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1 my name's Kevin for happy Clarke dilution Council I welcome you all to the meeting they will start promptly and I will turn over to speaker Unwerth once we've conducted a roll call vote or a Rocard members for attendance purposes so you will be able to see that your that represented so actually here
so please say present or here when I call out the names and I can move on and I'll commence with Councillor Farani taking cancer on noir there then
Councillor Bonham present Councillor Bell are present
Councillor Burns present cancer best present Conservative here present Councillor born
present Councillor Brown
Councillor Campbell
Councillor Clarke
Councillor card
present Councillor current 0 here cancer Deckers
Councillor Davis present Councillor derived
Councillor Dromey present Mayor Egan presence
Councillor Elliott
Councillor Elliott
paid members can always signify later appeared to attend late Councillor Gallagher
then Councillor Gibbons present and the whole
I hope now Councillor Handley present Councillor Holland is submitted apologies Councillor Hardy ankle yes I hear thank you Councillor Howard
as I can see Councillor Howard signifying sorry present
Councillor Ingleby present Councillor Johnston Franklin present Councillor clue present Councillor Callahan by Councillor QROPS Sky persons are submitted apologies Councillor Maslin
and the Muslim did see you internally present given much Councillor giver
Councillor Millbank pleasant consumer doesn't Councillor Morrison present Councillor Muldoon
Councillor Owen Badoer present cancer Openshaw
present cancel Jack pursue pheasants Councillor John pursue
Councillor jump yes I'll tell him but there's some background noise coming from somebody else might not making it OK thank you cast the PAN phones
proposal Councillor Powell hasn't cancer asked them present Councillor Reid
Councillor shake
can Councillor Slater presence Councillor Smith who is it
Councillor sober present and system Rzewski present Councillor Walsh
finally Councillor wise present thank you all own outing of or to speak on lower to formally commenced the meeting
Councillor Councillor no kidding Casserly for him I could say thank you can see it
good evening everyone can I begin by welcoming everyone to this meeting a further Council tonight
can I remind Councillors to have their microphones and ideally as the camera off at all the time except when they're responding to rollkur are speaking however should any individual councillor preferred to keep their Cameron another respect their choice to do so
I have received apologies from concert hall and Councillor Mary
are there any further apologies for absence

1 Minutes

I can 1 is the minutes of last meeting I move that the minutes of the meeting held done 21st October 20 20 be agri as a flat record is that seconded Deputy Speaker
Councillor Morrison are you there
yes Speaker I formally second went minus thank you at the minutes aggravate a great good bathing the great grey
thank you very much I declared the minutes have been agreed

2 Declaration of Interests

item 2 is declarations of interest and there any declarations of interest relating to any item and agenda it so would Members please declare them now indicating which item the relates to and the nature of the interest
you can and do it yourself and
o kettle face to item agenda item 7 I think I'm a director of Lotion household
OK thank you for the work that has been recorded
thank you
there was no declaration of interest and we move Yezza Janacek her country again attractive Lewisham homes as well
thank you Councillor Cleasby that has been recorded also
is there any other declarations of interest
no thank you
agenda Item 3 of the announcements for this evening

3 Announcements or Communications

before considering the written announcements I invite the mayor to make an additional announcement regarding the winter appeal over to you me
thank you thank you very much Chair are well today's been has been an extraordinarily disappointing day the government spending Review it was and should have been an opportunity for local authorities like us
given the the money in the report and we need to keep ourselves and rebuild from Calais of bit stronger perhaps not much of a surprise that that's not what was and the after a decade of austerity while it has never been more vital to invest in our public services that just hasn't happened and we've also seen that the incredible hard work of those in the public sector has been taken for granted and more a government should be the very minimum ensuring that their pay keeps pace with rising living costs that that were Anathem so instead austerity continues and the Council will be forced into another round of cuts and such a residence watching I want to assure you that both I as your mayor Angela Councillors will continue to fight against these cuts will continue to argue for investment that Lucian needs and for the pay of our public sector workers deserve to
it is something that we've learned over the past year it's that by residents and or local community coming together we can achieve so much in and I think it's the the only way we've been able to get for a meet the demands of the covert pandemic Lewisham residents have been so generous and I'm so grateful for that and all of our councillors are so grateful for that over the last 12 months you've helped me raise over 200 thousand pounds for local charities and hard to put into words the impact that that's Handelsman was vulnerable people in our community as reproaching another holiday season I'm asking for help again this week were launching and new into repeal were going to be raising money this year
for vulnerable children including those in care and for people going through homelessness will be supporting voluntary services Lewisham and the 9 9 9 club this Friday's Blackfriars and many many people be looking for deals online we buying Christmas presents and while you're doing there we will be asking residents to consider making a donation by visiting Lewisham winter pill dot com and every penny raised will go directly to supporting summer most vulnerable people now community so please consider donating and please spread the word thank you Chair
thank you very much Mr. way
before I go to the furthest announcement like to confer an cancer Carew your adequacy of interest had been recorded and can I ask Kevin to recall the attendance of concert hall also thank you our first announcement tonight relates to white ribbon day I invite Councillor Dakers to make the announcement
Mr. Speaker
today we mark white ribbon day which is an international stick a day to campaign for the elimination of violence against women and girls White Ribbon Day is then followed by 16 days of activism ending on Human Rights Day on the 10th of Semper the council will be of certain white ribbon day and the 16 days of axes of ISM on social media
drawing attention to the different forms of gender-based violence that many people may experience in their lifetime
the campaign has particular poignancy this year as we seen a sharp rise in the number of people accessing domestic abuse services since the start of the pandemic
only three weeks after the first national lockdown was introduced the National domestic help these helpline received almost 50 percent more calls a day and tragically there's also been an increase in the national number of domestic abuse killings that have taken place
although we have absorbed a gradual decline in the prevalence of domestic abuse since 2 thousand and 5 the current figures are still shockingly high and their impact on childhood trauma is well-documented
so let's look at some figures in England and Wales an estimated 2 point 4 million people experienced domestic abuse in 20 19
of which two-thirds were women
it is also estimated that more than 13 percent of men and 28 percent of women have experienced some form of domestic abuse since the age of 16 equivalent to about 2 point 9 million male victims and 6 million female victims
it's clear that we still have a huge way to go to eliminate domestic abuse and so ungrateful days like white ribbon day to raise awareness and to remind people of the fight for services that are on offer and a fable available to them for example Athena is the surface to support those living in Lewisham the base violence
this provides outreach programmes gripped supports refuge accommodation and is totally confidential and are repeat it is totally confidential each year thousands of people stand up speak out and say no to violence against women and Lewisham has been proud to be an accredited White Ribbon Borough and this year we will be campaigning so online webinars and conferences as I said this is a really important year due to the significant increase in violence harassment abuse towards women during the pandemic
we urgently need to get together to prevent violence and make sure of Fini days and homes are safe for everyone although this work this is what we do all year round I will be thankful to everyone if you could promote the resources that are going to be shared on the Lucian Council Twitter page in other mediums over the next 16 days so that people who know someone or who are experiencing or at risk of Misc abuse now that say taking receive help and supports thank you
thank you very much comfort acres for your fantastic contribution on this important brick
our second announcement tonight relates to covert support for businesses and our paired announcement to nice concern Small business Saturday I invite constant roaming to make the both announcements
thank you very much Chair and we understand that the last eight months have been incredibly difficult for community but also incredibly difficult for the many small businesses that are so vital for Lewisham's economy and the pandemic and the lockdowns and restrictions that have been put in place in order to slow the spread of the virus have had a really devastating impact on on many local businesses particularly in sectors like hospitality retail leisure and elsewhere Lewisham council backs business and we are so committed to supporting local small businesses through this pandemic we want to protect the vitality of our local economy and we also want to protect the jobs that we've got in the local economy for the future so that they can grow and thrive after the crisis so far we've provided over 43 million pounds in funding directly to small businesses supporting over 4 thousand local employers to help them through the crisis protecting countless jobs and livelihoods in the borough last week we opened the latest round of grant funding to support local businesses impacted by the crisis and we urge businesses who may be eligible to check our website Lewisham dot gov dot uk and to apply if they're eligible if you get in your applications by the end of this week will given paid by the 2nd December we will also shortly be announcing eligibility for our local discretionary grant scheme in the next couple of weeks which is aiming by to support businesses through the crisis and to build for a better future for our local economy and I'd like to pay my thanks to Council officers who have been working their socks off to get the vital funding Outturn 2 businesses I think as as the Mayor said the fact that and council workers will be facing a pay freeze along with other public servants in the in the coming years as an absolute disgrace and I'd also like to thank the Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Small businesses have been working with us both to design the support that we provide but also to get the word out to local small businesses and as the Chair mentioned Saturday next week is Small business Saturday so in addition to supporting businesses through the emergency and through this crisis with with grant funding we can all do our bit to support local businesses to get back on their feet so on Wednesday the seconds at the lockdown will ends and many local businesses will be able to open for the first time in a month this is the most important time for many small businesses it's the golden quarter where they have so much of their trades ahead of Christmas but this has been stunted so far and many are in a difficult position so on Small business Saturday which is this the 5th of December Saturday the 5th of December we're encouraging residents to support this nurses at locally however they can
obviously the risk is not going away so we need to ensure that we follow social distancing guidelines but we're encouraging local residents to support local businesses on Small business Saturday in this vital period ahead of Christmas we're calling on resonance to shop safe and shop local and I'll be practising what we're preaching by getting all of my Christmas presence in greeting from baby RT you may be overtaken in the VAT
I'm from local independent retailers in Lewisham so if you want to help protect local small businesses if you want help protect and safeguard jobs up safe and shot likeable and supports for businesses on the 5th of December
great work consider me thank you very much
our forced announcement tonight is supporting people experiencing homelessness and might consider well to make the announcement and show us such chart with you conserve and place thank you Mr. Speaker so I'm delighted to be able to share news that Lewisham is taking part in a ground breaking pilot to help people experiencing homelessness to access support services through an innovative new approach we'll be working closely with proxy address for a number of months to develop the service which aims to fix the Catch 22 of losing a permanent address by allowing those facing homelessness and experiencing homelessness to borrow an existing address so they can access vital services Lewisham is the first council in the country to take part in the scheme which could make a huge difference relies of people facing and living homeless in the UK losing your home means losing your address but in 21st century Britain and address is not just a location it's a de facto form of ID without one people experiencing homelessness can be prevented from accessing vital services like maintaining or opening a bank account applying for a job or driving licence as accessing benefits receiving poster even registering with a GP proxy address works by using the duplicates address details of existing homes to provide those facing homelessness with a consistent secure and free address which they can use to access the support they need proxy addresses are provided with the explicit consent from property owners including councils housing associations housing developers and private donations and some of the 225 thousand long term vacant homes in England without impacting the original properties credit stopped score value or postal deliveries we technology allowing a video now is going to be shown the show you in graphically in in detail around what is properly address at visually so over to the technicians to see if we can get the video on life thank you
homelessness can affect anyone and comes in many
most people can recover with the right support at an early stage but losing your home also means losing your address and today and address forms a key part of your identity so without one you lose access to the services and support you need to get back on your feet
proxy address fixes this Catch 22 by using spare addresses at duplicating their data to create a proxy this provides a stable identity for those without a permanent arm the proxy addresses secure private and it moves with you wherever you go all without affecting the original property its post or credit rating
and because we use existing information it saves councils money making sure that every proxy address is free to the person using it
a proxy address helps those facing homelessness avoid a cliff-edge bridging a period of instability to help keep the path to recovery open for all
thank you Mr. Speaker
and kick off their bad empathic initiative to lead the way in whole country to start this process to resist
I would affect the announcement tonight relates to Leyshon being on track to become a sanctuary Barrow I invite Councillor Venaria to make the announcement
thank you Mr. Speaker and as we all know Lewisham has a long tradition of welcome those who fleeing violence or persecution and we are a bar that celebrates our diversity and we are stronger for it in line with that tradition we were elected as a Labour mayor and council in 20 18 with a pledge to make Lewisham a bar sanctuary for migrants asylum seekers and refugees the Sanctuary strategy is an important milestone on our journey to become a true bar of sanctuary
and act as the Council's specific commitment to the community wide effort across our borough which is coordinated by
four of which the council is a founding member I motivation to act is in rejection of the government's cruel concept of a hostile environment where people and organisations are in car and pelt could charge anyone coming from elsewhere as to their right to be here the principle of sanitary turns that concept on its head for offering welcome listening and support we are not only being fair to those have come to us but we're also building a more integrated community for everyone
the Council itself has already taken action in several respects including resettling refugee families from Syria and other areas of conflict with a commitment to be London's leading Bara for resettlement with a target of welcoming 100 families and we have had 30 arrivals prior to the covert suspension
we have joined with safe passage and committing to welcoming an additional 100 child refugees over the next 10 years we are ensuring that all children from households with no recourse to public funds receive free school meals
we remove the Home Office official from the Council's no recourse to public funds service and we are now using funds saved support independent legal advice to those seeking emergency support with a point of the EU case first Sanctuary Officer to implement sanctuary principles in the House of services and to work with the wider community to promote century principle across Lewisham and we've also use a platform campaign for change where we are restricted by law or national government policy with call on the government cut a legal right of entry to the UK of refugee children seeking family reunification after the end of the case post-Brexit transition period he you
we have demanded suspension of all and RPF restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic and with families now drowning in the English Channel Lewisham has led a London wide request from Council to the government for immediate restart the UK received refugee resettlement scheme in order to save lives being lost and dangerous crossings to the UK that pressure has paid off with the Home Office finally confirming this month that recent would start again in the new year and we are now pressing them on the specifics
so all our action to date will now be supported by comprehensive new policy in our century strategy that sets out how the Council apply the principles of Sanctuary across all of our services in our engagement referred with refugees asylum seekers and migrants includes a requirement for an action plan tackles the specific challenges faced by residents with such backgrounds including language barriers limited legal rights and general prejudice or ignorance the aim is to develop an entrenched culture of welcome and support for anyone with a migrant background needs a council service
I am very grateful to the many individuals and organisations that have helped to shape the strategy we will now be working with them and others to create and here to a living action plan for specific issues and services
whilst we have already done much as a Labour Council in enacting the principles of Sanctuary we now have a clear policy that can act as a starting point for all that we do affect refugees asylum seekers and migrants across Lewisham thank you Mr. Speaker
thank you very much constant banana
ever 6 announcement tonight is unfreeze school meals and we note with bright the sport we have to see from the schools and the community to ensure no Lewisham child goes hungry

4 Petitions

agenda Item 4 is petitions have been notified the petition to be presented by Councillor John pursuit I invite Councillor John pursuit prison repetition
thank you very much
the Speaker
this position and he is entitled to make Mayo roads safer signed by total 861 people on the changed a hawk and it was started by Mr. Adam lots approval residents to whom I am most grateful and we all should be a dozen one giving him a name Czechia Mr. Speaker I know this will be a topic this your heart to as a representative of lotions to the hello side may on the London Road Safety Council the prayer of the petition reads and I'm summarising slightly May 0 road in Perry Vale ward has become a treacherous commuter route for Park versus residence cyclists drivers and add outside young people attending Forest Hills School Adams rule Primary School St Michael's Church of England Primary School and Karina Primary School of which I am and a governor over the last few years have been multiple high-speed accident it's on this road that led to the deaths of two people and cause serious injuries to others are not going to list them all here
these accidents will happen in the same area between May 0 and Forest Hill school and what the petitioners are asking Council to do which I think are her own quite reasonable demands he full review of my road safety risks and I would propose that the following safety measures are put in its full length speed bumps at appropriate places on the road pedestrian crossings by all effete inferences Tamayo Park and a speed camera because excessive speed is one of the big problems Mr. Speaker I leave the list of signatories has been passed already to the Clerk to the Council if it's not got through I'm happy to do that Sir during or immediately after this meeting thank you very much thank you construct a shoe I add my strong support to this petition as being member of Linden Road Safety consider I represent Lewisham with you they appreciate that very much I'd ask that sector director of housing regeneration housing originate generation to prepare a response within 14 days and Kim
now the R and agenda item 5 public questions

5 Public Questions

we have received 93 question from a member of the public and a copy of the questions received and the written responses have been published on our website
we have been notified that some members of the public wish to ask a supplementary question this evening and have indicated that they wish to attend to ask their questions
they have been reminded that the supplementary question should be based on the written answer that they have been sent
they have also been asked not to make speeches or interrupt proceedings if they do they have been made aware that they may be removed from the meeting we have up to 30 minutes for this agenda item as permitted under our constitution please be aware
there may be a slight delay while questions are omitted from the vile questionnaires of metal from lobby and kill
our first question
is drunk John seconds to Councillor McGeever question number 9 can I ask Moretta to let her in
John can you on mute yourself
yes we can hear you can you please ask your question was services my supplementary question us yes please yet as your supplementary question J sarcasm allusion lifelong resident
I just wanted to know how you could you justify the implementation of the road closures and legally the area for once more at portion of the community was making it worse for others and would you agree that the LTS has not been a success and that you will cut now carry out pocket legal consultation involved in more than a quarter of percent of the borough's population that you claim to have engaged
I thank my question basically after
be replaced
thank you for your question and the DFT asked us to implement an L T ends within a very very narrow time frame in which meant that we did not have your keen to engage in public consultation normal we required to and this is something that we normally would have wanted to do in in implementing a scheme of this scale the guidelines and legal requirements by day of the public consultation came in and this month and will be used for the next tranche of sustainable transport funding there was already existing data which supported the implementation of a low traffic neighbourhood in Leagreen notion
thank you Councillor McGeary
our second supplementary question this evening is from Chris France's betting to question number 12
Chris process are you there
greste can you and you yourself and ask your supplementary question
others responses my supplementary question citing him yes we can see my supplementary question bearing in mind as relates to any current-gen they grain is what does ease traffic congestion lean in a quantitative sense and by what day is that expected to be achieved
thank you Councillor McGeever police and I say the easing of traffic congestion means less traffic and we would look the data and to indicate that for example and looking at bus journey times which is wrongly correlated with congestion
we know that schemes like low traffic neighbourhoods typically take about three to six months to bed-in before significant change in that behaviour of traffic and I think we have to acknowledge that because of the easing and and restrictions of lockdown
what this lot Egypt from pattern that we expect that three to six months to see those changes and the al-Qaeda new scheme that we're doing written top Barkley profile if you could answer the question and I quantitative sense urgent Christ you have asked your supplementary question please don't interrupt the meeting that concert McGeever to answer your question please consider given place finish your answer yesterday so for example when we were when we look to make changes to the scheme we were we saw bust data which showed an increase in journey times of I think about a 4 minutes on some journeys so that's in a quantitive sense that an increase of 4 minutes on the typical bus journey time so we'll be looking indicators like that that show an increase in bus journey times or an increase in traffic and those the current quantative that's kind of quantitative data that will be using
agriculture MacGyver
our next supplementary question this evening is from Mark Morris relating to question number 53 can focus more retards to that the Mark Morris in into the meeting
Mark can you ask your question place
My Tent Calverley start your question yes yes yes please star yes boy thank you for them
and slot to ask them look of and the reply seems to suggest the tolls were mitigates extra traffic
thank you so the the this is a PFI Project relies on buoyant tolls so that really is that clean not such factory response this will lead to more traffic and Lewisham shortly does the Cabinet Member accept that
thank you Councillor gave at least K
sorry the totals for the Silvertown tunnel haven't been set yet and what I would say is oppositional Silvertown tunnel hasn't changed since 2 thousand 14 tier fell of committed to an extensive programme of traffic noise and pollution monitoring and we will be reviewing this data closely I think in in relation to tell changes Lewisham already has an extensive air quality monitoring network with monster turn over 50 locations and tear fellow committed for any additional monitors part the Stop Silvertown tunnel programme thank came
thank you Councillor McKenna
our whole supplementary question the seeking extra Mark Bennett waiting to question number 59
Mark Bennett
whenever you're ready you cannot move yourself thanking the advised much for
officer on the eve could simply a breakdown of what the 5 point 9 billion 29
20 spent on my question is whether the for William L caught in 20 19 20 include a contribution towards the Council synchro Khan
have some senior staffing
thank you Minister McGeever this thank you thank you for your question so the full mean does not contain an it's not used to fund and the Council's and senior executive team central costs and ammunition tell you now that the the 5 point 9 million it was partly spent on concessionary fares for the disabled and the elderly and the remainder was spend on highways maintenance and the cost of concessionary fares in Lewisham was 11 point 3 million so the cost of concessionary fares in the bar was not covered barn and by PCN income and the total cost of highways maintenance was by point 3 7 million the income received has consistently been less than the money spent on new services
thank you very much Councillor McKeever our next supplementary question this evening is from Judith Barritt relating to question number 62
to request Moretta to that crude it into the meeting freeze
you did can you anew yourself if you are in the meeting
emitted the right yes we can hear you please ask your question yet OK please can the Council commit to investigating all possible funding streams
thank you offer me again this as thank you for your question these questions in relation to own right which is an unadopted road and Judith suggested in her initial question that we we look to to create a cycle way on that road and that's something that we've already and committed to investigate if funding becomes available it's on it's on a list of potential cycling schemes but what I would say that you know we we are right to be to be very cautious about the idea of adopting an unadopted road in the borough we have to focus our limited finances on roads where already responsible and as over 300 privately maintained roads and parts of roads in the Borough
so we have to bear that in mind as well but we are and keen to seek funding for for cycle routes and when at available in that scheme is already on a list of potential I potential cycling schemes thank you
thank you very much Councillor McGeever
our next supplementary question this evening is again from Chris France's relating to his question number 13
Chris are you in the meeting
OK crisply last year next person OK thank you very much your answer implied that there is no co-design process in the normal meaning of the word don't have that correct yes or no place thank you constantly give at least yet well and myself in the mirror committed to find solutions and compromises feedback we're receiving on the L T N and the timings and with which were having to implement these schemes even with these this new round of funding means that the CTA formal process of co-design is not possible I think why can says that what the Mayor meant by that is a commitment to continued engagement and listening to feed back and a deputy and amending schemes in response to that feedback and and insert that we now
thank you very much faster McGeever and well done that with all of our public question but this evening

6 Member Questions

now we move to next agenda item 6 they says relates to question the see from Councillors 19 questions from members of the Council were received responses to the questions have been provided and published on our website I would like to remind Members that we have up to 30 minutes for this item
question 1 Councillor Hardy do you have any supplementary question to Councillor best he's thank you Chair them at the first thing I'd like to him at says I thank the Cabinet Member for her reply and for over 10 years of Members will realise that I've raised the fact that it is well Dave's Day on the 1st of December and this is the council meeting closest to it and as the figures show Lewisham as a high prevalence of HIV and Aids and I am proud to wear the red ribbon the Ashir as well as the White Ribbon am and I ask that the Cabinet Member consider how these Council will support that this year's theme global solidarity and shared responsibility
but more specifically can I ask the Cabinet Member considered a report that was published recently which I believe the Council funded partly funded called transforming sexual and reproductive health for the be A. M. E. communities in Lambeth Southwark and Lewisham it was led by the Brook charities at an NHS noseband Dacian and Stephen Lawrence charities and key findings included tackling institutional racism embedded in services and to provide culturally sensitive their sexual health services thank you Chair
thank you Councillor Harker Deputy Mayor please
well thank you very much Alan as he now well dates days always been important to the Council and once again we will be marking it by hosting at the red flag we would normally as you know in person be having a an opportunity to stand in front of the flag and then promoted on social media but I'm giving due consideration to make sure that we remind everyone of the important event or of World AIDS Day and of course you'll see from other response things are improving and we must make sure that we continue to
and I'm delighted that you have drawn attention to that report and as you know we have try Barra sexual health strategy in that's being a key part of it since we launched that and the other here so I'm very committed to taking it forward thank you for bringing that to our attention and of course I will make sure we do all we can to redress the balance and Nate sure that we've got appropriate training in place and followed through the recommendations
thank you very much Councillor best
our second question is are constantly service personnel do you have any supplementary question
I do thank you Speaker thank you to the cabinet member for his answer hundreds of refugee families are set to lose their legal route to family reunion as a result of Brexit when the transition period ends this means that many unaccompanied or dependent children or spouses currently stranded in refugee camps in Europe trying to reach loved ones including here Lewisham will have no other options and to attempt dangerous journeys to get here as a sanctuary Bora and one who is committed to welcoming refugee families the other refugee resettlement scheme what pressure we putting on the government to ensure the people can be reunited with their families via safe and legal routes
thank you consider this Council of any of this well thank you for the question this Council oppose Brexit we go we knew is a threat to the residents of Lewisham but we also know that it it's a threat to people who are actually at seeking to come here and through a safe legal route and wonder safe legal routes was through the Dublin convention and that's a treaty right that they had on their terms of toes membership of the trade with the EU we campaigned as a council you might remember our motion in January of this year and calling on the government to maintain that treaty rights at post-Brexit they failed to do so and we've continued to putting pressure on them with campaign of safe passage just a few weeks ago the government buckled under pressure from Alf Dubs and others in the House of Lords and said that they weren't going to implant took to include that provision in the immigration bill and that's shameful but they did talk about a review of all immigration policy in in the new year that affects refugees and said that they would maintain that commitments where another we will hold them to that we will campaign with safe passage to ensure that that safe legal route and others and are maintained an increased in the uncertain times ahead thank you very much and yet a third question answered Galahad you have any supplementary question
no supplementary thank you Minister get ahead
next is question 4 from councillor Karen Councillor calendar you have a supplementary question to ask FO Hume's speaker yes I do thing so I just like to say that the thank the Cabinet Member for his reply how not a Sloane today that the go part never plan will finally be going for examination next week and following that process its plans can be used as material consideration when deciding on planning applications that affect Railway children National Park this is following a year-long delay that predates the coronavirus as originally St for coming to the Council in May 20 17 this and other protections that we have asked for have taken a long time but we're pleased that their eyes are finally here more evidence but my question relates to the many existential threats remaining including the fact that the councillors failed to record the wet woodland priority habitat in the Hither Green railway sidings by not updating the Site of importance for nature Conservation we review which now five years old and will be included in the Local Plan so the question I have for Councillor Bill is can he give us a guarantee tonight that the existing protections are sufficient to prevent any destruction of the sites known as Willow Tree riding stables the horsemen 0 and the network well railway sites thank the once decadence Constable please
thank you Councillor current for that question and as you know I share your hopes and desires for this part of the borough
and they answers being quite detailed response to it unfortunately there are no guarantees in life particularly around when we don't own the land the response to the sink and the professional vice brief we've been given suggests that there is adequate protections in place so if there's any evidence to the contrary then please bring that to my attention as you know I have offered to meet with you on various occasions to actually talk through the evidence we certainly all into offices it's or with officers check so are adequate get that Councillor current but the officers provide the professional advice I I look at that professional nice and as far as I'm being told at the moment there is sufficient protection in the draft Local Plan
and could refer back to the next question is prompt constant Gibbons constructing do you have any supplementary question per answered Councillor Dhoni said no I know I don't speak yet again thank you thank you for us to give us I was 6 question is from concertedly consolingly be do you have any supplementary question to ask Councillor McKeever no supplementary thank you Chair thank you
and his question number 7 also heart do you have any supplement
thank you Speaker a fount of replied very useful and perhaps he too can be circulated to all Members and placed on the Council's website that is after the Cabinet Member has had an opportunity to fill in the gaps them especially about freedom of information request etc. Onneley Counc like an eternity to receive a reply but it should be how service standard also I have a stage II complaint already from the Sydenham society is about the Maze Hales had made House planning application and that sort of standing up can the Cabinet Member helped me get that response thank you Chair
thank you Councillor Bolivia would you like to respond yet some yes thank you thank you and are for the question and India is on the website that's on the website tonight first for our Council questions so people can see that and indeed done people have seen that so obviously the response times reflects the huge strain that is on our on our staff and I'm sure you'll join me Alan in in in appreciating the hard work they're trying to do to get that across him at this before Kobe we actually increased are it's of Freedom of information request we actually increased are responses in such re tight tight time frame to be caught extent that we increased our responses to 86 percent which is a huge increase Kobe's made a massive difference hence white what what happened obviously there are always at delays some some can be justified some you know we do we do need to work out to improve and on specific stage to that you mentioned it and yes I'm that's been noted and I will certainly follow up for you thank you thank you conserve Enea next his question eight Councillor Davies do you have any supplementary question
I don't think he's bigger thank you Councillor Davis next his concert Gallaher again you have any supplementary question
no thank you thank you very much not get ahead next question 10 again Councillor currently you have any supplementary question was Constable
Councillor Colin
there must be some issue good connectivity will move to question 11 Councillor hardly have any supplementary question
the latest to question 11 question 11 about playing fields at yes thank you speak is really thank you for the response that in very very awful a notice in the playing field strategy that there's a statement in the Council's report it says quote and we will protect all graspable pitches and developed further capacity all I would ask is the protection of playing fields and as this is a national issue and can I get an assurance from the Cabinet Member that this will be included in any planning matters applications or policy thank you Chair
thank you Mr. Dromey would you like to respond to this
Councillor born stateless as he for this OK I've got here constantly his fine yet that's fine comparable you can explore I will make sure that noted Councillor Hall
thank you and next is question 12 Councillor Gallaher do you have any supplementary question
Asner Neller thorny thank you questioned tighty again from Councillor Colin Foster Carer are you in meeting
think partial must have some issue with his connection again about Macarena you hair OK so we are an question 13 now do you have any supplementary question regarding to question 13 OJEU erm there's no need for us to have any more discussions we've sent you what's needed a more and the Hither Green siding Sinkers flawed because the council is failing in its duty to acknowledge its existence and the fact that it's not
I acknowledge and included in the relevant documents means developers can ignore it and that's the problem and it really needs to be addressed and we failing under the natural Environment Rural Communities Act of 2 thousand and 6 it's our duty to recorded it and also under the NPP F National Planning Policy Forum said
I would ask Councillor BELL and thank him for his reply back to say can you revisit this because it's so important and the fact is beset that if the enemy at the Gates as though point to discuss any more because the developer is waiting to dish
draw the line of Ringway Centre I've just included on the background before and after picture of of Network Rail did in 20 18 because that site was not included so they didn't have reference to it so we really need action now thank you and he'll cause for Batley thank you Councillor current I'm as you know the item on the agenda this evening is the draft Local Plan graph consultation as I've said we can sitting down and having a conversation about where you feel there is missing evidence or missing aspects of the draft Local Plan B can discuss that I think that's more appropriate than having an opinion on it because they simply the profession of survivors is a game that there's adequate protection you have a different view so let sit down and go through that different view and see if there's any scope for any changes given that it's a consultation however the officers are telling me in response to your questions that there is adequate protection within the draft Local Plan and the work that's already been committed and you disagree so let's chat let's talk and see if we can find a compromise or consensus on the issue
and that may or may not be possible given that the officer advice is contrary to what you're asking for but I'm quite prepared to have those discussions and those discussions can see what is and what is possible within the resource framework that we have available to us
thank you very much Mr. Bell we now move on to question 14 controversially have any supplementary question
and briefly chair said that previous speaker and tragically a rough sleeper died in Bellingham recently El-Kareem and I understand they the person in question was reported that Council officers by my colleague Councillor Sue haughty enko my question is will the Cabinet Member please review this case her contact coroner if this is necessary and let us know the outcome thank you
and through the about please thank you Councillor Hoff the question I share the the sadness around this cause no rough sleepers or anybody should be faced with the challenges of rough sleeping then sadly passing away so yes I will speak to officers about this case and see what what information I can relate back to Council of all thank you for the question
question 15 constant get ahead we have any supplementary question now and you question 16 consider Colum you have supplementary question again and questioned this request 16
I think you are new can you and your surplus apologies schoolboy Arup open a six-line thank you to Mr. Speaker and thank you Councillor Bell for your reply I welcome what you said previously relating to this and we're glad to learn that the site Metropolitan importance now includes some of the survey include some of these sites that we just discussed in previous questions but my point is is the protections are needed now because a developer was on site last week with machines to do to the site what has happened look at the picture behind me it's what
it's what he is going to do next week unless we take action
thank you all set out as you know the Planning Department has taken action already and has made very clear statements around the activity by the developers and clearing any green space of land within the area that you specify is unacceptable so officers will continue to do that in order to make sure that our green spaces are protected because like you I share the fact that the green spaces and the land around the very transnational Park that have a green sidings are absolutely vital for to for protection we are limited on powers that we have available to us but we will do everything possible as the officers have done to protect Natland in fact p officers have been down on site to have a look as per the request and I think your passion for this is completely understandable we share that passion and the power department share that passion and without it there's no doubt there will be worse or be a worse situation if it wasn't for yourself Councillor Clarke Councillor Ingleby and the community of demanding that the council but also the developer protects our natural heritage so we will do everything possible to safeguard and stand about the the need for swift action and the planning department keeping an eye on what is happening down there in order to protect as much as we can so as I said before let's have this conversation let's develop an action plan I know you submitted a based on questions I put forward to you a spreadsheet on the detail of what is required and White's required the planning department are working through that and I thank you for providing that information to us and we can move forward in terms of project managed approach to see what is I wasn't possible within the resource framework that we have
I feel I can do you have any supplementary per question 17
can you on mute yourself place
thank you yes I do this is a moot point I want to ask a Council about it he realises I've been informed that a tape achieve protection order is insufficient to protect or all the natural environment on the science behind the Ringway Sentinus Horsemere though because it means you can clear the ground again in the picture behind me you can see what happens when you can do that and you need a woodland protection or would it because it protects the trees about to grow because the developer considers it was scrub so he rips it all up just like that and then he destroys all habit of all the animals allegedly protected so at the moment he believes he can do that he is going to do that and as I understand it are Tree Protection order is insufficient so will he consider a wooden protection order him with immediate effect
thank you alphabetically thank you Councillor currently seems to be going run circles a little bit so basically the officers have considered it and we are not playing to do at this time so as per my previous answers we will do everything possible to safeguard what is our national heritage but there is a limit to what we can do and the Planning Department of already done everything possible also points out we have one tree officer than entire Borough and that one tree officer is has to deal with a number of different aspects in terms of protecting our green space and trees within the bar which includes 18 wards so we do everything possible as I previously said and I completely support and agree with what you're trying to achieve officers are providing I provided the answers in terms of that and unfortunately that isn't possible at this time and keep us event and consequent any by sensibly mentally regarding to your question 18
gate on mute yourself
Councillor Khan
I'm sorry Urbis speak I don't muted because it's done automatically from the centre so I thought I'd like my road maybe okay I'm I know a bit slow I'm not that slow thank you Councillor Bell for your question or reply the question is it's unclear from the policies map whether the green corridor runs on both sides of the railway Coronel from Hither Green to grow Park which ink including the sites we have discussed so does it apply to west and east because we're unsure
I think officers explained this already thank you for your question but I will go back an hour as Greer show myself that that is the case thank you thank you
Councillor Karon last question question 19 Do you have any supplementary question I do
I do a Mr. Speaker
again the officers tell me that they have recorded are correctly recorded the status of the metropolitan open land in question but the fact is is that it was protected network with Network Rail went in and did what they did in the picture behind me are now the ARIP didn't know that so there's no duty to network well to restore it and it won't be considered in future assessments of the site because we're not recognising it anymore and I think what I'm saying is do you not agree that it gives a developer carte blanche to go in rip up a met their match funds overland site and then screw the protections for all the surrounding areas as well because it's it's flawed in its role
thank you Councillor Campbell Councillor Bentley's again thank you again Councillor current I cannot add any more to I have previously said I am offering you a meeting so we can sit down and go through all the aspects of this the answers have been provided and we can move forward and having these conversations but going round in circles the same questions over and over again is not going to get different answers so the offer still stands as have that discussion as part of what we originally agreed in terms of when I sing spreadsheet so we can work through the different issues but the end of the day what you're asking for may not be possible because of the demands on the officer's time so we would do everything possible we're not on different pages here that Councillor Cohen I completely agree with you that of the need to protect these green spaces as I previously to all the questions but no matter how many questions are the the answer storey main the same but as I said and committed as is the council to supporting you in protecting the green spaces as per all the answers but I have given you this evening so let's have that discussion moved forward from the project managed approach that we previously talked about an hence the spreadsheet hence you filling it in but we may not be able to agree on everything but having those conversations will actually work through all of the detail and I'm quite prepared to be in the same room as you with the Planning officers and members of the community to go through in detail what you're asking for and why or whether we can do it or not or why we can't do it let's move forward on that way because otherwise I just keep giving the same answers over and over again to sing questions let's have that meeting is free
that's not possible thank you very much Councillor Van for your answers OK for backers but end up in the item 6 Members question so now we move on to agenda item 7

7 Statement of Council Accounts

I call upon constantly like to move the recommendation in this report posted the right place
thank you Mr. Speaker I'm going to keep this introduction brief because I know that Members will have read the report and that tolerance for splitting speeches by a team says quite limited the narrative statement in the accounts gives a general commentary on the Council's financial position and performance in terms of its policy objectives and notes any significant events that have had an impact on the accounts obviously this narrative has been updated to cover some of the financial and service impacts of COVID-19 and but as we know these impacts are likely to be felt for the foreseeable future and perhaps in yet unforeseeable ways given that Brexit is also looming on or near horizon one of the key impacts of COVID is that these are the first set of accounts that we have prepared remotely and the team has had to transition to delivering a complex technical process from home
government recognise this challenge in its decision to put back the Audit deadline by two months
we're very pleased especially given this backdrop to be able to present an unqualified set of accounts we have made for significant adjustments during the auditing process firstly we have revalued all of our surplus fixed assets and will do this annually moving forwards secondly we have made a 7 million pound provision in the Housing Revenue account to cover a potential liability relating to a case over water charges which went against local authorities in the Court of appeal
we have also made two further covert related adjustments we have sought an additional actuarial valuation of the pension Fund which reported a reduction in value of just over 7 million pounds the accounts have been adjusted to incorporate this reduced valuation we've made a similar reduction in the pension fund assets held by Lewisham homes and a reduction in the valuation of the assets held by the Catford Regeneration Partnership
the auditors found one main area during the auditing process that related to the cut of period for signing invoices to one accounting year or the following accounting year unfortunately this error related to 9 invoices which totalled just over 600 9 thousand pounds this is regrettable in management accounting terms but not considered to be a material total by the auditors compared to the size of the Council's overall budget
the materiality threshold set by our auditors for the accounts is 16 million pounds it's worth making clear that the invoices themselves were accurate and worth a services or goods that the Council had used but they were accrued or marked against the wrong year the issue with cut off testing has been noted by the Audit as in previous years and the team have committed to strengthening their processes around the year enclosure in particular they intend to allow more time to close down the accounts and review payments made in April or May this process is always difficult to manage and relies on accountants being able to go through long list of transactions double checking them with directorates and team members unsurprisingly this process was made significantly more challenging this year by remote working there were also recommendations from the Auditors around fixed asset valuations and are use use of IT systems that officers will address with the auditors during the lessons learned process
I also know that the Audit Panel are intending to follow and scrutinise the continuing issues around IT controls we have now reached closure of prior years objections by the external auditors that related to PFI and LOBO issues with no further action required this means that all audit certificates back to 20 16 20 17 can now be issued with these accounts
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Chair of the Audit Committee and Audit Committee members for their diligence and hard work during the year and also the chair and members of the Pensions investment Committee I know that the Chair of the Audit Committee committee wishes to thank officers on behalf of his Committee but I will close by saying that this year has been extraordinary for many reasons that the willingness of council staff to move so swiftly and efficiently into working from home HMO does one of them
I am very grateful that teams who are used to going through through things face to face picked up their laptops and left the building but found ways to keep working together to get things done it was trial and some errors but this report is a testament to their perseverance and determination and I thank them for it finally it's worth noting that one of the most obvious cuts announced in today's spending review has as a Dominican said earlier is that is a pay freeze to public sector workers pay excluding NHS workers these are the key frontline workers who have risen to the challenge of the pandemic and delivered care and services on the ground in extremely challenging circumstances this news were for him to blurt at the precise moment that those workers are in the middle of delivering a response to the second wave the public sector pay the price of the last economic recession and it's now clear that asperity is set to continue
I ask Members to note the Audit report and I move the recommendations detailed in section 2 thank you thank you very much Councillor I call upon Costa Rathbone to second that conditions
Councillor Atha
thank you Mr. Speaker preparing the Council's accounts and complete me on tunnel audit is an arduous task of so many other things this year the coronavirus pandemic has only this work more difficult I'd like to pay tribute to the officers who have worked hard to ensure that our cancer completed in a timely manner whilst also ensuring a high standard of accuracy we expect in particular I would like to give fats but I ctor financial services so in Thomson
the Head of core accounting Paul Howden to the Council's Principal Accountant Terence magic and director of corporate services David Austin
I would also like to give thanks to Paul O'Grady Paul Jacqueline and the rest of the team from Grant fortune and carried out the external Audit
members will be aware of the financial troubles experienced by the London boroughs of Croydon and Bexley
Croydon has become the second local authority in 20 years to issue a section 1 1 4 notice effectively declaring bankruptcy or spectrally are seeking a bailout from central government
over the coming months and for the next financial year we can expect to see more local authorities in similar situations
this is the inevitable outcome and a decade of Tory austerity imposed on local government a decade which is solution Council's budget cut by 100 90 million pounds and has led to 500 pounds less being spent for every person in Lewisham his callous government is determined drive local government into bankruptcy for political reasons about care or concern the people they hurt and the lives which will be lost I am plan but I can report that there is no imminent risk of Lewisham council being amongst those forties driven to bankruptcy is due to the prudent financial management of Lewisham council's Labour administration
despite the refusal of the government to properly fund our sponsor pandemic over 20 million pounds unfunded and another 40 million pounds of cuts to be imposed on this Council for audit findings make clear that Lewisham council has proper arrangements for securing economy efficiency and effectiveness in the use of resources and that there is no material uncertainty about our ability to continue as a going concern
this is the case because we have not shied away from making hard painful decisions
when budget cuts have been imposed on us we have responded accordingly and we will continue to do so we have not engaged in high risk borrowing to speculate in the property market or used a power reserves to subsidise day-to-day spending
nevertheless for audit findings highlight areas of concern which we must take note of Grant Thornton identified seven key issues and risks to of which I wish to specifically draw to the attention of Members firstly the audit identified significant risks relating to IT members will be aware but ICT weaknesses an ongoing issue for Lewisham council highlighted on the strategic risk register a detailed list of recommendations has been provided to the Council as past when IT General controls report the Audit Panel will be investigating this subject and examining the Risk Management Strategy the Council's ICT infrastructure and cyber security early next year secondly the audit identified that a third of agreed cuts and savings for 2 thousand 19 20 were not delivered the continued financial viability of Lewisham council depends on our ability to identify and make achievable savings in line with the cuts to our Budget imposed by the Conservative government of particular concern is that the children Young People's Directorate was only able to implement 1 point 6 percent are there agreed savings and for the third year in a row was responsible for a very significant proportion of the Council's overspent
what progress is being made and the Annual overspending CYP is decreasing Members must direct greater scrutiny to budget performer service director on you Executive Director for children through profi promptly signs of improved financial management as essential that members provide support for his work Mr. Speaker the Statement of accounts and external Audit report have been examined in detail by the Audit Panel and have received the unanimous approval of its members as such I may well to endorse him on behalf of the Panel and accordingly second the motion brought by Councillor Rick fact you Mr. Speaker thank you very much that I understand Mr. Carl has a question regard to this recommendation consequent please
thank you Speaker and haggled indulge me for one second EMAS Vice-Chair public accounts as are to say some from the Chancellor's statement today and freezing public sector pay has been called a kick in the teeth by Labor from benches and they're absolutely right shopworkers drivers refuse collectors and others I just like to add a personal note the my father was a my old man was a dustman in Lewisham solution Usman and I know that he will agree with this and his colleagues but turning to these accounts and the Chair of the Audit Panel agree with everything he says apart from of his a slight difference and that is that these accounts are slightly different from the draft accounts that the Audit Panel saw the differences will include where the 7 point 0 6 2 million adjustments following the Court of Appeal's her decision against Kingston council for overcharging tenants for their water supplies air the downward air adjustment to the group accounts 0 for Lewisham homes and the Catford Regeneration Partnership that was to do with revaluations but also on page 85 of our papers and 76 on the accounts yourself under Section C exit packages agreed then there has been an increase and from 1 A for packages to 1 1 9 as that's people and that equates to an increase from 1 point 5 1 6 million pounds to 2 point 2 3 3 million pounds which also represents an increase on last year's exit packages which require substantial if we all remember so my question is will the Cabinet Member and the Chair of the Audit Panel and ensure that a report is made to the next Audit Panel so that we can examine these any changes since her we met last thank you thank you most of the heart Gossard the like-for-like respond
yes please but I think he should at care workers onto your list of of frontline workers Councillor Hall and because they are also not receiving ivory money and other so very much on the front line of COVID yes I'm very happy to to sanction put forward endorse a report coming to the Audit Panel in terms of the exit packages it's obviously when people have have
done many years of service at the council and leave then it is appropriate that that we pay them according me but I agree with you would be good to investigate the increase thank you very much faster like now I've asked members are of recommendation agreed
agreed agreed agreed during
weight agreed
any abstentions against the grey

8 Motions

second thank you I declare that the recommendation had been agreed now we move on to agenda item 8 which is motions we have a 3 motion this evening may I remind to our members that there are five minutes to move the motion and all other speakers speaker have a three minutes to speak
so motion one is decolonising the curriculum so I call upon concert power to move this motion Councillor Paul please thank you Mr. Speaker
I start by waiting out the motion please
the Macpherson report into the murder of Lucian resident Stephen Lawrence published in 19 99 OK that consideration be given to amendments of the national curriculum
aimed at valuing community cultural diversity and preventing racism in order to better reflect the needs of a diverse society this Council notes since the publication of the report the government has been Reddit has made relatively little progress in building a curriculum that helps prevent racism in recent years
history in the national curriculum has if anything be narrowed conversely significant progress has been made in Lewisham will because to decolonising the curriculum and adequately representing black history as a standardised part of history teaching in our school
this Council resolves to write to the secretary of State for Education
to urgently review as a matter of priority the comment curriculum ensuring black and ethnic minority history is taught across the themes of the history curriculum teaching about black civil rights history and reflecting the contribution of black people across the ages locally in the UK or more widely
I'd like to say this is a very real benefit to teach in bracket ethnic minority history not just for ethnic minority children but for white children to it is important to learn about the achievements of people from an ethnic minority background
as it is important for children to have people they can identify with look up to and be proud of of fish Wytch students to learn and understand the world outside and that race negative mindset
black and ethnic children sometimes have a lack of belonging which is reinforced in school many black and ethnic people have a story about where they felt they didn't belong for me it was learning about the Tudors as one of a few black children in my class in primary school and teach us said as we sat on the carpet this is our history and looked at me and said not yours
I don't think she meant to be malicious but it showed me that I really felt like I didn't belong
I am sure most black and ethnic minority people can identify with this experience and have had similar stories
a recent study showed that nearly 90 per cent of respondents remembered being taught about the Tudors however the less than 8 percent be called being taught anything concerning the British colonisation of Africa
there are countless examples of great achievements that can be discussed for a history which are not taught or even given any credence but what would be the impact on black and ethnic minority minds if this was taught in schools
a sense of belonging pride or even identity and understanding the in the world we can be bigger and braver this is why I believe Black history should be positive Kraken to help black and ethnic minority children feel that they belong and I accepted and are not considered as others
thank you very much Councillor Kaur
I call on Councillor Parnham to second the motion please
thanks very much bigger I'll be very brief someone once said that education is not filling a bucket its lighting a fire unfortunately as Councillor Powell noted since 20 Town central government has shifted the balance of the national curriculum and towards a narrow focus on the dates and facts and filling a bucket and that wouldn't be so bad if the government are schools to put the right facts in the bucket but as Councillor Powell said and noted the national curriculum and exam board specifications their coverage of black British history very limited and that does all of our children not just black children but the service is also a huge missed opportunity if you're growing up in a diverse world city like London
there's better news at local level because Lewisham Learning our school-led Improvement Partnership is working with schools to improve their curriculum so that black and minority ethnic history is taught across the themes of the history curriculum reflecting the contribution of black people across the ages in the UK more widely but this is an issue central government needs to take on board and that's why I'm very happy to second the motion Mr. Speaker thank you very much passerby them I understand that to construct vistas wish to speak on this motion firstly I call upon Councillor Eddy friendly to speak
Councillor Edie plenty are you did
thank you Mr. Speaker
the natural order of things the construction of this type of motion shall be unnecessary at this stage in the history of this great country of ours the demands of the motion should be a live experience of everyone who goes through the education system I remember
about 40 years ago when I was involved in the national campaign for the inclusion of African and Caribbean authors in what was then called Gizzi English Lit
it back last month and movement
have woken up people from their slumber to bring to life the linkage between slavery and the industrial revolution which put the great into Great Britain press more than that
both before and since the Triangle trade and industrial revolution the Roman concur
brought breakthroughs to this shows that is a bounden Enodis pitch
from Africa
I thought first is going going back to many centuries Bethpage is of influences still remained
we have contemporary accounts of slavery and the abolition is course from equine o Santo and co go Ando into walls black and brown people what of weaken was which brought them little benefit
and died in their thousands in for away Lance Garforth unknown to this day to their families critical race theory prepare since that raises him is if evasive condition based on misplaced assumptions rather than just nastiness and that white supremacy is more than Americans in silly hats if that is so the only way to eradicate those assumptions is through education but demonstrating our urgent heritage and promoting fair and Truffaut betrayer of the role of all races in our shared history
teaching history which equally includes all its participants will inevitably equally benefit all its participants thank you Mr. Speaker I sent to support this motion and very much ready for any now I call on Councillor Carrick to speak on this motion please
thank you a Cheann I'm enemies Councillor care like and owner Dickens's neatly what I'm thank you for and giving me the opportunity to speak this evening I'm really happy to have a guess of particular topic decolonising the curriculum in the school as a former teacher
being in managing different schools Amina sin a lot harder kiss cry and visited a lot of school in this country
so why decolonising the curriculum we have was achieved a lot in the not us in our borough
what's economically helping the kids not to be a lot excluded but
the them or the white should read by introducing this owl multicultural inventors history I'm sure that is going to help us a lot but socially economically three going to creep Ohno so visiting other countries in Africa or correct beyond or not just Europe because I remember one of my boys so I I was in school he used to come back from treatment she moved well it everything always advisable to irreplaceable turmeric what is really going to Africa so he friendly to really ridiculous so he say what I'm not going to travel to other split his any man feet so by having to put all these histories King introducing what we do in culture indifferent different areas betting greater even the one Keith also to Len about for cordial and no gifted and how we do in our own way and also taking them on a drip now not assure them where we come from we have also had some bad and more difficult so by shedding more I think about in greater head posts due to buy the Wu's what they blacked civil if personally have suffered from savoury and how our money in be taken away from us are naturally softly taken away from us will be telling them what the review was on a four back yet
because we want to be here we are all men been Weobley descend rip block house we need to affect us a fair for to erect a fence what we do and we have to respect you to thank you I'm supporting this motion because it very important that will help us to avoid what is happening the killing of the Youth tell you if you introduced this in this school audits boys who are boarding this school they will be barred any more than we like to go to school because they feel Deanna whipped and also get making sure we have a lot of BAME teachers lip of been hectic out and governors that is also very important and I would let all of you to vote for this and also make sure with money tight not voting on and put it aside neutral Mitchell or this Calatrava thank you very much thank you very much for your valuable contribution and anyone as wished to speak on this motion
now I go to the Member that motion at Leeds
the Mr. Speaker and a great thank you are there any abstention and votes against
no thank you I declare that the motion has been carried
the second motion is another important motion that the council has received in respect of classifying misogyny as a hate crime
I call upon Councillor wise to move this motion place comes to Weiss thank you Mr. Speaker of colleagues as today is designated white ribbon day so it is timely that we as a Council confirmed her support against violence in all forms against women and girls the classification of misogyny as a hate crime is in my view a long time coming perhaps because it's an issue we find difficult to comprehend and to accept however the motion set out in the agenda legs reasons clear for doing so misogyny has the hatred of women or prejudice against women or a culture that promotes violence against women is very different from your everyday chauvinism or sexism some in a works on misogyny have been around for many years Mary Astle a 17th century female philosopher was the first to call it out asking if all men are born free
how is it that all women are born slaves even a great look wrote of the natural inferiority of women and a natural superiority of man when we arrive at the 19 70s the feminist Andrea at all kin describes anti-feminism as the direct expression of misogyny an offence of women hating my growing up in London's East End when the coach of the time was heavy
On being patronised or experienced sexism if you were a girl or woman never including misogyny only many metaphorical pats on the head for men
Mr. chosen health service career equal pay and equal opportunity well established by the 19 70 equal Pay Act and this reinforced my belief in equality of the sexes
when I did encounter misogyny for the first time is recently in my political life and the realisation of what it was came as a shock not only that I had become a target but the target not of a man but of a woman I found out that as a target of misogyny Omnis alone and this has prompted me to further support Stella Creasy's let me SODG any history campaign I am doing this because many women have left a career in politics that they love because of what has been described as a hostile environment due to misogyny
a number of women of all parties stood down at the 20 19 election due to abuse and harassment and being demeaned and threatened as a matter of course
typical examples include aggressive e-mails attacks on social media and in one case and actual plot of murder
and in another threats to themselves and their family members for which six individuals were convicted
as politics for some has become increasingly personalised an abusive misogyny appears to be more acceptable in the political world this has led women's organisations expressing alarm at the number of female MPs who stood down citing the abuse they face in public office rather than staying on as long as expected as their male counterparts
this may well get through the Local government level and that something or shall follow up Mr. Speaker
without even during the dreadful suffering of the many women who have experienced the more extreme misogynistic acts including death I asked why should a woman's freedom of movement be restricted
why should a woman's choice of career be curtailed by misogyny as someone who continues to believe strongly in the equality of the sexes as a democracy we need equal numbers of capable men and women to be elected to both national and local government and for them to remain safe there for misogyny as they represent their constituents
it's quite clear there's misogyny comes in many forms
classifying it as a hate crime will ensure that is taken more seriously when reported and recorded as such and proud to move this motion and I ask that you support it thank you
thank you very much Councillor revised shooting your past and experience with us
now I call upon Councillor Davis to second this motion please
thank you Mr. Speaker and thank you to Councillor wise for her speech which put the issue very well I'm proud to second this motion on this the International Day for the elimination of violence against women last year a friend of mine as Mina was walking down the street after a night out when a man walked up to her and past her in the crotch when she confronted him asking him why he'd done it he shouted abuse at her and just replied that she was attractive and well he was drunk while her experiences shocking sadly it's not that uncommon at some point most of us when we'll have experienced some kind of gender based violence harassment or abuse
these experiences have a huge impact on women's freedom of movement mental health and general wellbeing over 60 percent of women who responded to University of Nottingham study said that had changed their behaviour as a result of experiencing abusive behaviour by men every day misogyny and our society's tolerance of it also creates the conditions for the disproportionate violence women and girls face in the UK alone one in five women will experience sexual assault in their lifetime and one in four with experienced domestic abuse as well as the home and public places women increasingly face abuse online and intersectional nature of discriminations means the LGBT plus women and women of colour or even more likely to be targeted yet under the law women are protected from abuse on the basis of their gender in the workplace but not on the street or in their homes and while we have hate crime legislation to protect other groups this doesn't apply to women the campaign to make misogyny hate crime has been spearheaded through the work of groups like citizens UK Hope not Hate Southall Black Sisters Tell Mama UK the Fawcett Society and the Labour MP Stella Creasy their hard work Leighton lead Nottingham Tripoli's to become the first in the UK to record misogyny as a hate crime analysis showed that the vast majority of people interviewed wanted the scheme to continue and several other police force have since followed suit classifying misogyny as a hate crime wouldn't not criminalise acts that aren't already illegal so no Piers Morgan wealth with we'll fizzling will not become evil nor would it make it illegal to hold misogynistic beliefs what it would do is allow the courts to recognise the crimes could be motivated by a hatred of women and impose harsher sentences accordingly it would also influence how police forces approach these crimes encouraging victims to come forward and ensuring that we have better data in the future
more widely it would send a strong signal that we as a society will no longer tolerate this kind of behaviour thinking
thank you very much considers anyone else wish to speak to this item
I move to the Members now is that motion agreed agree it's really
the group value
the green any abstention or vote against
thank you I declared that the motion has been carried
the polo shirt motion is in respect of national safeguarding others week I call upon Councillor best to move this motion place slow best thank you very much Mr. Speaker how some of you are aware that those week was National Safeguarding adults week now this is an event organised each year by the Ancroft Trust and National Safeguarding charity which supports organisations to safeguard adults and young people at risk
the aim of the week is to raise awareness about the importance of adult safeguarding and highlight key themes this is focus included St themes such as safeguarding adults in sport
dressing organisational abuse an understanding safeguarding legislation one of the key principles of the whole of adult safeguarding the idea that everyone has to be treated with respect and dignity in order to ensure that is the case I believe we all have a responsibility to help raise awareness about safeguarding issues and ensure that appropriate protections are in place to ensure that those with additional support needs are not subject to abuse or neglect here in Lewisham we have a well respected independent chair who leads our Safeguarding adults Board
Michael Preston shoot is exceptional particularly on the Safeguarding Adult reviews in bringing in many agencies together to determine what we could have done differently and what may have prevented harm or death from taking place
I am very proud to work alongside colleagues from the Council our local NHS the Metropolitan police and an ambulance Lewisham homes and many others as part of that Lewisham Safeguarding adults Board we continue to work together to ensure we are pro active in our approach to safeguarding ensuring that our practice is person centred outcome focused as well as addressing instances where issues arise and we want to make sure that appropriate lessons are learned it is this sort of work that we want to draw attention to we need to draw attention to raising awareness of the importance of adult safeguarding is really important on a national scale
so tonight's motion looks to establish national Safeguarding adults week as an event officially recognised by the Council in future years I would like to see us taking a leading role in promoting the weak in the community in partnership with the Lewisham Safeguarding adults Board
in previous years organisations participating have helped promote it through social media blogs community events but I really want to make sure we play our part as a Council in supporting this initiative moving forward
so this motion would commit us to working with the Ancroft Trust and other local authorities to help increase participation in the week I know the Ancroft Trust are very keen to get more councils involved and I really think here is a fantastic opportunity for Lewisham to show leadership in this area and what with other local authorities to get them involved
finally this motion puts pressure on the department of the health and social care to officially recognise National Safeguarding adults week currently the de HSC does very little to promote the week which I think is incredibly disappointing given how important these issues are I would really like to see us working with the an Craft Trust to lobby the DHS see to do more on this issue and help raise the profile on a national scale so you can see National Safeguarding adults week is an initiative that I believe is absolutely vital for raising awareness around safeguarding issues and an event that I believe we should be supporting here in Lewisham by passing this motion tonight we can show that Lewisham is leading the way on adult safeguarding by supporting this initiative and campaigning with adult craft with the Ancroft Trust for national recognition thank you
thank you very much Lord Mayor
I call upon Councillor Mulherin to second the motion please
Trump Mr. Speaker I formally second thank you very much concern I do anyone wish to speak to this item
OK he's that motion agreed a grade range
overwhelmingly agreed a great are there any abstention are votes against
no thank you I declared a move that the motion has been carried
and killed

9 Revised Statement of Licensing Policy

agenda Item 9 is the review of licensing policy I call upon Councillor takers to move the recommendation as set out in the report
thank you Mr. Speaker
I would like to introduce the revised Statement of Licensing Policy for Quincy 20 to 20 25 the policy has to be reviewed at least every five years and this was last reviewed in 20 15 the revision to the policy are particularly important this year as businesses have adapted to new and changing restrictions and be fearful endeavoured to make it as clear as possible
you will find that the revision to the Statement of Licensing Policy provides a clear set of defined policies that we as the Licensing Authority will continue to make Mat use when we make decisions around licensing applications for alcohol and entertainment premises it also outlines the expectations we have of applicants for licences and existing premises licence holders in promoting the licensing objectives these objectives are the prevention of crime and disorder prevention of public nuisance protection of children from harm and promoting public safety
the policy also makes links to related national and local strategies including the women's safety charter
modern-day slavery and human trafficking and public health
the Policy is drafted to reflect the way in which the Licensing Service currently works it's proactive in scrutinising applications and putting measures in place to mitigate possible problems through conditions objecting where they have concerns and taken effective enforcement action
the changes to the pricing policy has considered feedback given during the public consultation with residents Councillors Councillor members the police Lucian public health and amenity societies including the Blackheath Society and the Deptford society and I would like to thank them for that their engagement and their feedback
one of the key changes it changes is in the removal of the cumulative impact Zone in New Cross and Blackheath
it should be noted that the cumulative impact Policy now has to be reviewed every three years and that recent evidence assessed by officers does not suggest a need to retain these that being said we believe that we have robust and prop proactive and preventative approach which we now work by that enables us to work with licensees and with this more clearer policy allows all Seiken licences spare able to see what OK spectators are so that we can be helpful yet strong and work so that appropriate conditions can be put in place additionally where problem purposes are identified officers can take effective enforcement action working in partnership with the police please note that this is a living document and can bring them we can bring in cumulative impact assessments if needed at any time but what's also important about this policy is that it supports businesses as it aims to assist applicants and licensees to ensure that say of run-in responsible businesses to protect their licences and be successful it will also help to ensure license premises played a key part in happier healthier local community
and and an economy operating and responsible and safe way that benefits all our residents I therefore ask you all to support this revised Statement of Licensing Policy before you and some wreck the committed in section 2
thank you very much Councillor decorative
now I call upon Councillor STEM risky to second the recommendations please thank huge speaker at formally second it thank you very much
are these recommendations agreed
a good
you read
any abstentions or votes against no thank you I declare that the recommendations have been agreed
agenda Item 10 relates to the approval of the draft Local Plan

10 Approval of the draft Local Plan for public consultation

I call upon Councillor Bell to move the recommendations place
thank you Mr. Speaker so at the purpose of this report is to provide Council with information needed to consider the key outcome sought by the new notion Local Plan the Local Plan sets out the long-term development strategy for the Borough and is one of the Council's most significant documents makes provision for new housing priorities at prioritising generally affordable housing employment and other development needs including the necessary infrastructure support good growth
defined in the London Plan near underpins growth for the socially and economically inclusive
and environmentally sustainable the Local Plan has a key role the spatial aspects of the Council's corporate strategy is focused on tackling the causes of deprivation and impacts of inequalities as well as responding to the climate emergency it seeks to address the opportunities and charging fed challenges facing the Borough is communities and people including those provided by COVID-19 despite the current concerted circumstances brought on by the covert public Health pandemic it will be vital to plan actively towards recovery particularly for the local economy in the local plan will play an instrumental role in this respect I bring Council's attention to the fact that the last meeting whether meeting of February 20 20 the plan was considered by the Sustainable Development Select Committee and the Committee congratulated officers on their engagement
they officers have also been six times to this Burstow would help Committee
and also that being five or member workshops held on this Local Plan so I'd like to thank all those cancers who've engaged positively in helping where the local plan to where we are at the moment so Members should also note the contents of the consultation Statement in Appendix 6 documenting the main issues raised by the public in the initial regulations to stage consultation and officer responses to them the contents of the consultation strategy in Appendix 7 The contents of the Local Plan summary documents which will be used to aid the consultation in Appendix 8 the changes the draft Local plans as Moeen cavern approval out I'm going section 7 the financial and legal implications set out in this report therefore I move the recommendations as set out in section 2 of the report for the draft local plan to go out for wider public consultation thank you Mr. Speaker
your mute Mr. Speaker again
OK thank you yes I now call upon constant McGeever to second the recommendations plea
thank you Mr. Speaker formally seconded and Gary McAllister McKie were I understand that Councillor Parker like to make some comments on this recommendation construct clerk please
yes thank you Deputy Speaker I and thank you for letting me speak the I just wanted to say I want to thank the officers because I imagine that very few people are aware of how much work goes into a Local Plan and how long it takes and also how important it actually is a document it is all about enhancing our built environment and protecting our highly valued green space as well as our Development and future economy in the area and the consultation will give residents the opportunity to scrutinise the Local Plan and through that they can hold our executive to account making sure that the Council makes good on promises to improve the borough not just for current residents but for future residents to come and this is especially important in light of our climate emergency declaration I wanted just to point out that this is this consultation is particularly important in light of the current government attack on democracy in the planning White paper in which it signalled its intention to restrict local democracy in planning and this is what the consultations about it's about asking people to use their local knowledge and use their right to input and help us develop a good plan so I would urge the Council to advertise it effectively vary widely so residents can use their knowledge and experience of their local areas to help inform and shape the local plan and finally a personal element the trees and green spaces are an essential part of our fight against air pollution and climate change and we've had already tonight in Grove Park developers are circling they're threatening our green stairs and and possibly aiming to cut down our trees and well it's already started so I think residents across the whole of Lewisham will be looking to this document and its evidence base to fully protect are essential green spaces and if the Council cannot fully protect them through documents such as this then our climate emergency declaration will be toothless and work amount to nothing so I'd like to say congratulations overall two counts it to the officers for this taking this so far and consultation and I urge that we spread the word widely to get the best result from it thank you very much and you must develop do you have any comment yes I just like to like Councillor Clark for her passion her determination her fight for o that a world a climate of which we can breathe in a posh Bro Park none of them religious national park and everything she's contribution said tonight she is an advocate for the world for the lurching want to live in but also thank you to officers as well for all the work they put into this because as Councillor Carter said this is a huge huge piece of work and our officers have done absolutely everything possible to safeguard our future and as cod as Kaká said we every generation passes on what they have achieved to the next generation and we have a duty to the next generation and to our young people to provide an environment fit to breathe it to live in and also at to enjoy so thank you very much Councillor Carter's comments and thank you Mr. Speaker
thank you Councillor Vale now I've got to them members of recommendation Egley A-grade greatly aid Grade 3
thank you very much are there any abstentions are votes against no thank you I declare that the recommendation had been agreed
that brings us to nearly the end of our meeting tonight
firstly I would like to thank everyone who joined us
this is our last meeting after 20 20 which has been a year like no others I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Council staff who have been working tirelessly to sport Lucian's emergency over response and keep critical services running as well as my fellow Councillors who have continued to support our residence let's hope
20 21 bring us some much-needed hope and all those joys which we have missed this year
lastly for those of you celebrating I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year thank to you are and enjoy the rest of the evening nice psyches