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Mayor and Cabinet
Wednesday, 9th December 2020 at 6:00pm 









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1 Declaration of Interests
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2 Minutes
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3 Matters Raised by Scrutiny and other Constitutional Bodies
5 Early Help and Prevention Strategy and Commissioning Intentions
6 Local Development Scheme Update
8 Extension of Refuse Recycling Agreement' with South East London Combined Heat & Power Ltd (SELCHP)
9 Somerville Estate Redevelopment
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welcoming everyone welcoming my Cabinet colleagues officers councillors or members of the public who are watching this evening on line before we begin I need to point out that where a Cabinet portfolio operates on a job-share basis both jobs showers can attend today's meeting can contribute to debates but only one will take part in votes and as this meeting has been held virtually the clock will call the vote rather than lobby a show of hands I also need to revise everyone that this meeting is being webcast live and shall be available on the Council website tomorrow and before we move on would be agenda adjust would like to say as I've said that previous mayor and cabinet meetings again thank you on behalf not just of myself on behalf of the Council
to everybody who has been involved with our response to to covert its importance remember that the pandemic is still ongoing
yet this week we had a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel with the roll out the beginning of the roll out of a covert faxing this is a first step and what we know will be a very long road to recovery but its' a historical moment in our fight against the pandemic not everyone to continue to follow the latest government guidance to keep themselves and our community safe

1 Declaration of Interests

came in a move on to Item 1 which is declarations of interests can I ask if any Cabinet Member jobshare Cabinet Member has a declaration of interest to make I Davison
about thank you I have a disclosable pecuniary interest is related to work in item 5 and I will need to withdraw an come back after the item has concluded thank you

2 Minutes

thank you very much OK and I'm don't let any other any other declarations of interest OK item 2 is the minutes I move that the minutes of the Mary Cabinet meeting which took place on the 11th of November be agreed as a correct record is that agreed greed agreed you it great

3 Matters Raised by Scrutiny and other Constitutional Bodies

ITEM 3 matters raised by scrutiny including responses to previous referral so item 3 as matters raised by scrutiny and responses in their previous referrals we've received a referral from the overview and scrutiny committee with request further information arising from my meeting of the Committee on the 10th of the lender are we agreed to ask the relevant Executive Director to prepare a response for marrying Cabinet's consideration
great weight
in Kew and we have also received the usual budget referral from pack of public accounts Committee and we have a request to speak from Councillor card as the Chair of the public accounts Committee Councillor card
thank you very much man as you say I'm here this evening representing all Street and Charles we have six overview and scrutiny as select committees to present the referral that my Committee and they have made on the first round of proposed budget cuts
at the public accounts Committee and many Villa committees also noted this they recognise the challenging financial situation facing the Council and we are aware of the difficult task facing offices in identifying and delivering cuts you will see in the referral at the Select Committees are the tip visit sort of theme running through the Select Committees is that they are concerned about the impact on service users and council staff as well as the potential overall impact on the delivery of Council services more generally and in particular we want to ensure that consideration is given to the equality impact assessments of the cuts proposals
another theme running through the the referrals is the need to engage the public in understanding and being a world of lot what cuts about to happen and and why and I just wanted to draw out a couple of things from a couple of the Committee's in those so the themed areas children and young people went into some detail you'll see on on the impacts
including recommending more detail is specifically considered for those people with multiple and complex needs
who could be affected by the some of the cuts and and healthy communities provided suggestions in their referral about how the impacts how more detail on impact could be achieved achieved in in the next round of cuts proposals that we know are coming in January
apart from those CIL to thematic things running through the referrals will are just draw a couple of things from two of the Committee's Sustainable Development Committee provided suggestions as how to implement some specific cuts effectively and how apps the public could be more actively brought in and to assist the Council by in such areas as perhaps a campaign on keeping Lucian Tiley type approach which would emphasise the whole communities responsibility to play a part in that
healthy communities were also particularly concerned about the proposed outsourcing of a number of services and sought assurances that we have the capacity to manage these effectively once they've been outsourced and also sought more information on the market that we that will be going into to understand the quality of the services available and therefore feel hopefully feel more confidence in supporting the changes that are proposed
it public accounts Committee
this will certainly sorry
we public accounts were to be wanted to stress the importance of engagement with service users as well as communication allusions restaurants and communities about the cuts
we believe that a review of adult social care services could be should be carried out with a specific focus on demand management and benchmarking with other local authorities and it's fair to say now that that have that today senior officers in the Council have I believe just published their first response to all of the Committee's referrals to yourselves and I was pleased to see the the Chief Executive and confirming that that that that that would be done so that was but that was very welcome news thank you for that
I know it hasn't gone through bearing cabinet yet but said that that was Sir that was what we saw today I just want to say I have Pychard indulge me that that we know we all know where the blame for these cut sets it sits squarely with the government Lewisham has always managed our budgets well and but systematic underfunding by the government of the last 10 years
has left us with no choice but to make substantial cuts this year are coming neck our next year and the and infuse the next two years and this is on top of the 500 pounds per person in the Borough so for every person in the Borough we have cut 5 pound from our budgets over the last 10 years
at least the Cameron Clegg and may governments admitted they were implementing austerity true to form Boris Johnson's government claims austerity is over while presiding over huge cuts in public expenditure in local authorities such as Lewisham
and this is a time when demand for many of the services is increasing many of the services we provide and I read today that from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation that in 20 19 the year before covert the were to point 4 million people who are destitute in this country an increase of 54 percent and 20 17
the government is betraying our residents at a time we need investment more than ever
so having saddled lat public accounts Committee on that basis did
recommend that the cuts should proceed to yourself tonight for further consideration to enable steps to be you know with our agreement in principle that they should now be implemented
but to enable steps to be taken towards likely implementation thank you
thank you very much Councillor Carden and I'd like to just put on the record my thanks to all members of PAC and also to Scrutiny Chairs and of scrutiny of really gone through very carefully these prefer proposals and so professionally and with great care so thank you than the next item on the agenda tonight is to consider these matters and we'll manage sure that the views of the select committees are taken into account as we as we consider the the next agenda item
in the meantime there is an officer report responding to each of the points made by us that Committee which was circulated ahead of this meeting and shared with the Select Committee Chairs are we all agree that this report is to be sense to that committee great 8 agreed viz great

4 Budget Cuts Proposal 2020/21

thank you OK I'm going to take us on to item 4 which is the budget cuts proposals for 20 20 20 21
I'll be looking at notes which I've done I've printed off my notes and as we go through it you'll understand why
as Councillor Carter said the the last 10 years councils like notion of borne the brunt of the government's austerity agenda and in that time we have been forced to lay can it's incredible to think back over the last decade 190 million pounds worth of cuts to local services COVID-19 has has has added to that considerably to make things worse and do we will remember the assurances that were given by government back in March and that they would support us in doing whatever it takes to support our community which we did only later to to to not give us the funding that they promised
frankly Lucian deserves so much better our community response during this pandemic has been fantastic and and we we wouldn't have been able to respond in the way that we did without that that tireless work from art from our volunteers and also from our officers at the council many of whom have been been redeployed very quickly yet despite the sacrifices that so many people have made here in Lewisham and not just here in Lewisham in local authorities right across the country the government is frozen public sector pay has broken its promise and COVID-19 funding and is refusing to give our Council the money and resources that we need to support and protect local services having worked tirelessly since 20 10 to ensure vital services in the face of continued austerity continue we need to make further cuts at what such a difficult time like to give anyone watching our assurance that we will continue to campaign continue to lobby the government to deliver the funding for Lewisham the funding that we need but I think it's my view it's my view and the view of elected Members of this Council that will only make the serious changes that we need with a change of government and I will now hand over to Councillor direct present the report Councillor
thank you thank you thank you you set it out very well the report outlines the first round of cuts proposals that have been identified in order to address the budget gap the that is laid out in our Medium Term financial Strategy tonight when not setting the budget that will be done at full council in February at this report enables officers to get on with the next stage of the budget planning process and to prepare the Council for the implementation of these cuts if they are agreed at that meeting as the report notes we need to make at least 40 million pounds worth of cuts over the next three years in order to address that budget gap and fulfil our legal obligations to set about a balanced budget the proposals presented in this report represent 26 point 9 million pounds worth of Kratz 15 million of those are for the 20 21 budget sorry the 20 21 budget 20 22 budget add further proposals will be brought forward in the new year to address the shortfall for fat budget at we're expecting the Local government Finance Settlement to be announced in the coming weeks and that will give us a clearer idea of how large the shortfall a screen to be for 21 22 officers have adopted a more strategic approach in identifying cuts this year working across Directorate boundaries to explore new opportunities for collaboration and to avoid siloed working which is a kind of inevitable the consequence of 10 years of austerity cuts I would like to echo the most comments that the financial situation we find ourselves in is a direct result of government austerity and the financial impact of COVID-19 the government has failed Lucian they have repeatedly cut our budget over the last 10 years and have broken their promise to support councils with the cost of covert finding a further 40 million pounds worth of cuts after a decade of austerity is an immense challenge for us as a Council and these are tough decisions for us as Councillors lotion is our home and we care deeply about the communities that we represent it's incredibly painful to be put in a position where we have no choice but to make cuts of this scale
it's made all the more painful by the government's refusal to give local authorities the funding that we need the chancellor had it in his power to put an end to austerity in local government when he announced the comprehensive spending review last month but instead he chose to freeze our public sector workers' pay despite their incredible work on the front line responding to the pandemic as Councillor card says this is a stottie by stealth Cathy Freeman is here to help answer any questions May might have like you
thank you very much and has the right Akkad you any Cabinet Members have any questions on the report officers had much discussion in in other forums but anything anymore like to add now
Councillor best
you're on your Christmas
fine hopefully and muted something we've all had to loan in this pandemic but clung this is a very very and difficult task cross this evening and I want to speak to cuts proposals on FO 1 but before I do that I just really would like to start echoing the comments that you've made Mayor and as has Amanda derived in the sense that this financial austerity which the government continues to impose on Lewisham is absolutely disgraceful I mean it's particularly given the incredible sacrifices made by local residents through this pandemic I know many people had concerns about the impact of cuts in adult social care
and what the effect will be on some of our most vulnerable residents finding 3 million pounds worth of savings in Adult social Care through improved demand management obviously represents a huge challenge to us we have really 26 thousand inquiries each year and we know through the pandemic that we've also got increased demand from people you know who've been facing lockdown and very difficult situation
but I want to be clear that when it comes to demand management in Adult social Care we are committed to maintaining a good quality of service for residents when formal care services are required we will continue to provide them in line with our statutory responsibilities under the Care Act of 20 14 our approach will continue to promote wellbeing and independence I identify and investigate any risk of safeguarding issues and we will apply our approach that acknowledges the individual as the expert we will take account of their strengths their assets and what outcomes are important to them to do this to best effect we need to continue continue to work in an ever deeper partnership with our NHS colleagues we will continue to develop good connections with the community and voluntary sector and we want to work with solutions that have gone some way towards reducing the demand for formal services as well as supporting our 700 informal family carers will also need to take a holistic approach when it comes to reductions in our commissioned service particularly through the grants programme we want to ensure we minimise the need for formal care services and finally I really do want to pay tribute to all the work that our care workers and council staff have done over the past nine months in responding to the pandemic I'm very grateful to them for their efforts they will of course be vital in helping us to continue providing good quality care for all those in Lewisham who need it and as we deal with these challenging financial circumstances thank you
thank you very much Councillor dust OK now we have 56 individual proposals here so please bear with me for next section in and you'll understand one on one reading this through so looking at the specific recommendations in section through and the summary of the proposals outlined in section 8 of the report before us and notifying the scrutiny comments from the public councillor committee I propose that we take the following actions so the first proposals relating to collectivity these are the proposals that are detailed in Appendix 2
I propose that we agreed to consult on cuts reference Etudes return to marry cabinet for decision and I propose that we agree cuts references A 1 A3 and A4 to a 8 inclusive to go forward along with a second round of cuts proposals expected in January to the next stage of the Budget preparation process for February 20 21
the proposals relating to joint working detailed in the appendix 3 I proposed it may agree to consult on cuts reference under B 6 and B 10 to return Mary cabinet for decision and I propose that we agree cuts references be to before be 5 and be saddened to be 9 inclusive to go forward to the next stage of the budget preparation process
for the proposals relating to service reconfiguration as detailed in Appendix 4 I propose that we consult to cut reference C 2 out there every to consult on cuts on the cut which is referenced C to return to marry cabinet for decision I propose that we agreed to consult on cut reference C 1 and delegate as decisions of the relevant Executive director and I propose that we agree cut references C C C 7 and see 8 to go forward to the next stage of the budget preparation process
the next set of proposals relates for asset realisation and are detailed in Appendix 5 and I propose that we agreed to consult on cuts referenced D 1 and the 7 to return to marry cabinet for decision and I propose that we agree cuts referenced D 2 2 D 6 inclusive and D 8 to go forward to the next stage of the budget preparation process
there are cuts and proposals relating to our commercial approach and as detailed in Appendix sex I propose that we agree cuts referenced E 1 2 E 10 inclusive to go forward to the next stage of the budget preparation process
and then the final set of proposals relating to demand management and their detailed in Appendix 7 and I propose that we defer the decision on cuts referenced F 7 and F 8 and asked that further work is undertaken on these and that they are reconsidered as part of an additional round to cuts for adult social care expected to come forward and jangling no to both the comments of the select committees and the Officer response to those comments I propose that we agreed to console Uncut's referenced F NI F 15 and 16 F 70 and F 18 to return to marry cabinet for decision
I propose that we agree to consult all cut reference F 11 and delegated decisions relevant Executive director and I propose that we agree cuts referenced F want F 6 inclusive
after 10 and 12 to go forward to the next stage of the budget preparation presence
so that is the the individual proposals I will now hand over to our Clerk to take the vote Jasmine over tea
thank you Mr. Mayor I'll go alphabetically Councillor Banham fought voting for Council Bell for UHSM Councillor best full
Councillor bowler there for Councillor Deckers so Councillor D Ryk fool may your Eoghan for Councillor McGeever full and Councillor S later full line in favour Mr. me you and known against
thank you Chairman and to thank you and I can confirm those recommendations have been agreed

5 Early Help and Prevention Strategy and Commissioning Intentions

OK and taking us now to Item 5 which is the early Help and Prevention Strategy and commission tensions that Councillor bells already declared interest in respect of this item so Councillor Bell now leave the meeting and join us after this item is decided
he just confirm that Councillor Bale's left the meeting yep I come from a Council of been has left Mr. male brilliant thank you I now invite Councillor fallen to put on report Councillor Barlow thanks very much time in and and I hope people will indulge me a couple of minutes just to try and set this package in context because it it's the result of really a year to 18 months of reviewing our services and and I ought to say I understand that the Chair of children Young People's Select Committee Councillor Sauber and planning to address this and I ought to pay tribute to the work of that Committee as we'd gone through that process in helping to shape the way forward what this is about is improving the way we offer support to children of families who need it in a more targeted and effective way and wherever possible before problems become worse this was an area of concern that was picked up in the 20 19 Ofsted inspection of Children's Services Ofsted aside we've got every incentive in any case to get this right because if we get it right we avoid excessive demand for children's social care services
most important of all though the key aim is to improve outcomes for our children and young people the way we are aiming to do that is by building on the services we currently have but strengthening the Council's Strategic leadership and bringing more capacity back in house to go beyond the existing offer with a wider range of provision and targeted interventions that are aimed at children and families in need the most now that will take time some parts of the service still remained to be developed and that something to be tackled over the coming year and they'll be plenty of opportunities for staff families and community to help shape those proposals what we're being asked now to the grease the direction of travel the strategy and some key steps some key contractual steps that we need to decide now to move forward there are explained in the report but I ought to highlight a couple of issues in particular the first one is support to families what we're building is a locally based targeted family support service and over the next year we will develop proposals for what we're calling new family Hubs looking at good practice elsewhere to ensure that families have a single access point for support from the Council and from other agencies we've already decided to bring out targeted family support in house and that provides one of the key elements of that and the report proposes adjusting the Children's Centre budget
extending the existing contracts another year to allow us time to a full review to ensure the best possible coverage and access to families so we'll get further advice on children's centres are coming to us in the future secondly and really important we're at a key point on our Youth Service the way forward with our youth services
well-functioning Youth Services I think we all agree are vital for our young people we have to accept that the service hasn't been immune to the cuts that Central government austerity has forced on us were all aware of that position but I think we can be proud that we have so far maintained a strong service while other areas if you look around at some of our neighbours have seen those services eroded
what we now need to do is to build on the progress that's been made by our partner you first go beyond the and do better so the report proposes using available resources more flexibly to develop a borough wide targeted youth work offer delivered by a wider range of youth organisations including the Council itself so there'll be a new contract which continues our partnership with youth first gives them more security over pensions and buildings and allows them to play to their strengths and we hope generate more income in addition the Council will take back in house strategic leadership of the service so we can go beyond the Youth first author with a wider range of provision and targeted interventions aimed at the young people who need them
for the avoidance of doubt I ought to say as well what isn't proposed what is not in his proposals so there is a lower level of funding for youth first but there is not a reduction of overall youth funding in this package the report also contains a specific proposal in relation to the Honor Oak youth club and that is to retain it in local authority control for youth provision including but not limited to access by you first of now as a councillor who represents Honor Oak Park near the you centres not quite in my ward but it's close let me be clear this is not a proposal to discontinue the youth centre on heroic on the contrary we want to maintain a youth centre at that site indeed we want to develop the offer their further and make better in line with the ambitions of the strategy and there will be opportunities for consultation and engagement with the local community and stakeholders before changes of mind in fact this report contains no proposals to be clear to close anything that obviously none of us can guarantee that there will never be any closures the financial position we're in a always make that a possibility but that's not what this report is about if there were in the future to be proposals for example to close a children's centre or Youth Service building that would need new advice to the Mayor and Cabinet no that's not what this is about
I know that we've got the executive director Pinocchio Chauhan and possibly Catherine Nunton I'm not sure who who may wish to add something and certainly can respond to questions subjects of that I recommend colleagues agree the report and the proposals in it
thank you very much Councillor bottom I we we also have Councillor Sauber who like to dress us this evening Councillor Sauber
thank you my up thank you Chris for that presentation I'm going to take Kirk to its remits of your time with their indulgence to talk about the Youth Centre the Council Bonham has alluded to then I'm going to ask some questions and then I'm going to respectfully at make recommendation for yourself and your cabinet to consider but I'm going to begin by
stating that in my role as Chair of the children Young People's Select Committee I found very much to admire in this report in the work invested in it and the direction in which our strategy is evolving and I'm not here to question that
I'm here rather in my capacity as a ward councillor for Telegraph Hill ward because I have the privilege of representing the residents of the Honor Oak estate
and the youth centre on that estate has had used services universal youth services delivered by Youth first for many years but to one of the consequences unfortunate consequences of this report is that that service delivered by Youth first from that centre will now cease I'd like to start by mentioning a few facts about the estate where the Youth Centre is placed it is the most densely populated area in my ward
it is the most deprived in my ward and it has the largest concentration of black and minority ethnic young people in my ward
and 5 years ago it was traumatised by the tragic murder of two teenage boys one who was visiting and the other who was a popular local boy
and it is no surprise to hear that attending the funeral of 17 year old shack one fear on was by far the most painful experience in my six years as a councillor
given this context the services provided from you first from the Youth Centre of opposite being an invaluable resource for the local community you first has a close relationship with the local school turn an academy
which was attended by England footballers David Rocastle and the even more legendary Ian Wright you first has a close relationship with the honorific Tenants and residents Association and among those who attend the Youth Centre and take part in activities delivered there are youngsters from both the Youth offending Service and from pupil referral units
and the Chair of the Onrec state Tenants' and Residents' Association John Morgan estimates that the Youth Club has been responsible for cutting youth crime and anti-social behaviour by half and it wasn't long ago that TV reporters would converge on this estate in search of balladeers and I know that everyone here today wants to keep that in the past
above all though it's been a haven of rewarding activity the safe and welcoming environment away from Ofsted crowded homes precious schools and risky streets and it has been free and available to all the children who live on the site
so I'm here to caution yourself Mayor and Cabinet on the risk of this service ceasing
now the news of the building will be retained for alternative youth provision and Councillor Bonham has sort of detail that is welcome but the detail that we've received so far I'm afraid is too ill defined to reassure me that the variety the volume and the availability of provision which has served the estate for many years will be maintained and that universal services on this state beyond the adventure playground which was aimed obviously younger children and is dependent on good weather and light evenings will stop so I have five questions no briefly
they tell them I'd like to know on behalf of the community what alternative services for young people will be provided
I would like to know when and how often they will be provided I'd like to know who will provide them and how they will be funded
the most important of all
for whom and for how many of these services will be aimed
Will there be a dedicated offering to the young people on their state or will the centre be used to serve a wider geographical area will be open access as I have been for decades for any young person on the state who wishes to walk through the doors
or will they be only for young people specifically referred by an agency or officer now the words I'll be visiting a situation where children young people of this state might find themselves outside the newly purpose building overhearing activities deliver to young people that to which they are not given access
without these answers to these questions and I understand them and putting them here today
I cannot forecast the consequences for the well being and the futures of the young people I represent once Youth first abandons the site and if I can't make that assessment that my obligation to the people on the estate who elected me to stand up for their interests as I cannot endorse the recommendation in the paper regarding this building
and it has arrived I'm afraid without public consultation without canvassing the views of local Councillors though I do take on board and welcome Councillor violence assurance that this will subsequently take place I hear you christened and and thank you
for that guarantee finally these are the recommendations are like to place before Moeen cabinet I would like you to defer any decision on the change of use of the onerous state Youth Centre until the answers to those questions had been forthcoming until an Equalities impact Assessment has been completed no relation to the change of use of the Youth Centre until the local councillors and community representatives from the on-road Estate stakeholders Group have been consulted
and finally until there is some guarantee that the young people of the Honor Oak estate will continue to receive the quality scale of service that they need
and which they deserve
I note that this evening thank you very much for the time you've allowed me for him thank you very much Councillor saw by Kasey Councillor Barn and I felt Councillor Parnham gave assurances which I hope will rule would have given reassurance but I'm sorry Councillor Bonhams got his hand up so I'll Chris OK not just to the extent that we can answer the detailed question this evening I'm going to ask finicky get shall in a second but I just wanted to say one thing which is
this set of proposals in front of us tonight makes no proposals for the change of use and that building what it says is we do not propose to lease it for 10 years to you first we do propose to lease to buildings to you first we need to sort out the detail of that the only reference to the Honor Oak centre is that we're not proposing that that should be leased on a peppercorn rent for 10 years to you Thurs what the building is then used for his decision for another day we're not making a decision on that this evening we're not committing to change anything beyond what's in the paper and in fact the recommendations in the paper
don't mention the other reviews centre at all just kind of drawing attention to it in a way that possibly slightly unhelpful and possibly premature I think I would accept that but I don't know whether Penycae is able to answer some of your questions and give some reassurance on the on the future and the way forward
thank you yes I'm happy to to considered a bit more you've actually outlined can something I was going to say as well Councillor Barnard said there is no recommendation in relationship to Tudorache you've sent her and the recommendations are around at the longer term lease for you first for specific buildings we are in discussion still with you first about how they will be delivering their youth provision across the Borough and
it is not the case that that onerous has been eliminated from that so that's part of the ongoing discussion were having at the moment review first and then I think they are waiting for the decision tonight
to then have further conversations with us about how they actually deliver that youth provision across across the Borough we are also in discussions around other providers who would be potentially delivering youth services Honor Oak and indeed in other in in other buildings as well and so there will be further discussion and engagement and Councillor as Sauber they'll be particularly engagement Officer in the on around the Honor Oak area in relationship to of that provision looks like and that's something we planned to in in in the new year and you've asked some very very specific questions and I can't answer those questions at the moment because those are precisely the conversations we are having at the moment but I have noted them as areas that we need to return to as part of that engagement process so just just just to say there is no decision around Honor Oak that decision is around a contract arrangement with you first some specific buildings to provide them for greater assurance and turns up their ongoing work and also a development of great targeted work that the Council lead more directly than has done previously and as part of the report you'll see that we're looking to engage with a wider set of EU services across across the Borough I note your point about the local young people Councillor SORP and obviously we can we can that be part of the engagement clearly with the local young people on the estate when in nearby areas that's helpful for him Penycae thank you very much Councillor Barlow thank you and and hope that provides you with some reassurance council saw but the can now going to hand over to our Clerk to take the vote Jocelyn over tea
thank you Mr. Mayor and Councillor Banham
and yet with the proviso that work the recommendations of those in paragraph 2 that's what we're approving I vote for
Councillor BELL
sorry Councillor best for Councillor Oonagh via but for Councillor Dhaka's all Castle of the Reich Full Council Mayor Egan for me Aegon Councillor McGeever pull and Councillor S later
it's in favour Mr. Miller known against Council of best didn't take part in the discussion in the vote excellent fail to learn ouch
thank you very much talisman sorry my I've got my hands of its Sookie and
Councillor Paul and I think his presence whose name wasn't called out
Councillor Ball Councillor born
therefore he also missed out my name on the first item as well Jasmine
my apologies not as OK what else Councillor born will rectify that in the minutes that are going thank you
net lending thank thank you very much thank thank you Jasmine OK item 5 now we need to welcome back Councillor Bell so once we have pulled back in the room we will
ask him to introduce next reports

6 Local Development Scheme Update

fantastic writes local development scheme up they item 6 Councillor Bell IQ mass so the Local Development scheme LDS is a document that sets out the timetable for the preparation and review of the Council's planning policy documents having an up-to-date LDS is important to ensure the local communities and other stakeholders can keep track of the progress of local plans the Council was required by law to publish and maintain an LDS Lucian's local plan must also be prepared in accordance with the LDS a matter of legal compliance which will be tested the plans independent examination the LDS can be revised any such time the Council considers it at appropriate the current LDS was adopted brought into force on the 10th of January 20 18
effectively updating replacing the 20 15 version a further update is now required in order to reflect changing local circumstances the latest legislative and policy framework as well as to respond to delays the Local Plan Programme incurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic another factors the update will ensure the Council has not today LDS which are probably reflects the scope of the emerging Local Plan Review and the timetable for its production Marin cabinet is asked to note the document the draft Audi S including the paperwork I'd like to thank officers and planning for drawing up the revisions therefore pending any questions relating to at the LDS I asked mowing Cabinet to agree the recommendations as set out in section 2 point 1 of the Mayor and Cabinet report to approve the LDS December 20 20 for adoption and publication taking effect on the 21st of December 20 20 thank you
thank you very much Councillor Bell OK an owl and ask our Clerk to to take the vote Guzmán the to you
the Minister may or Council Banham
I'm your mucus
must be an IT issue Johnson carry on Kasmin Councillor Bell for Councillor best for
Councillor bona there for Councillor barn
4 Councillor Deckers Full Council of the Reich full mayo Eggen for Councillor McGeever film and Councillor S later for
and that's just aiming Colin Rallings perfect sorry no I am flogging with my mother C pass a law best
that Councillor Parnham coming with Councillor Parnham Yakut I couldn't get my Michael on previously I'm sorry
Councillor Burnham are you in favour Yes full thank you

7 Consultation on Changes to the Statement of Community Involvement (non-COVID changes)

Mr. Mayor 10 in favour none against put him thank you very much just we've got too many councils are beginning of fee that's the that's the problem writes item 7 staying with Councillor Bell services the current consultation on changes to the Statement of Community involvement Novikova changes Councillor Bell thank you mass so I'm this report lots to update our Statement of Community involvement to bring it in line with the current legislation and new ways working it's important to be clear that these proposed changes do not relate to the emergency temporary modifications introduced earlier this year as result to COVID-19 they are completely separate and remain temporary since the SCI was adopted in 20 0 6 there have been significant changes to the planning system and new legal requirements have been introduced so there's a clear need to update the SCI to reflect those new requirements and changes in the planning framework there have also been considerable changes in the way we work in terms of consultation methods used and what is considered best practice as the report notes the original SCI makes no allowance for the use of online consultation platforms social media or other night online tools which obviously makes it unsuitable for 20 20 particularly in the context of COVID-19 in September we approved the draft addendum to the SCI for non statutory public consultation the consultation process has now taken place and be of responded to the feedback received amending the Addendum where necessary the report summarises the representations received a notes where the original draft addendum has been amended in response to the issues raised or other action that has been taken by officers in response to free the feedback received the full addendum set out in Annexe A of the report pack and a summary of the key changes to the SCI within the addendum can be found on page two I'd like to add my thanks officers in the Planning and Lioret Pomus they're working getting us to this point thank you therefore I asked my own cabinet to agree the recommendations as set out in section 2 of the Mayor and Cabinet report thank you
thank you Councillor Bell I've got a hand up from Councillor P Oliver
thank you man and thank you Councillor Bell of the report there I just wanted to sort of add my own thanks visit officers wearing my local democracy hat and chairing the local democracy working Group we are looking at ways of making the planning system in Lewisham more accessible but also more more sensible in the way in the way that decisions should be taken firstly by consulting the Committee at the outset and then by doing that than you actually and meaning that the final decision whenever comes committee there are fewer of them but they're done in in much more detail so I welcome the consultation that's that's being proposed here and I also add my own thanks to the many community groups meet societies that add so much value 2 and making sure that good decisions are made but not necessarily have to be done at Committee level they're done by actually speaking to people at the outset and so were lucky to have a lot of them in Lewisham and I welcome the consultation
thank you very much OK I now call on the clock to take the votes Jasmine over to you and you Mr. meal Councillor Badham 4 Councillor Bell Full Council of Best for Council of one of their four
Councillor Bob for Councillor Deckers pull Councillor D Ryk full me your Egan for answered a McGeever
pull and Councillor Slater

8 Extension of Refuse Recycling Agreement' with South East London Combined Heat & Power Ltd (SELCHP)

for 10 in federal misdemeanor and known against Broom thank you so I can confirm that the recommendations have been agreed are shown in Section 2 of the report item 8 of the extension of the refuse refuse recycling Agreement with the South East London Combined Heat and Power Ltd Cell chip Councillor giver
thank you
this report outlines the Council's options for waste disposal following expiry of our contract with Cell chip in 20 20 for Celtic was one of the first energy recovery facilities in London has consistently provided a good quality of service over the past 30 or contract assuming the mutual approval from the Royal Borough far of Greenwich this report recommends that the Council extends the refuse recycling agreement with Cell chip until 20 29 our contract with Fellowship has contributed to meeting the borough's commitment to tackle plot the climate emergency and make Lewisham greener through converting non-recyclable residual waste into heating hot water sell ship has provided heating for 2 thousand 800 homes locally and that a real opportunity to expand that in the years ahead
3 am across the Borough with increased recycling by more than 10 percent and food and garden waste by 90 percent in recent years however the demand on on disposal for other types of waste is increasing as our population increases the major contributor of the waste industry comes from landfill emissions the methods of waste treatment sell ship have enabled us to avoid sending 10 million tonnes of waste to landfill and reducing CO2 emissions by 7 thousand 700 tonnes a year as well as the environmental benefit sell ship has also delivered savings for the Council as a cost of residual waste disposal or below both landfill market rates it's also she the highest efficiency rating for this type of facility with this in mind I'd like to propose that we accept the recommendation to this report and continue with the successful contract I'm I'm grateful for the work that officers have put in to this this this report and the contract itself and Wendy and Nicholas has hit a ceiling if Members have any further questions thank you
thank you very much Councillor McKeever OK I will now ask our Clerk to take the vote Jasmine over to thank you Mr. meal Councillor Barnham for Councillor Bell for Councillor best for some of one of their four Council bomb

9 Somerville Estate Redevelopment

for Councillor Deckers for Councillor D Ryk full may your Egan for Councillor MacGyver pull and Councillor S later for any favour Mr. me you and known against RIM thank you Jasmine I can confirm that the recommendations have been agreed as shown in section 2 of the report I 2 9 is the Somervell Somerville estate redevelopment Councillor Bell
thank you mass so as mayor and cabinet no building for Lucian the Council's programme to deliver new council social housing is progressing despite the COVID-19 pandemic tonight I am presenting a part one report and then a Part II report later to deliver 23 new council homes at Wellington close on the summer villas state in my Ward Telegraph Hill the site was home to form a sheltered unit block these units were not fit for purpose and so workers and taken to provide better accommodation on the site the report seeks approval to appoint a contractor to provide 20 flats and 3 houses this is a 100 percent social rented Council scheme including to wheelchair accessible homes or units will be 2 bed and 3 bedroom properties local residents have been kept up to date through updates at the Tenants' and Residents' Association some of a United TRA and given the opportunity to inform proposals or homes will be built for residence on Lucian's housing waiting list with lifetime secure tenancies offered in perpetuity the project will benefit from to a Greater London Authority GLA Grants 2 point 3 million journey building council homes for Londoners grant as well as as thousand at yearly small sites small builders grant I am very grateful to the jail are to the officers of the Council and Lucia pounds to bring forward these proposals Ward Councillors myself Councillor Bell bank and Councillor sober welcome the development and our commitment to residence on the some other state therefore pending any questions I asked Mayor and Cabinet to approve the recommendations as set out in section 2 of the report thank you Mr. Mayor
thank you very much Councillor Bell I now hand over to our Clerk to the vote Jasmine over tea thank you Mr. Mayor Councillor banner
Councillor BELL for Councillor Best full council survey for Councillor barn
for Councillor Deckers' for Councillor D Ryk full may your Egan for Councillor McGeever full and Councillor Slater for 10 in favour Mr. Mayor known against thank you very much Chairman arms I can confirm that the recommendations have been agreed as shown in section 2 of the report and analyse nice bit of good news for us at the end there Councillor bowel it could remind the even on a very difficult night as tonight is that there is an incredible difference that this Council is still making to to people's lives in and one of those ways is for our housing programme OK I move item 10 is exclusion of Press and public I move the recommendation to exclude press and public for the remainder of meeting and that's because remaining two items have commercially sensitive information relating to items were discussed were not even to discuss in the public part I'd like to thank everybody for joining the meeting this evening and Q and As that recommendation agreed
thank you