the policy self going forward will you know help us to continue that good work
thank you very much only Sir carry yeah thank you look a lot of a Council of Olivier and I think certainly and I thank you for the the conversations we've had as well and I bought it is often Councillor Davis to the the governance review of the prior to to covert and the work that that support at our licence original building just a backward Lisa said at the that one of things we have learned over the last couple of years while whilst we've looked at the data on the CSF there's more parking I'll because we have to reveal his legally every three years and officers it's did support our licensing committee to make sure we make the right decisions and and obviously protected the authority from legal challenge but one of the things we have done a lease has been embedding with officers as well and it's what a lot better with our licensing officers being embedded from the police is making sure that our our police colleagues do associate any reported crimes or incidents with licensed premises so it helps us to gather the information because I think we have learned that someone is is very hard to pinpoint that down license premises and collegiate then with the complaints we get from the public but having said that I backward Lisa said we have seen I think a reduction in in somebody issues we be seen over the years and some of the more trouble some venues but I think a lot of ASB yet because we'd be able to take these two committee a lot earlier would unleash the police thank you
thank you very much Gary can ask a clock to move the roll call vote Kevin over tea Q Councillor Barnham for the bill for Councillor best for Councillor Barnett fear for Councillor born

11 Renewal of Pension Administration IT System

for Councillor Dakers fall Mary and for Henson the gable for hence the dreich thought hence the Slater for in favour none against Mr. Mayor and thank you very much I can now confirm that the recommendations have been agreed as shown in section 2 of the report thank you item 11 is the renewal of pent the pension administration I'd see system Castlebawn here thank you Mayor so that the Council's pension IT system is up for renewal and the contract expires in fact expired last month and so we're we're being asked to award a new contract and this report recommends that the the that we award a contract to a Quiller Hayward as as the successful supplier following a competitive tender for a period of 10 years at a fixed and total cost of 1 point 2 9 6 million but as part of the service we will also be take out up to taking up the optional hosted member self-service functionality which we haven't had before so that will help them all those who have the benefit of a pension under system which actually now amount to 26 thousand that's current staff former staff and as fast as dependence at the report sets out how the tendering process was arrived at and I hope that with the new self-service system it'll make that people managing in accessing their pensions and much more simple process and I've got a Murray from the I Teesside and sell and from the Finance side to Azouli questions Members may have
OK I don't see any questions are I will ask our Clerk to move us roll call vote Kevin over teeth thank you Councillor Parnham for as the bell for best before and the been veer for Councillor born
full Council Dakers fall Maryam for Councillor McGeever all Councillor dreich for Councillor Slater for 10 Verde's in favour none against Mr. Mayor thank yous I can confirm that the recommendations have been agreed as shown in section 2 of the report Item 12 is the acquisition of the Sydney Arms to be used his 10 for accommodation Councillor about

12 Acquisition of Sydney Arms to use as Temporary Accommodation part 1

thank you my so the Part 1 report is accompanied by a part 2 report detailing commercially sensitive information
this report in Part 1 sticks to gain Authority in principle from now on Cabinet to acquire the Sydney Arms the purpose of temporary accommodation and to delegate authority to officers to agree the final terms of that acquisition please note that the pub was converted into flats a while ago so the purchase does not in any way mean we will be converting a pub to residential use what the purchase means is that were able to locate more clients who are homeless into a temporary accommodation in Lewisham while at the same time owning an asset of value the GLA has also helped us greatly and we will be entering into a funding arrangement with them officers are here in case you have any questions on the process now and moving forward we have an incredible innovative and human centred Team delivering for our resistance therefore pending any questions from wearing having it I asked Murray Cabinet to agree the poverty proposals as set out in section 2 of the report thank you
thank you very much I will now ask our Clerk to take us the roll call vote Kevin overtly Councillor Barnham for Councillor Bell for Councillor best for AMs the bonfire for has the Bourne for Councillor Dakers fall Marian for Councillor gave it
4 Councillor Drake
for Councillor Slater for 10 in favour none against Amir
thank you very much I can now confirm that recommendations have been agreed as shown in section 2 of the report Item 13 his exclusion of Press and public so I move recommendation to exclude the press and public for the remainder of the meeting by ending the webcast and this is because remaining two items contain commercially sensitive information relating to items already discussing the open part of the meeting were not able to discuss them in the public session I'd like to thank everybody however who's joined us this evening is that