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Planning Committee C
Thursday, 8th October 2020 at 7:30pm 









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2 Minutes
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1 Declarations of Interests
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2 Minutes
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1 Declarations of Interests
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3 21 Bousfield Road, London, SE14 5TP
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2 Minutes
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thank you thank you
good evening welcome to tonight
meeting of Planning Committee and my name is
1 0 2 million by ready Chelvey Lee Committee I am a joint by the members of the Committee to all along sat alongside me will the time and it tonight application which there's are unusual circumstances please be aware toss if if way experience any technical issue
members of the Committee please can you remember to mute yourself
unless you want to speak be closed and to make the less noise by grand place
sorry our now Oxley
0sorry if you want to indicate to speak during his place canoed indicated with charred facility please out OK stay track now to call the roll call of the Members' tonight meeting Winston
and culture
that Slipknot's present
as the clock present
Councillor Ingleby present
Councillor Keller
has given her apologies also apologies from Councillor Khan
has the Krajewski present Councillor Muslim
Councillor Maslin
absent tax law an battleaxe present
Councillor pursue present
Councillor Penfold present
Councillor reform hasn't
that concludes the roll-call thank you please can you call the officers and their role within to assess us tonight in these tonight application on the agenda place and include yourself place
I can I will call them by name job title and their role at tonight's meeting thank you won't pay it when I have concluded James Hughes Team Leader presiding officer Luke map Brakni Planning Officer back-up presenting case officer airing Glancey Planning Officer presenting Case Officer for Item 3 poorly are seeing a lawyer Solicitor
myself could at Minot Committee Officer Clarke
Dean is the car
solution architect IT support
James Woodfield digital scanning officer webcasting cover for her tea had committees moderation that concludes the officer role coal thank you before we move on to consider the application tonight please we have them some adding administrative matter to they'll to whip 0 please minutes of the last meeting members

2 Minutes

the Chair can I just start we have two sets of minutes we have them with the original arm agenda and the level set with a supplementary agenda I just wondered was why that was was early difference between the minutes I've read the like ultras' difference could I have clarification on that please
please plodded please can you clarify that for us place
sorry can you repeat that question please Chair Council not pay a price defy there's two minutes boys there's no different between both of them fleeing level up with the minutes were sent out with the agenda
in a supplementary agenda a further set of minutes were sent out I just why are we all face there's no defence OK thank you Councillor pursue
here come previously minutes it used to be recorded who had voted in which direction and are now that doesn't seem to be recorded any more is that conscious decision
Councillor can ask you mean if the individuals were named yes individuals use to be named yes is spent as I back on the support we no longer name individuals in minutes
thank you
members is the minute accurately place
he agreed
thank you so long
thank you

1 Declarations of Interests

2 Minutes

now just to now fully arm any do you have any declaration of interest in this application tonight on tonight agenda place Chairs but my apologies I could want to go very quickly back to the minutes because it says no apologies fox earth for absence and and it's was Thursday the 6th of August 20 20 and I wasn't actually on that Committee on this committee that pint was I forgive me and getting a bit confused because it says apologies for absence
none received
and that was Thursday the 6th of August you and thank you present on the meeting if from I think you present

1 Declarations of Interests

I've suddenly I just recognise that at that thing I'll come back to you on that a bit later in the meeting I learned so if I can sort it out because I'm an unjust a little bit confused on that night just noticed it saw come back later thank you thank you Councillor Clarke flick on Members place the any members of any declaration of interest again in them this meeting on the tonight agenda place
I just read it I saw on Benfica Mrs. Emma Tunstall where the we owners of the property being discussed tonight
thank you I'm just actions within Barnsley's justice
I certainly think so chances really FE ragged as some not should pick this up that my name isn't on the there's been present at the last meeting and I was there because I was played a key part in the last meeting went on to 11 o'clock yes you are there Councillor maybe that's why there's a second set because they are the one in the agenda doesn't have doesn't appear to have my name on serve before his could check that out and make sure my name is on whichever whichever said in its inserts being signed off if you could if you could do that there be grey but just just attachment allowing Gabi at net no no no no mapping tree no interest to declare thank you
P Councillor Clarke any interest please and no no interest to declare thank you Councillor banner
low interest on OK thank you thank you
Councillor pursue
no interest Chair or cancelling of his hand is still up though thank you thank you
Councillor Pyrford no interest cha Fransella Rzewski
thank you Minkowski Crosskeys sorry I'm sorry crusty
you know I have no I have no interest thank you Councillor Desmond place no Chair I don't have any interest relating to this thank you this Councillor muzzling around please
I'm here channel have no interest to declare thank you Councillor mustn't pleased him club clawed it please can you not then Councillor Maslin
present this meeting place apology action connectivity problems of policies from my late entry
thank you Councillor
yet arm thank you for that

3 21 Bousfield Road, London, SE14 5TP

for for the application tonight they could be committee were forced here a presentation from the planning of Officer to set out the proposer of the development
and the planning consideration and the recommendation the Committee may ask a question from the planning officer officers and they up the applicant and the agent
the event will be invited to speak to support the application
there will be given five minutes to speak and any members of the public who are registered to speak will be given five minutes to speak as well and
the the ennui after Erin we heard from where from the adapters as well which will be given five minutes with we movie concentration are for the application granting application reveals an application or defer any decision to refuse Arty farty application will be committee will be given reason please Canney they present prison takes an officer for tonight to present the application we have on the agenda place
that's and can you share your screen
as a planning officer there to present trees it Samede Unki additional screen thank you
the proposed development is for the construction of a replacement extension at 21 Busfield droids this application is bought before Members because officers' recommendation as to approve until objections have been received from a local resident and attack our society application was presented at the Chair's view meeting and they come with two presented at Committee
the application site is located on the northern side of Bristol Road and the Telegraph Hill ward shown red on the map the site has a two storey single family dwelling house as an aerial view of the Saints
this is an existing aerial view of the rear elevation
these photographs of the rear and side elevations
the existing rear elevation marked on beds and the plan will be demolished
the replacement extension drop around the existing over ago retaining the safety
the site was proposed with plan in section
there's a CGI of the proposed extension the key planning conditions offered termination of this application as the principle of development and design an impact on heritage asset and neighbouring amenity
the principle of development is acceptable that the proposal would deliver a family home with regards to design of the proposed development accession Syria and not visible from the public realm or way their technical conservation him
there will also be limited visibility of the property from the adjoining parties to the north and south as with a fine wool the tight cladding and metal windows would be a positive and contemporary design and accordance with adopted Policy Council guidance is clear that a modern high-quality design is generally more successful in this type of extension
the rear roofslopes sat a couple of VET courses down from the sales of both your windows which accords with Council policy the ejector seat from neighbouring occupier regarded gutting not the contemporary design and am supplementing that about went but not as our immaterial home to the living conditions of neighbours to summarise the proposal is of a high quality design and materials the proposal would preserve the character and appearance of the host building and conservation it him therefore approvals recommended subject to the conditions set out in the report
thank you Chair I just wanted to check that these slides may not have been visible because I didn't see that the visual images of the rear extension come through on my screen didn't did Member see those the only consider these now this
I note that the other now that we are now I can't go back over the site so I I think are and if you could just run through that the last 4 slides again some Members could see them thank you
so this is the proposed extension
such was the proposed roof plan and section
propose the die amid of the development
thank you Chairman thank you ever see that OK thank you yes
arm Councillor pursue you have any questions for the presentation of his replace yeah when I read the papers the Telegraph Hill Society said at something about the extension coming five brick courses about of the level of the window sales I think I get didn't quite understand that I wonder if you can point out on the slide what what is that they're they're talking about place
so the Council policy states that and the extension should set a couple of back courses bore the cells of the rear windows I'm and so this image shows that there are part extension which is closest to the rear windows does set a couple of courses that a couple of back courses oversells other one does not accord with Council policy
so that means the Telegraph Hill society were mistaken in thinking that they come above is that are
I think they were I think they're referring to the maximum pitch am but that'll part of the extension which as causes to the Wendell dies set a couple of back courses spill the cells but does accord with the policy that thank you very much thank you are a member
but after question Chair Councillor prideful Minister do we have a vote of the existing extension of how it is now
those on standard where one an existing extension has been demolished and replaced with this role
do we have in front of the existing extension
so could you repeat the question my support is not that great sorry do we have a photo of the existing situation the existing extension
so the streets where the island's relaxed existing extension and the price they pose for arm I'm a film about that photo before I left all the photos can throw on the presentation I've seen this one so that those as lack of the contortion this then come through the light and say that
it's OK thank you to Councillor Ingleby please
I thought sorry can I see that photo that's just gone that shows the back of the house because Apple seen that he said the new setting out of the area you know the one and before that showed the back as it currently is you flick pass that very quickly go to the aerial view can I see the one that shows the back about as it is now please
thank you
so similar stands coming in and a note this existing photos of the site and rear elevation and then I can also flit back to it'll image of the existing site
in fact useful thank you spot
Councillor Ogilvie please yeah thank you Chair can I just ask officers so maybe I missed it in the in the paper but his there's some reference to the type of materials of informed the CGI that looks very very nice but is there is that some kind of Cotswold brick and is it metal cladding or what of the cladding materials what's the word the cills made on the windows on the the brickwork and what's the year the outer Sopot that so with the robots of the risk of their goes into the courtyard appears to have a brick as a flooring as it looks like a conservatory type of them effect and to have more details on the materials
all I can applicants tell us that
we can say that fat seizure and Nabi chaired you on them to answer that during their session of I'm the go-ahead now if you wish I'd so it'll be it's black wooden timber cladding and the windows glassed me arm saw black Crittall style windows are quite traditional old yeah
by Matalan Glass and underfloor heating a as similar to Victorian on they called earned hope Our pavers paper overs on the floor
and so is that
to serve conservatory effect a sort of conservatory that commas that he got that from the ceiling I looked quite so residential looks quite like a dining room you'll be honouring anonymous direction that a lot of nurses with mixed kitchen on the right-hand side of Looker answer of a dining table on the left yeah I'd say it's more of an extension and conservatory set today except for myself personally I'd says or glass but I'm I'm and a definition of it she'll thank you thank you very much thank you this Councillor pursue the you still want you of any question or
the Chair asked my question thank you
thank you all Members anybody's TV question for the planning officer before we call the
applicant please yes Chair now I ask a quick question about just the fact that it's now abutting both was on both sides the previous extension obviously didn't run right across the width of the back of the property and I noticed there was another extension on the other property with windows on the side is that is it abutting on to a temporary or permanent structure on one side that already has windows on it it's probably best in the photographs that you can see the aerial photographs just before then the next one I believe 0 there it is to the left I just wondered if there would be any loss of light to the conservatory on the other side if there's any right to light there because that's also an extension in itself I just wondered if you had any clarity on that thank you I'm so the extension would measure 2 point 5 metres on the boundary which accords with Council policy and assessment of their amenity of neighbouring occupiers officers concluded leather be Norheim to the
levels of light afforded into the windows of their structure here
and just if I may just to say does that include also building right up to the windows of another a structure that's already there as the because I'm not sure I'd not come across this before where you're actually building right up to another structure that has two side windows on it that may provide you know essential light that's already been there I don't know who have the right to light in that case which I think is quite an interesting question and one I haven't come across before so just wondering if you if you had any sort of clarity on that I assume that that's been considered already
in terms of their height on the boundary 2 point 5 metres there hate that the SPD states except on the boundary that wouldn't affect the levels of light and that this neighbouring structure here
OK thank you it it was more not not the L height allowance it was whether who has the gritter right and to light if both structures actually meet together is at the one that's previously been now but I think that's quite a specialist question and probably one that would affirm needed I only thought about it when I saw the actual pictures and that may need a bit more investigation because I don't expect planning officers to know absolutely everything but that's a question had not come across before as to whether there is a right to light of a previous structure that's actually already been there for a period of time so Councillor Clarke just to be clear the issue of of rights of light is a related to planning so the the impact on the neighbours in terms of the amenity something that officers have assessed and we've concluded that there is an harm there but the issue of of civil rights or light as something that's a compensatory type of arrangement is related to the planning system so that said that's a separate matter
OK thank you it's just the loss of sunlight or or light is usually an amenity issue that's what yet that's around getting insofar as a planning issue we've we've assessed it and we have concluded that the impacts of suitable right thank you that's that's clear thank you
thank you thank you
I thank God to proceed to call the applicant now to arm
to support the application the applicant place
I we are Emma and Ben and we live at 21 Birchfield Road with our daughter ran this is our family home and we love it we live in Telegraph Hill since Sept 2 thousand 13 when the opportunity came to buy a house on Baskerville Road he jumped at the chance when we bought the property it look quite different to how it does now the original front bay window had been removed in the 19 60 s and it had a completely flat front where we actually called it the ugly duckling of the streets as all the other houses had retained their Victorian frontages we decided that we were successful in buying it we would fully reinstate the Victorian bay window at the front which would finally completed last Christmas and we really proud of it the bay has hand car Bastogne work and air faithfully matched to what it would have been there originally and full full wooden sash windows we had a new front door make exact I mentioned the moulding details of the original doors on the streets and a newly Late Victorian mézec Kath York stone coping stones and iron railings topping Uley Lane London stock brick wall at the front
the front of our house has been restored and now sits beautifully among other Victorian frontages we really value and see the importance of maintaining and restoring the Victorian features of our home will you also feel strongly that replacing the current extension to the rear of the property when also hugely improve our home our aim was always to design something of high quality that will complement and sit well with Victorian features of the building we understand there is an objection raised by the Telegraph Hill society on the black wooden cladding but we feel that this is a widely and successfully used material in many contemporary extensions of Victorian homes in London and whilst of obviously not present in the original Telegraph Hill estate black wooden cladding is not a completely aim material to the Victorian construction looking at Black BIC during fishing huts dotted along the Kent coast
we are also aware that a very similar scheme in the Telegraph Hill conservation area was approved by delegated powers back in February 2 thousand and 20 at 1 0 floor a Drake fell road this had a double pitched hot wrap around rear extension using black Crittall doors and black timber cladding we chose Bruff architects as they have a high quality portfolio of softly down extensions period buildings and experience in working in the Telegraph Hill Conservation Area we wanted to design that would have minimal impact on our neighbours and we strongly feel that our design reflects that we have a good relationship with up neighbours on both sides and he had reviewed our plans and ideally ideas with them the current rear extension was added in the late 80 s and is of poor quality both visually and in lay out we strongly feel that are designed to replace it will be a sympathetic improvement to a Victorian house and will give us a high quality family home that we can live or work in for years to come
thank you
thank you to Members you have a question for the applicant place
Kirklees Folkestone yes Kinsella fund for us
I have either of your neighbours objected to this plan now but haven't surely next all raise the point on the guttering shouldn't overs overhang her sizeable which we agreed to work so it won't over so they want all so that they can I write it the CA thank you
thank you
members arm of the PSNI to ask the officer there's no nobody to speak against this application objectors or the Telegraph Hill Society made in objection shared that they didn't register to speak at the meeting saving
and so thank you Chair and if that's the case of it seems a fairly clear-cut application to me and if I may be so readers to some jump in and suggests that I would like to suggests we that we go forward and pass this application and I would like to propose that we accept the application please
formally seconded Chair thank you are transferring to Councillor Clarke and Council of Muslim armed before we proceed to vote I just want to ask at all the Members are you present as no connectivity issue with your connection he asked were present its present present look yeah yeah Hurst
thank you thank you I think we need to vote now with a motion passed by the by Councillor clap which arm please Day Clark of the
please the Clerk of the Committee please can you
called the names of the members and top for them to declared the way they walk place says a Bernard's held you vote I'll what for last
as the clock had you vote full
Councillor Ingleby had you vote for
cause that Persky had you vote
Councillor Cripps Sky
how do you vote sorry pressed the wrong button hall
Councillor going by the WA had you vote for
Councillor Pershing how you vote for
Councillor Penfold how do you vote for
Councillor Rathbone how do you vote for
the voters Muslim consumers may not move there
I am always being passed over Chair for everything I've asked for I was she Africans every success on is lovely and it's marvellous that you're invested so much in your family home I wish you every success
thank you Councillor was made my pleasure Chair
okay the vote was unanimous in favour of the proposal
thank you to arm the me me application is granted with all the condition
subject to the all the condition with it
thank you members a Chair before we go we get to the bottom of the minutes from the last meeting cause there's an appeal pending for the for the final item we just need to either adopter defer the the minutes from the previous session

2 Minutes

thank you gifts Chair could I come back on that as well then perhaps I I'm not sure but I I think the reason why I didn't put apologies in was unfortunately I was taken quite seriously ill and an ambulance had to be called on several occasions and one of them was at beginning of August so I may have not been able to put my apologies in at the beginning of August I think that was probably the issue I wasn't actually in a position to be able to so if you would please know that I normally would give my apologies if I can't be there but but obviously not if I'm unwell so if you could please note that thanks very entire
chair yes please refer to the minutes from the 6th August 2 thousand and 20
yes my notes I have that Councillor Clarke voted against Ital 3 tells the pop voted in favour item 4 and cause the clock felt in favour of item 5 Councillor Clarke was present thank you very much I thought that I was but I I to be honest with you I wasn't well at the time and I'm amazed actually made that meeting because I've been very unwell the previous stairs and unfortunate affected my memory as well so I haven't very little recollection of that meeting at all so thank you for a room saying that to me because I hadn't hadn't remembered this at all and I thought I was going mad so thank you very much for that clarification and out so so so that you were present so I think that's conclusive that you were
Paula thank you very much and if it's helpful Chair him I can I think Newport to so Councillor Carter mentioned dispatchers I have a distinct memory of the some there were several problems with the IT during the meeting and county clerks we don't finish 11 I will be I will bet why health bill will suffer and we finished it going 10 59 so thank you for should to do the whole meeting thank you thanks very much Mark as a as I wasn't I wasn't into good estate that week I can tell you but thank you very much I guess Ingleby Solari Sartre yes please I need to correct that statement it was cancelled crispy he said that