Constitution Working Party - Thursday, 8th October 2020 at 6:00pm - Lewisham Council Webcasting

Constitution Working Party
Thursday, 8th October 2020 at 6:00pm 









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1 Election of Chair and Vice Chair
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2 Declarations of Interest
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3 Minutes
4 Local Democracy Review/Constitutional Changes
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the Constitution working party our first meeting since so last October I believe and what we're discussing tonight is what we had to for spine once looked down happened and what
can I am asking you to turn your videos off please and keep your audio on
thank you what I will do even though there's only a few of us if you want to make a comment ask a question please click on the put your hand up I can and I'll call you to speak and Q sun light first of all and we have Catherine kaczynska's with us tonight then calving and Sarah thank you first of all I'm I have apologies from Councillor Davis and from Councillor Brown I don't think there should be any others because we'll here thank you how do we have any declarations of interest should could we actually start with Item worn
over the summer
ITEM 1 election of Chair and Vice Chair

1 Election of Chair and Vice Chair

is the formalities now has to be no 0 no we certainly can't Kevin or just don't have that on my paper I have purchases interest minutes on local democracy reveal constitutional changes
post your time destroying the website which advertises that to the public this is a hot cafe al-Kidd said to me in the post is under way for it shutter or Arab he had the eyes of it is on the website
OK but certainly telling placed do that
I'm coming up nominations for Chair please
Councillor Walsh has his hand up and consider for
Councillor Walsh
I'm I would like to nominate you to Councillor wise
thank you said seconded constructed for only seconded
the the nominations known I declare Councillor wise elected invited take the chair for the year action Vice Chair thank you very much can have nominations for Vice-Chair of the Constitution working party place
I would like to nominate Councillor Bellavia

2 Declarations of Interest

Councillor Walsh at that second to Chair thank you very much welcome Kelling thank you Chair OK well I won't go over that preamble again if that's work with you all fall in that case can we turn to walk declarations of interest are there any place
no thank you very much

3 Minutes

can we then turned to the minutes of the meeting of Tuesday 29th October 20 19 which was our last meeting before lockdown
has anyone got any comments as to those meetings
any matters arising
can we agree them as a true record
colleagues agreed

4 Local Democracy Review/Constitutional Changes

Bridger Councillor reformulated smashing thank you very much everyone in that case can we move on to the third Olafsson which is lucky not to see review and constitutional changes are you speaking to this Catherine and take you through the report and base of how much detail if I just give a brief overview of the main changes and and I can answer any questions or going to any more detailed its required that will be fine we have discussed this at length her in another place he had place though this is a an a report setting out and proposed changes to the Council's Constitution and recommending arm that this Committee recommends to Council the and we made these changes which come out the Local democracy review arm around task and finish groups and also another minor constitutional change to reflect changes to the and health and wellbeing board as result of the creation of a new regional Clinical Commissioning Group that and to pass on the 1st of April
so the recommendations of its here and and those are just technical recommendations that putting in practice those changes
I don't know if you want me to go through any more detail the background door is that sufficient no so Q Catherine and his colleagues of though any comments to the report and the the change to the Health and Wellbeing Board is very simple tidying-up
issue so I don't think we need to discuss that that if anyone has any questions or comments to the overview and scrutiny of them
changes that are needed because the local democracy review please ask you on Kevin
yes thank you my opinion plan to speak to it to if that's not yes yes thank you Chair and I certainly wanted to put on the record my thanks to the democracy at the local democracy working Group for although their work which is partly resulted in in the constitutional changes being proposed tonight and in particular the vice chair of the group at the time Sakina Shaikh who was leading on on the recommendations of reformed scrutiny in the whole idea behind it is behind the recommendation that week we looked at in in the in the review itself in in a year ago which was we wanted to give more flexibility to counts performing the scrutiny roles so that that yes there would be scrutiny but also to help help councillors have spaced do policy development through Task and finish groups and so these these changes and help create some of that space and and give more focus on scrutiny for the the six scrutiny committees but also creates some space for and for the Task and finish so in to enable that to happen and the constitution needs to be changing and so I know I would certainly recommend up now it also gives over scrutiny that the power to to actually to to to set up task and finish groups so and I think that's quite welcome because otherwise you'd have to have cut under the current constitution working groups that include scrutiny in non scrutiny and so this gives scrutiny that that that power as well whether it chooses and how it is used it is obviously up to scrutiny members but I think it's a welcome at that at that adaption of our of our constitution to make that happen so I certainly welcome those changes
thank you very much caring Councillor Eddy Farani
no and no Kanye here you Jimmy
sorry I didn't put my hand up you that you have got your hand up 0 m dog I'm sorry
there's nothing you want to ask is there
I mean I'm there's nothing much you become one in Currie you discussion about it in Atlas and then what am congested a going-over gone looking to take out of it and got into after it was satisfied how can I not Councillor Walsh
thank you very much Chair so my questions are because I do think that is the constitutional body for constituent at Fort the constitutional reviewing process to first of all I want to thank everyone who's been on a working party putting forward proposals but I do have one a couple of assurance is going forward
CW P remains the Democratic elected body for all constitutional changes her what we sure that remained the case had an we have for detail and scrutiny or any permanent arrangements that are made going forward I understand there is going to be a a one year implementation review point and I think it would be useful of that work for us to have a more extended version her of seat of you pay to actually pick out what things have worked well and what needs some refinements I am yr still sceptical and I am are still sceptical about the size of committees in some places tonight I think is a good example of that it's good that we've got colleagues here by also know there are a number of other meetings that people are attending including a very important a budget meeting at the moment and Coram's do become quite low when you have such few numbers on committees
I also think that needs to be some assurances that he no political diversity is protected inside heard some of the meetings and make sure the way are are being open and transparent as we have set out in an manifesto because I know that we're all committed to that in this this meeting and in to length repaired them did entire Council my when wanted to make sure that her I would just want to make sure that we are her absolutely not creating any circumstance where that may not be the case and protecting practicality because of some efficiencies are that we're trying to make early in the scrutiny review process
thank you very much and now I welcome your idea that have an extended and C W P meeting after year then please let me reassure you that I care passionately about our constitution and on for ever vigilant in case someone is trying to sneak something in by another route without going through us
I think I have made it clear in other meetings and I know a council Bellavia support that and wouldn't let anything happen either so OK so no further discussion on the our local democracy review and the necessary constitutional changes that required because there
no Kevin Councillor Bellavia you muted
sorry Sorcha and used to say that I am I here what term Councillor Walshaw saying and actually agree that sensible because once you've got some practical evidence then you can you can you can you can say Well that that bit then work which is why this instead or or not try to you know not go forward on with it also definitely that's it that's a good idea were bearing in mind we've got also take into account what may happen with coping and whether were even they know how much how much of this new at New IT we make over triumph so taking all into account should deftly do review at the appropriate stage well I would also like to and give my thanks to Councillor Glazier and Councillor Sheikh and all the other Councillors who last worked hard on this and it wasn't easy for anybody and I'm
all say it is very difficult I'm OK so if we're light with that have perhaps we can just and
look at the recommendations if that's OK folks
were asked to propose these to Council and in paragraph 2 point 1 ABC they are connected to the earth concern to the local democracy review and the changes necessary in the constitution and can we agree then agreed yet and then we go to 2 point 1 day which is just a change in an membership of the Health and Wellbeing Board because of the changes to the CCG hanged
whatever it's called now south-east London C C J the we are greater
in that case folks thank you very much and I think that's it
thank you very much for your time everyone thank you officers let fly