Licensing Committee - Wednesday, 2nd December 2020 at 7:30pm - Lewisham Council Webcasting

Licensing Committee
Wednesday, 2nd December 2020 at 7:30pm 









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2 Declarations of Interest
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3 Palace Amusements, 70 Deptford High Street, SE8 4RT
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my name is Councillor customer asking and the Chair of this Committee
I'm just going to read out the Chair's guidance that the guidance for the made me think that it's a remote meeting in it and three meetings to be held so I'm just gonna ask everyone if they could please switch them the microphones to mute police and only turn them on when you need to speak and and that's so that we don't disturb any background noise
before the business starts I'd like to make clear that the procedure for the evening this is a formal virtual public meeting the purpose of which is to make the decision on application having considered all the evidence presented before us including written reports verbal representation questions asked please could ask people not talk over one another and to treat each other with courtesy and respect at all times as Chair I would invite you to speak
interruptions may result in you being disconnected from this meeting at Licensing Committee members of the public have been known to speak with candour and passion and please remember that this is a public meeting it has been screened live by the Council's website and recorded for future reference please don't do not disclose publicly something that it should not be said or could be regretted later
the applicant will be invited to speak in members will then be invited to ask questions and objectors also be speaking at the low lad speak at the same time and ask questions 5 there'll be five minutes for each presentation if a member of the Committee wishes to ask a question could ask them to indicate this in The Chap panel please thank you very much rather than your using the race hand functions apart really I'm not sure in which order those come in so Members are reminded they must remain on camera at all times therefore if a member of the Committee loses internet connection or power at all they require a comfort break can they please inform the Chair of the Committee immediately so that we can adjourn the meeting and took the connection has been restored members of the public are reminded that chat for panel it's not the public use any messages left on the chap are members of the public will be disregarded by the Committee members
where members have heard all the evidence the meeting will close and deliberation we will be made elsewhere that decision will be sent or pass his via e-mail within five working days of this meeting so the a lot the guidance I just read out isn't really applicable to what we can to hear the ceiling as that there's pay less has been taken off the agenda
from a my understanding there are no apologies for this meeting
and I am now going to read out the members of the Committee who are present
could Councillor Campbell Elliott
Paul body enko Howard Carl EU how unwise it in your name and your hair she let me know as Councillor is Councillor Campbell here your proposal and Hood Yankos and apologies OK sorry but there's not oversight was not my guidance Claire so as an ask you up and I was trying to I was trying to read my guidance that having to having to or refer to you

1 Minutes

2 Declarations of Interest

so I'm not going to read out the letter the names of the officers who are present this jacket Morton who is a lawyer and then we have Lisa Hooper whose the Crime Enforcement regulation manager so an before we start coming just agree the minutes of the meeting held on the 3rd of November 20 20 that was police Amusements 70 Deptford High Street which were returning to tonight as a correct record agreed Chair agreed thank you very much and it's does anybody have any declarations of interest in this item as her it's Palace amusements has come back to us for look at the look by the lawyer
no one has any no one has any that's great thank you very much so Lisa Hooper I believe you're going to present on this as correct
yes Chair thank you highly so good evening I hello ran

3 Palace Amusements, 70 Deptford High Street, SE8 4RT

right so this hearing relates to Palace amusements of 70 Deptford High Street as the 8 for RT at a hearing of the Licensing Committee on the 3rd of November as cherished as mentioned at members made the decision to grant a licence for an adult gaming centre under the Gambling Act 2 thousand and 5 for Palace amusements between the hours of 12 noon and 11 pm subject to a door supervisor being employed for the duration of those opening hours as well as 31 conditions put forward by the applicant being added to the licence
on their 16th November the applicant sought an appeal against a decision following negotiation between the Council legal Services instructed by the Licensing Team a compromise was agreed negotiations took into account the representations of objectors made on the evening of the 2nd of November and the considerations upon which the Committee made their original decision
the compromise agreed was to grant the licence with amended opening hours from 12 noon to 11 pm 2 now 9 am to 11 pm with the same conditions in place as previously outlined this agreement resulted in the withdrawal of the applicant's appeal and negates the need for a court hearing therefore it is recommended that Members note that these changes this evening and agree the amended opening hours for the premises which will now be 9 am to 11 pm
so that's where we're at with that case OK so I'm just a to clarify in essences then agreed with Palestinians we did relies on your making the decision on putting EMAS that we were kind of that we we will try to
amended conditions that say or add conditions to licence we didn't think it where would we thought we'd we give it a try an clearly the
a person's movements of would come back to negotiate so
sorry that I was I'm just thinking we need to make a decision on this you need to go into which to a breakout room is that correct we talked we can't make this in the meeting as it has that right cannot Jake an eye he just and clarify that for me that that is correct OK then alright so there's anybody want to ask the Leader any questions about this
no no OK
sorry for your missing you're doing something they did you want to ask a question he can you put your microphone on and place three at could add your staff please so what was the argument for the extension of the hours
so I believe that they are the initial concern was that they can trade under those hours it was going to be unviable for them but also that they had put forward significant amount of conditions within the 31 that they'd put forward that would address the concerns that the Committee had mainly around as a child or young people accessing the premises they were happy obviously to have the door supervisor in place during hours or that either the premises open all times they that covered a lot of the concerns that had been raised through those extra conditions so they felt it was reasonable to have it much more exposed accessible opening hours to customers than just the midday to 11 pm that was originally granted
alright so we got to know this is the only item we have on the agenda for the sailing so this is actually and before I should close the media can see that Julia Campbell Councillor Campbell's now joined us I can see that hurt Juliet you're not on the screen
Junior you here
but as a Councillor Jack I've got a thing saying Juliet Campbell and and as John the meter meeting and God knows that that was yesterday sorry
I'm such an away goal meeting chat from yesterday up on my screen I I really do apologise I apologise for that makes me look very unprofessional so I'm now going to end this Licensing Committee that enclose the Committee and we're going to go into our breakout rooms and what into into they the breakout room and I will see their shortly K about everything correctly and Claire because I feel as though I'm also very quick
if there are no more questions OK
thank you very much just just checking