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Brent, Lewisham and Southwark IT Committee
Monday, 18th January 2021 at 6:00pm 









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5 Update on development of Target Operating Model for the Shared Service
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such as first welcome it was just the first item tonight is to formally agree the Chair for this meeting so as
as warehousing and bring our tonight at outturn to host it would be one of them bring Councillor so our belief Councillor R might work as Councillor McLellan it here at the moment so I got for nomination that's happy to agree that
happy to agree thank you thank you very much thank you thank you and them if we can start the meeting and then festival welcome to this additional joint him ICT meeting joint shared meeting to discuss the target operation model if you if you will recall that to him at the last meeting me Sebby one to actually discuss it thoroughly outside of Utoo usual meeting a schedule that we have so one this meetings being put on so there to be connected discuss this at depth first and foremost if you go through to agenda declarations of interest them of any one has to any interested declare

3 Declarations of Interest

now and then provision for public participation James I take it that would not have any request for public participation tonight

4 Provision for Public Participation

5 Update on development of Target Operating Model for the Shared Service

that's absolutely fine and so we go to ask the absence substantive item which is update on development had target operating model for the shared service for that the new shed technical surface should I say and so far so I'm election to do Scrabble Nagra who you'll know who's the managing director of the shared service and Fabien before you you start is it OK FUL for members all committee members to interject if they have a question to us
but for any particular section of Gloucester and I just wanted to say thank you for the for the report very thorough slow we showed a lot of questions arising so I leave it with you Fabien
for artists like FU infused Tim Green are he'll be supporting it of any questions of the college or step for her of happen that I can't answer so just just to introduce him green he's our from our programme and a further target operating model I freaking stem welcome I am I thought that they will need to be broken down into two parts of the session so the first part is the the open bit which way with wherein over we can talk about some of the detail about Sunday talking to go to a closed session because it's talking about people's roles and we haven't started formal consultation yeah
just just to get to the point that out so if what I thought I'd start with Robin and actually presenting the report I thought her for those who may have not been here at the time of the shared service is probably worth explaining the journey and how and how we got to the place where we are today
so if I covered off very quickly so in 20 16 Brenton Lewisham formed the shared service as a part of Lewisham exiting their of manage third-party man service 20 17 or Southwark joined that shared services became the three boroughs and two former of see them a bigger entity Southwark were also insourcing from a third party in 20 19 out those work had been identified to improve the shared service third sector to make some gains and methods consultancy with Broughton to to do an evaluation the shared service and make some recommendations a which some of you will be familiar to familiar with in 20 19 8 a a target operating model was recommended as a part of the methods consultancy where identified of an additional 1 point 1 million worth of investment are per annum into the Service and identified it did a capacity and maturity exercise to sort of review
areas of improvement that we'll need it an additional 30 posts were identified so that sort of started the the the the process of in 20 20 I going the service as well as the rest of the leadership team for for the for the shared service and we started to to return to to work on what methods had originally producing any simply carry our evacuation and again into a more granular detail about some of the the areas where we needed to improve our maturity and our capacity and and hopefully with the last years' worth of committee meetings you you'd of seeing the improvements that we've worked that we've introduced with processes and some of the more modern types or ways of working so we we we started to carry out a review which is when Tim joined us in March April time where we started to to to actually to review those areas of the TEL and the methods that we taken was we interviewed every member of staff within the service to sort of get a feeling fold for what if you're within the service what actually means what what it that the where the gaps are we met with a joint committee sought a joint are maxima board and and reviewed what their aspirations were going forward and and we've also reviewed the landscape in terms of
the market place where is moving to some of the challenges own cyber security and the things that come out of Redcar and Cleveland and Hackney council so we've been very much trying to make sure that we cover off a lot of those angles there were various workshops with the operational Management Group so I think this we had about four or five very detailed workshops where we spoke about specific roles specific Caple
and and and and built a proposal we outlined a number of options that was three options which was a minimal investments which saw a decrease in in some of the service levels if we if we were unable to turn setts or to invest in the service and then maybe if you like a bit more about a Rolls Royce which was closer to a million pounds which we felt that her or that that could potentially be an option with tighter S allays and so forth so we with with the the bearish reviews that we conducted in the conversations we had the operation Management Group and the Joint Management Board we've come to a consensus that action to which is the proposed option in the report
is is is the best option at the Joint Management Board there was a discussion about whether whether it should come to the Joint Committee from the perspective of Big Dig there's that Members are taking decisions around around reductions but also investments within the council in its felt that it it's it's it's the sensible thing to have this conversation here at this level of detail
so what action to comprises of is an improvement to the way that we provide our first line support it's it focuses very much on improving our Soleil's not just the the way that we response to respond to our out because our ticket the issues that are staff have but also very much about being preventative proactive ensuring that those our members of staff don't actually have those issues in the first place and trying to do that proactive remedial type work so that a big focus on that we're looking at introducing a third party and this to provide our telephone service desk which we which we currently operate as a covert measure Bobby but we've seen the ban you only want to continue with that and then I think I mentioned it on the last joint committee but that the thinking behind this is there was very much when when a member of staff or an officer needs that instant support there at the there a walked out of the office and have that once one interaction with a member of staff now we have suddenly homework it's more it's as far more difficult they raised a ticket and a and there and they wait to be returned Mikhael so fits proactive it's a media they can pick up the phone and they can they can speak to somebody
immediately so that that that we will keep that telephone service desk continuing for the future and we and we'll be extending that out of 24 7 so all of our emergency workers all of our out of hours workers date they get the same level of support it doesn't require a Monday to Friday 08 till 6 type response so that that that that's the that's the pick bulk of of of of the target operating model the other galleries are service improvements at the Pew roles to focus on our processes on the things we do the way that we interact with other Council IT departments and make sure that we become a fissure with supporting each of the Council's in the best way process so that there that there's likely to be you know some real the harm integrations with with how we work as the applications are very much still with each of the council so we want to make sure that we're as efficient and were supportive and responsive as the Council's need us to be so so sad East Peak the roles of these offices at a very much through that you'll be aware of when I've spoken in
in the last joint committee that we have a tech road map where we're planning our future for the five next five years as a whole load of change improvement we're gonna be introducing and one of the things that we're with with doing is we we I think architects into the role to make sure that we we design a service that's right as fit for the future we don't make batting Aughnacloy says and we have all of the structure and integrations that we need to to to provider a great service and then the other element there is the cyber a cyber defence teams so I'll with everything that's happening all of the attacks that you're saying across local authorities in the public sector
we want to make sure our defences are our watertight we don't have any issue so we're increasing numbers of officers are protecting the Council out of the struck outdated our residents you know information it's it's it's critical so we we built a new capability in the to help protect the service and in the last and the last element which is also equally as important but our apprentices
to make sure that we take on apprentices and we developed the people of our bearers and to take make is to make sure we take apprentices from all three boroughs and include them and grow them within our service because IT being you know one the jobs of the future we want to make sure that we're using local people and supporting no stone that those local in the Beatles
so that said option 2 which encompasses those points I mentioned is it's an investment of 700 K per annum which oversees are a lot smaller than the 1 point 1 that were previously spoke about the we we feel that it's the right value for for for the service that we need to deliver to deliver services but also taking into consideration all the challenges a that the councils are going through and so forth we're with various discussions at all levels it's it's felt that that that say I'm that the right level of investment away with with were comfortable with with that so as a part of a as a part of doing this we reviewed the I ng which is the into authority agreement that the brilliant settles the Council's Our together in terms of our ways of working and roles and responsibilities etc and they're expensive suggestions which you're seeing the detail in the report but fundamentally the big changes is the apportionment which is to a certain degree the ownership of the shared service how many and that's based on a user bases one officer basis at a number of officers each of the council has and that was supporting that makes up the apportionment of a of last lesson there some changes what what we're seeing is a Lewisham have have increased 0 partly because of the numbers of staff that they've had an increase of but also the we're expecting to be onboarding Lewisham homes in the future which has an impact on the on the the apportionment so I think I was one of the things that came out of last the last year the Committee was or not they around that so the joint that the Joint Management Board has approved in principle Lewisham homes joining her and the finer detail is being worked for at the moment so the numbers that you'll see in that report reflects reflect that and and is assuming Lewisham homes walk will be on bordered in in the next term in the next year
what what we will be doing as part of the Lewisham homes on boarding a war there there's number of roads in their their in their included in the numbers to ensure that we capture the the whole environment and and the changes although that the the to ping and onboarding of Lewisham homes is outside of this exercise at the tarmac the sites
but we will keep to the Joint Committee are appraised of that so that set we're looking are assuming approval today we're looking to achieve the implementation of the target operating model
by the by July time or of of 20 21 and since that's in a nutshell
I'm happy to take any questions thank you very much for beyond don't know a menu or your your colleague them as is it stemmed Tim added if you had never to wanted to say anything on
I took him to answer that eternal Tim touch if if anything of our kind of independently reviewed and actually the the improvement I've seen over the six months has been incredible and I think the momentum is there to build on Arthur kitsch I'm in good shape but Arthur C that simply in spite of a covert in spite of everything else that's happening and the team have been working really hard to keep in COIC
so it it's it's a positive look and I think we can build on that now I've seen so much we can prove on but we need the extra sort of jolt to do it
thank you very much and thank you and I see a couple of hands up Councillor one of fear and is it you you Martin you've got your hands up of Michael likeable sorry I I was mix up the tree and Martin like a so do forget Me Michael please so Councillor Khan but whenever first and then you Michael
thank you Chair and just wanted to say that our and I'm pleased that we have got now got a proposed target operating model to work towards something we've been very keen in Lewisham and and something that I wanted to to get reassurance on I certainly have internally and be good have on the record now is he said the value for money approach on this because
as you say there's option 2 in the earlier options you know yes more on it but of course would cost more and you know we are a cut no I won't speak for my partner bodies but we certainly are under the cosh in illusion of suspect were not the only ones and so we we wanted something that's achievable process that can be kept at and rows of affordable so unhappy on that score but there are a couple of points on in the in the presentation that I just wanted to check on so the first one is go to the page myself it's
trying to appear as coming up on my screen I hear ago yes so it's it were we took what was bouncing the benefits and drawbacks so on a drawbacks as well you know yes it's a modest improvement but it's more likely to achieve OK that's being realistic by muchly interesting in this the the investment in the in technology IT roadmap to could you give us some more particulars on on what kind of investment you're you're you certainly the comes to the bar as a whole but individually we're expecting the barriers to invest in to ensure that the Ettiley can be delivered but also my other question is is in terms of the service the supports of that users get are and that is in practical terms using hornbill that we've Carney got the what is a temporary 24 24 7 service how that's going to be you know implemented and a future design standard we've got an out of hours it's it's not bits it's outsourced but it's it's it's people outside the organisation taking calls it's understand understand how that's going to work on a permanent basis I think we do need that and as my big concern particular problems with the system at weekends when it fell over a couple of times a while ago we just need to make sure that support is therefore for every one I whenever they need it
thank you Councillor Barnett so they think sheep if I thought for the tech road map the tech road map as identity finds are about 36 million investment from the three boroughs over the course of five years and we've we've actually be broken down into the into 5 areas the first errors is it's all of the backend infrastructure so the councils were operating a lot of legacy hardware that's no longer in support it's it's
I say it sounds dramatic but I'm going to put it but it potentially could be it's the lifespan of a lot of a stated this kit is it's going to hit a cliff-edge at some point where equipment will fail because of a that no spinning disks and Audi's all of these sorts of issues but also if we don't have support contracting we've done it receive up dates for these that we become potentially one able to attacks for if cyber-attacks because if we don't get the update the patches all of those things will
will be leaving holes in a in our requirements to be protected so there's a hole as a whole raft of of of infrastructure that will need to be invested
in over the next five years and we've identified HBOS and we have time maximum and put a financial pan together so so if I cover off that the first thing the backend infrastructure the second theme is what we called at the end user computing which is all about the making sure that laptops mobile devices are all of the controls and the software that manage and monitor those are all up to date people have the kit that they need a as that that's included in that thing and then the third theme are we've recorded campus network in but is essentially the connectivity between our buildings enabling us to communicate to make sure that we have access to the internet and cloud services and all of those things so it's ordered the physical links between the buildings and and the equipment that managers at Wi-Fi et cetera
the fourth theme is what we've whatsoever protections that's making sure that we have the tools intelligence and the ability to be proactive as opposed to reactive to to to attacks reckless scanning lit learning from from the issues other people have had I been on various workshops and with we've Hackney for instance and listen to the some things have happened because they had the practices but sadly they've obviously had issues so it's about learning and making sure that we plug any gaps and so forced out that that that builds on that and than the last
the last thing theme is what we've called service delivery NATS about our tools but also we need for our staff to be able to do the job and deliver sets things that corn bill that's management tools and so forth so we broken that down that the five things are and we've we we we've planned what the investment is the we believe without the need over the five years I think from top of my head Lewisham was around 11 million pounds over the course of over the course of five years what and what the position we're in at the moment we built the financial model and the things and so forth we have completed as of this week that detailed narrative is more like that that the techie Bush Inn of of of of of what's the PAN of Wyre objectives are what is that when we need to purchase an introduce not necessary products or manufacturers naming them like Microsoft all or whatever but the need basically so we need to replace our server we need to replace our network to those sorts specifics and we've just completed the first draft of a high level Vachell wishes wishes what we want to show the joint committee and will be available at the at for the March during Committee where it talks about the outcomes the benefits the value of the investment and what you've been a get out of it so that that that that's that's already being drafted at at this point so that that will be available for the next Joint Committee so I hope that answers the the first question yet to then are you happy once any what once any supplementary or yellowcake that unhappy with at the moment particularly as were going to revisit this not just you in March of undersea the issue about the armed supports of his foot for users so currently the young the the support services with as you say we preferred party and their providing the telephone support the ambition is that will continue to do that will have a cool will have a call centre we did look at running in house are and and and using exec Offr but he ended in the model ended up in 40 to 50 percent more expensive for us to to stand up her a service that's why we felt it better value tutored to outsource that and the park there are a couple of partners that can provide this service and we couldn't will will look to call off all other year the appropriate frameworks to do this but essentially they'll be provided the 23rd of 24 hours support they will we we look to expand outside of these at the moment if somebody calls in they will respond they have there will escalate that to the out-of-hours manager and then that manager can then liaise with whatever engine is a wrong call or needs that that's that's the that that the longer term plan is to stand up a out of hours call out service form largest Lotte instance priority ones
there was another point asking to make
but essentially the
the tickets and the that the services will be run by of a third party and we think that the dwellings that were seen at the moment are approximately
40 to 50 tickets a week so we're whipped what Wigan the model began to follow is going to be paid based on ticket to make sure that we don't over invest or spend unnecessarily so
what we will be aiming to agree a parking ticket price and and will build from there the point I was going to make was her would cluck escape my mind a moment was around the development of that service to the partner we're using at the moment with with during a lot of work around scripting around making sure that we achieve unlike the first line fix which we don't want to purchase a service that somebody calls in and they dislodge the ticket and pass it on to someone we want the service to be able to resolve the issue at first time and something that we're going to that we're gonna be developing as a part of that we had we already have and their responses haven't been bad with the current partner but we're we're going to continue to develop that and that's actually going back to option 2 in what I mention about the service improvement officers that some that's one of their roles is to look at those things make Sauda we get the best value out of all of our contracts
thank you very much for B1 and and I'm serve at all satisfied with responses Kevin I'm happy for now yeah thank you Yann perfect and we have Michael than Councillor Daniel Alice and after that so you first Michael thank you very much Chair might might actually follow on from the introduction from Fabio on and from Tim just wanted to I suppose said having spent quite a lot of time discussing this is re the combination of I think over 2 years worth of work and really really fantastic co-operative work working together with colleagues from Prenton Lewisham over that period and sand the transformation is that extraordinary of Timoci for six months it's been happening over over a longer period I would just say that the the Joint Management Board which sigh sit on pushed down very hard on costs but we are looking at what I was what I think it's fair to call up an a balancing act here because there are three things in my mind that are of enormous concern and actually start to have unacceptable risks and potentially be more costly we don't get them right at the top of that is security and fabulous meant that and of course Hackness in my mind but but before that we had serious tax in Southwark can they disabled are website and we know that so called foreign agents are at work here and they use sophisticates said attacks and if we are not completely up-to-date with the latest security in the and the deployment across all of our systems that Fabio talked about we may be lucky that the risks are enormous and the that the hackney situations both thing is yet resolved fully just shows how debilitating that would be if it were to happen the second thing is is supporting them modern ways of working we call it in Southwark but I think we've all got used to it this this meeting others like it we just didn't do them before covert came along an eye and and I would it's just say I think
I'm sure in all councils and certainly in the shared service having the support keeping that standing up as as really kept us going and so making sure that we've got the the systems that support those ways of working and finally it's making sure we've got the right help for our our colleagues the users of the service when they need it and fabulous event that so say name are say no more about it really I just want to end by saying and positive I would speak for everyone in the Joint Management Board
My huge thanks to Fabio and his team who have worked incredibly hard to know we keep coming back saying Fabio can you do it any cheaper 0 but you did we want more but can he do it for less and his taken the host that completely unreasonable request with very very good and very good grace and I think in the end we've got to that balance I talked about which I think is right and that's why I'm very happy to commend that but no very again sure Fabbiani over to answer questions but that's that's what I wanted to say thank you Chair for allowing me
thank you very very much my clothing come in terms of think all of us particularly at the members we very much those berth here before and those new that we really appreciate the work that families team has done because we just take it as read that you know when you get up in the morning as I say we all up early in the morning up you press those keys and we have access and are there or they turn a very reasonable to the very late house in the afternoon evening so it's very very much appreciated his very much appreciate that you are keeping us all and a residence data safe of the Nats focused on one because I do have backgrounds or knowledge of what's happening in Hackney I know that it's it's it's if it us which mean I just don't know way would be in his any seeded debacle with not that officers new political of course but you see the Debré called with them the lost records and it's just a Willis Annex database we can get it back and dismiss a mockery of how one views security service showing that I'm this is something you want to do and the fact that as an organisation we wanted to in a shared way directly with all costs and song that meet all our needs and that's what it's about where a shared service and it's what's best for all of us and that's how of the service has the go forward so thank you very much for that Michael Alice
I'm thanks very much in coming to the PSNI obfuscate as he amount of work that's gone insert her thank you to our team I guess my questions and just again echo Kassabova's points around very for money just just it would be helpful if you could just kind of set on on record just the position with staff and nothing not the details but has how many posts a new hand poster last the kind of balance agency staff which is gonna set out in the paper but be quite useful just need to talk through to really clear on the the numbers and I guess just related to that of a seamy seen how we will move to different ways of working were not in static officers when you look at the map of a sea there is probably a greater positioning of staff up towards Bren I just wanted to be clear in terms of you know recruitment of staff and how we can do that across the three three boroughs looking at our residents and how we promoted and it is good to see the emphasis on Apprentice apprentices here like that that you know all using those well it's not right to use them but I'm sure other Local authorities very strong schemes as well so I just wanted to kind of us understand a bit better obviously in this Clive Evans working at home but who knows in 18 months' hopefully we might get back to some kind of normality and is there a kind of aspiration that you know they'll be hubs and in different parts it would just on that question and I suppose just just finally
just so I ended
understood to the point on performance and coming onto this committee new as well just when the review of performance against a target happens and on what basis as it also be annual item probably that these were just to set the how and apologies I would say Councillor in I've got other meeting at 7 so will serve as long as we can but much have to jump off low blood tool and thanks for your contributions on this phobia
him to undertake the numbers and are affect the performance you a couple with that
in terms of the number changes
they can go further on the yeah so net it's so without notice 5 increase on the current staffing level that's not include the the agency staff use that though it's complicated by what we want to try to with some of the grading and at was tritons around what we can do with that grading so that deletions look worse than they actually are the there are think 15 posts deleted but there replaced by 16 post in the remit of of skill set so that there was a net increase of 10 and there are a number of vacant his Newt numerals created that obviously can be applied for
thank you very much and anything the other questions Fabio yeah so so there in terms of the report
sorry into the signs of reporting we do a regular detailed reporting at the operational management group in that happens every every four weeks well we will actually review root cause analysis on Prati ones but also De that some of the that that the trends of Titus you'll see in some cases well it's fallen in other cases where it's increased because a covert response or whatever the case might be so operational management group of reviews that on on a 4 weekly basis
on a 6 weekly basis we review slightly higher high level the to the the stains that's at the Joint Management Board and then at the Committee for her actually recently
as a last year three times a year and we we pretend present are summarised Welsh and of those in terms of the SLA was
so part of the review we what what we try to do is make sense of actually what their salaries are so it I'll give you an example but the priority ones the previous SLA I wish I think was this been in place since around 20 16 20 17 fifth priority once was based on resolution time now generally when it's a priority 1 incident it's going to be out out of our control is going to be a larger she which you know my piece of timing issue in their environment we're not going to be able to change the speed that they respond back because it sir a bigger global outage as as we've actually seen at some other some of the feedback at some of the joint committees so what what what we've tried to do is is really trying to make sense of it actually what matters if the hub the avoidance of having a priority ones is is is important so we've looked to change yesterday to actually stop the P ones from happening in the first place so we we we've we've put a KPI to actually say right the number of priority 1 incidents as a that that actually is more disruptive than Webber one goes over an hour or so it than multiple P ones would be more disruptive to to to a Council so so we we we've done some thinking around the a slate and we fought OK
building on the options 3 2 and 1 we've with the sort with the signed an escalator we believe that we can deliver it is the if they they are they will be pushing our service to you know this is not an easy SLA to achieve the ones that we've we've presented but but I but I think it is achievable but it's going to if it's going to require a lot of effort but this also is making assumptions that a bet investments will be made into the infrastructure of the part of tech road map because we recognise we're going to have problems if we don't replace some of the equipment is going to end of life
and then our our SLA is will suffer because of those so we've tried to do a balance in that take take sensible approaches to to possess delays and also make some assumptions around the levels of investment are going to be coming forward in the next couple of years
thank you very much if any supplementary on this so happy by response which just some of the staff speak Futures had an increase of five in an increase of 10 and unjust the question locations I don't think that was really addressed and concern by the be based so yet the first overall that an increase of 10 staff but I enclose the Lewisham homes who piece off if you take them out it's 5 in increase and the post deletions and additions I mentioned how
he just two roles I'm talking about her but they are replaced net with more goals in them are currently Hannah's for locations we have struggled to recruit the vacancy we have currently so it looked at grading and and pay scales as part of this which is partly why we got those additions and deletions and we've also looked at the Fat will working virtually and have done for 10 months and has been quite successful though a number of roles aren't necessarily have put have has to be based locally
so we can cause that wider that equally doesn't preclude anybody from the three bowlers being able to recruit enough see that's better for for us for locally local meetings etc. and especially apprentices I think what we've done with apprentices at the moment they're all lumped in together in one team I think it's Sir important they get a good exposure cost the whole service because there's a number of different skill sets I'm trying to give them a bit more of an ability to
to see other aspects of IT
as per partially and more attractive either there's there's no part from the differs desktop teams that are on site we've been successful in working remotely but we still obviously want to group together occasionally had meetings occasionally but it is more cost effective more value if we just take it as we're going to be good in your as remote team because it also has the added advantage of making us less aligned to one council because we are all virtual and we can work across the three bowlers equally just if I may just at at
there are some hard to recruit roles in there are where the industry Hayes considerably more than what the Local government the structure suggests so by widening our scope to it at our fervour out of London we have a better chance of as he recruiting into some of those hard to fill roles so that is absolutely something that we want to consider
thank you Fabio I'm an Antrim to interpret that Norbury the mind you know that the 22 aces 31 to hopefully to make permanent and and ongoing costs I'm is implicated by the fact of getting those care agency to permanent how confident are you that the majority of them will become permanent a particularly as climate unknowing you say the term
these are hard to recruit post but you put we also know that other authorities might be trying to recruit them as well because all in this position everyone's looking into get no to took no looking at digital and services so how confident that near Guildford that we have we'll get those people in because at the present time we don't have the staff in house within the shared surface to replace the knows role so
unlike the views on that
I am so
amount of the role of the week
that we'll we have Asian thing in in those positions now all some of our more junior staff our front line are first second line roles I believe the we're going to be quite attractive to those what we've done some work around re-evaluating their responsibilities are and that there is a greater increase for no thought for our of route effect lower paper bombs like within service open
so I'm hoping to be fairly attracted x I think we are closer to paying what the market rates is enough space items where I'm sparking less concerns is when we haven't specialist at all says certain technical skills at we have fewer of those roles in fairness so if I get an example as the network came to me are that will be one of the hard to recruit roles in this is where I'm hoping if we widen the span and look fervour that we can win more likely to attract a as somebody in there but I I am less confident about the agency staff ending those roles going into going into the permanent position
Councillor I think you'll muted
thank you for Libya that thank you that the age-old question I think we should just have it as other slight rotating rounds but the distance from people any quit any further questions for Fabio Tim from the Committee
could I ask them if for any common spur the Commons from are attached Peter if he wants to make any comments on my goal and before we and a look to the recommendation Peter only just to just concur with Michael really and just to you know thank Fabbiani stream
for the work they've been doing over the last lot probably best part of a year she's Fabio's been here nearly an and the marked improvements that they've already made moving towards this target operating model because it's a journey and and a lot of the behaviours I changed and the support that Albion his team had been given the staff is
is it is good leadership in it and and I know from speaking to some staff that are spoken to that they appreciated and I think that target operating model and and the approach we've taken is the right one I think as Councillor Bon Iver said is right to have a conversation about the investment that comes on top of that because that is important to a we mustn't lose sight of that five-year investment plan
going forward but just to say from a Brent perspective I wish her happy thank you very much at Michael any last them last couple of working into urban input
no thank you very much Chair with I think all that needs to be said has been said thinking thank you very much while on that point and could I ask Committee Members if we're happy to go forward with the a proposal from an old sheds technical services to go for opera option 2 for the target operating model
he queried have seen Knox in it agreed
thank you very much for that thank you so in terms of raw agenda as I swiftly get-ups the sorry because I'm switching and you know that this what you do these days he switched from phone to laptop to iPad to recreate the hidden and our good to switch back to add some item to my laptop said Our so the next item on the agenda is an exclusion of Press and public and I'm your way that we had them the what will the pink papers are confidential papers are hasn't third more granular detail of the staffing and implications and so on in the second report
so hopefully aware of that James as they any other urgent business
now we don't have any other business urgent business being achieved of Chair thank you very much James

8 Date of Next Meeting

the date of the next meeting is now going to be on the 1st of March would be at Southwark are minded to check the second sorry session Campanella NI a second much I've just tested to see everyone was awake they are saved by the active people were awake Syme impressed by that so that dates of next meetings on the 2nd of March it will be at Southwark an it's got here starting at 6 30 but him do Members want to bring it forward as we have this meeting at 6 or virtual and I'm conscious of work life balance as Chair as them lead member for resources and staff so can we unmoved meeting forward to 6 o'clock
I write Alpino to that Jane said the meeting would be an a 2nd March at 6 pm and it would be hosted by so the considered by Southwark
that's great so at the next meeting or will see the report about term outcomes are performance Matrix which will look forward to but in Our by Tim during a time hopefully when I see you next in March will be smiling and knowing that at some stage where will be the midst of an election who knows but I mean I hope everyone could save from well kidney resin safe and well and I look forward to see you all again a marchers' greater seawall and all take care and have a good recipe evening and I'm sorry Rebecca analysis going to another be time actually off I can't believe it
one as well