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my name's Kevin Flaherty Clarke Lucian council prior to grandma commencing meeting tonight there will be a roll call of elected members for attendance purposes I will ask elected members to respond by switching on their cameras and microphones and sing present or here
I stopped the roll call with Councillor at a Farani present
Councillor Annual but that Councillor Barnard present Councillor Bell present Councillor Byrne odds
Councillor Bernard's
Councillor best present hence upon their present Councillor born good evening go him present Councillor Brown saddened Councillor Campbell present Councillor Clarke present Councillor card resident Councillor Khan really reading him present
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present Councillors draw me as an face Kevin Marian
Councillor Elliott
present Councillor Gallaher
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he asked the Thanksgiving Councillor Handley present Councillor Holland
Councillor Hood Yanko get be having I'm here clear Councillor Howard
president Kevin Councillor Ingleby present Councillor Johnston Franklin present Councillor clue
Project Kelvin Councillor Callaghan Vizard carrying good evening
Councillor Krajewski percent as the Malory persons
Councillor Maslen he asked Council McGeever present Councillor Millbank
they sent Councillor more present Councillor Morrison present Councillor Muldoon present Councillor organ battler for me coming present cancer Openshaw present concert Jack the shoe reticence Councillor John pursue in Kevin I'm poten clear Councillor Penfold frazzled Councillor Powell present Councillor Rathbone
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I Councillor shake
thank you thank you Councillor Slater pheasants Kevin O'Keeffe Councillor Smith present and the Sauber present as the stammerers Sky present hence the Walsh present happy New Year cabinet and finally Councillor wise fattened thank you coming over to Mr. Speaker
on mute
we just need trust the Speaker to emit
thank you Kevin welcome everyone to our full council meeting tonight
can I remind all councillors to have their cameras and microphones off except when they are speaking and during the vote for the council tax base
the Deputy Speaker Councillor Morrison and I will keep our cameras on
I have received no apologies are there any apologies for absence from anyone

1 Minutes

item 1 is the minutes I move the minutes of the meeting held on 25th November 20 20 be agreed as a correct record I invite the Deputy Speaker to second let space
Councillor Morrison are you here
can I advise anyone else to second
Mr. Speaker

2 Declaration of Interests

thank you Councillor Murray sent out the minutes agreed agreed where it thank you great and gave I declare the minutes have been agreed agenda item 2 declarations of interest are there any declarations of interest relating to any items on the agenda if so can Members please the cliff them now indicating which item they relates to and the nature of the interest
OK now we move on to agenda Item 3 which is the announcement for this evening

3 Announcements or Communications

our first announced announcement tonight's relates to the third national COVID-19 lockdown I invite Deputy Mayor Councillor best to speak thank you Speaker
as we find ourselves in another lockdown I want to take this opportunity to highlight the support available to residents in Lewisham community connections Lewisham continue to help residents with food issues and stay connected and the Council website has information about local community food banks mutual aid groups across the borough
the government are also providing direct support to people who have medical conditions which make that extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 with deliveries of food and other essential supplies so if you're in this category you should have received a letter or have been contacted by your GP
while the weeks ahead will continue to be extremely challenging it is important that we all follow the rules and play our part in stopping the transmission of COVID-19 on a more positive note the NHS COVID-19 vaccination rollout began in Lewisham before Christmas and has now expanded rapidly over the last few weeks led by the SE London CCG as of Sunday the NHS has delivered around 80 thousand jobs across south-east London as a whole there are vaccination sites across the borough and I know some of you have already attended so we've got St John's medical Centre Waldron medical Centre in New Cross Downham Health and Leisure Centre Sydenham Green Health Centre and the Jenner Health Centre in Forest Hill where the Mayor volunteered today and the feedback I've had from Damian was that it was such a smooth operation really first class and we really want to encourage residents to attend
the Lewisham hospital has also begun to roll out and our first community pharmacist vantage pharmacy in Conisbrough Crescent went live today so it's really important that residents wait a contacted by their GP or NHS England to arrange an appointment to receive the vaccine they should not contact their practice to ask for the COVID-19 vaccine until called this will slow down the rollout of the vaccine now anyone who is registered with a GP will be contacted when it is their turn to receive the vaccine in line with the list of priority groups published by the Joint Committee on vaccination and Immunisation the NHS are also putting plans in place to identify those residents who may not be registered with a GP including those that homeless in order to ensure that they are able to receive the vaccine at this appropriate time now I would encourage anyone who knows people who aren't registered with a GP please encourage them to do so GPs are waiting to receive folks and it's just so important we get this vaccine rolled out speedily efficiently and for the sake of all our residents so thank you very much Speaker
thank you very much but the best for your advice and contribution are repaired announce my tribe
0sorry our second announced merchandise relates to Holocaust Memorial Day I invite the mayor to speak upon it
thank you very much Chair
harm will say a few words about Holocaust Memorial Day firstly a message from Reverend David Rome and David Rome you know usually speaks to us in Parson each year and is the representative from Catford and Bromley synagogues these are some words that these asked me to read out and to you today
Holocaust Memorial Day this year is like no other due to the fact that we cannot meet together in Parson and must commemorate it by the use of modern technology we've sadly lost many many of our fellow brothers and sisters during this terrible time and we can only pray for a better year ahead and this year is a year like no other and it reminds me of one of the most famous phrases of Jewish liturgy Manish Tyner her Lila has A McCall Heller yacht which is why is this night different from all other nights in Lewisham Holocaust Memorial Day rightly focuses on educating our children they are annexed generation who will carry the baton and continue the legacy of remembering the atrocities of the past
4 without remembering and understanding it would be much more difficult to avoid the errors of the past chaired like to formally thank Reverend wrong for those words can I remind Members that the theme of this year's Holocaust Memorial Day is be the light in the darkness and it's a call to all of us to identify different kinds of darkness be a prosecution misinformation denial of justice and the different ways that we can be that night with a message that is more important and resonates with us more than ever
we'll be marking Holocaust Memorial vitiate Memorial Day this year for a service which is taking place online on Wednesday 27th of January at 5 30 and I hope as many of you as possible will join us and if you can't make it that time it we will stay on line so you can catch up with it later finally every year in the Council Chamber we hear sung the words of the Hebrew memorial prayer be as cool which translates as remember in keeping with the spirits of educating our young people and Reverend Rome has asked that this year we shared recording sung Thy Rapha Sandford who has led the prayer and I hope in future years people here from impassable thank you
sorry colleague Jamie Baker this trying to play the video might take a minute or so maybe there's some technical error
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I'm afraid announcement tonight's relates to the 40th anniversary of New Cross fire I again and white mere to speak upon thank you Chair and this week we marked the 40th anniversary of the New Cross fire and event which of course we all know tragically led to the deaths of 14 black children in notion in all his years later it's still difficult to imagine how the families and friends of those like young people felt with such a loss illusion we've traditionally marked this anniversary and Parson every year and this she rule expecting to be at St Andrew's Church broccoli Khomami couldn't can't see other impersonator Shire we still held what what I think was a moving service online and I've really encourage if you haven't seen it already to to do so is hosted on the council websites but also to thank everybody who worked so hard and putting service together and all those in contributed including some of the families in addition to service a number of thence had been taking place in our community can remember and reflected needs included a window exhibition at the Broadway theatre and a series of community projects led by Goldsmiths University next year again I hope we will be able to meet in person and of course we will continue to keep the memory alive through programmes like car on New Cross fire bursary scheme on which ensures the memory of the New Cross fire and the lessons that we need to know from it are renewed with each generation our community will always remember those lives lost we must never stop educating future generations and speaking out against racism and prejudice thank you Chair
thank you Mr. Mayor we now have a an additional announcement about LGBTQ plus history month in February I understand the Deputy Mayor would like to say a few words about Lewisham's programmed this year thank you very much speaker and erm of courses you've announced it we we are always so proud to be celebrating and LGBT and Q-Plus history month and the programme this year and of course will we different because we're online and and they will be taking place safely and remotely but we do have a fabulous programme we've got exhibitions reading activities displays in the windows of council buildings and much much more so what I want to do is encourage everyone to check the Council's website later this month where we'll be announcing a full programme how you can get involved how you can spread the word and we'll just make sure we keep updating at share the details on I am Lewisham because we really want to give a shout about it of course I'd like to thank Council officers are partners the community who are really helping to make this use programme possible particularly Goldsmiths and the Metro charity are providing an LGBTQ plus helpline and support service for local residents during February again we are a diverse an open bar we would always embrace a wonderful LG B T Q plus community and we've come such a long way in the fight for that equality more than ever we must keep it up we must continue to make sure we take the programme forward so I hope everyone joins a celebrating and really spread the word get people involved thank you very much Speaker
thank you Councillor best our fourth announcement tonight
is on the winter appeal I am delighted that we have raised 42 thousand for the 9 9 club and Lucian voluntary services our fifth announcement tonight's relates to the citizen UK about I invite constable severe to speak and thank you Mr. Speaker last month I attended at sit accidents UK sponsors refugee conference and it was a very nice surprise to receive the since you case Local Authority of the Year award for our work with refuse settlement and in particular they were referring to the work that we had done in galvanising boroughs across London to call on the government to restart the Ucas refugee resettlement schemes which were understandably suspended
when the coronavirus outbreak occurred in a in March last year but while other countries were restarting there's sadly this country had not and and we even had families drowning in August Channel trying to get here so we were pushing very hard to get a refugee reception started as we know is a tried and tested safe passage for people at fleeing at worn persecution now that concerted effort led to a change in direct from the government and within days of about our action the garment amount and how to laws are they would restart the scheme and we've now got 230 found his promised this year to finish the Syrian resettlement scheme however Lucian was promised 7 families last year they haven't been recommitted to and that is something I will certainly follow up because we need to get refugee resettlement started again to stop people losing their lives at fleeing war persecution so it's what we're very pleased about it we will use this to work together with of our fellow willing authorities to make sure that this country remains a place of safety and refuge particularly as we recall what happens today what happens when you don't offer that refuge thank you
thank you very much Councillor Ron Ower yet
I was 60 thousand are tonight is on the New Year's honours List 20 21 and we congratulate howl Ahmadi from Sydenham on his award
our Sabbath announcement reports and appointment of a former young met Jacobs akin to the Youth Justice Board we congratulate Jacob on this appointment
our final announcement concern that Councillor Annual General Meeting which will be held on Wednesday 20 6th of May

4 Petitions

agenda Item 4 is about petitions have been notified of a petition and or road safety to be presented by Lauder Seabright I invite her local council Luke's or bar to introduce Laura and some children from Hitchin temporal grow free school
to present the petition
what will you Councillor Harper thank you very much speaker and I'm very pleased to be able to make this introduction the petition that is to be presented is on behalf of a road safety group called safety school which was initiated and and contains that families from a local school or in the ward and has the full support of all three ward councillors to hear the details of that petition I'm going to hand over to our our first speaker who is Sascha
cabinet and Council Members we students attraction Tampico free-school in new for us her representing us community of students staff and families it's dangerous to walk to school as referred crossings are not safe or don't exist some of us have to cross Treyc phone Road which is really busy with speeding cars lots of which traffic and lorries to put their of schools across as next for many Vanko which makes it very difficult to work out where cars and buses ago
some of us have to cross people which is also on a roundabout the cause often don't slow down all let us know their come the pros warrior supposed to cross is off is flooding whether as the drains blocked or we will have to walk on the road side of the pedestrian gate to avoid the deep puddle though also Gill bosses like the 4 8 4 in the 3 4 3 which passed by to all the part cause me we can't see Tues cross a lead without stepping out into the water check between the cars and vans authories have set up a petition signed by over 400 members over the community including Palance cows and staff and completely supported by the children
percussion we are asking their Sham Castle to improve road crossing safety outside hatching capital growth free school we are urgently requesting that Lewisham council improve road crossing safety features outside the school on peeps Andrei cupboard and to do more to prevent vehicles and speeding in the streets surrounding the school we are asking the Council considered the following specific proposals move and raise the crossing points to make them safer considered moving or adding another basket to reduce traffic outside the school make the area and official Safer School crossing zone and pick up and drop off times
this is important to us because making these changes will keep us in our neighbourhoods safe and help us all move towards London's vision Zero to eradicate deaths and serious injuries from road traffic as soon as possible thanks to anyone who'll councillors helping us and to cabinet than the capital Sofia Aguirre came to his Sharston had to get to see the problem for herself please for except in sport optician and take action to make it safe for practical thank you
then then thank you very much unprepared and constable even would you like to respond to other young people who have gone up their time to be with us tonight
he can't just briefly to say thank you very much for coming to talk to us and for speaking so eloquently and passionately about this you know we really value the voices of young people in the council and it's great to hear you here tonight and we're gonna carefully considered your your request in the petition and will be getting back to you shortly so thank you very much
thank you
I haven't asked the Executive Director for Housing Regeneration and prepare them to prepare a response
I have also received a petition on the provision of halal food in our next gateway contract for schools I invite I shall Holly to represent the petition
thank you Mr. Speaker
OK thank you once I should tell me a local murder resident are looking forward I am a paediatric put practitioner her child mind as well as a Patterson of Proxima teaching raising three young should of my own for day I am here representing on the offer of represent an all other Muslim parents and their children to present this petition which we are all very much passionate about
where our children are being or likely to be affected if the decision of a non allow menu is disregarded aware that the Council is presently working towards a new kick and cater surprise solution cancel this was petition is a request to look for Lewisham to take into consideration the needs of Muslim children and their dietary requirements when consulted with any perspective food catering supplies the previous and contact with cat was fell to provide halal food option on their menu which will fall within the rights of almost some children to also be presented with a non contaminated alone menu more so parents paying for their children's school meal believe that it is unfair that their children have limited menu to choose from
this request is in line with Lewisham council's first corporate route priority which is open Lewisham there are large numbers are our boys within London even neighbouring but Boro such a Southwark which I once lived in that I success are successfully offering uncontaminated elected menus the pupils and shocking to see that Lewisham been at which form which has a high percentage of a diverse population within our borough is not it hasn't fallen into such catching room we are whole heartedly supportive that and the encouragement of which Terry Mills are there nevertheless alternative menus that caters for all children should also be implemented if not until all schools mills are purely vegetarian for all it is unfair that children of at one faith which should be restricted to a limited many was their counterparts of a more bet varied non but too many options it saddens me as a parent and along with other parents that their child go go go home oxen to have food like sausages or chicken for school dinner simple things either are we have to turn around and tell them that they can't because his I love yet other choices are limited to the likens this person it impacts on the fact that a child can simply still go ahead and possibly eat food purely because they want to eat it have limited choices to to the other food available or simply that their friends are eating yet for getting the concept of implicate implication on their face this of course this heart is me as a mother who have free young children who also will be affected please for with all with whole heartedly with my Muslim brothers assessable please on we kindly request that the Mayor and Cabinet member of schools use the influence implement this to all the independent and state schools within the Borough who who have opted out of the council's centrally arranged food conch and contracts so again as and saying that as a parent as a Muslim with much and three children out don't want them to go out there no really that's possibly they can eat something that there shouldn't be eating which can affect them later on so I plead with you all guys to be considering as we are a diverse community for this to be implemented as to be honest I don't understand the distress albeit very much yeah thank you
thank you very much I shall have presenting their petition and a non-exec director for children and young people to prepare a response thank you thank them
the next agenda item 5

5 Public questions

it's a public questions we have received 69 question from a member of the public and copy of the questions received and written responses have been published
on our website we have been notified that some member of the public will be in attendance to ask their supplementary questions Note the supplementary questions should be based on the published answers they are asked not to make speeches are interim proceedings if they do they may be removed from the meeting
can I remind everyone that it will be a slight delay between calling people into the meeting and asked their questions thank for your patience we have up to 30 minutes for this agenda item as permitted under our constitution
I would first supplementary question this evening is from Margot Wilson relating to question number four
good evening
welcome good evening yes please ask your supplementary question mark so my question was about trees and this is a question about the second part of that question
relating to the cost for ordinary residence of sponsoring a tree in Lewisham
so I see that Street were being has a number of charitable partners so I just like to know is that the only way that residents can get trees planted going via streets for the book who are doing very good work for other other sources of funding that residents could access
thank you very much Councillor McKeever and so there are other ways that communities are planted trees individuals have fundraised plant trees in Lewisham over the years in in parks and green spaces for example than ever attracted their own funding from external charities offer their own from their own fundraising but in terms of planting trees in the streets and sponsoring lambs it's we found it's the best route in its also a programme that's that's won awards and is widely recognised and in other boroughs because planting planted victories actually quite complicated because you got to check for utilities there's lots of different processes that you have to go through
and we built up this trusted relationship with street trees for living that we would strongly advise you want to plant a street tree that the best way to do her and in terms of fundraising streets are living a very very supportive to help people do that fundraising and help them attract the fundraising they really hold residents hands and there for them they they really developed it into a bit of an are over the years and and then they also have been very successful at attracting external funding which they views to plant trees in areas with high levels of deprivation high levels their quality and am along School routes and things like that so there always seeking and I ble conscious of and wearily conscious of that there's attention in having trees any plant in areas where people can afford to plant trees that's something we're really keen and conscious of and M and and have been working to address
thank you very much Councillor McGuigan
our SAP second supplementary question this evening is from Mark Bennett relating to question number 5
hello my yes I think you can ask a supplementary question please yeah thank you a boy what a date I in 20 22 will Council of started 250 apprenticeships thank you Councillor Dromi or like to respond
so our our target is to support to 150 apprenticeships through the Mayor's censorship service by 20 22 we we made the commitment in our manifesto in 20 18 and I was really pleased to incorporate it into a corporate plan and shortly afterwards and we will deliver those apprenticeships thoughts by the time of the election in 20 22 which should be may I'm it's really important that we that we do that we seen nationally since the pandemic the number of apprenticeship starts fell but I half locally we've been really doing what we can to drive up the number of apprenticeship opportunities both at the Council our local partners and and support small businesses to do so as well and we know that youth unemployment locally his has doubled and we want to do what we can to ensure that there still high-quality employment and training opportunities for our young people so we will deliver that 250 apprenticeships starts through the Service and by my
thank you Minister Jeremy and avert firstly many question understand that person cannot make to the meeting a move to our for supplementary question
to Mark Morris is less to question number 20
we can work together for the Rovelli when you can you stop the bar broadcast place we can get mocked Gordon please welcome to the meeting you can ask your supplementary question who colour that thank you for your reply and I recognise vision Council has secured some funding from other sources but the factors that through the future High Street Fund
for neighbouring borough Southwark has secured 9 point 6 million for excess of the Sun's quoted this reply and would the another neighbour pirate Greenwich has secured 17 point 1 million far far higher than the figures quoted in the replied from other sources
could you give a detailed explanation why Lewisham council walked away from accessing this huge source of funding and failed to make an application
thank you for the question for me
thanks thanks for a question mark and so we are committed to ensuring the are our high streets and our town centres thrive and we protect local businesses support them to grow in that we provide more high-quality employment opportunities locally it's one of the three priorities in in recovering from the pandemic and as you mentioned we've been successful in bidding for a number of funds base from the Mayor of London infant central government including recently via the good grey fund and the creative enterprise zone in in Deptford and putting together bids takes a huge amount of time and resource and we have had funding cut by central government by over half in the last at 10 years so the team that I work with were under incredible pressure before the pandemic and their workload is absolutely exploded since the pandemic so they've absolutely work their socks off to get a so far over 40 million pounds out of thousands of local business physical aren't keep them going through the pandemic they be focused on and promoting the number of apprenticeship opportunities locally to support young people and others through through the pandemic well and they're incredibly tightly stretched and we need to prioritise their work so we can't bid for everything we will of course consider their bidding in future for the high street funds and for any other funds that that become available and I do think it is considered think the government is supposedly keen on localism and devolution I think it is a real shame at that they run local government like this at the government massively cuts funding to local councils that cuts off on our focus in particular on local authorities which have high levels of deprivation like Lewisham and then they put out relatively small pots of money for councils to bid to and it's not about localism it's not efficient is not an efficient or effective way to 1 Local government because councils across the country have to spend a lot of time and we'll spitting for this money I think I'd be much better if the government just funded local authorities and provide local authorities with the ability to progressively raised the income that we need to support businesses and our communities
but having said that I as I say in the future we will consider bidding for the future streets funds of any other fun that we can use to support businesses and communities thank you very much consider me our PIP supplementary question this evening is from Winnie pertain relating to question number 22
welcome Mr. manipulative you can ask your supplementary question please
either overlay to seek further clarification to your response which sets newsletters
I am yes we can hear you you can complete your question please OK I would like to seek further clarification to but Russian tier response which takes newsletters were distributed to all households in Rushey Green uncovered words are the end of 2 thousand 20 I live in the chagrin which bought his or purported element and I have not received any News Letter from the Council or the covered conservation
a conversation November December 2 thousand 20 issue and neither have any of my neighbours or those living on neighbouring streets which bore the the proposed development could you please clarify whether the newsletter updates were posted to all Rushey Green and comfort Ward residents as I have not received this can you confirm the contents of these these news letters I I do their show the same information that is exhibited in the shopfront of wins lead way cupboard sensor which next nor reference of towers up to a maximum height range of 17 to 20 storeys and confirm whether their consultation period review period following the consultation will now be extended to ensure time for those who have not been informed have time to be able to do so and addressed the substantial negative comments that the council appears to be receiving from local residents
committee Deputy Chief Constable can you please respond you'll show thank you Vinay fuel your question I'm sorry to hear that you haven't received the most recent newsletter I will follow up with officers to check the with any issues of distribution you can find all the information about the Catford Town Centre Framework including a copy of the most recent conversations newsletter online at team Catford dot com in terms the consultation period this phase of consultation has been ongoing since
November transparency and will continue until next month I would encourage all local residents to get involved and have their say before the 5th February team Catford have organised several public information sessions for local residents online the more being held over the next couple of weeks all of information about those events and how you can contribute to the consultation is available online at teen cat for dot com I would distress though that's
there's a lot of discussion around a 20 storey tower this is a master planning exercise consultation which sets a guide or plan or a vision statement for Catford are both Rushey Green wards and also the board and neighbouring wards and kept south this is not a planning application that will deliver a 20 storey building that doesn't exist and that will take years to come into development if there is a 20 storey building but the Masterplanning exercise identifies a tolerance of between 17 to 20 storeys but obviously any planning acts application will need to be tested with local residents but this is a vision for Catford which is quite extensive exercise and is also producing quite positive results as well as people feel that the 20 storey tower block is not appropriate for the Victorian architecture of the area which as a great fan of Victorian architecture myself I can understand thank you very much constant bed
have a fixed penalty with six supplementary question this evening is from Adam long bottom relating to question number 26
Balqa Madam can you ask your supplementary question place it has catch up and respond stores to was launching the draft Framework is not planning application sought to take clarity of any planning policies have been used at a stage to help aid and the development of the CAF of framework or any of the planning and conservation officers at the end that to date just were referenced the previous Local Plan antis 13 the these policies were used and mentioned to justify for sample the cap for Senator site wouldn't be suitable for an increased Masson due to the surrounding streets and the new proposal seem to be indicated something much higher density which seems to be something more like the central setting which was solely reserved for Lewisham rather than the urban setting the catheters to finals
thank you item constable categories aspiring yes and thank you for your question the is the framework document went through a process of internal communal consultation the planning department are before we got to the stage to Catford Town Centre Local Plan 20 13 that you referring to was withdrawn and was not an adopted plan the Council's been preparing a new local plan which also out for consultation the Catford framework reflects the police's direction of the new Local Plan in the new draft London Plan which is still not yet been agreed but as I said before any further the consultation is open until it intends the framework
the I completely understand where you're coming from in terms of the visioning previous vision for Catford which was a low rise urban area effectively we do have to consider the growth in the population for Lewisham and also the demand for affordable housing but this is not the end of the process if the beginning of the process so hopefully you'll be able to contribute on quite happy to discuss any part of the framework with you and finally any question she'd got further to this meeting this evening thank you thank you very much Councillor Vale
Abbott favoured supplementary question
his family event relating to question number 30 4
hello hello Juliet meeting
could I ask Councillor BELL thank you for his answer to my question however what I was asking about were were Chairs of Planning Committees willing to make voluntary declarations and to supplement the staff and at once because of the current extended responsibilities where decisions have been made without going to Full Committee
I'm I think it's a it's some it's very difficult to maintain this never trust because we don't know what's going on so if if chairs are not willing to take voluntary declarations of property holdings outside the Bauer I'm wouldn't be possible to have the meetings that an individual council and the so Planning Committee Chair would have with an officer whether deciding what's happening in planning terms could those meetings be webcast so we can have some idea of how decisions are actually being made at Loane thank you ever constructed
Junior have you well and happy New Year to thank you for the question I mean this is a matter for the individual planning chairs themselves in terms of their chairs actions that take place the Planning officers are quite happy to share the PowerPoint presentation
in their response there is a general son standard obviously were dealing with in different circumstances with the temporary measures that will be coming to an end so we'll go back to the normal processes as soon as Sir the the extension has ended so I can't really forced planning chairs to make further declarations it really is up to them and how they wish to show transparency and openness in those discussions I doubt many Councillors in Lewisham have substantial property holdings elsewhere out of the borough but the playing applications relate to the once in the Borough in terms of the webcasting I don't think that's an option merely mainly because it's an internal meeting and I can understand why people think
well what's going on behind closed doors why can't I see this were all resident be have a right to this information but there's nothing going on behind those closed doors except review what the difficulties are with those applications what the objections have been effectively intimated decision whether to go to Committee but there the safe garden all of this is that your ward councillors can ask for an application to go to committee so that erm so that can happen still and is an important part of the process and I believe my my colleagues an I agreed to send one from Telegraph Hill to panic committee that's just come up on a shop front being converted into residential so the quick answer to question is not open they can be webcast because the temporary and also their internal meetings but I take your point analysis right to the Planning chairs and say at this is a concern from a resident important resident in Sydenham Lower Sydenham particularly I'll leave it to you for your judgement in terms of how you wish to declare that interest thank you
thank you Councillor Vale our eight supplementary question is from Rachel web relating to the question number 35
yes we can hear you about convection anything you can ask a supplementary question I k in response to question 35 the main purpose of the Lt N was to reduce through traffic to create quieter and safer streets for walking and cycling in the pandemic ensuring that people could socially distance in the response to question 49 the aim of the LTS discourage through traffic and assist with reducing air pollution whilst encouraging active modes of transport of travel I would like to know what exactly are the quantifiable goals of the LTS against which the trial will be measured given the divisive nature of the LTS the outcome of the trial needs to be absolutely scientific and not subjective can you guarantee this
thank you Councillor McKeever thank you for you and thank you for your question Rachel so there's a number of quantative measurements that will go into the assessing the Lt N so for example air-quality assessments traffic counts bus journey times and but will also be consulting residents in a couple of months and that will give us a sense of what they think of the of the L T N in and will have a much bigger better picture to make the decision with all of that information combined so not your question it'll be a combination of quantitative and qualitative evidence that will that will go into making that final decision thank you
thank you very much Councillor McEwing
question 9 I've been just informed is missing now removed to after of our 10th supplementary question from Mark Bennett relating to question number 38 please
Mark is not meeting not meeting
he still listens to speak
so again I am here
OK thank you can you ask your supplementary question please yeah in which development scheme schemes does the Council have limited cash equity
thank you
after about this and I can certainly feel question so the Council does not generally seek cash equity in schemes and general participation development schemes takes the form of land and is a route to securing value from our asset so we generally don't do that
thank you very much Councillor Vale
our elaborate supplementary question this evening is from Julia web again relating to question number 48
it is also noted Mr. Speaker I'll get you the are you in meeting
crime hunger thank you and I'd like to ask for the and Sevilla Narey School Development Agreement I agree I was provided it with the either the funding agreement but the payment dates are redacted now
it says 3 million pounds was given I do not understand why the date until which the funds were transferred are somehow secret the capital program spent 3 million pounds I think I ought to be able to get a simple answer and it's totally baffling why this is redacted thank you Councillor Bentley
as rebel you are muted yes first-time the HSE so at Julia I'm I completely understand why you ask you for that information I'll have to speak to my cabinet colleague of CYP because the Planning Department would necessarily be involved in that process is the CYP department understand that sometimes they like to keep these this information commercially sensitive for reasons around how these developments happen but I will come back to you with direct answer that question by e-mail so wise the payments redacted now responded this week hopefully thank you our next a second last question from Adam Longbottom letting to question number 26 at the Marine meeting
yes I am OK yes please ask a supplementary question you or I was just wanting to question a bit further the Bakerloo phase 2 extension was not occur and while this result in reduced number of homes being proposed under the café at framework he said fixing his narrows will benefit from the Phase 1 extension of the Bakerloo line or is the Council committed to ensuring alternative provision will be agreed and sharp passing will be suitable for the existing round that works and you constantly again to respond I don't thanks again for your question I'm rural suffering the privatised rail industry before lockdown obviously most of us who that Kamworor for him now where from him so I understand the capacity issues at Catford and Catford Bridge stations the number of homes planned for the sites reflect the policy direction before the Bakerloo extension face to was a factor however the aims of the Framework solutions brought a growth objectors were still be supported by it if it does occur so there has been a revising down the number of housing units FRA during the course of this process but because the population of Lewisham is growing and also because of the the fact that there are at the ways of regeneration capital be through retail and night-time economy also housing were hopeful that the Bakerloo line was still occur and I believe the sites had been secured for this the face once a part of that and will be pushing for an extension to the Hayes to Hayes and trout neighbouring bar
which is also very popular with that with Bromley's residence as well but in terms of the number of homes is a it's a developing process but please feed into the consultation a master framework in order that we can really understand what anybody thinks of in captured and Rushey Green wards it is projected that population Catford will increase and therefore it sir the Bakerloo line is important part of it though hopefully the funding will be secured in due course and obviously the re-routing of the South circle of is also very important to restore cannot Civic pedestrianised Green Catford that I think we all have aspirations for
thank you cards to bat habitat teen supplementary question the evening is from Rachel web again relating to question number 49 and that should be our last question because we are just on 29th minute Rachel
I higher in response to the question 57 I note that the aim is to not just to reduce pollution and traffic but also to reduce the number of vehicles on the road given that this is the goal what is the plan to reduce parking and High Kirk car ownership areas such as within the LTA
thank you thank you for your question Rachel I'm we've recently made a commitment to roll out of borough wide teepees ed programme you're absolutely right the reducing demand for parking is a really really important element in reducing demand for for vehicles and use of private cars in and we absolutely committed to using parking to address that
thank you very much Councillor McGeever and that is the end of other 30 minute we have just two supplementary question left from Mark Bennett and Julia that they have asked their first few questions and they can also write to serve a Cabinet Member for their further clarification if they wish to because we have to just finish this at 30 minutes of this the constitution allows us

6 Member questions

item 6 are the question received from Councillors 10 questions for a Member of the Council received responses to the question have been provided and published on our website I would like to remind members that we have up to 30 minutes for this item Kauser was do you have any supplementary question to your
yes thank you Mr. Speaker of just quickly if I could ask the tablet member if Aleutian parent thinks they are eligible for healthy start vouchers was the best way for them to apply
thank you Councillor Bodenham to respond place thanks very much and thanks James for your question I'm actually really grateful for this question I've learned quite a lot about healthy start vouchers maybe I should have known more beforehand but it's been useful exercise than me and I think with the current concerns about feeding children that we seen in schools it's really important that we encourage people who are eligible for healthy start vouchers to to use them and sadly is the case that over the course of the pandemic more people have become eligible for them the simple answer to your your supplementary question James's any families on low incomes so people claiming Universal credit income support jobseeker's allowance who could benefit from a boost to help them buy fresh milk healthy fruit vegetables infant formula there's many ways you could access them speak to the midwife's speak to a health visitor visit the healthy start website that's probably the most straightforward healthy start dot nhs dot uk there's also a health Lunn number which I won't read out here it's probably not useful but happy to provide to anybody who needs it
you can get an application form for many of those sources and you can send it back by freepost and people no longer need a health professional to countersign the forms or is really straightforward and I'm really keen prompted by your question that we get our Ouro proportion of people claiming these vouchers up too much higher levels
thank you Councillor Parnham thank you very much Councillor buy them a second question is Councillor Holland do you have any supplementary question to ask us to draw me
and it isn't it Councillor McKeever
no it's not a question at a concert hall and 0 sorry we and question 3 and so can't get a Harlan
thank you
yes thank you very much to you Councillor born there reply that's really encouraging I just wanted to ask about the involvement of early years in the programmes there I'm getting into play some relation to the Borough of culture so provision from defied Sir their involvement alongside schools thank you thank you I have been informed it's from constant Dromey is the concert Amis you at a constable to response speaker it's it's my powerful if you Galka that that the HSE down was given his consider me so yes cancer bone please respond thank you
think you'll table that's a very good question having two young children of primary school age and really keen to make sure that the programme consists of both primary school and secondary school I'm really excited about the plans we have an and hoping that we have all primary schools on board so that's consistent part of the programme going forward thanks
thank you Councillor Burt constant how you can come now
I thank you Mr. Speaker apologies and for there have been a bit under the weather lately and I must have misheard or can I just ask the Cabinet Member about Japanese Knotweed because embedding him the proposed site for the gypsy and travellers' site was subject to a lively discussion nothing in March 2 thousand 18 of the business Panel where we learned amongst other things that this site contains Japanese knotweed but also that it was a Site of importance for nature Conservation and and I think he is Councillor Muldoon mentioned something about is a habitat for stag be tools are as well can I ask that the Cabinet Member reviews the site-specific plan that she mentioned in her answer and sends me a copy her for this site and also in whilst others looking at the answer moment go and it struck me are the two are we using glyphosate and I know that to your be a keen listener to Gardener's question Time on Radio 4 and I think it's a isn't that a harmful substance to bees and to pregnant women Haggersta hard constant McGeever please to respond he has an answer to that the second part of your question fast glyphosate is destroying Japanese knotweed is one of the few areas where most councils will have to use glide for sale destroying in any other way and I've seen various technologies that purport to do it I don't in any of them are considered to be reliable enough but obviously the way that the Council uses glyphosate as an in and very careful way which means that those though that the the hazards that you're suggesting there are not present we're keen to reducing pesticides in as many areas as we possibly can so that arbiter Japanese knotweed is is is very well but will continue to use live say until turn to technology better just announced the question about the Gypsy and Traveller site you didn't give me any prior notice of this question in your original question was just a question about Japanese knotweed so I I'm not positioned to answer anything about the the Gypsy and Traveller site at the stage like your boss Donoghue Councillor Holland or Germany supplementary question to your question number four
thank you thank you very much a question 5 pasta hardly have any supplementary question
yes thank you Chair a Christmas seems like a long time ago now but the collection of Christmas trees I'm sure is uppermost in everyone's minds Emma just thank the Cabinet Member for her reply and positive a commitment to look at are having a site in Bellingham my spoken to Phoenix Community Housing and I know that they are keen to help the Council should aside be necessary
or be desirable and can the Cabinet Member have a conversation with Phoenix about about this thank you thank you very much concern while Councillor McGeary again please respond yeah I know of says are keen to look into alternative and locations in Bellion for Christmas trees so I'll certainly ask them to do that thank you and next question from Councillor Holland regarding question 60 or any supplementary question consoling no I think it was pretty much covered off in the questions from the public clanky that's fantastic thank you next question as question 7 from concert hall again
do you have any supplementary question from Sir hot pink can I just say thank you very much to the Cabinet Member for the commitment for the Head of Law typical sorry director over law governance and HR Our 2 Cork contact me I do have a suggestion alerted would it be possible for the cabinet member to contact an English England squash the governing Body of squat because I was reading the report this afternoon and this evening where there was a discussion about the availability of squash courts and I understand that that England squash or can help the Council here by producing a facility a report which will look at the population and the necessary advice for harmony swashbuckle Sir should be available thank you thank you it's Gosper born again
thank you Mr. Speaker thank you item is so moving forward we will be exploring all possible options including having a public consultation so I have made no of your suggestion and I will make sure that we
carry out an in-depth conversation with England squash I believe we've done or an in-depth research but I am more than happy to to contact any other additional organisations to see what their suggestions are in to take that forward when we do reach up a consultation stage thank you thank you very much Councillor Ron are Reston air contractor your any supplementary from constable area
if yes thank you Chair JC to cow and bus stops them or thank or officers and thank the Chief Executive fur for ensuring that the Highways I think transport officers now I looking at bus stop in Bill Green Lower Sydenham next to the doctor's surgery there is Sydenham Green but again I look to other reply I re-read the reply and it says that this contract has been held by JC Decaux 6 19 91 and it strikes me why did officers refer residents to TEFL and him who monitors this contract in cause the no-one seemed to know about it
Councillor whenever placed responded
thank you Councillor Hall and so I have had a brief chance to look into this via the Belle Green bust-ups situation and and yes things should have been done quicker should have been getting to the bottom of issue more more more quickly now as I understand it you people have now worked out who's got responsibilities was look the clarity on responsibility wasn't wasn't there the outset so where it currently stands is that that they're they're the Thames as you may know Councillor Hall for the the bus to be reconfigured as a cantilever bus shelter and the situation now is it's not just involving JC Decaux and the council but it does involve it's they're electrics involved involved KPN to to come in and do their works as well so this should happen sooner but officers now are now on it and and I I appreciate the effort that people have made to make sure that this will be replaced as soon as possible thank you very much got over yet Councillor hard regards to question 9 Do you have any question to Deputy me now just that work like to thank a very much air for the answer like I look forward to the disability commission a reporting unsure we all do it feels again as if we have been waiting for quite some time or for this I suppose that inevitably leads to the question of when will disabled people have independent advocacy and representation in Lewisham on a borough wide basis or by but by a borough wide body and I don't know I used to work in a voluntary sector and I know that 35 thousand pounds we've on cost doesn't get your match
thank you very much Councillor while I understand the no question it was comment so you can tell me if you have any supplementary question to question number 10 as the last question from you also
I just would ask them thank can the Cabinet Member fit of her reply is this I just I think what I was trying to ascertain is this the same case that my colleague Councillor shoehorned Yanko reported to Council officers I think that's a one piece of that's one answer that we were lively Sea King and
planning mentions London street rescue him does the Council have a contract with them that that was the other other obvious question thanks and cure cancer battered me like to comment on it yes sure so Sue had to raise other cases with me I'm particularly round Sainsbury's rich every time this has raised with me I refer them to officers to to investigate so I'm not aware whether it's the same case or not because there have been a number of
at Rough Sleepers around the area that we've had to make sure they're getting the support that is needed this is a particular sad case obviously because this person was due to go to Brighton and I get a lift from from a friend and their and any death on the streets is tragic it's a an unnecessary loss of life and his erm it's extremely upsetting to anybody concerned so our rest assured that every time this has raised me I raise it with officers to make sure are asked the question what do we know about
about these particular individuals in terms of the contract I will come back to you on that because I haven't got a list of contract dates and when the tenders coming up etc so I'll I'll look into that and I will come back to you as I have with this question thank you Councillor Hall and I hope you're feeling better thank you very much Councillor

7 Council Tax Base

that an back at the end of Members questioned Valentine so no we move to agenda item 7 this is concerning the report and the council tax base I call upon Councillor to move the recommendations in this report thank you Mr. Speaker the recommendations before us relate to technical financial items that are about the resident and commercial tax base and are part of the budget building process for 20 21 and 20 22 the council tax base is the number of Band D properties in a local authority area and this forms part of the wider budget calculations and proposed collection rate the proposed base this here is 88 thousand 613 point 3
and the proposed collection rate is 95 per cent this percentage is lower than previous years and reflects the wider economic situation that the country finds itself in the number of households is also lower and reflects a larger than usual number of people eligible to claim the council tax reduction scheme again this is a reflection of the economic issues we face both locally and nationally as households experienced greater financial pressures
we are proposing to make no change to the Council Tax reduction scheme for 20 21 20 22 which exempts claimants from up to 75 percent of their Council Tax bill
the council tax rate is set separately at the full Council budget meeting in March members will note that this paper also contains recommendations on the local discretionary Council Tax roads that local authorities can apply to particular groups in their area and pleased to say that we are proposing to continue to set a discretionary just discretionary discount of 100 percent for local authority care leavers under 25
where also continuing our efforts to bring long term empty dwellings back into use with a scheme of council tax rises on properties that get steeper the longer it remains empty the report also contains information about income expected from big business rates collection Lewisham's estimated business rate tax base is 65 million pounds with the next return due on the 31st of January delegation is sought for the exact director to conclude this given the great uncertainty over recovery after the pandemic London Councils have collectively agreed not to pull rates this year misses a great shame but given the economic situation particularly affecting the capital and its back as an and its businesses it isn't a surprise guarantees about levels of income was sought from government but as these have not yet been forthcoming London has reluctantly agreed to postpone the pool for this year and Lewisham supports this position I move the recommendations contained in the report thank you
your music that Mr. Speaker but I guess you recall that our calling you to second the recommendations on the ground to find out something he authored I am policies a very sensible proposal in the current circumstances and therefore I am pleased to support it and formally second SHA Our Mr. Speaker thank you thank you
does anyone have any questions on this item
I will now ask our Clerk to take a roll call vote on this item which will be recorded in the minutes we are legally obliged to do this on items relating to the budget the Clerk will announce the names councillors to turn-on their camera and microphone police stayed for against abstain and turn up their camera and microphone again over to you can please
Mr. Speaker I will start with Councillor on the Farani very much full Cathy outrun law or once the Barnum for Councillor Bill
hansard turnouts
Councillor best
hence the policy
Councillor born
Councillor Brown
Councillor Campbell thaw Councillor Clarke
full Council code
the capital funding would come to the current before as the Dakers fall
Councillor Davis for
and so terrific
Councillor Dromey Marian
4 Councillor Elliott
Councillor Gallaher for
Councillor Gibbons for Councillor Hall
Councillor Handley or
Councillor Holland
Councillor the enko for
Councillor Howard for answering the big thrill
Councillor Johnston Franklin for cancer clue
Councillor Callaghan
4 thank you Kevin transcripts gate for the council Mallory nor hence the Maslin
consumers in Thor
Councillor Driver for Councillor Millbank
for Councillor Mowat
Councillor Morrison for come some of them thought hence the open back door thought
as the Openshaw
Councillor Jack pursue full Councillor John pursue or
Councillor Penfold for all
Councillor Powell thought
Councillor Rathbone for
hence the read for
Councillor shake
Councillor Slater for Councillor Smith for
Councillor Sobel for
consistency for Chair Councillor Welsh
for Councillor wise
for cancer earlier to present Yes I am keeping my apologies and for ever some technical problems but and for
his the Speaker 53 votes in favour and none against a non abstention thank you very much go and I declare that recommendation had been agreed

8 Motions

now we move on to agenda Item far 8 which are emotions will have two motions this evening motion one is called making the universal credit increase permanent I call upon Councillor and forward to move this motion place thank you Mr. Speaker
my constituent your heart for raising this matter with me
credit as the main and replacement better Conservative politicians lights say that the UK has the most generous benefit system in the world last it's hard to do like for like comparison with other systems
start showing that it is not the case and UK is normally up to or slightly below are the First World War clear is that the value of benefits significantly decreased over the last 40 years and especially in the last 2 thousand 17 the Child poverty action Group calculated that unemployment benefits were paid it said the average wage in 19 70 11 15 percent in 2 thousand 17
in 2 thousand 13 the benefit cap was introduced in 2 thousand 17 the to child rules introduced and in 2 thousand been and effect this phrase left it until April 20 20 and 2 thousand and 10 the rate of jobseeker's allowance per week the previous earning replacement was for a single person over 25 65 pounds 45 per week until April 20 20 this had increased by around the 73 pounds 10 per week
what benefit rates cap eighth-placed sorry pace with inflation the rate for single adult over 25 April 20 20 would have been an excessive 86 pounds per week in March 20 20th startled pandemic there was a huge wave of new Universal credit claimants many of whom had never climbed benefit before and who were all that the low rate of benefit government were compelled to act on Chris Read never credit by 20 pounds per week this man the single class never 25 currently received 95 pounds 59 per week when the changes introduced that the vacation was to strengthen safety net and benefit no foul to take it away now make a tense the pandemic continues in claims continue to rise in March 20 20 claim and countless 3 million by May this had risen 5 point 2 million and by November the last month or which we have figures the countless 5 point 8 million in Lewisham the claimant count was 8 thousand 125
this is more than double the 20 20 thousand 555 by November granted irrespective of the pandemic by us Fang a safety net needed strengthening is tacit ext thing but it was an adequate Burley for room given the real term reduction which has occur but Checkley in the last 10 years invade over 10 pounds 20 pounds or swallowed up by income which has been lost over the last 10 years 0 inflation increases and the benefit freeze I ask everyone support to motion towards the government do the right thing by the people of this country and keep the 20 pounds increase in universal credit to support revel in our society I so move
thank you very much Councillor Penfold I now call upon Councillor Cahal to second the motion please
Councillor Callaghan thank you Mr. Speaker sorry slow fingers and when caught contemplating his motion Gary two main issues to consider the first his leadership and what it means in light of the events in Washington C C recently this is an issue we must all reflect upon by asking ourselves the question what kind of a leader betrayed the people they were elected to care for and protect in his statement reflecting upon events Arnold Schwarzenegger aptly reminded us that fascism does not come to our seen giant leaps but in tiny increments by the other isolation of unfavourable people in order to appeal to the basest instincts of those who said leaders have already taken steps to disenfranchise it is still within our cultural memory where that road leads and we promised never again
the second issue is the difference that the small amount of 20 pounds per week makes to those on the lowest incomes it is the difference between heating your home and not it is the difference between eating healthily and not it is a difference between wearing appropriate clothes and not it is a difference between living honestly and being forced to live otherwise just to survive
all of which contribute to the health and wealth of any nation
as Lord Beveridge's report highlighted in the 19 30 s Keynesian economics and the building of our welfare state in the postwar years taken together prove without any doubt reasonable or not
therefore it is imperative upon us not only to support this motion but too loudly demand for its implementation by every medium available to us I formally second Mr. Speaker thank you very much Councillor Keller her I understand to other council services to speak on this motion so firstly I call on Councillor hard to speak comes to our place
thank you Chair errm I need to declare an interest as a member of Unite the Union and Unite community Greenwich Lewisham and Bexley Unite Community been campaigning on universal credit for many many years now and we say there there is a need for a fairer social security system a system that is fair for all which works to end poverty and allows a claimants to live with dignity Stephen Timms the former social security minister under the Labour government agrees with us ease says universal credit is played by very very serious flaws but this is the system we have therefore we are calling for the 20 pounds up lift to be maintained
I am Councillor Keller was giving some examples of how it affects individuals in Lewisham earner in our society more generally generally 20 pounds is a lot of money when you're on Universal credit and he is the difference between eating or using or or you heating or eating or heating o but not only that it does make economic sense or the 20 pounds uplift to provided a stimulus to our economy at the start of the pandemic it by tote target in the low income households these are houses that actually spend their money in their Doty the money is not going into savings the current the National Institute of economic and social Research estimated that only half of that increase in how so could Sumption would have been achieved if this package had not been targeted in this way it boost consumer spending more effectively than other or policies
I think for me universal the uplift of in universal credit ease important any for Lewisham is important the number of people claiming Universal credit credit has rocketed the counts Worthing needs to look at itself and what it can do to to help people claim universal credit because there are many as was mentioned by Councillor Penfold they've never claimed benefits at all and it's in our interest that the our residents do claim the benefits that they are entitled to for the local economy so that they can spend this money and locally to I would ask him perhaps the council may need to look at the website as well just to see that the pathway to claiming council tax support is as easy and quick when you receive universal credit as it can be so with that chair I'd like to thank I'd like to thank everybody for for agreeing for this motion to be put forward and I think is the right thing to do
thank you
are before I move on to an expert girl constant Alan Smith have seen your hand you wish to speak on this motion
Gorslas meant yes sorry just getting yourself out of but I'll wait until the other Surrey Margate in the 80 Gallaghers' confirming no I call upon as Councillor Dromey to speak on this motion
thank you Chair
as as speakers have already mentioned universal credit is in no way sufficient to the meet the needs or people who after rely on it we should always remember as has been highlighted that universal credit is not just a a benefit for people who are unable to find work almost half of the people on universal credit in Lewisham are in-work they're working for their property and they're struggling to get by no one and universal credit chooses to be there no one on universal credit deserves to be there
people are deserving of our support and as Councillor Keller said there's a long tradition of trying to stick Messiah signifies and
jolly muted yourself
thank you there is a saying that Councillor Kenner highlighted that rightly or a long standing attempt by many to ostracise and divide benefit claimants from from others where the we actually know that the vast majority of people who claim universal credit and had worked for most of their lives and many of us who have worked for mates Molise will and likely to end up on
benefits at some point in the future it's the mark of a civilised society tougher social security safety net but provides that sufficient income for people to live on the full year freeze in working age benefits institutes in 20 15 has massively caught the value of universal credit is lower than any points in in in the history since the urgent jobseekers' allowances for four and a was introduced and it's far lower the comparative countries and if we are really all in this together if the government does want to level up after the after the crisis better than it must make permanent and extend the 20 pounds universal credit increase and I thank you very much thank urged Qatar Penfro very much for bringing this really important motion and I hope that the chancellor listens to all of those were campaigning for this thank you very much Councillor draw me no to you Councillor Smith
yes thank you could a briefing really I am in support of this so it's not speaking against it I just wanted to cut or raise the some attention to the fact that this amount of money that this would cost the country per year is essentially two months' worth of Deloitte's consultants working on the fail track and trace and I think most of the people who are currently in receipt of these benefits are probably adding more to this society than those Deloittes consultants who have more than enough money to live a reasonable life and I very much doubt their spending that money in the local economy the way local people in receipt of the at 20 pound would be so fully support the should remain in place accurately McMaster's met for your contribution
and as anyone else who wish to speak on this motion
no OK now I go to the Member of the Council is the motion agreed greed greed
8 February
are there any extension are votes against
no thank you I declared that the motion has been carried no we move to our next motion at the second motion the council has received as in respect of the state of Oman the poor man's humour right in Poland I call upon Councillor Clarke to move this motion please
thank you Mr. Speaker the current nationalist Law and Justice party are threatening the basic rights and freedoms of women and minority groups in Poland
Faith groups are pressuring government to take regressive steps hundreds of thousands of women in Poland had protested the Stop abortion bill has in practice made abortion for any reason virtually impossible for women and girls the Stop paedophilia Bill could lead to teachers and healthcare providers being imprisoned for giving information on sexual reproductive health and in sexuality education lessons
the preparation for family life school curriculum promotes harmful stereotypes and misinformation that takes women back to the 19 50 s and early in its minority groups the government is eroding the independence of the judiciary in order to control the duty of the judicial systems they are curbing the freedom of the media targeting journalists and independent organisations and they are suppressing basic freedoms targeting activists and those who dissent and using the courts to criminalise them
human Rights Watch warn of dire health consequences Amnesty International is clear that behind these latest moves lies a profound contempt for the rights of women that is not limited to Portland the use of restricted access to family planning and abortion is common in many countries Poland was one of 33 that signed the Geneva consensus declaration including the US and Brazil representing huge populations of women these countries do not recognise that women have a right to abortion
all and has also pulled out of the Istanbul Convention which promotes protections for women and girls trying to escape abuse or seek justice it also promotes healthy attitudes and behaviours through education on equality and non-discrimination an important protection for minority groups
basic human rights hard fought for for decades are being dismantled in months and years and the spread of these profoundly backward attitudes is of grave concern
and to those who may say this is just a motion in Lewisham council and will make no difference
I answer that in action and turn and turning a blind eye to the abuse of women and minorities anywhere is as bad as condoning that abuse we are politicians and we should use our voice however small to support those who are struggling to fight oppression in my hometown of Middlesbrough in 19 86 a room was dedicated to Nelson Mandela in support of the anti-apartheid movement
it was a small gesture but many similar gestures around the world eventually added to the internal struggle that helped to support for pressure for change in South Africa
let's hope that our small gesture tonight will have a similar effect I move the matter the motion Mr. Speaker
thank you very much Councillor Clarke for your contribution no I call upon Councillor Walsh to second this motion place
thank you Mr. Speaker Members of Council an honour to be asked to second tonight's motion seeking to defend women's rights and highlight the continuous March to allow conservatism and rightwing politics and Poland and in the wide neighbouring region the ruling Law and Justice party since coming to power in 20 15 has repeatedly moved to further curbs sexual and reproductive health and human rights and let's be clear Poland already has one of Europe's most restrictive abortion laws the Polish constitutional Tribunal's ruling to invalidate the constitutionality of access to abortion on the grounds of severe and irreversible foetal defect or incurable illness threads feats his life will harm women and violate their human rights
as a result the people in pop Poland throughout October and November December and even into January January I have undertaken an extraordinary wave protest to protect their fundamental human rights and the rights of women have choice over their own bodies after the third restrictions to access to women's services this tribunal judgment says Amnesty International is the latest manifestation of coordinated systemic wave of tax on humans or one on women's humans rights in Poland the attack some women are part of a wider programme of ideological attacks by the Law and Justice party who are part of a transnational movement against the so called gender ideology a flexible term which component is most often associated with such issues as abortion rights sex education reproductive technologies as well as feminist and LGBT activism on this last area more than 1 hundred mean municipalities the cover around two-thirds of the country have declared themselves LGBT free zones Council not only must must we stand in solidarity with those wherever in the world who are trying to protect our fundamental human rights and freedoms but Polish is the second most prevalent language spoken in the borough what happens in Poland affects Lewisham residents deeply bring about international pressure and scrutiny we can bring to bear a fair and help facilitate change the alternative is that we have a nearby name in the nearby nation state growing more extreme and less tolerant in its view council I may have
thank you Councillor Roche that anyone else wished to speak on this item
OK Councillor Smith place and move yourself
it's a bit slow this yes were O'Connell prefer remit here a pastor normal is poem and the first they came for the Communists in this case it's first they came for the women and I did not speak out fall as there were we are speaking out and although we may be a small voice a lot of small voices makes a very loud noise so I think it's time we contributed to that loud noise by being small voice down here in south-east London
he here thank you very much after Smith
briefed are a very strong contribution and you know I go to the Member is the motion agreed
great agreed
agreed and you and any abstention are goes against
thank you I declare that the motion has been carried

9 Request to extend the 6 month rule

now we move to next agenda item in the item 9 concerns an application to extend the six months' rule in respect that Councillor Davis I call upon Councillor Millbank to move the recommendations as set out in the report
thank you Speaker Councillor has been asked to consider and approve an exemption to the attendance requirement for councillor Councillor Sophie dailies is wishing to take parental leave from her commitment to attend Council meetings for six consecutive months beginning in February this year
the request in this report is being made to ensure that her role as a councillor is able to continue when she returns
the law says that councils cannot Ness attending Council meetings for longer the 6 months unless they have reason to do so and which importantly has been approved by the Council before the end of the 6 month period of absence
while Councillor Davis has plans to return in augurs this report as extra time for this request so as typified an additional period should it be required and also to cover any extra forsee eventualities that my happen
so this report asked for approval nail from Council to approve an extension of the 6 month role for Councillor Sophie Davis between the 17th of February 20 21 and the 16th of February 20 22 before I ng could I just pass on the best wishes of this Council to Councillor Davis and her family and which are a very happy few months ahead
speaker I moved the report and recommendation thank you thank you very much past O Millbank now call upon Councillor Mowat to second the recommendations please thank you Speaker I formally second the recommendations
now I go to their members or the recommendation agreed late arose
great age
are there any abstentions or vote against
thank you I declared that the recommendations have been agreed
On behalf of the entire Council may I congratulate Councillor Davis on her forthcoming parental leave and extend our very best wishes to her and her growing family for the future
hear hear
thank you
the interest
we're proud of you thank you thank you that brings us to end of our first meeting after 20 21 tonight
despite a difficult start to the year let's hope 20 21 is better than 20 20
I would like to thank everyone who joined us and contributed would night you are Kidner I ultimately